2014 LAS VEGAS: Senior Open Greco-Roman preview

A new era of Greco-Roman wrestling is upon us as new weight classes and rules have been implemented into the sport, creating the most exciting form of Greco-Roman to date.

Eight weight classes will now be contested in Greco-Roman at the 2014 U.S. Open held in Las Vegas, Nev. These eight weight classes will be substantially higher than their freestyle counterparts, allowing competitors to be bigger and stronger than ever before.

One interesting dynamic to this particular competition is seeing who will emerge victorious as competitors will shuffle due to the new weight classes. The speculation of who will compete where will finally be answered this weekend in Las Vegas. Continue reading at www.teamusa.org

2014 LAS VEGAS: Senior Open Women’s freestyle preview

This will be the first national tournament with the eight new international women’s weight classes, which is an increase of one from last year. However, the number of women’s Olympic weight classes have increased from four to six, which provides more opportunity for women in the quest of their Olympic dream.

With that in mind, we can expect a number of top women to find new weight classes. With a number of the weight classes in the middle very close to each other in terms of pounds, some athletes will have more than one option for competition. We can expect some athletes to change weights as we move forward as they discover the best weight for themselves. Continue reading at www.teamusa.org