Jordan Holm to go ‘On the Mat’ this week

Former Minnesota state champion and Northern Iowa wrestler Jordan Holm will go “On the Mat” this Wednesday, October 6.

Holm wrestled for the University of Northern Iowa and was one match away from being an All-American in 2003 at 184 pounds. He won both the Greco-Roman and freestyle portions of the Northern Plains Regional in Waterloo, Iowa, in May. Holm currently resides in Minnesota.

“On the Mat” is a presentation of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum. The show can be heard live on the Internet at or locally in Northeast Iowa each Wednesday from 5:05 – 6:00 PM CST on AM 1650, The Fan.

E-mail with any questions or comments about the show.

Kyle Malin Golf Scramble Benefit

Kyle Malin, 2002 Farmington graduate, was a three sport athlete in high school and qualified for the State Wrestling Tournament in 2000 and 2002. US Army Staff Sgt. Kyle Malin served three tours in Irag and was deployed to Afghanistan in June, 2010. On July 14, while on patrol, Staff Sgt Kyle Malin was severely injured by an IED, and lost both legs in the explosion. Kyle is in Walter Reed Hospital and has undergone many operations for his wounds, and still has many extensive surgeries before he can be fit with prosthetics and be released from the hospital. Kyle and his wife Alicia have two sons, ages 3 and 5.

Jon Malin, Kyle’s father and former Belle Plaine and UMD wrestler, is presently teaching and coaching football at Farmington High School. He was head wrestling coach at Farmington High School from 1985-2002. Jon and Deb Malin reside in Lakeville.

Friends of the family have arranged the Kyle Malin Golf Scramble Benefit to be held at Heritage Links Golf Course in Lakeville on Sept. 18, 2010 with a shotgun start at 11:30 am. (See flyer). Donations of money, silent auction items, and raffle prizes, are appreciated. Hole sponsorships are available and will include dinner and entertainment for two for each business sponsorship. Any questions, please call Byron Olson, (c) 763-300-5825 or (home) 952-469-3075.

Entry Form/Flyer (pdf)

2010 USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships

USA Wrestling
2010 ASICS/Vaughan Junior and Cadet
National Championships

Sunday, July 18-Saturday, July 24 at the FargoDome in Fargo, ND

The Guillotine Forum – National Championships message board thread

Free USA Wrestling live webcasts from Cadet & Junior Nationals – Event Coverage – features, photos, champion video interviews

Finals Matches and champion interviews – Coverage

Flowrestling Coverage – video

Brackets/Results –

Team Minnesota Results:

  • Cadet Greco-Roman – 10th Place, 26 wrestlers, 6 All-Americans, 1 finalist
  • Junior Greco-Roman – 5th Place, 48 wrestlers, 8 All-Americans, 3 finalists, 1 champion, OW: Dylan Ness
  • Cadet Freestyle – 2nd Place, 49 wrestlers, 14 All-Americans, 3 finalists, 1 champion
  • Junior Freestyle – 3rd Place, 57 wrestlers, 10 All-Americans, 3 finalists, 1 champion, OW: Destin McCauley
  • Women’s Freestyle – 18th Place, 1 wrestler, 1 All-American, 1 finalist

The Guillotine Photo Galleries:

Photos to be added throughout the tournament


Cadet Freestyle
Junior Freestyle
Women’s Freestyle
Cadet Greco-Roman
Junior Greco-Roman

USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships Results:

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Minnesota Cadet and Junior All-Americans

Minnesota High School Wrestler Files

Cadet Greco-Roman Results for Minnesota


Top Ten Team Scores:


Individual Results:

Cadet-84 – Gannon Volk – 4th Place
Match #1 Gannon Volk (Minnesota) over Chris Sommers (Illinois) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Gannon Volk (Minnesota) over Hunter Wright (Virginia) TF 7-1,7-0
Match #3 Gannon Volk (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Gannon Volk (Minnesota) over Tyler Jensen (Utah) Dec 2-0,1-0
Match #5 Hunter Kelley (Georgia) over Gannon Volk (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,5-0
Match #6 Brent Fleetwood (Delaware) over Gannon Volk (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-0

Cadet-91 – Jarred Oftedahl – DNP
Match #1 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Tirso Lara (California) Fall 0:33
Match #2 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Justin Nelson (Illinois) Fall 0:40
Match #3 Ronnie Bresser (Oregon) over Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,10-4
Match #4 Dylan Lucas (Florida) over Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Cadet-98 – Tristan Manderfeld – DNP
Match #1 Tristan Manderfeld (Minnesota) over Brandon Winward (Utah) Dec 7-0,5-3
Match #2 Tristan Manderfeld (Minnesota) over Jordan Laster (Illinois) Dec 2-2,1-0,6-0
Match #3 Kyndall Rutz (Colorado) over Tristan Manderfeld (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,4-0
Match #4 Darshawn Sharp (Georgia) over Tristan Manderfeld (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,1-0

Cadet-98 – Trevor Westerlund – DNP
Match #1 Trevor Westerlund (Minnesota) over Devon Jackson (Texas) TF 7-0,3-6,8-1
Match #2 Daniel May (Pennsylvania) over Trevor Westerlund (Minnesota) FF
Match #3 Zac Hall (Michigan) over Trevor Westerlund (Minnesota) Fall 0:50

Cadet-105 – Tone Fuenffinger – DNP
Match #1 Jake Konzal (Washington) over Tone Fuenffinger (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Brandon Lorenz (Texas) over Tone Fuenffinger (Minnesota) Fall 0:54

Cadet-105 – Nate Thomas – 4th Place
Match #1 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) over Mark Duda (Illinois) Dec 6-0,1-0
Match #2 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) over Austin Holt (Alabama) Dec 2-0,3-0
Match #3 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) over Travis Bledsoe (Oregon) 3-0,ID
Match #4 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) over Matthew Nguyen (Washington) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #5 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) over Brendan Calas (New Jersey) Dec 1-0,3-0
Match #6 Austin Hood (Kansas) over Nate Thomas (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,1-0
Match #7 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) over Cassidy Oshiro (Hawaii) Dec 1-0,3-2
Match #8 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) over Cassidy Oshiro (Hawaii) Dec 0-1,2-3
Match #10 Austin Hood (Kansas) over Nate Thomas (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,1-0
Match #11 Marshawn Sharp (Georgia) over Nate Thomas (Minnesota) TF 2-3,7-0,6-0

Cadet-105 – Tyler Berghuis – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Berghuis (Minnesota) over Kasey Klaus (California) Fall 0-2,1:43
Match #2 Austin Loos (Wisconsin) over Tyler Berghuis (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #3 Cody Karns (North Carolina) over Tyler Berghuis (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-0

Cadet-112 – Sam Brancale – 3rd Place
Match #1 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Jay Stine (Wyoming) TF 6-0,8-0
Match #2 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Paul Rodriguez (California) Dec 3-0,6-0
Match #3 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Cody Hill (Louisiana) Fall 0:52
Match #4 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Vito Pasone (Pennsylvania) Dec 2-0,7-4
Match #5 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Tyrel White (New York) Fall 6-0,1:21
Match #6 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Colton Schilling (Oregon) TF 6-0,2-5,7-0
Match #7 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Shiquan Hall (Florida) Dec 0-4,1-0,3-1
Match #8 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Jack Hathaway (Iowa) over Sam Brancale (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-1
Match #10 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Cody Hummer (Missouri) Dec 4-0,2-0

Cadet-112 – Shamar Williams – DNP
Match #1 Shamar Williams (Minnesota) over Bronson Young (Utah) TF 8-0,6-0
Match #2 Shamar Williams (Minnesota) over Charlie Mitchell (Florida) TF 6-0,10-3
Match #3 Cameron Alverson (Montana) over Shamar Williams (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,5-0
Match #4 Arthur Carmona (California) over Shamar Williams (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,6-0

Cadet-119 – Lincoln Mallinger – DNP
Match #1 Blayne Briceno (California) over Lincoln Mallinger (Minnesota) TF 5-0,6-0
Match #2 Lincoln Mallinger (Minnesota) over Landon Knutzen (Utah) Dec 0-1,4-0,1-0
Match #3 Joey Moita (California) over Lincoln Mallinger (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0

Cadet-119 – Ger Lor – DNP
Match #1 Ger Lor (Minnesota) over Jeffrey Ogburn; Jr (Virginia) Dec 4-1,5-0
Match #2 Jake Velarde (Washington) over Ger Lor (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Joey Ramirez (California) over Ger Lor (Minnesota) Fall 5-0,1:13

Cadet-119 – Mitch Bengtson – 2nd Place
Match #1 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Reed Bowker (Kansas) Fall 6-0,0:30
Match #2 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Russell Coleman (Missouri) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Jordan Simpson (Alabama) Dec 6-0,5-1
Match #4 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Christopher Siracusa (New York) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #5 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Joey Ramirez (California) Dec 5-0,7-0
Match #6 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Dallas Brown (Georgia) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #7 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Jake Velarde (Washington) Dec 3-0,2-0
Match #8 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Jake Velarde (Washington) Dec 3-0,2-0
Match #10 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #11 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Stephen Myers (Ohio) TF 8-0,7-0
Match #12 Hayden Tuma (Idaho) over Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-0

Cadet-125 – Eric Madson – DNP
Match #1 Eric Madson (Minnesota) over Skyler Donner (Washington) Fall 1:56
Match #2 Eric Madson (Minnesota) over Robbie Rocole (Wisconsin) Fall 3-0,1:39
Match #3 Eric Madson (Minnesota) over Hermillo Esquivel (California) Dec 3-1,1-0
Match #4 Eric Madson (Minnesota) over Daniel Leonard (Oregon) Dec 0-1,1-0,1-0
Match #5 Chase Call (Idaho) over Eric Madson (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,1-1
Match #6 Mitchell Alexander (Illinois) over Eric Madson (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-2

Cadet-135 – Jordan Rothers – 8th Place
Match #1 Jordan Rothers (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Jordan Rothers (Minnesota) over Keanu Richardson (Hawaii) Fall 4-0,0:34
Match #3 Jordan Rothers (Minnesota) over Colton Jackson (Florida) Fall 9-2,0:30
Match #4 Jordan Rothers (Minnesota) over Austin Worachek (Wisconsin) Fall 6-0,0:52
Match #5 Drew Smith (Nevada) over Jordan Rothers (Minnesota) Fall 0-5,1:01
Match #6 Jordan Rothers (Minnesota) over Tyler Cowger (Oregon) Dec 1-1,1-1,3-0
Match #7 Mitch Friedman (Wisconsin) over Jordan Rothers (Minnesota) Dec 3-3,0-2,1-1
Match #8 John Wood (Missouri) over Jordan Rothers (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,2-0,1-1

Cadet-140 – Trey Hable – DNP
Match #1 Robbey Pye (Florida) over Trey Hable (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,1-7,1-0
Match #2 Trey Hable (Minnesota) over John Lewis (Colorado) Dec 6-0,4-0
Match #3 Patrick Coover (Pennsylvania) over Trey Hable (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,7-0

Cadet-145 – Darick Vancura – DNP
Match #1 Darick Vancura (Minnesota) over Bryce Fish (North Dakota) Dec 2-0,3-0
Match #2 Travis Curley (Michigan) over Darick Vancura (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,1-2,2-0
Match #3 Darick Vancura (Minnesota) over Brian Powers (Arizona) Fall 6-0,0:55
Match #4 Kenard Washington (Illinois) over Darick Vancura (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,3-3,3-0

Cadet-152 – Brett Pfarr – DNP
Match #1 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) over Laurent Remillard (Hawaii) Dec 0-2,7-0,5-0
Match #2 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) over Daniel Salmon (Maryland) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Scott Gibbons (Louisiana) over Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,2-0
Match #4 Cougar Babin (Texas) over Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) Fall 1:34

