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MSHSL Individual State Championships

MSHSL Individual State Championships results. February 28-29, 2020 at St. Paul, Minn.

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State Tournament Dual Meet Team Championships

Class A


1st: Walker Bents (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) 46-4, So. over Anthony Romero (GMLOS) 44-4, Jr. (Fall 0:30)

3rd: Marshall Larson (Aitkin) 50-6, So. over Braden Thom (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) 45-12, So. (Dec 3-2)

5th: Jevon Williams (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) 40-9, 8th. over Caleb Boese (Howard Lake-Waverly-Winstead) 27-14, 7th. (MD 10-0)

Consolation Semifinals: Braden Thom (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) over Jevon Williams (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (Dec 4-0); Marshall Larson (Aitkin) over Caleb Boese (Howard Lake-Waverly-Winstead) (Dec 6-1)

Semifinals: Walker Bents (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) over Caleb Boese (Howard Lake-Waverly-Winstead) (Dec 5-0); Anthony Romero (GMLOS) over Jevon Williams (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (MD 10-0)

Consolation Round 2: Braden Thom (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) over Daunte Yost (Fertile-Beltrami) (MD 11-1); Marshall Larson (Aitkin) over Brayan Anaya (Adrian Area) (MD 11-3)

Consolation Round 1: Daunte Yost (Fertile-Beltrami) over Lucas Schiell (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) (Dec 10-4); Braden Thom (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) over Eli Kruse (Saint Clair-Mankato Loyola) (Fall 4:24); Brayan Anaya (Adrian Area) over Hunter Gruchow (West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville) (Fall 3:35); Marshall Larson (Aitkin) over Gavin Johnson (Kenyon-Wanamingo) (MD 15-5)

Quarterfinals: Walker Bents (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) over Daunte Yost (Fertile-Beltrami) (TF-1.5 5:57 (17-2)); Caleb Boese (Howard Lake-Waverly-Winstead) over Eli Kruse (Saint Clair-Mankato Loyola) (Dec 2-1); Jevon Williams (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over Brayan Anaya (Adrian Area) (Dec 9-4); Anthony Romero (GMLOS) over Marshall Larson (Aitkin) (Dec 8-4)

Championship Round 1: Walker Bents (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) over Lucas Schiell (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) (TF-1.5 5:07 (18-3)); Daunte Yost (Fertile-Beltrami) over David Revering (Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie) (Dec 6-2); Caleb Boese (Howard Lake-Waverly-Winstead) over Braden Thom (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) (SV-1 8-6); Eli Kruse (Saint Clair-Mankato Loyola) over Dawson McGee (Walker-Hack-Akeley-Nevis) (Dec 4-2); Jevon Williams (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over Hunter Gruchow (West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville) (MD 17-8); Brayan Anaya (Adrian Area) over Carter Coauette (Crookston) (Fall 4:30); Marshall Larson (Aitkin) over Lane Fink (Canby) (Dec 5-1); Anthony Romero (GMLOS) over Gavin Johnson (Kenyon-Wanamingo) (Fall 0:57)


1st: Derek Steele (Sibley East) 48-2, Jr. over Ethan Hendrickson (United North Central Warriors) 28-3, So. (Dec 4-2)

3rd: Cael Bartels (Chatfield) 38-4, Sr. over Logan Butzon (Jackson County Central) 41-11, Fr. (Fall 3:15)

5th: Cole Holien (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) 40-8, So. over Coy Gunderson (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) 48-7, So. (Dec 5-1)

Consolation Semifinals: Cael Bartels (Chatfield) over Cole Holien (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (Dec 7-2); Logan Butzon (Jackson County Central) over Coy Gunderson (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) (Dec 7-5)

Semifinals: Derek Steele (Sibley East) over Coy Gunderson (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) (Dec 5-4); Ethan Hendrickson (United North Central Warriors) over Cael Bartels (Chatfield) (Dec 6-5)

Consolation Round 2: Cole Holien (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over Ryan Jensen (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) (Fall 3:33); Logan Butzon (Jackson County Central) over Ty Peterson (Blue Earth Area) (Dec 6-4)

Consolation Round 1: Ryan Jensen (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) over Ethan Bowman (Crookston) (Dec 5-4); Cole Holien (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over Eli Sharbono (Blackduck-Cass Lake-Bena Bears) (Fall 1:23); Ty Peterson (Blue Earth Area) over Jayce Ross (Deer River) (MD 14-5); Logan Butzon (Jackson County Central) over Eli Larson (Border West Buccaneers) (Dec 8-6)

Quarterfinals: Derek Steele (Sibley East) over Ryan Jensen (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) (Dec 4-1); Coy Gunderson (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) over Cole Holien (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (Fall 1:01); Ethan Hendrickson (United North Central Warriors) over Ty Peterson (Blue Earth Area) (Dec 9-4); Cael Bartels (Chatfield) over Logan Butzon (Jackson County Central) (Dec 7-2)

Championship Round 1: Derek Steele (Sibley East) over Ethan Bowman (Crookston) (MD 13-0); Ryan Jensen (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) over Deagen Captain (Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie) (Dec 7-6); Coy Gunderson (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) over Eli Sharbono (Blackduck-Cass Lake-Bena Bears) (Fall 0:48); Cole Holien (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over Cohen Wiste (GMLOS) (Dec 5-2); Ty Peterson (Blue Earth Area) over Eric Carrasco (Minneota) (Dec 10-7); Ethan Hendrickson (United North Central Warriors) over Jayce Ross (Deer River) (TF-1.5 4:58 (16-1)); Logan Butzon (Jackson County Central) over Bryce Sonnek (United South Central) (Dec 1-0); Cael Bartels (Chatfield) over Eli Larson (Border West Buccaneers) (MD 15-7)


1st: Drayden Morton (Sibley East) 27-3, So. over Brandon Ross (Caledonia-Houston) 34-6, So. (Dec 3-0)

3rd: Justin Crandall (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) 52-8, Sr. over Ayden Horner (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) 50-4, So. (MD 10-1)

5th: Zach Brown (Crookston) 35-11, Jr. over Kelvin Andrade-Ponce (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) 37-7, Sr. (Dec 6-5)

Consolation Semifinals: Ayden Horner (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Kelvin Andrade-Ponce (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (Dec 8-4); Justin Crandall (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) over Zach Brown (Crookston) (Dec 2-0)

Semifinals: Brandon Ross (Caledonia-Houston) over Zach Brown (Crookston) (Dec 3-1); Drayden Morton (Sibley East) over Kelvin Andrade-Ponce (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (Dec 2-1)

Consolation Round 2: Ayden Horner (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Boden Simon (Maple River) (Dec 2-0); Justin Crandall (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) over Owen Bertram (Springfield) (Dec 9-7)

Consolation Round 1: Ayden Horner (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Simon Snyder (Wadena-Deer Creek) (MD 13-2); Boden Simon (Maple River) over James Jacobsen (GMLOS) (Fall 0:55); Justin Crandall (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) over Davis Sunken (Blue Earth Area) (SV-1 4-2); Owen Bertram (Springfield) over Austin Kiecker (Bold) (Fall 2:38)

Quarterfinals: Brandon Ross (Caledonia-Houston) over Ayden Horner (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) (Dec 11-9); Zach Brown (Crookston) over Boden Simon (Maple River) (Dec 5-1); Drayden Morton (Sibley East) over Justin Crandall (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) (MD 10-1); Kelvin Andrade-Ponce (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over Austin Kiecker (Bold) (Dec 5-3)

Championship Round 1: Ayden Horner (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Christian Carlson (Frazee) (Dec 3-1); Brandon Ross (Caledonia-Houston) over Simon Snyder (Wadena-Deer Creek) (Dec 6-3); Boden Simon (Maple River) over Will Gorecki (Royalton-Upsala) (Dec 5-0); Zach Brown (Crookston) over James Jacobsen (GMLOS) (MD 16-2); Drayden Morton (Sibley East) over Davis Sunken (Blue Earth Area) (Dec 5-2); Justin Crandall (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) over Trevor Michienzi (Deer River) (Dec 7-4); Austin Kiecker (Bold) over Laredo Bugbee (Ottertail Central Bulldogs) (Dec 9-4); Kelvin Andrade-Ponce (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over Owen Bertram (Springfield) (MD 9-1)


1st: Trevor Janssen (Blackduck-Cass Lake-Bena Bears) 38-0, Sr. over Trevor Pearson (Maple River) 43-8, Sr. (MD 10-1)

3rd: John Paul Fitzpatrick (Crosby-Ironton) 40-13, Fr. over Brady Holien (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) 39-10, So. (Fall 2:44)

5th: Gavin Winter (Kimball Area) 33-8, Fr. over Levi Ellingson (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) 40-11, Sr. (Dec 6-3)

Consolation Semifinals: John Paul Fitzpatrick (Crosby-Ironton) over Levi Ellingson (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) (Dec 1-0); Brady Holien (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over Gavin Winter (Kimball Area) (Dec 4-2)

Semifinals: Trevor Janssen (Blackduck-Cass Lake-Bena Bears) over Gavin Winter (Kimball Area) (Dec 10-4); Trevor Pearson (Maple River) over Levi Ellingson (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) (Dec 1-0)

Consolation Round 2: John Paul Fitzpatrick (Crosby-Ironton) over Zack Fier (Minneota) (Fall 2:52); Brady Holien (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over Tucker Ginther (Caledonia-Houston) (Fall 3:49)

Consolation Round 1: Zack Fier (Minneota) over Brien Poser (Ottertail Central Bulldogs) (Dec 8-1); John Paul Fitzpatrick (Crosby-Ironton) over Lukas Volstad (Frazee) (Fall 1:57); Brady Holien (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over Easton McCrory (Minnewaska Area) (Dec 6-4); Tucker Ginther (Caledonia-Houston) over Garret Eiynck (Mahnomen-Waubun) (Fall 2:25)

Quarterfinals: Trevor Janssen (Blackduck-Cass Lake-Bena Bears) over Zack Fier (Minneota) (MD 10-2); Gavin Winter (Kimball Area) over Lukas Volstad (Frazee) (Fall 1:47); Levi Ellingson (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Brady Holien (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (Dec 2-1); Trevor Pearson (Maple River) over Tucker Ginther (Caledonia-Houston) (Dec 3-2)

Championship Round 1: Trevor Janssen (Blackduck-Cass Lake-Bena Bears) over Brien Poser (Ottertail Central Bulldogs) (Fall 2:52); Zack Fier (Minneota) over Tyler Jensen (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) (Dec 4-2); Lukas Volstad (Frazee) over Luke Krier (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) (Dec 15-10); Gavin Winter (Kimball Area) over John Paul Fitzpatrick (Crosby-Ironton) (Fall 2:54); Brady Holien (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over Trayton Hewitt (Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial Area) (Fall 4:40); Levi Ellingson (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Easton McCrory (Minnewaska Area) (Dec 4-2); Trevor Pearson (Maple River) over Garret Eiynck (Mahnomen-Waubun) (MD 13-1); Tucker Ginther (Caledonia-Houston) over Dane Niemi (New York Mills) (Dec 5-4)


1st: Charley Elwood (Medford) 23-1, Fr. over Landon Gode (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) 50-4, So. (Dec 3-2)

3rd: Kade Sammons (Windom-Mountain Lake) 50-4, Jr. over Blaine Fischer (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) 40-12, So. (Dec 2-1)

5th: Gavin Gust (Dover-Eyota) 39-7, Fr. over Alex Nelson (Kimball Area) 32-9, Jr. (Dec 7-4)

Consolation Semifinals: Blaine Fischer (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) over Gavin Gust (Dover-Eyota) (Dec 4-0); Kade Sammons (Windom-Mountain Lake) over Alex Nelson (Kimball Area) (MD 10-1)

Semifinals: Charley Elwood (Medford) over Kade Sammons (Windom-Mountain Lake) (Dec 1-0); Landon Gode (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) over Blaine Fischer (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) (Dec 4-2)

Consolation Round 2: Gavin Gust (Dover-Eyota) over Ramzee Molinaro (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (Dec 6-4); Alex Nelson (Kimball Area) over Kade Lozinski (Minneota) (MD 12-1)

Consolation Round 1: Ramzee Molinaro (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over Garrett Undeberg (Badger-GB-MR) (MD 13-3); Gavin Gust (Dover-Eyota) over Christian Pater (Blackduck-Cass Lake-Bena Bears) (Dec 5-1); Alex Nelson (Kimball Area) over Marshall Michienzi (Deer River) (SV-1 3-1); Kade Lozinski (Minneota) over Lucas Winfield (GMLOS) (Dec 4-1)

Quarterfinals: Charley Elwood (Medford) over Ramzee Molinaro (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (Dec 6-1); Kade Sammons (Windom-Mountain Lake) over Gavin Gust (Dover-Eyota) (Dec 7-4); Blaine Fischer (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) over Alex Nelson (Kimball Area) (Dec 6-2); Landon Gode (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) over Kade Lozinski (Minneota) (Fall 0:45)

Championship Round 1: Charley Elwood (Medford) over Garrett Undeberg (Badger-GB-MR) (Dec 7-0); Ramzee Molinaro (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over Hayden Hart (Ottertail Central Bulldogs) (MD 11-3); Gavin Gust (Dover-Eyota) over Jace Olson (Border West Buccaneers) (MD 10-1); Kade Sammons (Windom-Mountain Lake) over Christian Pater (Blackduck-Cass Lake-Bena Bears) (Dec 12-7); Blaine Fischer (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) over Marshall Michienzi (Deer River) (Dec 9-2); Alex Nelson (Kimball Area) over Caleb Beeler (Blue Earth Area) (Dec 7-1); Kade Lozinski (Minneota) over Seth Isola (Frazee) (Dec 10-4); Landon Gode (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) over Lucas Winfield (GMLOS) (Fall 1:17)


1st: Mason Gode (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) 54-1, Jr. over Will Magaard (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) 50-4, Sr. (Dec 10-6)

3rd: Nolan Rommel (Wabasha-Kellogg) 37-8, Sr. over Lincoln Carpenter (Sibley East) 46-6, Sr. (Dec 2-1)

5th: Taylor DeFrang (Dover-Eyota) 28-4, Sr. over Jacob Leibold (Royalton-Upsala) 41-10, So. (Dec 3-2)

Consolation Semifinals: Lincoln Carpenter (Sibley East) over Taylor DeFrang (Dover-Eyota) (Dec 7-4); Nolan Rommel (Wabasha-Kellogg) over Jacob Leibold (Royalton-Upsala) (Dec 7-2)

Semifinals: Mason Gode (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) over Nolan Rommel (Wabasha-Kellogg) (Dec 5-0); Will Magaard (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) over Taylor DeFrang (Dover-Eyota) (Dec 4-2)

Consolation Round 2: Lincoln Carpenter (Sibley East) over Jonah Gruenes (Minneota) (Dec 2-1); Jacob Leibold (Royalton-Upsala) over Hayden Straumann (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (Fall 4:04)

Consolation Round 1: Jonah Gruenes (Minneota) over Hunter Hitchen (Fertile-Beltrami) (MD 10-0); Lincoln Carpenter (Sibley East) over Jaxen Klinkner (Blue Earth Area) (Dec 6-2); Jacob Leibold (Royalton-Upsala) over Brett Willaby (Windom-Mountain Lake) (Dec 9-5); Hayden Straumann (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over Anthony Sykora (West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville) (MD 18-6)

Quarterfinals: Mason Gode (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) over Hunter Hitchen (Fertile-Beltrami) (MD 11-1); Nolan Rommel (Wabasha-Kellogg) over Jaxen Klinkner (Blue Earth Area) (Dec 5-4); Will Magaard (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) over Brett Willaby (Windom-Mountain Lake) (Dec 11-8); Taylor DeFrang (Dover-Eyota) over Anthony Sykora (West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville) (Dec 9-4)

