Three Gophers Place at Northern Plains

A trio of competitors with ties to the Minnesota wrestling program placed this weekend at the 2011 Northern Plains Junior and Senior Regional Championships in Waterloo, Iowa including Dylan Ness, who took home top honors in the senior 60 kg bracket to advance to the senior world team freestyle trials in Oklahoma City on June 10-11.  Continue reading

USA Wrestling Northern Plains Junior Regional Freestyle Championships

May 14, 2011 at Waterloo, IA

Brackets/Results –

Junior – 98 lbs Results
1st Place – Sam Phillips of Iowa

Junior – 105 lbs Results
1st Place – Jarred Oftedahl of Minnesota
2nd Place – Alec Vogel of Iowa
1st: Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Alec Vogel (Iowa) Fall 2-0,1:12

Junior – 112 lbs Results
1st Place – Andrew Crone of Wisconsin
2nd Place – Nate Jozsa of Illinois
3rd Place – Billy Underhill of Minnesota
4th Place – Erik Olson of Minnesota
1st: Andrew Crone (Wisconsin) over Nate Jozsa (Illinois) Dec 2-6,8-0,2-1
3rd: Billy Underhill (Minnesota) over Erik Olson (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Junior – 119 lbs Results
1st Place – Dylan Peters of Iowa
2nd Place – Chad Bartschenfeld of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Colby Knight of Iowa
4th Place – Morgan Engbrecht of South Dakota
1st: Dylan Peters (Iowa) over Chad Bartschenfeld (Wisconsin) Dec 2-1,6-2
3rd: Colby Knight (Iowa) over Morgan Engbrecht (South Dakota) Dec 2-0,4-0

Junior – 125 lbs Results
1st Place – Cory Clark of Iowa
2nd Place – Sam Brancale of Minnesota
3rd Place – Eric DeVos of Iowa
4th Place – Mitch Bengtson of Minnesota
1st: Cory Clark (Iowa) over Sam Brancale (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,4-3
3rd: Eric DeVos (Iowa) over Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-3

Junior – 130 lbs Results
1st Place – Zane Richards of Illinois
2nd Place – Kyle Larson of Iowa
3rd Place – Joe Munos of Minnesota
4th Place – Jimmy Carpenter of Missouri
1st: Zane Richards (Illinois) over Kyle Larson (Iowa) Dec 1-0,1-0
3rd: Joe Munos (Minnesota) over Jimmy Carpenter (Missouri) Dec 3-1,4-0

Junior – 135 lbs Results
1st Place – Ben Morgan of Minnesota
2nd Place – Tanner Werner of Iowa
3rd Place – Austin Roper of Missouri
4th Place – Mitch Friedman of Wisconsin
1st: Ben Morgan (Minnesota) over Tanner Werner (Iowa) TF 7-0,6-0
3rd: Austin Roper (Missouri) over Mitch Friedman (Wisconsin) Dec 4-2,5-0

Junior – 140 lbs Results
1st Place – Hayden Zillmer of Minnesota
2nd Place – Jake Kadel of Iowa
3rd Place – Brandon Sorensen of Iowa
4th Place – Colton Gladwell of Illinois
1st: Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Jake Kadel (Iowa) Dec 1-0,3-1
3rd: Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) over Colton Gladwell (Illinois) Dec 5-3,2-0

Junior – 145 lbs Results
1st Place – Gabriel Moreno of Iowa
2nd Place – Kolton Rottink of Iowa
3rd Place – Garret Hoffner of Minnesota
1st: Gabriel Moreno (Iowa) over Kolton Rottink (Iowa) TF 8-0,8-0
3rd: Garret Hoffner (Minnesota) over null (Unattached) Dec 0-4,6-0,3-1

Junior – 152 lbs Results
1st Place – Jordon Rothers of Minnesota
2nd Place – Trey Hable of Minnesota
3rd Place – Jason Fugiel of Illinois
4th Place – Ben Cousins of Minnesota
1st: Jordon Rothers (Minnesota) over Trey Hable (Minnesota) Dec 0-5,5-0,5-1
3rd: Jason Fugiel (Illinois) over Ben Cousins (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-1

Junior – 160 lbs Results
1st Place – Alex Meyer of Iowa
2nd Place – Kyle Begin of Minnesota
3rd Place – Dylan Reel of Illinois
4th Place – Dylan Blackford of Iowa
1st: Alex Meyer (Iowa) over Kyle Begin (Minnesota) Fall 0-7,1:49
3rd: Dylan Reel (Illinois) over Dylan Blackford (Iowa) Dec 1-5,6-0,5-0

Junior – 171 lbs Results
1st Place – Cody Caldwell of Iowa
2nd Place – Dusty Jentz of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Logan Molina of Nebraska
4th Place – Jacob Morrissey of Wisconsin
1st: Cody Caldwell (Iowa) over Dusty Jentz (Wisconsin) TF 6-0,6-0
3rd: Logan Molina (Nebraska) over Jacob Morrissey (Wisconsin) Dec 4-0,3-1

Junior – 189 lbs Results
1st Place – Travis Mallo of Iowa
2nd Place – Willie Miklus of Iowa
3rd Place – Shane Hughes of Wisconsin
4th Place – Jack Dechow of Illinois
1st: Travis Mallo (Iowa) over Willie Miklus (Iowa) Dec 3-0,5-1
3rd: Shane Hughes (Wisconsin) over Jack Dechow (Illinois) Dec 6-0,0-4,4-4

Junior – 215 lbs Results
1st Place – Michael Sojka of Illinois
2nd Place – Josh Marchok of Illinois
3rd Place – Blaize Cabell of Iowa
4th Place – Kane Seeley of Iowa
1st: Michael Sojka (Illinois) over Josh Marchok (Illinois) Fall 2-0,1:36
3rd: Blaize Cabell (Iowa) over Kane Seeley (Iowa) Dec 5-1,5-3

Junior – 285 lbs Results
2nd Place – Cody Krumwiede of Iowa
2nd Place – Jordan Rouse of Iowa
3rd Place – Joe Scanlan of Iowa
4th Place – Kaleb Staack of Iowa
1st: Cody Krumwiede (Iowa) over Jordan Rouse (Iowa) Fall 1:34
3rd: Joe Scanlan (Iowa) over Kaleb Staack (Iowa) Dec 7-0,4-0