Cadet-152 – Davantay Corey – DNP
Match #1 Davantay Corey (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Jackson Fox (Wisconsin) over Davantay Corey (Minnesota) Dec 0-2,5-0,3-0
Match #3 Davantay Corey (Minnesota) over Nick Harper (Missouri) Dec 6-0,2-0
Match #4 Chaeden Grace-Reyes (Hawaii) over Davantay Corey (Minnesota) Dec 0-7,4-1,1-0

Cadet-152 – Luke Schmit – DNP
Match #1 Luke Schmit (Minnesota) over Shand Stickland (North Carolina) Dec 3-0,2-1
Match #2 Luke Schmit (Minnesota) over Joseph Waack (Pennsylvania) Fall 5-0,0:28
Match #3 Alex Swartz (Missouri) over Luke Schmit (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,7-0
Match #4 Burke Paddock (New York) over Luke Schmit (Minnesota) Fall 1:38

Cadet-160 – Logan Giles – DNP
Match #1 Andras Lukacs-Farkas (Iowa) over Logan Giles (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #2 Nick Meck (Kansas) over Logan Giles (Minnesota) Fall 7-10,0:27

Cadet-160 – Ben Cousins – DNP
Match #1 Ben Cousins (Minnesota) over Drew Hernandez (Florida) Dec 0-1,1-0,1-0
Match #2 Ben Cousins (Minnesota) over Zachary Coffman (Utah) Fall 2-2,1:14
Match #3 Ben Cousins (Minnesota) over Kyle Smith (Wisconsin) Dec 1-0,5-2
Match #4 Austin Wenzlaff (Maryland) over Ben Cousins (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,3-0
Match #5 Alex Meyer (Iowa) over Ben Cousins (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-0

Cadet-171 – Richard Carlson – DNP
Match #1 Johathon Inman (Missouri) over Richard Carlson (Minnesota) Dec 5-3,1-0
Match #2 T.J. Dudley (South Carolina) over Richard Carlson (Minnesota) Dec 6-6,4-2

Cadet-171 – Miles Hammerlund – DNP
Match #1 Miles Hammerlund (Minnesota) over FC Korsgaard (Virginia) Dec 7-2,7-0
Match #2 Matt Reed (Kansas) over Miles Hammerlund (Minnesota) Fall 11-3,1:13
Match #3 Miles Hammerlund (Minnesota) over Tony Jehn (Indiana) Dec 6-0,5-0
Match #4 Garrett Demers (Idaho) over Miles Hammerlund (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,5-4

Cadet-189 – Nathaniel Preston – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Andreasson (Florida) over Nathaniel Preston (Minnesota) Fall 1:53
Match #2 Mickey Pelfrey (Iowa) over Nathaniel Preston (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:45

Cadet-285 – Brandon Schmitt – DNP
Match #1 Brandon Schmitt (Minnesota) over Elijah Thompson (Illinois) Fall 6-0,1:11
Match #2 Jacob Scanlan (Iowa) over Brandon Schmitt (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,0-1,1-1
Match #3 Brandon Schmitt (Minnesota) over Ian Bolstad (Washington) Fall 1-0,0:31
Match #4 Aaron Rafalko (Kansas) over Brandon Schmitt (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,1-1

Cadet-285 – Sam Stoll – 5th Place
Match #1 Sam Stoll (Minnesota) over Chet Spears (Oregon) Dec 7-0,2-2
Match #2 Sam Stoll (Minnesota) over Andrew Aunchman (California) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Brooks Black (Pennsylvania) over Sam Stoll (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,1-0
Match #4 Sam Stoll (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Sam Stoll (Minnesota) over John Jude (Wisconsin) Dec 2-1,1-0
Match #6 John Dreggors (Florida) over Sam Stoll (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,0-1,1-0
Match #7 Brooks Black (Pennsylvania) over Sam Stoll (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,1-0
Match #8 Sam Stoll (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Sam Stoll (Minnesota) over Ian Bolstad (Washington) Dec 1-0,3-0

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Junior Greco-Roman Results for Minnesota


Top Ten Team Scores:

7.New Jersey21

Individual Results:

Junior-98 – Gabe Foltz – DNP
Match #1 Izaak Tobin (Oregon) over Gabe Foltz (Minnesota) Fall 3-1,1:32
Match #2 Jason Munoz (Wisconsin) over Gabe Foltz (Minnesota) Fall 0:58

Junior-112 – Wesley Azariah – DNP
Match #1 Taylor Higbee (Idaho) over Wesley Azariah (Minnesota) Dec 0-3,1-0,3-1
Match #2 Cory Clark (Iowa) over Wesley Azariah (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-1

Junior-119 – Hayden Zillmer – 6th Place
Match #1 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Austin Landry (Louisiana) Dec 4-0,6-0
Match #2 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Matt Laux (Maryland) Fall 1:26
Match #3 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Gabe Goodrich (Oregon) TF 7-1,7-0
Match #4 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Martin Ramirez (California) Dec 3-0,2-0
Match #5 Joey Dance (Virginia) over Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,0-1,1-0
Match #6 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Courtland Hacker (Colorado) Dec 1-0,0-1,3-0
Match #7 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Esteban Gonzales (Michigan) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #8 Val Rauser (Montana) over Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,3-0
Match #9 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Joey Dance (Virginia) over Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,0-1,1-0
Match #11 Jacob Purdy (California) over Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,1-0

Junior-119 – Zach Stepan – DNP
Match #1 Zach Stepan (Minnesota) over Tim Reynolds (Georgia) Dec 3-2,2-2,3-2
Match #2 Zach Stepan (Minnesota) over Luis Resendiz (Wisconsin) Dec 7-0,1-0
Match #3 Matt Correa (California) over Zach Stepan (Minnesota) Fall 1:47
Match #4 Joey Dance (Virginia) over Zach Stepan (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,1-0

Junior-119 – Jacoby Bergeron – DNP
Match #1 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Matt Warner (Utah) Dec 3-0,10-0
Match #2 Devon Lotito (Pennsylvania) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #3 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Travell Rounds (Illinois) Dec 2-0,1-1
Match #4 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Jesus Manriquez (California) Dec 0-4,5-0,2-0
Match #5 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Logan Welch (Missouri) Dec 4-6,5-3,4-2
Match #6 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Dylon Thompson (Colorado) Dec 5-0,2-2
Match #7 Nick Harrison (Illinois) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,1-0

Junior-119 – Mike Fuenffinger – 3rd Place
Match #1 Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over Sam Nahins (North Carolina) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over Max Mejia (Arizona) Dec 1-0,7-0
Match #3 Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over Chris Chavez (Colorado) TF 6-0,0-6,7-1
Match #4 Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over Nick Harrison (Illinois) Dec 5-2,0-3,5-0
Match #5 Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over Zack Nelson (Ohio) Dec 3-0,4-0
Match #6 Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over Jacob Purdy (California) Dec 5-0,3-0
Match #7 Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Nathan Kraisser (Maryland) over Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,3-0,2-2
Match #9 Nathan Kraisser (Maryland) over Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,3-0,2-2
Match #10 Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over Jacob Purdy (California) Dec 5-0,3-0
Match #11 Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #12 Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over Joey Dance (Virginia) Dec 2-0,1-0

Junior-119 – Jarred Duffy – DNP
Match #1 Cameron Ellis (Ohio) over Jarred Duffy (Minnesota) Fall 1:02
Match #2 Jonathan Peterson (Kansas) over Jarred Duffy (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-0

Junior-125 – Paul Nolden – DNP
Match #1 Paul Nolden (Minnesota) over Austin Buffaloe (Georgia) Fall 6-0,1:23
Match #2 Paul Nolden (Minnesota) over Jacob Russell (Alaska) Dec 3-1,4-0
Match #3 Pat Myers (Pennsylvania) over Paul Nolden (Minnesota) TF 8-1,6-0
Match #4 Brian Sergi (California) over Paul Nolden (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-1

Junior-125 – Cory Messer – DNP
Match #1 Jessy Williams (New York) over Cory Messer (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Mike Zellner (Nevada) over Cory Messer (Minnesota) Dec 1-3,2-0,3-0

Junior-130 – Drew Lexvold – 3rd Place
Match #1 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Nathan Coburn (Virginia) Dec 7-0,5-4
Match #2 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Josh Morin (Montana) Fall 2-0,1:24
Match #3 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over A.J. Schopp (Pennsylvania) Dec 4-1,8-0
Match #4 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Logan Cudd (Wisconsin) TF 7-0,0-2,7-0
Match #5 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Conor Infelise (Illinois) Dec 7-0,4-0
Match #6 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Brandon Brindley (Alabama) Dec 0-1,5-0,2-1
Match #7 Tyler Liberatore (Florida) over Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) Fall 0:58
Match #8 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Drew Van Anrooy (Oregon) Dec 1-0,6-0
Match #9 Tyler Liberatore (Florida) over Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) Fall 0:58
Match #10 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Eric Mateo (Missouri) Dec 3-0,3-5,5-2

Junior-130 – Matt Kelliher – 8th Place
Match #1 Eric Lee (Alabama) over Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-1,1-0
Match #2 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Nick Soto (Florida) TF 0-6,9-3,10-2
Match #3 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Joel Palabrica (Washington) TF 8-1,8-0
Match #4 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Damien Hopper (Oklahoma) Dec 2-0,1-0
Match #6 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Peter Russo (Oregon) Dec 2-0,5-0
Match #7 Ronnie Garbinsky (Pennsylvania) over Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #8 Drew Van Anrooy (Oregon) over Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,0-2,1-0

Junior-130 – Robert Otterness – DNP
Match #1 Savoy Bell (Wyoming) over Robert Otterness (Minnesota) Dec 7-7,0-6,6-0
Match #2 Kory Jauch (Illinois) over Robert Otterness (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,5-2

Junior-135 – Zach Friederich – DNP
Match #1 Jarod Donar (Wisconsin) over Zach Friederich (Minnesota) Fall 1:01
Match #2 Keenan Hagerty (Missouri) over Zach Friederich (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,3-2

Junior-135 – Zach Pederson – DNP
Match #1 Jared Kust (Wisconsin) over Zach Pederson (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,7-0
Match #2 Zach Pederson (Minnesota) over Dustin Vielhauer (Kansas) Fall 6-8,0-7,0:32
Match #3 Garrett Vasquez (Colorado) over Zach Pederson (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior-135 – Seth Felland – DNP
Match #1 Jay Hildreth (Iowa) over Seth Felland (Minnesota) Dec 7-1,5-0
Match #2 Jake Elliott (California) over Seth Felland (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-1

Junior-140 – Luke Belair – DNP
Match #1 Luke Belair (Minnesota) over Jesse Armstrong (Michigan) Dec 1-0,0-6,6-0
Match #2 Rylan Lubeck (Wisconsin) over Luke Belair (Minnesota) Fall 1-0,1:05
Match #3 Luke Belair (Minnesota) over Nick Lara (Nevada) Dec 2-0,6-0
Match #4 Lucas Smith (Illinois) over Luke Belair (Minnesota) Fall 4-0,0:48

Junior-140 – Mike Jarnot – DNP
Match #1 Brian Gibbs (Michigan) over Mike Jarnot (Minnesota) Fall 0-2,3-0,1:29
Match #2 Taylor West (Idaho) over Mike Jarnot (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,7-0

