North Suburban Parochial Wrestling Championships

The North Suburban Parochial School League 2002 Wrestling Championships were held on Saturday, March 23 at Totino-Grace High School, in Fridley. Twelve (parochial /private) schools participated in the league this season. Epiphany of Coon Rapids (214.5 pts) ran away with the team title as the “Stars” displayed a balanced team effort placing wrestlers among the top six at 14 of 15 weight classes. St. Odilia of Shoreview (159.5) and Meadow Creek Christian School of Andover (158.5) battled it out for second and third just ahead of fourth place winner, St. Stephen’s of Anoka (150.5). The cooperative team of St. Odilia/St. Johnís won the dual meet title over Meadow Creek/Alliance Academy (43-39) on March 19th at Meadow Creek, with St. Stephen’s finishing third ahead of Trinity at River Ridge, in the dual meet season. Continue reading

2002 MSHSL State Tournament Results

2002 MSHSL State Wrestling Tournament

February 28, March 1-2, 2002 • Xcel Arena, St. Paul

Class A Individual Tournament

A 103

1st – Gabriel Mooney, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River, 10

2nd – Brandon Schunk, Wabasso, 9

3rd – Dan Gray, Dover Eyota, 9

4th – Nathan Janson, Pierz, 8

5th – David Cunningham, Meadow Creek Christian/ACA, 10

6th – Brandon Schmoll, BOLD, 10

First Round: Brandon Schunk, Wabasso def. Steven Emerick, Hayfield 4-3; David Cunningham, Meadow Creek Christian/ACA def. Grant Johnson, Blooming Prairie 8-4; Casey Gray, Wheaton/Herman-Norcross def. Lance Goettl, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial fall 3:52; Nathan Janson, Pierz def. Kirk Anderson, Barnesville 6-4; Gabriel Mooney, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River def. Brady Schneeberger, West Central Area fall 1:00; Brad Kruse, Saint Clair def. Nick Peterson, Eden Valley-Watkins 7-2; Brandon Schmoll, BOLD def. Brandon Greiner, Madelia/Truman 7-4; Dan Gray, Dover Eyota def. Dennis Gregerson, Braham 7-1

Championship Quarterfinals: Brandon Schunk def. David Cunningham 12-3; Nathan Janson def. Casey Gray fall 1:31; Gabriel Mooney def. Brad Kruse fall 1:53; Dan Gray def. Brandon Schmoll 11-3

Wrestlebacks: David Cunningham def. Steven Emerick 6-1; Casey Gray def. Kirk Anderson 8-7; Brad Kruse def. Brady Schneeberger fall 3:44; Brandon Schmoll def. Dennis Gregerson 5-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: David Cunningham def. Casey Gray 4-1; Brandon Schmoll def. Brad Kruse 3-1

Consolation Semifinals: Dan Gray def. David Cunningham 9-3; Nathan Janson def. Brandon Schmoll 6-0

Championship Semifinals: Brandon Schunk def. Nathan Janson 6-3; Gabriel Mooney def. Dan Gray 3-1

Fifth: David Cunningham def. Brandon Schmoll 7-2

Third: Dan Gray def. Nathan Janson 11-2

Championship: Gabriel Mooney def. Brandon Schunk 5-4

A 112

1st – Eric Sanders, Wabasha Kellogg, 11

2nd – Josh Brady, Royalton, 10

3rd – Joe Gunderson, Hayfield, 12

4th – David Schjenken, Renville County West, 12

5th – Dusty Kavitz, Medford, 10

6th – Nathan Kubesh, BOLD, 11

First Round: Joe Gunderson, Hayfield def. Codey Schultz, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 8-3; Josh Brady, Royalton def. Reid Clark, Norwood Young America fall 3:51; David Schjenken, Renville County West def. Trevor Balbach, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale fall 3:57; Brent Franko, Triton def. Ken Kahle, Frazee forfeit; Eric Sanders, Wabasha Kellogg def. Adam Hiltner, Eden Valley-Watkins fall :59; Torrey Line, Browerville/Eagle Valley def. Jeff Cargill, Saint James 13-10; Nathan Kubesh, BOLD def. Dusty Kavitz, Medford 13-2; Bobby Button, Barnesville def. Joe Hyatt, Pierz fall 6:49

Championship Quarterfinals: Josh Brady def. Joe Gunderson 20-9; David Schjenken def. Brent Franko 11-2; Eric Sanders def. Torrey Line 9-1; Nathan Kubesh def. Bobby Button 11-4

Wrestlebacks: Joe Gunderson def. Reid Clark 12-2; Trevor Balbach def. Brent Franko 5-0; Torrey Line def. Adam Hiltner 7-5; Dusty Kavitz def. Bobby Button 4-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Joe Gunderson def. Trevor Balbach 7-2; Dusty Kavitz def. Torrey Line 5-4

Consolation Semifinals: Joe Gunderson def. Nathan Kubesh 3-2; David Schjenken def. Dusty Kavitz 5-3 OT

Championship Semifinals: Josh Brady def. David Schjenken 12-4; Eric Sanders def. Nathan Kubesh 11-0

Fifth: Dusty Kavitz def. Nathan Kubesh 2-1

Third: Joe Gunderson def. David Schjenken 6-4

Championship: Eric Sanders def. Josh Brady 14-0

A 119

1st – Darren Oswald, Frazee, 12

2nd – Chris Werth, Saint James, 11

3rd – Pat Salonek, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted, 11

4th – Scott Ahlf, Menahga/Sebeka, 11

5th – Jason Cazett, Meadow Creek Christian/ACA, 11

6th – John Beelow, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton, 11

First Round: Jason Cazett, Meadow Creek Christian/ACA def. Todd Traen, Minneota 10-0; Tom Herbers, Dover Eyota def. Matt Hanson, Triton 7-4; Scott Ahlf, Menahga/Sebeka def. Tyler Tubbs, ClintonGracevilleBeardsley/ChokioAlberta 4-2; Chris Werth, Saint James def. Dustin Bretzman, Mille_Lacs tf 4:23 16-0; Darren Oswald, Frazee def. Hank Becker, Rushford Peterson 3-2; Bryan Pietig, BOLD def. Kyle Girtz, Pierz 7-1; John Beelow, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton def. T J Severance, Wheaton/Herman-Norcross 16-1; Pat Salonek, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted def. Brad Freier, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 7-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Jason Cazett def. Tom Herbers 2-1; Chris Werth def. Scott Ahlf 15-2; Darren Oswald def. Bryan Pietig 5-2; John Beelow def. Pat Salonek 8-6

Wrestlebacks: Todd Traen def. Tom Herbers 7-6; Scott Ahlf def. Dustin Bretzman 17-7; Hank Becker def. Bryan Pietig 7-6; Pat Salonek def. T J Severance 5-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Scott Ahlf def. Todd Traen 3-2; Pat Salonek def. Hank Becker 7-0

Consolation Semifinals: Scott Ahlf def. John Beelow 4-1; Pat Salonek def. Jason Cazett 4-2

Championship Semifinals: Chris Werth def. Jason Cazett tf 4:18; Darren Oswald def. John Beelow 2-1

Fifth: Jason Cazett def. John Beelow 7-0

Third: Pat Salonek def. Scott Ahlf 6-2

Championship: Darren Oswald def. Chris Werth 3-2

A 125

1st – Shane Masching, Hayfield, 10

2nd – Shane Haag, Lewiston Altura, 11

3rd – Greg Brendemuehl, Medford, 12

4th – Nathan Rohlik, Wabasso, 12

5th – Adam Pool, Eden Valley-Watkins, 12

6th – Austen Rife, Menahga/Sebeka, 11

First Round: Shane Masching, Hayfield def. Jared Oyster, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 6-5; Greg Brendemuehl, Medford def. Kenny Sandt, United South Central fall 1:22; Nathan Rohlik, Wabasso def. Mark Bonagofsky, Mahnomen/Waubun 5-3; Nick Gruber, Pierz def. Gary Salmela, Kimball Area 9-2; Shane Haag, Lewiston Altura def. Adam Pool, Eden Valley-Watkins 9-0; Adam Bertram, West Central Area def. Mark Schafer, Olgilvie tf 3:31 17-1; Shane Johnson, Saint James def. Ryan Klemmensen, Blooming Prairie 4-1; Austen Rife, Menahga/Sebeka def. Dusty Bullerman, Adrian 7-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Shane Masching def. Greg Brendemuehl 6-5; Nathan Rohlik def. Nick Gruber 11-3; Shane Haag def. Adam Bertram 7-4; Austen Rife def. Shane Johnson 5-4

Wrestlebacks: Greg Brendemuehl def. Jared Oyster 1-0; Mark Bonagofsky def. Nick Gruber 8-0; Adam Pool def. Adam Bertram 7-6; Shane Johnson def. Dusty Bullerman 4-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Greg Brendemuehl def. Mark Bonagofsky 9-3; Adam Pool def. Shane Johnson 3-2

Consolation Semifinals: Greg Brendemuehl def. Austen Rife 9-3; Nathan Rohlik def. Adam Pool 7-5

Championship Semifinals: Shane Masching def. Nathan Rohlik 11-9; Shane Haag def. Austen Rife 4-2

Fifth: Adam Pool def. Austen Rife 9-3

Third: Greg Brendemuehl def. Nathan Rohlik 8-6

Championship: Shane Masching def. Shane Haag 7-5

A 130

1st – Joeb Oyster, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale, 12

2nd – Troy Stehr, Goodhue, 12

3rd – Jarret Hall, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River, 10

4th – Andy Quittschreiber, Frazee, 10

5th – Tyler Ties, Lewiston Altura, 11

6th – Nick Yule, Medford, 12

First Round: Andy Quittschreiber, Frazee def. Tyler Ties, Lewiston Altura 5-4; Garett Sowman, Rush_City def. Dan Preston, Saint Clair 6-2; Phil McMullen, Saint James def. Andy Knaus, Kimball Area fall 4:25; Joeb Oyster, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale def. Mike Bristle, MACCRAY fall 2:29; Cyle Olson, BOLD def. Ryan Lovaas, Mille_Lacs 17-5; Troy Stehr, Goodhue def. Nick Yule, Medford 4-3; Devin Blom, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove def. Jason Forstner, Madelia/Truman 6-4; Jarret Hall, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River def. Matt Fridgen, Wheaton/Herman-Norcross 1-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Andy Quittschreiber def. Garett Sowman 5-4; Joeb Oyster def. Phil McMullen 7-5; Troy Stehr def. Cyle Olson 6-4; Jarret Hall def. Devin Blom 10-4

Wrestlebacks: Tyler Ties def. Garett Sowman 5-2; Mike Bristle def. Phil McMullen 11-5; Nick Yule def. Cyle Olson 4-3; Devin Blom def. Matt Fridgen 5-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Tyler Ties def. Mike Bristle ot 6-4; Nick Yule def. Devin Blom 4-0

Consolation Semifinals: Jarret Hall def. Tyler Ties 3-3 2xOT; Andy Quittschreiber def. Nick Yule 2-0 OT

Championship Semifinals: Joeb Oyster def. Andy Quittschreiber 9-3; Troy Stehr def. Jarret Hall 7-6

Fifth: Tyler Ties def. Nick Yule 3-1

Third: Jarret Hall def. Andy Quittschreiber 4-1

Championship: Joeb Oyster def. Troy Stehr 7-5 OT

A 135

1st – Craig Luberts, Pierz, 10

2nd – Ryan Priebe, Chatfield, 12

3rd – Cole Altermatt, Wabasso, 11

4th – Cullen Captain, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale, 11

5th – Lance Citrowski, Canby, 11

6th – Zeb Roth, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial, 11

First Round: Justin Stanislawski, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River def. Adam Hunt, LeCenter fall 5:22; Zeb Roth, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial def. Lance Citrowski, Canby 9-3; Ryan Priebe, Chatfield def. John Marquardt, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 9-4; Joe Karels, Ortonville def. Preston Dvorak, Norwood Young America fall 3:57; Bryce Olson, Fertile-Beltrami def. Fletcher Geiger, Byron 12-5; Craig Luberts, Pierz def. Matt Allerson, Nicollet 6-1; Cole Altermatt, Wabasso def. Brent Yule, Medford 6-0; Cullen Captain, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale def. Eric Stifter, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted tf 2:24 16-1

Championship Quarterfinals: Zeb Roth def. Justin Stanislawski 7-4; Ryan Priebe def. Joe Karels 8-3; Craig Luberts def. Bryce Olson 17-7; Cole Altermatt def. Cullen Captain 2-1

Wrestlebacks: Lance Citrowski def. Justin Stanislawski 14-2; John Marquardt def. Joe Karels 7-2; Bryce Olson def. Matt Allerson 3-2; Cullen Captain def. Brent Yule 7-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: Lance Citrowski def. John Marquardt 5-4; Cullen Captain def. Bryce Olson 10-4

Consolation Semifinals: Cole Altermatt def. Lance Citrowski 5-2; Cullen Captain def. Zeb Roth 6-4

Championship Semifinals: Ryan Priebe def. Zeb Roth ot 3-1; Craig Luberts def. Cole Altermatt 5-2

Fifth: Zeb Roth def. Lance Citrowski fall :59

Third: Cole Altermatt def. Cullen Captain 7-3

Championship: Craig Luberts def. Ryan Priebe 3-1

A 140

1st – Shawn Plumley, BOLD, 11

2nd – John Niebuhr, United South Central, 11

3rd – Brent Reinhard, Medford, 12

4th – Todd Opdahl, Minneota, 11

5th – Garth Petersen, Fertile-Beltrami, 12

6th – Jason Litzau, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove, 11

First Round: Shawn Plumley, BOLD def. Jason Litzau, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove 14-4; Adam Leiferman, Madelia/Truman def. Jon Millen, Pine Island 9-8; Garth Petersen, Fertile-Beltrami def. Jesse Brady, Royalton 14-5; Tyler Arvidson, Parkers Prairie def. Kory Blaschko, LeCenter 11-5; Brent Reinhard, Medford def. Joe Gunderson, Montgomery-Lonsdale 7-1; Matt Steffenson, Mille_Lacs def. Jed Loftus, Dover Eyota 7-5; Todd Opdahl, Minneota def. Nate Pachan, Browerville/Eagle Valley 2-1; John Niebuhr, United South Central def. Jeremy Mursu, New York Mills fall 4:31

Championship Quarterfinals: Shawn Plumley def. Adam Leiferman 5-4; Garth Petersen def. Tyler Arvidson tf 2:15 15-0; Brent Reinhard def. Matt Steffenson 5-2; John Niebuhr def. Todd Opdahl 5-0

Wrestlebacks: Jason Litzau def. Adam Leiferman 11-2; Jesse Brady def. Tyler Arvidson fall 5:18; Matt Steffenson def. Joe Gunderson 9-5; Todd Opdahl def. Jeremy Mursu 5-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jason Litzau def. Jesse Brady 9-1; Todd Opdahl def. Matt Steffenson 5-2

Consolation Semifinals: Brent Reinhard def. Jason Litzau 6-4; Todd Opdahl def. Garth Petersen 8-1

Championship Semifinals: Shawn Plumley def. Garth Petersen 8-4; John Niebuhr def. Brent Reinhard 8-1

Fifth: Garth Petersen def. Jason Litzau 7-5

Third: Todd Opdahl def. Brent Reinhard 3-1

Championship: Shawn Plumley def. John Niebuhr 4-3

A 145

1st – Mitch Kuhlman, Medford, 11

2nd – Lance Bullerman, Adrian, 12

3rd – Brandon Irlbeck, Wabasso, 12

4th – Tom Hamilton, Southland, 12

5th – Matt Houtsma, Olgilvie, 12

6th – Abe Olson, Trinity School at River Ridge, 11

First Round: Brandon Irlbeck, Wabasso def. Dave Voeltz, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale fall 2:33; Tom Hamilton, Southland def. Jordan Hirsch, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted 5-1; Adam Aho, Frazee def. Tom Roth, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 5-0; Mitch Kuhlman, Medford def. TJ Marshik, Pierz tf 3:21 15-0; Nick Krebsbach, Osakis def. Erik Wallace, Sibley East 9-2; Matt Houtsma, Olgilvie def. Sam Rud, Hayfield 5-0; Lance Bullerman, Adrian def. Ben Daschner, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton fall 1:38; Abe Olson, Trinity School at River Ridge def. Eric Lindberg, Fertile-Beltrami 10-5

Championship Quarterfinals: Tom Hamilton def. Brandon Irlbeck 8-6; Mitch Kuhlman def. Adam Aho fall 3:25; Matt Houtsma def. Nick Krebsbach 7-0; Lance Bullerman def. Abe Olson 7-0

Wrestlebacks: Brandon Irlbeck def. Jordan Hirsch 4-1; Adam Aho def. TJ Marshik 13-2; Nick Krebsbach def. Sam Rud 14-3; Abe Olson def. Ben Daschner 3-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: Brandon Irlbeck def. Adam Aho 10-8; Abe Olson def. Nick Krebsbach 8-0

Consolation Semifinals: Brandon Irlbeck def. Matt Houtsma 9-2; Tom Hamilton def. Abe Olson 4-2

Championship Semifinals: Mitch Kuhlman def. Tom Hamilton 12-1; Lance Bullerman def. Matt Houtsma 4-0

Fifth: Matt Houtsma def. Abe Olson 4-1

Third: Brandon Irlbeck def. Tom Hamilton 4-2

Championship: Mitch Kuhlman def. Lance Bullerman 7-0

A 152

1st – Cory Harnitz, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial, 10

2nd – Adam Landherr, Southland, 11

3rd – Gabe Dretsch, Frazee, 11

4th – Joel Hendrickson, Menahga/Sebeka, 11

5th – Mike Felling, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa, 10

6th – Phillip Beaumia, West Central Area, 10

First Round: Cory Harnitz, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial def. Jacob Zamzow, Dover Eyota 8-5; RJ Brezina, Montgomery-Lonsdale def. Nick Wilkes, Mille_Lacs 12-8; Phillip Beaumia, West Central Area def. Brian Smith, Renville County West fall 3:48; Gabe Dretsch, Frazee def. David Schmidt, Alden-Conger 13-0; Adam Landherr, Southland def. Josh Hiltner, Eden Valley-Watkins tf 5:49 16-0; Lee Rahrlein, ClintonGracevilleBeardsley/ChokioAlberta def. Sam Britt, Sibley East 7-4; Ryan Eischens, BOLD def. Bryan Monahan, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton 12-4; Mike Felling, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa def. Joel Hendrickson, Menahga/Sebeka 8-6

Championship Quarterfinals: Cory Harnitz def. RJ Brezina 16-7; Phillip Beaumia def. Gabe Dretsch 8-7; Adam Landherr def. Lee Rahrlein 7-5; Mike Felling def. Ryan Eischens 7-5

Wrestlebacks: Jacob Zamzow def. RJ Brezina 10-0; Gabe Dretsch def. Brian Smith 8-2; Lee Rahrlein def. Josh Hiltner 7-2; Joel Hendrickson def. Ryan Eischens fall 3:43

Consolation Quarterfinals: Gabe Dretsch def. Jacob Zamzow 7-3; Joel Hendrickson def. Lee Rahrlein 2x ot 2-1

Consolation Semifinals: Gabe Dretsch def. Mike Felling 5-1; Joel Hendrickson def. Phillip Beaumia 7-2

Championship Semifinals: Cory Harnitz def. Phillip Beaumia 17-10; Adam Landherr def. Mike Felling 11-4

Fifth: Mike Felling def. Phillip Beaumia 9-3

Third: Gabe Dretsch def. Joel Hendrickson 6-1

Championship: Cory Harnitz def. Adam Landherr 16-6

A 160

1st – Tony Jenson, Badger/Greenbush-Middle, 12

2nd – Jamie Wagner, Nicollet, 11

3rd – Jed Deno, Triton, 11

4th – Ryan Fier, Minneota, 12

5th – Bob O’Flanagan, Hinckley_Finlayson, 12

6th – Steve Maas, Medford, 12

First Round: Jamie Wagner, Nicollet def. Dan Stenger, Frazee 7-6; Brian Carrels, Wabasha Kellogg def. Nick Kockelman, Canby 8-6; Bob O’Flanagan, Hinckley_Finlayson def. Stuart Stone, Ortonville 5-2; Steve Maas, Medford def. Paul Holdvogt, Eden Valley-Watkins 7-2; Jed Deno, Triton def. Marc Eytcheson, Madelia/Truman fall 3:53; Ryan Fier, Minneota def. Tim O’Connor, Goodhue 2-1 OT; Luke Grundman, Osakis def. Steve Andres, Pierz 5-0; Tony Jenson, Badger/Greenbush-Middle def. River Ryan Schmitz, Norwood Young America fall 5:15

Championship Quarterfinals: Jamie Wagner def. Brian Carrels 6-2; Steve Maas def. Bob O’Flanagan 3-1 OT; Ryan Fier def. Jed Deno 2-1; Tony Jenson def. Luke Grundman 14-7

Wrestlebacks: Dan Stenger def. Brian Carrels 2-1; Bob O’Flanagan def. Paul Holdvogt 5-4; Jed Deno def. Tim O’Connor 11-3; River Ryan Schmitz def. Luke Grundman 8-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Bob O’Flanagan def. Dan Stenger 10-5; Jed Deno def. River Ryan Schmitz 6-1

Consolation Semifinals: Ryan Fier def. Bob O’Flanagan 3-2; Jed Deno def. Steve Maas 9-0

Championship Semifinals: Jamie Wagner def. Steve Maas 2-1; Tony Jenson def. Ryan Fier 7-4

Fifth: Bob O’Flanagan def. Steve Maas 8-1

Third: Jed Deno def. Ryan Fier 3-1

Championship: Tony Jenson def. Jamie Wagner 8-2

A 171

1st – Tyler Bullerman, Adrian, 12

2nd – Dan Britz, Pierz, 12

3rd – Tom Libbesmeier, Kimball Area, 11

4th – Dan Fiecke, Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity, 12

5th – Craig Myhre, Minneota, 11

6th – Josh Passe, Wabasha Kellogg, 12

First Round: Jeremiah Enger, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton def. Christopher Steward, Parkers Prairie fall 1:52; Josh Passe, Wabasha Kellogg def. Bill Root, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva 9-2; Tyler Bullerman, Adrian def. Tom Libbesmeier, Kimball Area 4-2; Lance Larson, Saint James def. Jesse Tebrake, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa tf 5:27 21-6; Dan Britz, Pierz def. Andrew Streich, Sibley East 6-2; Dan Fiecke, Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity def. Josh Ploetz, Saint Charles fall 2:38; Craig Myhre, Minneota def. Steven Salinas, Blooming Prairie 19-12; Blake Schmieg, Ortonville def. Tim Larson, Lake Park-Audubon 11-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Josh Passe def. Jeremiah Enger 5-3; Tyler Bullerman def. Lance Larson 5-4; Dan Britz def. Dan Fiecke 5-4; Craig Myhre def. Blake Schmieg 7-5

Wrestlebacks: Jeremiah Enger def. Bill Root 3-1; Tom Libbesmeier def. Lance Larson 6-1; Dan Fiecke def. Andrew Streich 4-2; Blake Schmieg def. Steven Salinas 7-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Tom Libbesmeier def. Jeremiah Enger f :36; Dan Fiecke def. Blake Schmieg 2-0

Consolation Semifinals: Tom Libbesmeier def. Craig Myhre 5-0; Dan Fiecke def. Josh Passe 6-2

Championship Semifinals: Tyler Bullerman def. Josh Passe 3-1; Dan Britz def. Craig Myhre 10-6

Fifth: Craig Myhre def. Josh Passe 8-6 OT

Third: Third: Tom Libbesmeier def. Dan Fiecke 3-2 2xOT

Championship: Tyler Bullerman def. Dan Britz 10-3

A 189

1st – Corey Feltmann, Norwood Young America, 12

2nd – Joey Graczyk, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted, 12

3rd – Brandon Arndt, Wheaton/Herman-Norcross, 11

4th – Jake Meixl, Mankato Loyola, 12

5th – Kyle Asleson, Nicollet, 12

6th – Jordan Luinstra, Hayfield, 12

First Round: Bob Hanson, Medford def. Paul Osterman, Mille_Lacs fall 3:24; Brandon Arndt, Wheaton/Herman-Norcross def. Adam Koralewski, Red Lake County Central 2-1; Corey Feltmann, Norwood Young America def. Tony Kockelman, Canby 5-2; Jake Meixl, Mankato Loyola def. Ben O’Reilly, Goodhue default; Ryan Thelemann, Waterville-Elysian-Morristown def. Dane Hanson, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River 5-1 OT; Jordan Luinstra, Hayfield def. Jason Kellen, Ortonville fall 3:18; Joey Graczyk, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted def. Kevin Smude, Pierz 6-2; Kyle Asleson, Nicollet def. Mark Olson, Dawson-Boyd 8-6

Championship Quarterfinals: Brandon Arndt def. Bob Hanson 6-2; Corey Feltmann def. Jake Meixl 5-2; Jordan Luinstra def. Ryan Thelemann 10-9; Joey Graczyk def. Kyle Asleson fall 3:14

Wrestlebacks: Bob Hanson def. Adam Koralewski 6-5; Jake Meixl def. Tony Kockelman 10-6; Jason Kellen def. Ryan Thelemann 10-6; Kyle Asleson def. Kevin Smude 4-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jake Meixl def. Bob Hanson 8-2; Kyle Asleson def. Jason Kellen f 4:50

Consolation Semifinals: Jake Meixl def. Jordan Luinstra fall 2:00; Brandon Arndt def. Kyle Asleson 8-0

Championship Semifinals: Corey Feltmann def. Brandon Arndt 6-4; Joey Graczyk def. Jordan Luinstra f 5:49

Fifth: Kyle Asleson def. Jordan Luinstra fall 3:20

Third: Brandon Arndt def. Jake Meixl 7-6

Championship: Corey Feltmann def. Joey Graczyk 3-1

A 275

1st – Kory Andersen, Saint James, 12

2nd – Chris Bachmeier, Fertile-Beltrami, 11

3rd – Chris Adams, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove, 11

4th – Jeremiah Kern, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River, 12

5th – Peter Burfeind, Goodhue, 11

6th – Tyler Jeche, Dover Eyota, 12

First Round: Steven Wood, Wabasso def. Korey Siltman, Braham 2-1; Tyler Jeche, Dover Eyota def. Dylan Soberg, West Central Area 7-3; Kory Andersen, Saint James def. Brandon Ullom, Triton fall 2:40; Jeremiah Kern, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River def. Phillip Schmalz, Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity fall 5:29; Chris Adams, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove def. Josh Kellen, Ortonville fall 1:45; Chris Bachmeier, Fertile-Beltrami def. Alex Drescher, Alden-Conger 2-1; Peter Burfeind, Goodhue def. J.P. Peterson, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 5-2; Josh Schafer, MACCRAY def. Rob Martin, Mille Lacs 3-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Tyler Jeche def. Steven Wood 10-2; Kory Andersen def. Jeremiah Kern 7-5; Chris Bachmeier def. Chris Adams 5-3; Peter Burfeind def. Josh Schafer 3-2

Wrestlebacks: Steven Wood def. Dylan Soberg 4-1; Jeremiah Kern def. Brandon Ullom fall 2:06; Chris Adams def. Alex Drescher fall 2:27; Josh Schafer def. J.P. Peterson 4-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jeremiah Kern def. Steven Wood f 2:51; Chris Adams def. Josh Schafer f 4:23

Consolation Semifinals: Jeremiah Kern def. Peter Burfeind 9-6; Chris Adams def. Tyler Jeche fall 1:43

Championship Semifinals: Kory Andersen def. Tyler Jeche ot 3-1; Chris Bachmeier def. Peter Burfeind 5-3 ot