Championship Round 1: Mason Gode (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) over Jonah Gruenes (Minneota) (MD 9-0); Hunter Hitchen (Fertile-Beltrami) over Jack Grell (Aitkin) (Fall 0:37); Jaxen Klinkner (Blue Earth Area) over Jason Koehn (Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie) (Dec 7-3); Nolan Rommel (Wabasha-Kellogg) over Lincoln Carpenter (Sibley East) (Dec 6-1); Brett Willaby (Windom-Mountain Lake) over Alec Johnson (Kenyon-Wanamingo) (Fall 5:13); Will Magaard (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) over Jacob Leibold (Royalton-Upsala) (Dec 10-4); Anthony Sykora (West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville) over Kaden Hiemenz (Frazee) (Dec 4-2); Taylor DeFrang (Dover-Eyota) over Hayden Straumann (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (MD 10-0)


1st: Payton Handevidt (Jackson County Central) 48-4, So. over Seth Goetzinger (Chatfield) 39-6, Jr. (Dec 8-3)

3rd: Canon Swanson (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) 53-1, Sr. over Blake Reiss (Minneota) 39-10, Sr. (Dec 8-4)

5th: Trey Fairbanks (Deer River) 37-2, Sr. over Gabe Geiser (New York Mills) 29-7, Sr. (Fall 6:50)

Consolation Semifinals: Canon Swanson (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) over Trey Fairbanks (Deer River) (Fall 2:01); Blake Reiss (Minneota) over Gabe Geiser (New York Mills) (Dec 5-3)

Semifinals: Seth Goetzinger (Chatfield) over Gabe Geiser (New York Mills) (Dec 8-2); Payton Handevidt (Jackson County Central) over Trey Fairbanks (Deer River) (Dec 7-4)

Consolation Round 2: Canon Swanson (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) over Collin Boese (Howard Lake-Waverly-Winstead) (Fall 4:34); Blake Reiss (Minneota) over Rece Voigt (GMLOS) (Dec 5-3)

Consolation Round 1: Canon Swanson (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) over Hank Tellers (United North Central Warriors) (TF-1.5 3:39 (16-1)); Collin Boese (Howard Lake-Waverly-Winstead) over James Welle (Holdingford) (MD 9-1); Rece Voigt (GMLOS) over Koby Nagel (Blue Earth Area) (MD 16-2); Blake Reiss (Minneota) over Hunter Knutson (Crookston) (MD 14-5)

Quarterfinals: Gabe Geiser (New York Mills) over Canon Swanson (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) (Fall 5:08); Seth Goetzinger (Chatfield) over Collin Boese (Howard Lake-Waverly-Winstead) (SV-1 5-3); Payton Handevidt (Jackson County Central) over Koby Nagel (Blue Earth Area) (Dec 8-2); Trey Fairbanks (Deer River) over Blake Reiss (Minneota) (MD 11-2)

Championship Round 1: Canon Swanson (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) over Tate Hermes (Medford) (TF-1.5 3:48 (16-1)); Gabe Geiser (New York Mills) over Hank Tellers (United North Central Warriors) (Fall 5:55); Collin Boese (Howard Lake-Waverly-Winstead) over Nye Becker (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) (Dec 7-1); Seth Goetzinger (Chatfield) over James Welle (Holdingford) (Fall 5:44); Payton Handevidt (Jackson County Central) over Rece Voigt (GMLOS) (Dec 5-3); Koby Nagel (Blue Earth Area) over Gavin Mathies (Eden Valley-Watkins) (TF-1.5 2:31 (17-0)); Blake Reiss (Minneota) over Aidan Ruddy (Breckenridge) (Dec 14-8); Trey Fairbanks (Deer River) over Hunter Knutson (Crookston) (Fall 1:46)


1st: Willie VonRuden (Medford) 23-1, Sr. over Jordan Lohse (West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville) 43-4, Jr. (Dec 5-1)

3rd: Carter Sorenson (Fosston-Bagley) 51-2, Jr. over Tallin Johnson (Saint James Area) 32-4, Sr. (Dec 10-7)

5th: Baxter O’Reilly (Goodhue) 33-5, Jr. over Zack Holtz (Kimball Area) 34-3, Jr. (Inj. 0:00)

Consolation Semifinals: Carter Sorenson (Fosston-Bagley) over Zack Holtz (Kimball Area) (Inj. 0:00); Tallin Johnson (Saint James Area) over Baxter O’Reilly (Goodhue) (Dec 6-2)

Semifinals: Willie VonRuden (Medford) over Tallin Johnson (Saint James Area) (Dec 3-2); Jordan Lohse (West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville) over Zack Holtz (Kimball Area) (Dec 4-3)

Consolation Round 2: Carter Sorenson (Fosston-Bagley) over Andy Dostal (Badger-GB-MR) (MD 11-0); Baxter O’Reilly (Goodhue) over Isaac Denstad (Caledonia-Houston) (Dec 7-2)

Consolation Round 1: Andy Dostal (Badger-GB-MR) over Sam Nistler (Eden Valley-Watkins) (Dec 2-0); Carter Sorenson (Fosston-Bagley) over Trenten Juelson (Blackduck-Cass Lake-Bena Bears) (Dec 5-0); Baxter O’Reilly (Goodhue) over Bradley Bernu (Mille Lacs Raiders) (Dec 6-4); Isaac Denstad (Caledonia-Houston) over Caden Ochsendorf (Maple River) (Dec 5-2)

Quarterfinals: Willie VonRuden (Medford) over Andy Dostal (Badger-GB-MR) (MD 12-2); Tallin Johnson (Saint James Area) over Carter Sorenson (Fosston-Bagley) (Dec 7-3); Jordan Lohse (West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville) over Baxter O’Reilly (Goodhue) (TB-1 2-1); Zack Holtz (Kimball Area) over Isaac Denstad (Caledonia-Houston) (Dec 8-5)

Championship Round 1: Willie VonRuden (Medford) over Sam Nistler (Eden Valley-Watkins) (TF-1.5 2:46 (17-2)); Andy Dostal (Badger-GB-MR) over Adam Zosel (Benson) (Dec 11-4); Tallin Johnson (Saint James Area) over Trenten Juelson (Blackduck-Cass Lake-Bena Bears) (Dec 10-3); Carter Sorenson (Fosston-Bagley) over Ted Stacey (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) (Dec 8-4); Baxter O’Reilly (Goodhue) over Ethan Hendrickson (Jackson County Central) (Fall 4:25); Jordan Lohse (West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville) over Bradley Bernu (Mille Lacs Raiders) (Fall 4:48); Isaac Denstad (Caledonia-Houston) over Matthew Ziebell (Pelican Rapids) (Inj. 2:59); Zack Holtz (Kimball Area) over Caden Ochsendorf (Maple River) (Dec 10-3)


1st: Owen Bjerga (Staples Motley) 45-1, Sr. over Anthony Maher (Bold) 27-3, Sr. (Fall 1:55)

3rd: Sawyer Schwartz (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) 46-10, Sr. over Max Ehrich (Blue Earth Area) 33-3, Jr. (Dec 15-13)

5th: Josiah Hedensten (Medford) 21-13, Jr. over Daniel Smith (GMLOS) 20-8, Jr. (Fall 2:48)

Consolation Semifinals: Sawyer Schwartz (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Daniel Smith (GMLOS) (Dec 6-3); Max Ehrich (Blue Earth Area) over Josiah Hedensten (Medford) (Dec 5-2)

Semifinals: Owen Bjerga (Staples Motley) over Max Ehrich (Blue Earth Area) (Fall 1:58); Anthony Maher (Bold) over Daniel Smith (GMLOS) (Dec 3-0)

Consolation Round 2: Sawyer Schwartz (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Mason Schroeder (Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie) (Fall 2:27); Josiah Hedensten (Medford) over Ethan Waage (Badger-GB-MR) (Dec 6-1)

Consolation Round 1: Sawyer Schwartz (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Tate Lange (Holdingford) (Dec 5-3); Mason Schroeder (Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie) over Evan Young (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) (Inj. 0:00); Ethan Waage (Badger-GB-MR) over Daniel Mielke (Rush City-Braham) (SV-1 7-3); Josiah Hedensten (Medford) over Austin Donnay (Kimball Area) (MD 8-0)

Quarterfinals: Owen Bjerga (Staples Motley) over Sawyer Schwartz (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) (MD 20-9); Max Ehrich (Blue Earth Area) over Mason Schroeder (Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie) (MD 16-2); Anthony Maher (Bold) over Daniel Mielke (Rush City-Braham) (Dec 5-2); Daniel Smith (GMLOS) over Austin Donnay (Kimball Area) (Dec 9-4)

Championship Round 1: Owen Bjerga (Staples Motley) over Tate Lange (Holdingford) (TF-1.5 4:17 (19-4)); Sawyer Schwartz (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Jaxon Behm (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (MD 12-2); Mason Schroeder (Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie) over Kalib Greenman (Canby) (Fall 3:08); Max Ehrich (Blue Earth Area) over Evan Young (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) (Inj. 2:45); Daniel Mielke (Rush City-Braham) over Tyler Shea (Dover-Eyota) (Dec 8-4); Anthony Maher (Bold) over Ethan Waage (Badger-GB-MR) (MD 9-1); Daniel Smith (GMLOS) over Josiah Hedensten (Medford) (Dec 9-7); Austin Donnay (Kimball Area) over Damon Ferguson (Red Lake County Central) (Inj. 0:00)


1st: Tyson Meyer (Minnewaska Area) 50-1, Jr. over Jace Paplow (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) 46-3, Sr. (Dec 1-0)

3rd: Wyatt Simon (Maple River) 28-4, Sr. over Kolbe Booker (All Saints Home School) 28-4, Sr. (MD 14-5)

5th: Noah Sayles (GMLOS) 43-6, Jr. over Ashton Hanan (Kimball Area) 39-8, So. (Dec 5-3)

Consolation Semifinals: Wyatt Simon (Maple River) over Ashton Hanan (Kimball Area) (Dec 7-2); Kolbe Booker (All Saints Home School) over Noah Sayles (GMLOS) (Fall 3:38)

Semifinals: Tyson Meyer (Minnewaska Area) over Noah Sayles (GMLOS) (TF-1.5 4:45 (17-2)); Jace Paplow (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Wyatt Simon (Maple River) (Dec 5-3)

Consolation Round 2: Ashton Hanan (Kimball Area) over Nathaniel Kisgen (West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville) (Dec 10-5); Kolbe Booker (All Saints Home School) over Jack Strub (Caledonia-Houston) (Dec 9-3)

Consolation Round 1: Nathaniel Kisgen (West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville) over Tristyn Ferguson (Red Lake County Central) (Dec 7-1); Ashton Hanan (Kimball Area) over Michael Fitzpatrick (Crosby-Ironton) (Fall 2:06); Kolbe Booker (All Saints Home School) over Kadin Johnson (Springfield) (Fall 2:20); Jack Strub (Caledonia-Houston) over Rick Jones (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) (Fall 2:38)

Quarterfinals: Tyson Meyer (Minnewaska Area) over Nathaniel Kisgen (West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville) (Dec 5-4); Noah Sayles (GMLOS) over Ashton Hanan (Kimball Area) (Dec 7-6); Wyatt Simon (Maple River) over Kolbe Booker (All Saints Home School) (SV-1 9-7); Jace Paplow (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Rick Jones (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) (Fall 3:43)

Championship Round 1: Tyson Meyer (Minnewaska Area) over Tristyn Ferguson (Red Lake County Central) (TF-1.5 5:29 (19-3)); Nathaniel Kisgen (West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville) over Taylor Fester (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (Dec 2-1); Ashton Hanan (Kimball Area) over Dane Schoenborn (Fosston-Bagley) (MD 10-0); Noah Sayles (GMLOS) over Michael Fitzpatrick (Crosby-Ironton) (Fall 3:38); Wyatt Simon (Maple River) over Kadin Johnson (Springfield) (Fall 3:06); Kolbe Booker (All Saints Home School) over JoJo Thompson (Deer River) (Fall 2:57); Rick Jones (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) over Ralph Roesler (New Richland-H-E-G) (Dec 8-1); Jace Paplow (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Jack Strub (Caledonia-Houston) (Fall 2:46)


1st: Trevor Eisfeld (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) 51-0, Sr. over Nathan Trio (Maple River) 45-5, Sr. (Dec 14-10)

3rd: Mason Smid (Blackduck-Cass Lake-Bena Bears) 34-2, Sr. over Brett Graham (Frazee) 42-7, Sr. (Dec 8-6)

5th: Thomas Dineen (Benson) 41-3, Fr. over Ethan Boll (Crookston) 39-8, Fr. (Fall 5:22)

Consolation Semifinals: Brett Graham (Frazee) over Ethan Boll (Crookston) (Dec 4-3); Mason Smid (Blackduck-Cass Lake-Bena Bears) over Thomas Dineen (Benson) (Fall 3:57)

Semifinals: Trevor Eisfeld (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Thomas Dineen (Benson) (Dec 3-2); Nathan Trio (Maple River) over Brett Graham (Frazee) (Dec 4-2)

Consolation Round 2: Ethan Boll (Crookston) over Aidan Willard (Trinity School At River Ridge) (Dec 7-4); Mason Smid (Blackduck-Cass Lake-Bena Bears) over Gideon Ervasti (Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie) (Fall 0:53)

Consolation Round 1: Aidan Willard (Trinity School At River Ridge) over Brady Kroll (Barnesville) (Fall 2:33); Ethan Boll (Crookston) over Avery Northquest (Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial Area) (MD 11-2); Mason Smid (Blackduck-Cass Lake-Bena Bears) over Caleb Pesta (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) (Dec 4-2); Gideon Ervasti (Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie) over Austin Mundt (Deer River) (Fall 3:41)

Quarterfinals: Trevor Eisfeld (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Brady Kroll (Barnesville) (MD 11-2); Thomas Dineen (Benson) over Ethan Boll (Crookston) (Dec 8-6); Nathan Trio (Maple River) over Mason Smid (Blackduck-Cass Lake-Bena Bears) (Dec 4-0); Brett Graham (Frazee) over Gideon Ervasti (Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie) (Dec 5-3)

Championship Round 1: Trevor Eisfeld (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Aidan Willard (Trinity School At River Ridge) (Fall 1:36); Brady Kroll (Barnesville) over Gavin Dabelstein (Dover-Eyota) (Dec 4-0); Ethan Boll (Crookston) over Carter Holtz (Kimball Area) (Dec 5-3); Thomas Dineen (Benson) over Avery Northquest (Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial Area) (Fall 4:26); Mason Smid (Blackduck-Cass Lake-Bena Bears) over Gabe Tupper (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) (Dec 6-4); Nathan Trio (Maple River) over Caleb Pesta (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) (Fall 1:33); Gideon Ervasti (Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie) over Lance Wagner (Wabasso-Red Rock Central) (Fall 3:45); Brett Graham (Frazee) over Austin Mundt (Deer River) (Fall 1:19)


1st: Colton Krell (Westfield Razorbacks) 33-3, Sr. over Luke Tweeton (Frazee) 46-3, Sr. (Dec 7-3)

3rd: Tyler VanLuik (Minnewaska Area) 50-1, Sr. over Zane Swanson (Ottertail Central Bulldogs) 33-9, Sr. (Dec 3-1)

5th: Derek Werner (Wabasso-Red Rock Central) 36-6, Sr. over Elliot Mann (New York Mills) 26-15, Sr. (Dec 8-3)

Consolation Semifinals: Tyler VanLuik (Minnewaska Area) over Elliot Mann (New York Mills) (Dec 10-3); Zane Swanson (Ottertail Central Bulldogs) over Derek Werner (Wabasso-Red Rock Central) (Dec 7-1)

Semifinals: Luke Tweeton (Frazee) over Derek Werner (Wabasso-Red Rock Central) (MD 11-3); Colton Krell (Westfield Razorbacks) over Tyler VanLuik (Minnewaska Area) (Fall 3:11)