Junior-140 – Ethan Hildebrandt – DNP
Match #1 Ethan Hildebrandt (Minnesota) over D.Spencer Brown (Utah) Dec 0-1,3-2,4-3
Match #2 Ethan Hildebrandt (Minnesota) over Jesse Freise (Missouri) Dec 4-0,0-6,1-0
Match #3 Ethan Hildebrandt (Minnesota) over Matt DeRosa (Arizona) Dec 4-2,0-2,1-0
Match #4 Ethan Hildebrandt (Minnesota) over Throcan Samuels (Oklahoma) Dec 2-0,4-3
Match #5 Ethan Hildebrandt (Minnesota) over Zane Nelson (Ohio) Fall 0-3,0:45
Match #6 Alex Dieringer (Wisconsin) over Ethan Hildebrandt (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #7 Jesse Baldazo (California) over Ethan Hildebrandt (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,1-0

Junior-140 – Ryan Schroepfer – DNP
Match #1 Fazon Voliber (Texas) over Ryan Schroepfer (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-0
Match #2 Jarred Pratt (NewMexico) over Ryan Schroepfer (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,4-0

Junior-140 – Kyle Martineau – DNP
Match #1 Will Switzer (Maryland) over Kyle Martineau (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,8-0
Match #2 Austin Wilson (Nebraska) over Kyle Martineau (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:58

Junior-145 – Timothy Hanlin – DNP
Match #1 Ben Ralston (Michigan) over Timothy Hanlin (Minnesota) Fall 0-1,6-0,0:56
Match #2 Steven Hernandez (Nevada) over Timothy Hanlin (Minnesota) Fall 5-0,1:37

Junior-145 – Dylan Ness – 1st Place
Match #1 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Will Lorenz (Texas) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Dalton Marini (Colorado) ID
Match #3 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Walker Slaughter (California) TF 7-0,8-0
Match #4 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Brock Krumm (North Dakota) TF 8-0,7-0
Match #5 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Kevin Brown (Missouri) TF 6-0,8-0
Match #6 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over D.P. Miller (Pennsylvania) Fall 0:36
Match #7 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Steven Hernandez (Nevada) TF 5-0,10-0
Match #9 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Jake Gregerson (Illinois) Fall 7-0,1:44
Match #10 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Andy Rico (Texas) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-145 – Tim Ostby – DNP
Match #1 Blake Roulo (Virginia) over Tim Ostby (Minnesota) TF 7-1,7-0
Match #2 Riley Nagel (Montana) over Tim Ostby (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,6-0

Junior-145 – Jake Long – DNP
Match #1 Jake Long (Minnesota) over Bryson Berard (Pennsylvania) Dec 3-0,7-0
Match #2 Jake Long (Minnesota) over Taylor Strickland (Virginia) Fall 7-0,1:09
Match #3 Jake Long (Minnesota) over Ryne Cokeley (Kansas) Dec 1-5,4-0,4-2
Match #4 Jake Long (Minnesota) over Nick Bohn (Michigan) Dec 5-5,3-6,3-2
Match #5 Jake Long (Minnesota) over Brian Shepherd (Utah) Dec 3-0,1-0
Match #6 Clark Glass (Florida) over Jake Long (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,2-0,1-0
Match #7 Andy Rico (Texas) over Jake Long (Minnesota) TF 0-7,6-1,8-0

Junior-152 – Nick Tourville – DNP
Match #1 Nick Tourville (Minnesota) over Josh Peart (Washington) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Nick Tourville (Minnesota) over Wes Holbrook (North Carolina) Fall 0:33
Match #3 Nick Tourville (Minnesota) over Caleb Duke (Florida) Dec 2-0,1-0
Match #4 Nick Tourville (Minnesota) over Steven Leshinger (New York) TF 6-0,8-1
Match #5 Daniel Breit (Missouri) over Nick Tourville (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,6-3,3-0
Match #6 Nick Tourville (Minnesota) over Joey Moorhouse (Illinois) Dec 0-1,1-0,1-0
Match #7 Ravaughn Perkins (Nebraska) over Nick Tourville (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Junior-152 – Travis Kienitz – DNP
Match #1 Kyle Ash (Oklahoma) over Travis Kienitz (Minnesota) Fall 1:30
Match #2 Bryce McMahon (Oregon) over Travis Kienitz (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Junior-152 – Eric Hood – DNP
Match #1 Eric Hood (Minnesota) over Cody Pooler (Illinois) Fall 4-2,1:30
Match #2 Eric Hood (Minnesota) over Talor Barber (North Carolina) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #3 Zak Benitz (Wisconsin) over Eric Hood (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 Eric Hood (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Robert Pickrell (Colorado) over Eric Hood (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,3-0,1-0

Junior-152 – Daniel Egesdal – DNP
Match #1 Daniel Egesdal (Minnesota) over Kyle Ramey (North Carolina) Dec 5-0,6-0
Match #2 Daniel Egesdal (Minnesota) over Dustin Young (Utah) Dec 5-3,4-1
Match #3 Grant Sullivan (Alaska) over Daniel Egesdal (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,6-0
Match #4 Daniel Egesdal (Minnesota) over Shawn Landgraff (Florida) Dec 0-6,3-2,3-1
Match #5 Ravaughn Perkins (Nebraska) over Daniel Egesdal (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-160 – Scott Gifford – DNP
Match #1 Scott Gifford (Minnesota) over Ethan Olson (Colorado) Fall 1-9,3-0,1:09
Match #2 Scott Gifford (Minnesota) over Justin Sitch (Washington) Fall 0:47
Match #3 Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma) over Scott Gifford (Minnesota) Fall 0-5,0:49
Match #4 Tyler Rill (Maryland) over Scott Gifford (Minnesota) Dec 3-4,4-3,4-0

Junior-160 – Kyle Begin – DNP
Match #1 Juan Alvarado (California) over Kyle Begin (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,0-4,1-0
Match #2 Wally Figaro (Florida) over Kyle Begin (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,7-0

Junior-160 – Cody Tibbetts – DNP
Match #1 Cody Tibbetts (Minnesota) over David Borden (Idaho) Dec 5-0,7-0
Match #2 Cody Tibbetts (Minnesota) over Joe Schindel (Ohio) Dec 3-0,0-1,3-0
Match #3 John Staudenamyer (Pennsylvania) over Cody Tibbetts (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,1-3,4-0
Match #4 Lee Wildes (Florida) over Cody Tibbetts (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,1-0

Junior-160 – Cody Buchanon – DNP
Match #1 Zach Skates (Oklahoma) over Cody Buchanon (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Justin Bruce (Missouri) over Cody Buchanon (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,2-0

Junior-160 – William Baker – DNP
Match #1 William Baker (Minnesota) over Zach Pollom (Kansas) Fall 8-0,0:36
Match #2 William Baker (Minnesota) over Casey Whitton (Florida) Fall 6-0,1:21
Match #3 Ricky McDonald (Nevada) over William Baker (Minnesota) Fall 3-2,0-1,1:30
Match #4 William Baker (Minnesota) over Cody Allala (Virginia) Dec 2-0,2-0
Match #5 William Baker (Minnesota) over Juan Alvarado (California) Dec 5-0,2-1
Match #6 Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma) over William Baker (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-0

Junior-171 – Eric Hensel – 4th Place
Match #1 Eric Hensel (Minnesota) over Micah Kullman (Ohio) Fall 1:13
Match #2 Eric Hensel (Minnesota) over Ryan Valline (Iowa) Dec 0-3,2-0,1-0
Match #3 Eric Hensel (Minnesota) over Austin Coburn (Virginia) Fall 0:29
Match #4 Eric Hensel (Minnesota) over Victor Monsi (Texas) TF 6-2,7-0
Match #5 Eric Hensel (Minnesota) over Mark Mabry (Arizona) Fall 1:06
Match #6 Eric Hensel (Minnesota) over Mike Curby (Michigan) Dec 6-0,2-2
Match #7 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Eric Hensel (Minnesota) Dec 8-3,6-3
Match #8 Eric Hensel (Minnesota) over Jeremy Fahler (Illinois) Dec 7-0,2-3,3-2
Match #9 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Eric Hensel (Minnesota) Dec 3-8,3-6
Match #10 Eric Hensel (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #11 Jahwon Akui (Illinois) over Eric Hensel (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,6-0

Junior-171 – Zak Coates – DNP
Match #1 Zak Coates (Minnesota) over Conner Hartmann (Washington) Dec 10-1,1-1
Match #2 Zak Coates (Minnesota) over Armando Roggio (Idaho) Fall 1:27
Match #3 Zak Coates (Minnesota) over Brian Pacheco (Florida) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 Zak Coates (Minnesota) over Angelo Rivera (Illinois) Dec 2-0,3-0
Match #5 Geordan Speiller (Florida) over Zak Coates (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #6 Nathaniel Brown (Pennsylvania) over Zak Coates (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,6-0

Junior-171 – Ben Enz – DNP
Match #1 Jahwon Akui (Illinois) over Ben Enz (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Clint Allala (Virginia) over Ben Enz (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:20

Junior-171 – Joel Bauman – 2nd Place
Match #1 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Kyle Putnam (Iowa) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #2 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Alex Powell (Ohio) Fall 7-0,1:26
Match #3 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Jonathan Glennon (New York) Dec 3-0,4-1
Match #4 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Taylor Jackson (Florida) Dec 1-0,5-0
Match #5 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Patrick Rhoads (Missouri) Dec 3-0,5-0
Match #6 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Dylan Fors (Oregon) TF 7-0,7-1
Match #7 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Eric Hensel (Minnesota) Dec 8-3,6-3
Match #8 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Eric Hensel (Minnesota) Dec 3-8,3-6
Match #10 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Jeremy Fahler (Illinois) Dec 3-0,6-0
Match #11 Devin Peterson (Wisconsin) over Joel Bauman (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-1,1-0

Junior-189 – Taylor Neaton – DNP
Match #1 Lucas Sheridan (California) over Taylor Neaton (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,5-1
Match #2 Taylor Neaton (Minnesota) over Delis Kruup (Pennsylvania) Dec 2-0,3-0
Match #3 Taylor Neaton (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Taylor Neaton (Minnesota) over Ryan Rozell (Illinois) Dec 2-0,1-0
Match #5 Taylor Neaton (Minnesota) over Tony Gardner (Maryland) Dec 1-0,3-0
Match #6 Matthew Riley (Iowa) over Taylor Neaton (Minnesota) Dec 0-2,1-0,2-0

Junior-189 – Chad Matthees – DNP
Match #1 Chad Matthees (Minnesota) over Cody Wesson (North Carolina) Dec 7-1,1-7,5-0
Match #2 Chad Matthees (Minnesota) over Tim Hartwig (Idaho) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Chad Matthees (Minnesota) over Frank Abbondanza (New York) Dec 3-2,0-2,4-1
Match #4 Matthew Riley (Iowa) over Chad Matthees (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,3-0,5-0
Match #5 Jayd Docken (South Dakota) over Chad Matthees (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-189 – Cj Hays – DNP
Match #1 Cj Hays (Minnesota) over Mike Green (Maryland) Dec 1-0,5-2
Match #2 Marcus Finau (Hawaii) over Cj Hays (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,2-0
Match #3 Jeremiah Henderson (Georgia) over Cj Hays (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,1-0

Junior-189 – Ben Gailfus – DNP
Match #1 Devan Fors (Oregon) over Ben Gailfus (Minnesota) Fall 0:23
Match #2 Sam Fulton (Arizona) over Ben Gailfus (Minnesota) Fall 1:07

Junior-189 – Kody Kalkbrenner – DNP
Match #1 Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) over Billy Malicote (Ohio) Dec 0-1,3-2,1-0
Match #2 Cody Johnston (Missouri) over Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,8-0
Match #3 Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) over Jay Tucker (Arizona) Dec 3-0,7-1
Match #4 William George (New Jersey) over Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) Fall 2-0,0-2,0:20