Fifth: Peter Burfeind def. Tyler Jeche 11-4

Third: Chris Adams def. Jeremiah Kern fall 4:15

Championship: Kory Andersen def. Chris Bachmeier 2-1 2xOT

Class AA Individual Tournament

AA 103

1st – Tyler Safratowich, Park Rapids Area, 10

2nd – Colt Bergeron, Thief River Falls, 11

3rd – Matt Hohenstein, Dassel-Cokato, 10

4th – Travis Elg, Windom Area/MountainLake/ButterfieldOdin, 8

5th – Dominic Dvorak, Scott West, 9

6th – Shane Walton, Pequot Lks/Pine River-Backus, 11

First Round: Chad Little, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Mike Schmitz, Stewartville 3-2; Matt Hohenstein, Dassel-Cokato def. Dominic Dvorak, Scott West fall 4:35; Beau Pilgrim, Staples-Motley def. Luke Giese, Fulda/Murray County Central 13-2; Colt Bergeron, Thief River Falls def. Tom Ollestad, Mora fall 3:23; Tyler Safratowich, Park Rapids Area def. Shane Walton, Pequot Lks/Pine River-Backus 4-0; Mike Riley, Saint Peter def. Trevor Seck, Delano 17-6; Travis Elg, Windom Area/MountainLake/ButterfieldOdin def. Jared Faber, Fridley fall 3:11; Adam Schlee, Grand Meadow/Leroy Ostrander/Kingsland def. Jeff Holmgren, North Branch 7-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Matt Hohenstein def. Chad Little fall 1:56; Colt Bergeron def. Beau Pilgrim fall 3:39; Tyler Safratowich def. Mike Riley 7-5; Travis Elg def. Adam Schlee 6-5

Wrestlebacks: Dominic Dvorak def. Chad Little 1-0; Beau Pilgrim def. Tom Ollestad 11-7; Shane Walton def. Mike Riley 5-4; Adam Schlee def. Jared Faber tf 1:36 15-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Dominic Dvorak def. Beau Pilgrim 14-0; Shane Walton def. Adam Schlee 11-6

Consolation Semifinals: Travis Elg def. Dominic Dvorak 5-2; Matt Hohenstein def. Shane Walton 8-7

Championship Semifinals: Colt Bergeron def. Matt Hohenstein 10-6; Tyler Safratowich def. Travis Elg 11-2

Fifth: Dominic Dvorak def. Shane Walton 1-0

Third: Matt Hohenstein def. Travis Elg 8-6

Championship: Tyler Safratowich def. Colt Bergeron 11-2

AA 112

1st – Brandon Dick, Saint Michael-Albertville, 10

2nd – Ryan Holthaus, Foley, 11

3rd – Clint Campbell, Stewartville, 12

4th – Nate Rausch, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley/Nevis, 11

5th – Steve Johnson, Mora, 11

6th – Jon Messner, Morris Area/Hancock, 12

First Round: Jeff Stuckenbroker, Windom Area/MountainLake/ButterfieldOdin def. Tom Tribon, Fillmore Central/Lanesboro/Mabel-Canton 1-0; Steve Johnson, Mora def. Ben Anderson, Annandale/Maple Lake 12-2; Brandon Dick, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Travis Pesta, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle 10-7; Nate Rausch, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley/Nevis def. Todd Sievert, Gibbon Fairfax Winthrop/McLeod West fall 1:24; Clint Campbell, Stewartville def. Sean Glenz, Paynesville Area fall 1:28; Jon Messner, Morris Area/Hancock def. Michal Barrie, Red Rock Central/Westbrook-WalnutGrove 7-3; Lucas Meurer, Waseca def. Aaron Cook, Waconia/Mayer Lutheran 6-1; Ryan Holthaus, Foley def. Daniel Le Duc, Thief River Falls 13-3

Championship Quarterfinals: Steve Johnson def. Jeff Stuckenbroker 9-4; Brandon Dick def. Nate Rausch 10-3; Jon Messner def. Clint Campbell 9-2; Ryan Holthaus def. Lucas Meurer 10-4

Wrestlebacks: Jeff Stuckenbroker def. Ben Anderson 10-0; Nate Rausch def. Travis Pesta f 3:48; Clint Campbell def. Michal Barrie f 4:49; Lucas Meurer def. Daniel Le Duc 11-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Nate Rausch def. Jeff Stuckenbroker 9-3; Clint Campbell def. Lucas Meurer 7-2

Consolation Semifinals: Nate Rausch def. Jon Messner 8-4; Clint Campbell def. Steve Johnson fall 1:56

Championship Semifinals: Brandon Dick def. Steve Johnson f 3:58; Ryan Holthaus def. Jon Messner 6-5

Fifth: Steve Johnson def. Jon Messner 9-6

Third: Clint Campbell def. Nate Rausch fall 8-6

Championship: Brandon Dick def. Ryan Holthaus 9-7

AA 119

1st – Jared Evans, Blue Earth Area, 12

2nd – Leland Brincefield, Wadena-Deer Creek, 12

3rd – Tony Noyes, New London-Spicer, 11

4th – Kent Nathe, Sartell-St. Stephan, 11

5th – Nick Kulseth, Windom Area/MountainLake/ButterfieldOdin, 9

6th – Matt Becker, Saint Michael-Albertville, 12

First Round: Matt Becker, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Jake Ziegler, Litchfield 11-7; Tim Thompson, Lake City def. Eric Olson, New Prague 8-6 OT; Leland Brincefield, Wadena-Deer Creek def. Shad Tappe, Detroit Lakes 5-0; Nick Kulseth, Windom Area/MountainLake/ButterfieldOdin def. Joel Wirz, Milaca/Faith Christian 4-1; Taylor Bunne, Grand Meadow/Leroy Ostrander/Kingsland def. Cody Nord, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena 9-6; Kent Nathe, Sartell-St. Stephan def. Ryan Breisch, Mound Westonka 6-0; Jared Evans, Blue Earth Area def. Zach Winter, Sauk Centre 11-3; Tony Noyes, New London-Spicer def. Chris Tiesler, Luverne fall 1:17

Championship Quarterfinals: Matt Becker def. Tim Thompson 8-5; Leland Brincefield def. Nick Kulseth 3-2; Kent Nathe def. Taylor Bunne 4-2; Jared Evans def. Tony Noyes 3-1

Wrestlebacks: Jake Ziegler def. Tim Thompson 16-7; Nick Kulseth def. Shad Tappe 4-1; Ryan Breisch def. Taylor Bunne 6-5; Tony Noyes def. Zach Winter 4-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Nick Kulseth def. Jake Ziegler ot 4-2; Tony Noyes def. Ryan Breisch f 2:17

Consolation Semifinals: Kent Nathe def. Nick Kulseth 3-0; Tony Noyes def. Matt Becker fall 4:04

Championship Semifinals: Leland Brincefield def. Matt Becker 6-2; Jared Evans def. Kent Nathe 4-1

Fifth: Nick Kulseth def. Matt Becker 1-0

Third: Tony Noyes def. Kent Nathe 5-0

Championship: Jared Evans def. Leland Brincefield 4-1

AA 125

1st – Jeff Pfaffinger, Blue Earth Area, 12

2nd – Logan Brincefield, Wadena-Deer Creek, 12

3rd – Micah Flodeen, Cannon Falls, 11

4th – Clay Hoeck, Milaca/Faith Christian, 10

5th – Dan Essig, Deer River/Northland, 11

6th – Jeremy Sogge, Paynesville Area, 12

First Round: Micah Flodeen, Cannon Falls def. Jordan Keil, Aitkin 11-3; Jeff Pfaffinger, Blue Earth Area def. Steve Evans, Pipestone-Jasper fall 3:19; Jason Jensen, Brooklyn Center def. Chad Zubke, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley/Nevis 15-7; Clay Hoeck, Milaca/Faith Christian def. Scott Schlangen, Albany 12-2; Jeremy Sogge, Paynesville Area def. Matt Lawson, Stewartville 4-2; Logan Brincefield, Wadena-Deer Creek def. Jon Koranda, Becker 11-5; Justin Turek, New Prague def. Scott Jacobson, Yellow Medicine East fall :43; Dan Essig, Deer River/Northland def. Adam Ketcher, Minnehaha Acad/Minneapolis Lutheran 10-9

Championship Quarterfinals: Jeff Pfaffinger def. Micah Flodeen 13-4; Clay Hoeck def. Jason Jensen 7-4; Logan Brincefield def. Jeremy Sogge 5-1; Dan Essig def. Justin Turek 3-1

Wrestlebacks: Micah Flodeen def. Steve Evans f 2:34; Jason Jensen def. Scott Schlangen f 2:17; Jeremy Sogge def. Jon Koranda 8-3; Justin Turek def. Adam Ketcher 6-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Micah Flodeen def. Jason Jensen ot 9-7; Jeremy Sogge def. Justin Turek 12-9

Consolation Semifinals: Micah Flodeen def. Dan Essig 7-2; Clay Hoeck def. Jeremy Sogge 8-6

Championship Semifinals: Jeff Pfaffinger def. Clay Hoeck 14-5; Logan Brincefield def. Dan Essig 5-2

Fifth: Dan Essig def. Jeremy Sogge inj. def.

Third: Micah Flodeen def. Clay Hoeck 9-0

Championship: Jeff Pfaffinger def. Logan Brincefield inj. def.

AA 130

1st – Jeff Cooley, Red Rock Central/Westbrook-WalnutGrove, 11

2nd – Jason Foley, Waseca, 12

3rd – Jordan Isakson, Dassel-Cokato, 12

4th – Jeremy Anderson, Thief River Falls, 11

5th – Mark Anson, Milaca/Faith Christian, 12

6th – Anthony Elg, Windom Area/MountainLake/ButterfieldOdin, 11

First Round: Jeremy Anderson, Thief River Falls def. Mitchell Lange, Caledonia 10-1; Mark Anson, Milaca/Faith Christian def. Jake Ankeny, Blue Earth Area 13-4; Jeff Cooley, Red Rock Central/Westbrook-WalnutGrove def. Joe Buschette, Litchfield 10-7; Matt Finlayson, Aitkin def. Dorian Thompson, Mound Westonka fall 3:29; Mickey Kirk, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Josh Foss, Foley 8-6 OT; Jason Foley, Waseca def. Cole Roeder, Stewartville fall 1:09; Anthony Elg, Windom Area/MountainLake/ButterfieldOdin def. Jordan Isakson, Dassel-Cokato 6-2; Brett Braaten, Minnewaska Area def. Ben Lamphere, Hibbing 12-8

Championship Quarterfinals: Mark Anson def. Jeremy Anderson 8-3; Jeff Cooley def. Matt Finlayson 2-0; Jason Foley def. Mickey Kirk fall 1:06; Anthony Elg def. Brett Braaten tf 5:18 15-0

Wrestlebacks: Jeremy Anderson def. Jake Ankeny 5-0; Matt Finlayson def. Joe Buschette 3-2; Cole Roeder def. Mickey Kirk 6-1; Jordan Isakson def. Brett Braaten f 4:02

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jeremy Anderson def. Matt Finlayson 5-0; Jordan Isakson def. Cole Roeder f 2:11

Consolation Semifinals: Jeremy Anderson def. Anthony Elg 3-3 2xOT; Jordan Isakson def. Mark Anson 6-2

Championship Semifinals: Jeff Cooley def. Mark Anson 2xot 5-4; Jason Foley def. Anthony Elg 5-3

Fifth: Mark Anson def. Anthony Elg 7-4

Third: Jordan Isakson def. Jeremy Anderson 11-7

Championship: Jeff Cooley def. Jason Foley 3-2

AA 135

1st – Ryan King, Grand Meadow/Leroy Ostrander/Kingsland, 12

2nd – Shane Tappe, Detroit Lakes, 12

3rd – Austin Scarset, Red Rock Central/Westbrook-WalnutGrove, 12

4th – Mike Folie, Waseca, 10

5th – Craig Cihlar, Minnewaska Area, 12

6th – Adam Minette, New Prague, 10

First Round: Mike Folie, Waseca def. Lars Lisell, Roseau 10-1; Austin Scarset, Red Rock Central/Westbrook-WalnutGrove def. Jared Duske, Waconia/Mayer Lutheran fall 2:57; Ryan King, Grand Meadow/Leroy Ostrander/Kingsland def. John Fradette, Milaca/Faith Christian tf 4:59 20-5; Nate Glenz, Paynesville Area def. Louie Vandermay, Wadena-Deer Creek 6-0; Shane Tappe, Detroit Lakes def. Kasey Meiners, Caledonia 18-8; Aaron Bemboom, Foley def. Nick Cole, Yellow Medicine East 2-1; Adam Minette, New Prague def. Chris Miletich, Fridley 14-0; Craig Cihlar, Minnewaska Area def. Justin Meyer, Melrose 11-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Mike Folie def. Austin Scarset fall 4:51; Ryan King def. Nate Glenz 18-8; Shane Tappe def. Aaron Bemboom 1-0; Adam Minette def. Craig Cihlar 4-3

Wrestlebacks: Austin Scarset def. Lars Lisell tf 3:22 19-4; Nate Glenz def. John Fradette f :51; Aaron Bemboom def. Kasey Meiners 5-2; Craig Cihlar def. Chris Miletich tf 21-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Austin Scarset def. Nate Glenz 13-1; Craig Cihlar def. Aaron Bemboom 7-0

Consolation Semifinals: Austin Scarset def. Adam Minette 4-3; Mike Folie def. Craig Cihlar 3-1 OT

Championship Semifinals: Ryan King def. Mike Folie 8-3; Shane Tappe def. Adam Minette 17-3

Fifth: Craig Cihlar def. Adam Minette 8-5

Third: Austin Scarset def. Mike Folie 7-1

Championship: Ryan King def. Shane Tappe 14-5

AA 140

1st – Jason Rhoten, Kasson Mantorville, 12

2nd – JJ Kratzke, Perham, 12

3rd – Kevin Peterson, Roseau, 12

4th – Peter Hayes, Wadena-Deer Creek, 11

5th – Mitch Bunne, Grand Meadow/Leroy Ostrander/Kingsland, 12

6th – Erik Flowers, Litchfield, 12

First Round: Nate Matousek, Glencoe-Silver Lake def. Jon Priess, Waconia/Mayer Lutheran fall 3:12; Jason Rhoten, Kasson Mantorville def. Paul Jahn, Yellow Medicine East 21-5; Kevin Peterson, Roseau def. Phil Meinert, Princeton tf 6:00 21-5; Peter Hayes, Wadena-Deer Creek def. Dusty Myers, Redwood Valley fall 5:27; Erik Flowers, Litchfield def. Adam Herrmann, Scott West 7-3; Mitch Bunne, Grand Meadow/Leroy Ostrander/Kingsland def. Josh Villella, North Branch 5-2; JJ Kratzke, Perham def. Chas Betts, Saint Michael-Albertville 7-0; Nick Boit, Detroit Lakes def. Jason Evans, Pipestone-Jasper 8-6

Championship Quarterfinals: Jason Rhoten def. Nate Matousek 3-0; Kevin Peterson def. Peter Hayes 4-1; Erik Flowers def. Mitch Bunne 6-4 OT; JJ Kratzke def. Nick Boit 4-2

Wrestlebacks: Nate Matousek def. Paul Jahn f 5:09; Peter Hayes def. Phil Meinert 15-3; Mitch Bunne def. Adam Herrmann 7-6; Chas Betts def. Nick Boit 7-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Peter Hayes def. Nate Matousek 3-1; Mitch Bunne def. Chas Betts 4-3

Consolation Semifinals: Peter Hayes def. Erik Flowers 9-8; Kevin Peterson def. Mitch Bunne 4-2

Championship Semifinals: Jason Rhoten def. Kevin Peterson 3-2; JJ Kratzke def. Erik Flowers 7-4

Fifth: Mitch Bunne def. Erik Flowers 6-3

Third: Kevin Peterson def. Peter Hayes fall 4:24

Championship: Jason Rhoten def. JJ Kratzke 5-2

AA 145

1st – David Whipps, Scott West, 12

2nd – Matt Johnson, Redwood Valley, 12

3rd – Derek Hebrink, Fillmore Central/Lanesboro/Mabel-Canton, 12

4th – Dylan Rosenberg, Mora, 10

5th – Cory Schmitz, Stewartville, 10

6th – Kyle Trout, Wadena-Deer Creek, 11

First Round: Kyle Trout, Wadena-Deer Creek def. Albert Kuehne, Waconia/Mayer Lutheran 11-1; Derek Hebrink, Fillmore Central/Lanesboro/Mabel-Canton def. Skip Toops, New London-Spicer 6-3; Ryan Olsem, Fulda/Murray County Central def. Joe Safratowich, Park Rapids Area 5-4; David Whipps, Scott West def. Eric O’Brien, Becker fall 1:14; Joe Arens, Sauk Centre def. Kent Scheff, Jackson County Central fall 3:19; Cory Schmitz, Stewartville def. Dylan Rosenberg, Mora 8-1; Matt Johnson, Redwood Valley def. Aaron Becker, Saint Michael-Albertville 14-6; Ross Malikowski, Rocori def. Andy Przekwas, Roseau 6-3

Championship Quarterfinals: Kyle Trout def. Derek Hebrink 6-4; David Whipps def. Ryan Olsem fall 3:19; Cory Schmitz def. Joe Arens 12-7; Matt Johnson def. Ross Malikowski 6-1

Wrestlebacks: Derek Hebrink def. Albert Kuehne f 2:16; Ryan Olsem def. Eric O’Brien 5-0; Dylan Rosenberg def. Joe Arens 6-3; Ross Malikowski def. Aaron Becker 5-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Derek Hebrink def. Ryan Olsem 7-0; Dylan Rosenberg def. Ross Malikowski ot 5-4

Consolation Semifinals: Derek Hebrink def. Cory Schmitz 4-1; Dylan Rosenberg def. Kyle Trout 6-5

Championship Semifinals: David Whipps def. Kyle Trout f 5:08; Matt Johnson def. Cory Schmitz 14-7

Fifth: Cory Schmitz def. Kyle Trout fall 3:59

Third: Derek Hebrink def. Dylan Rosenberg 5-1

Championship: David Whipps def. Matt Johnson 7-1

AA 152

1st – Marc Harwood, Jackson County Central, 12

2nd – Mitch Vedders, Milaca/Faith Christian, 10

3rd – Jason Moore, Brooklyn Center, 12

4th – Ryan Valek, Scott West, 12

5th – Allan Huigens, New Prague, 12

6th – Joe Bunne, Grand Meadow/Leroy Ostrander/Kingsland, 9

First Round: Marc Harwood, Jackson County Central def. Justin LaGosh, Zumbrota Mazeppa fall 3:52; Ryan Lumley, Big Lake def. Travis Gottschalk, Litchfield 3-1 OT; Jason Moore, Brooklyn Center def. Adam Pesta, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle 12-5; Ryan Valek, Scott West def. Steve Safratowich, Park Rapids Area tf 2:37 18-1; Joe Bunne, Grand Meadow/Leroy Ostrander/Kingsland def. Zach Zierden, Melrose fall 5:24; Justin Schuelke, Marshall def. Jeremy Macho, Minnewaska Area 5-3 OT; Allan Huigens, New Prague def. Mike Hemann, Saint Michael-Albertville 15-2; Mitch Vedders, Milaca/Faith Christian def. Douglas Downs, Hibbing tf 4:33 17-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Marc Harwood def. Ryan Lumley fall 1:01; Ryan Valek def. Jason Moore 9-6; Joe Bunne def. Justin Schuelke fall 4:51; Mitch Vedders def. Allan Huigens 7-2

Wrestlebacks: Justin LaGosh def. Ryan Lumley 8-4; Jason Moore def. Steve Safratowich 20-6; Justin Schuelke def. Zach Zierden 5-2; Allan Huigens def. Douglas Downs 12-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jason Moore def. Justin LaGosh 22-10; Allan Huigens def. Justin Schuelke 11-4

Consolation Semifinals: Jason Moore def. Joe Bunne 9-4; Ryan Valek def. Allan Huigens 5-3

Championship Semifinals: Marc Harwood def. Ryan Valek 9-7; Mitch Vedders def. Joe Bunne f 5:51

Fifth: Allan Huigens def. Joe Bunne 10-9

Third: Jason Moore def. Ryan Valek 3-2

Championship: Marc Harwood def. Mitch Vedders 19-7

AA 160

1st – Travis Krinke, Blue Earth Area, 12

2nd – Clint Adams, Mankato East, 12

3rd – Chad Minette, Sauk Centre, 12

4th – Ethan Osterhoudt, Hibbing, 11

5th – Jon Swanson, Thief River Falls, 12

6th – Tyler Johnson, Plainview Elgin Millville, 10

First Round: Jon Swanson, Thief River Falls def. Derek Hall, Windom Area/MountainLake/ButterfieldOdin 3-1 OT; Tyler Johnson, Plainview Elgin Millville def. Paul Olin, DeLaSalle 8-4; Ben Aakre, Ottertail Central def. Brian Flatland, Milaca/Faith Christian 5-4; Travis Krinke, Blue Earth Area def. Adam Goebel, Albany 10-2; Clint Adams, Mankato East def. Brett Lutmer, Marshall tf 16-0; Dennis Westlund, Waconia/Mayer Lutheran def. Kevin Landry, Cannon Falls tf 5:50 17-2; Chad Minette, Sauk Centre def. Ben Hoglund, Big Lake inj. def.; Ethan Osterhoudt, Hibbing def. Brent Morris, Glencoe-Silver Lake 5-3 OT

Championship Quarterfinals: Jon Swanson def. Tyler Johnson 8-5; Travis Krinke def. Ben Aakre 10-5; Clint Adams def. Dennis Westlund 6-2; Chad Minette def. Ethan Osterhoudt 11-2

Wrestlebacks: Tyler Johnson def. Derek Hall 9-4; Adam Goebel def. Ben Aakre ot 10-8; Dennis Westlund def. Brett Lutmer f 3:33; Ethan Osterhoudt def. Ben Hoglund ff

Consolation Quarterfinals: Tyler Johnson def. Adam Goebel 4-3; Ethan Osterhoudt def. Dennis Westlund 7-5 OT

Consolation Semifinals: Chad Minette def. Tyler Johnson 4-0; Ethan Osterhoudt def. Jon Swanson 9-6

Championship Semifinals: Travis Krinke def. Jon Swanson 13-11; Clint Adams def. Chad Minette 4-0

Fifth: Jon Swanson def. Tyler Johnson 7-6

Third: Chad Minette def. Ethan Osterhoudt 5-1

Championship: Travis Krinke def. Clint Adams 7-2

AA 171

1st – Ethan Vogt, Sauk Centre, 10

2nd – Jacob Bryce, Minnewaska Area, 10

3rd – Dan Buker, Waseca, 12

4th – Matt Imdieke, Melrose, 12

5th – Jeremy Pederson, Becker, 10

6th – Bo Schulz, Zumbrota Mazeppa, 12

First Round: Ethan Vogt, Sauk Centre def. Aric Berg, Thief River Falls 5-3; Bo Schulz, Zumbrota Mazeppa def. Ben Dahmes, Redwood Valley 9-7; Ryan Glenz, Paynesville Area def. Tad Hickman, Saint Michael-Albertville 8-2; Jeremy Pederson, Becker def. Dusty Bakker, Montevideo 11-9; Cody Anderson, Windom Area/MountainLake/ButterfieldOdin def. Craig Kotsmith, Milaca/Faith Christian 4-3; Matt Imdieke, Melrose def. Mike Lawrence, Stewartville fall 3:37; Dan Buker, Waseca def. Charlie Mahler, Brooklyn Center 6-2; Jacob Bryce, Minnewaska Area def. Skip Johnson, Hibbing 9-1

Championship Quarterfinals: Ethan Vogt def. Bo Schulz 6-5; Jeremy Pederson def. Ryan Glenz 5-3; Matt Imdieke def. Cody Anderson 7-6; Jacob Bryce def. Dan Buker fall 6:39 OT

Wrestlebacks: Bo Schulz def. Aric Berg ff; Ryan Glenz def. Dusty Bakker 8-4; Mike Lawrence def. Cody Anderson 2-1; Dan Buker def. Skip Johnson 11-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Bo Schulz def. Ryan Glenz 6-4; Dan Buker def. Mike Lawrence 7-0

Consolation Semifinals: Matt Imdieke def. Bo Schulz 9-5; Dan Buker def. Jeremy Pederson 3-2

Championship Semifinals: Ethan Vogt def. Jeremy Pederson 2xot 4-3; Jacob Bryce def. Matt Imdieke 6-5

Fifth: Jeremy Pederson def. Bo Schulz 10-9

Third: Dan Buker def. Matt Imdieke fall 4:27

Championship: Ethan Vogt def. Jacob Bryce 5-3

AA 189

1st – Marty Engen, Paynesville Area, 11

2nd – Matt Heger, Waconia/Mayer Lutheran, 12

3rd – Dan Flatau, Perham, 12

4th – Colby Bruns, Marshall, 11

5th – Kevan Meiners, Caledonia, 11

6th – Joseph Facchinni, Nashwauk-Keewatin/Greenway, 11

First Round: Greg Frank, Foley def. Jay Frederickson, Blue Earth Area 7-6; Dan Flatau, Perham def. Derek Moehling, Deer River/Northland fall 1:50; Marty Engen, Paynesville Area def. Dan Ketcham, Orono 12-0; Colby Bruns, Marshall def. Mark Kohn, Plainview Elgin Millville 8-1; Joseph Facchinni, Nashwauk-Keewatin/Greenway def. Adam Haller, Scott West fall 3:08; Kevan Meiners, Caledonia def. Nathan Stoen, Minnewaska Area 9-5; Alex Carlin, Chisago Lakes Area def. Bryar Johnson, Litchfield 7-5; Matt Heger, Waconia/Mayer Lutheran def. Joel Evans, Luverne fall 3:50

Championship Quarterfinals: Dan Flatau def. Greg Frank fall 1:59; Marty Engen def. Colby Bruns 5-1; Joseph Facchinni def. Kevan Meiners 4-3; Matt Heger def. Alex Carlin 1-0

Wrestlebacks: Greg Frank def. Derek Moehling tf 2:39 17-0; Colby Bruns def. Dan Ketcham tf 3:38 15-0; Kevan Meiners def. Adam Haller f 4:41; Joel Evans def. Alex Carlin f 4:59

Consolation Quarterfinals: Colby Bruns def. Greg Frank 9-0; Kevan Meiners def. Joel Evans 7-1

Consolation Semifinals: Colby Bruns def. Joseph Facchinni 5-0; Dan Flatau def. Kevan Meiners fall 3:20

Championship Semifinals: Marty Engen def. Dan Flatau 7-4; Matt Heger def. Joseph Facchinni 13-4

Fifth: Kevan Meiners def. Joseph Facchinni 6-1

Third: Dan Flatau def. Colby Bruns 2-0

Championship: Marty Engen def. Matt Heger 4-3

AA 275

1st – Ben Janike, Waseca, 12

2nd – Jason Juliar, Mankato East, 12

3rd – Josh Bresnahan, Pequot Lks/Pine River-Backus, 12

4th – Tim Johnson, Red Rock Central/Westbrook-WalnutGrove, 11

5th – David Uselman, Wadena-Deer Creek, 12

6th – Levi Kruse, Jackson County Central, 10

First Round: Don Turner, Mora def. Ryan Eckdahl, Orono 8-3; Josh Bresnahan, Pequot Lks/Pine River-Backus def. Ben Roberson, Lake City 9-3; Jason Juliar, Mankato East def. Levi Kruse, Jackson County Central 3-1; Elliott Osterhodt, Hibbing def. Justin Olsen, Annandale/Maple Lake 12-5; David Uselman, Wadena-Deer Creek def. Nick Philippi, Dassel-Cokato 3-0; Ben Janike, Waseca def. Steve Soderberg, Park Rapids Area fall 1:52; Tim Johnson, Red Rock Central/Westbrook-WalnutGrove def. Mike Miles, Grand Meadow/Leroy Ostrander/Kingsland 5-0; Dan Schuette, Waconia/Mayer Lutheran def. Justin Bronson, Princeton 6-5

Championship Quarterfinals: Josh Bresnahan def. Don Turner fall 1:50; Jason Juliar def. Elliott Osterhodt 5-2; Ben Janike def. David Uselman 2:26; Tim Johnson def. Dan Schuette fall 4:37

Wrestlebacks: Ben Roberson def. Don Turner 5-2; Levi Kruse def. Elliott Osterhodt 10-7; David Uselman def. Steve Soderberg f 2:25; Mike Miles def. Dan Schuette 3-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: Levi Kruse def. Ben Roberson 3-1; David Uselman def. Mike Miles 6-2

Consolation Semifinals: Tim Johnson def. Levi Kruse fall 4:38; Josh Bresnahan def. David Uselman fall :42

Championship Semifinals: Jason Juliar def. Josh Bresnahan f 5:07; Ben Janike def. Tim Johnson 5-3