Consolation Round 2: Elliot Mann (New York Mills) over Michael Doubek (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) (Dec 3-2); Zane Swanson (Ottertail Central Bulldogs) over Josh Steffen (Canby) (MD 13-2)

Consolation Round 1: Elliot Mann (New York Mills) over Sean Weckman (Norwood-Young America) (Fall 3:27); Michael Doubek (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) over Ethan Kovars (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) (Dec 4-3); Zane Swanson (Ottertail Central Bulldogs) over Thor Kongsjord (Deer River) (Fall 3:16); Josh Steffen (Canby) over Cameron Sneed (GMLOS) (Dec 8-4)

Quarterfinals: Luke Tweeton (Frazee) over Sean Weckman (Norwood-Young America) (Fall 0:37); Derek Werner (Wabasso-Red Rock Central) over Ethan Kovars (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) (Dec 5-2); Tyler VanLuik (Minnewaska Area) over Zane Swanson (Ottertail Central Bulldogs) (Dec 9-5); Colton Krell (Westfield Razorbacks) over Josh Steffen (Canby) (TF-1.5 4:35 (16-1))

Championship Round 1: Luke Tweeton (Frazee) over Elliot Mann (New York Mills) (Fall 5:40); Sean Weckman (Norwood-Young America) over Luke Mertens (Blue Earth Area) (SV-1 5-3); Ethan Kovars (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) over Jesus Cardenas (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (MD 8-0); Derek Werner (Wabasso-Red Rock Central) over Michael Doubek (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) (Dec 6-2); Tyler VanLuik (Minnewaska Area) over Thor Kongsjord (Deer River) (Fall 0:58); Zane Swanson (Ottertail Central Bulldogs) over Jacob Bergsnev (Badger-GB-MR) (Fall 1:07); Josh Steffen (Canby) over Matthew Kasella (Royalton-Upsala) (Dec 7-0); Colton Krell (Westfield Razorbacks) over Cameron Sneed (GMLOS) (Fall 3:34)


1st: Dominik Vacura (Badger-GB-MR) 52-1, Jr. over Dylan Jergenson (Minnewaska Area) 44-5, Sr. (Dec 7-0)

3rd: Shane Noyes (Canby) 43-6, Jr. over Daniel Erlandson (Breckenridge) 38-6, Jr. (SV-1 12-10)

5th: Logan Sherwood (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) 27-9, Jr. over Mason Rummel (Springfield) 35-12, Sr. (Dec 7-6)

Consolation Semifinals: Daniel Erlandson (Breckenridge) over Mason Rummel (Springfield) (Fall 2:40); Shane Noyes (Canby) over Logan Sherwood (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (Dec 4-2)

Semifinals: Dominik Vacura (Badger-GB-MR) over Shane Noyes (Canby) (SV-1 6-4); Dylan Jergenson (Minnewaska Area) over Daniel Erlandson (Breckenridge) (Dec 3-0)

Consolation Round 2: Mason Rummel (Springfield) over Danny Mosford (Howard Lake-Waverly-Winstead) (Dec 3-1); Logan Sherwood (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over AJ Karver (Chatfield) (Dec 10-4)

Consolation Round 1: Mason Rummel (Springfield) over Brennon Hoffman (Medford) (UTB 2-2); Danny Mosford (Howard Lake-Waverly-Winstead) over Reece Lemke (Dover-Eyota) (Dec 3-2); AJ Karver (Chatfield) over Gavin McLevis (Ogilvie) (Fall 1:46); Logan Sherwood (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over Sam Harren (Holdingford) (Dec 1-0)

Quarterfinals: Dominik Vacura (Badger-GB-MR) over Mason Rummel (Springfield) (Fall 3:13); Shane Noyes (Canby) over Danny Mosford (Howard Lake-Waverly-Winstead) (Dec 8-1); Daniel Erlandson (Breckenridge) over AJ Karver (Chatfield) (Fall 5:27); Dylan Jergenson (Minnewaska Area) over Logan Sherwood (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (Fall 2:42)

Championship Round 1: Dominik Vacura (Badger-GB-MR) over Brennon Hoffman (Medford) (Fall 2:49); Mason Rummel (Springfield) over Tim Peppel (Bold) (Fall 4:59); Danny Mosford (Howard Lake-Waverly-Winstead) over Devin Stone (West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville) (Dec 5-2); Shane Noyes (Canby) over Reece Lemke (Dover-Eyota) (Fall 5:29); Daniel Erlandson (Breckenridge) over Gavin McLevis (Ogilvie) (Fall 3:12); AJ Karver (Chatfield) over Zachary Howard (Red Lake County Central) (Fall 1:43); Logan Sherwood (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over Carter Quam (Kenyon-Wanamingo) (MD 14-6); Dylan Jergenson (Minnewaska Area) over Sam Harren (Holdingford) (Fall 2:14)


1st: Craig Orlando (Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie) 50-0, Sr. over Scot Edwards (Adrian Area) 34-4, Sr. (Fall 3:07)

3rd: Cian Buehler (Ottertail Central Bulldogs) 38-7, Jr. over Dylan Nirk (Westfield Razorbacks) 34-7, Sr. (Dec 3-0)

5th: Tanner Berghuis (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) 43-4, Sr. over Alec Francis (Caledonia-Houston) 32-8, Sr. (Fall 0:55)

Consolation Semifinals: Cian Buehler (Ottertail Central Bulldogs) over Tanner Berghuis (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (Dec 8-5); Dylan Nirk (Westfield Razorbacks) over Alec Francis (Caledonia-Houston) (Dec 3-1)

Semifinals: Craig Orlando (Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie) over Dylan Nirk (Westfield Razorbacks) (Dec 1-0); Scot Edwards (Adrian Area) over Tanner Berghuis (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (Fall 3:36)

Consolation Round 2: Cian Buehler (Ottertail Central Bulldogs) over Kyle Blazek (Crosby-Ironton) (Fall 0:14); Alec Francis (Caledonia-Houston) over Jakob Swalla (Minnewaska Area) (Dec 7-3)

Consolation Round 1: Kyle Blazek (Crosby-Ironton) over Austin Schlangen (Eden Valley-Watkins) (Fall 2:59); Cian Buehler (Ottertail Central Bulldogs) over Jude Olson (Fertile-Beltrami) (Fall 1:58); Alec Francis (Caledonia-Houston) over George Duden (Red Lake County Central) (Fall 1:47); Jakob Swalla (Minnewaska Area) over Spencer Welsh (Dover-Eyota) (Dec 4-3)

Quarterfinals: Craig Orlando (Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie) over Austin Schlangen (Eden Valley-Watkins) (Fall 0:27); Dylan Nirk (Westfield Razorbacks) over Cian Buehler (Ottertail Central Bulldogs) (Fall 4:39); Tanner Berghuis (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over Alec Francis (Caledonia-Houston) (Fall 4:30); Scot Edwards (Adrian Area) over Jakob Swalla (Minnewaska Area) (SV-1 3-1)

Championship Round 1: Craig Orlando (Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie) over Kyle Blazek (Crosby-Ironton) (Fall 2:21); Austin Schlangen (Eden Valley-Watkins) over Denver Noyes (Canby) (Dec 3-2); Dylan Nirk (Westfield Razorbacks) over Jude Olson (Fertile-Beltrami) (Fall 1:00); Cian Buehler (Ottertail Central Bulldogs) over Mason Novitzki (Royalton-Upsala) (Fall 0:51); Tanner Berghuis (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) over George Duden (Red Lake County Central) (Fall 0:42); Alec Francis (Caledonia-Houston) over Brady Ridler (Bold) (Dec 4-2); Jakob Swalla (Minnewaska Area) over Gavin Hermes (Medford) (Fall 1:53); Scot Edwards (Adrian Area) over Spencer Welsh (Dover-Eyota) (Fall 0:32)

Class AA


1st: Tyler Wells (Princeton) 47-0, Fr. over Cash Raymond (Simley) 39-10, 8th. (MD 11-3)

3rd: Zach Tracy (Scott West) 39-8, So. over Luke Williams (Pine Island) 37-5, So. (Dec 5-0)

5th: Nolan Reiter (Big Lake) 41-5, Fr. over Luke Knudsen (New London-Spicer) 48-6, 8th. (Dec 7-4)

Consolation Semifinals: Luke Williams (Pine Island) over Luke Knudsen (New London-Spicer) (Dec 3-2); Zach Tracy (Scott West) over Nolan Reiter (Big Lake) (Dec 4-0)

Semifinals: Tyler Wells (Princeton) over Nolan Reiter (Big Lake) (TF-1.5 4:41 (18-3)); Cash Raymond (Simley) over Luke Williams (Pine Island) (Dec 7-6)

Consolation Round 2: Luke Knudsen (New London-Spicer) over Jonah Hamberger (Watertown Mayer-Mayer Luth.) (Dec 7-3); Zach Tracy (Scott West) over Kale Geiser (Thief River Falls) (Dec 7-0)

Consolation Round 1: Jonah Hamberger (Watertown Mayer-Mayer Luth.) over Jesse Potts (Fairmont-Martin County West) (Dec 8-4); Luke Knudsen (New London-Spicer) over Aaron Lorentz (Perham) (Dec 8-6); Kale Geiser (Thief River Falls) over Lue Yang (St Paul Johnson) (Dec 4-2); Zach Tracy (Scott West) over Andrew Joedeman (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) (MD 8-0)

Quarterfinals: Tyler Wells (Princeton) over Jonah Hamberger (Watertown Mayer-Mayer Luth.) (TF-1.5 2:25 (21-6)); Nolan Reiter (Big Lake) over Luke Knudsen (New London-Spicer) (Dec 7-2); Cash Raymond (Simley) over Lue Yang (St Paul Johnson) (MD 10-0); Luke Williams (Pine Island) over Zach Tracy (Scott West) (UTB 2-2)

Championship Round 1: Tyler Wells (Princeton) over Jesse Potts (Fairmont-Martin County West) (TF-1.5 2:47 (24-7)); Jonah Hamberger (Watertown Mayer-Mayer Luth.) over Ethan Sylvester (Totino-Grace) (Dec 6-1); Luke Knudsen (New London-Spicer) over Maxx Beeler (South Saint Paul) (Dec 8-3); Nolan Reiter (Big Lake) over Aaron Lorentz (Perham) (Dec 11-4); Cash Raymond (Simley) over Kale Geiser (Thief River Falls) (TF-1.5 4:20 (19-3)); Lue Yang (St Paul Johnson) over Justin Jobe (Grand Rapids) (Dec 10-6); Luke Williams (Pine Island) over Andrew Joedeman (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) (Fall 3:13); Zach Tracy (Scott West) over Jack Nelson (Mound-Westonka) (Fall 0:23)


1st: Christian Noble (Big Lake) 40-0, So. over Ty Bisek (New London-Spicer) 46-5, Jr. (MD 12-4)

3rd: Reid Nelson (Simley) 47-6, Jr. over Mason Gehloff (Waseca) 39-3, Jr. (Dec 4-3)

5th: Dylan Louwagie (Marshall) 38-7, 8th. over Grant Peirce (Hutchinson) 41-14, Sr. (Dec 7-5)

Consolation Semifinals: Mason Gehloff (Waseca) over Dylan Louwagie (Marshall) (MD 12-1); Reid Nelson (Simley) over Grant Peirce (Hutchinson) (Fall 0:46)

Semifinals: Ty Bisek (New London-Spicer) over Reid Nelson (Simley) (Dec 5-4); Christian Noble (Big Lake) over Mason Gehloff (Waseca) (Dec 4-3)

Consolation Round 2: Dylan Louwagie (Marshall) over Levi Jacobson (Foley) (MD 14-2); Grant Peirce (Hutchinson) over Jacob Maas (Mound-Westonka) (Dec 3-2)

Consolation Round 1: Levi Jacobson (Foley) over Caleb Ruhl (Pequot Lks-Pine River-Backus) (MD 9-0); Dylan Louwagie (Marshall) over Ethan Ballweber (Princeton) (Dec 6-4); Grant Peirce (Hutchinson) over Blaze Nelson (Alexandria Area) (Dec 9-4); Jacob Maas (Mound-Westonka) over Jaacob Thompson (Byron) (Dec 6-2)

Quarterfinals: Reid Nelson (Simley) over Caleb Ruhl (Pequot Lks-Pine River-Backus) (MD 23-9); Ty Bisek (New London-Spicer) over Dylan Louwagie (Marshall) (MD 11-0); Christian Noble (Big Lake) over Blaze Nelson (Alexandria Area) (Fall 0:56); Mason Gehloff (Waseca) over Jacob Maas (Mound-Westonka) (Fall 0:39)

Championship Round 1: Reid Nelson (Simley) over Levi Jacobson (Foley) (MD 14-3); Caleb Ruhl (Pequot Lks-Pine River-Backus) over Rameses Peterson (Totino-Grace) (Dec 6-3); Dylan Louwagie (Marshall) over Victor Franco (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) (MD 13-0); Ty Bisek (New London-Spicer) over Ethan Ballweber (Princeton) (Fall 3:06); Christian Noble (Big Lake) over Grant Peirce (Hutchinson) (MD 15-1); Blaze Nelson (Alexandria Area) over Bleah Paw (St Paul Como Park) (Fall 1:19); Jacob Maas (Mound-Westonka) over Nate Berchtold (South Saint Paul) (Dec 9-3); Mason Gehloff (Waseca) over Jaacob Thompson (Byron) (TF-1.5 4:47 (18-3))


1st: Joey Thompson (Totino-Grace) 47-1, Sr. over Maxwell Petersen (Byron) 38-3, So. (Dec 7-4)

3rd: Ethan Lebrija (MAHACA) 42-2, So. over Jayden Mclearen (Big Lake) 33-5, Jr. (Fall 3:19)

5th: Joe Montplaisir (Zimmerman) 39-5, Jr. over Hsa Khee Lar (Marshall) 25-14, Sr. (Dec 7-3)

Consolation Semifinals: Jayden Mclearen (Big Lake) over Hsa Khee Lar (Marshall) (Dec 6-5); Ethan Lebrija (MAHACA) over Joe Montplaisir (Zimmerman) (Fall 3:53)

Semifinals: Joey Thompson (Totino-Grace) over Ethan Lebrija (MAHACA) (TF-1.5 3:53 (17-2)); Maxwell Petersen (Byron) over Hsa Khee Lar (Marshall) (TF-1.5 4:53 (20-5))

Consolation Round 2: Jayden Mclearen (Big Lake) over Trevor Radunz (Pierz) (UTB 3-1); Joe Montplaisir (Zimmerman) over Parker Adkins (Princeton) (Fall 0:54)

Consolation Round 1: Jayden Mclearen (Big Lake) over Luke Osweiler (Waseca) (Dec 5-2); Trevor Radunz (Pierz) over Will Nihart (South Saint Paul) (Fall 0:29); Joe Montplaisir (Zimmerman) over Jonathan Harvey (Lake City) (MD 10-0); Parker Adkins (Princeton) over Lewis Yang (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) (Fall 2:55)

Quarterfinals: Joey Thompson (Totino-Grace) over Jayden Mclearen (Big Lake) (TF-1.5 4:37 (16-1)); Ethan Lebrija (MAHACA) over Trevor Radunz (Pierz) (MD 20-8); Hsa Khee Lar (Marshall) over Jonathan Harvey (Lake City) (Dec 3-2); Maxwell Petersen (Byron) over Lewis Yang (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) (TF-1.5 3:04 (17-2))

Championship Round 1: Joey Thompson (Totino-Grace) over Luke Osweiler (Waseca) (Fall 3:51); Jayden Mclearen (Big Lake) over Connor Wakefield (Grand Rapids) (Dec 1-0); Trevor Radunz (Pierz) over Tyson Kroells (Delano) (Dec 3-2); Ethan Lebrija (MAHACA) over Will Nihart (South Saint Paul) (MD 20-7); Jonathan Harvey (Lake City) over Cade Okeson (Detroit Lakes) (UTB 4-3); Hsa Khee Lar (Marshall) over Joe Montplaisir (Zimmerman) (Dec 6-5); Lewis Yang (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) over Kyaw Htway (St Paul Humboldt-Open World Learning) (Fall 4:34); Maxwell Petersen (Byron) over Parker Adkins (Princeton) (Fall 1:20)