Junior-189 – John Gusewelle – DNP
Match #1 John Gusewelle (Minnesota) over Chris Heald (Michigan) Dec 1-0,3-1
Match #2 John Gusewelle (Minnesota) over Chris Mart (South Dakota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Khari Washington (Illinois) over John Gusewelle (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:54
Match #4 John Gusewelle (Minnesota) over Austin Morehead (California) Fall 3-0,0:40
Match #5 John Gusewelle (Minnesota) over Zach Merrill (California) Dec 2-1,4-0,2-0
Match #6 Devan Fors (Oregon) over John Gusewelle (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,1-0

Junior-189 – Jeff Nielsen – DNP
Match #1 Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) over Skyler Carrol (Montana) Dec 4-3,5-1
Match #2 Danny Balderas (Illinois) over Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,3-0,1-0
Match #3 Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) over Josh Greer (Alabama) Dec 4-1,2-0
Match #4 Cody Johnston (Missouri) over Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,1-1

Junior-189 – Ben McPhail – DNP
Match #1 Drake Stein (Indiana) over Ben McPhail (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,1-5,6-1
Match #2 Ben McPhail (Minnesota) over Mario Garcia (Colorado) Dec 1-0,7-1
Match #3 Ben McPhail (Minnesota) over Mitch Steed (Washington) Dec 4-1,1-0
Match #4 Luke Miller (Illinois) over Ben McPhail (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-0

Junior-215 – Dakota Drake-Warner – DNP
Match #1 Dakota Drake-Warner (Minnesota) over Lars Oveson (Florida) Dec 6-0,1-0
Match #2 Nick Pearch (Kansas) over Dakota Drake-Warner (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,1-0
Match #3 Matt Loew (New York) over Dakota Drake-Warner (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,7-0

Junior-285 – Parker Betts – DNP
Match #1 Parker Betts (Minnesota) over Casey Krohne (Illinois) TF 6-0,5-0
Match #2 Parker Betts (Minnesota) over Garett Strychalski (Indiana) Fall 6-0,0:50
Match #3 Parker Betts (Minnesota) over Kabe Fluiat (Washington) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #4 Orry Elor (California) over Parker Betts (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,1-0
Match #5 Parker Betts (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 West Cathcart (Illinois) over Parker Betts (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,0-1,1-0

Junior-285 – Donny Longendyke – 2nd Place
Match #1 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Nathan Spieth (Michigan) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Casey Gushleff (Illinois) Dec 0-2,2-0,3-0
Match #3 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Jake Laden (Washington) Dec 2-0,1-0
Match #4 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Zachary Callahan (Kansas) Dec 3-0,3-0
Match #5 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Josh Davis (California) Dec 1-0,6-0
Match #6 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #7 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Niko Bogojevic (Wisconsin) Dec 2-0,1-0
Match #8 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Casey Gushleff (Illinois) Dec 0-2,2-0,3-0
Match #9 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Orry Elor (California) over Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,4-0

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Cadet Freestyle Results for Minnesota


Top Ten Team Scores:

8.New Jersey26

Individual Results:

Cadet-84 – Gannon Volk – 5th Place
Match #1 Gannon Volk (Minnesota) over Chris Sommers (Illinois) Fall 1:55
Match #2 Gannon Volk (Minnesota) over Ethan Bonnin (California) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Gannon Volk (Minnesota) over Casey Cobb (Idaho) Dec 5-5,2-3,3-2
Match #4 Brent Fleetwood (Delaware) over Gannon Volk (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #5 Davion Jeffries (Oklahoma) over Gannon Volk (Minnesota) Dec 6-3,3-2
Match #6 Gannon Volk (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #7 Brent Fleetwood (Delaware) over Gannon Volk (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #8 Gannon Volk (Minnesota) over Sam Phillips (Iowa) Dec 6-3,6-0

Cadet-84 – Aaron Dick – 4th Place
Match #1 Aaron Dick (Minnesota) over Derek Simpson (Wisconsin) Fall 6-0,0:16
Match #2 Aaron Dick (Minnesota) over Tyler Jensen (Utah) Dec 6-0,3-0
Match #3 Aaron Dick (Minnesota) over Carlos Fuentez (Illinois) Dec 1-8,4-3,2-1
Match #4 Aaron Dick (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Tyler Casamenti (New Jersey) over Aaron Dick (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-0
Match #6 Aaron Dick (Minnesota) over Sam Phillips (Iowa) Dec 9-8,6-0
Match #7 Davion Jeffries (Oklahoma) over Aaron Dick (Minnesota) Fall 8-0,0:12

Cadet-91 – Trent Piepenburg – DNP
Match #1 Tirso Lara (California) over Trent Piepenburg (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-1
Match #2 Trent Piepenburg (Minnesota) over Jordan Lind (Illinois) Dec 2-2,3-0
Match #3 Noah Teaney (Missouri) over Trent Piepenburg (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,1:34

Cadet-91 – Skyler Petry – 6th Place
Match #1 Skyler Petry (Minnesota) over Ethan Lizak (Pennsylvania) Fall 5-5,0-2,1:35
Match #2 Ronnie Bresser (Oregon) over Skyler Petry (Minnesota) Fall 1:11
Match #3 Skyler Petry (Minnesota) over Josh Newberg (Washington) Dec 5-1,4-0
Match #4 Skyler Petry (Minnesota) over Tanner Johnshoy (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #5 Skyler Petry (Minnesota) over Dylan Lucas (Florida) Dec 1-6,1-0,3-3
Match #6 Tommy Thorn (Minnesota) over Skyler Petry (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-1
Match #7 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Skyler Petry (Minnesota) Fall 0:31

Cadet-91 – Tanner Johnshoy – DNP
Match #1 Tanner Johnshoy (Minnesota) over Matt Gamble (California) Fall 7-1,3-4,1:45
Match #2 Tanner Johnshoy (Minnesota) over Shaun Snyder (Arizona) Fall 6-0,1:48
Match #3 Dylan Lucas (Florida) over Tanner Johnshoy (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,7-0
Match #4 Skyler Petry (Minnesota) over Tanner Johnshoy (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0

Cadet-91 – Zach Siegle – 3rd Place
Match #1 Zach Siegle (Minnesota) over Thomas Aloi (Virginia) Fall 5-7,3-0,0:27
Match #2 Zach Siegle (Minnesota) over Derek Miller (Iowa) Fall 1-0,0:25
Match #3 Zach Siegle (Minnesota) over Tommy Walton (North Dakota) Dec 6-1,2-2,3-1
Match #4 Zach Siegle (Minnesota) over Jordan Lind (Illinois) Dec 6-0,5-1
Match #5 Zach Siegle (Minnesota) over Tirso Lara (California) Dec 1-1,6-0
Match #6 Zach Siegle (Minnesota) over Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) TF 7-0,9-5
Match #7 Zach Siegle (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Noah Teaney (Missouri) over Zach Siegle (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #8 Zach Siegle (Minnesota) over Tommy Thorn (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,4-4,3-0

Cadet-91 – Jarred Oftedahl – 5th Place
Match #1 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Armando Torres (Ohio) Fall 2-3,0:52
Match #2 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Mitchell Goldback (North Carolina) Dec 6-0,6-1
Match #3 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Dominic Naso (Illinois) Fall 1:04
Match #4 Noah Teaney (Missouri) over Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,5-4
Match #5 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Zach Siegle (Minnesota) over Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) TF 7-0,9-5
Match #7 Noah Teaney (Missouri) over Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,5-4
Match #8 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #7 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Skyler Petry (Minnesota) Fall 0:31

Cadet-91 – Tommy Thorn – 4th Place
Match #1 Tommy Thorn (Minnesota) over Kael Knowlen (North Dakota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Tommy Thorn (Minnesota) over Matthew Smull (California) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Tommy Thorn (Minnesota) over Hayden Hansen (Oklahoma) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #4 Ronnie Bresser (Oregon) over Tommy Thorn (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-1
Match #5 Tommy Thorn (Minnesota) over Josh Newberg (Washington) Dec 6-0,3-2
Match #6 Tommy Thorn (Minnesota) over Skyler Petry (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-1
Match #7 Ronnie Bresser (Oregon) over Tommy Thorn (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-1
Match #8 Zach Siegle (Minnesota) over Tommy Thorn (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,4-4,3-0

Cadet-98 – Luke Zilverberg – DNP
Match #1 Luke Zilverberg (Minnesota) over Joseph Ghione (New Jersey) Dec 8-2,2-1
Match #2 Zac Hall (Michigan) over Luke Zilverberg (Minnesota) Dec 1-2,3-1,2-1
Match #3 Nathan Tomasello (Ohio) over Luke Zilverberg (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Cadet-98 – Tristan Manderfeld – DNP
Match #1 Tristan Manderfeld (Minnesota) over Tyler Scott (Oregon) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Tristan Manderfeld (Minnesota) over Adrian Sisneros (Wyoming) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Tristan Manderfeld (Minnesota) over Beau Minnick (Ohio) Dec 5-0,6-0
Match #4 Mason Pengilly (California) over Tristan Manderfeld (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,6-0
Match #5 Jacob Trujillo (Colorado) over Tristan Manderfeld (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-0

Cadet-98 – Kyle Gliva – 6th Place
Match #1 Michael Cook (Idaho) over Kyle Gliva (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,4-2
Match #2 Kyle Gliva (Minnesota) over Cody Foos (Oklahoma) TF 6-0,8-0
Match #3 Kyle Gliva (Minnesota) over Zach Hensley (Maryland) TF 6-0,9-2
Match #4 Kyle Gliva (Minnesota) over Joseph Doria (New York) TF 6-0,8-0
Match #5 Kyle Gliva (Minnesota) over Dylan Akers (Texas) Dec 5-1,4-2
Match #6 Kyle Gliva (Minnesota) over Kyndall Rutz (Colorado) Dec 4-6,2-1,2-1
Match #7 Darian Cruz (Pennsylvania) over Kyle Gliva (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,2-1
Match #8 Mason Pengilly (California) over Kyle Gliva (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-0

Cadet-105 – Cole Sladek – DNP
Match #1 Cole Sladek (Minnesota) over Sean Badua (Virginia) Dec 1-0,4-3
Match #2 Jake Konzal (Washington) over Cole Sladek (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Cole Sladek (Minnesota) over Tucker Clark (Kansas) TF 7-0,8-0
Match #4 Colton Adams (Nebraska) over Cole Sladek (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:53

Cadet-105 – Nathaniel Mittag – DNP
Match #1 Wyatt Nutter (Florida) over Nathaniel Mittag (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,3-7,4-3
Match #2 Austin Hood (Kansas) over Nathaniel Mittag (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Cadet-105 – Isaac Novacek – DNP
Match #1 Darshawn Sharp (Georgia) over Isaac Novacek (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,6-2
Match #2 Isaac Novacek (Minnesota) over Layton Perry (Nevada) Dec 6-0,4-0
Match #3 Isaac Novacek (Minnesota) over Michael Nguyen (Washington) TF 7-1,7-0
Match #4 Luis Gonzalez (New Jersey) over Isaac Novacek (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,4-0

Cadet-105 – Tone Fuenffinger – DNP
Match #1 Brendan Calas (New Jersey) over Tone Fuenffinger (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:29
Match #2 Mark Duda (Illinois) over Tone Fuenffinger (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,2-1

Cadet-105 – Nate Thomas – DNP
Match #1 Anthony Ashnault (New Jersey) over Nate Thomas (Minnesota) Dec 5-3,6-0
Match #2 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) over Garrett Fortado (California) Dec 2-0,1-0
Match #3 Jacob Schmitt (Michigan) over Nate Thomas (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,4-1