Fifth: David Uselman def. Levi Kruse fall 1:40

Third: Josh Bresnahan def. Tim Johnson 1:40

Championship: Ben Janike def. Jason Juliar fall 4:22

Class AAA Individual Tournament

AAA 103

1st – Josh Hansen, Albert Lea Area, 11

2nd – Ryan Adams, Coon Rapids, 9

3rd – Jayson Ness, Bloomington Kennedy, 9

4th – Chance Jordan, Totino Grace, 10

5th – Tyrone Meyer, Apple Valley, 11

6th – Vince Sellnow, Brainerd/Pillager, 12

First Round: Jake Burhans, Farmington def. Jason Gunderson, Centennial 7-4; Chance Jordan, Totino Grace def. Mike Polley, Wayzata 8-2; Ryan Adams, Coon Rapids def. Matt Laine, Hastings 13-3; Jayson Ness, Bloomington Kennedy def. Jon Dahlheimer, Monticello 11-4; Vince Sellnow, Brainerd/Pillager def. Luke Sundgren, Blaine 13-4; Mike Tingle, Robinsdale Cooper def. Beau Penk, Hutchinson 3-0; David Albrecht, Woodbury def. Ramy Khalil, Spring Lake Park fall 1:33; Josh Hansen, Albert Lea Area def. Tyrone Meyer, Apple Valley 6-5

Championship Quarterfinals: Chance Jordan def. Jake Burhans 4-0; Ryan Adams def. Jayson Ness 7-3; Vince Sellnow def. Mike Tingle 7-2; Josh Hansen def. David Albrecht 7-6

Wrestlebacks: Jake Burhans def. Mike Polley 2-1; Jayson Ness def. Matt Laine 10-2; Luke Sundgren def. Mike Tingle 5-3 OT; Tyrone Meyer def. David Albrecht 2-2 2xOT

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jayson Ness def. Jake Burhans 12-4; Tyrone Meyer def. Luke Sundgren f 4:33

Consolation Semifinals: Jayson Ness def. Vince Sellnow fall 2:04; Chance Jordan def. Tyrone Meyer 4-3

Championship Semifinals: Ryan Adams def. Chance Jordan 13-5; Josh Hansen def. Vince Sellnow 14-7

Fifth: Tyrone Meyer def. Vince Sellnow 8-2

Third: Jayson Ness def. Chance Jordan fall 2:14

Championship: Josh Hansen def. Ryan Adams 19-15

AAA 112

1st – Charlie Falck, Apple Valley, 10

2nd – Tim Hunt, White Bear Lake Area, 12

3rd – Mike Meger, Owatonna, 11

4th – Seth Anderson, Simley, 9

5th – Josh Fillbrandt, Centennial, 12

6th – Erik Healy, Maple Grove, 11

First Round: Seth Anderson, Simley def. Sam Miller, Rochester Century 6-4; Erik Healy, Maple Grove def. Zach Bigboy, Bloomington Kennedy 6-3; Tim Hunt, White Bear Lake Area def. Tim Carl, Cambridge-Isanti 9-2; Colin O’Brien, Shakopee def. Michael Ashby, Little Falls 3-2; Mike Meger, Owatonna def. Pat McNamara, Totino Grace 7-0; Kenny Saufl, Champlin Park def. Mike Giglio, Woodbury 21-7; Josh Fillbrandt, Centennial def. Seth Beyer, Mankato West 19-9; Charlie Falck, Apple Valley def. Konrad Abramo, Brainerd/Pillager 19-6

Championship Quarterfinals: Seth Anderson def. Erik Healy 4-3; Tim Hunt def. Colin O’Brien 9-1; Mike Meger def. Kenny Saufl fall 4:47; Charlie Falck def. Josh Fillbrandt 19-8

Wrestlebacks: Erik Healy def. Sam Miller 3-2; Tim Carl def. Colin O’Brien fall 2:18; Kenny Saufl def. Pat McNamara 8-2; Josh Fillbrandt def. Konrad Abramo fall 2:53

Consolation Quarterfinals: Erik Healy def. Tim Carl f 4:33; Josh Fillbrandt def. Kenny Saufl f 3:45

Consolation Semifinals: Mike Meger def. Erik Healy 14-4; Seth Anderson def. Josh Fillbrandt 6-5

Championship Semifinals: Tim Hunt def. Seth Anderson 10-0; Charlie Falck def. Mike Meger f 3:20

Fifth: Josh Fillbrandt def. Erik Healy fall 4:25

Third: Mike Meger def. Seth Anderson 6-3

Championship: Charlie Falck def. Tim Hunt 11-1

AAA 119

1st – Neil Wasmund, Apple Valley, 12

2nd – Charlie Odden, Saint Cloud Tech, 12

3rd – Josh Lindquist, Prior Lake, 11

4th – Andy Petrich, Sauk Rapids-Rice, 12

5th – Brett Healy, Maple Grove, 11

6th – Chris Prince, Owatonna, 10

First Round: Brett Healy, Maple Grove def. Mike Wallraff, Centennial 7-3; Chris Prince, Owatonna def. Dan Workman, Eden Prairie 8-6; Charlie Odden, Saint Cloud Tech def. Scott Chester, Coon Rapids forfeit; Nick Johnson, Burnsville def. Brandon Murphy, Simley fall 5:41; Andy Petrich, Sauk Rapids-Rice def. Spencer Wolner, Austin 15-6; Neil Wasmund, Apple Valley def. John Humphrey, Saint Paul Johnson 15-3; Josh Lindquist, Prior Lake def. Steve Pieri, Champlin Park 9-2; Jake Beyer, Totino Grace def. Ben Kissling, Saint Paul Highland Park fall 1:06

Championship Quarterfinals: Chris Prince def. Brett Healy 4-3; Charlie Odden def. Nick Johnson 4-1; Neil Wasmund def. Andy Petrich 11-6; Josh Lindquist def. Jake Beyer 5-2

Wrestlebacks: Brett Healy def. Dan Workman 7-4; Nick Johnson def. Scott Chester forfeit; Andy Petrich def. John Humphrey 14-2; Jake Beyer def. Steve Pieri fall 2:17

Consolation Quarterfinals: Brett Healy def. Nick Johnson 8-3; Andy Petrich def. Jake Beyer 11-7

Consolation Semifinals: Josh Lindquist def. Brett Healy 5-1; Andy Petrich def. Chris Prince 13-5

Championship Semifinals: Charlie Odden def. Chris Prince 10-5; Neil Wasmund def. Josh Lindquist 11-6

Fifth: Brett Healy def. Chris Prince 5-4

Third: Josh Lindquist def. Andy Petrich 9-8

Championship: Neil Wasmund def. Charlie Odden 3-2

AAA 125

1st – Quincy Osborn, Grand Rapids, 12

2nd – T.J. Parlin, Austin, 10

3rd – Michael Fessler, Apple Valley, 10

4th – Mitch Millner, Simley, 9

5th – Dan Quintela, Saint Paul Highland Park, 12

6th – Charlie Sadder, Totino Grace, 12

First Round: T.J. Parlin, Austin def. Dan Taylor, Forest Lake 17-5; Mitch Millner, Simley def. Nate Gieseke, New Ulm 12-11; John Kolar, Elk River Area def. David Weinand, Spring Lake Park fall 1:44; Michael Fessler, Apple Valley def. Meshack Omesa, Robinsdale Cooper 8-4; Charlie Sadder, Totino Grace def. Ryan Jacobson, Northfield fall 3:16; Quincy Osborn, Grand Rapids def. Matt Brauer, Burnsville fall :49; Dan Quintela, Saint Paul Highland Park def. Peter Johnson, Willmar 9-2; Joe Miller, Bemidji def. Chris Anderson, Stillwater Area 12-8

Championship Quarterfinals: T.J. Parlin def. Mitch Millner 17-10; Michael Fessler def. John Kolar 16-4; Quincy Osborn def. Charlie Sadder tf 4:57 15-0; Dan Quintela def. Joe Miller 8-6 OT

Wrestlebacks: Mitch Millner def. Dan Taylor 6-0; Meshack Omesa def. John Kolar 10-5; Charlie Sadder def. Matt Brauer fall 4:25; Joe Miller def. Peter Johnson 8-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Mitch Millner def. Meshack Omesa 5-2; Charlie Sadder def. Joe Miller f 4:14

Consolation Semifinals: Mitch Millner def. Dan Quintela 9-7; Michael Fessler def. Charlie Sadder 6-3

Championship Semifinals: T.J. Parlin def. Michael Fessler 1-0; Quincy Osborn def. Dan Quintela tf 4:39 22-7

Fifth: Dan Quintela def. Charlie Sadder 6-5

Third: Michael Fessler def. Mitch Millner 6-3

Championship: Quincy Osborn def. T.J. Parlin 2-0

AAA 130

1st – David Sadder, Totino Grace, 12

2nd – Jestin Hullegard, Anoka, 11

3rd – Ryan Fliginger, Saint Francis, 12

4th – Matt Bjornson, Farmington, 12

5th – Eric Leeseberg, Robinsdale Cooper, 12

6th – Mikey Fornicoia, Eastview, 12

First Round: Trevor Brady, Little Falls def. Tony Rezac, Northfield 11-7; Mikey Fornicoia, Eastview def. Mark Spaude, Hutchinson 11-0; Eric Leeseberg, Robinsdale Cooper def. Tony Biggs, Simley 11-9; Jestin Hullegard, Anoka def. Tim Matheson, Centennial tf 17-1; John Dorma, Apple Valley def. Rich Taylor, Saint Paul Como Park 8-4; Matt Bjornson, Farmington def. Travis Melcher, Shakopee 16-4; David Sadder, Totino Grace def. Jeff Kranz, Hastings 7-1; Ryan Fliginger, Saint Francis def. Mitch Gabrielson, Fergus Falls 7-3

Championship Quarterfinals: Mikey Fornicoia def. Trevor Brady 9-7 OT; Jestin Hullegard def. Eric Leeseberg inj. def.; Matt Bjornson def. John Dorma 3-1; David Sadder def. Ryan Fliginger 5-1

Wrestlebacks: Trevor Brady def. Mark Spaude 4-1; Eric Leeseberg def. Tim Matheson 18-11; John Dorma def. Travis Melcher tf 3:29; Ryan Fliginger def. Jeff Kranz 16-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Eric Leeseberg def. Trevor Brady inj def; Ryan Fliginger def. John Dorma 7-5

Consolation Semifinals: Matt Bjornson def. Eric Leeseberg 3-2; Ryan Fliginger def. Mikey Fornicoia 6-3

Championship Semifinals: Jestin Hullegard def. Mikey Fornicoia 8-2; David Sadder def. Matt Bjornson ot 6-4

Fifth: Eric Leeseberg def. Mikey Fornicoia 6-2

Third: Ryan Fliginger def. Matt Bjornson fall 1:54

Championship: David Sadder def. Jestin Hullegard 3-1

AAA 135

1st – Thomas McAlpine, Elk River Area, 12

2nd – Donny DePatto, Monticello, 12

3rd – Adam Elseth, Albert Lea Area, 10

4th – James Mead, Champlin Park, 12

5th – Aaron Matheson, Centennial, 12

6th – Jeff Grosland, Simley, 10

First Round: Donny DePatto, Monticello def. Luke Cruze, Willmar 18-4; Jeff Grosland, Simley def. Jared Syring, Saint Paul Johnson 8-6; Adam Elseth, Albert Lea Area def. Steve Davis, Eastview 5-2; Bo Schallert, Virginia Area def. Jake Sweet, Totino Grace 5-4; Thomas McAlpine, Elk River Area def. Kyle Malin, Farmington 5-4; Chris Hatch, Burnsville def. Brad Kallman, Woodbury fall 1:30; Aaron Matheson, Centennial def. Mike Baker, Buffalo 15-7; James Mead, Champlin Park def. Luke Johnson, Robbinsdale Armstrong 4-1

Championship Quarterfinals: Donny DePatto def. Jeff Grosland 11-4; Adam Elseth def. Bo Schallert 8-6; Thomas McAlpine def. Chris Hatch fall 5:34; James Mead def. Aaron Matheson tf 4:54 21-6

Wrestlebacks: Jeff Grosland def. Luke Cruze 10-6; Bo Schallert def. Steve Davis 8-2; Kyle Malin def. Chris Hatch 12-0; Aaron Matheson def. Luke Johnson 12-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jeff Grosland def. Bo Schallert 6-2; Aaron Matheson def. Kyle Malin 11-4

Consolation Semifinals: James Mead def. Jeff Grosland 12-2; Adam Elseth def. Aaron Matheson 2-1

Championship Semifinals: Donny DePatto def. Adam Elseth 2-1; Thomas McAlpine def. James Mead 5-2

Fifth: Aaron Matheson def. Jeff Grosland fall 4:26

Third: Adam Elseth def. James Mead 4-2

Championship: Thomas McAlpine def. Donny DePatto 14-4

AAA 140

1st – Andy Pickar, Brainerd/Pillager, 11

2nd – Adam Rall, Henry Sibley, 10

3rd – Randy Hardman, Burnsville, 12

4th – Dallas Hasser, Cambridge-Isanti, 12

5th – David Donnelly, Simley, 12

6th – Steve Kosak, Anoka, 12

First Round: Tim Zahn, Minneapolis Roosevelt def. Ryan Anez, Stillwater Area 16-4; David Donnelly, Simley def. Josh Zabel, Rochester Mayo 7-3; Andy Pickar, Brainerd/Pillager def. Justin Kwan, Bloomington Kennedy fall 5:38; Steve Kosak, Anoka def. Nate Brunn, Buffalo 7-0; Joel Sinna, Totino Grace def. A J Forcier, Hutchinson 5-2; Randy Hardman, Burnsville def. Mark Butler, Owatonna fall 3:44; Dallas Hasser, Cambridge-Isanti def. Jim Greig, Irondale tf 4:07 15-0; Adam Rall, Henry Sibley def. Matthew Boser, Little Falls 12-2

Championship Quarterfinals: David Donnelly def. Tim Zahn 10-3; Andy Pickar def. Steve Kosak 4-3; Randy Hardman def. Joel Sinna 11-2; Adam Rall def. Dallas Hasser 9-4

Wrestlebacks: Tim Zahn def. Josh Zabel 7-3; Steve Kosak def. Justin Kwan 12-5; Joel Sinna def. Mark Butler 7-5; Dallas Hasser def. Matthew Boser 5-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Steve Kosak def. Tim Zahn f 2:53; Dallas Hasser def. Joel Sinna ot 4-2

Consolation Semifinals: Randy Hardman def. Steve Kosak 5-0; Dallas Hasser def. David Donnelly 3-2

Championship Semifinals: Andy Pickar def. David Donnelly 77-1; Adam Rall def. Randy Hardman 7-6

Fifth: David Donnelly def. Steve Kosak 3-1 OT

Third: Randy Hardman def. Dallas Hasser 13-0

Championship: Andy Pickar def. Adam Rall 6-4

AAA 145

1st – Dustin Dahlblom, Stillwater Area, 11

2nd – Qaudir Mahmoud, Champlin Park, 12

3rd – Kirk Rall, Henry Sibley, 12

4th – Ken Francois, Rosemount, 12

5th – Sam Donner, Lakeville, 12

6th – Joe Arradondo, Richfield, 12

First Round: Qaudir Mahmoud, Champlin Park def. Sean Beere, Saint Paul Johnson 13-5; Sam Donner, Lakeville def. Marlon Liddell, Hopkins/Blake 5-2; Kyle Anderson, Simley def. Joe Beck, Saint Cloud Tech 5-2; Joe Arradondo, Richfield def. Andy Merkins, Hutchinson 11-4; Kirk Rall, Henry Sibley def. Steve Sworsky, Saint Francis 4-3; Ken Francois, Rosemount def. Brad Busho, Owatonna 10-5 OT; Dustin Dahlblom, Stillwater Area def. Paul Durbahn, Mankato West 12-4; Jeff Snegosky, Totino Grace def. Dustin Puffe, Bemidji 6-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Qaudir Mahmoud def. Sam Donner 5-2; Joe Arradondo def. Kyle Anderson 5-3; Ken Francois def. Kirk Rall 8-3; Dustin Dahlblom def. Jeff Snegosky 14-1

Wrestlebacks: Sam Donner def. Sean Beere 13-3; Andy Merkins def. Kyle Anderson 5-4; Kirk Rall def. Brad Busho 7-4; Paul Durbahn def. Jeff Snegosky 6-5

Consolation Quarterfinals: Sam Donner def. Andy Merkins 9-3; Kirk Rall def. Paul Durbahn 6-3

Consolation Semifinals: Ken Francois def. Sam Donner 3-1; Kirk Rall def. Joe Arradondo 5-2

Championship Semifinals: Qaudir Mahmoud def. Joe Arradondo 6-0; Dustin Dahlblom def. Ken Francois 11-4

Fifth: Sam Donner def. Joe Arradondo 7-2

Third: Kirk Rall def. Ken Francois 0-5

Championship: Dustin Dahlblom def. Qaudir Mahmoud 7-4

AAA 152

1st – Jacob Schlottke, Apple Valley, 12

2nd – Amos Wolf, Grand Rapids, 12

3rd – Matt Fraley, Forest Lake, 12

4th – Skipp Sandberg, Northfield, 12

5th – Zack Thein, Sauk Rapids-Rice, 12

6th – Jared Simon, Lakeville, 11

First Round: Jared Simon, Lakeville def. Andy Chapeau, Henry Sibley 6-5; Ryan Langlais, Eastview def. Ben Larson, Maple Grove 5-2; Amos Wolf, Grand Rapids def. Justin Wilwert, Tartan tf 5:30 19-4; Zack Thein, Sauk Rapids-Rice def. Blake Kaping, Hutchinson 12-5; Skipp Sandberg, Northfield def. Jesse Marsh, Minneapolis Edison fall 1:31; Matt Fraley, Forest Lake def. Ryan Zajac, Hastings tf 3:06 21-4; Matt Wetterling, Willmar def. Justin Nygaard, Centennial fall 4:58; Jacob Schlottke, Apple Valley def. Nate Dahlheimer, Monticello fall 3:40

Championship Quarterfinals: Jared Simon def. Ryan Langlais 6-4 OT; Amos Wolf def. Zack Thein 9-5; Skipp Sandberg def. Matt Fraley 10-8; Jacob Schlottke def. Matt Wetterling tf 25-8

Wrestlebacks: Andy Chapeau def. Ryan Langlais 4-2 OY; Zack Thein def. Justin Wilwert 7-5; Matt Fraley def. Jesse Marsh fall 2:41; Matt Wetterling def. Nate Dahlheimer 9-6

Consolation Quarterfinals: Zack Thein def. Andy Chapeau 3-2; Matt Fraley def. Matt Wetterling 9-4

Consolation Semifinals: Skipp Sandberg def. Zack Thein 7-0; Matt Fraley def. Jared Simon 8-7

Championship Semifinals: Amos Wolf def. Jared Simon 2x ot 8-7; Jacob Schlottke def. Skipp Sandberg 16-4

Fifth: Zack Thein def. Jared Simon fall 3:48

Third: Matt Fraley def. Skipp Sandberg 8-7

Championship: Jacob Schlottke def. Amos Wolf 12-5

AAA 160

1st – George Lynaugh, Simley, 11

2nd – Mitch Mistic, Bemidji, 12

3rd – Eric Duchene, Faribault, 12

4th – Richard Hollenbach, Anoka, 11

5th – Joe Lawler, Rochester Mayo, 12

6th – Lon Welsh, Apple Valley, 12

First Round: George Lynaugh, Simley def. Cory Beierman, Sauk Rapids-Rice 7-6; Eric Duchene, Faribault def. Dan Opsahl, Roseville Area 14-3; Lon Welsh, Apple Valley def. Abe Wolf, Grand Rapids 5-3; Danny Dettman, Hutchinson def. Ben Roff, Osseo 8-7; Casey Swift, Willmar def. Joe Sandkamp, Hastings 8-1; Joe Lawler, Rochester Mayo def. Ron Gardas, Mounds View tf 5:06 22-3; Richard Hollenbach, Anoka def. Nik Lentz, Bloomington Jefferson 12-1; Mitch Mistic, Bemidji def. Kayse Jama, Minneapolis Roosevelt tf 4:33 17-2

Championship Quarterfinals: George Lynaugh def. Eric Duchene fall 5:11; Lon Welsh def. Danny Dettman 9-6; Joe Lawler def. Casey Swift fall :35; Mitch Mistic def. Richard Hollenbach 5-4

Wrestlebacks: Eric Duchene def. Cory Beierman 15-7; Abe Wolf def. Danny Dettman 14-3; Ron Gardas def. Casey Swift 9-5; Richard Hollenbach def. Kayse Jama fall 2:05

Consolation Quarterfinals: Eric Duchene def. Abe Wolf 12-3; Richard Hollenbach def. Ron Gardas 8-0

Consolation Semifinals: Eric Duchene def. Joe Lawler fall 3:59; Richard Hollenbach def. Lon Welsh 7-2

Championship Semifinals: George Lynaugh def. Lon Welsh 7-2; Mitch Mistic def. Joe Lawler 7-6

Fifth: Joe Lawler def. Lon Welsh 14-2

Third: Eric Duchene def. Richard Hollenbach 6-3

Championship: George Lynaugh def. Mitch Mistic 6-3

AAA 171

1st – Jared Massey, Centennial, 11

2nd – Brad Bruns, Apple Valley, 12

3rd – Matt Hermann, Burnsville, 12

4th – Tijl Vander Wege, Saint Paul Como Park, 12

5th – Josh Holm, Northfield, 12

6th – Pat Reis, Grand Rapids, 12

First Round: Dejon Bunnell, Cambridge-Isanti def. Adam Gosiak, Little Falls 5-2; Josh Holm, Northfield def. Matt Goodrich, Mankato West fall 1:32; Jared Massey, Centennial def. Sean Malone, Robinsdale Cooper fall 2:14; Matt Hermann, Burnsville def. Joe Conley, Simley 15-7; Brad Bruns, Apple Valley def. John Joswiak, Saint Paul Harding fall 5:51; Sean Waterbury, Winona/Winona Cotter def. Luke Greder, Maple Grove 8-4; Tijl Vander Wege, Saint Paul Como Park def. Adam Lund, Buffalo 8-7 OT; Pat Reis, Grand Rapids def. Neil Russell, Saint Cloud Apollo fall 5:32

Championship Quarterfinals: Josh Holm def. Dejon Bunnell 16-5; Jared Massey def. Matt Hermann 7-6; Brad Bruns def. Sean Waterbury 13-6; Pat Reis def. Tijl Vander Wege 5-1

Wrestlebacks: Dejon Bunnell def. Matt Goodrich fall 1:48; Matt Hermann def. Sean Malone fall 2:29; Sean Waterbury def. John Joswiak fall 2:26; Tijl Vander Wege def. Neil Russell 9-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Matt Hermann def. Dejon Bunnell 23-10; Tijl Vander Wege def. Sean Waterbury 3-2

Consolation Semifinals: Matt Hermann def. Pat Reis 13-4; Tijl Vander Wege def. Josh Holm 6-4

Championship Semifinals: Jared Massey def. Josh Holm 33-2; Brad Bruns def. Pat Reis 10-4

Fifth: Josh Holm def. Pat Reis 5-1

Third: Matt Hermann def. Tijl Vander Wege 9-4

Championship: Jared Massey def. Brad Bruns 3-1

AAA 189

1st – Justin Walsh, Alexandria, 11

2nd – Justin Sorensen, Owatonna, 12

3rd – Adam Haake, Winona/Winona Cotter, 12

4th – Kyle Massey, Centennial, 10

5th – Andy Bernard, New Ulm, 12

6th – Mike Peterson, Bemidji, 12

First Round: Andy Bernard, New Ulm def. Mike Holtgren, Apple Valley 3-2; Mike Peterson, Bemidji def. Paul Starkovich, Virginia Area 4-3 2xOT; Marc Perry, Irondale def. Marcus Evans, Minneapolis Edison 2-1 OT; Justin Sorensen, Owatonna def. Mike Weber, Woodbury 12-3; Justin Walsh, Alexandria def. Derrick Holmberg, Buffalo fall 5:00; Adam Haake, Winona/Winona Cotter def. Mike Maresh, Champlin Park 6-0; Shaun Wolf, Bloomington Jefferson def. Sherman Turbes, Robinsdale Cooper 11-3; Kyle Massey, Centennial def. Nick Rydberg, Simley tf 4:05 16-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Mike Peterson def. Andy Bernard 2-1 2xOT; Justin Sorensen def. Marc Perry 8-2; Justin Walsh def. Adam Haake 6-4; Kyle Massey def. Shaun Wolf 14-0

Wrestlebacks: Andy Bernard def. Paul Starkovich 9-4; Marc Perry def. Mike Weber 3-2; Adam Haake def. Derrick Holmberg 13-6; Shaun Wolf def. Nick Rydberg fall 2:15

Consolation Quarterfinals: Andy Bernard def. Marc Perry 7-2; Adam Haake def. Shaun Wolf 16-6

Consolation Semifinals: Kyle Massey def. Andy Bernard fall 2:20; Adam Haake def. Mike Peterson 6-2

Championship Semifinals: Justin Sorensen def. Mike Peterson 5-2; Justin Walsh def. Kyle Massey 7-6

Fifth: Andy Bernard def. Mike Peterson 5-3

Third: Adam Haake def. Kyle Massey 5-3

Championship: Justin Walsh def. Justin Sorensen 5-3 OT

AAA 275

1st – Trevor Laws, Apple Valley, 11

2nd – Jon May, Hutchinson, 11

3rd – Mark Setterstrom, Northfield, 12

4th – Nate Savering, Champlin Park, 11

5th – Alex Cadwell, Stillwater Area, 11

6th – Alan Erickson, Elk River Area, 11

First Round: Trevor Laws, Apple Valley def. Mitch Pontrelli, Saint Paul Johnson 7-4; Nate Savering, Champlin Park def. Bill Bellingham, Faribault 3-1; Louie Lang, Minnetonka def. Dan Niedere, Hastings fall 5:13; Alan Erickson, Elk River Area def. Lucas Johnson, Robinsdale Cooper fall 5:57; Matt Mello, Osseo def. Joe Batters, Anoka 4-2 OT; Jon May, Hutchinson def. Brent Mason, Bemidji fall 1:17; Mark Setterstrom, Northfield def. Joe Hammarsten, Park fall :17; Alex Cadwell, Stillwater Area def. Jeff Halling, Burnsville 3-1 OT

Championship Quarterfinals: Trevor Laws def. Nate Savering 7-5; Alan Erickson def. Louie Lang 2-1 OT; Jon May def. Matt Mello 10-2; Alex Cadwell def. Mark Setterstrom 5-4

Wrestlebacks: Nate Savering def. Mitch Pontrelli 8-3; Louie Lang def. Lucas Johnson 5-3; Matt Mello def. Brent Mason 7-3; Mark Setterstrom def. Jeff Halling fall 1:28

Consolation Quarterfinals: Nate Savering def. Louie Lang 7-4; Mark Setterstrom def. Matt Mello f :57

Consolation Semifinals: Nate Savering def. Alex Cadwell 3-1 2xOT; Mark Setterstrom def. Alan Erickson 8-3

Championship Semifinals: Trevor Laws def. Alan Erickson 13-6; Jon May def. Alex Cadwell 13-1

Fifth: Alex Cadwell def. Alan Erickson 8-3

Third: Mark Setterstrom def. Nate Savering fall :49

Championship: Trevor Laws def. Jon May 10-3

Class A Team Tournament

A Championship Quarterfinal

Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 33, Goodhue 28

103: Ryan McKeown (Good) def. Lance Goettl (LCWM) 9-4

112: Sam Gadient (Good) def. Codey Schultz (LCWM) 10-9

119: Brad Freier (LCWM) def. Aron Lodermeier (Good) Fall 17

125: Jeremy Hutchens (LCWM) def. Pat Ryan (Good) 21-8

130: Troy Stehr (Good) def. Steve Reed (LCWM) 16-3

135: Chet Lexvold (Good) def. Andy Griffiths (LCWM) Fall 146

140: Zeb Roth (LCWM) def. Mark O’Conner (Good) 11-3

145: Tom Roth (LCWM) def. Kyle Huneke (Good) 13-1

152: Cory Harnitz (LCWM) def. Brandon Voth (Good) Fall 514

160: Aaron Caven (LCWM) def. Caleb Albers (Good) OT 8-6

171: Tim O’Conner (Good) def. Matt Schroepfer (LCWM) Fall 443

189: Lee Brown (LCWM) def. Mitch Huneke (Good) OT Fall 649

275: Peter Burfeind (Good) def. Tyler Hughes (LCWM) Fall 57

A Championship Quarterfinal

Frazee 30, BOLD 19

103: Ben Anderson (Fraz) def. Brendon Schmoll (BOLD) 3-1

112: Nathan Kubesh (BOLD) def. Kerry Lockeem (Fraz) TF 509 16-0

119: Darren Oswald (Fraz) def. Bryan Pietig (BOLD) 9-3

125: Matt Jahnke (BOLD) def. Brenton Newling (Fraz) 7-2

130: Andy Quittschreiber (Fraz) def. Cyle Olson (BOLD) 10-8

135: Clay Olson (BOLD) def. Danny Mayfield (Fraz) 12-10

140: Shawn Plumley (BOLD) def. Kelly Janke (Fraz) 4-2

145: Adam Aho (Fraz) def. Brad Gruhlke (BOLD) 2-1

152: Gabe Dretsch (Fraz) def. Ryan Eischens (BOLD) 5-2

160: Dan Stenger (Fraz) def. Matt Zupke (BOLD) 5-1

171: Justin Kubesh (BOLD) def. Isaac Ratz (Fraz) TF 19-2

189: Andrew Bachmann (Fraz) def. William Freiberg (BOLD) Fall 143

275: Justin Olson (Fraz) def. Jordan Keltgen (BOLD) Fall 144

A Championship Quarterfinal

Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 40, Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale 29