1st: Chase DeBlaere (Simley) 47-3, So. over Austin Gabbert (Watertown Mayer-Mayer Luth.) 36-2, Jr. (Dec 7-3)

3rd: Jaxson Rohman (Fairmont-Martin County West) 52-1, Jr. over Cade Jackson (Detroit Lakes) 28-19, Fr. (TF-1.5 5:12 (27-9))

5th: Carter Ruschmeier (Glencoe-Lester Prairie) 38-8, So. over Landen Parent (Princeton) 42-4, Jr. (Inj. 0:00)

Consolation Semifinals: Cade Jackson (Detroit Lakes) over Landen Parent (Princeton) (Inj. 0:00); Jaxson Rohman (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Carter Ruschmeier (Glencoe-Lester Prairie) (Dec 8-3)

Semifinals: Austin Gabbert (Watertown Mayer-Mayer Luth.) over Jaxson Rohman (Fairmont-Martin County West) (Dec 6-4); Chase DeBlaere (Simley) over Landen Parent (Princeton) (Fall 5:04)

Consolation Round 2: Cade Jackson (Detroit Lakes) over Ethan Anderson (Becker) (SV-1 5-3); Carter Ruschmeier (Glencoe-Lester Prairie) over Davin Rose (MAHACA) (Dec 3-1)

Consolation Round 1: Cade Jackson (Detroit Lakes) over Noah Lietzau (Mound-Westonka) (Fall 4:44); Ethan Anderson (Becker) over Connor Gmahl (Mora) (Dec 5-2); Davin Rose (MAHACA) over Griffin Lundeen (Thief River Falls) (Dec 5-2); Carter Ruschmeier (Glencoe-Lester Prairie) over Bryce Erkenbrack (Totino-Grace) (Fall 2:23)

Quarterfinals: Jaxson Rohman (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Noah Lietzau (Mound-Westonka) (TF-1.5 4:44 (24-9)); Austin Gabbert (Watertown Mayer-Mayer Luth.) over Ethan Anderson (Becker) (MD 9-0); Landen Parent (Princeton) over Griffin Lundeen (Thief River Falls) (MD 12-3); Chase DeBlaere (Simley) over Carter Ruschmeier (Glencoe-Lester Prairie) (Dec 5-1)

Championship Round 1: Jaxson Rohman (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Cade Jackson (Detroit Lakes) (MD 18-8); Noah Lietzau (Mound-Westonka) over Andrew Novack (Chisago Lakes) (Fall 0:41); Austin Gabbert (Watertown Mayer-Mayer Luth.) over Connor Gmahl (Mora) (MD 12-0); Ethan Anderson (Becker) over Ross Herber (Lewiston-Altura-Rushford-Peterson) (Dec 9-5); Landen Parent (Princeton) over Davin Rose (MAHACA) (Fall 0:28); Griffin Lundeen (Thief River Falls) over Yim-Leej Yang (St Paul Johnson) (TF-1.5 5:08 (17-2)); Carter Ruschmeier (Glencoe-Lester Prairie) over Eddie Simes (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) (Dec 5-3); Chase DeBlaere (Simley) over Bryce Erkenbrack (Totino-Grace) (Fall 1:45)


1st: Charlie Pickell (Mankato West) 43-2, Sr. over Mitchel Petersen (Byron) 15-2, Sr. (Dec 7-3)

3rd: Logan Vaughan (Kasson-Mantorville) 32-8, So. over Jerry Simes (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) 27-4, Jr. (MD 12-2)

5th: Blake Jagodzinske (Fairmont-Martin County West) 25-6, Jr. over Kyle Boeke (Princeton) 42-5, Jr. (Inj. 0:00)

Consolation Semifinals: Jerry Simes (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) over Kyle Boeke (Princeton) (Inj. 0:00); Logan Vaughan (Kasson-Mantorville) over Blake Jagodzinske (Fairmont-Martin County West) (Dec 8-5)

Semifinals: Mitchel Petersen (Byron) over Logan Vaughan (Kasson-Mantorville) (Dec 4-3); Charlie Pickell (Mankato West) over Kyle Boeke (Princeton) (MD 15-3)

Consolation Round 2: Jerry Simes (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) over Dusty Wilke (Grand Rapids) (Dec 8-4); Blake Jagodzinske (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Ryan Borris (Alexandria Area) (Dec 6-3)

Consolation Round 1: Jerry Simes (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) over Soni Soukchaleun (St Paul Johnson) (Dec 4-0); Dusty Wilke (Grand Rapids) over Jake Nelson (Becker) (Dec 3-2); Ryan Borris (Alexandria Area) over Sawyer Varpness (Glencoe-Lester Prairie) (Dec 4-0); Blake Jagodzinske (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Mason Scott (Bloomington Kennedy) (MD 12-0)

Quarterfinals: Mitchel Petersen (Byron) over Jerry Simes (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) (Dec 8-2); Logan Vaughan (Kasson-Mantorville) over Jake Nelson (Becker) (Dec 5-0); Kyle Boeke (Princeton) over Ryan Borris (Alexandria Area) (MD 19-8); Charlie Pickell (Mankato West) over Blake Jagodzinske (Fairmont-Martin County West) (MD 16-5)

Championship Round 1: Mitchel Petersen (Byron) over Soni Soukchaleun (St Paul Johnson) (Fall 1:37); Jerry Simes (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) over Triston Zuniga (Totino-Grace) (Dec 3-1); Jake Nelson (Becker) over Connor Roth (Marshall) (Dec 6-5); Logan Vaughan (Kasson-Mantorville) over Dusty Wilke (Grand Rapids) (Dec 7-1); Kyle Boeke (Princeton) over Sawyer Varpness (Glencoe-Lester Prairie) (Fall 3:28); Ryan Borris (Alexandria Area) over Josh Logan (North Branch) (Dec 4-0); Blake Jagodzinske (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Cody Wienen (Thief River Falls) (Dec 6-4); Charlie Pickell (Mankato West) over Mason Scott (Bloomington Kennedy) (TF-1.5 1:56 (18-3))


1st: Cael Berg (Simley) 48-4, Jr. over Brody Ullyott (Detroit Lakes) 43-6, Jr. (MD 9-1)

3rd: Connor Simmonds (Fairmont-Martin County West) 48-4, Jr. over Lukas Paulson (Becker) 37-7, Jr. (Dec 9-2)

5th: David Platt (Hibbing) 44-8, Jr. over Blake Vagle (New London-Spicer) 44-9, Sr. (Dec 6-4)

Consolation Semifinals: Connor Simmonds (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Blake Vagle (New London-Spicer) (Dec 4-1); Lukas Paulson (Becker) over David Platt (Hibbing) (Dec 3-1)

Semifinals: Cael Berg (Simley) over Lukas Paulson (Becker) (MD 11-2); Brody Ullyott (Detroit Lakes) over Connor Simmonds (Fairmont-Martin County West) (Dec 9-6)

Consolation Round 2: Blake Vagle (New London-Spicer) over Micheal Rothfork (Foley) (Dec 2-0); David Platt (Hibbing) over Brady Kasprick (Thief River Falls) (Dec 7-3)

Consolation Round 1: Micheal Rothfork (Foley) over William Mergen (Albany) (Fall 2:12); Blake Vagle (New London-Spicer) over Christian Rodriguez (Waseca) (MD 14-2); David Platt (Hibbing) over Brandt Bombard (North Branch) (Dec 3-2); Brady Kasprick (Thief River Falls) over Caleb Whipps (Tri-City United) (Fall 2:00)

Quarterfinals: Cael Berg (Simley) over Micheal Rothfork (Foley) (Fall 3:24); Lukas Paulson (Becker) over Blake Vagle (New London-Spicer) (Dec 6-1); Brody Ullyott (Detroit Lakes) over David Platt (Hibbing) (Dec 9-5); Connor Simmonds (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Caleb Whipps (Tri-City United) (MD 14-0)

Championship Round 1: Cael Berg (Simley) over William Mergen (Albany) (Fall 5:44); Micheal Rothfork (Foley) over Tyler Stevenson (Mound-Westonka) (Fall 4:26); Lukas Paulson (Becker) over Christian Rodriguez (Waseca) (Dec 7-2); Blake Vagle (New London-Spicer) over Aedon Oberdorfer (St Paul Highland Park) (Fall 1:39); David Platt (Hibbing) over John Hughes (Richfield) (TF-1.5 2:21 (20-5)); Brody Ullyott (Detroit Lakes) over Brandt Bombard (North Branch) (Dec 4-2); Caleb Whipps (Tri-City United) over Joe Kozlowski (Lake City) (MD 13-3); Connor Simmonds (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Brady Kasprick (Thief River Falls) (Dec 9-7)


1st: Ryan Sokol (Simley) 49-2, Jr. over Connor Tulenchik (Pequot Lks-Pine River-Backus) 47-5, So. (Fall 0:48)

3rd: Zack Wells (Princeton) 45-1, Jr. over Carson Tschudi (Delano) 32-7, Jr. (Dec 6-4)

5th: Trevon Johnson (Dawson-Boyd-Lac Qui Parle-Montevideo United) 33-6, Jr. over Jake Davis (Thief River Falls) 45-4, Sr. (Inj. 0:00)

Consolation Semifinals: Zack Wells (Princeton) over Trevon Johnson (Dawson-Boyd-Lac Qui Parle-Montevideo United) (Fall 2:01); Carson Tschudi (Delano) over Jake Davis (Thief River Falls) (Inj. 0:00)

Semifinals: Ryan Sokol (Simley) over Jake Davis (Thief River Falls) (TF-1.5 2:47 (17-2)); Connor Tulenchik (Pequot Lks-Pine River-Backus) over Trevon Johnson (Dawson-Boyd-Lac Qui Parle-Montevideo United) (Fall 5:24)

Consolation Round 2: Zack Wells (Princeton) over Logan Thorsten (Foley) (Dec 5-1); Carson Tschudi (Delano) over Jacob Schmid (Orono) (Dec 5-4)

Consolation Round 1: Logan Thorsten (Foley) over Ashton LaBelle (North Branch) (UTB 5-4); Zack Wells (Princeton) over Luke Fogarty (Scott West) (TF-1.5 3:34 (18-3)); Jacob Schmid (Orono) over Dillon Browen (Big Lake) (MD 12-4); Carson Tschudi (Delano) over Joe Gardas (Zimmerman) (Dec 5-2)

Quarterfinals: Ryan Sokol (Simley) over Ashton LaBelle (North Branch) (Fall 1:34); Jake Davis (Thief River Falls) over Zack Wells (Princeton) (Dec 5-4); Trevon Johnson (Dawson-Boyd-Lac Qui Parle-Montevideo United) over Jacob Schmid (Orono) (Dec 11-7); Connor Tulenchik (Pequot Lks-Pine River-Backus) over Joe Gardas (Zimmerman) (Dec 9-2)

Championship Round 1: Ryan Sokol (Simley) over Logan Thorsten (Foley) (TF-1.5 1:39 (19-4)); Ashton LaBelle (North Branch) over Michael Loger (Totino-Grace) (MD 10-1); Zack Wells (Princeton) over Tanner Paulson (Kasson-Mantorville) (Dec 14-7); Jake Davis (Thief River Falls) over Luke Fogarty (Scott West) (MD 17-6); Trevon Johnson (Dawson-Boyd-Lac Qui Parle-Montevideo United) over Dillon Browen (Big Lake) (MD 12-3); Jacob Schmid (Orono) over Nolan Huffman (Chisago Lakes) (Dec 11-5); Joe Gardas (Zimmerman) over Cale Steuber (Fairmont-Martin County West) (Dec 12-8); Connor Tulenchik (Pequot Lks-Pine River-Backus) over Carson Tschudi (Delano) (SV-1 5-3)


1st: Payton Anderson (Fairmont-Martin County West) 44-2, Sr. over Jude Link (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) 45-2, So. (Dec 3-2)

3rd: Jack Fudge (Perham) 39-3, Jr. over Joe Stucky (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) 34-4, Sr. (Fall 3:35)

5th: Cale Luthens (Hutchinson) 43-9, Jr. over Reid Lawrence (Mahtomedi) 41-6, Sr. (Dec 6-5)

Consolation Semifinals: Joe Stucky (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) over Cale Luthens (Hutchinson) (Dec 11-5); Jack Fudge (Perham) over Reid Lawrence (Mahtomedi) (MD 8-0)

Semifinals: Payton Anderson (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Jack Fudge (Perham) (SV-1 7-3); Jude Link (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) over Joe Stucky (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) (Fall 3:34)

Consolation Round 2: Cale Luthens (Hutchinson) over Isaiah Fitch (Foley) (Dec 4-1); Reid Lawrence (Mahtomedi) over Seth Anderson (Mound-Westonka) (Dec 8-3)

Consolation Round 1: Isaiah Fitch (Foley) over Austin Moscho (Rocori) (Dec 8-2); Cale Luthens (Hutchinson) over Noah Jensen (Marshall) (Dec 1-0); Seth Anderson (Mound-Westonka) over Austin Sonnek (North Branch) (Dec 7-2); Reid Lawrence (Mahtomedi) over Jordan Summers (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 8-8 (Dec 3-2)

Quarterfinals: Payton Anderson (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Austin Moscho (Rocori) (Dec 6-5); Jack Fudge (Perham) over Cale Luthens (Hutchinson) (SV-1 3-1); Jude Link (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) over Seth Anderson (Mound-Westonka) (Dec 9-2); Joe Stucky (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) over Reid Lawrence (Mahtomedi) (Dec 6-5)

Championship Round 1: Payton Anderson (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Isaiah Fitch (Foley) (MD 8-0); Austin Moscho (Rocori) over Travis Dohmen (Simley) (Fall 2:35); Cale Luthens (Hutchinson) over Joe Jeans (Bloomington Kennedy) (Dec 10-6); Jack Fudge (Perham) over Noah Jensen (Marshall) (Fall 3:29); Jude Link (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) over Austin Sonnek (North Branch) (Fall 3:42); Seth Anderson (Mound-Westonka) over Wareke Gillette (St. Peter) (Dec 8-7); Joe Stucky (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) over Jordan Summers (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 8-8 (Dec 6-1); Reid Lawrence (Mahtomedi) over Brayden Jones (Grand Rapids) (Fall 3:32)


1st: Bryce FitzPatrick (Mahtomedi) 43-1, Sr. over Miles Fitzgerald (Fairmont-Martin County West) 42-5, Sr. (Fall 3:18)

3rd: Jace Demmers (Scott West) 41-3, Sr. over Adam Sylvester (Totino-Grace) 42-6, Jr. (Dec 13-12)

5th: Carey Vanier, Jr. (Cretin-Derham Hall) 33-10, Jr. over Connor Thorsten (Foley) 50-7, Sr. (Dec 5-3)

Consolation Semifinals: Adam Sylvester (Totino-Grace) over Carey Vanier, Jr. (Cretin-Derham Hall) (Dec 8-4); Jace Demmers (Scott West) over Connor Thorsten (Foley) (Dec 2-1)

Semifinals: Miles Fitzgerald (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Jace Demmers (Scott West) (Fall 2:48); Bryce FitzPatrick (Mahtomedi) over Adam Sylvester (Totino-Grace) (Fall 1:32)

Consolation Round 2: Carey Vanier, Jr. (Cretin-Derham Hall) over Ian Hanson (Milaca-Faith Christian) (Dec 6-3); Connor Thorsten (Foley) over Kail Wynia (Kasson-Mantorville) (TB-1 6-2)