Cadet-112 – Sam Brancale – 4th Place
Match #1 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Terrence Kennedy (Indiana) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Rami Haddadin (Utah) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Godwin Nyama (Pennsylvania) Fall 0:34
Match #4 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Tyler Tate (Nevada) Dec 4-0,6-0
Match #5 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Max Hvolbek (California) Dec 4-0,6-0
Match #6 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Bob Mason (Ohio) Fall 0:41
Match #7 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Will Steltzlen (Oklahoma) TF 6-0,8-1
Match #8 Jered Cortez (Illinois) over Sam Brancale (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,7-0
Match #9 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Barlow McGhee (Illinois) Dec 3-0,0-1,6-0
Match #10 Jered Cortez (Illinois) over Sam Brancale (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,7-0
Match #11 Dominick Malone (Connecticut) over Sam Brancale (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,4-1

Cadet-112 – Brett Stolarzyk – DNP
Match #1 Hayden Wise (Washington) over Brett Stolarzyk (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-1
Match #2 Brett Stolarzyk (Minnesota) over Zach Nelson (Missouri) Dec 2-1,6-2
Match #3 James Flint (Florida) over Brett Stolarzyk (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,0-7,7-5

Cadet-112 – Mitchel Herian – DNP
Match #1 Geordan Martinez (Colorado) over Mitchel Herian (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,0:53
Match #2 Albert Ryan (Arizona) over Mitchel Herian (Minnesota) Fall 3-2,1:41

Cadet-119 – Ger Lor – DNP
Match #1 Ger Lor (Minnesota) over Carbon Kennington (Wyoming) Dec 7-3,1-0
Match #2 George Fisher (Illinois) over Ger Lor (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Madison Martin (Georgia) over Ger Lor (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,1:36

Cadet-119 – Mitch Bengtson – 3rd Place
Match #1 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Kurtis Loftis (Idaho) TF 7-1,7-0
Match #2 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Alejandro Sancho (Florida) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Spencer Derifield (Iowa) TF 7-0,8-2
Match #4 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Russell Coleman (Missouri) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #5 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Artem Timchenko (Ohio) Dec 3-2,7-0
Match #6 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Walker Dempsey (Connecticut) Dec 1-0,7-0
Match #7 Corey Keener (Pennsylvania) over Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,3-1
Match #8 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Ali Naser (California) Dec 6-0,5-2
Match #9 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Thomas Gilman (Nebraska) over Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,2-0
Match #11 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Clayton Ream (Missouri) Dec 1-0,3-1
Match #12 Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Stephen Myers (Ohio) TF 7-0,7-0

Cadet-119 – Wayne Voss – DNP
Match #1 Wayne Voss (Minnesota) over Victor Fugate (Florida) Dec 3-2,6-0
Match #2 Wayne Voss (Minnesota) over Jake Johnson (Michigan) Fall 1:59
Match #3 Wayne Voss (Minnesota) over Justin Kihn (Ohio) Dec 2-0,9-0
Match #4 Clayton Ream (Missouri) over Wayne Voss (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,5-1
Match #5 Walker Dempsey (Connecticut) over Wayne Voss (Minnesota) Dec 3-3,5-0,1-0

Cadet-119 – Juan Torres – DNP
Match #1 Juan Torres (Minnesota) over Josh Breece (Oklahoma) Dec 2-0,6-0
Match #2 Juan Torres (Minnesota) over Roman Stiff (Wisconsin) Dec 6-0,4-2
Match #3 Juan Torres (Minnesota) over Josh DiSanto (Pennsylvania) TF 1-8,10-4,6-0
Match #4 Juan Torres (Minnesota) over Jeffrey Ogburn; Jr (Virginia) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #5 Bryce Brill (Illinois) over Juan Torres (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,3-1
Match #6 Stephen Myers (Ohio) over Juan Torres (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Cadet-119 – Lincoln Mallinger – DNP
Match #1 Colton Orrino (Washington) over Lincoln Mallinger (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,2-1
Match #2 Lincoln Mallinger (Minnesota) over Reed Bowker (Kansas) Dec 4-3,4-2
Match #3 Jorge Lopez (New Jersey) over Lincoln Mallinger (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-1

Cadet-125 – Roman Wundrow – DNP
Match #1 Chris Araoz (New York) over Roman Wundrow (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,6-3
Match #2 Caden Lynch (Kansas) over Roman Wundrow (Minnesota) Fall 1:59

Cadet-125 – Henry Wolfbauer – DNP
Match #1 Calvin Ochs (Kansas) over Henry Wolfbauer (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:53
Match #2 Henry Wolfbauer (Minnesota) over Joseph Plante (New York) Dec 0-4,2-1,3-1
Match #3 Peter Palacios (California) over Henry Wolfbauer (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Cadet-125 – Eliot Jurries – DNP
Match #1 Eliot Jurries (Minnesota) over Andrew Morgan (Kansas) Dec 2-1,6-2
Match #2 Jacob Haney (Colorado) over Eliot Jurries (Minnesota) TF 6-0,8-2
Match #3 John Diekel (New York) over Eliot Jurries (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-4

Cadet-125 – Taner Trembley – DNP
Match #1 Ben Whitford (Illinois) over Taner Trembley (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-1
Match #2 Taner Trembley (Minnesota) over Mike Deehan (New Jersey) Fall 4-2,0:36
Match #3 Taner Trembley (Minnesota) over Aaron Yelton (Oklahoma) TF 10-3,7-0
Match #4 Daniel Sanchez (Maryland) over Taner Trembley (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,1-1

Cadet-130 – Grant Nehring – DNP
Match #1 Lucas Somera (Washington) over Grant Nehring (Minnesota) TF 8-2,7-0
Match #2 Cole Graves (Maryland) over Grant Nehring (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,7-4

Cadet-130 – Dakota Trom – 2nd Place
Match #1 Dakota Trom (Minnesota) over Drue Bosco (California) Fall 6-0,1:05
Match #2 T J Miller (New Jersey) over Dakota Trom (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,1-0
Match #3 Dakota Trom (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Dakota Trom (Minnesota) over Ian Steen (Washington) Fall 6-0,0:35
Match #5 Dakota Trom (Minnesota) over Jayden Semrad (Florida) Fall 0:53
Match #6 Dakota Trom (Minnesota) over Logan Marcicki (Michigan) Fall 0:42
Match #7 Dakota Trom (Minnesota) over Jared Johnshoy (Idaho) Dec 3-2,6-0
Match #8 T J Miller (New Jersey) over Dakota Trom (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,1-0
Match #9 Dakota Trom (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Dakota Trom (Minnesota) over Zane Richards (Illinois) Dec 0-1,3-1,1-0
Match #11 Brandon Jeske (Virginia) over Dakota Trom (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0

Cadet-135 – Jacob Anderson – DNP
Match #1 Jacob Anderson (Minnesota) over Cody Handley (Indiana) Dec 5-3,3-3
Match #2 Jacob Anderson (Minnesota) over Vincent Richmond (California) TF 7-0,7-1
Match #3 Colton Gladwell (Illinois) over Jacob Anderson (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,5-3
Match #4 Wayne Stinson (New Jersey) over Jacob Anderson (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,3-6,8-2

Cadet-135 – Brett Peterson – DNP
Match #1 Greg Artalona (Alabama) over Brett Peterson (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,4-0
Match #2 Alex Aniciete (Nevada) over Brett Peterson (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:21

Cadet-135 – Jake Short – 1st Place
Match #1 Jake Short (Minnesota) over Rodney Shepard (North Carolina) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Jake Short (Minnesota) over Marcus Spotts (Iowa) Fall 0:19
Match #3 Jake Short (Minnesota) over Caleb Rutner (North Dakota) TF 7-0,8-0
Match #4 Jake Short (Minnesota) over Nick Ruffino (Illinois) Dec 10-3,3-0
Match #5 Jake Short (Minnesota) over Archie Colgan (Colorado) TF 9-2,6-0
Match #6 Jake Short (Minnesota) over John Wood (Missouri) Fall 1:38
Match #7 Jake Short (Minnesota) over Alex Aniciete (Nevada) Dec 5-2,3-2
Match #8 Jake Short (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Jake Short (Minnesota) over Alex Aniciete (Nevada) Dec 2-5,2-3
Match #10 Jake Short (Minnesota) over Toby Hague (New Jersey) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #11 Jake Short (Minnesota) over Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) Dec 2-0,1-0

Cadet-135 – Myrel Schermerhorn – DNP
Match #1 Jared Johnson (Kansas) over Myrel Schermerhorn (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,6-7
Match #2 Laike Gardner (Pennsylvania) over Myrel Schermerhorn (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Cadet-140 – Luke Schmit – DNP
Match #1 Luke Schmit (Minnesota) over Henderson Grant (Iowa) Dec 6-3,2-3,4-3
Match #2 James Smith (Massachusetts) over Luke Schmit (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,6-2
Match #3 Nick Mudloff (Wisconsin) over Luke Schmit (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,3-0

Cadet-140 – Trey Hable – DNP
Match #1 Trey Hable (Minnesota) over Andrew Hempstead (Missouri) Fall 0:22
Match #2 James Dekrone (New York) over Trey Hable (Minnesota) Dec 0-3,5-4,3-0
Match #3 Trey Hable (Minnesota) over Samuel Button (New Jersey) Dec 3-3,5-4
Match #4 Trey Hable (Minnesota) over Josue Hernandez (California) Fall 3-1,1:41
Match #5 Shay Christiansen (Montana) over Trey Hable (Minnesota) Fall 0:28

Cadet-140 – Garret Hoffner – DNP
Match #1 Garret Hoffner (Minnesota) over Joseph Minoglio (Maryland) TF 8-0,7-1
Match #2 Garret Hoffner (Minnesota) over Jared Lawson (Indiana) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Kaleb Baker (Tennessee) over Garret Hoffner (Minnesota) Fall 9-3,1:11
Match #4 Antonio Mancella (New Jersey) over Garret Hoffner (Minnesota) Dec 4-5,4-4,5-2

Cadet-145 – Daniel Woiwor – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Askey (Georgia) over Daniel Woiwor (Minnesota) Dec 7-3,8-0
Match #2 Daniel Woiwor (Minnesota) over Joseph Porter (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Daniel Woiwor (Minnesota) over Able Robles (California) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #4 John Austin Jones (Alabama) over Daniel Woiwor (Minnesota) Fall 0-7,0:38

Cadet-145 – Nick Wanzek – DNP
Match #1 Nick Wanzek (Minnesota) over Turbo Smith (Tennessee) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Nick Wanzek (Minnesota) over Oscar Romero (Ohio) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Nick Wanzek (Minnesota) over Zachary Smith (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #4 Nick Wanzek (Minnesota) over Tony Clinesmith (Missouri) Fall 0:54
Match #5 Coleman Hammond (California) over Nick Wanzek (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,3-2
Match #6 Travis Curley (Michigan) over Nick Wanzek (Minnesota) Dec 0-3,3-3,6-1

Cadet-145 – Brett Pfarr – 3rd Place
Match #1 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) over Jake Rasberry (Florida) Dec 4-0,6-0
Match #2 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) over Gabriel Moreno (Iowa) Fall 0-5,5-1,0:45
Match #3 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) over Jason Grimes (Georgia) Dec 4-0,2-0
Match #4 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) over Jared Reis (North Dakota) Dec 1-0,4-2
Match #5 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) over Austin Myers (Ohio) Dec 5-0,5-1
Match #6 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) over Alex Metzler (Nebraska) TF 6-1,7-1
Match #7 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) over Kyle Perrault (California) Dec 7-0,6-1
Match #9 Chance Marsteller (Pennsylvania) over Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,5-0
Match #10 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) over Tyler Askey (Georgia) Dec 1-1,2-1

Cadet-145 – Austin Boniface – DNP
Match #1 Alex Metzler (Nebraska) over Austin Boniface (Minnesota) Dec 3-5,6-0,5-2
Match #2 Austin Boniface (Minnesota) over Brandon Young (Arizona) Dec 7-1,5-3
Match #3 Austin Boniface (Minnesota) over Hans Holkesvik (Iowa) Dec 5-0,3-4,6-0
Match #4 Kyle Perrault (California) over Austin Boniface (Minnesota) Fall 1:35