103: Adam Hoeper (ACGC) def. Jasper Oyster (BHV) Fall 305

112: Trevor Balbach (BHV) def. Kyle Whitcomb (ACGC) Fall 528

119: Jason Losing (ACGC) def. Ross Dittberner (BHV) Fall 238

125: Jared Oyster (BHV) def. Aaron Rouser (ACGC) 10-0

130: Joeb Oyster (BHV) def. Spencer Lund (ACGC) 10-0

135: Devin Blom (ACGC) def. Cullen Captain (BHV) Injury DQ

140: Jason Litzau (ACGC) def. Keith Bowman (BHV) Fall 312

145: Dan Evenson (ACGC) def. Dave Voeltz (BHV) Fall 255

152: Adam Richter (BHV) def. Issac Fordyce (ACGC) Fall 127

160: Drew Schmidt (BHV) def. Dave Nelson (ACGC) Fall 30

171: Dave Blom (ACGC) def. Jason Rurup (BHV) 18-9

189: Adam Becker (BHV) def. Steve Boll (ACGC) 9-2

275: Chris Adams (ACGC) def. Josh Denny (BHV) Fall 233

A Championship Quarterfinal

Medford 30, Pierz 20

103: Nathan Janson (Prz) def. Danny Simmons (Med) Fall 445

112: Dusty Kavitz (Med) def. Jon Andres (Prz) Fall 314

119: Kyle Girtz (Prz) def. Matt Barta (Med) TF 600 17-0

125: Greg Brendemuehl (Med) def. Nick Gruber (Prz) 17-6

130: Nick Yule (Med) def. Tony Andres (Prz) 16-4

135: Craig Luberts (Prz) def. Brent Yule (Med) 7-4

140: Brent Reinhard (Med) def. Zack Solinger (Prz) 9-3

145: Mitch Kuhlman (Med) def. Gene Hyatt (Prz) 8-0

152: Brent Glende (Med) def. TJ Marshik (Prz) OT 5-3

160: Steve Andres (Prz) def. Steve Maas (Med) 7-3

171: Dan Britz (Prz) def. Scott Balze (Med) 10-3

189: Bob Hanson (Med) def. Kevin Smude (Prz) 8-4

275: Paul Karow (Med) def. Roy Gall (Prz) 3-2

A Championship Semifinal

Medford 31, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 24

103: Danny Simmons (Med) def. Lance Goettl (LCWM) 4-0

112: Dusty Kavitz (Med) def. Codey Schultz (LCWM) 6-4

119: Brad Freier (LCWM) def. Matt Barta (Med) Fall 43

125: Greg Brendemuehl (Med) def. Jeremy Hutchens (LCWM) TF 511

130: Nick Yule (Med) def. Steve Reed (LCWM) TF 428

135: Brent Yule (Med) def. Andy Griffiths (LCWM) 7-0

140: Zeb Roth (LCWM) def. Chad Mifek (Med) 7-2

145: Brent Reinhard (Med) def. Tom Roth (LCWM) 5-4

152: Mitch Kuhlman (Med) def. Cory Harnitz (LCWM) 4-2

160: Steve Maas (Med) def. Aaron Caven (LCWM) Fall 440

171: Matt Schroepfer (LCWM) def. Scott Balzer (Med) Fall 415

189: Lee Brown (LCWM) def. Mitch Elzen (Med) Fall 429

275: JP Peterson (LCWM) def. Paul Karow (Med) 7-1

A Championship Semifinal

Frazee 48, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 18

103: Kerry Lockeem (Fraz) def. Adam Hoeper (ACGC) Fall 128

112: Ben Anderson (Fraz) def. Kyle Whitcomb (ACGC) Fall 312

119: Darren Oswald (Fraz) def. Jason Losing (ACGC) 13-7

125: Brenton Newling (Fraz) def. Aaron Rouser (ACGC) Fall 48

130: Andy Quittschreiber (Fraz) def. Devin Blom (ACGC) 13-2

135: Danny Mayfield (Fraz) def. Spencer Lund (ACGC) Fall 26

140: Jason Litzau (ACGC) def. Jon King (Fraz) 9-2

145: Adam Aho (Fraz) def. Dan Evenson (ACGC) TF 400

152: Gabe Dretsch (Fraz) def. Issac Fordyce (ACGC) Fall 43

160: Dan Stenger (Fraz) def. Dave Nelson (ACGC) Fall 51

171: Dave Blom (ACGC) def. Isaac Ratz (Fraz) Fall 334

189: Steve Boll (ACGC) def. Frazee (Fraz) Fall 347

275: Chris Adams (ACGC) def. Justin Olson (Fraz) 4-1

A Consolation Semifinal

Pierz 32, Goodhue 25

103: Nathan Janson (Prz) def. Ryan McKeown (G) Fall 42

112: Joe Hyatt (Prz) def. Sam Gadient (G) 7-4

119: Kyle Girtz (Prz) def. Aron Lodermeier (G) Fall 223

125: Nick Gruber (Prz) def. Pat Ryan (G) TF 15-0

130: Troy Stehr (G) def. Tony Andres (Prz) Fall 132

135: Craig Luberts (Prz) def. Chet Lexvold (G) 9-2

140: Kyle Huneke (G) def. Zack Solinger (Prz) 8-6

145: Brandon Voth (G) def. TJ Marshik (Prz) 10-3

152: Caleb Albers (G) def. Gene Hyatt (Prz) 15-3

160: Tim O’Conner (G) def. Steve Andres (Prz) 3-1

171: Dan Britz (Prz) def. Mitch Huneke (G) Fall 501

189: Kevin Smude (Prz) def. Steve Schmitz (G) 8-1

275: Peter Burfeind (G) def. Roy Gall (Prz) Fall 151

A Consolation Semifinal

BOLD 53, Bertha Hewitt Verndale 10

103: Brendon Schmoll (BOLD) def. Jasper Oyster (BHV) Fall 100

112: Nathan Kubesh (BOLD) def. Joe Miner (BHV) TF 400 16-1

119: Bryan Pietig (BOLD) def. Ross Dittberner (BHV) 8-1

125: Jared Oyster (BHV) def. Matt Jahnke (BOLD) 5-1

130: Cyle Olson (BOLD) def. Brian Braaten (BHV) Fall 325

135: Clay Olson (BOLD) def. Seth Moenkedick (BHV) Fall 300

140: Shawn Plumley (BOLD) def. Keith Bowman (BHV) Fall 209

145: Dave Voeltz (BHV) def. Brad Gruhlke (BOLD) 7-5

152: Ryan Eischens (BOLD) def. Adam Richter (BHV) 20-9

160: Matt Zupke (BOLD) def. Drew Schmidt (BHV) Fall 509

171: Justin Kubesh (BOLD) def. Jason Rurup (BHV) TF 519

189: Adam Becker (BHV) def. William Freiberg (BOLD) 17-6

275: Jordan Keltgen (BOLD) def. (BHV) Forfeit

A Championship

Frazee 25, Medford 25

103: Ben Anderson (Fraz) def. Danny Simmons (Med) 6-3

112: Dusty Kavitz (Med) def. Kerry Lockeem (Fraz) TF 510 17-0

119: Darren Oswald (Fraz) def. Matt Barta (Med) 17-3

125: Greg Brendemuehl (Med) def. Brenton Newling (Fraz) 11-5

130: Andy Quittschreiber (Fraz) def. Nick Yule (Med) 6-4

135: Brent Yule (Med) def. Danny Mayfield (Fraz) 8-2

140: Brent Reinhard (Med) def. Kelly Janke (Fraz) 13-5

145: Mitch Kuhlman (Med) def. Jon King (Fraz) Fall 248

152: Adam Aho (Fraz) def. Brent Glende (Med) 9-4

160: Gabe Dretsch (Fraz) def. Scott Balzer (Med) 9-3

171: Dan Stenger (Fraz) def. Steve Maas (Med) 1-0

189: Bob Hanson (Med) def. Andrew Bachmann (Fraz) 12-4

275: Justin Olson (Fraz) def. Paul Karow (Med) Fall 149

A Third Place

Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 55, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 14

