College Coaching Changes



  • Saint John’s: Tony Willaert named head coach following two seasons as the interim head coach (article)


  • Augsburg: Jim Moulsoff was named head coach (interim removed) and Tony Valek was named associate head coach (article)
  • Itasca Community College: Nick Wilkes replaces Dan Lovell as head coach.
  • Minnesota: Dustin Schlatter joins the staff as a volunteer assistant coach. (article)
  • MSU-Moorhead: Steven Monk was hired as an assistant coach replacing Evan Forde (article)
  • North Dakota State: Jarrod Garnett hired as an assistant coach (article)
  • North Dakota State: Chase Nelson joins the staff as volunteer assistant (article)
  • South Dakota State: A.J. Schopp was hired as an assistant coach (article)


  • Augsburg: Jim Moulsoff is the interim head coach for the 2014-15 season. Moulsoff replaces Mark Matzek (article)
  • Concordia: Phil Moenkedick was hired as an assistant coach replacing Clay Nagel (article)
  • MSU-Moorhead: Evan Forde has been named an assistant coach (article)
  • North Dakota State: Derek St. John hired as an assistant coach (article); assistant coach Bret Maughan steps down (article)
  • Northland: Travis Peralta joins staff as an assistant coach (article)
  • Saint John’s: Tony Willaert is the interim head coach for the 2014-15 season. Willaert replaces Brandon Novak (article)
  • South Dakota State: Jon Reader was hired as an assistant coach (article)


  • Concordia: Matt Nagel moves from Co-Head Coach to Head Coach. Clay Nagel moves from Co-Head Coach to Assistant Coach.
  • Ridgewater Community College: Tom Gruhlke replaces Tom Beyer as head coach. (article)
  • Itasca Community College: Dan Lovell replaces David Copp as head coach. (article)


  • South Dakota State: Chris Bono replaces Jason Liles as head coach. (article)
  • Itasca Community College: David Copp replaces Tim Setala as head coach. (article)


  • Minnesota: Brandon Eggum replaces Joe Russell as Head Assistant Coach, Luke Becker moves up to Assistant Coach. (article)
  • North Dakota State: Roger Kish replaces Bucky Maughan as head coach. (article)
  • North Dakota State: Manny Rivera joins as an assistant coach. (article)
  • St. Cloud State: Brady Wilson and Tyson Reiner joins as assistant coaches. (article)


  • Augsburg: Jim Moulsoff replaces Jared Evans as Assistant Coach. (article)


  • Minnesota State University Moorhead: Kris Nelson replaces Keenan Spiess as head coach. (article)
  • St. Olaf: Jeff Bullerman will be the interim coach in 2009-10. (article)


  • Augsburg: Mark Matzek replaces Sam Barber as head coach. (article)
  • Itasca Community College: Tim Setala, assistant last year, switches coaching positions with Shane Holm, the head coach last year.
  • Minnesota State University Moorhead: Nate Baker replaces Desmond Radunz as Head Assistant Coach. (article)
  • University of Minnesota: Joe Russell replaces Marty Morgan as Assistant head coach. (article)


  • Augsburg: Sam Barber replaces Jeff Swenson as head coach
  • Ridgewater Community College: Tom Beyer replaces Jesse Nelson as head coach (article –
  • Southwest Minnesota State: Jesse Nelson replaces John Sterner as head coach (article)


  • St. Cloud State: Steve Costanzo replaces Steve Grimit as head coach (article)
  • Dakota County Technical College: Jesus Wilson replaces Curt Foley as head coach


  • Dakota County Technical College: Curt Foley replaces Henry Gerten (article)
  • Rochester Community & Technical College: Randy Rager replaces Chuck Siefert (article)
  • St. Olaf: Sean Ahrar replaces Ken Pratt (article)


  • Concordia: Clay Nagel joins Doug Perry as Co-Head (article)
  • Saint John’s: Brandon Novak (interim) replaces John Elton (article)


  • Augustana: Jason Reitmeier replaces Kraig Presler (article)
  • Dakota County Technical College: Henry Gerten replaces Zach Anderson
  • Minnesota State University Moorhead: Keenan Spiess replaces John Sterner (article)
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