Cadet-160 – Ben Cousins – DNP
Match #1 Ben Cousins (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Ben Cousins (Minnesota) over Kevin Milner (California) Dec 2-0,5-0
Match #3 Kip Jangula (North Dakota) over Ben Cousins (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,7-0
Match #4 Ben Cousins (Minnesota) over Dalton Johnson (Nevada) Dec 1-4,5-0,3-2
Match #5 Mitchell Bain (Pennsylvania) over Ben Cousins (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,1-0

Cadet-160 – Will Balow – DNP
Match #1 Will Balow (Minnesota) over Zachary Nibert (West Virginia) Dec 5-1,6-0
Match #2 Will Balow (Minnesota) over Mike Tenerio (California) Dec 4-0,2-1
Match #3 Will Balow (Minnesota) over Austin Neibarger (Indiana) Dec 3-2,6-1
Match #4 Glen Climmons (Georgia) over Will Balow (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #5 Will Balow (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Alex Meyer (Iowa) over Will Balow (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,3-2

Cadet-160 – Ricky Briggs – DNP
Match #1 Justun Steel (Idaho) over Ricky Briggs (Minnesota) Fall 1:08
Match #2 Jacob Stillings (Wisconsin) over Ricky Briggs (Minnesota) Dec 6-2,6-0

Cadet-171 – Richard Carlson – DNP
Match #1 Richard Carlson (Minnesota) over Matthew Seabold (Iowa) Fall 6-0,0:16
Match #2 Richard Carlson (Minnesota) over Dylan Morris (California) Fall 0:39
Match #3 Richard Carlson (Minnesota) over Andrew Jones (New York) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #4 Richard Carlson (Minnesota) over Jacob Burton (Ohio) Dec 3-2,8-0
Match #5 Jacob Morrissey (Wisconsin) over Richard Carlson (Minnesota) Dec 9-3,2-0
Match #6 Dakota DesLauriers (Pennsylvania) over Richard Carlson (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,2-2,1-0

Cadet-171 – Miles Hammerlund – DNP
Match #1 Miles Hammerlund (Minnesota) over Justin Woodall (Alabama) Dec 7-7,5-4
Match #2 Zachary Epker (Illinois) over Miles Hammerlund (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,6-0
Match #3 Shelby Krout (Oklahoma) over Miles Hammerlund (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,6-3

Cadet-171 – Vince Johnson – DNP
Match #1 Kyle Foy (Utah) over Vince Johnson (Minnesota) Fall 1:10
Match #2 Joseph Rimel (Maryland) over Vince Johnson (Minnesota) Fall 0-5,1:13

Cadet-189 – Adam Josephson – 2nd Place
Match #1 Adam Josephson (Minnesota) over Dalton Halbig (Indiana) Fall 0:31
Match #2 Adam Josephson (Minnesota) over Evan Rosborough (Ohio) Dec 7-0,6-3
Match #3 Adam Josephson (Minnesota) over McZiggy Richards (New York) Fall 1:30
Match #4 Adam Josephson (Minnesota) over Kevin Marvel (Maryland) Dec 6-0,8-7
Match #5 Adam Josephson (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Adam Josephson (Minnesota) over Ryan Cone (Wisconsin) Dec 7-0,5-3
Match #7 Adam Josephson (Minnesota) over Brad Johnson (Illinois) Dec 1-0,0-5,5-1
Match #8 Adam Josephson (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Mitch Sliga (Indiana) over Adam Josephson (Minnesota) Dec 7-2,2-0

Cadet-215 – Michael Kroells – 3rd Place
Match #1 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) over Alex Bambic (Arizona) Fall 1:09
Match #2 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) over Daniel Finney (Wisconsin) Fall 6-0,0:56
Match #3 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) over David Farr (New Jersey) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Michael Kroells (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,6-0
Match #5 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) over Dawson Peck (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #6 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) over Jimmy Trull (Washington) Dec 1-0,6-2
Match #7 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Michael Kroells (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,6-0
Match #8 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) over Taylor McGiffen (Illinois) Fall 1:56
Match #9 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) over Brett Geilenfeldt (Wisconsin) Dec 3-1,4-3

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Junior Freestyle Results for Minnesota


Top Ten Team Scores:

New Jersey24
10.New York19

Individual Results:

Junior-98 – Gabe Foltz – DNP
Match #1 Juan Jimenez (California) over Gabe Foltz (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Jj Dorrell (Missouri) over Gabe Foltz (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,4-2,3-0

Junior-105 – Erik Olson – DNP
Match #1 Erik Olson (Minnesota) over Christian Carbajal (Hawaii) Fall 6-3,0:35
Match #2 Andrew Chase (Connecticut) over Erik Olson (Minnesota) Fall 9-3,1:41
Match #3 Michael Bedard (North Carolina) over Erik Olson (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-0

Junior-112 – Jordan Kingsley – 6th Place
Match #1 Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) over Morgan Engbrecht (South Dakota) Dec 5-1,7-0
Match #2 Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) over Andrew Vulliet (Washington) Fall 1:57
Match #3 Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) over Isaiah Mayorquin (Arizona) Fall 0:52
Match #4 Evan Silver (Maryland) over Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,7-0
Match #5 Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) over Tyler Foley (Michigan) Fall 6-0,0:09
Match #6 Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) over Brayan Gonzalez (Illinois) Dec 2-0,3-1
Match #7 Dylan Peters (Iowa) over Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) Dec 2-4,2-0,6-0
Match #8 Cory Clark (Iowa) over Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-0

Junior-119 – Zach Stepan – DNP
Match #1 Courtland Hacker (Colorado) over Zach Stepan (Minnesota) TF 8-0,6-0
Match #2 Jacob Purdy (California) over Zach Stepan (Minnesota) Fall 3-0,1:23

Junior-119 – Mike Fuenffinger – DNP
Match #1 Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over Gabe Goodrich (Oregon) Dec 8-6,7-1
Match #2 Eric Friedman (Maryland) over Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,1-0
Match #3 Matt Correa (California) over Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,6-0

Junior-119 – Jacoby Bergeron – DNP
Match #1 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Max Byrd (Ohio) Dec 7-7,3-2
Match #2 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Vincent Garafola (New York) TF 9-2,7-0
Match #3 Max Mejia (Arizona) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,3-0
Match #4 Earl Hall (Florida) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,7-0

Junior-119 – Tyler Isaacson – DNP
Match #1 Isaiah Varona (Florida) over Tyler Isaacson (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #2 Tyler Isaacson (Minnesota) over Jake Rasque (Maine) Dec 2-0,4-0
Match #3 Cody Reed (South Dakota) over Tyler Isaacson (Minnesota) Fall 1:44

Junior-119 – Zachary Goldberg – DNP
Match #1 David Terao (Hawaii) over Zachary Goldberg (Minnesota) Fall 1:43
Match #2 Bricker Dixon (Missouri) over Zachary Goldberg (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Junior-119 – Hayden Zillmer – DNP
Match #1 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Chris Chavez (Colorado) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Esteban Gonzales (Michigan) Dec 3-1,3-1
Match #3 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Ryan Cash (Ohio) Dec 5-1,2-0
Match #4 Vinny Punzone (New York) over Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) Dec 1-2,1-0,1-1
Match #5 Rob Deutsch (New Jersey) over Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-1

Junior-125 – Tyler Jobe – DNP
Match #1 Pat Myers (Pennsylvania) over Tyler Jobe (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,4-0
Match #2 Jeffrey Ott (Massachusetts) over Tyler Jobe (Minnesota) Dec 5-4,6-0

Junior-125 – Brady Johnshoy – DNP
Match #1 Brady Johnshoy (Minnesota) over Gage Swartz (Virginia) Dec 3-5,2-0,8-2
Match #2 Kyle Larson (Iowa) over Brady Johnshoy (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,4-0
Match #3 Mario Corado (Kansas) over Brady Johnshoy (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,5-2

Junior-125 – Ben Morgan – 6th Place
Match #1 Ben Morgan (Minnesota) over Brock Banta (Idaho) Dec 7-0,6-1
Match #2 Ben Morgan (Minnesota) over Ross Whitmore (Kansas) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Ben Morgan (Minnesota) over Tim Locksmith (Florida) Dec 6-0,4-4,3-1
Match #4 Cody Brewer (Missouri) over Ben Morgan (Minnesota) Dec 5-4,6-0
Match #5 Ben Morgan (Minnesota) over Sam Jones (Louisiana) Dec 3-0,6-0
Match #6 Ben Morgan (Minnesota) over Danny Sabatello (Illinois) Fall 0:38
Match #7 Ben Morgan (Minnesota) over Shane McGough (Arizona) TF 8-0,0-7,7-1
Match #8 Zachary Horan (Pennsylvania) over Ben Morgan (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #9 Mark Grey (New Jersey) over Ben Morgan (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,3-0,6-0

Junior-125 – Alex Peck – DNP
Match #1 Alex Peck (Minnesota) over Dominic Buono (Arizona) Dec 6-0,3-2
Match #2 Alex Peck (Minnesota) over Austin Buffaloe (Georgia) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Kevin Norstrem (Florida) over Alex Peck (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,1-0
Match #4 Brian Sergi (California) over Alex Peck (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,5-5,5-4

Junior-125 – Dylan Wright – DNP
Match #1 Hank Boudreaux (Louisiana) over Dylan Wright (Minnesota) Dec 5-5,3-3,7-2
Match #2 Dylan Wright (Minnesota) over Michael Chavez (Colorado) Dec 6-3,3-0
Match #3 Dylan Wright (Minnesota) over Jared Berlinger (Washington) Dec 0-1,3-2,3-1
Match #4 Parke Overmiller (Maryland) over Dylan Wright (Minnesota) Dec 0-6,2-2,6-4

Junior-130 – Beau Buysse – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Liberatore (Florida) over Beau Buysse (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Beau Buysse (Minnesota) over Anthony Montanaro (New York) Fall 0:27
Match #3 Beau Buysse (Minnesota) over Karahn Washington (South Carolina) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #4 Zack Tanenbaum (Kansas) over Beau Buysse (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,5-0

Junior-130 – Matt Kelliher – 2nd Place
Match #1 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Ryan Miller (Ohio) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Dallin Rice (Utah) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Arthur Walsh III (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-0,0-4,6-0
Match #4 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Geofrey Bostany (Alabama) Dec 7-4,6-0
Match #5 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Trevor Jauch (Illinois) Dec 2-0,7-2
Match #6 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Nick Soto (Florida) TF 8-0,7-0
Match #7 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Justin Vanhoose (Missouri) ID
Match #8 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Joey Gosinski (Illinois) Dec 6-0,3-3
Match #10 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Trevor Jauch (Illinois) Dec 2-0,7-2
Match #11 Tyler Liberatore (Florida) over Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,2-1

Junior-130 – Christian Skillings – DNP
Match #1 Christian Skillings (Minnesota) over Zachary Dawson (Ohio) Dec 6-3,7-0
Match #2 Josh Durham (Oklahoma) over Christian Skillings (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,3-1
Match #3 Christian Skillings (Minnesota) over Kamron Day (Utah) TF 8-0,7-0
Match #4 Christian Skillings (Minnesota) over Josh Morin (Montana) Dec 4-3,7-1
Match #5 Christian Skillings (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Joey Gosinski (Illinois) over Christian Skillings (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,6-0