103: Lance Goettl (LCWM) def. Adam Hoeper (ACGC) Fall 257

112: Codey Schultz (LCWM) def. Kyle Whitcomb (ACGC) Fall 36

119: Brad Freier (LCWM) def. Jason Losing (ACGC) 16-10

125: Jeremy Hutchens (LCWM) def. Aaron Rouser (ACGC) Fall 123

130: Spencer Lund (ACGC) def. Steve Reed (LCWM) TF 421

135: Devin Blom (ACGC) def. Zeb Roth (LCWM) 7-3

140: Jason Litzau (ACGC) def. Andy Griffiths (LCWM) Fall 512

145: Tom Roth (LCWM) def. Atwater Cosmos Grove City (ACGC) Forfeit

152: Cory Harnitz (LCWM) def. Atwater Cosmos Grove City (ACGC) Forfeit

160: Aaron Caven (LCWM) def. Issac Fordyce (ACGC) Fall 514

171: Matt Schroepfer (LCWM) def. Dave Nelson (ACGC) Fall 111

189: Lee Brown (LCWM) def. Steve Boll (ACGC) 11-3

275: JP Peterson (LCWM) def. Chris Adams (ACGC) Fall 251

A Consolation Championship

BOLD 36, Pierz 15

103: Nathan Janson (Pierz) def. Brendon Schmoll (BOLD) Fall 524

112: Nathan Kubesh (BOLD) def. Joe Hyatt (Pierz) 9-6

119: Bryan Pietig (BOLD) def. Kyle Girtz (Pierz) 8-5

125: Matt Jahnke (BOLD) def. Nick Gruber (Pierz) 4-0

130: Cyle Olson (BOLD) def. Tony Andres (Pierz) Fall 149

135: Craig Luberts (Pierz) def. Clay Olson (BOLD) 8-3

140: Shawn Plumley (BOLD) def. Zack Solinger (Pierz) 11-5

145: Brad Gruhlke (BOLD) def. TJ Marshik (Pierz) 2-0

152: Ryan Eischens (BOLD) def. Gene Hyatt (Pierz) Fall 202

160: Matt Zupke (BOLD) def. Steve Andres (Pierz) 6-0

171: Dan Britz (Pierz) def. Justin Kubesh (BOLD) Fall 426

189: William Freiberg (BOLD) def. Kevin Smude (Pierz) 6-3

275: Jordan Keltgen (BOLD) def. Roy Gall (Pierz) 4-3

Class AA Team Tournament

AA Championship Quarterfinal

St. Michael-Albertville 31, Stewartville 15

103: Mike Schmitz (Stew) def. Chad Little (STMA) 6-1

112: Brandon Dick (STMA) def. Clint Cambell (Stew) 15-8

119: Matt Becker (STMA) def. Riley Oftedahl (Stew) 10-5

125: Jake Grygelko (STMA) def. Matt Lawson (Stew) 5-4

130: Cole Roeder (Stew) def. Mickey Kirk (STMA) 4-2

135: Josh Becker (STMA) def. Jarod Nolte (Stew) 16-5

140: Chas Betts (STMA) def. Matt Knutson (Stew) Fall 522

145: Cory Schmitz (Stew) def. Aaron Becker (STMA) 10-8

152: Mike Hemann (STMA) def. Steve Zaffke (Stew) Fall 111

160: Tony Gehling (Stew) def. John Grygelko (STMA) 7-3

171: Mike Lawrence (Stew) def. Tad Hickman (STMA) 12-6

189: Jason Eull (STMA) def. Mike Lakour (Stew) 8-2

275: Charlie Bammert (STMA) def. Richard Waugh (Stew) 6-3

AA Championship Quarterfinal

Blue Earth Area 32, Windom Area/Mt. Lake/Butterfield/Odin 23

103: Travis Elg (Win) def. Eric Nagel (BEA) 16-2

112: Jeff Struckenbroker (Win) def. Taylor Teems (BEA) Fall 529

119: Jared Evans (BEA) def. Nick Kulseth (Win) 12-4

125: Blake Murphy (BEA) def. Travis Winters (Win) 14-3

130: Jeff Pfaffinger (BEA) def. Jesse Schlager (Win) Fall 131

135: Anthony Elg (Win) def. Jacob Ankeny (BEA) 9-6

140: David Borsgard (Win) def. Eric Esser (BEA) Fall 140

145: Todd Rasmussen (BEA) def. Ryan Kruger (Win) 2-0

152: Josh Malwitz (BEA) def. Ryan Fast (Win) TF 22-7

160: Travis Krinkie (BEA) def. Derek Hall (Win) 13-5

171: Zac Cambell (BEA) def. Brady Janzen (Win) 7-3

189: Jay Fredrickson (BEA) def. Cody Anderson (Win) 6-1

275: Chad Brown (Win) def. Eric Sonnek (BEA) 9-1

AA Championship Quarterfinal

Litchfield 25, Hibbing 20

103: Travis Timmerman (Hib) def. Seth Hansvick (Lit) 6-2

112: Matt Forster (Lit) def. Eric Mattson (Hib) TF 451

119: Jake Ziegler (Lit) def. Karl Manner (Hib) 8-5

125: Kyle Downs (Hib) def. Joe Schoolmeesters (Lit) 8-5

130: Ben Lamphere (Hib) def. A.J. Werner (Lit) 13-4

135: Joe Buschette (Lit) def. Josh Nyhus (Hib) 9-1

140: Mike Strunk (Lit) def. Tritian LaBarge (Hib) 12-2

145: Erik Flowers (Lit) def. Danny Vitali (Hib) 4-0

152: Travis Gottschalk (Lit) def. Doug Downs (Hib) 2-1

160: Ethan Osterhoudt (Hib) def. Cory Schlack (Lit) 14-4

171: Skip Johnson (Hib) def. Dan Herbst (Lit) 8-1

189: Bryar Johnson (Lit) def. Tylor Slinger (Hib) 5-0

275: Elliott Osterhoudt (Hib) def. Jake Carr (Lit) 4-1

AA Championship Quarterfinal

Milaca 25, Wadena-Deer Creek 24

103: Chuck LaMee (Mil) def. Kenny Steffens (WDC) TF 502 26-11

112: Steven Vedders (Mil) def. Ryan Hunke (WDC) 12-5

119: Leland Brincefield (WDC) def. Joel Wirz (Mil) 3-0

125: Nate Berry (WDC) def. Matt Hoskins (Mil) TF 548

130: Clay Hoeck (Mil) def. Logan Brincefield (WDC) 2-1

135: Mark Anson (Mil) def. Louie Vandermay (WDC) 8-4

140: Paul Hunke (WDC) def. John Fradette (Mil) 8-4

145: Peter Hayes (WDC) def. Andy Kotsmith (Mil) Fall 503

152: Mitch Vedders (Mil) def. Kyle Trout (WDC) 4-2

160: Matt Hayes (WDC) def. Tony Swenson (Mil) 10-9

171: Brian Flatland (Mil) def. Dusty Uselman (WDC) 6-4

189: Craig Kotsmith (Mil) def. Zach Snyder (WDC) TF 600

275: David Uselman (WDC) def. Peter Beckstrom (Mil) 10-2

AA Championship Semifinal

Blue Earth Area 34, St. Michael-Albertville 16

103: Chad Little (STMA) def. Eric Nagel (BEA) 6-1

112: Brandon Dick (STMA) def. Taylor Teems (BEA) 14-5

119: Jared Evans (BEA) def. Matt Becker (STMA) 14-5

125: Jeff Pfaffinger (BEA) def. Mike Marx (STMA) Fall 258

130: Blake Murphy (BEA) def. Mickey Kirk (STMA) 4-3

135: Jacob Ankeny (BEA) def. Josh Becker (STMA) 11-6

140: Chas Betts (STMA) def. Eric Esser (BEA) Fall 557

145: Aaron Becker (STMA) def. Todd Rasmussen (BEA) 11-9

152: Josh Malwitz (BEA) def. Mike Hemann (STMA) OT 14-9

160: Travis Krinkie (BEA) def. John Grygelko (STMA) 17-10

171: Zac Cambell (BEA) def. Jason Eull (STMA) 9-4

189: Jay Fredrickson (BEA) def. Tad Hickman (STMA) 4-2

275: Eric Sonnek (BEA) def. Matt Weber (STMA) Inj Def

AA Championship Semifinal

Litchfield 31, Milaca 22

103: Chuck LaMee (Mil) def. Seth Hansvick (Lit) 7-5

112: Matt Forster (Lit) def. Steven Vedders (Mil) 10-5

119: Jake Ziegler (Lit) def. Joel Wirz (Mil) 2X OT 4-3

125: Clay Hoeck (Mil) def. Joe Schoolmeesters (Lit) TF 427 19-4

130: A.J. Werner (Lit) def. John Fradette (Mil) 8-4

135: Mark Anson (Mil) def. Joe Buschette (Lit) TF 501 18-3

140: Erik Flowers (Lit) def. Marshal Anson (Mil) 11-1

145: Joel Werner (Lit) def. Andy Kotsmith (Mil) 14-4

152: Travis Gottschalk (Lit) def. Mitch Vedders (Mil) Fall 501

160: Dan Herbst (Lit) def. Tony Swenson (Mil) 9-0

171: Brian Flatland (Mil) def. Bryar Johnson (Lit) 9-8

189: Craig Kotsmith (Mil) def. Luke Herzog (Lit) Fall 259

275: Jake Carr (Lit) def. Peter Beckstrom (Mil) 8-0

AA Consolation Semifinal

Windom Area/Mt. Lake/Butterfield/Odin 32, Stewartville 24

103: Mike Schmitz (Stew) def. Travis Elg (Win) 8-5

112: Clint Cambell (Stew) def. Jeff Struckenbroker (Win) 9-2

119: Nick Kulseth (Win) def. Riley Oftedahl (Stew) 6-1

125: Matt Lawson (Stew) def. Jesse Schlager (Win) Inj Default

130: Anthony Elg (Win) def. Cole Roeder (Stew) 11-2

135: David Borsgard (Win) def. Jarod Nolte (Stew) Fall 131

140: Andy Molitor (Win) def. Matt Knutson (Stew) 6-1

145: Cory Schmitz (Stew) def. Ryan Kruger (Win) Fall 557

152: Steve Zaffke (Stew) def. Brady Lund (Win) 7-5

160: Derek Hall (Win) def. Tony Gehling (Stew) 13-5

171: Mike Lawrence (Stew) def. Brady Janzen (Win) 11-6

189: Cody Anderson (Win) def. Mike Lakour (Stew) Fall 45

275: Chad Brown (Win) def. Richard Waugh (Stew) Fall 135

AA Consolation Semifinal

Wadena-Deer Creek 35, Hibbing 21

103: Travis Timmerman (Hib) def. Kenny Steffens (WDC) 8-0

112: Ryan Hunke (WDC) def. Eric Mattson (Hib) Fall 149

119: Leland Brincefield (WDC) def. Karl Manner (Hib) Fall 238

125: Logan Brincefield (WDC) def. Pat Kapella (Hib) Fall 134

130: Ben Lamphere (Hib) def. Nate Berry (WDC) 13-9

135: Louie Vandermay (WDC) def. Kyle Downs (Hib) 13-3

140: Paul Hunke (WDC) def. Josh Nyhus (Hib) 7-4

145: Peter Hayes (WDC) def. Danny Vitali (Hib) 5-4

152: Kyle Trout (WDC) def. Doug Downs (Hib) 11-0

160: Ethan Osterhoudt (Hib) def. Matt Hayes (WDC) Fall 522

171: Skip Johnson (Hib) def. Dusty Uselman (WDC) 8-2

189: Zach Snyder (WDC) def. Tylor Slinger (Hib) 7-4

275: Elliott Osterhoudt (Hib) def. Matt Gastecki (WDC) TF 333 15-0

AA Championship

Blue Earth Area 28, Litchfield 24

103: Eric Nagel (BEA) def. Seth Hansvick (Lit) 8-1

112: Matt Forster (Lit) def. Taylor Teems (BEA) 15-5

119: Jared Evans (BEA) def. Joe Schoolmeesters (Lit) TF 24-9

125: Jeff Pfaffinger (BEA) def. Jake Ziegler (Lit) TF 535

130: Blake Murphy (BEA) def. A.J. Werner (Lit) 4-3

135: Joe Buschette (Lit) def. Jacob Ankeny (BEA) 6-5

140: Mike Strunk (Lit) def. Eric Esser (BEA) TF 528

145: Erik Flowers (Lit) def. Todd Rasmussen (BEA) 8-1

152: Josh Malwitz (BEA) def. Joel Werner (Lit) TF 449

160: Travis Krinkie (BEA) def. Travis Gottschalk (Lit) TF 600

171: Dan Herbst (Lit) def. Zac Cambell (BEA) 12-9

189: Jay Fredrickson (BEA) def. Bryar Johnson (Lit) 6-3

275: Jake Carr (Lit) def. Eric Sonnek (BEA) Fall 28

AA Third Place

Milaca 30, St. Michael-Albertville 21

103: Chad Little (STMA) def. Chuck LaMee (Mil) OT 6-4

112: Brandon Dick (STMA) def. Steven Vedders (Mil) 14-5

119: Joel Wirz (Mil) def. Matt Becker (STMA) 2-0

125: Clay Hoeck (Mil) def. Mike Marx (STMA) 10-6

130: Mark Anson (Mil) def. Mickey Kirk (STMA) 13-7

135: John Fradette (Mil) def. Josh Becker (STMA) Fall 123

140: Chas Betts (STMA) def. Marshal Anson (Mil) 16-5

145: Aaron Becker (STMA) def. Andy Kotsmith (Mil) 11-6

152: Mitch Vedders (Mil) def. Mike Hemann (STMA) 10-6

160: John Grygelko (STMA) def. Tony Swenson (Mil) 11-0

171: Brian Flatland (Mil) def. Tad Hickman (STMA) Fall 547

189: Craig Kotsmith (Mil) def. Jason Eull (STMA) Fall 517

275: Charlie Bammert (STMA) def. Peter Beckstrom (Mil) 6-0

AA Consolation Championship

Windom Area/Mt. Lake/Butterfield/Odin 36, Wadena-Deer Creek 21

103: Travis Elg (Win) def. Kenny Steffens (WDC) TF 503

112: Jeff Struckenbroker (Win) def. Ryan Hunke (WDC) 13-2

119: Nick Kulseth (Win) def. Tanner Rentz (WDC) Fall 237

125: Leland Brincefield (WDC) def. Travis Winters (Win) TF 600 22-7

130: Anthony Elg (Win) def. Nate Berry (WDC) 7-3

135: David Borsgard (Win) def. Louie Vandermay (WDC) 4-0

140: Jason Kruger (Win) def. Paul Hunke (WDC) Fall 350

145: Peter Hayes (WDC) def. Ryan Kruger (Win) 14-4

152: Ryan Fast (Win) def. Kyle Trout (WDC) 15-8

160: Derek Hall (Win) def. Matt Sweere (WDC) 6-2

171: Zach Snyder (WDC) def. Brady Janzen (Win) Fall 325

189: Cody Anderson (Win) def. Dusty Uselman (WDC) 3-1

275: David Uselman (WDC) def. Ken Baerg (Win) Fall 130

Class AAA Team Tournament

AAA Championship Quarterfinal

Owatonna 34, Cambridge-Isanti 15

103: Kory Graham (CI) def. Alex Meger (Owat) OT 7-5

112: Mike Meger (Owat) def. Tim Carl (CI) Fall 459

119: Chris Prince (Owat) def. Blake Sjodin (CI) Fall 222

125: Trevor Erler (Owat) def. Dan Hanson (CI) 10-4

130: Eric Fiedler (CI) def. Titon Erler (Owat) 6-4

135: Drew Johnson (Owat) def. Derek Johnson (CI) 5-3

140: Mark Butler (Owat) def. Zach Molitor (CI) 9-4

145: Brad Busho (Owat) def. Dallas Hasser (CI) 3-2

152: Nick Henderson (CI) def. Josh Kerr (Owat) 6-4

160: Lee Molitor (CI) def. Eric Seykora (Owat) FMQ

171: Danny Sorenson (Owat) def. Dejon Bunnell (CI) OT 5-3

189: Justin Sorenson (Owat) def. Micah Becker (CI) Fall 344

275: Keith Cassen (Owat) def. Justin Vetos (CI) 6-4

AAA Championship Quarterfinal

Centennial 33, Hutchinson 31

103: Beau Penk (Hut) def. Jason Gunderson (Cent) Fall 113

112: Josh Fillbrandt (Cent) def. Jake Schiller (Hut) Fall 531

119: Mike Wallraff (Cent) def. Chris Wilson (Hut) TF 600

125: Mark Spaude (Hut) def. Kevin Wallraff (Cent) 5-2

130: Tim Matheson (Cent) def. Ryan Bombeck (Hut) Fall 137

135: Aaron Matheson (Cent) def. David Berwald (Hut) Fall 547

140: AJ Forcier (Hut) def. Pete Noll (Cent) 6-3

145: Andy Merkins (Hut) def. Jose Lattu (Cent) TF 310 16-0

152: Blake Kaping (Hut) def. Justin Nygaard (Cent) 12-1

160: Danny Dettman (Hut) def. Mike Farber (Cent) Fall 303

171: Jared Massey (Cent) def. Tim Bjork (Hut) Fall 133

189: Kyle Massey (Cent) def. AJ Kurth (Hut) 10-2

275: Jon May (Hut) def. Mark Sala (Cent) 20-9

AAA Championship Quarterfinal

Simley 37, Totino-Grace 17

103: Chance Jordan (TG) def. Dan Tabbert (Sim) 7-5

112: Pat McNamara (TG) def. Seth Anderson (Sim) 4-2

119: Jake Beyer (TG) def. Brandon Murphy (Sim) Fall 103

125: Charlie Sadder (TG) def. Mitch Millner (Sim) Fall 245

130: Tony Biggs (Sim) def. David Sadder (TG) 8-4

135: Jeff Grosland (Sim) def. Jake Sweet (TG) Fall 435

140: David Donnelly (Sim) def. Joel Sinna (TG) 7-3

145: Kyle Anderson (Sim) def. Jeff Snegosky (TG) 10-5

152: Derek Quade (Sim) def. Brian Hara (TG) OT 6-4

160: George Lynaugh (Sim) def. Joe Block (TG) Fall 52

171: Joe Conley (Sim) def. Pat Grewe (TG) 17-7

189: Nick Rydberg (Sim) def. Paul Katchmark (TG) Fall 133

275: Jake Brown (Sim) def. Mike Ludwig (TG) 4-2

AAA Championship Quarterfinal

Apple Valley 53, Bemidji 7

103: Tyrone Meyer (AV) def. Joe Andersen (Bem) Fall 247

112: Charlie Falck (AV) def. Chris Black (Bem) TF 337 19-4

119: Richard Fessler (AV) def. Andrew Willard (Bem) TF 405 18-3

125: Neil Wasmund (AV) def. Joe Miller (Bem) OT 5-3

130: Michael Fessler (AV) def. Ryan Cronemiller (Bem) 7-2

135: John Dorma (AV) def. Waylon Lindseth (Bem) TF 414 16-1

140: Kyle Sovde (AV) def. Nick Mistic (Bem) 8-7

145: Dustin Puffe (Bem) def. Tom LaCombe (AV) 12-3

152: Jacob Schlottke (AV) def. Mike Pulczinski (Bem) Fall 334

160: Lon Welsh (AV) def. Mitch Mistic (Bem) Fall 309

171: Brad Bruns (AV) def. Quentin Utley (Bem) Fall 43

189: Mikal Peterson (Bem) def. Mike Hultgren (AV) OT 3-1

275: Trevor Laws (AV) def. Brent Mason (Bem) TF 308

AAA Championship Semifinal

Centennial 30, Owatonna 27

103: Alex Meger (Owat) def. Jason Gunderson (Cent) 5-3

112: Mike Meger (Owat) def. Josh Fillbrandt (Cent) 17-14

119: Chris Prince (Owat) def. Ricky Sayarath (Cent) TF 558 21-6

125: Mike Wallraff (Cent) def. Trevor Erler (Owat) 6-3

130: Titon Erler (Owat) def. Tim Matheson (Cent) 6-5

135: Aaron Matheson (Cent) def. Drew Johnson (Owat) 5-0

140: Mark Butler (Owat) def. Pete Noll (Cent) TF 430 26-10

145: Josh Kerr (Owat) def. Jon Stewart (Cent) 15-5

152: Justin Nygaard (Cent) def. Brad Busho (Owat) Fall 524

160: Mike Farber (Cent) def. Danny Sorenson (Owat) Fall 414

171: Jared Massey (Cent) def. Bryan Rypka (Owat) Fall 120

189: Kyle Massey (Cent) def. Matt Oeltjenbruns (Owat) Fall 317

275: Justin Sorenson (Owat) def. Mark Sala (Cent) 11-2

AAA Championship Semifinal

Apple Valley 40, Simley 10

103: Scott Nonini (AV) def. Dan Tabbert (Sim) OT 4-2

112: Charlie Falck (AV) def. Seth Anderson (Sim) 13-3

119: Neil Wasmund (AV) def. Brandon Murphy (Sim) TF 400 19-4

125: Richard Fessler (AV) def. Mitch Millner (Sim) 13-6

130: Michael Fessler (AV) def. Tony Biggs (Sim) OT 7-5

135: John Dorma (AV) def. Jeff Grosland (Sim) 4-0

140: David Donnelly (Sim) def. Kyle Sovde (AV) 8-2

145: Kyle Anderson (Sim) def. Tom LaCombe (AV) 5-4

152: Jacob Schlottke (AV) def. Derek Quade (Sim) Fall 100

160: George Lynaugh (Sim) def. Lon Welsh (AV) 14-2

171: Brad Bruns (AV) def. Joe Conley (Sim) 10-4

189: Mike Hultgren (AV) def. Nick Rydberg (Sim) 11-2

275: Trevor Law (AV) def. Ron Fischer (Sim) Fall 30

AAA Consolation Semifinal

Cambridge-Isanti 32, Hutchinson 20

103: Beau Penk (Hut) def. Kory Graham (CI) TF 349

112: Tim Carl (CI) def. Jake Schiller (Hut) 11-3

119: Chris Wilson (Hut) def. Blake Sjodin (CI) 3-1

125: Mark Spaude (Hut) def. Caleb Olson (CI) 4-2

130: Eric Fiedler (CI) def. Nigel Erickson (Hut) Fall 56

135: Zach Molitor (CI) def. David Berwald (Hut) Fall 120

140: Dallas Hasser (CI) def. AJ Forcier (Hut) 6-3

145: Andy Merkins (Hut) def. Steve D’Aigle (CI) 4-0

152: Nick Henderson (CI) def. Blake Kaping (Hut) 4-0

160: Lee Molitor (CI) def. Danny Dettman (Hut) 18-5

171: Dejon Bunnell (CI) def. Eric Hlavka (Hut) 9-3

189: Micah Becker (CI) def. AJ Kurth (Hut) 10-3

275: Jon May (Hut) def. Justin Vetos (CI) Fall 157

AAA Consolation Semifinal

Totino-Grace 30, Bemidji 23

103: Chance Jordan (TG) def. Joe Andersen (Bem) TF 600 23-7

112: Pat McNamara (TG) def. Chris Black (Bem) Fall 519

119: Jake Beyer (TG) def. Andrew Willard (Bem) Fall 52

125: Charlie Sadder (TG) def. Joe Miller (Bem) 4-1

130: David Sadder (TG) def. Ryan Cronemiller (Bem) 3-0

135: Nick Mistic (Bem) def. Jake Sweet (TG) 14-1

140: Joel Sinna (TG) def. Waylon Lindseth (Bem) 15-2

145: Dustin Puffe (Bem) def. Jeff Snegosky (TG) 2-1

152: Mike Pulczinski (Bem) def. Joe Block (TG) 4-2

160: Quentin Utley (Bem) def. Brian Hara (TG) 3-1

171: Mitch Mistic (Bem) def. Pat Grewe (TG) 12-2

189: Mikal Peterson (Bem) def. Paul Katchmark (TG) Fall 45

275: Mike Ludwig (TG) def. Brent Mason (Bem) 5-0

AAA Championship

Apple Valley 50, Centennial 12

103: Tyrone Meyer (AV) def. Jason Gunderson (Cen) Fall 150

112: Charlie Falck (AV) def. Josh Fillbrandt (Cen) 12-0

119: Neil Wasmund (AV) def. Mike Wallraff (Cen) 11-2

125: Richard Fessler (AV) def. Kevin Wallraff (Cen) TF 339 23-5

130: Michael Fessler (AV) def. Jake Wienke (Cen) TF 248 24-9

135: John Dorma (AV) def. Tim Matheson (Cen) TF 400

140: Jarrod Yamanaka (AV) def. Aaron Matheson (Cen) 8-2

145: Tom LaCombe (AV) def. Pete Noll (Cen) TF 540

152: Jacob Schlottke (AV) def. Jose Lattu (Cen) Fall 123

160: Lon Welsh (AV) def. Justin Nygaard (Cen) 16-6

171: Seth Sovde (AV) def. Mike Farber (Cen) 14-8

189: Kyle Massey (Cen) def. Randy Hemaire (AV) Fall 313

275: Mark Sala (Cen) def. Mike Hultgren (AV) Fall 400

AAA Third Place

Simley 22, Owatonna 21

103: Dan Tabbert (Sim) def. Alex Meger (Owat) 10-7

112: Mike Meger (Owat) def. Seth Anderson (Sim) 12-3

119: Chris Prince (Owat) def. Brandon Murphy (Sim) 12-5

125: Trevor Erler (Owat) def. Mitch Millner (Sim) 6-2

130: Tony Biggs (Sim) def. Titon Erler (Owat) 7-5

135: Jeff Grosland (Sim) def. Drew Johnson (Owat) 3-1

140: Mark Butler (Owat) def. David Donnelly (Sim) 7-5

145: Kyle Anderson (Sim) def. Josh Kerr (Owat) 3-2

152: Brad Busho (Owat) def. Derek Quade (Sim) Fall 112

160: George Lynaugh (Sim) def. Danny Sorenson (Owat) 17-5

171: Joe Conley (Sim) def. Eric Seykora (Owat) 5-2

189: Justin Sorenson (Owat) def. Nick Rydberg (Sim) 12-5

275: Ron Fischer (Sim) def. Keith Cassen (Owat) 9-7

AAA Consolation Championship

Cambridge Isanti 31, Totino Grace 22

103: Chance Jordan (TG) def. Kory Graham (CI) 5-3

112: Pat McNamara (TG) def. Tim Carl (CI) 4-3

119: Blake Sjodin (CI) def. Jake Beyer (TG) 14-3

125: Charlie Sadder (TG) def. Dan Hanson (CI) 14-5

130: David Sadder (TG) def. Derek Johnson (CI) 4-3

135: Eric Fiedler (CI) def. Justin Neeck (TG) 10-3

140: Jake Sweet (TG) def. Zach Molitor (CI) 5-3

145: Dallas Hasser (CI) def. Joel Sinna (TG) OT 3-1

152: Nick Henderson (CI) def. Jeff Snegosky (TG) 5-4

160: Lee Molitor (CI) def. Joe Block (TG) Fall 453

171: Dejon Bunnell (CI) def. Paul Katchmark (TG) Fall 44

189: Micah Becker (CI) def. Pat Grewe (TG) Fall 259

275: Mike Ludwig (TG) def. Cambridge Isanti (CI) Forfeit

2001 USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships

Cadet/Junior Nationals
July 21-28, Fargo, ND

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Awards

USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships Results:

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Minnesota Cadet and Junior All-Americans

Minnesota High School Wrestler Files


Cadet Greco-Roman Top 10 Team Scores

(All-Americans and points)





















Cadet Greco-Roman All-Americans

83.5 (24 entries)
1st  Bret Land (California) dec Mike Bizzle (Oklahoma) 5-1 ot
3rd: Adam Kimbrell (Georgia) pin A.J. McElroy (Oklahoma) 1:29.
5th: Joseph Segari (Louisiana) tech fall Josh Hartman (Pennsylvania) 13-2.
7th: James Elam (Oklahoma) dec. Thomas Kimbrell (Georgia) 5-2, OT.
88 (21 entries)
1st: Nick Gallick (Arizona) tech fall Ryan Adams (Minnesota) 11-0
3rd: Jeremy Compton (Oklahoma) pin Joe Weygand (Pennsylvania) 1:21.
5th: Andrew Gonzalez (California) pin Gorey Gottshalk (Michigan) 1:53.
7th: Mark Degliogizzi (Delaware) tech fall Bradley Muri (Washington) 11-0.
94.5 (35 entries)
1st: Cody Tolliver (Montana) dec Tyler Safratowich (Minnesota) 10-9
3rd: Steven Juarez (California) dec. Josh Hansen (Minnesota) 13-7.
5th: Sam Julian (Pennsylvania) dec. Gilbert Lopez (Oregon) 8-4.
7th: Brad Pataky (Pennsylvania) dec. Louis Bean (Idaho) 9-3.
103.5 (59 entries)
1st: Cesar Grajales (Florida) dec Jeff Schell (Pennsylvania) 3-0
3rd: Jason Robbins (Florida) tech fall Mike Compton (Ohio) 11-1.
5th: Brandon Shelton (Oklahoma) dec. Mike Rodriguez (Washington) 13-6
7th:Josh Crass (Wisconsin) tech fall Matt Lang (Oregon) 13-3.
112 (73 entries)
1st: Dustin Schlatter (Ohio) dec Drew Headlee (Pennsylvania) 5-2 ot
3rd: Mark McKnight (Pennsylvania) inj. def. Chad Mendez (California) 0:00.
5th: Talon Vickers (Idaho) dec. Tim Pierce (California) 8-3.
7th: Jordan Crass (Wisconsin) tech fall Rudy Ramirez (California) 12-2
121 (89 entries)
1st: Angel Cejudo (Arizona) tech fall Phillip Basting (North Dakota) 10-0
3rd: Alex Tsirtsis (Indiana) dec. Matt Stuart (New York) 4-2.
5th: Micah Flodeen (Minnesota) tech fall Mark Throckmorton (Pennsylvania) 15-4.
7th: Chase Walker (Utah) dec. Mathew Nissen (Colorado) 9-0.
132 (101 entries)
1st: Eric Tannenbaum (Illinois) dec Kyle Laron (Oregon) 7-0
3rd: Sean Santana (Oregon) dec. Joe Rico (California) 3-2.
5th: Carter Downing (Wyoming) dec. Joe Gomez (Illinois) 11-7.
7th: Rocky Cozart (Florida) dec. Chris Abbott (Utah) 4-3.
143 (79 entries)
1st: Scott Loescher (Oregon) dec. Ryan Davis (Maryland) 4-1
3rd: Tyler Williams (Illinois) tech fall Matt Crippes (California) 16-3.
5th: Keith Gavin (Pennsylvania) tech fall Brandon Lozada (Illinois) 14-5.
7th: Corey Harnitz (Minnesota) dec. Jerid Lovejoy (New York) 6-2.
154 (86 entries)
1st: Mike Felling (Minnesota) tech fall  Alex Pavlenko (Arizona) 11-0
3rd: Blake Allen (Oklahoma) dec. Rick Brownlee (Georgia) 13-9.
5th: Blake Maurer (Indiana) tech fall Brett Sloan (California) 11-1.
7th: Nick Hayes (Iowa) dec. Tyler Bernacchi (California) 5-3
167 (67 entries)
1st: Chris Hogue (Pennsylvania) dec Nicholas Orlando (California) 10-8
3rd: Yuri Kalika (California) dec. Joshua Johnson (Ohio) 11-5.
5th: Aaron Anyan (Missouri) dec. Jake Herbert (Pennsylvania) 9-2.
7th: Justin McAlly (Wisconsin) dec. Sal Woods (Illinois) 4-0.
182.5 (43 entries)
1st: Joe Williams (California) dec Jerome Zachariah (California)
3rd: Kyle Sand (Colorado) pin Nick Boles (New Jersey) 1:31.
5th: Phil Bomberger (Pennsylvania) pin Tyler McCall (Pennsylvania) 2:45.
7th: Kurt Brenner (Pennsylvania) dec. Brent Jones (Virginia) 13-4.
209 (60 entries)
1st: Grant Miller (Illinois) dec Matt Bauman (Wisconsin) 7-0
3rd: Kyle Massey (Minnesota) tech fall Nate Savering (Minnesota) 11-0.
5th: Patrick Brownson (Illinois) dec. Tom Rice (Nebraska) 7-5.
7th: Jacob Kallestad (Montana) pin Steve Anderson (Michigan) :49.
242 (39 entries)
1st: Patrick Barrentine (Ohio) dec Chase Wetenkamp (Wisconsin) 7-1
3rd: Trevor Laws (Minnesota) dec. Jason Montgomery (California) 9-0.
5th: Nikola Dragovic (California) tech fall Joe Wood (Michigan) 10-0.
7th: Chris Hendershot (Indiana) pin Kyle Daily (Indiana) 1:25.
Outstanding Wrestler:  Eric Tannenbaum, Illinois

Junior Greco-Roman Top 10 Team Scores

(All-Americans and points)




















New York(4)17

Junior Greco-Roman All-Americans

98 (17 entries)
1st: Gabriel Mooney (Minnesota) tech fall Luke Seger (Indiana) 10-0, 4:00.
3rd: Paul Donahoe (Michigan) tech fall Cash Coolidge (Nebraska) 15-4.
5th: Shane Walton (Minnesota) dec. Hamed Heider (Virginia) 11-9.
7th: Matt Gardner (Oregon) tech fall Sandeep Kumar (New York) 10-0.
105.5 (31 entries)
1st: Brock Zollinger (Idaho) tech fall Alex Contreras (Arizona) 14-4.
3rd: Kevin Hunter (Utah) tech fall Christian Smith (Virginia) 14-4.
5th: Joseph Betterman (Illinois) pin Ryan Hannigan (New York) 1:04.
7th: Alex Usztics (Pennsylvania) tech fall Jason Chase (Michigan) 10-0.
114.5 (60 entries)
1st: Sam Hazewinkel (Florida) tech fall Corey Kalina (Iowa) 10-0, 1:06.
3rd: Luke Smith (Wisconsin) tech fall Willy Holst (Wisconsin) 12-2.
5th: Daryl Spackman (Utah) inj. def. Eric Stevenson (Oregon) 0:00.
7th: Eric Sanders (Minnesota) dec. Nathan Browning (Ohio) 9-6.
123 (82 entries)
1st:  Travis Lee (Hawaii) tech fall A.J. Lavender (Illinois) 10-0, 5:37
3rd: Quincy Osbourn (Minnesota) dec. John Wagner (Wisconsin) 10-5.
5th: Christian Bowerman (California) pin Ian McGoldrick (Pennsylvania) 1:23.
7th: Justin Pearch (Oregon) tech fall Luke Metzler (Kansas) 10-0.
132 (101 entries)
1st: Cam Jones (Utah) dec. Harry Lester (Ohio) 10-9
3rd: Todd Meneely (Nebraska) tech fall Matt Stenglien (New York) 11-0.
5th: Tom Vargas (California) dec. Skyler Woods (Nevada) 4-2.
7th: Shawn Bunch (Kansas) tech fall Marco Lara (California) 11-0.
143 (101 entries)
1st: Trent Paulson (Iowa) pin Zach Lamano (Utah) 1:08
3rd: C.P. Schlatter (Ohio) dec. Joe Henning (Wisconsin) 7-3.
5th: Travis Paulson (Iowa) dec. Matt Murray (Kansas) 4-3.
7th: Matt Pell (Wisconsin) tech fall Matt McIntire (Ohio) 11-1.
154 (95 entries)
1st: Matt Nagel (Minnesota) dec. Rob Maxwell (Utah) 4-0
3rd: Dustin Tillman (California) tech fall Tony Hook (Idaho) 21-10.
5th: Daniel Price (California) dec. Nathan Galloway (Pennsylvania) 7-6.
7th: Artem Krylov (California) pin Joe Johnston (Kansas) 2:03.
165 (86 entries)
1st: Matt Herrington (New York) dec. Darin Harris (Utah) 9-5
3rd: Sven Hafemeister (California) dec. Nathan McMillin (Illinois) 3-2.
5th: Brand Shafizabeh (Utah) pin Marshall Marquardt (Iowa) :34.
7th: Paul Bergman (Ohio) dec. A.J. Morgan (Wisconsin) 4-3.
178 (65 entries)
1st: Ryan Halsey (California) dec. Kenny Cook (California) 3-2
3rd: Travis Frick (Pennsylvania) dec. Lee Kraemer (Wisconsin) 3-2, OT.
5th: J.D. Bergman (Ohio) pin Anthony Rubalacava (California) 2:01.
7th: Jeff Courtney (West Virginia) dec. Nick Terry (Ohio) 7-5.
191.5 (58 entries)
1st: K.C. Walsh (Washington) ref. dec. Jeff Clemons (Ohio) 2-1, OT
3rd: Kevin Miles (Ohio) dec. Eric Smith (Idaho) 8-1.
5th: John Davis (Florida) dec. Dustin Docter (Illinois) 9-3.
7th: Justin Dyer (Kansas) dec.. Jared Terrell (New Jersey) 10-7.
220 (44 entries)
1st: Matt Feast (Pennsylvania) dec. Chris Skretkowicz (New Jersey) 3-1.
3rd: Max Lossen (Minnesota) dec. James Hollis (California) 6-0.
5th: Sean Barnes (Illiniois) dec. David Clarke (Virginia) 8-7.
7th: Ian Bork (Kansas) dec. Angelo Caponi (Ohio) 8-1.
275 (53 entries)
1st: Devin Kraege (Wisconsin) dec. Cole Konrad (Wisconsin) 6-2.
3rd: Cain Velasquez (Arizona) dec. Akil Patterson (Maryland) 7-6.
5th: Tyler Rees (Pennsylvania) dec. Christian Knight (Ohio) 8-5, OT.
7th: Josh Downing (California) dec. Adam Patino (California) 6-1
Outstanding Wrestler- Sam Hazewinkel, Florida

Cadet Freestyle Top 10 Team Scores

(All-Americans and points)














New Jersey(4)26







Cadet Freestyle All-Americans

83.5 (25 entries)
1st: Mike Bizzle (Oklahoma) dec. Brett Land (California) 4-3, OT.
3rd: Jason Jacovsky (Maryland) dec. James Elan (Oklahoma) 7-2.
5th: Cory Fish (Washington) dec. Joseph Segari (Louisiana) 5-2.
7th: Fernando Martinez (Indiana) tech fall Josh Hartman (Pennsylvania) 10-0.
88 (29 entries)
1st: Ryan Adams (Minnesota) dec. Nick Gallick (Arizona) 4-2.
3rd: Jeremy Compton (Oklahoma) dec. John Gurich (California) 9-7.
5th: Chris Hollinger (Pennsylvania) dec. Joe Weygand (Pennsylvania) 10-4.
7th: Franklin Gomez (Puerto Rico) dec. Aaron Bingham (Kansas) 9-5.
94.5 (44 entries)
1st: Anthony Easter (West Virginia) dec. Josh Hanson (Minnesota) 9-6.
3rd: Bryan Osuna (California) dec. Steven Juarez (California) 4-0.
5th: Brice Wasserman (Oklahoma) dec. Kody Tolliver (Montana) 13-5.
7th: Brad Pataky (Pennsylvania) tech fall Reese Whitley (Washington) 13-3.
103.5 (77 entries)
1st: Bryan Nunziato (New Jersey) dec. Charlie Falck (Minnesota) 8-5.
3rd: Adam Frey (Pennsylvania) dec. Jason Robbins (Florida) 8-3.
5th: Cesar Grajales (Florida) dec. Kyler Sanderson (Utah) 4-2.
7th: Matt Lang (Oregon) dec. Brandon Shelton (Oklahoma) 8-7.
112: (102 entries)
1st: Dustin Schlatter (Ohio) dec. Mark McKnight (Pennsylvania) 8-0.
3rd: Brandon Hardy (Virginia) dec. Clarence Mays (New Jersey) 7-3.
5th: Tony Pretto (Illinois) dec. Cody Garcia (Kansas) 15-7.
7th: Zac Berman (Illinois) dec. Talon Vickers (Idaho) 8-0.
121 (112 entries)
1st: Michael Poeta (Illinios) dec. Angel Cejudo (Arizona) 9-4.
3rd: Andrae Hernandez (Indiana) tech fall Alex Herrera (California) 10-0.
5th: Mark Bradley (Oregon) dec. Gabe Flores (California) 9-8.
7th: Tony Kubic (Washington) dec. Josh Churella (Michigan) 9-1.
132 (123 entries)
1st: Eric Tannenbaum (Illinios) dec. Matt Collum (Illinios) 3-0.
3rd: Ryan Needle (New York) dec. Matt Coughlin (Indiana) 5-3.
5th: Ryan Froese (Michigan) pin Steve Anceravage (Pennsylvania) 2:48.
7th: Chris Renninger (Pennsylvania) dec. Brent Metcalf (Michigan) 9-0.
143 (110 entries)
1st: Ryan Davis (Maryland) tech fall Keith Gavin (Pennsylvania) 10-0, 1:59.
3rd: Steve Luke (Ohio) dec. Casey Newport (Oklahoma) 6-2.
5th: Dustin Dahlblom (Minnesota) dec. Matt Kocher (Pennsylvania) 7-2.
7th: Danny Laneri (Utah) dec. Chris Jones (Oklahoma) 15-6.
154 (111 entries)
1st: Alex Pavlenko (Arizona) dec. George Lynaugh (Minnesota) 6-2.
3rd: Brad Herman (Pennsylvania) dec. Blake Peterson (Missouri) 7-3.
5th: Chuck Koz (Ohio) tech fall Joe Cortez (California) 16-6.
7th: Sean Richmond (Pennsylvania) dec. Drew McMahon (Illinois) 10-4.
167 (78 entries)
1st: Luke Hogle (Oregon) dec. Joshua Weitzel (Pennsylvania) 10-4.
3rd: Aaron Jones (Montana) dec. Doug Umbehauer (New Jersey) 3-1.
5th: Michael Short (Indiana) vs. John Laboranti (Pennsylvania) 4-0.
7th: Jake Herbert (Pennsylvania) dec. Jared Shelton (Oklahoma) 11-10.
182.5 (67 entries)
1st: Matt Maciag (New Jersey) dec. Mike Maresh (Minnesota) 6-4, OT.
3rd: Joe Williams (California) pin Caleb Young (Oklahoma) 1:26.
5th: Patrick Bond (Virginia) dec. Kurt Brenner (Pennsylvania) 5-2.
7th: Ed Wade (Alaska) inj. def. Jerome Zachariah (California).
209 (69 entries)
1st: Grant Miller (Illinois) dec. Joe Dennis (Ohio) 9-3.
3rd: Gerard Habibian (Utah) tech fall Jeremy Clinger (Ohio) 10-0.
5th: Aaron Silbernagel (North Dakota) dec. Dane Pape (Iowa) 6-5, OT.
7th: Ed Shields (Michigan) pin Bill Breedlove (Iowa) 1:45.
242 (41 entries)
1st: Jon May (Minnesota) dec. Tony Johnson (Ohio) 7-1.
3rd: Patrick Barrentine (Ohio) dec. Chase Wettencamp (Wisconsin) 8-2.
5th: Matthew Linker (North Carolina) pin Nikola Dragovic (California) :18.
7th: Kyle Devan (California) dec. Nicholas Smith (Idaho) 6-0.
Outstanding Wrestler- Dustin Schlatter (Ohio), 112

Junior Freestyle Top 10 Team Scores

(All-Americans and points)








New Jersey(6)27













Junior Freestyle All-Americans

98 (26 entries)
1st: Gabriel Mooney (Minnesota) dec. Paul Donahoe (Michgain) 8-6.
3rd: Tim Harner (Pennsylvania) dec. Brad Canterbury (Pennsylvania) 5-4.
5th: Vincent Cina (Maryland) pin Dave Mason (Oklahoma) 2:07.
7th: Brett Rolofson (Missouri) dec. Hamed Heider (Virginia) 4:02.
105.5 (38 entries)
1st: Mack Reiter (Iowa) tech fall Michael Goslicky (Pennsylvania) 12-2.
3rd: Alex Contreras (Arizona) dec. Christian Smith (Virginia) 7-4.
5th: Javier Maldanado (Florida) dec. James Granger (Oregon) 5-3.
7th: Brock Zollinger (Idaho) dec. Kevin Hunter (Utah) 3-1.
114.5 (92 entries)
1st: Mark Moos (Ohio) dec. Sam Hazewinkel (Florida) 13-12.
3rd: Luke Smith (Wisconsin) dec. Eric Stevenson (Oregon) 9-3.
5th: Christian Staylor (Virginia) tech fall Nathan Kendjorsky (Ohio) 10-0.
7th: Austin DeVoe (Kansas) tech fall Mike Silengo (Colorado) 12-1.
123 (122 entries)
1st: Travis Lee (Hawaii) dec. Nick Simmons (Michigan) 3-1.
3rd: Jafari Vanier (Minnesota) tech fall Darrell Vasquez (California) 13-4.
5th: Justin Pearch (Oregon) inj. def. Tony Franco (California).
7th: Tom Clum (Colorado) dec. Martin Mitchell (Washington) 9-2.
132 (122 entries)
1st: Teyon Ware (Oklahoma) dec. Dave Hoffman (Pennsylvania) 9-4.
3rd: Todd Meneely (Nebraska) dec. Nate Gallick (Arizona) 6-4.
5th: Chase Metcalf (Michigan) dec. Andy Simmons (Michigan) 6-3.
7th: Daniel Friskhorn (Virginia) dec. Ed Gutnik (New Jersey) 8-2.
143 (140 entries)
1st: Ron Tarquinio (Pennsylvania) dec. Ben Cherrington (Colorado) 9-6.
3rd: Matt McIntire (Ohio) dec. Brian Stith (Virginia) 4-1.
5th: Trent Paulson (Iowa) tech fall Clay Chambers (Oklahoma) 11-1.
7th: Ty Eustice (Minnesota) inj. def. C.P. Schlatter (Ohio) 0:00.
154 (121 entries)
1st: Derek Zinck (Pennsylvania) dec. Zach Esposito (New Jersey) 7-4.
3rd: Israel Martinez (Illinois) dec. Marcus LeVesseur (Minnesota) 5-5, ref. dec.
5th: Rayes Gonzales (Nevada) dec. Cole Pape (Iowa) 14-9.
7th: Joe Johnston (Kansas) dec. Arnold Lottering (Georgia) 8-2.
165 (112 entries)
1st: Johnny Hendricks (Oklahoma) tech fall Matt Herrington (New York) 10-0, 2:40.
3rd: Mark Mueller (Iowa) dec. Ben Askren (Wisconsin) 10-9.
5th: Troy Letters (Pennsylvania) tech fall Jeremy Hart (Pennsylvania) 10-0.
7th: Jerry Barragan (California) tech fall Justin Udell (Arizona) 11-0.
178 (89 entries)
1st: Hetag Pliev (Ohio) dec. Willie Parks (Colorado) 4-2.
3rd: Ryan Halsey (California) tech fall Pete Friedl (Illinois) 16-6.
5th: Travis Frick (Pennsylvania) dec. Matt Steel (Oklahoma) 4-2.
7th: Roger Kish (Michigan) tech fall Nathaniel Auguston (New Mexico) 12-2.
191.5 (72 entries)
1st: Jeff Clemens (Ohio) dec. Andy Rios (Ohio) 6-5.
3rd: Jake Rosholt (Idaho) tech fall K.C. Walsh (Washington) 11-1.
5th: Nathan Moore (Indiana) tech fall Chase Vendorn (Missouri) 12-2.
7th: Kevin Miles (Oregon) pin Adam Haake (Minnesota) 1:25.
220 (65 entries)
1st: Matt Feast (Pennsylvania) tech fall Criston Bietz (South Dakota) 16-5, 5:59.
3rd: Jake Butler (New Jersey) dec. Karl Person (Oklahoma) 8-5.
5th: Michael Shedek (Iowa) dec. Chad Espinoza (Nevada) 6-0.
7th: Chris Skretkowicz (New Jersey) tech fall B.J. Padden (South Dakota) 10-0.
275 (57 entries)
1st: Steven Mocco (New Jersey) pin Cain Velasquez (Arizona) 3:25.
3rd: Joel Powers (Illinois) pin Cole Konrad (Wisconsin) 1:09.
5th: Greg Wagner (Indiana) pin Tom Curl (New Jersey) :55.
7th: Devin Kraege (Wisconsin) pin Arturo Basulto (California) 1:49.