Consolation Round 1: Ian Hanson (Milaca-Faith Christian) over Carter Schmidt (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) (Dec 9-2); Carey Vanier, Jr. (Cretin-Derham Hall) over Noah Halonen (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) (Inj. 0:00); Kail Wynia (Kasson-Mantorville) over Cole Johnson (Thief River Falls) (Dec 4-3); Connor Thorsten (Foley) over Keegan Lemke (Glencoe-Lester Prairie) (Dec 7-4)

Quarterfinals: Jace Demmers (Scott West) over Ian Hanson (Milaca-Faith Christian) (Fall 3:57); Miles Fitzgerald (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Carey Vanier, Jr. (Cretin-Derham Hall) (Dec 7-4); Adam Sylvester (Totino-Grace) over Kail Wynia (Kasson-Mantorville) (Dec 11-7); Bryce FitzPatrick (Mahtomedi) over Connor Thorsten (Foley) (Dec 8-4)

Championship Round 1: Jace Demmers (Scott West) over Carter Schmidt (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) (MD 10-0); Ian Hanson (Milaca-Faith Christian) over Billy Reineccius (Bloomington Kennedy) (Dec 7-1); Miles Fitzgerald (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Noah Halonen (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) (Inj. 0:00); Carey Vanier, Jr. (Cretin-Derham Hall) over Nolan Wanzek (Simley) (Fall 3:32); Kail Wynia (Kasson-Mantorville) over Jack Klug (Annand-M Lk Lightning) (Fall 5:20); Adam Sylvester (Totino-Grace) over Cole Johnson (Thief River Falls) (MD 20-6); Connor Thorsten (Foley) over Grant Louwagie (Marshall) (Dec 3-1); Bryce FitzPatrick (Mahtomedi) over Keegan Lemke (Glencoe-Lester Prairie) (Fall 1:38)


1st: Bennett Berge (Kasson-Mantorville) 43-1, So. over Gavin Nelson (Simley) 44-6, Fr. (Dec 5-2)

3rd: Caden DeWall (Becker) 40-2, Jr. over Isaac Grams (Bloomington Kennedy) 42-3, Jr. (MD 9-0)

5th: Eli Hunt (St. Peter) 41-5, Sr. over Nathan Simmonds (Fairmont-Martin County West) 44-14, Sr. (Dec 3-2)

Consolation Semifinals: Caden DeWall (Becker) over Nathan Simmonds (Fairmont-Martin County West) (MD 11-1); Isaac Grams (Bloomington Kennedy) over Eli Hunt (St. Peter) (Dec 8-3)

Semifinals: Gavin Nelson (Simley) over Isaac Grams (Bloomington Kennedy) (TF-1.5 5:14 (16-1)); Bennett Berge (Kasson-Mantorville) over Caden DeWall (Becker) (Dec 7-6)

Consolation Round 2: Nathan Simmonds (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Brody Rud (Tri-City United) (Dec 5-4); Eli Hunt (St. Peter) over Quinn Christoffersen (South Saint Paul) (Dec 6-5)

Consolation Round 1: Brody Rud (Tri-City United) over Ian Wilsey (Mahtomedi) (SV-1 13-8); Nathan Simmonds (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Tim Johnson (Pine City-Hinckley-Finlayson) (Inj. 0:00); Eli Hunt (St. Peter) over Michael Ude (Fridley) (Fall 2:04); Quinn Christoffersen (South Saint Paul) over Andy Knutson (Foley) (Dec 4-1)

Quarterfinals: Gavin Nelson (Simley) over Brody Rud (Tri-City United) (TF-1.5 5:07 (17-1)); Isaac Grams (Bloomington Kennedy) over Nathan Simmonds (Fairmont-Martin County West) (Dec 5-3); Caden DeWall (Becker) over Eli Hunt (St. Peter) (Dec 2-0); Bennett Berge (Kasson-Mantorville) over Quinn Christoffersen (South Saint Paul) (MD 13-2)

Championship Round 1: Gavin Nelson (Simley) over Ian Wilsey (Mahtomedi) (MD 10-2); Brody Rud (Tri-City United) over Brian Ramos (Perham) (MD 11-2); Nathan Simmonds (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Adam Neumann (Annand-M Lk Lightning) (SV-1 7-5); Isaac Grams (Bloomington Kennedy) over Tim Johnson (Pine City-Hinckley-Finlayson) (Inj. 2:28); Eli Hunt (St. Peter) over Cole Ranweiler (New Ulm Area) (Dec 12-8); Caden DeWall (Becker) over Michael Ude (Fridley) (Fall 3:11); Quinn Christoffersen (South Saint Paul) over Blaine Henderson (Detroit Lakes) (Dec 4-3); Bennett Berge (Kasson-Mantorville) over Andy Knutson (Foley) (MD 15-5)


1st: Patrick Kennedy (Kasson-Mantorville) 36-0, Sr. over Quayin Short (Simley) 47-4, Jr. (Dec 5-2)

3rd: Dalton Rose (MAHACA) 21-6, Sr. over Tanner Young (Pierz) 37-5, Sr. (MD 14-6)

5th: Alex Nelson (Hutchinson) 38-9, Sr. over Spencer Wambeke (Marshall) 25-7, Jr. (Dec 3-2)

Consolation Semifinals: Dalton Rose (MAHACA) over Alex Nelson (Hutchinson) (Dec 2-1); Tanner Young (Pierz) over Spencer Wambeke (Marshall) (Fall 4:06)

Semifinals: Patrick Kennedy (Kasson-Mantorville) over Tanner Young (Pierz) (TF-1.5 2:14 (15-0)); Quayin Short (Simley) over Dalton Rose (MAHACA) (Fall 2:36)

Consolation Round 2: Alex Nelson (Hutchinson) over Riley O’Malley (Tri-City United) (Fall 3:55); Spencer Wambeke (Marshall) over Jagger Greenwood (Hibbing) (Dec 5-3)

Consolation Round 1: Riley O’Malley (Tri-City United) over Karter Wensmann (Sauk Centre-Melrose) (SV-1 9-7); Alex Nelson (Hutchinson) over Johnny Harstad (Orono) (Fall 1:45); Jagger Greenwood (Hibbing) over Nate Kujawa (Mahtomedi) (Dec 10-3); Spencer Wambeke (Marshall) over Dom Adams (Mora) (Dec 5-1)

Quarterfinals: Patrick Kennedy (Kasson-Mantorville) over Karter Wensmann (Sauk Centre-Melrose) (Fall 0:45); Tanner Young (Pierz) over Alex Nelson (Hutchinson) (Dec 10-5); Dalton Rose (MAHACA) over Jagger Greenwood (Hibbing) (Dec 7-5); Quayin Short (Simley) over Dom Adams (Mora) (Fall 2:20)

Championship Round 1: Willie VonRuden (Medford) over Sam Nistler (Eden Valley-Watkins) (TF-1.5 2:46 (17-2)); Andy Dostal (Badger-GB-MR) over Adam Zosel (Benson) (Dec 11-4); Tallin Johnson (Saint James Area) over Trenten Juelson (Blackduck-Cass Lake-Bena Bears) (Dec 10-3); Carter Sorenson (Fosston-Bagley) over Ted Stacey (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) (Dec 8-4); Baxter O’Reilly (Goodhue) over Ethan Hendrickson (Jackson County Central) (Fall 4:25); Jordan Lohse (West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville) over Bradley Bernu (Mille Lacs Raiders) (Fall 4:48); Isaac Denstad (Caledonia-Houston) over Matthew Ziebell (Pelican Rapids) (Inj. 2:59); Zack Holtz (Kimball Area) over Caden Ochsendorf (Maple River) (Dec 10-3)


1st: Kolin Baier (Mankato East) 45-1, Sr. over Dawson Kellogg (Perham) 31-4, Sr. (Fall 5:24)

3rd: Josh Franklin (Fridley) 36-3, Jr. over Jesse Midas (Monticello) 37-5, Sr. (Dec 8-3)

5th: Jacob Rahn (Fairmont-Martin County West) 42-9, Sr. over Landan DuVal (Simley) 43-9, So. (Dec 6-0)

Consolation Semifinals: Josh Franklin (Fridley) over Landan DuVal (Simley) (Dec 10-5); Jesse Midas (Monticello) over Jacob Rahn (Fairmont-Martin County West) (Fall 1:31)

Semifinals: Dawson Kellogg (Perham) over Jesse Midas (Monticello) (Dec 5-1); Kolin Baier (Mankato East) over Josh Franklin (Fridley) (Fall 1:56)

Consolation Round 2: Landan DuVal (Simley) over Jose Reyes (Tri-City United) (SV-1 7-5); Jacob Rahn (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Hunter Gorecki (Foley) (Dec 7-1)

Consolation Round 1: Jose Reyes (Tri-City United) over David Wilfert (Orono) (Dec 9-8); Landan DuVal (Simley) over Mason Iverson (Thief River Falls) (Fall 4:14); Jacob Rahn (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Beau Nelson (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) (Fall 2:04); Hunter Gorecki (Foley) over Cole Felcyn (Marshall) (Dec 8-5)

Quarterfinals: Dawson Kellogg (Perham) over David Wilfert (Orono) (Fall 2:21); Jesse Midas (Monticello) over Landan DuVal (Simley) (Fall 3:42); Josh Franklin (Fridley) over Jacob Rahn (Fairmont-Martin County West) (Dec 8-5); Kolin Baier (Mankato East) over Hunter Gorecki (Foley) (Fall 4:17)

Championship Round 1: Dawson Kellogg (Perham) over Jose Reyes (Tri-City United) (Fall 3:02); David Wilfert (Orono) over Langston Nash (Hibbing) (Dec 7-3); Landan DuVal (Simley) over Jarod Stroud (South Saint Paul) (Dec 9-2); Jesse Midas (Monticello) over Mason Iverson (Thief River Falls) (Fall 3:50); Josh Franklin (Fridley) over Beau Nelson (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) (Dec 10-3); Jacob Rahn (Fairmont-Martin County West) over Sullivan Lucy (St Paul Como Park) (Fall 5:16); Hunter Gorecki (Foley) over Jackson Kennedy (Kasson-Mantorville) (Dec 10-4); Kolin Baier (Mankato East) over Cole Felcyn (Marshall) (Fall 2:37)


1st: Bennett Tabor (Simley) 50-0, Jr. over Danny Striggow (Orono) 18-1, Sr. (Dec 8-1)

3rd: Garrison Solliday (St. Thomas Academy) 18-3, Jr. over Nick McKenzie (New London-Spicer) 42-7, Jr. (Dec 8-5)

5th: Edward Hajas (Delano) 41-5, Sr. over Brayden Weber (Becker) 36-6, Jr. (Inj. 0:00)

Consolation Semifinals: Garrison Solliday (St. Thomas Academy) over Edward Hajas (Delano) (Fall 3:55); Nick McKenzie (New London-Spicer) over Brayden Weber (Becker) (Inj. 0:00)

Semifinals: Danny Striggow (Orono) over Brayden Weber (Becker) (Fall 4:50); Bennett Tabor (Simley) over Edward Hajas (Delano) (Dec 4-2)

Consolation Round 2: Garrison Solliday (St. Thomas Academy) over Jaiden Bahr (Marshall) (TB-1 2-1); Nick McKenzie (New London-Spicer) over Cody Kurth (Hutchinson) (SV-1 7-5)

Consolation Round 1: Garrison Solliday (St. Thomas Academy) over Ben Primus (Rocori) (Dec 6-0); Jaiden Bahr (Marshall) over Wyatt Dunham (United Clay Becker Badgers) (Fall 3:12); Nick McKenzie (New London-Spicer) over Bodee Zens (Milaca-Faith Christian) (Dec 9-2); Cody Kurth (Hutchinson) over Jordan Skadsem (Detroit Lakes) (Dec 5-0)

Quarterfinals: Danny Striggow (Orono) over Garrison Solliday (St. Thomas Academy) (MD 11-3); Brayden Weber (Becker) over Jaiden Bahr (Marshall) (Fall 4:44); Edward Hajas (Delano) over Nick McKenzie (New London-Spicer) (Dec 5-1); Bennett Tabor (Simley) over Cody Kurth (Hutchinson) (Fall 3:24)

Championship Round 1: Danny Striggow (Orono) over Ben Primus (Rocori) (Fall 3:17); Garrison Solliday (St. Thomas Academy) over Greg Miller (Foley) (Fall 0:50); Jaiden Bahr (Marshall) over Joe Hinkle (Totino-Grace) (Fall 2:46); Brayden Weber (Becker) over Wyatt Dunham (United Clay Becker Badgers) (Fall 0:23); Edward Hajas (Delano) over Bodee Zens (Milaca-Faith Christian) (Fall 2:44); Nick McKenzie (New London-Spicer) over Ryan Prisch (St Paul Humboldt-Open World Learning) (Dec 6-0); Cody Kurth (Hutchinson) over JP Johnson (Mahtomedi) (Fall 3:50); Bennett Tabor (Simley) over Jordan Skadsem (Detroit Lakes) (MD 13-5)


1st: Kaleb Haase (Redwood Valley) 41-0, Sr. over Connor Bleymeyer (Chisago Lakes) 36-6, Sr. (Fall 1:41)

3rd: Dustin Portales (Fergus Falls) 17-3, Sr. over Logan Wingert (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) 41-4, Sr. (Dec 9-7)

5th: Kessler Kenning (Annand-M Lk Lightning) 31-8, Jr. over Anthony Moe-Tucker (Kasson-Mantorville) 16-8, So. (Fall 2:52)

Consolation Semifinals: Dustin Portales (Fergus Falls) over Anthony Moe-Tucker (Kasson-Mantorville) (Fall 4:38); Logan Wingert (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) over Kessler Kenning (Annand-M Lk Lightning) (Dec 8-1)

Semifinals: Connor Bleymeyer (Chisago Lakes) over Logan Wingert (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) (Fall 1:28); Kaleb Haase (Redwood Valley) over Dustin Portales (Fergus Falls) (Fall 3:57)

Consolation Round 2: Anthony Moe-Tucker (Kasson-Mantorville) over Shea Albrecht (Orono) (Dec 12-5); Kessler Kenning (Annand-M Lk Lightning) over Elijah Novak (Foley) (Fall 4:15)

Consolation Round 1: Shea Albrecht (Orono) over Matt Baker (Delano) (Fall 2:56); Anthony Moe-Tucker (Kasson-Mantorville) over Ryan Fitz (Mound-Westonka) (Dec 10-3); Elijah Novak (Foley) over Brendan Rokala (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) 7-7 (Dec 5-1); Kessler Kenning (Annand-M Lk Lightning) over Colby Wenninger (New Ulm Area) (Fall 0:45)

Quarterfinals: Logan Wingert (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) over Matt Baker (Delano) (Fall 2:27); Connor Bleymeyer (Chisago Lakes) over Anthony Moe-Tucker (Kasson-Mantorville) (Dec 3-2); Kaleb Haase (Redwood Valley) over Elijah Novak (Foley) (Dec 5-0); Dustin Portales (Fergus Falls) over Kessler Kenning (Annand-M Lk Lightning) (Fall 1:46)

Championship Round 1: Logan Wingert (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) over Shea Albrecht (Orono) (Fall 4:00); Matt Baker (Delano) over Brody Ash (Milaca-Faith Christian) (Fall 3:36); Connor Bleymeyer (Chisago Lakes) over Ryan Fitz (Mound-Westonka) (Fall 2:31); Anthony Moe-Tucker (Kasson-Mantorville) over Jacob Hertzog (Waseca) (Dec 10-9); Kaleb Haase (Redwood Valley) over Brendan Rokala (Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield) 7-7 (Fall 0:52); Elijah Novak (Foley) over Andreas Barnett (Detroit Lakes) (Dec 3-0); Kessler Kenning (Annand-M Lk Lightning) over Caleb Johnson (South Saint Paul) (Fall 2:36); Dustin Portales (Fergus Falls) over Colby Wenninger (New Ulm Area) (Fall 0:58)