Junior-130 – Bronson Steuber – DNP
Match #1 Bronson Steuber (Minnesota) over Andrew Nold (Michigan) TF 6-0,60-0
Match #2 Bronson Steuber (Minnesota) over Jayce Carr (Kentucky) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Bronson Steuber (Minnesota) over Peter Russo (Oregon) Dec 6-0,7-2
Match #4 Bronson Steuber (Minnesota) over Andrew Brown (Ohio) Fall 0-1,1:01
Match #5 Josh Keszler (South Dakota) over Bronson Steuber (Minnesota) TF 6-0,8-1

Junior-130 – Michael DeJolsvay – DNP
Match #1 Michael DeJolsvay (Minnesota) over Manny Ybarra (Washington) Dec 6-1,7-0
Match #2 Michael DeJolsvay (Minnesota) over Ryan Sweat (Texas) TF 7-1,7-1
Match #3 Michael DeJolsvay (Minnesota) over Colton Thornton (Utah) Dec 6-5,0-6,3-2
Match #4 Jameson Oster (Illinois) over Michael DeJolsvay (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #5 Cameron Jackson (Michigan) over Michael DeJolsvay (Minnesota) Fall 1:51

Junior-135 – Drew Lexvold – DNP
Match #1 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Symon Seaton (Kansas) TF 1-1,6-0,7-1
Match #2 Seth Lange (South Dakota) over Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,7-0
Match #3 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Benny Watt (Idaho) Dec 5-3,1-4,6-4
Match #4 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Joshua Hastings (Missouri) Dec 9-2,3-1
Match #5 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Joe Johnson (Michigan) Fall 0:58
Match #6 Jake Sueflohn (Wisconsin) over Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) Fall 6-3,4-4,1:23

Junior-135 – Eric Nelson – DNP
Match #1 Eric Nelson (Minnesota) over Koy Ash (Utah) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Jason Montemayor (Illinois) over Eric Nelson (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,5-1
Match #3 Eric Nelson (Minnesota) over Charlie Joseph (Michigan) Dec 7-1,2-1
Match #4 Keenan Hagerty (Missouri) over Eric Nelson (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior-135 – Gabe Fogarty – DNP
Match #1 Gabe Fogarty (Minnesota) over Daniel Marks (Arizona) Fall 0:28
Match #2 Garrett Vasquez (Colorado) over Gabe Fogarty (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Travis Barnett (New York) over Gabe Fogarty (Minnesota) Fall 0:38

Junior-135 – Matthew Nelson – 8th Place
Match #1 Matthew Nelson (Minnesota) over Jin Heok Park (Massachusetts) Dec 3-1,6-0
Match #2 Matthew Nelson (Minnesota) over Tj Peretti (Washington) Dec 2-0,1-3,7-0
Match #3 Matthew Nelson (Minnesota) over Lenny Bloom (Illinois) Dec 6-3,3-1
Match #4 Matthew Nelson (Minnesota) over Siven Furseth (Wisconsin) Dec 2-5,6-2,4-0
Match #5 Matthew Nelson (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Taylor Moeder (Kansas) over Matthew Nelson (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,7-0
Match #7 Matthew Nelson (Minnesota) over Louis Mascola (New Jersey) Dec 5-3,0-3,3-1
Match #8 Terrell Wilbourn (Missouri) over Matthew Nelson (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,6-3
Match #9 Jake Sueflohn (Wisconsin) over Matthew Nelson (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,7-0

Junior-135 – Tommy Glenn – DNP
Match #1 Tommy Glenn (Minnesota) over Greg Noll (Pennsylvania) Dec 2-0,6-0
Match #2 Jake Elliott (California) over Tommy Glenn (Minnesota) Dec 4-4,3-1,4-1
Match #3 Tommy Glenn (Minnesota) over Jared Kust (Wisconsin) Dec 0-1,1-0,3-0
Match #4 Louis Mascola (New Jersey) over Tommy Glenn (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Junior-135 – Sam Stewart – DNP
Match #1 Brady Turnbull (Wyoming) over Sam Stewart (Minnesota) Fall 1:58
Match #2 Sam Stewart (Minnesota) over Chris Mansfield (Virginia) Fall 0:45
Match #3 Steven Bradtmueller (Georgia) over Sam Stewart (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-0

Junior-140 – Zach Rohr – DNP
Match #1 Zach Rohr (Minnesota) over Nick Becker (Wisconsin) Dec 2-1,6-0
Match #2 Stephen Robertson (Illinois) over Zach Rohr (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,2-0
Match #3 Zach Rohr (Minnesota) over Dustin Vielhauer (Kansas) Dec 6-0,4-0
Match #4 Zach Rohr (Minnesota) over Will Keeter (Idaho) Dec 2-0,8-1
Match #5 Ryne Cokeley (Kansas) over Zach Rohr (Minnesota) Dec 0-7,6-0,4-3

Junior-140 – Garrett Garness – DNP
Match #1 Garrett Garness (Minnesota) over David Lewis (Iowa) Dec 5-0,8-2
Match #2 Lucas Smith (Illinois) over Garrett Garness (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,6-0
Match #3 Garrett Garness (Minnesota) over Robin Callas (California) Dec 2-0,1-0
Match #4 Ty Lydic (Pennsylvania) over Garrett Garness (Minnesota) Dec 7-2,8-1

Junior-140 – Jacob Siegle – DNP
Match #1 Jacob Siegle (Minnesota) over Jake Graham (Idaho) Dec 3-2,6-0
Match #2 Jacob Siegle (Minnesota) over Forrest Carroll (Kansas) Fall 1:36
Match #3 Jacob Siegle (Minnesota) over Gradey Gambrall (Iowa) TF 7-0,8-1
Match #4 Jacob Siegle (Minnesota) over Kyle Terry (Kentucky) Dec 7-0,6-1
Match #5 Blaise Butler (Illinois) over Jacob Siegle (Minnesota) Fall 0:12
Match #6 Nick Dardanes (Illinois) over Jacob Siegle (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior-140 – Devin Scott – DNP
Match #1 Devin Scott (Minnesota) over Dustin Utecht (Washington) Dec 5-0,7-0
Match #2 Devin Scott (Minnesota) over Brent Mittleider (North Dakota) TF 8-0,7-0
Match #3 Devin Scott (Minnesota) over Colby Garrison (Nevada) Dec 3-0,1-0
Match #4 Devin Scott (Minnesota) over Jay Hildreth (Iowa) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #5 Edwin Cooper (Illinois) over Devin Scott (Minnesota) Fall 0-3,0:31
Match #6 Lex Ozias (Maryland) over Devin Scott (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,0-1,3-1

Junior-145 – Jake Long – DNP
Match #1 Jake Long (Minnesota) over Tyler Schnaubert (New Mexico) Fall 0:56
Match #2 Jake Long (Minnesota) over Sam Horrocks (Indiana) Dec 3-3,3-0,2-1
Match #3 Henry Carlson (Alabama) over Jake Long (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-1
Match #4 Josh Clark (Virginia) over Jake Long (Minnesota) Dec 5-4,7-0

Junior-145 – Shawn Hatlestad – DNP
Match #1 Shawn Hatlestad (Minnesota) over Josh Redmond (Louisiana) Fall 0:43
Match #2 Shawn Hatlestad (Minnesota) over Terner Gott (Michigan) Dec 5-0,3-1
Match #3 Shawn Hatlestad (Minnesota) over Walker Slaughter (California) Fall 1:44
Match #4 Joey Kielbasa (Illinois) over Shawn Hatlestad (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,5-1
Match #5 Colin Shober (Pennsylvania) over Shawn Hatlestad (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,1:54

Junior-145 – Curt Maas – DNP
Match #1 Bradley Little (Kansas) over Curt Maas (Minnesota) Dec 2-3,3-2,6-0
Match #2 Kaleb Friedley (Missouri) over Curt Maas (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Junior-145 – Dylan Ness – 2nd Place
Match #1 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Spartacus Chino (Illinois) TF 6-0,6-1
Match #2 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over James Green (New Jersey) Dec 6-3,6-2
Match #3 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Jesse Armstrong (Michigan) Dec 4-3,7-0
Match #4 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Scott Bosak (Pennsylvania) TF 8-1,6-0
Match #5 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Zachary Brunson (Oregon) Fall 1:49
Match #6 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Napoleon Aniciete (Nevada) Fall 5-3,0:38
Match #7 Duke Pickett (Virginia) over Dylan Ness (Minnesota) Dec 3-7,6-0,2-1
Match #8 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Colby Kloetzer (Idaho) Fall 6-2,0:35
Match #10 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Kaleb Friedley (Missouri) Fall 1:41
Match #11 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #12 Alex Dieringer (Wisconsin) over Dylan Ness (Minnesota) Dec 6-4,1-2,6-5

Junior-145 – Colten LaChance – DNP
Match #1 Colten LaChance (Minnesota) over Zac Weyer (Wisconsin) Dec 4-3,4-1
Match #2 Colten LaChance (Minnesota) over Zach Fishman (California) Dec 7-0,8-13,5-2
Match #3 Colten LaChance (Minnesota) over Brad Mutchnik (Maryland) Dec 4-1,5-4
Match #4 D J Beauch (Ohio) over Colten LaChance (Minnesota) TF 6-0,8-2
Match #5 Jordan Wohlfert (Michigan) over Colten LaChance (Minnesota) Dec 2-2,5-2

Junior-152 – Tyler Mergen – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) over Josh Peart (Washington) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) over Anthony Pace (Illinois) Dec 5-1,3-1
Match #3 Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) over Sam Son (Kansas) Dec 6-0,4-0
Match #4 Steven Hernandez (Nevada) over Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,3-0
Match #5 Erik Rueckle (New York) over Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,4-2

Junior-152 – Max Poikonen – DNP
Match #1 Max Poikonen (Minnesota) over Kenneth Hartfield (Oklahoma) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #2 Donny Simpson (Illinois) over Max Poikonen (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,2-0
Match #3 Max Poikonen (Minnesota) over Kirk Johnson (Indiana) Dec 1-0,3-0
Match #4 Max Poikonen (Minnesota) over Robert Pickrell (Colorado) Dec 1-2,1-0,4-1
Match #5 Nick Nelson (California) over Max Poikonen (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,6-0

Junior-152 – Destin McCauley – 1st Place
Match #1 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Nick Hendershot (Ohio) Fall 7-0,0:46
Match #2 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Kyle Ramey (North Carolina) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Rajonie Hammond (New Jersey) Fall 6-0,1:10
Match #4 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Garrett Schaner (Michigan) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #5 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Lorenzo Thomas (Pennsylvania) Dec 4-1,5-1
Match #6 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Nick Nelson (California) Dec 7-0,3-3,5-0
Match #7 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Reece Lefever (Indiana) Dec 6-0,5-0
Match #8 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Matt White (Oklahoma) Dec 3-1,2-1
Match #9 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Matt White (Oklahoma) Dec 3-1,2-1
Match #10 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #11 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Nick Nelson (California) Dec 7-0,3-3,5-0
Match #12 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Matt Hickman (California) Dec 3-1,6-0

Junior-152 – Jake Lillie – DNP
Match #1 Jeremy Davenport (Oklahoma) over Jake Lillie (Minnesota) Fall 1:52
Match #2 Jake Lillie (Minnesota) over Kory Deberry (Arizona) Dec 3-2,2-0
Match #3 Michael Nord (North Dakota) over Jake Lillie (Minnesota) Dec 4-6,6-2,8-0

Junior-152 – Dan Dick – DNP
Match #1 Derek Olson (Wisconsin) over Dan Dick (Minnesota) Dec 7-4,2-2,3-3
Match #2 Dan Dick (Minnesota) over David Kohler (Massachusetts) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Taylor Massa (Michigan) over Dan Dick (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,5-0

Junior-160 – Micah Barnes – DNP
Match #1 Micah Barnes (Minnesota) over Stevin Urban (Oregon) Fall 1:44
Match #2 Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma) over Micah Barnes (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #3 Tyler Rill (Maryland) over Micah Barnes (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,0-6,5-3