Outstanding Wrestler- Steve Mocco (New Jersey), 275

Team Minnesota – Cadet Greco-Roman

Ryan Adams (MN) 2nd Place

88 (24 entries)

Ryan Adams (MN) fall 1:23 Tony Mustari (CO)
Ryan Adams (MN) tech 11-0 Chris Hollinger (PA)
Ryan Adams (MN) tech 13-3 Jeremy Compton (OK)
Ryan Adams (MN) dec 9-0 Andrew Gonzalez (CA)
Ryan Adams (MN) fall 2:20 Bradley Muri (WA)
Nick Gallick (AZ) tech 11-0 Ryan Adams (MN)

Josh Hanson (MN) 4th Place

94.5 (35 entries)

Josh Hanson (MN) def Blake Parreira (CA)
Josh Hanson (MN) fall 3:31 Kyle James (TN)
Josh Hanson (MN) fall 1:06 Conor Beebe (IL)
Gilbert Lopez (OR) dec 6-4 Josh Hanson (MN)
Josh Hanson (MN) dec 9-5 Cody Tolliver (MT)
Josh Hanson (MN) dec 9-5 Scott Prutzman (NY)
Steven Juarez (CA) dec 13-8 Josh Hanson (MN)

T. Safratowich (MN) 2nd Place

94.5 (35 entries)

T. Safratowich (MN) tech 10-0 Travis Anderson (CO)
T. Safratowich (MN) BYE
T. Safratowich (MN) fall 2:52 Jason Naylor (TX)
T. Safratowich (MN) tech 10-0 Stuart Brinkman (WY)
T. Safratowich (MN) dec 8-3 Louis Bean (ID)
T. Safratowich (MN) dec 4-1 Sam Julian (PA)
T. Safratowich (MN) BYE
T. Safratowich (MN) tech 11-1 Steven Juarez (CA)
Cody Tolliver (MT) dec 10-9 T. Safratowich (MN)

Grant Johnson (MN) DNP

103.5 (63 entries)

Tanner Gardner (KS) fall 3:14 Grant Johnson (MN)
Tyson Larson (NE) fall 2:43 Grant Johnson (MN)

Danny Simmons (MN) DNP

103.5 (63 entries)

Weston Harris (UT) fall 1:44 Danny Simmons (MN)
Jason Vermes (CT) fall 0:21 Danny Simmons (MN)

Kent Nathe (MN) DNP

112 (73 entries)

Kent Nathe (MN) tech 13-1 Alex Maldonado (NE)
Kent Nathe (MN) tech 12-0 Matt Kilmartin (MI)
Kent Nathe (MN) dec 7-6 Steve Sutton (NY)
Mark McKnight (PA) dec 6-5 Kent Nathe (MN)
Kent Nathe (MN) dec 7-4 Levi Haugen (ND)
Kent Nathe (MN) dec 3-1 Jordan Crass (WI)
Tim Pierce (CA) fall 3:39 Kent Nathe (MN)

Ken Saufl (MN) DNP

112 (73 entries)

Ken Saufl (MN) tech 10-0 Suliaman Khan (WY)
Talon Vickers (ID) fall 1:17 Ken Saufl (MN)
John Rue (NY) dec 7-6 Ken Saufl (MN)

David Weinand (MN) DNP

121 (90 entries)

David Weinand (MN) tech 10-0 Nathan Deel (KS)
David Weinand (MN) dec 9-1 Craig Henning (WI)
David Weinand (MN) dec 5-0 Charlie Ettelson (IA)
David Weinand (MN) tech 12-2 Jay Chichester (VA)
Matt Stuart (NY) dec 5-2 David Weinand (MN)
David Weinand (MN) tech 12-2 Tim Ebenhoeh (MI)
M. Throckmorton (PA) dec 9-0 David Weinand (MN)

Chris Anderson (MN) DNP

121 (90 entries)

Chris Anderson (MN) fall 0:57 Greg Lapinski (WI)
Chris Anderson (MN) dec 8-1 Jeff Taylor (OR)
Danny Zeman (IL) tech 11-0 Chris Anderson (MN)
Brian McGahee (GA) fall 2:47 Chris Anderson (MN)

Micah Flodeen (MN) 5th Place

121 (90 entries)

Micah Flodeen (MN) tech 11-1 Jason Makara (PA)
Micah Flodeen (MN) dec 9-8 Andrew Perez (OH)
Stephen Schantin (OR) fall 3:02 Micah Flodeen (MN)
Micah Flodeen (MN) dec 4-2 McKay Sanderson (UT)
Micah Flodeen (MN) tech 12-1 Nick Harris (NY)
Micah Flodeen (MN) tech 10-0 Zack Beck (MI)
Micah Flodeen (MN) dec 3-3 Travis Lang (ND)
Alex Tsirtsis (IN) dec 3-0 Micah Flodeen (MN)
Micah Flodeen (MN) fall 3:32 Tim Ebenhoeh (MI)

Jake Grygelko (MN) DNP

121 (90 entries)

Phillip Dunn (PA) fall 0:39 Jake Grygelko (MN)
Chase Walker (UT) fall 0:38 Jake Grygelko (MN)

Joe Roberts (MN) DNP

132 (101 entries)

Clint Leonard (ID) fall 1:50 Joe Roberts (MN)
Tony Lajoie (MI) tech 12-1 Joe Roberts (MN)

Levi Price (MN) DNP

132 (101 entries)

Levi Price (MN) fall 2:20 Brandon Brille (NE)
Levi Price (MN) fall 3:02 Donny Ooton (VA)
Levi Price (MN) dec 10-2 Seth Robinson (MO)
Gregg Romano (NJ) dec 6-3 Levi Price (MN)
Carter Downing (WY) tech 13-3 Levi Price (MN)

Cody Olson (MN) DNP

132 (101 entries)

Jeff Ramsey (AZ) tech 10-0 Cody Olson (MN)
Cody Olson (MN) tech 12-0 Mark Fry (MD)
Cody Olson (MN) dec 18-11 Gurpratap Gill (IN)
Joe Rico (CA) tech 12-0 Cody Olson (MN)

A. Quittschreiber (MN) DNP

132 (101 entries)

Kevin Rieman (OH) fall 3:44 A. Quittschreiber (MN)
A. Quittschreiber (MN) fall 1:42 Doug Robelman (NC)
Chris Abbott (UT) dec 7-2 A. Quittschreiber (MN)

Nate Matousek (MN) DNP

143 (82 entries)

Nate Matousek (MN) tech 10-0 Matt Lower (PA)
Nate Matousek (MN) tech 10-0 Eric Lakia (OH)
Colton Salazar (UT) dec 5-3 Nate Matousek (MN)
Nate Matousek (MN) dec 9-2 Jacob Wyatt (MI)
Nate Matousek (MN) dec 7-0 Ben Imdieke (ND)
Scott Loescher (OR) dec 4-1 Nate Matousek (MN)

Mike Quamme (MN) DNP

143 (82 entries)

Mike Quamme (MN) fall 1:01 Brad Aldrete (LA)
Mike Quamme (MN) fall 0:45 Joshua Kallai (OH)
Mike Quamme (MN) tech 12-1 Kellyn Parker (MI)
Mike Quamme (MN) tech 12-1 Ryan Fitzgerald (NY)
Cody Burdett (UT) fall 3:26 Mike Quamme (MN)
Matt Crippes (CA) dec 4-3 Mike Quamme (MN)

Cory Harnitz (MN) 7th Place

143 (82 entries)

Cory Harnitz (MN) dec 6-3 Kirk Main (PA)
Cory Harnitz (MN) tech 10-0 Curtis Roddy (MN)
Cory Harnitz (MN) dec 8-5 Ryan Davis (MD)
Cory Harnitz (MN) BYE
Cory Harnitz (MN) tech 11-0 Ricky Tippett (MD)
Cory Harnitz (MN) fall 3:03 Daniel Murphree (CA)
Matt Crippes (CA) fall 1:55 Cory Harnitz (MN)
Cory Harnitz (MN) dec 6-2 Jerid Lovejoy (NY)

Curtis Roddy (MN) DNP

143 (82 entries)

Curtis Roddy (MN) fall 3:09 Matt ReMillard (WA)
Cory Harnitz (MN) tech 10-0 Curtis Roddy (MN)
Zach Shanaman (NJ) dec 5-4 Cory Harnitz (MN)
Kirk Main (PA) dec 9-6 Curtis Roddy (MN)

Mike Felling (MN) 1st Place

154 (86 entries)

Mike Felling (MN) dec 5-1 Mike Bianco (PA)
Mike Felling (MN) tech 11-0 Nick Shaffer (OR)
Mike Felling (MN) tech 12-1 Chris Sermone (CA)
Mike Felling (MN) dec 10-3 P.J. Bolanis (OH)
Mike Felling (MN) tech 11-0 Brian Carter (LA)
Mike Felling (MN) dec 6-3 Nick Hayes (IA)
Mike Felling (MN) dec 11-3 Rick Brownlee (GA)
Mike Felling (MN) dec 6-0 Brett Sloan (CA)
Mike Felling (MN) tech 11-0 Alex Pavlenko (AZ)

Phil Meinert (MN) DNP

154 (86 entries)

Neal Beaudry (OR) dec 5-0 Phil Meinert (MN)
Andy Fry (IA) fall 0:33 Phil Meinert (MN)

Nathan Kocer (MN) DNP

167 (67 entries)

Nick Padezan (PA) dec 11-5 Nathan Kocer (MN)
Chris Goings (VA) tech 13-1 Nathan Kocer (MN)

Jeremy Pederson (MN) DNP

167 (67 entries)

Jeremy Pederson (MN) tech 11-0 Riley Yates (ID)
Jeremy Pederson (MN) tech 14-2 Andrew Oakley (NC)
Jeremy Pederson (MN) tech 10-0 Rob Orleski (NY)
Jeremy Pederson (MN) tech 11-1 Mark Murphy (PA)
Aaron Anyan (MO) dec 3-1 Jeremy Pederson (MN)
Jeremy Pederson (MN) dec 9-2 Daniel Shefchik (WI)
Jeremy Pederson (MN) BYE
Orlando (CA) tech 12-0 Jeremy Pederson (MN)

Justin Bronson (MN) DNP

167 (67 entries)

Joe Dustin (OR) fall 3:50 Justin Bronson (MN)
Aaron Jones (MT) fall 1:27 Justin Bronson (MN)

Justin Nygaard (MN) DNP

167 (67 entries)

Justin McAuly (WI) fall 1:10 Justin Nygaard (MN)
Justin Nygaard (MN) fall 2:26 Kyle Flory (KS)
Edward Kennedy (IN) fall 2:48 Justin Nygaard (MN)

Dragomir Mijic (MN) DNP

182.5 (43 entries)

Nick Boles (NJ) tech 10-0 Dragomir Mijic (MN)
Dragomir Mijic (MN) tech 12-0 Jared Rosholt (ID)
Dragomir Mijic (MN) dec 5-4 Tom Maxworthy (OH)
Dragomir Mijic (MN) BYE
Dragomir Mijic (MN) fall 1:51 Jody Johnson (NY)
Joe Williams (CA) dec 4-2 Dragomir Mijic (MN)

Sean Malone (MN) DNP

182.5 (43 entries)

Kurt Brenner (PA) dec 4-3 Sean Malone (MN)
Jake Cranford (OR) dec 14-12 Sean Malone (MN)

Kyle Massey (MN) 3rd Place

209 (60 entries)

Kyle Massey (MN) fall 1:14 Phillip Swanson (IA)
Kyle Massey (MN) dec 3-0 Will Clarke (IN)
Kyle Massey (MN) tech 11-0 Kyle Hill (KS)
Kyle Massey (MN) dec 8-0 Kyle Simmons (WA)
Kyle Massey (MN) tech 10-0 Kody Nielson (CA)
Kyle Massey (MN) dec 4-3 Jacob Kallestad (MT)
Grant Miller (IL) dec 4-0 Kyle Massey (MN)
Kyle Massey (MN) tech 11-0 Tom Rice (NE)
Kyle Massey (MN) tech 11-0 Nate Savering (MN)

Nate Savering (MN) 4th Place

209 (60 entries)

Nate Savering (MN) dec 8-2 Brandon Hester (CA)
Nate Savering (MN) tech 10-0 Bryan Slattery (PA)
Nate Savering (MN) tech 10-0 Sam Ritter (FL)
Nate Savering (MN) tech 10-0 Jerry Rutledge (OR)
Patrick Brownson (IL) dec 3-0 Nate Savering (MN)
Nate Savering (MN) dec 4-2 John Bates (OR)
Nate Savering (MN) fall 1:14 Steve Anderson (MI)
Kyle Massey (MN) tech 11-0 Nate Savering (MN)

Mike Yilek (MN) DNP

242 (39 entries)

Dallin Norton (UT) fall 0:30 Mike Yilek (MN)
Mike Yilek (MN) fall 1:08 R.C. Brown (WY)
Lerry Langowski (IL) DISQ   Mike Yilek (MN)

Trevor Laws (MN) 3rd Place

242 (39 entries)

Trevor Laws (MN) tech 10-0 Chad Lofink (IL)
Trevor Laws (MN) fall 1:46 Nicholas Smith (ID)
Trevor Laws (MN) tech 10-0 Joe Wright (MI)
Trevor Laws (MN) dec 4-1 Randy Feigner (OR)
Trevor Laws (MN) tech 10-0 Sam Karash (NE)
Trevor Laws (MN) dec 3-0 Nikola Dragovic (CA)
Chase Wetenkamp (WI) dec 4-2 Trevor Laws (MN)
Trevor Laws (MN) dec 9-0 Jason Montgomery (CA)

Jon May (MN) DNP

242 (39 entries)

Jon May (MN) dec 8-1 Brett Barrie (NY)
Kyle Daily (IN) fall 2:21 Jon May (MN)
Patrick Barrentine (OH) dec 5-0 Jon May (MN)

Team Minnesota – Cadet Freestyle

Justin Lebahn (MN) DNP

83.5 (25 entries)

Fernando Martinez (IN) tech 12-2 Justin Lebahn (MN)
C.J. Dominguez (CA) fall 2:39 Justin Lebahn (MN)

Ryan Adams (MN) 1st Place

88 (29 entries)

Ryan Adams (MN) tech 12-0 Jake Whisonant (WY)
Ryan Adams (MN) dec 7-4 Joel Ahern (NY)
Ryan Adams (MN) tech 10-0 Andrew Gonzalez (CA)
Ryan Adams (MN) fall 3:46 Bradley Muri (WA)
Ryan Adams (MN) dec 12-8 Chris Hollinger (PA)
Ryan Adams (MN) dec 4-2 Nick Gallick (AZ)

Josh Hanson (MN) 2nd Place

94.5 (44 entries)

Josh Hanson (MN) tech 11-0 Kurt Lennick (ND)
Josh Hanson (MN) fall 0:24 Matt Price (IN)
Josh Hanson (MN) fall 0:15 Kris Fox (OR)
Bryan Osuna (CA) dec 5-3 Josh Hanson (MN)
Josh Hanson (MN) dec 11-8 Matt Fisk (PA)
Josh Hanson (MN) fall 1:49 Terry Jackson (OH)
Josh Hanson (MN) fall 1:49 Brice Wasserman (OK)
Anthony Easter (WV) dec 9-6 Josh Hanson (MN)

Pat Bertelsen (MN) DNP

94.5 (44 entries)

M. Degliobizzi (DE) fall 0:44 Pat Bertelsen (MN)
Grant Gerk (WY) fall 0:54 Pat Bertelsen (MN)

Tyler Safratowich (MN) DNP

94.5 (44 entries)

Tyler Safratowich (MN) dec 6-1 Kyle James (TN)
Kody Tolliver (MT) dec 13-10 Tyler Safratowich (MN)
Tyler Safratowich (MN) dec 6-5 Kyle Terry (OK)
Tyler Safratowich (MN) dec 12-3 Scott Prutzman (NY)
Tyler Safratowich (MN) dec 6-5 Anthony Easter (WV)
Steven Juarez (CA) dec 9-8 Tyler Safratowich (MN)

Matt Hohenstein (MN) DNP

94.5 (44 entries)

Andrew Carrillo (KS) fall 1:11 Matt Hohenstein (MN)
Steven Juarez (CA) fall 0:32 Matt Hohenstein (MN)

Nick Walsh (MN) DNP

103.5 (77 entries)

Jason Robbins (FL) fall 1:27 Nick Walsh (MN)
Tyler Sherfey (WA) fall 1:29 Nick Walsh (MN)

Daniel Tabbert (MN) DNP

103.5 (77 entries)

Matt Lang (OR) tech 11-0 Daniel Tabbert (MN)
David Manoogian (OH) tech 10-0 Daniel Tabbert (MN)

Charlie Falck (MN) 2nd Place

103.5 (77 entries)

Charlie Falck (MN) tech 10-0 Erddie Swindell (NE)
Charlie Falck (MN) dec 3-2 Micah Ferguson (CA)
Charlie Falck (MN) tech 10-0 Eric Albright (PA)
Charlie Falck (MN) dec 11-4 Jordan Leen (TN)
Charlie Falck (MN) dec 6-2 Mike Rodriguez (WA)
Charlie Falck (MN) fall 2:08 Adam Frey (PA)
Charlie Falck (MN) tech 11-0 Brandon Shelton (OK)
Charlie Falck (MN) dec 7-4 Cesar Grajales (FL)
Bryan Nunziato (NJ) dec 8-5 Charlie Falck (MN)

Jordan Burmeister (MN) DNP

112 (102 entries)

Johnny Rojas (CA) dec 10-6 Jordan Burmeister (MN)
Jordan Burmeister (MN) tech 10-0 J. Robinson (TN)
Jason Johnstone (OH) tech 16-6 Jordan Burmeister (MN)

Richard Fessler (MN) DNP

112 (102 entries)

Richard Fessler (MN) tech 11-1 Brandon Tewalt (WI)
Richard Fessler (MN) tech 11-0 Tea Toeun (IA)
Richard Fessler (MN) tech 10-0 Skyler Pettengell (ID)
Clarence Mays (NJ) fall 1:14 Richard Fessler (MN)
Richard Fessler (MN) dec 10-2 Paul Lyon (MI)
Mike Bryan (PA) dec 11-5 Richard Fessler (MN)

John Denney (MN) DNP

121 (112 entries)

John Denney (MN) fall 0:46 Kyle Coffman (FL)
John Denney (MN) tech 10-0 Adam Farr (WI)
John Denney (MN) dec 6-2 Corey Swanson (CO)
John Denney (MN) dec 7-5 Usman Khan (WY)
Anthony Castro (NJ) dec 10-8 John Denney (MN)
Gabe Flores (CA) tech 11-0 John Denney (MN)

Jake Grygelko (MN) DNP

121 (112 entries)

Cody Sweat (UT) dec 6-0 Jake Grygelko (MN)
Jake Grygelko (MN) INDF Matt Hautala (WY)
Tony Kubec (WA) tech 11-0 Jake Grygelko (MN)

Andrew Scherer (MN) DNP

121 (112 entries)

Nick Reidman (ND) fall 3:38 Andrew Scherer (MN)
Joey Morrisson (NE) fall 1:33 Andrew Scherer (MN)

Jacob Lanoue (MN) DNP

132 (123 entries)

Troy Pitch (MI) dec 5-0 Jacob Lanoue (MN)
Mark Marquez (CA) tech 10-0 Jacob Lanoue (MN)

A. Quittschreiber (MN) DNP

132 (123 entries)

A. Quittschreiber (MN) dec 5-1 Leon Schenck (LA)
A. Quittschreiber (MN) fall 1:53 Kyle Temple (OR)
A. Quittschreiber (MN) dec 4-3 Marcelllo Medini (NJ)
Carter Downing (WY) INDF   A. Quittschreiber (MN)
Lucas Anderson (CA) dec 9-3 A. Quittschreiber (MN)

Joe Roberts (MN) DNP

132 (123 entries)

Jeremie Degen (SD) fall 3:07 Joe Roberts (MN)
Joe Roberts (MN) fall 1:58 Colin Wagner (OK)
Rocky Cozart (FL) tech 10-0 Joe Roberts (MN)

Adam Rall (MN) DNP

143 (110 entries)

Adam Rall (MN) dec 4-1 Zachary Myers (ID)
Adam Rall (MN) dec 5-2 Max Askren (WI)
Zachary Shanaman (NJ) dec 4-2 Adam Rall (MN)
Daniel Murphree (CA) tech 15-3 Adam Rall (MN)

Cory Schmitz (MN) DNP

143 (110 entries)

Cory Schmitz (MN) fall 1:35 Jake Akkerman (WI)
Casey Newport (OK) dec 16-8 Cory Schmitz (MN)
Cory Schmitz (MN) tech 16-5 Brett Arand (OR)
Cory Schmitz (MN) fall 1:21 John Cummings (NY)
Ricky Tippett (MD) dec 8-5 Cory Schmitz (MN)

Nate Matousek (MN) DNP

143 (110 entries)

Nate Matousek (MN) tech 10-0 M. Christiansen (ID)
Nate Matousek (MN) dec 6-0 Tyler Tisdell (NJ)
Nate Matousek (MN) dec 7-6 Thomas Rhodes (KS)
Nate Matousek (MN) tech 11-0 Eric Gatz (SD)
Mike Gabrielson (CA) dec 4-1 Nate Matousek (MN)
Nate Matousek (MN) dec 4-2 Lindel Sierra (CA)
Danny Laneri (UT) tech 13-3 Nate Matousek (MN)

Dustin Dahlblom (MN) 5th Place

143 (110 entries)

Dustin Dahlblom (MN) tech 10-0 Jeff Baker (FL)
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) tech 11-1 Jay Akers (IN)
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) tech 10-0 Colin Nelson (WI)
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) tech 11-0 Jacob Wyett (MI)
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) tech 10-0 Jason Hollar (PA)
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) tech 13-3 Shane Vernon (OK)
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) dec 5-4 Mike Gabrielson (CA)
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) fall 1:29 Danny Laneri (UT)
Steve Luke (OH) dec 8-0 Dustin Dahlblom (MN)
Ryan Davis (MD) dec 5-1 Dustin Dahlblom (MN)
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) dec 7-2 Matt Kocher (PA)

Jeff Grosland (MN) DNP

143 (110 entries)

Ryan Freeman (MO) dec 5-3 Jeff Grosland (MN)
Ryan Davis (MD) tech 11-0 Jeff Grosland (MN)

Nathan Dahlheimer (MN) DNP

154 (111 entries)

Nathan Dahlheimer (MN) tech 10-0 Nate Risser (ND)
Nathan Dahlheimer (MN) tech 11-0 Rick Brownlee (GA)
Nathan Dahlheimer (MN) dec 10-5 Anthony McMichael (MI)
Nathan Dahlheimer (MN) tech 10-0 Keenan McCurdy (NE)
Chuck Koz (OH) dec 8-6 Nathan Dahlheimer (MN)
Nathan Dahlheimer (MN) tech 14-3 Brandon Yeargain (OK)
Dustin Davis (OK) dec 10-6 Nathan Dahlheimer (MN)

Jason White (MN) DNP

154 (111 entries)

Jason White (MN) fall 0:41 Tyler Neether (ND)
Jason White (MN) tech 10-0 Cameron Hayes (IN)
Jason White (MN) tech 12-0 Michael Grishman (LA)
Sean Richmond (PA) dec 7-2 Jason White (MN)
Nick Davis (FL) dec 7-6 Jason White (MN)

Kyle Anderson (MN) DNP

154 (111 entries)

Kyle Anderson (MN) tech 12-2 Brendan Couture (NC)
Chris Wilson (OH) dec 10-6 Kyle Anderson (MN)
Alex Pavlenko (AZ) dec 4-3 Kyle Anderson (MN)

George Lynaugh (MN) 2nd Place

154 (111 entries)

George Lynaugh (MN) dec 5-4 Blake Maurer (IN)
George Lynaugh (MN) tech 14-4 Rob Conley (OH)
George Lynaugh (MN) dec 11-5 Trevor Suter (NJ)
George Lynaugh (MN) tech 10-0 Andy Wempen (WY)
George Lynaugh (MN) dec 4-3 Jesse Reader (MI)
George Lynaugh (MN) dec 10-5 Brandon Thomson (CA)
George Lynaugh (MN) fall 3:16 Drew McMahon (IL)
George Lynaugh (MN) fall 1:59 Nick Hayes (IA)
George Lynaugh (MN) tech 11-0 Jose Cortez (AZ)
Brad Herman (PA) dec 7-2 George Lynaugh (MN)
Alex Pavlenko (AZ) dec 9-2 George Lynaugh (MN)

Nick Lentz (MN) DNP

154 (111 entries)

Nick Lentz (MN) dec 10-3 Ryan Kuzel (NY)
Nick Lentz (MN) tech 13-3 Tropher Ewing (IA)
Nick Lentz (MN) fall 3:00 Beau Suder (WY)
Nick Lentz (MN) tech 10-0 Ward Brady (IL)
Nick Lentz (MN) dec 4-0 Steve Avila (CA)
Brad Herman (PA) tech 11-1 Nick Lentz (MN)
Nick Hayes (IA) tech 11-0 Nick Lentz (MN)

Tyler Bezdicek (MN) DNP

167 (78 entries)

Mark Zabala (CA) tech 14-2 Tyler Bezdicek (MN)
Clyde Switzer (WA) fall 1:03 Tyler Bezdicek (MN)

Tom Nesseth (MN) DNP

167 (78 entries)

Doug Umbehauer (NJ) dec 9-0 Tom Nesseth (MN)
Tom Nesseth (MN) tech 11-1 Marcus Garcia (CA)
Tom Nesseth (MN) tech 13-2 Dash Dudley (MI)
Arik Wolfe (IN) dec 10-4 Tom Nesseth (MN)

William Fink (MN) DNP

167 (78 entries)

Matt Henderson (WY) tech 10-0 William Fink (MN)
Mike Galante (NJ) tech 10-0 William Fink (MN)

Grant Smith (MN) DNP

182.5 (67 entries)

Grant Smith (MN) dec 3-0 Todd Sigler (ID)
Grant Smith (MN) dec 4-2 Leo Saniuk (OH)
Rusty Morgan (OK) fall 0:27 Grant Smith (MN)
Grant Smith (MN) dec 12-7 Trey McLean (OR)
Jerome Zachariah (CA) fall 3:37 Grant Smith (MN)

Nick Rydberg (MN) DNP

182.5 (67 entries)

Nick Rydberg (MN) def Mitchell Tilley (GA)
Brian Tyers (MI) fall 1:08 Nick Rydberg (MN)
Kurt Brenner (PA) tech 10-0 Nick Rydberg (MN)

Mike Maresh (MN) 2nd Place

182.5 (67 entries)

Mike Maresh (MN) tech 11-1 Riley Schmiotke (HI)
Mike Maresh (MN) tech 10-0 Scott Piatt (NJ)
Mike Maresh (MN) dec 14-7 Aaron Stewart (MI)
Mike Maresh (MN) dec 7-2 Grant Peissig (WI)
Mike Maresh (MN) dec 8-0 Jerome Zachariah (CA)
Mike Maresh (MN) dec 9-3 Chase Thompson (IN)
Mike Maresh (MN) dec 4-3 Kurt Brenner (PA)
Matt Maciag (NJ) dec 6-4 Mike Maresh (MN)

Levi Kruse (MN) DNP

182.5 (67 entries)

Levi Kruse (MN) fall 3:07 Zach Parrish (NC)
Levi Kruse (MN) dec 7-0 Jeremy Mosely (FL)
Levi Kruse (MN) tech 11-0 Jordan Bedore (KS)
Levi Kruse (MN) dec 9-4 Jake Cranford (OR)
Patrick Bond (VA) dec 7-0 Levi Kruse (MN)
Matt Maciag (NJ) tech 12-2 Levi Kruse (MN)

Ross Kockelman (MN) DNP

182.5 (67 entries)