Class AAA


1st: Jore Volk (Lakeville North) 45-1, So. over Landon Robideau (St Michael-Albertville) 48-3, 7th. (Dec 3-2)

3rd: Koy Buesgens (New Prague) 51-4, Fr. over Cael Robb (Owatonna) 42-9, Fr. (Dec 5-0)

5th: Jeremiah Vanacker (Forest Lake) 40-9, Sr. over Zachary Silvis (Park) 45-7, So. (Inj. 0:00)

Consolation Semifinals: Koy Buesgens (New Prague) over Jeremiah Vanacker (Forest Lake) (MD 14-5); Cael Robb (Owatonna) over Zachary Silvis (Park) (Inj. 0:00)

Semifinals: Jore Volk (Lakeville North) over Zachary Silvis (Park) (Dec 3-2); Landon Robideau (St Michael-Albertville) over Koy Buesgens (New Prague) (Dec 3-2)

Consolation Round 2: Jeremiah Vanacker (Forest Lake) over Dylan Dauffenbach (Stillwater) (Dec 5-1); Cael Robb (Owatonna) over Tyson Charmoli (St Francis) (UTB 2-1)

Consolation Round 1: Dylan Dauffenbach (Stillwater) over Max Ricks (Rogers) (Dec 6-0); Jeremiah Vanacker (Forest Lake) over Aivin Wasmoen (Albert Lea Area) (Dec 10-3); Cael Robb (Owatonna) over Conlan Carlson (Willmar) (Dec 7-2); Tyson Charmoli (St Francis) over Stephen Dragos (Chaska/Chan Stormhawks) (Fall 0:51)

Quarterfinals: Jore Volk (Lakeville North) over Max Ricks (Rogers) (TF-1.5 5:50 (24-8)); Zachary Silvis (Park) over Jeremiah Vanacker (Forest Lake) (Dec 5-2); Koy Buesgens (New Prague) over Cael Robb (Owatonna) (Dec 1-0); Landon Robideau (St Michael-Albertville) over Tyson Charmoli (St Francis) (Dec 8-4)

Championship Round 1: Jore Volk (Lakeville North) over Dylan Dauffenbach (Stillwater) (MD 18-6); Max Ricks (Rogers) over Alex Braun (Woodbury) (SV-1 8-6); Jeremiah Vanacker (Forest Lake) over Austin Litke (Little Falls) (MD 11-3); Zachary Silvis (Park) over Aivin Wasmoen (Albert Lea Area) (MD 14-3); Koy Buesgens (New Prague) over Conlan Carlson (Willmar) (Dec 9-3); Cael Robb (Owatonna) over Alex Torres (Waconia) (MD 10-1); Tyson Charmoli (St Francis) over Keiichi Kong (Tartan) (Dec 7-4); Landon Robideau (St Michael-Albertville) over Stephen Dragos (Chaska/Chan Stormhawks) (Fall 1:20)


1st: Blake West (Shakopee) 51-1, Jr. over Zach Hanson (Lakeville North) 43-5, Fr. (Dec 7-1)

3rd: Calvin Lonnquist (Wayzata) 48-6, Fr. over Parker Janssen (St Michael-Albertville) 44-10, Fr. (Dec 3-1)

5th: Elijah Paulson (Anoka) 26-5, Fr. over Jacob Aho (Forest Lake) 41-14, Fr. (Dec 6-4)

Consolation Semifinals: Calvin Lonnquist (Wayzata) over Elijah Paulson (Anoka) (Dec 1-0); Parker Janssen (St Michael-Albertville) over Jacob Aho (Forest Lake) (Fall 1:53)

Semifinals: Blake West (Shakopee) over Parker Janssen (St Michael-Albertville) (Dec 3-1); Zach Hanson (Lakeville North) over Calvin Lonnquist (Wayzata) (Dec 1-0)

Consolation Round 2: Elijah Paulson (Anoka) over Hunter Frost (Farmington) (Dec 10-5); Jacob Aho (Forest Lake) over Jaxon Kenning (Saint Cloud Tech) (Dec 2-0)

Consolation Round 1: Elijah Paulson (Anoka) over Spencer Johnson (Sartell-Saint Stephen) (Dec 5-4); Hunter Frost (Farmington) over Brad Little (Woodbury) (MD 13-1); Jacob Aho (Forest Lake) over Beau Murphy (Northfield) (Fall 2:23); Jaxon Kenning (Saint Cloud Tech) over Law Law Eh (St Paul Central) (Fall 4:19)

Quarterfinals: Blake West (Shakopee) over Elijah Paulson (Anoka) (Fall 4:00); Parker Janssen (St Michael-Albertville) over Hunter Frost (Farmington) (MD 10-0); Calvin Lonnquist (Wayzata) over Jacob Aho (Forest Lake) (Fall 1:58); Zach Hanson (Lakeville North) over Law Law Eh (St Paul Central) (Fall 1:16)

Championship Round 1: Blake West (Shakopee) over Spencer Johnson (Sartell-Saint Stephen) (TF-1.5 4:52 (16-0)); Elijah Paulson (Anoka) over Peter Barrett (Minnetonka) (MD 16-5); Hunter Frost (Farmington) over Landon Arends (Tartan) (MD 12-2); Parker Janssen (St Michael-Albertville) over Brad Little (Woodbury) (Fall 0:49); Calvin Lonnquist (Wayzata) over Beau Murphy (Northfield) (Dec 8-1); Jacob Aho (Forest Lake) over Elijah Wilson (Stillwater) (Dec 5-0); Law Law Eh (St Paul Central) over Jax Surprise (Eden Prairie) (SV-1 8-6); Zach Hanson (Lakeville North) over Jaxon Kenning (Saint Cloud Tech) (MD 12-4)


1st: Ryan Henningson (Winona-Winona Cotter) 47-2, Sr. over Paxton Creese (Shakopee) 48-2, Sr. (Dec 6-4)

3rd: Matt Hogue (Stillwater) 49-4, Jr. over Colton Bornholdt (New Prague) 45-9, Fr. (Dec 5-3)

5th: Jed Wester (St Michael-Albertville) 38-10, 8th. over Carter Ban (Anoka) 37-7, So. (Dec 7-4)

Consolation Semifinals: Matt Hogue (Stillwater) over Carter Ban (Anoka) (MD 10-0); Colton Bornholdt (New Prague) over Jed Wester (St Michael-Albertville) (Dec 11-7)

Semifinals: Paxton Creese (Shakopee) over Jed Wester (St Michael-Albertville) (Fall 1:22); Ryan Henningson (Winona-Winona Cotter) over Matt Hogue (Stillwater) (Fall 3:47)

Consolation Round 2: Carter Ban (Anoka) over Riese White (Waconia) (Dec 5-2); Colton Bornholdt (New Prague) over John Babineau (Andover) (Dec 8-5)

Consolation Round 1: Riese White (Waconia) over Evan Fankhanel (Moorhead) (Dec 7-1); Carter Ban (Anoka) over Michael Rassmussen (Irondale) (Fall 3:00); Colton Bornholdt (New Prague) over Yves Evillard (Owatonna) (MD 18-8); John Babineau (Andover) over Landon Nebel (Edina) (Fall 4:25)

Quarterfinals: Paxton Creese (Shakopee) over Riese White (Waconia) (Fall 2:09); Jed Wester (St Michael-Albertville) over Carter Ban (Anoka) (Dec 8-3); Matt Hogue (Stillwater) over Yves Evillard (Owatonna) (MD 16-3); Ryan Henningson (Winona-Winona Cotter) over John Babineau (Andover) (TF-1.5 3:58 (18-2))

Championship Round 1: Paxton Creese (Shakopee) over Evan Fankhanel (Moorhead) (Fall 0:54); Riese White (Waconia) over Alvin Vue (Park Center) (Dec 5-0); Carter Ban (Anoka) over Josh Route (Hastings) (MD 13-2); Jed Wester (St Michael-Albertville) over Michael Rassmussen (Irondale) (TF-1.5 2:23 (16-1)); Matt Hogue (Stillwater) over Colton Bornholdt (New Prague) (Dec 9-2); Yves Evillard (Owatonna) over Isaiah Jillson (Brainerd) (TF-1.5 2:46 (15-0)); John Babineau (Andover) over Owen Langfield (Henry Sibley) (Dec 3-1); Ryan Henningson (Winona-Winona Cotter) over Landon Nebel (Edina) (Fall 1:35)


1st: Derrick Cardinal (Forest Lake) 50-0, Jr. over Joey Novak (New Prague) 46-9, Fr. (Dec 4-2)

3rd: Pierson Manville (Shakopee) 55-4, 8th. over Kyler Wong (Wayzata) 39-6, Fr. (Dec 8-3)

5th: Javon Taschuk (Stillwater) 44-8, Sr. over Brendan Howes (Anoka) 39-8, So. (Dec 8-4)

Consolation Semifinals: Pierson Manville (Shakopee) over Javon Taschuk (Stillwater) (Dec 5-0); Kyler Wong (Wayzata) over Brendan Howes (Anoka) (Dec 7-4)

Semifinals: Derrick Cardinal (Forest Lake) over Kyler Wong (Wayzata) (MD 16-5); Joey Novak (New Prague) over Pierson Manville (Shakopee) (Dec 5-4)

Consolation Round 2: Javon Taschuk (Stillwater) over Jared Spohn (Sauk Rapids-Rice) (Dec 9-2); Brendan Howes (Anoka) over Terrae Dunn (Eden Prairie) (Dec 8-4)

Consolation Round 1: Jared Spohn (Sauk Rapids-Rice) over Aiden Erickson (Hastings) (Dec 6-5); Javon Taschuk (Stillwater) over Logan Henningson (Winona-Winona Cotter) (MD 12-1); Terrae Dunn (Eden Prairie) over Chase Murphy (Northfield) (Dec 7-1); Brendan Howes (Anoka) over Seth Nebel (Edina) (TF-1.5 3:37 (18-3))

Quarterfinals: Derrick Cardinal (Forest Lake) over Jared Spohn (Sauk Rapids-Rice) (Fall 2:18); Kyler Wong (Wayzata) over Javon Taschuk (Stillwater) (Dec 3-1); Joey Novak (New Prague) over Chase Murphy (Northfield) (Dec 5-1); Pierson Manville (Shakopee) over Brendan Howes (Anoka) (Fall 5:00)

Championship Round 1: Derrick Cardinal (Forest Lake) over Aiden Erickson (Hastings) (Fall 1:24); Jared Spohn (Sauk Rapids-Rice) over Javan Kaufman (Mounds View) (Fall 4:49); Kyler Wong (Wayzata) over Logan Henningson (Winona-Winona Cotter) (MD 12-2); Javon Taschuk (Stillwater) over Xander Risdal (Moorhead) (TF-1.5 1:38 (15-0)); Chase Murphy (Northfield) over Will Bents (Woodbury) (Dec 7-0); Joey Novak (New Prague) over Terrae Dunn (Eden Prairie) (Dec 7-1); Brendan Howes (Anoka) over Isaiah Mlsna (St Michael-Albertville) (MD 9-0); Pierson Manville (Shakopee) over Seth Nebel (Edina) (TF-1.5 3:08 (18-1))


1st: Reid Ballantyne (Stillwater) 35-2, Jr. over Ben Lunn (Shakopee) 46-3, Sr. (Dec 6-0)

3rd: Roman Gilbert (Eastview) 40-10, Sr. over Ryan Scherber (Buffalo) 30-6, Jr. (MD 14-6)

5th: Luke Studer (Blaine) 38-6, So. over Dan Vanacker (Forest Lake) 38-13, So. (Dec 10-5)

Consolation Semifinals: Roman Gilbert (Eastview) over Luke Studer (Blaine) (Dec 7-2); Ryan Scherber (Buffalo) over Dan Vanacker (Forest Lake) (Dec 7-5)

Semifinals: Reid Ballantyne (Stillwater) over Dan Vanacker (Forest Lake) (MD 12-3); Ben Lunn (Shakopee) over Roman Gilbert (Eastview) (MD 13-4)

Consolation Round 2: Luke Studer (Blaine) over Marshall Peters (Rochester Mayo) (Dec 5-4); Ryan Scherber (Buffalo) over Charlie Dojan (Irondale) (Dec 5-2)

Consolation Round 1: Luke Studer (Blaine) over Travis Smith (St Michael-Albertville) (Dec 9-5); Marshall Peters (Rochester Mayo) over Cade Johnson (Woodbury) (Dec 6-2); Ryan Scherber (Buffalo) over Adam Cherne (Wayzata) (Inj. 3:00); Charlie Dojan (Irondale) over Sam Fernholz (Sartell-Saint Stephen) (Dec 4-2)

Quarterfinals: Reid Ballantyne (Stillwater) over Luke Studer (Blaine) (Fall 2:43); Dan Vanacker (Forest Lake) over Marshall Peters (Rochester Mayo) (Dec 7-6); Roman Gilbert (Eastview) over Adam Cherne (Wayzata) (Dec 4-1); Ben Lunn (Shakopee) over Sam Fernholz (Sartell-Saint Stephen) (Dec 10-3)

Championship Round 1: Reid Ballantyne (Stillwater) over Travis Smith (St Michael-Albertville) (Fall 3:41); Luke Studer (Blaine) over Jose Ruiz (Henry Sibley) (Dec 6-1); Dan Vanacker (Forest Lake) over Cade Johnson (Woodbury) (Dec 8-5); Marshall Peters (Rochester Mayo) over Jacory Bates (Eden Prairie) (MD 12-2); Roman Gilbert (Eastview) over Ryan Scherber (Buffalo) (MD 16-2); Adam Cherne (Wayzata) over Josh Wagener (Waconia) (Dec 6-1); Sam Fernholz (Sartell-Saint Stephen) over Sam Holman (Northfield) (Dec 6-4); Ben Lunn (Shakopee) over Charlie Dojan (Irondale) (MD 10-2)


1st: Cael Swensen (Wayzata) 52-1, Jr. over Nick Novak (New Prague) 47-6, Jr. (Dec 9-2)

3rd: Cole Becker (St Michael-Albertville) 47-8, So. over Solomon Lankow (Park) 46-7, Sr. (Dec 5-2)

5th: Kieler Carlson (Stillwater) 29-6, Sr. over Ryan Cripe (Lakeville South) 41-12, Sr. (Dec 4-2)

Consolation Semifinals: Cole Becker (St Michael-Albertville) over Ryan Cripe (Lakeville South) (MD 8-0); Solomon Lankow (Park) over Kieler Carlson (Stillwater) (Dec 6-2)

Semifinals: Cael Swensen (Wayzata) over Kieler Carlson (Stillwater) (Fall 6:00); Nick Novak (New Prague) over Cole Becker (St Michael-Albertville) (Dec 2-0)

Consolation Round 2: Ryan Cripe (Lakeville South) over Jacob Whitaker (Anoka) (Fall 1:42); Solomon Lankow (Park) over Pedro Velazquez (Chaska/Chan Stormhawks) (Dec 5-0)

Consolation Round 1: Ryan Cripe (Lakeville South) over Alex Riley (Waconia) (Dec 5-2); Jacob Whitaker (Anoka) over Drew Woodley (Northfield) (Inj. 0:00); Solomon Lankow (Park) over Zach Dox (Tartan) (Fall 2:28); Pedro Velazquez (Chaska/Chan Stormhawks) over John Kendall (Hastings) (Dec 3-1)

Quarterfinals: Cael Swensen (Wayzata) over Ryan Cripe (Lakeville South) (Dec 10-3); Kieler Carlson (Stillwater) over Drew Woodley (Northfield) (Inj. 0:00); Nick Novak (New Prague) over Solomon Lankow (Park) (Dec 4-2); Cole Becker (St Michael-Albertville) over Pedro Velazquez (Chaska/Chan Stormhawks) (SV-1 3-1)

