Another format change dims National Duals’ luster

The National Wrestling Coaches Association’s latest push to raise the profile of its National Duals tournament has resulted in another stalemate.

NWCA executive director Mike Moyer said Friday that the duals will likely revert back to a one-weekend event next February in New York’s Madison Square Garden, and three of the sport’s powerhouse programs won’t be in the field. It marks the third straight year the tournament has undergone some type of format change. Continue reading at

Olympic Wrestling Threatened – and It’s Partly Our Fault! (Part Two)

By Joe Reasbeck, author of the NearFall book series

Most major sports have tweaked their rules to make them more fan friendly, sponsor friendly, television friendly and above all revenue friendly. We need to embrace the idea that for us to truly have a sport–one that is beyond the reach of those holding the ax, we have to show that people can make money with us. And I believe we can do that without losing our soul, our “purity” or the essence of the Olympic spirit. Continue reading