Kockelman (MN) fall 2:59 Phillip Alvord (CA)
Ross Kockelman (MN) dec 8-0 Jarrad Stapleton (OK)
Jed Wade (AK) dec 5-2 Ross Kockelman (MN)
Ross Kockelman (MN) dec 15-9 Tyler Moyer (WA)
Ross Kockelman (MN) dec 6-5 Kevin Zehr (IN)
Joe Williams (CA) tech 11-0 Ross Kockelman (MN)

Kyle Massey (MN) DNP

209 (69 entries)

Kyle Massey (MN) fall 2:48 Tim Kelley (GA)
Kyle Massey (MN) tech 11-0 Charlie Wilson (OK)
Kyle Massey (MN) tech 11-0 Josh Cupp (MO)
Dane Pape (IA) dec 5-0 Kyle Massey (MN)
Kyle Massey (MN) tech 13-2 Ryan Frost (MI)
Patrick Brownson (IL) dec 6-4 Kyle Massey (MN)

Nate Savering (MN) DNP

209 (69 entries)

Evan Mattingly (WA) dec 11-9 Nate Savering (MN)
Noah Amba (HI) dec 3-2 Nate Savering (MN)

Alan Erickson (MN) DNP

242 (41 entries)

Bratt Barrie (NY) fall 0:11 Alan Erickson (MN)
Alan Erickson (MN) dec 5-3 Joe Wood (MI)
Tony Johnson (OH) dec 9-2 Alan Erickson (MN)

Ben Roberson (MN) DNP

242 (41 entries)

Ben Roberson (MN) dec 3-0 Tyler Edwards (OK)
Ben Roberson (MN) dec 5-1 Justin Green (MT)
Ben Roberson (MN) fall 1:56 Michael Patton (IN)
Kyle Devan (CA) dec 7-0 Ben Roberson (MN)
Patrick Barrentine (OH) tech 11-0 Ben Roberson (MN)

Jon May (MN) 1st Place

242 (41 entries)

Jon May (MN) tech 10-0 Dallin Norton (UT)
Jon May (MN) tech 11-0 Steven Lyon (FL)
Jon May (MN) fall 0:50 Larry Langowski (IL)
Jon May (MN) dec 6-1 Nikola Dragovic (CA)
Jon May (MN) tech 10-0 Bode Ogunwole (MD)
Jon May (MN) dec 11-10 Patrick Barrentine (OH)
Jon May (MN) dec 7-1 Tony Johnson (OH)

Team Minnesota – Junior Greco-Roman

Gabe Mooney (MN) 1st Place

98 (17 entries)

Gabe Mooney (MN) tech 11-0 Vincent Cina (MD)
Gabe Mooney (MN) tech 12-2 Bradley O’Dell (IL)
Gabe Mooney (MN) tech 10-0 Chad Woods (IN)
Gabe Mooney (MN) tech 12-0 Matt Gardner (OR)
Gabe Mooney (MN) dec 5-2 Paul Donahue (MI)
Gabe Mooney (MN) fall 2:31 Hamed Heider (VA)
Gabe Mooney (MN) tech 10-0 Luke Seger (IN)

Shane Walton (MN) 5th Place

98 (17 entries)

Shane Walton (MN) def Rene Robles (AZ)
Shane Walton (MN) dec 12-6 Sandeep Kumar (NY)
Cash Coolidge (NE) tech 13-2 Shane Walton (MN)
Luke Seger (IN) tech 10-0 Shane Walton (MN)
Shane Walton (MN) dec 11-9 Hamed Heider (VA)

Luke Walton (MN) DNP

105.5 (31 entries)

Luke Walton (MN) fall 0:37 Brandon Bradley (VA)
John Espinoza (AZ) tech 12-2 Luke Walton (MN)
Luke Walton (MN) fall 0:41 Randy Dunkin (NJ)
Alex Vsztics (PA) tech 14-4 Luke Walton (MN)

Josh Lindquist (MN) DNP

114.5 (60 entries)

Josh Lindquist (MN) tech 16-5 F. Manriguez (CA)
Josh Lindquist (MN) tech 18-6 Daniel Carrizo (NY)
Josh Lindquist (MN) tech 10-0 Lief Gilsdorf (OH)
Nathan Browning (OH) fall 1:10 Josh Lindquist (MN)
Willie Holst (WI) fall 1:49 Josh Lindquist (MN)

Eric Sanders (MN) 7th Place

114.5 (60 entries)

Eric Sanders (MN) tech 12-0 Dave Israel (NY)
Eric Sanders (MN) dec 5-3 Aaron Scott (IA)
Eric Sanders (MN) tech 11-0 Michael McKinnon (WA)
Eric Sanders (MN) dec 7-0 Jeff Davis (OK)
Eric Stevenson (OR) fall 1:21 Eric Sanders (MN)
Eric Sanders (MN) dec 8-3 Jordan Keckler (CA)
Corey Kalina (IA) tech 10-0 Eric Sanders (MN)
Eric Sanders (MN) dec 9-6 Nathan Browning (OH)

Quincy Osborn (MN) 3rd Place

123 (82 entries)

Quincy Osborn (MN) dec 11-6 Leo Bugaj (OK)
Quincy Osborn (MN) tech 11-0 Shawn Lally (PA)
Quincy Osborn (MN) tech 11-0 Henry Blue (MD)
Quincy Osborn (MN) fall 5:39 Adam Buzek (OH)
Quincy Osborn (MN) tech 11-0 Tyler McCormick (KS)
Quincy Osborn (MN) dec 5-2 Martin Mitchell (WA)
Quincy Osborn (MN) dec 3-1 Christian Bowerman (CA)
Quincy Osborn (MN) dec 3-0 Justin Pearch (OR)
A.J. Lavender (IL) dec 6-3 Quincy Osborn (MN)
Quincy Osborn (MN) dec 10-5 Josh Wagner (WI)

G. Brendemeuhl (MN) DNP

123 (82 entries)

G. Brendemeuhl (MN) fall 1:48 Joe Lucas (OR)
G. Brendemeuhl (MN) DISQ   Gabe Rostermundt (IA)
G. Brendemeuhl (MN) tech 11-1 Joshua Thompson (OH)
Luke Metzler (KS) fall 5:54 G. Brendemeuhl (MN)
Ian McGoidrick (PA) fall 0:30 G. Brendemeuhl (MN)

Dustin Coffin (MN) DNP

132 (101 entries)

Dustin Coffin (MN) tech 3-13 Jason Sampson (TX)
Michael Wood (MD) dec 14-11 Dustin Coffin (MN)
Chad Davis (IA) tech 11-0 Dustin Coffin (MN)

Tony Rezac (MN) DNP

132 (101 entries)

Shawn Bunch (KS) tech 10-0 Tony Rezac (MN)
Jon Ott (MO) tech 10-0 Tony Rezac (MN)

Jason Jensen (MN) DNP

132 (101 entries)

Nick McElhiney (PA) tech 12-0 Jason Jensen (MN)
Bryan Odle (OK) dec 8-7 Jason Jensen (MN)

Donnie DePatto (MN) DNP

132 (101 entries)

Donnie DePatto (MN) fall 1:56 Carlos Palacios (VA)
Donnie DePatto (MN) tech 11-0 Ben Gratton (CO)
Donnie DePatto (MN) dec 10-3 Ricky Turk (CA)
Donnie DePatto (MN) tech 10-0 Russell Tebeleff (D.C.)
Donnie DePatto (MN) tech 10-0 Justin Kamperman (FL)
Donnie DePatto (MN) tech 10-0 John Bedford (OH)
Marco Lara (CA) fall 2:08 Donnie DePatto (MN)
Cam Jones (UT) tech 11-1 Donnie DePatto (MN)

Ben Keen (MN) DNP

132 (101 entries)

Skyler Woods (NV) fall 5:09 Ben Keen (MN)
Ben Keen (MN) tech 10-0 Derek Miller (WI)
A. Haukenberry (WA) tech 13-2 Ben Keen (MN)

Ryan Fliginger (MN) DNP

143 (101 entries)

Ryan Fliginger (MN) fall 0:34 Justin Bernshausen (CO)
Ryan Fliginger (MN) tech 10-0 Jamie Keehu (HI)
Justin Lancaster (WI) fall 3:30 Ryan Fliginger (MN)
Ryan Fliginger (MN) fall 1:39 Jared Norman (OR)
Ryan Fliginger (MN) tech 10-0 Matt Barger (CA)
Alanzo Martinez (NE) tech 11-1 Ryan Fliginger (MN)

Eric Fiedler (MN) DNP

143 (101 entries)

Chad Isacson (IL) dec 12-3 Eric Fiedler (MN)
Zach Lamano (UT) tech 11-0 Eric Fiedler (MN)

Jeff Kranz (MN) DNP

143 (101 entries)

Patrick Mitchell (LA) dec 10-1 Jeff Kranz (MN)
Jeff Kranz (MN) fall 1:46 Matt Booker (FL)
C.P. Schlatter (OH) fall 1:02 Jeff Kranz (MN)

Gabe Dretsch (MN) DNP

154 (95 entries)

Jacob Curby (IL) dec 7-2 Gabe Dretsch (MN)
Gabe Dretsch (MN) tech 11-0 Quincy Young (LA)
Daniel Price (CA) tech 13-3 Gabe Dretsch (MN)

Scott Perrine (MN) DNP

154 (95 entries)

Joe Johnston (KS) fall 0:40 Scott Perrine (MN)
Arnold Lottering (GA) fall 1:32 Scott Perrine (MN)

Matt Nagel (MN) 1st Place

154 (95 entries)

Matt Nagel (MN) tech 12-0 Chad Constance (AZ)
Matt Nagel (MN) tech 11-0 Kevin Lozano (LA)
Matt Nagel (MN) tech 12-0 Zack Pierhoples (DE)
Matt Nagel (MN) tech 11-0 Antonio Ramirez (OK)
Matt Nagel (MN) tech 11-0 N. VanWyngaabdt (GA)
Matt Nagel (MN) tech 12-0 John Cox (MI)
Matt Nagel (MN) fall 1:32 Tony Hook (ID)
Matt Nagel (MN) fall 1:23 Artem Krylov (CA)
Matt Nagel (MN) tech 18-5 Nathan Galloway (PA)
Matt Nagel (MN) dec 4-0 Robb Maxwell (UT)

Eric Duchene (MN) DNP

154 (95 entries)

Eric Duchene (MN) tech 11-0 Mike Fredrichs (WA)
Josh Pulsifer (OK) fall 5:58 Eric Duchene (MN)
Artem Krylov (CA) fall 2:16 Eric Duchene (MN)

Dan Stenger (MN) DNP

165 (86 entries)

Dan Stenger (MN) tech 12-2 Ninos Oshana (IL)
Steve Conlin (NE) tech 12-1 Dan Stenger (MN)
Carmen Leone (NJ) fall 3:17 Dan Stenger (MN)

Jeremy Chavis (MN) DNP

165 (86 entries)

Jeremy Chavis (MN) tech 11-0 Nick Blunt (CO)
Jeremy Chavis (MN) fall 4:10 Brandon Clark (NY)
Jeremy Chavis (MN) dec 6-2 Anthony Harmer (MI)
Chris Hahn (OH) dec 6-5 Jeremy Chavis (MN)
Matt Martin (OK) tech 12-0 Jeremy Chavis (MN)

Ryan Zajac (MN) DNP

165 (86 entries)

Oscar Rodriguez (FL) tech 12-0 Ryan Zajac (MN)
Darin Harris (UT) dec 12-10 Ryan Zajac (MN)

Lon Welsh (MN) DNP

165 (86 entries)

Joe Gadson (OH) tech 10-0 Lon Welsh (MN)
Chris Cooper (IN) tech 16-6 Lon Welsh (MN)

Matt Imdieke (MN) DNP

178 (65 entries)

A. Rubalacava (CA) tech 14-2 Matt Imdieke (MN)
Matt Imdieke (MN) dec 10-3  Mark Staron (OH)
Daniel Stewart (OR) fall 1:08 Matt Imdieke (MN)

Adam Barton (MN) DNP

178 (65 entries)

Adam Barton (MN) tech 10-0 Josh Boebert (CT)
Elijah Simburger (ND) dec 8-3 Adam Barton (MN)
Dillon Waggoner (CO) tech 10-0 Adam Barton (MN)

Jared Massey (MN) DNP

178 (65 entries)

Jared Massey (MN) tech 11-0 Anthony Alfin (CO)
Joey Gorczynski (OK) dec 10-3 Jared Massey (MN)
Cody Eardley (WY) fall 0:26 Jared Massey (MN)

Ben Janike (MN) DNP

191.5 (58 entries)

Ben Janike (MN) fall 0:23 Jacob Lahniers (IL)
Ben Janike (MN) tech 10-0 Eric Lixey (MI)
Cole Allison (CO) tech 10-0 Ben Janike (MN)
Tomas Ovalle (VA) fall 0:36 Ben Janike (MN)

Pete Kuisle (MN) DNP

220 (44 entries)

Jed Lowe (OR) fall 5:09 Pete Kuisle (MN)
Pete Kuisle (MN) tech 10-0 Sam Tangren (OK)
Pete Kuisle (MN) dec 4-2 Joshua Sears (OH)
Pete Kuisle (MN) dec 7-6 Ian Bork (KS)
Chris Skretkowicz (NJ) dec 4-0 Pete Kuisle (MN)

Max Lossen (MN) 3rd Place

220 (44 entries)

Max Lossen (MN) tech 11-0 Bruce Earlston (PA)
Max Lossen (MN) tech 10-0 Phillip Doerner (OK)
Max Lossen (MN) fall 0:36 Steve Bronson (NY)
Max Lossen (MN) dec 9-2 Mike Karbowiak (NY)
Max Lossen (MN) dec 6-0 Cody Parker (OR)
Matt Feast (PA) dec 3-1 Max Lossen (MN)
Max Lossen (MN) dec 6-0 James Hollis (CA)

Joe Langner (MN) DNP

275 (53 entries)

Joe Langner (MN) dec 4-1 Ryan Fuller (IA)
Cole Konrad (WI) fall 3:25 Joe Langner (MN)
Joe Langner (MN) dec 4-1 Seth Livingston (IL)
Akil Patterson (MD) fall 0:57 Joe Langner (MN)

Zac Jensen (MN) DNP

275 (53 entries)

Joe Hennis (FL) dec 6-3 Zac Jensen (MN)
Zac Jensen (MN) fall 2:59 Joshua Fonkalafi (WA)
Zac Jensen (MN) fall 4:31 Charles Saguil (CA)
Cain Velasquez (AZ) tech 10-0 Zac Jensen (MN)

Team Minnesota – Junior Freestyle

Gabe Mooney (MN) 1st Place

98 (26 entries)

Gabe Mooney (MN) tech 10-0 Alex Santiago (FL)
Gabe Mooney (MN) tech 10-0 Matt Adderly (IL)
Gabe Mooney (MN) tech 10-0 Davey Mason (OK)
Gabe Mooney (MN) tech 10-0 Luke Seger (IN)
Gabe Mooney (MN) fall 2:29 Troy Brugger (OR)
Gabe Mooney (MN) fall 0:40 Tim Harner (PA)
Gabe Mooney (MN) dec 8-6 Paul Donahoe (MI)

Shandon Ferguson (MN) DNP

105.5 (38 entries)

Jarrell Adams (VA) fall 2:04 Shandon Ferguson (MN)
Haakensen (CO) tech 10-0 Shandon Ferguson (MN)

Clint Campbell (MN) DNP

114.5 (92 entries)

Clint Campbell (MN) fall 0:57 Shawn Holmes (NV)
Clint Campbell (MN) dec 9-6 David Lee (MT)
Jordan Keckler (CA) dec 8-3 Clint Campbell (MN)
Clint Campbell (MN) dec 20-13 Ike Trottier (ND)
Christian Staylor (VA) tech 10-0 Clint Campbell (MN)

Riley Oftedahl (MN) DNP

114.5 (92 entries)

B.J. McMahon (IA) tech 11-0 Riley Oftedahl (MN)
Josh Rave (SD) fall 0:12 Riley Oftedahl (MN)

David Crothers (MN) DNP

114.5 (92 entries)

Jon Neal (NC) fall 2:16 David Crothers (MN)
Luke Smith (WI) fall 0:39 David Crothers (MN)

Mike Andrewski (MN) DNP

123 (122 entries)

Brian Dyer (IL) tech 10-0 Mike Andrewski (MN)
Mike Andrewski (MN) fall 5:05 Steve Colasuonno (NY)
Mike Andrewski (MN) fall 1:13 Ryan Riggs (OH)
Aaron Graumann (SD) tech 11-0 Mike Andrewski (MN)

Jeff Pfaffinger (MN) DNP

123 (122 entries)

Jeff Pfaffinger (MN) tech 11-0 D. VanEvenhoven (WI)
Jeff Pfaffinger (MN) dec 9-4 Scott Naylor II (MD)
Jeff Pfaffinger (MN) fall 2:00 Mike Shannon (NY)
Jeff Pfaffinger (MN) dec 12-3 Jake Cook (SD)
Jeff Pfaffinger (MN) dec 3-2 Doug Hoover (KS)
Tom Clum (CO) dec 7-1 Jeff Pfaffinger (MN)
Travis Lee (HI) dec 9-6 Jeff Pfaffinger (MN)

Garrett Sowman (MN) DNP

123 (122 entries)

Ethan Kyle (MO) tech 11-1 Garrett Sowman (MN)
Garrett Sowman (MN) fall 1:34 Carlos Jeantete (NM)
Garrett Sowman (MN) def John Folker (ID)
Jeffrey Breese (PA) fall 3:35 Garrett Sowman (MN)

Quincy Osborn (MN) DNP

123 (122 entries)

Dan Polkowski (CO) tech 13-2 Quincy Osborn (MN)
Pat Flynn (NY) fall 0:55 Quincy Osborn (MN)

Jafari Vanier (MN) 3rd Place

123 (122 entries)

Jafari Vanier (MN) tech 10-0 Cole Bertsch (ND)
Jafari Vanier (MN) tech 12-0 Aaron Duffy (IN)
Jafari Vanier (MN) tech 13-1 Luke Metzler (KS)
Jafari Vanier (MN) tech 11-0 Simon Zychowicz (OH)
Jafari Vanier (MN) tech 10-0 Eugene Garza (AZ)
Jafari Vanier (MN) dec 6-1 Cory Garis (PA)
Jafari Vanier (MN) dec 9-5 Phillip Wightman (NE)
Nick Simmons (MI) dec 4-2 Jafari Vanier (MN)
Jafari Vanier (MN) tech 10-0 Tony Franco (CA)
Jafari Vanier (MN) dec 13-4 Darrel Vasquez (CA)

James Mead (MN) DNP

132 (122 entries)

Teyon Ware (OK) tech 16-6 James Mead (MN)
Marc Mellmer (NC) fall 1:46 James Mead (MN)

Jordan Isakson (MN) DNP

132 (122 entries)

Jordan Isakson (MN) fall 1:17 Kyle Dye (WY)
Jordan Isakson (MN) fall 0:28 Rick Seibold (NC)
Nate Gallick (AZ) tech 11-0 Jordan Isakson (MN)
Jordan Isakson (MN) tech 11-1 Barret Duell (CO)
Burke Barnes (WA) tech 11-0 Jordan Isakson (MN)

Alex Dennehy (MN) DNP

132 (122 entries)

Shawn Bunch (KS) tech 11-0 Alex Dennehy (MN)
Alex Dennehy (MN) fall 0:50 Brad Argabright (VA)
D. Mason-Strauss (OH) fall 3:44 Alex Dennehy (MN)

Thomas McAlpine (MN) DNP

132 (122 entries)

Thomas McAlpine (MN) tech 12-1 Kevin Gaughan (CT)
Ricky Turk (CA) tech 14-4 Thomas McAlpine (MN)
Thomas McAlpine (MN) tech 12-1 Nick Ashpole (KS)
Thomas McAlpine (MN) tech 15-3 Ariel Garza (WA)
Thomas McAlpine (MN) tech 14-4 Josh Tolin (WY)
Dan Appello (NJ) tech 11-0 Thomas McAlpine (MN)

Pete McAfee (MN) DNP

143 (140 entries)

Pete McAfee (MN) dec 4-3 Phil Bliss (WV)
Alonzo Martinez (NE) tech 11-1 Pete McAfee (MN)
Pete McAfee (MN) fall 3:56 Jim Friend (IL)
Pete McAfee (MN) dec 4-3 Math Bitz (ND)
Beau De’Armon (OK) tech 11-0 Pete McAfee (MN)

Ty Eustice (MN) 7th Place

143 (140 entries)

Ty Eustice (MN) dec 8-3 Charles Jones (OK)
Ty Eustice (MN) tech 10-0 Pat True (NE)
Ty Eustice (MN) fall 4:17 Chris Horning (NY)
Ty Eustice (MN) tech 11-0 Michael Wells (IA)
Ty Eustice (MN) fall 4:37 Nathan Berryman (GA)
Ty Eustice (MN) dec 5-1 Jonathan Brownlee (IN)
Ty Eustice (MN) dec 8-5 Mark Perry (NJ)
Ron Tarquinio (PA) tech 10-0 Ty Eustice (MN)
Matt McIntire (OH) dec 4-1 Ty Eustice (MN)
Trent Paulson (IA) dec 5-4 Ty Eustice (MN)
Ty Eustice (MN) INDF   C.P. Schlatter (OH)

Kyle Arndt (MN) DNP

143 (140 entries)

Kyle Arndt (MN) dec 3-0 Chris Hudson (DE)
Nick Hobbs (IN) fall 0:43 Kyle Arndt (MN)
Chris Nedens (MT) tech 11-0 Kyle Arndt (MN)

Marc Harwood (MN) DNP

143 (140 entries)

Marc Harwood (MN) tech 10-0 Abel Vera (PR)
Marc Harwood (MN) tech 11-1 Jared Norman (OR)
Ryan Churella (MI) dec 4-0 Marc Harwood (MN)
Marc Harwood (MN) tech 12-1 Jake Fisher (MO)
Brian Stith (VA) dec 8-4 Marc Harwood (MN)

Marcus LeVesseur (MN) 4th Place

154 (121 entries)

Marcus LeVesseur (MN) tech 10-0 Nick Olsen (ND)
Marcus LeVesseur (MN) fall 2:09 Quentin Moreno (IA)
Marcus LeVesseur (MN) tech 10-0 Chad Roush (MI)
Marcus LeVesseur (MN) fall 2:20 Devin Mesanko (NJ)
Marcus LeVesseur (MN) tech 10-0 Shane Griffin (MO)
Marcus LeVesseur (MN) dec 9-2 Nathan Galloway (PA)
Marcus LeVesseur (MN) tech 11-0 Jon Wimberly (FL)
Zack Esposito (NJ) dec 4-1 Marcus LeVesseur (MN)
Marcus LeVesseur (MN) dec 10-1 Joe Johnston (KS)
Marcus LeVesseur (MN) tech 10-0 Cole Pape (IA)
Israel Martinez (IL) dec 5-5 Marcus LeVesseur (MN)

Kirk Rall (MN) DNP

154 (121 entries)

Andrew Carver (TN) dec 7-5 Kirk Rall (MN)
Kirk Rall (MN) tech 13-3 Danny Carroll (DE)
Jon Wimberly (FL) tech 14-3 Kirk Rall (MN)

Nate Truelen (MN) DNP

154 (121 entries)

Nate Truelen (MN) tech 12-1 Brandon Moxley (NC)
Jeremy Larson (OR) dec 8-4 Nate Truelen (MN)
John Cox (MI) dec 7-2 Nate Truelen (MN)

Jeff Mathees (MN) DNP

154 (121 entries)

Matt Oeser (NC) tech 16-6 Jeff Mathees (MN)
Jeff Mathees (MN) fall 4:01 Willis King (WV)
Jarred Fields (OK) fall 0:31 Jeff Mathees (MN)

Tim O’Connor (MN) DNP

165 (112 entries)

Jerry Barragan (CA) tech 11-0 Tim O’Connor (MN)
Tim O’Connor (MN) dec 12-11 Chris Cooper (IN)
Tim O’Connor (MN) dec 6-2 Lawrence Sinagra (DE)
P.J. Justus (VA) dec 14-8 Tim O’Connor (MN)

David Donnelly (MN) DNP

165 (112 entries)

David Lorring (AK) dec 5-0 David Donnelly (MN)
Daniel Bedoy (IN) tech 11-0 David Donnelly (MN)

Travis Birhanzel (MN) DNP

165 (112 entries)

Will Durkee (PA) dec 6-0 Travis Birhanzel (MN)
Jack Jensen (WI) tech 10-0 Travis Birhanzel (MN)

Jeff Schrimpf (MN) DNP

178 (89 entries)

Jeff Schrimpf (MN) fall 1:09 Ferral Francis (LA)
Jeff Schrimpf (MN) tech 10-0 Josh Boebert (CT)
Dan Robinson (WI) dec 9-7 Jeff Schrimpf (MN)
N. Augustson (NM) tech 11-0 Jeff Schrimpf (MN)

Matt Hermann (MN) DNP

178 (89 entries)

Matt Hermann (MN) tech 10-0 Kyle Umbenhower (OR)
Matt Hermann (MN) fall 0:40 Andrew Pourak (GA)
Matt Hermann (MN) tech 11-0 Christopher Kratz (WI)
Matt Hermann (MN) dec 9-1 Joseph Pisczor (PA)
Ryan Halsey (CA) dec 9-1 Matt Hermann (MN)
Matt Hermann (MN) dec 8-7 Brent Parkey (OK)
Hetag Pliev (OH) tech 10-0 Matt Hermann (MN)

Jason Zastrow (MN) DNP

178 (89 entries)

Jason Zastrow (MN) tech 11-0 Jason Merkle (OH)
Jeffrey Courtney (WV) dec 10-2 Jason Zastrow (MN)
Jason Zastrow (MN) tech 18-8 Kirk Davis (CA)
Jason Zastrow (MN) tech 11-0 Brian Hocum (WA)
Travis Frick (PA) dec 8-6 Jason Zastrow (MN)

Sean Waterbury (MN) DNP

191.5 (72 entries)

Joe Hoke (OH) tech 10-0 Sean Waterbury (MN)
Kasey Kromer (TX) dec 9-4 Sean Waterbury (MN)

Tyler Bullerman (MN) DNP

191.5 (72 entries)

Tyler Bullerman (MN) dec 7-0 Brenner Flaten (MT)
Tyler Bullerman (MN) dec 9-3 Elliott Piper (ND)
Tony Harris (DE) fall 2:14 Tyler Bullerman (MN)
Aaron Keogh (OH) dec 12-4 Tyler Bullerman (MN)

Adam Haake (MN) 8th Place

191.5 (72 entries)

Adam Haake (MN) tech 11-0 Tony Michalski (WA)
Adam Haake (MN) dec 7-3 Matt Cassidy (PA)
Adam Haake (MN) dec 6-3 Rudy Medini (NJ)
Adam Haake (MN) tech 11-0 Joe Yurisich (MI)
Adam Haake (MN) tech 12-2 Jared Villers (OH)
Adam Haake (MN) dec 14-11 Justin Dyer (KS)
Jake Rosholt (ID) tech 11-0 Adam Haake (MN)
Andy Rios (OH) fall 0:24 Adam Haake (MN)
Kevin Miles (OR) fall 1:25 Adam Haake (MN)

Joey Cullen (MN) DNP

220 (65 entries)

Joey Cullen (MN) dec 9-0 Andy Grimm (WI)
Joey Cullen (MN) dec 3-1 Chris Riley (OR)
Chris Skretkowicz (NJ) tech 12-2 Joey Cullen (MN)
Karl Person (OK) fall 1:34 Joey Cullen (MN)

Chad Mentel (MN) DNP

220 (65 entries)

Chris Juiga (WI) tech 10-0 Chad Mentel (MN)
Michael Shedek (IA) dec 8-0 Chad Mentel (MN)

Pete Kuisle (MN) DNP

220 (65 entries)

Pete Kuisle (MN) fall 1:44 Dan Prater (MO)
Chad Espinoza (NV) dec 14-7 Pete Kuisle (MN)
Pete Kuisle (MN) dec 5-2 Golden Smith (OK)
Brandon Jonseck (MI) dec 4-3 Pete Kuisle (MN)

Ryan Rydberg (MN) DNP

275 (57 entries)

Steven Mocco (NJ) tech 10-0 Ryan Rydberg (MN)
Drew Feldman (PA) fall 4:53 Ryan Rydberg (MN)