Junior-160 – Cooper Moore – DNP
Match #1 Cooper Moore (Minnesota) over Michael Tyner (Oregon) Fall 7-0,0:37
Match #2 Ben Villaret (New York) over Cooper Moore (Minnesota) Dec 2-5,3-1,4-2
Match #3 Cooper Moore (Minnesota) over Joey Dondero (Idaho) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #4 Heath Boyd (Oklahoma) over Cooper Moore (Minnesota) Dec 6-6,5-3

Junior-160 – Steven Keogh – 4th Place
Match #1 Steven Keogh (Minnesota) over Vincent Buttice (New York) Dec 3-0,3-2
Match #2 Steven Keogh (Minnesota) over Zach Skates (Oklahoma) Dec 4-1,3-2
Match #3 Steven Keogh (Minnesota) over Luke Miller (Illinois) TF 7-1,8-1
Match #4 Steven Keogh (Minnesota) over Cody Allala (Virginia) Dec 8-1,3-4,4-2
Match #5 Steven Keogh (Minnesota) over Cody Rodebaugh (California) TF 7-1,6-0
Match #6 Robert Kokesh (South Dakota) over Steven Keogh (Minnesota) Dec 6-3,5-2
Match #7 Steven Keogh (Minnesota) over Seth Thomas (Oregon) Dec 8-2,4-3
Match #8 Steven Keogh (Minnesota) over Wally Figaro (Florida) Dec 1-0,3-0
Match #9 Robert Kokesh (South Dakota) over Steven Keogh (Minnesota) Dec 6-3,5-2
Match #10 Steven Keogh (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #11 Steven Keogh (Minnesota) over Wally Figaro (Florida) Dec 1-0,3-0
Match #12 Michael Kelly (Iowa) over Steven Keogh (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,6-0

Junior-160 – Ben Cox – DNP
Match #1 Ben Cox (Minnesota) over Justin Dillinger (Ohio) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Ben Cox (Minnesota) over Nick Lobue (New York) Dec 1-0,5-1
Match #3 Ben Cox (Minnesota) over Kyle Culton (Illinois) Dec 4-2,1-0
Match #4 Justin Koethe (Iowa) over Ben Cox (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-0
Match #5 Wally Figaro (Florida) over Ben Cox (Minnesota) TF 5-0,7-0

Junior-171 – Dave Rademacher – DNP
Match #1 Dave Rademacher (Minnesota) over Brian Pacheco (Florida) Dec 2-0,7-1
Match #2 Hudson Buck (California) over Dave Rademacher (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,5-0
Match #3 Sean O`Connell (Connecticut) over Dave Rademacher (Minnesota) TF 7-1,6-0

Junior-171 – Josh Willaert – DNP
Match #1 Josh Willaert (Minnesota) over Matt Artigliere (New Jersey) Fall 1-2,0:48
Match #2 Tyler Edwards (California) over Josh Willaert (Minnesota) Fall 4-4,1:52
Match #3 Josh Willaert (Minnesota) over Joel Alvarez (Wisconsin) Dec 5-1,7-0
Match #4 Josh Willaert (Minnesota) over Steve Conn (Washington) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #5 Patrick Rhoads (Missouri) over Josh Willaert (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,1-1,5-2

Junior-171 – Tommy Teigen – DNP
Match #1 Taylor Jackson (Florida) over Tommy Teigen (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,4-3,7-0
Match #2 Logan Storely (South Dakota) over Tommy Teigen (Minnesota) TF 8-0,7-0

Junior-171 – Jake Waste – 7th Place
Match #1 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Mike England (Iowa) Dec 1-1,1-0
Match #2 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Devin Scheick (Michigan) ID
Match #3 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Clinton Boone (New York) TF 6-0,8-1
Match #4 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Mark Mabry (Arizona) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #5 Jake Waste (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Nathan Burak (Colorado) Dec 0-1,1-0,1-0
Match #7 Evan Knight (Iowa) over Jake Waste (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-0
Match #8 Logan Storely (South Dakota) over Jake Waste (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #9 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Kris Klapprodt (South Dakota) Dec 7-0,4-1

Junior-171 – Sebastian Gardner – DNP
Match #1 Mike Curby (Michigan) over Sebastian Gardner (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,1-0
Match #2 Andrew Spangler (Illinois) over Sebastian Gardner (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Junior-189 – Spencer Johnson – DNP
Match #1 Tim Maroder (Illinois) over Spencer Johnson (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,1-1
Match #2 Matthew Riley (Iowa) over Spencer Johnson (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,1-1

Junior-189 – Eric Hensel – DNP
Match #1 Morgan McIntosh (California) over Eric Hensel (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-0
Match #2 Sam Fulton (Arizona) over Eric Hensel (Minnesota) Fall 0-6,0:41

Junior-189 – Ryan Larson – DNP
Match #1 Drake Stein (Indiana) over Ryan Larson (Minnesota) Dec 6-3,5-0
Match #2 Ryan Larson (Minnesota) over Chris Mart (South Dakota) Dec 3-3,8-1
Match #3 Ryan Larson (Minnesota) over Ab Brown (Wyoming) Dec 3-3,4-0
Match #4 Mark Morrill (Washington) over Ryan Larson (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,2-1

Junior-189 – Scott Gifford – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Beckwith (New York) over Scott Gifford (Minnesota) Fall 8-2,0:39
Match #2 Scott Gifford (Minnesota) over Marcus Finau (Hawaii) Dec 6-0,4-0
Match #3 Preston Quam (California) over Scott Gifford (Minnesota) Dec 2-3,7-0,5-0

Junior-215 – Dakota Hanson – DNP
Match #1 Michael Almaviva (New York) over Dakota Hanson (Minnesota) Dec 4-8,3-3,3-2
Match #2 Dakota Hanson (Minnesota) over Zach Veatch (Oklahoma) Fall 0:17
Match #3 Cole Rogers (Missouri) over Dakota Hanson (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,5-2

Junior-215 – Joel Bauman – DNP
Match #1 Bernard Wolley (Maryland) over Joel Bauman (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,1-0
Match #2 Gage Harrah (Illinois) over Joel Bauman (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,6-0,2-2

Junior-215 – Ben McPhail – DNP
Match #1 Kyle Caylor (Kansas) over Ben McPhail (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Nick Gwiazdowski (New York) over Ben McPhail (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Junior-285 – Parker Betts – 8th Place
Match #1 Parker Betts (Minnesota) over Sean Clinton (Texas) Fall 6-0,1:58
Match #2 Parker Betts (Minnesota) over Justin East (Pennsylvania) Dec 3-0,7-0
Match #3 Parker Betts (Minnesota) over Chase Norlin (Oregon) Dec 3-0,1-0
Match #4 Parker Betts (Minnesota) over Alex Andel (North Dakota) Dec 3-1,1-0
Match #5 Parker Betts (Minnesota) over Jake Laden (Washington) Dec 1-0,0-1,1-0
Match #6 Derek Papagianopoulos (Massachusetts) over Parker Betts (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,6-0
Match #7 Chris Lopez (Illinois) over Parker Betts (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,1-0
Match #8 Connor Medbery (Colorado) over Parker Betts (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-0

Junior-285 – Donny Longendyke – 6th Place
Match #1 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Zeal McGrew (New York) Dec 2-1,3-1
Match #2 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Ryley Dawson (Wyoming) Fall 6-0,0:48
Match #3 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Josh Davis (California) Dec 6-0,3-0
Match #4 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Seth Bowman (Nevada) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #5 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Kabe Fluiatt (Washington) Dec 4-1,5-2
Match #6 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Greg Kuhar (Ohio) Dec 5-1,2-1
Match #7 Austin Blythe (Iowa) over Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) Fall 3-2,1:27
Match #8 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Greg Kuhar (Ohio) Dec 1-5,1-2
Match #10 Austin Blythe (Iowa) over Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) Fall 3-2,1:27
Match #11 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #12 Collin Campbell (North Carolina) over Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) ID

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Women Freestyle Results for Minnesota


Top Twenty Team Scores:

9.New York13
South Carolina8

Individual Results:

Women-109 – Natalie Rutt – 2nd Place
Match #1 Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) over Allison Nall (Texas) Fall 7-0,0:19
Match #2 Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) over Flor Dart (Arizona) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Samantha Klingel (Pennsylvania) over Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) Dec 0-6,5-1,2-1
Match #4 Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) over Jasmine Yanez (California) Fall 1:37
Match #6 Paige Nemec (Ohio) over Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-1
Match #7 Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Megan Yamaguchi (Hawaii) over Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) Dec 6-2,1-0

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Sunday, July 18th
9:30-1:30 – Cadet GR: Session I
3:30-7:30 – Cadet GR: Session II

Monday, July 19th
9:30-1:00 – Cadet GR Session III
9:30-1:30 – Junior GR: Session I
2:00-5:00 – Cadet GR: Session IV Medal Rounds and Awards
6:00-9:00 – Junior GR: Session II

Tuesday, July 20th
9:00-1:00 – Junior GR: Session III
3:00-6:30 – Junior GR: Session IV Medal Rounds and Awards

Wednesday, July 21st
9:30-1:30 – Cadet FS: Session I
3:30-7:30 – Cadet FS: Session II

Thursday, July 22nd
9:30-2:00 – Junior FS: Session I
9:30-1:30 – Cadet FS: Session III
4:00-8:00 – Junior FS: Session II
4:00-8:00 – Cadet FS: Session IV

Friday, July 23rd
9:30-12:30 – Junior FS: Session III
9:30-12:30 – Junior WM: Session I
2:00-5:00 – Cadet FS: Session V Medal Rounds and Awards
6:30-8:30 – Junior FS: Session IV
6:30-8:30 – Junior WM: Session II

Saturday, July 24th*
9:00-11:00 – Junior WM: Session III Medal Rounds and Awards
12:00-3:00 – Junior FS: Session V Medal Rounds and Awards

*Saturday schedule has changed

Sessions and schedule subject to change.
Schedule at

The Guillotine 2010 Academic All-State Wrestlers

The 2010 edition of The Guillotine Academic All-State honorees features thirty first-team members, thirty second-team members, thirty third-team members, and twenty honorable mention wrestlers.

Wrestlers were submitted on nomination forms signed by a coach and school administrator verifying their current GPA (minimum of 3.0), number of current season varsity matches wrestled (minimum of fifteen), current season win percentage (minimum of 60%) and grade (junior or senior). Continue reading

Forest Lake 3rd Annual Triple Crown Winners

Congratulations to the following wrestlers who placed first in the Forest Lake Folkstyle, Greco-Roman and Freestyle tournaments in 2010!  Each of these individuals will be receiving a Ranger Triple Crown t-shirt:

  • Owen Bouthilet, Stillwater – Pee Wee
  • Michael Loger, Anoka – Pee Wee
  • Reid Ballentyne, Stillwater – Bantam
  • Ryan Sokol, Simley – Bantam
  • Nick Dunagan, Iron Mustangs – Intermediate
  • Colby Njos, Anoka – Intermediate
  • Nicky Pierce, Forest Lake – Intermediate
  • Tanner Wiese, Forest Lake – Intermediate
  • Jake Allar, Benilde/St. Margaret – Novice
  • Jared Florell, Forest Lake – Novice

Seven inducted into the Bartelma Minnesota Wrestling Hall of Fame

Seven new members were inducted into the Minnesota Wrestling Coaches Association (MWCA) Dave Bartelma Hall of Fame on April 24th, 2010 at the Willmar Holiday Inn in Willmar, Minn.

The new inductees honored were: Jim Anderson, Dale Benjamin, Tom Beyer, Stan Christ, Brandon Paulson, Ken Vogt, and Vik Wilson. Many Hall of Fame members were in attendance. Continue reading