Championship Round 1: Cael Swensen (Wayzata) over Alex Riley (Waconia) (Fall 3:22); Ryan Cripe (Lakeville South) over Connor Higgins (Rochester John Marshall) (Fall 3:50); Kieler Carlson (Stillwater) over Jacob Whitaker (Anoka) (Fall 1:51); Drew Woodley (Northfield) over Seth Newby (Bemidji) (Dec 11-7); Nick Novak (New Prague) over Zach Dox (Tartan) (TF-1.5 4:00 (15-0)); Solomon Lankow (Park) over Tyler Studer (Blaine) (Dec 7-1); Pedro Velazquez (Chaska/Chan Stormhawks) over Atlie Danielson (Brainerd) (Dec 5-4); Cole Becker (St Michael-Albertville) over John Kendall (Hastings) (MD 14-3)


1st: Trey Kruse (Stillwater) 51-1, Sr. over Luke Peterson (Farmington) 40-3, Sr. (Dec 7-4)

3rd: Cade Sheehan (Rochester Mayo) 36-6, Sr. over Bryce Dagel (Eden Prairie) 35-8, Jr. (Dec 5-2)

5th: Max Scheffler (New Prague) 38-14, Sr. over Alex Kowalchyk (Coon Rapids) 40-11, Jr. (Dec 4-3)

Consolation Semifinals: Cade Sheehan (Rochester Mayo) over Alex Kowalchyk (Coon Rapids) (MD 8-0); Bryce Dagel (Eden Prairie) over Max Scheffler (New Prague) (Dec 7-1)

Semifinals: Trey Kruse (Stillwater) over Bryce Dagel (Eden Prairie) (Dec 3-0); Luke Peterson (Farmington) over Alex Kowalchyk (Coon Rapids) (Dec 7-3)

Consolation Round 2: Cade Sheehan (Rochester Mayo) over Grant Woodruff (St Francis) (Dec 4-0); Max Scheffler (New Prague) over Ryan Luthi (Moorhead) (Dec 7-2)

Consolation Round 1: Cade Sheehan (Rochester Mayo) over Andrew Sanders (Minnetonka) (Dec 8-3); Grant Woodruff (St Francis) over Thade Osborn (Bemidji) (Dec 6-0); Max Scheffler (New Prague) over Noah Kipp (Eagan) (Dec 6-0); Ryan Luthi (Moorhead) over Cole Ciardelli (Wayzata) (MD 9-1)

Quarterfinals: Trey Kruse (Stillwater) over Andrew Sanders (Minnetonka) (Dec 6-2); Bryce Dagel (Eden Prairie) over Thade Osborn (Bemidji) (Dec 11-4); Alex Kowalchyk (Coon Rapids) over Max Scheffler (New Prague) (Dec 3-2); Luke Peterson (Farmington) over Ryan Luthi (Moorhead) (MD 10-0)

Championship Round 1: Trey Kruse (Stillwater) over Cade Sheehan (Rochester Mayo) (Dec 5-0); Andrew Sanders (Minnetonka) over Nolan Myers (Hastings) (Dec 6-0); Thade Osborn (Bemidji) over Wil Yasseri (Rogers) (SV-1 3-1); Bryce Dagel (Eden Prairie) over Grant Woodruff (St Francis) (Dec 13-6); Max Scheffler (New Prague) over Chris Zuniga (Irondale) (Fall 1:34); Alex Kowalchyk (Coon Rapids) over Noah Kipp (Eagan) (Fall 3:34); Ryan Luthi (Moorhead) over Gavin Roy (Lakeville North) (Dec 9-3); Luke Peterson (Farmington) over Cole Ciardelli (Wayzata) (Fall 2:31)


1st: Hunter Lyden (Stillwater) 48-2, So. over Landen Johnson (Owatonna) 48-2, So. (Dec 5-3)

3rd: Willie Bastyr (Lakeville South) 38-6, Sr. over Chase Bloomquist (Prior Lake) 37-9, Sr. (UTB 3-2)

5th: Jimmy Brown (Cambridge-Isanti) 29-7, Sr. over Darren Roth (Bemidji) 36-11, Jr. (Dec 6-1)

Consolation Semifinals: Willie Bastyr (Lakeville South) over Jimmy Brown (Cambridge-Isanti) (Dec 3-1); Chase Bloomquist (Prior Lake) over Darren Roth (Bemidji) (Dec 6-3)

Semifinals: Landen Johnson (Owatonna) over Chase Bloomquist (Prior Lake) (MD 13-4); Hunter Lyden (Stillwater) over Willie Bastyr (Lakeville South) (TB-1 3-2)

Consolation Round 2: Jimmy Brown (Cambridge-Isanti) over Ty Gage (Eagan) (Dec 5-0); Darren Roth (Bemidji) over Garrett Pavelko (Rochester Century) (SV-1 4-2)

Consolation Round 1: Jimmy Brown (Cambridge-Isanti) over Sebastian Zamorano (Woodbury) (Fall 2:35); Ty Gage (Eagan) over Caidon Williams (Osseo) 8-8 (Fall 0:44); Garrett Pavelko (Rochester Century) over Pee Doh (Roseville Area) (Fall 4:34); Darren Roth (Bemidji) over Dalan Jones (Coon Rapids) (MD 15-5)

Quarterfinals: Landen Johnson (Owatonna) over Jimmy Brown (Cambridge-Isanti) (Dec 5-2); Chase Bloomquist (Prior Lake) over Ty Gage (Eagan) (Dec 4-2); Willie Bastyr (Lakeville South) over Garrett Pavelko (Rochester Century) (Dec 2-0); Hunter Lyden (Stillwater) over Dalan Jones (Coon Rapids) (Dec 8-2)

Championship Round 1: Landen Johnson (Owatonna) over Sebastian Zamorano (Woodbury) (Fall 1:18); Jimmy Brown (Cambridge-Isanti) over Gabe Schumacher (Minnetonka) (MD 12-1); Ty Gage (Eagan) over Jonas Anez (Willmar) (Fall 5:36); Chase Bloomquist (Prior Lake) over Caidon Williams (Osseo) 8-8 (Fall 0:55); Willie Bastyr (Lakeville South) over Pee Doh (Roseville Area) (TF-1.5 3:05 (19-2)); Garrett Pavelko (Rochester Century) over Gage Mueller (Waconia) (Dec 5-0); Dalan Jones (Coon Rapids) over Adam El-Damir (Wayzata) (Fall 0:11); Hunter Lyden (Stillwater) over Darren Roth (Bemidji) (Dec 7-0)


1st: Carson Manville (Shakopee) 26-1, Jr. over Carl Leuer (St Michael-Albertville) 46-7, Sr. (Dec 11-6)

3rd: Ryder Rogotzke (Stillwater) 41-6, Fr. over Tyler Raway (Forest Lake) 44-8, Jr. (Dec 4-2)

5th: Dylan Anderson (Apple Valley) 40-7, Sr. over Owen Herbst (Buffalo) 40-7, So. (Fall 0:38)

Consolation Semifinals: Tyler Raway (Forest Lake) over Owen Herbst (Buffalo) (Dec 8-7); Ryder Rogotzke (Stillwater) over Dylan Anderson (Apple Valley) (Dec 2-0)

Semifinals: Carson Manville (Shakopee) over Ryder Rogotzke (Stillwater) (Dec 4-2); Carl Leuer (St Michael-Albertville) over Tyler Raway (Forest Lake) (Dec 5-3)

Consolation Round 2: Owen Herbst (Buffalo) over Brendan Dunagan (Mounds View) (Dec 3-1); Dylan Anderson (Apple Valley) over Demetrius Seals (Coon Rapids) (Dec 7-3)

Consolation Round 1: Owen Herbst (Buffalo) over Dominic Heim (Wayzata) (TF-1.5 4:40 (19-4)); Brendan Dunagan (Mounds View) over Ethan Johnson (Northfield) (Dec 3-1); Dylan Anderson (Apple Valley) over Jordan Todd (Eden Prairie) (Fall 0:32); Demetrius Seals (Coon Rapids) over Demetrius Patton (Hopkins) (Fall 3:39)

Quarterfinals: Carson Manville (Shakopee) over Owen Herbst (Buffalo) (MD 15-7); Ryder Rogotzke (Stillwater) over Brendan Dunagan (Mounds View) (Fall 5:20); Tyler Raway (Forest Lake) over Dylan Anderson (Apple Valley) (Dec 5-3); Carl Leuer (St Michael-Albertville) over Demetrius Patton (Hopkins) (Dec 3-2)

Championship Round 1: Carson Manville (Shakopee) over Dominic Heim (Wayzata) (TF-1.5 4:21 (22-5)); Owen Herbst (Buffalo) over Owen Pharo (Rochester Century) (Dec 14-9); Brendan Dunagan (Mounds View) over Levi French-Amara (Henry Sibley) (Dec 8-2); Ryder Rogotzke (Stillwater) over Ethan Johnson (Northfield) (Fall 2:44); Tyler Raway (Forest Lake) over Jordan Todd (Eden Prairie) (Fall 0:18); Dylan Anderson (Apple Valley) over Colton Hinrichs (Bemidji) (Fall 0:43); Demetrius Patton (Hopkins) over Mukhtar Ali (Hastings) (Dec 5-4); Carl Leuer (St Michael-Albertville) over Demetrius Seals (Coon Rapids) (TF-1.5 4:41 (15-0))


1st: Max McEnelly (Waconia) 54-1, Fr. over Gabe Nagel (Little Falls) 41-1, Jr. (SV-1 3-1)

3rd: Josh Oathoudt (Faribault) 38-5, Sr. over Jacob Meissner (Osseo) 33-7, So. (Dec 4-3)

5th: Mitchell Nowlan (Andover) 31-9, Jr. over Jaden Dukes (Lakeville South) 28-8, Sr. (Fall 1:49)

Consolation Semifinals: Jacob Meissner (Osseo) over Mitchell Nowlan (Andover) (Dec 5-3); Josh Oathoudt (Faribault) over Jaden Dukes (Lakeville South) (MD 17-6)

Semifinals: Gabe Nagel (Little Falls) over Josh Oathoudt (Faribault) (Fall 2:15); Max McEnelly (Waconia) over Jacob Meissner (Osseo) (Fall 3:56)

Consolation Round 2: Mitchell Nowlan (Andover) over Antony Tuttle (Stillwater) (Dec 10-5); Jaden Dukes (Lakeville South) over Chase Vought (Farmington) (Dec 8-7)

Consolation Round 1: Mitchell Nowlan (Andover) over Mannix Morgan (Mounds View) (SV-1 9-4); Antony Tuttle (Stillwater) over Ethan Roux (Willmar) (Dec 4-3); Jaden Dukes (Lakeville South) over Garrett Beying (Hastings) (Dec 9-3); Chase Vought (Farmington) over Connor Raines (Shakopee) (Dec 6-4)

Quarterfinals: Gabe Nagel (Little Falls) over Mannix Morgan (Mounds View) (Fall 1:30); Josh Oathoudt (Faribault) over Antony Tuttle (Stillwater) (Dec 7-4); Jacob Meissner (Osseo) over Jaden Dukes (Lakeville South) (MD 9-1); Max McEnelly (Waconia) over Connor Raines (Shakopee) (TF-1.5 4:01 (25-10))

Championship Round 1: Gabe Nagel (Little Falls) over Mitchell Nowlan (Andover) (Fall 4:41); Mannix Morgan (Mounds View) over Hayden LeMonds (St Michael-Albertville) (Dec 7-6); Josh Oathoudt (Faribault) over Ethan Roux (Willmar) (Dec 5-2); Antony Tuttle (Stillwater) over Wyatt Nelson (Forest Lake) (TF-1.5 4:00 (15-0)); Jacob Meissner (Osseo) over Garrett Beying (Hastings) (MD 13-3); Jaden Dukes (Lakeville South) over Tyler McReavy (Minnetonka) (Dec 8-6); Connor Raines (Shakopee) over Ethan Pittman (East Ridge) 3-1 (Dec 5-1); Max McEnelly (Waconia) over Chase Vought (Farmington) (Fall 1:23)


1st: Roman Rogotzke (Stillwater) 49-4, Jr. over Cayden Homme (Wayzata) 37-9, Jr. (Fall 1:40)

3rd: Wyatt Lidberg (St Michael-Albertville) 49-6, Sr. over Parker Venz (Farmington) 29-6, Jr. (MD 17-4)

5th: Jack Casey (Shakopee) 32-9, Sr. over Danny Reynolds (Andover) 36-6, Sr. (Dec 3-2)

Consolation Semifinals: Wyatt Lidberg (St Michael-Albertville) over Danny Reynolds (Andover) (Dec 8-2); Parker Venz (Farmington) over Jack Casey (Shakopee) (Dec 5-2)

Semifinals: Roman Rogotzke (Stillwater) over Jack Casey (Shakopee) (Dec 5-0); Cayden Homme (Wayzata) over Wyatt Lidberg (St Michael-Albertville) (Fall 7:54)

Consolation Round 2: Danny Reynolds (Andover) over Taylor Hugg (Saint Cloud Tech) (Dec 5-1); Parker Venz (Farmington) over Noah Johnson (Park) (Fall 1:20)

Consolation Round 1: Taylor Hugg (Saint Cloud Tech) over Andrew Meyer (Winona-Winona Cotter) (Fall 1:59); Danny Reynolds (Andover) over Matthew Sloan (White Bear Lake Area) (Dec 10-8); Parker Venz (Farmington) over Clay Olsen (Bemidji) (Dec 4-2); Noah Johnson (Park) over Joey Lipinski (St Francis) (Dec 8-5)

Quarterfinals: Roman Rogotzke (Stillwater) over Taylor Hugg (Saint Cloud Tech) (Dec 5-3); Jack Casey (Shakopee) over Danny Reynolds (Andover) (Dec 3-2); Cayden Homme (Wayzata) over Parker Venz (Farmington) (Dec 11-9); Wyatt Lidberg (St Michael-Albertville) over Joey Lipinski (St Francis) (Dec 6-0)

Championship Round 1: Roman Rogotzke (Stillwater) over Andrew Meyer (Winona-Winona Cotter) (Fall 1:02); Taylor Hugg (Saint Cloud Tech) over Jake Trachte (New Prague) (Fall 5:58); Jack Casey (Shakopee) over Matthew Sloan (White Bear Lake Area) (Dec 8-1); Danny Reynolds (Andover) over Eric Benson (Minnetonka) (Fall 1:24); Parker Venz (Farmington) over Sam Tollison (East Ridge) (Fall 0:37); Cayden Homme (Wayzata) over Clay Olsen (Bemidji) (Dec 8-1); Joey Lipinski (St Francis) over Nick Flaskamp (Minneapolis Southwest) (Dec 4-3); Wyatt Lidberg (St Michael-Albertville) over Noah Johnson (Park) (Fall 2:26)


1st: RJ Chakolis (Hopkins) 38-4, Jr. over William Busch (New Prague) 45-9, Sr. (SV-1 3-1)

3rd: Joey Johnson (Shakopee) 53-5, Jr. over Macaron Kukowski (Wayzata) 33-5, Sr. (Dec 4-1)

5th: Luke Weierke (Farmington) 33-6, Sr. over Josh Piechowski (Stillwater) 19-4, Sr. (Dec 9-7)

Consolation Semifinals: Macaron Kukowski (Wayzata) over Josh Piechowski (Stillwater) (Dec 6-2); Joey Johnson (Shakopee) over Luke Weierke (Farmington) (Fall 2:46)

Semifinals: RJ Chakolis (Hopkins) over Joey Johnson (Shakopee) (UTB 3-2); William Busch (New Prague) over Josh Piechowski (Stillwater) (Dec 3-1)

Consolation Round 2: Macaron Kukowski (Wayzata) over Dylan Lippert (Faribault) (Dec 10-5); Luke Weierke (Farmington) over Khrystiyan Mullen (Park) (Dec 5-2)

Consolation Round 1: Dylan Lippert (Faribault) over Isaac Atchison (Blaine) (Dec 5-2); Macaron Kukowski (Wayzata) over Aidan Winter (Andover) (Dec 8-3); Luke Weierke (Farmington) over Owen Vike (St Michael-Albertville) (MD 11-0); Khrystiyan Mullen (Park) over Quinn Sell (Minnetonka) (Fall 1:57)

Quarterfinals: Joey Johnson (Shakopee) over Isaac Atchison (Blaine) (Dec 5-0); RJ Chakolis (Hopkins) over Macaron Kukowski (Wayzata) (UTB 3-2); William Busch (New Prague) over Luke Weierke (Farmington) (Dec 4-3); Josh Piechowski (Stillwater) over Quinn Sell (Minnetonka) (Dec 7-0)

Championship Round 1: Joey Johnson (Shakopee) over Dylan Lippert (Faribault) (MD 12-2); Isaac Atchison (Blaine) over Tre Hockenberger (Woodbury) (Fall 5:52); Macaron Kukowski (Wayzata) over Kaden Streed (Willmar) (Fall 0:34); RJ Chakolis (Hopkins) over Aidan Winter (Andover) (Dec 18-11); William Busch (New Prague) over Owen Vike (St Michael-Albertville) (MD 10-1); Luke Weierke (Farmington) over Jacob Solheim (Mounds View) (MD 10-1); Quinn Sell (Minnetonka) over Jack Engle (Sartell-Saint Stephen) (Dec 4-2); Josh Piechowski (Stillwater) over Khrystiyan Mullen (Park) (Dec 6-4)


1st: Isaiah Green (Saint Cloud Tech) 22-5, Sr. over Cade Barrett (Brainerd) 29-6, Sr. (Dec 5-1)

3rd: Tommy Johnson (Shakopee) 42-5, Jr. over Jagger Schack (Osseo) 34-7, Jr. (SV-1 3-1)

5th: Antonio Davis (Park) 44-5, Sr. over Deonte Bryant (Hopkins) 26-5, Sr. (MD 11-3)

Consolation Semifinals: Jagger Schack (Osseo) over Antonio Davis (Park) (Dec 4-2); Tommy Johnson (Shakopee) over Deonte Bryant (Hopkins) (Dec 6-0)

Semifinals: Isaiah Green (Saint Cloud Tech) over Tommy Johnson (Shakopee) (TB-1 2-1); Cade Barrett (Brainerd) over Jagger Schack (Osseo) (MD 9-1)

Consolation Round 2: Antonio Davis (Park) over Pedro Castillo (Forest Lake) (Dec 7-6); Deonte Bryant (Hopkins) over Walter West (Robbinsdale Cooper) (Fall 1:42)

Consolation Round 1: Pedro Castillo (Forest Lake) over Andrew Keeler (Farmington) (Fall 4:13); Antonio Davis (Park) over Nicholas Dauffenbach (Stillwater) 6-12 (Fall 0:32); Walter West (Robbinsdale Cooper) over Seth Arndt (Rochester Century) (TB-1 4-3); Deonte Bryant (Hopkins) over Tyler Nebelung (Anoka) (Dec 6-5)

Quarterfinals: Tommy Johnson (Shakopee) over Pedro Castillo (Forest Lake) (Dec 2-0); Isaiah Green (Saint Cloud Tech) over Antonio Davis (Park) (UTB 4-1); Cade Barrett (Brainerd) over Walter West (Robbinsdale Cooper) (Dec 13-6); Jagger Schack (Osseo) over Deonte Bryant (Hopkins) (Dec 4-3)

Championship Round 1: Tommy Johnson (Shakopee) over Andrew Keeler (Farmington) (Fall 1:18); Pedro Castillo (Forest Lake) over Sam McEnelly (Waconia) (Dec 4-3); Isaiah Green (Saint Cloud Tech) over Nicholas Dauffenbach (Stillwater) 6-12 (Fall 2:28); Antonio Davis (Park) over Cameron Miller (Prior Lake) (Dec 7-2); Walter West (Robbinsdale Cooper) over Mason Barrows (Woodbury) (Fall 0:43); Cade Barrett (Brainerd) over Seth Arndt (Rochester Century) (Fall 4:17); Jagger Schack (Osseo) over Tyler Nebelung (Anoka) (Dec 3-2); Deonte Bryant (Hopkins) over Nick Kastner (White Bear Lake Area) (Fall 0:20)


1st: Bennett Weber (Waconia) 46-3, Sr. over Gavin Layton (Coon Rapids) 51-1, Jr. (Fall 1:59)

3rd: Chase Smith (Bemidji) 39-5, Sr. over Aaron Voigt (Saint Cloud Tech) 37-12, Sr. (Fall 3:49)

5th: Seth Hopkins (Elk River) 29-9, Sr. over Vincent Gladbach (Minneapolis Washburn) 33-9, Jr. (Fall 1:56)

Consolation Semifinals: Chase Smith (Bemidji) over Seth Hopkins (Elk River) (Fall 3:00); Aaron Voigt (Saint Cloud Tech) over Vincent Gladbach (Minneapolis Washburn) (Fall 2:50)

Semifinals: Gavin Layton (Coon Rapids) over Aaron Voigt (Saint Cloud Tech) (Dec 2-1); Bennett Weber (Waconia) over Chase Smith (Bemidji) (Dec 1-0)

Consolation Round 2: Seth Hopkins (Elk River) over Isaiah Noeldner (Owatonna) (Dec 5-2); Vincent Gladbach (Minneapolis Washburn) over Jac Carver (Wayzata) (Dec 1-0)

Consolation Round 1: Seth Hopkins (Elk River) over Diego Villeda (Eagan) (Dec 5-1); Isaiah Noeldner (Owatonna) over Marvin Lamin (Irondale) (SV-1 6-4); Vincent Gladbach (Minneapolis Washburn) over Kellen Stewart (Eastview) (Dec 2-1); Jac Carver (Wayzata) over Gerardo Maldonado (Tartan) (Fall 2:43)

Quarterfinals: Gavin Layton (Coon Rapids) over Seth Hopkins (Elk River) (Fall 3:39); Aaron Voigt (Saint Cloud Tech) over Isaiah Noeldner (Owatonna) (MD 14-4); Chase Smith (Bemidji) over Vincent Gladbach (Minneapolis Washburn) (Fall 2:37); Bennett Weber (Waconia) over Jac Carver (Wayzata) (Dec 5-0)

Championship Round 1: Gavin Layton (Coon Rapids) over Diego Villeda (Eagan) (Dec 7-3); Seth Hopkins (Elk River) over Zander Rusert (Winona-Winona Cotter) (Dec 3-1); Aaron Voigt (Saint Cloud Tech) over Marvin Lamin (Irondale) (Dec 4-3); Isaiah Noeldner (Owatonna) over Cameron Olsen (Hastings) (Fall 2:53); Chase Smith (Bemidji) over Kellen Stewart (Eastview) (Dec 3-1); Vincent Gladbach (Minneapolis Washburn) over James Ohm (Robbinsdale Armstrong) (Dec 3-1); Jac Carver (Wayzata) over Jade Trelstad (Shakopee) (Dec 4-1); Bennett Weber (Waconia) over Gerardo Maldonado (Tartan) (Inj. 2:00)

LPGE-Browerville, Simley, and Shakopee are State Champions

LPGE-Browerville won the Class A title, Simley won the Class AA title, and Shakopee won the Class AAA title tonight in St. Paul.

February 27, 2020

Complete Box Scores

Class A
Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 51 Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/Parkers Prairie 18
Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove 59 Royalton-Upsala 19
LPGE-Browerville 44 Badger/Greenbush-Middle River 25
Blue Earth Area 34 GMLOS 32
Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 40 Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove 25
LPGE-Browerville 39 Blue Earth Area 18
Consolation Semifinals
Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/Parkers Prairie 50 Royalton-Upsala 21
Badger/Greenbush-Middle River 39 GMLOS 36
5th Place: Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/Parkers Prairie 47 Badger/Greenbush-Middle River 27
3rd Place: Blue Earth Area 36 Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove 26
1st Place: LPGE-Browerville 30 Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 27

Class AA
Fairmont/Martin County West 53 Orono 15
Foley 43 Hutchinson 21
Simley 64 South St. Paul 11
Detroit Lakes 46 Dassel-Cokato/Litchfield 23
Fairmont/Martin County West 32 Foley 30
Simley 55 Detroit Lakes 14
Consolation Semifinals
Hutchinson 60 Orono 13
South St. Paul 45 Dassel-Cokato/Litchfield 28
5th Place: Hutchinson 43 South St. Paul 20
3rd Place: Detroit Lakes 26 Foley 25
1st Place: Simley 48 Fairmont/Martin County West 10

Class AAA
St. Michael-Albertville 38 Bemidji 31
Stillwater 49 Waconia 20
Shakopee 75 Hastings 6
Owatonna 33 Forest Lake 29
Stillwater 44 St. Michael-Albertville 15
Shakopee 46 Owatonna 17
Consolation Semifinals
Waconia 40 Bemidji 27
Forest Lake 39 Hastings 20
5th Place: Waconia 36 Forest Lake 28
3rd Place: St. Michael-Albertville 50 Owatonna 19
1st Place: Shakopee 34 Stillwater 21

High School Results – Saturday, February 15, 2020

MSHSL Section 1A Team
GMLOS 36 Chatfield 35
Dover-Eyota 31 Zumbrota-Mazeppa 22
GMLOS 43 Dover-Eyota 30

MSHSL Section 2A Team
Blue Earth Area 47 Medford 19
Kenyon-Wanamingo 42 Maple River 33
Blue Earth Area 39 Kenyon-Wanamingo 23

MSHSL Section 3A Team
Canby 34 Jackson County Central 30
Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove 30 Minneota 29
Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove 36 Canby 34

MSHSL Section 7A Team
Mille Lacs 52 Walker-Hackensack-Akeley/Nevis 27
Royalton-Upsala 53 Crosby-Ironton 22
Holdingford 39 Deer River 33
Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena 51 Rush City-Braham 24
Aitkin 60 Mille Lacs 15
Royalton-Upsala 38 Holdingford 29
Aitkin 36 Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena 34
Royalton-Upsala 39 27

MSHSL Section 1AA Team
Simley 62 Plainview-Elgin-Millville 15
Kasson-Mantorville 45 Lake City 12
Simley 46 Kasson-Mantorville 19

MSHSL Section 2AA Team
St. Peter 33 Scott West 27
Hutchinson 33 Tri-City United 25
Hutchinson 35 St. Peter 30

MSHSL Section 3AA Team
Fairmont/Martin County West 61 Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle/Montevideo United 12
Marshall 43 Worthington 22
Fairmont/Martin County West 41 Marshall 25

MSHSL Section 4AA Team
St. Paul Como Park 42 St. Paul Humboldt 36
St. Croix Lutheran 54 North Branch 30
Chisago Lakes 45 St. Paul Johnson 22
South St. Paul 78 St. Paul Como Park 6
Cretin-Derham Hall 46 St. Paul Highland Park 31
St. Paul Washington Tech 66 St. Croix Lutheran 18
Mahtomedi 48 Chisago Lakes 27
South St. Paul 57 Cretin-Derham Hall 24
St. Paul Washington Tech 48 Mahtomedi 29
South St. Paul 76 St. Paul Washington Tech 6

MSHSL Section 5AA Team
Minneapolis Roosevelt 42 Benilde St. Margaret’s 34
Mound-Westonka 77 Minneapolis Edison 6
Brooklyn Center/Concordia Academy 40 Richfield 17
Totino-Grace 66 Minneapolis Roosevelt 12
Mound-Westonka 39 Fridley 36
Orono 64 Minneapolis Patrick Henry 11
Bloomington Kennedy 57 Brooklyn Center/Concordia Academy 22
Totino-Grace 52 Mound-Westonka 24
Orono 41 Bloomington Kennedy 34
Orono 42 Totino-Grace 33

MSHSL Section 1AAA Team
Northfield 55 Rochester Mayo 9
Owatonna 42 Farmington 24
Owatonna 28 Northfield 27

High School Results – Friday, February 14, 2020

MSHSL Section 4A Team
Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 69 Norwood Young America 6
Eden Valley-Watkins 40 Trinity School at River Ridge 34
Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted 57 Sibley East 21
Kimball Area 66 St. Agnes 9
Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 67 Eden Valley-Watkins 4
Kimball Area 46 Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted 23
Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 53 Kimball Area 10

MSHSL Section 5A Team
LPGE-Browerville 47 Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg 9
Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 38 Minnewaska Area 23
LPGE-Browerville 33 Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 18

MSHSL Section 6A Team
Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/Parkers Prairie 51 New York Mills 24
West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville 34 Ottertail Central 33
Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/Parkers Prairie 39 West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville 21

MSHSL Section 8A Team
Frazee 37 Fosston-Bagley 33
Badger/Greenbush-Middle River 31 United North Central 29
Badger/Greenbush-Middle River 41 Frazee 30

MSHSL Section 6AA Team
Becker 45 Big Lake 22
Dassel-Cokato/Litchfield 41 Annandale/Maple Lake 21
Dassel-Cokato/Litchfield 35 Becker 22

MSHSL Section 7AA Team
Foley 66 Hibbing 10
Princeton 58 Grand Rapids 12
Foley 36 Princeton 24

MSHSL Section 8AA Team
Thief River Falls 38 Perham 32
Detroit Lakes 58 Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus 12
Detroit Lakes 38 Thief River Falls 30

MSHSL Section 2AAA Team
Shakopee 78 Burnsville 0
Eastview 39 Lakeville South 35
Prior Lake 50 Lakeville North 22
New Prague 62 Apple Valley 9
Shakopee 78 Eastview 0
New Prague 50 Prior Lake 12
Shakopee 49 New Prague 13

MSHSL Section 3AAA Team
Woodbury 63 East Ridge 15
Eagan 39 Henry Sibley 30
Park 55 St. Paul Harding 21
Hastings 78 St. Paul Central 3
Woodbury 46 Eagan 22
Hastings 39 Park 24
Hastings 33 Woodbury 29

MSHSL Section 4AAA Team
Stillwater 81 North 0
Irondale 37 Tartan 35
White Bear Lake Area 47 Roseville Area 27
Mounds View 57 Centennial 16
Stillwater 73 Irondale 6
Mounds View 46 White Bear Lake Area 24
Stillwater 63 Mounds View 6

MSHSL Section 5AAA Team
St. Michael-Albertville 72 Robbinsdale Cooper 9
Park Center 41 Osseo 35
Rogers 62 Maple Grove 13
Wayzata 78 Robbinsdale Armstrong 3
St. Michael-Albertville 64 Park Center 6
Wayzata 50 Rogers 27
St. Michael-Albertville 31 Wayzata 27

MSHSL Section 6AAA Team
Minneapolis Southwest 42 Minneapolis Washburn 22
Waconia 75 Minneapolis Southwest 3
Chaska/Chanhassen 42 Edina 33
Eden Prairie 58 Minneapolis South 15
Minnetonka 46 Hopkins 32
Waconia 69 Chaska/Chanhassen 8
Minnetonka 32 Eden Prairie 29
Waconia 52 Minnetonka 18

MSHSL Section 7AAA Team
Elk River 45 Champlin Park 28
Forest Lake 60 Elk River 12
Anoka 43 St. Francis 22
Blaine 39 Cambridge-Isanti 29
Coon Rapids 46 Andover 23
Forest Lake 33 Anoka 30
Blaine 29 Coon Rapids 28
Forest Lake 40 Blaine 26

MSHSL Section 8AAA Team
Moorhead 52 Buffalo 30
Willmar 56 Moorhead 9
St. Cloud Tech 33 Sartell-St. Stephen 28
Brainerd 47 Little Falls 24
Bemidji 47 Sauk Rapids-Rice 15
Willmar 34 St. Cloud Tech 27
Bemidji 39 Brainerd 26
Bemidji 41 Willmar 20

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