Jeremiah Kern (MN) DNP

275 (57 entries)

Joel Powers (IL) fall 1:36 Jeremiah Kern (MN)
Brandon Mihaljcic (OR) tech 13-3 Jeremiah Kern (MN)

2001 MSHSL State Tournament Results

2001 MSHSL State Wrestling Tournament

March 1-3, 2001 • Xcel Arena, St. Paul

Class A Individual Tournament

A 103

1st – Gabriel Mooney, Greenbush-Middle River/Badger, 9

2nd – Cole Anderson, Pelican Rapids, 11

3rd – Trevor Balbach, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale, 10

4th – Nathan Kubesh, BOLD, 10

5th – Zach Stratton, Southland, 10

6th – Seth Beyer, Martin County West, 9

First Round: Seth Beyer, Martin County West def. Zach Stratton, Southland 9-2; Joe Hyatt, Pierz def. Jason Losing, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove 11-7; Matt Arvidson, Parkers Prairie def. Cody Reverts, Adrian 3-1 OT; Gabriel Mooney, Greenbush-Middle River/Badger def. Josh Wilfahrt, Kenyon-Wanamingo fall 1:09; Steven Emerick, Hayfield def. David Cunningham, Meadow Creek C/ACA 8-0; Trevor Balbach, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale def. Nathan Kubesh, BOLD 7-1; David Schjenken, Renville County West def. Dusty Kavitz, Medford 6-2; Cole Anderson, Pelican Rapids def. Josh Brady, Royalton tf 5:21, 16-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Seth Beyer def. Joe Hyatt 8-2; Gabriel Mooney def. Matt Arvidson tf 3:52, 16-0; Trevor Balbach def. Steven Emerick 14-4; Cole Anderson def. David Schjenken 12-2

Wrestlebacks: Zach Stratton def. Joe Hyatt 5-2; Matt Arvidson def. Josh Wilfahrt 10-1; Nathan Kubesh def. Steven Emerick 6-4; David Schjenken def. Josh Brady 11-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Zach Stratton def. Matt Arvidson 7-2; Nathan Kubesh def. David Schjenken 4-3

Consolation Semifinals: Trevor Balbach def. Zach Stratton 7-1; Nathan Kubesh def. Seth Beyer 4-3

Championship Semifinals: Gabriel Mooney def. Seth Beyer tf 16-0, 4:00; Cole Anderson def. Trevor Balbach 6-1

Fifth: Zach Stratton def. Seth Beyer 5-1

Third: Trevor Balbach def. Nathan Kubesh 6-4 OT

Championship: Gabriel Mooney def. Cole Anderson 12-0

A 112

1st – Eric Sanders, Wabasha Kellogg, 10

2nd – Greg Brendemuehl, Medford, 11

3rd – Chris Werth, Saint James, 10

4th – Brad Frier, LakeCrystal-Wellcome Memorial, 11

5th – Darren Oswald, Frazee, 11

6th – Jason Cazett, Meadow Creek C/ACA, 10

First Round: Chris Werth, Saint James def. Jarret Hall, Greenbush-Middle River/Badger fall 3:14; Eric Sanders, Wabasha Kellogg def. Phil Wohlman, Renville County West 9-1; Adam Christian, Paynesville Area def. Mike Arvidson, Parkers Prairie 10-6; Jason Cazett, Meadow Creek C/ACA def. John Beelow, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton 7-3; Greg Brendemuehl, Medford def. Brad Frier, LakeCrystal-Wellcome Memorial 5-3; Joe Gunderson, Hayfield def. Todd Traen, Minneota 4-1; Jared Oyster, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale def. Tony Andres, Pierz 7-0; Darren Oswald, Frazee def. Devin Blom, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove 3-1 OT

Championship Quarterfinals: Eric Sanders def. Chris Werth 6-4; Jason Cazett def. Adam Christian 5-1; Greg Brendemuehl def. Joe Gunderson fall 2:42; Darren Oswald def. Jared Oyster 6-4 OT

Wrestlebacks: Chris Werth def. Phil Wohlman 10-2; John Beelow def. Adam Christian 8-2; Brad Frier def. Joe Gunderson 3-2; Jared Oyster def. Devin Blom 5-3

Consolation Quarterfinals: Chris Werth def. John Beelow 8-3; Brad Frier def. Jared Oyster fall 2:40

Consolation Semifinals: Chris Werth def. Darren Oswald fall 3:49; Brad Frier def. Jason Cazett 9-7

Championship Semifinals: Eric Sanders def. Jason Cazett 4-2; Greg Brendemuehl def. Darren Oswald 3-2

Fifth: Darren Oswald def. Jason Cazett 8-0

Third: Chris Werth def. Brad Frier 3-1

Championship: Eric Sanders def. Greg Brendemuehl 4-1

A 119

1st – Pat Salonek, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted, 10

2nd – Craig Luberts, Pierz, 9

3rd – Andy Quittschreiber, Frazee, 9

4th – Nick Yule, Medford, 11

5th – Matt Jahnke, BOLD, 10

6th – Mike Ferguson, Pine Island, 11

First Round: Andy Quittschreiber, Frazee def. Joeb Oyster, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 9-7; Mike Ferguson, Pine Island def. Jayme Hiller, Waterville-Elysian-Morristown forf.; Pat Salonek, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted def. Lance Citrowski, Canby 9-0; Tony Feuchtenberger, Saint James def. Nate Glenz, Paynesville Area 9-3; Craig Luberts, Pierz def. Matt Jahnke, BOLD 8-1; Aaron Solberg, Meadow Creek C/ACA def. Shane Masching, Hayfield 5-2; Nick Yule, Medford def. Nathan Rohlik, Wabasso 7-2; Matt Fridgen, Wheaton/Herman-Norcross def. Bryce Olson, Fertile-Beltrami fall 3:34

Championship Quarterfinals: Andy Quittschreiber def. Mike Ferguson 7-6; Pat Salonek def. Tony Feuchtenberger 4-1; Craig Luberts def. Aaron Solberg 2-1; Nick Yule def. Matt Fridgen 1-0 OT

Wrestlebacks: Mike Ferguson def. Joeb Oyster 7-5 OT; Tony Feuchtenberger def. Lance Citrowski 16-4; Matt Jahnke def. Aaron Solberg fall 2:57; Nathan Rohlik def. Matt Fridgen 4-3

Consolation Quarterfinals: Mike Ferguson def. Tony Feuchtenberger fall :43; Matt Jahnke def. Nathan Rohlik 8-6

Consolation Semifinals: Nick Yule def. Mike Ferguson 3-2; Andy Quittschreiber def. Matt Jahnke 4-3

Championship Semifinals: Pat Salonek def. Andy Quittschreiber 4-2; Craig Luberts def. Nick Yule 3-1

Fifth: Matt Jahnke def. Mike Ferguson 7-3

Third: Andy Quittschreiber def. Nick Yule 2-0

Championship: Pat Salonek def. Craig Luberts 4-2

A 125

1st – Zac Roth, LakeCrystal-Wellcome Memorial, 12

2nd – Jeremy Sogge, Paynesville Area, 11

3rd – Jacob Trogstad, Chatfield, 12

4th – Mike Bristle, MACCRAY, 11

5th – Cullen Captain, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale, 10

6th – Adam Bertram, West Central Area, 11

First Round: Garett Sowman, Rush City def. Brent Yule, Medford 4-2; Adam Bertram, West Central Area def. Jeremy Mursu, New York Mills 12-1; Mike Bristle, MACCRAY def. Adam Pool, Eden Valley-Watkins 4-3; Zac Roth, LakeCrystal-Wellcome Memorial def. Shane Haag, Lewiston Altura fall 4:21; Garth Petersen, Fertile-Beltrami def. Jacob Kaiser, Triton 4-1; Cullen Captain, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale def. Jacob Trogstad, Chatfield 12-11; Jeremy Sogge, Paynesville Area def. Ryan McCarthy, Sibley East fall 3:08; John Niebuhr, United South Central def. Cole Altermatt, Wabasso 8-3

Championship Quarterfinals: Adam Bertram def. Garett Sowman 5-2; Zac Roth def. Mike Bristle 7-2; Cullen Captain def. Garth Petersen 6-5; Jeremy Sogge def. John Niebuhr fall :52

Wrestlebacks: Garett Sowman def. Jeremy Mursu 12-5; Mike Bristle def. Shane Haag 6-2; Jacob Trogstad def. Garth Petersen 6-2; John Niebuhr def. Ryan McCarthy 8-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: Mike Bristle def. Garett Sowman 6-2; Jacob Trogstad def. John Niebuhr 3-1 OT

Consolation Semifinals: Mike Bristle def. Cullen Captain 2-0; Jacob Trogstad def. Adam Bertram 3-1 OT

Championship Semifinals: Zac Roth def. Adam Bertram 7-6; Jeremy Sogge def. Cullen Captain fall 4:44

Fifth: Cullen Captain def. Adam Bertram inj. def.

Third: Jacob Trogstad def. Mike Bristle 2-1

Championship: Zac Roth def. Jeremy Sogge fall 4:27

A 130

1st – David Kerzman, Paynesville Area, 12

2nd – Todd Opdahl, Minneota, 10

3rd – Matt Jones, LakeCrystal-Wellcome Memorial, 12

4th – Ben Stommes, Eden Valley-Watkins, 12

5th – Shawn Plumley, BOLD, 10

6th – Danny Mayfield, Frazee, 10

First Round: David Kerzman, Paynesville Area def. Corey Schunk, Wabasso fall 1:20; Josh Hammer, West Central Area def. Tyler Ties, Lewiston Altura fall 5:51; Matt Jones, LakeCrystal-Wellcome Memorial def. Luke Nelson, Blooming Prairie 14-3; Danny Mayfield, Frazee def. Joe Gunderson, Montgomery-Lonsdale 10-8 OT; Ben Stommes, Eden Valley-Watkins def. Jake Oyster, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 11-4; Dan Preston, Saint Clair def. Josh Bailey, Barnesville 9-5; Shawn Plumley, BOLD def. Mitch Binner, Wabasha Kellogg fall 5:26; Todd Opdahl, Minneota def. Peter Umbreit, Rush City 3-0

Championship Quarterfinals: David Kerzman def. Josh Hammer tf 5:55, 18-2; Matt Jones def. Danny Mayfield fall :36; Ben Stommes def. Dan Preston 9-8; Todd Opdahl def. Shawn Plumley 3-1 OT

Wrestlebacks: Corey Schunk def. Josh Hammer 3-0; Danny Mayfield def. Luke Nelson fall 1:51; Dan Preston def. Jake Oyster 4-3; Shawn Plumley def. Peter Umbreit 6-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Danny Mayfield def. Corey Schunk fall 3:28; Shawn Plumley def. Dan Preston fall 2:10

Consolation Semifinals: Ben Stommes def. Danny Mayfield 4-2; Matt Jones def. Shawn Plumley 4-3

Championship Semifinals: David Kerzman def. Matt Jones 15-12; Todd Opdahl def. Ben Stommes 2-0 OT

Fifth: Shawn Plumley def. Danny Mayfield 13-6

Third: Matt Jones def. Ben Stommes 11-2

Championship: David Kerzman def. Todd Opdahl 17-4

A 135

1st – Brent Reinhard, Medford, 11

2nd – Reggie Rach, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale, 12

3rd – Eric Hiermeier, Saint James, 11

4th – Jacob Malone, New York Mills, 10

5th – Brandon Lexvold, Goodhue, 12

6th – Aldon Struchen, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton, 12

First Round: Aldon Struchen, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton def. Brandon Lexvold, Goodhue 6-5; Jason Litzau, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove def. Chase Seys, Saint Clair fall 2:42; Reggie Rach, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale def. Eric Cooling, Madelia/Truman 7-0; Jeremy Fuchs, Paynesville Area def. Kyle Stromstad, Fertile-Beltrami 15-4; Jacob Malone, New York Mills def. Donny Neumann, Osakis fall 4:29; Brent Reinhard, Medford def. Abe Olson, Trinity at River Ridge 18-6; Eric Hiermeier, Saint James def. Travis Campbell, Dawson-Boyd 11-2; Ryan Priebe, Chatfield def. Adam Marks, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 7-4

Championship Quarterfinals: Aldon Struchen def. Jason Litzau 7-2; Reggie Rach def. Jeremy Fuchs 7-2; Brent Reinhard def. Jacob Malone 4-2; Eric Hiermeier def. Ryan Priebe 3-2

Wrestlebacks: Brandon Lexvold def. Jason Litzau 15-4; Eric Cooling def. Jeremy Fuchs 5-1; Jacob Malone def. Abe Olson fall 2:25; Travis Campbell def. Ryan Priebe fall 2:22

Consolation Quarterfinals: Brandon Lexvold def. Eric Cooling fall 4:41; Jacob Malone def. Travis Campbell 4-0

Consolation Semifinals: Eric Hiermeier def. Brandon Lexvold 5-1; Jacob Malone def. Aldon Struchen 2-1

Championship Semifinals: Reggie Rach def. Aldon Struchen 9-5; Brent Reinhard def. Eric Hiermeier 8-7

Fifth: Brandon Lexvold def. Aldon Struchen 4-2

Third: Eric Hiermeier def. Jacob Malone 6-3

Championship: Brent Reinhard def. Reggie Rach 5-3

A 140

1st – Mitch Kuhlman, Medford, 10

2nd – Adam Aho, Frazee, 9

3rd – Dustin Speltz, Lewiston Altura, 12

4th – Joe Hiltner, Paynesville Area, 12

5th – Randy Bachman, Clinton-Gr-B/Chokio-Alb, 12

6th – Jed Loftus, Dover Eyota, 10

First Round: Jed Loftus, Dover Eyota def. Josh Pfeffer, Madelia/Truman 10-2; Erik Wallace, Sibley East def. Mike Felling, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 6-5; Randy Bachman, Clinton-Gr-B/Chokio-Alb def. Chad Stripling, Minneota 6-1; Adam Aho, Frazee def. Chris Franko, Triton 14-2; Dustin Speltz, Lewiston Altura def. Luke DeBoer, Meadow Creek C/ACA 18-9; Zeb Roth, LakeCrystal-Wellcome Memorial def. Justin Werk, Wheaton/Herman-Norcross 9-7; Mitch Kuhlman, Medford def. Kasey VanHeuvlen, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg fall 1:54; Joe Hiltner, Paynesville Area def. Eric Lindberg, Fertile-Beltrami fall 1:44

Championship Quarterfinals: Jed Loftus def. Erik Wallace 2-0; Adam Aho def. Randy Bachman 10-5; Dustin Speltz def. Zeb Roth 9-4; Mitch Kuhlman def. Joe Hiltner 13-1

Wrestlebacks: Josh Pfeffer def. Erik Wallace 6-4; Randy Bachman def. Chris Franko 7-6; Zeb Roth def. Luke DeBoer 5-2; Joe Hiltner def. Kasey VanHeuvlen 13-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Randy Bachman def. Josh Pfeffer 10-4; Joe Hiltner def. Zeb Roth 9-1

Consolation Semifinals: Dustin Speltz def. Randy Bachman 7-2; Joe Hiltner def. Jed Loftus 15-1

Championship Semifinals: Adam Aho def. Jed Loftus 4-2; Mitch Kuhlman def. Dustin Speltz 8-4

Fifth: Randy Bachman def. Jed Loftus 10-6

Third: Dustin Speltz def. Joe Hiltner 3-2

Championship: Mitch Kuhlman def. Adam Aho 8-0

A 145

1st – Danon Anderson, Saint James, 12

2nd – Ryan Otto, Canby, 12

3rd – Joachim Wiener, Osakis, 12

4th – Cody Geiser, New York Mills, 12

5th – Seth Bullerman, Adrian, 12

6th – Bryan Monahan, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton, 11

First Round: Seth Bullerman, Adrian def. RJ Brezina, Montgomery-Lonsdale 10-3; Jason Masching, Hayfield def. Thomas Borst, Waterville-Elysian-Morristown fall 3:39; Joachim Wiener, Osakis def. Tyler Jenson, Greenbush-Middle River/Badger inj. def; Danon Anderson, Saint James def. Josh Schreifels, Paynesville Area fall 1:52; Cody Geiser, New York Mills def. Dustin Marx, Wabasha Kellogg 9-7 OT; Ryan Otto, Canby def. Chris Betsinger, Braham fall 4:59; Bryan Monahan, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton def. Lee Rahrlien, Clinton-Gr-B/Chokio-Alb 4-3; Travis Gottschalk, Kimball Area def. Tom Roth, LakeCrystal-Wellcome Memorial 8-4

Championship Quarterfinals: Seth Bullerman def. Jason Masching 5-2; Danon Anderson def. Joachim Wiener 2-1; Ryan Otto def. Cody Geiser 3-2; Bryan Monahan def. Travis Gottschalk 4-1

Wrestlebacks: Jason Masching def. RJ Brezina 5-2; Joachim Wiener def. Josh Schreifels fall 1:50; Cody Geiser def. Chris Betsinger 9-7; Lee Rahrlien def. Travis Gottschalk 10-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Joachim Wiener def. Jason Masching 6-2; Cody Geiser def. Lee Rahrlien 9-7

Consolation Semifinals: Joachim Wiener def. Bryan Monahan 6-4 2xOT; Cody Geiser def. Seth Bullerman 9-7 OT

Championship Semifinals: Danon Anderson def. Seth Bullerman 6-2; Ryan Otto def. Bryan Monahan 6-2

Fifth: Seth Bullerman def. Bryan Monahan 7-1

Third: Joachim Wiener def. Cody Geiser 5-3

Championship: Danon Anderson def. Ryan Otto 3-0

A 152

1st – Matt Nagel, Frazee, 12

2nd – Jacob Zamzow, Dover Eyota, 11

3rd – Daniel Sowman, Rush City, 12

4th – Brian Walters, Sibley East, 12

5th – Steve Hoffman, Parkers Prairie, 12

6th – Dan Kelling, Braham, 12

First Round: Jacob Zamzow, Dover Eyota def. Brandon Lennox, Wheaton/Herman-Norcross 13-3; Jed Deno, Triton def. Matt Zupke, BOLD fall 4:32; Ben Dillon, Pelican Rapids def. Brian Smith, Renville County West 10-4; Daniel Sowman, Rush City def. Brian Walters, Sibley East 7-2; David Eckstein, Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity def. Adam Landherr, Southland 10-3; Steve Hoffman, Parkers Prairie def. Dan Kelling, Braham 7-5; Ryan Powell, LakeCrystal-Wellcome Memorial def. Gabe Reysack, Waterville-Elysian-Morristown 8-5; Matt Nagel, Frazee def. Lance Bullerman, Adrian tf 4:55, 15-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Jacob Zamzow def. Jed Deno 9-2; Daniel Sowman def. Ben Dillon 15-5; Steve Hoffman def. David Eckstein 4-3; Matt Nagel def. Ryan Powell 8-1

Wrestlebacks: Jed Deno def. Brandon Lennox 9-2; Brian Walters def. Ben Dillon 8-5; Dan Kelling def. David Eckstein 3-1; Ryan Powell def. Lance Bullerman 6-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Brian Walters def. Jed Deno 5-2; Dan Kelling def. Ryan Powell 7-3

Consolation Semifinals: Brian Walters def. Steve Hoffman 3-2; Daniel Sowman def. Dan Kelling 6-3

Championship Semifinals: Jacob Zamzow def. Daniel Sowman 13-8; Matt Nagel def. Steve Hoffman tf 4:32, 17-2

Fifth: Steve Hoffman def. Dan Kelling 6-5

Third: Daniel Sowman def. Brian Walters 7-4

Championship: Matt Nagel def. Jacob Zamzow fall 5:30

A 160

1st – Tony Schlaak, NewRichlndHartlndElendalGenva, 12

2nd – Ryan Fier, Minneota, 11

3rd – Adam Sieben, Eden Valley-Watkins, 12

4th – Joe Dretsch, Frazee, 12

5th – Tony Jenson, Greenbush-Middle River/Badger, 11

6th – Mike Priebe, Dover Eyota, 12

First Round: Joe Dretsch, Frazee def. Mike Priebe, Dover Eyota 4-2 OT; Max Meagher, Paynesville Area def. Orrin Wendt, Waterville-Elysian-Morristown 15-4; Jesse Wyman, LakeCrystal-Wellcome Memorial def. David Blom, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove fall 5:13; Ryan Fier, Minneota def. Brandon Arndt, Wheaton/Herman-Norcross fall 5:13; Blaine Merritt, Canby def. Bobby O’Flanagan, HinckleyFinlaysonFaithBaptist 11-6; Tony Schlaak, NewRichlndHartlndElendalGenva def. Ryan Hegna, Hayfield 3-1; Adam Sieben, Eden Valley-Watkins def. Tyler Olson, Saint James 6-3; Tony Jenson, Greenbush-Middle River/Badger def. Tanner Oliphant, Breckenridge fall 5:12

Championship Quarterfinals: Joe Dretsch def. Max Meagher 7-2; Ryan Fier def. Jesse Wyman 9-3; Tony Schlaak def. Blaine Merritt 7-5 OT; Adam Sieben def. Tony Jenson 4-1

Wrestlebacks: Mike Priebe def. Max Meagher 7-5; Jesse Wyman def. Brandon Arndt 7-5; Blaine Merritt def. Ryan Hegna 8-4; Tony Jenson def. Tyler Olson fall 5:12

Consolation Quarterfinals: Mike Priebe def. Jesse Wyman 3-2; Tony Jenson def. Blaine Merritt 6-5

Consolation Semifinals: Adam Sieben def. Mike Priebe 6-5; Joe Dretsch def. Tony Jenson 6-1

Championship Semifinals: Ryan Fier def. Joe Dretsch 4-1; Tony Schlaak def. Adam Sieben 2-1

Fifth: Tony Jenson def. Mike Priebe 5-4 2xOT

Third: Adam Sieben def. Joe Dretsch 4-2

Championship: Tony Schlaak def. Ryan Fier 3-1 OT

A 171

1st – Tyler Bullerman, Adrian, 11

2nd – Jay Fogelson, Byron, 12

3rd – Travis Gunsolus, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton, 12

4th – Gary Auer, Holdingford, 12

5th – Dan Fiecke, Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity, 11

6th – Tom Libbesmeier, Kimball Area, 10

First Round: Travis Gunsolus, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton def. Brett Lindenberg, Warren-Alvarado-Oslo fall 5:17; Lance Larson, Saint James def. Shane Freiborg, Renville County West 5-2; Jay Fogelson, Byron def. Troy Heaton, Braham 7-2; Dan Fiecke, Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity def. Adam Vanderwal, Wheaton/Herman-Norcross 2-1; Adam Graner, Wabasha Kellogg def. Jeremiah Enger, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton fall 3:39; Gary Auer, Holdingford def. Kyle Asleson, Nicollet 4-2 OT; Tyler Bullerman, Adrian def. Kyle Mergen, Triton 5-0; Tom Libbesmeier, Kimball Area def. Adam Becker, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale fall 1:59

Championship Quarterfinals: Travis Gunsolus def. Lance Larson 1-0; Jay Fogelson def. Dan Fiecke 4-3; Gary Auer def. Adam Graner 1-0; Tyler Bullerman def. Tom Libbesmeier 6-2

Wrestlebacks: Brett Lindenberg def. Lance Larson 5-4; Dan Fiecke def. Troy Heaton 5-2; Adam Graner def. Kyle Asleson fall 3:48; Tom Libbesmeier def. Kyle Mergen 4-2 OT

Consolation Quarterfinals: Dan Fiecke def. Brett Lindenberg 5-1; Tom Libbesmeier def. Adam Graner 8-6

Consolation Semifinals: Gary Auer def. Dan Fiecke 3-0; Travis Gunsolus def. Tom Libbesmeier 7-2

Championship Semifinals: Jay Fogelson def. Travis Gunsolus 9-1; Tyler Bullerman def. Gary Auer 5-1

Fifth: Dan Fiecke def. Tom Libbesmeier 4-2 OT

Third: Travis Gunsolus def. Gary Auer 6-3

Championship: Tyler Bullerman def. Jay Fogelson 4-3

A 189

1st – John Wheelock, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton, 12

2nd – Brian Garness, Triton, 12

3rd – Jake Meixl, Mankato Loyola, 11

4th – Eric Knutson, Chatfield, 12

5th – Darren Lieser, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa, 12

6th – Joey Graczyk, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted, 11

First Round: Joey Graczyk, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted def. Mark Olson, Dawson-Boyd 5-0; Eric Knutson, Chatfield def. Jake Gappa, Nicollet 7-6; Jeremy Wentland, Holdingford def. Beau Jones, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton fall 5:54; Brian Garness, Triton def. Casey Finck, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 6-3; John Wheelock, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton def. Kyle Winter, Kimball Area tf 21-6; Darren Lieser, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa def. Ben O’Reilly, Goodhue 9-1; Jared Henriksen, Adrian def. Blake Schmieg, Ortonville 2-1; Jake Meixl, Mankato Loyola def. Jeremiah Kern, Greenbush-Middle River/Badger fall 5:39

Championship Quarterfinals: Eric Knutson def. Joey Graczyk 5-4; Brian Garness def. Jeremy Wentland fall 4:26; John Wheelock def. Darren Lieser 4-2; Jake Meixl def. Jared Henriksen 7-0

Wrestlebacks: Joey Graczyk def. Jake Gappa 8-6 2xot; Casey Finck def. Jeremy Wentland fall 4:02; Darren Lieser def. Kyle Winter 5-3; Jeremiah Kern def. Jared Henriksen 3-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: Joey Graczyk def. Casey Finck 4-2 0T; Darren Lieser def. Jeremiah Kern fall 4:05

Consolation Semifinals: Jake Meixl def. Joey Graczyk 5-2; Eric Knutson def. Darren Lieser 6-5

Championship Semifinals: Brian Garness def. Eric Knutson 6-2; John Wheelock def. Jake Meixl 19-8

Fifth: Darren Lieser def. Joey Graczyk 2-1

Third: Jake Meixl def. Eric Knutson 15-2

Championship: John Wheelock def. Brian Garness 11-8

A 275

1st – Ryan Rosin, Nicollet, 12

2nd – Justin Wieneke, Adrian, 12

3rd – Justin Weaver, Byron, 12

4th – Kory Andersen, Saint James, 11

5th – Justin Messer, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale, 12

6th – Jake Zajic, Canby, 12

First Round: Justin Messer, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale def. Jake Zajic, Canby 3-0; Peter Burfeind, Goodhue def. Matt Thielbar, Montgomery-Lonsdale 5-1; Ryan Rosin, Nicollet def. Derrick Duckstad, Fertile-Beltrami fall 2:43; Andy Larson, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa def. Bob Meyerhofer, Blooming Prairie 5-3; Kory Andersen, Saint James def. Adam Koplin, West Central Area 2-1; Justin Weaver, Byron def. Joe Langner, Royalton fall 5:01; Justin Wieneke, Adrian def. James Petsinger, NewRichlndHartlndElendalGenva fall 2:45; Justin Olson, Frazee def. Chris Adams, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove 19-6

Championship Quarterfinals: Justin Messer def. Peter Burfeind 3-1 OT; Ryan Rosin def. Andy Larson fall 2:53; Justin Weaver def. Kory Andersen 6-3; Justin Wieneke def. Justin Olson fall 1:06

Wrestlebacks: Jake Zajic def. Peter Burfeind 6-3; Andy Larson def. Derrick Duckstad fall 2:00; Kory Andersen def. Joe Langner 3-2 2xot; Justin Olson def. James Petsinger 7-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jake Zajic def. Andy Larson 3-1; Kory Andersen def. Justin Olson 2-0

Consolation Semifinals: Justin Weaver def. Jake Zajic fall 2:27; Kory Andersen def. Justin Messer 3-2

Championship Semifinals: Ryan Rosin def. Justin Messer fall 2:45; Justin Wieneke def. Justin Weaver tf 5:50, 17-1

Fifth: Justin Messer def. Jake Zajic fall 5:40

Third: Justin Weaver def. Kory Andersen 4-2 OT

Championship: Ryan Rosin def. Justin Wieneke 5-1

Class AA Individual Tournament

AA 103

1st – Jared Evans, Blue Earth Area, 11

2nd – Brandon Dick, Saint Michael-Albertville, 9

3rd – Mikias Redman, Red Rock Cen/Westbr-WG, 12

4th – Mike Wubbena, Fairmont, 7

5th – Andy Strand, Orono, 12

6th – Jeff Stuckenbroker, Windom/Mt Lk/B-O, 9

First Round: Mikias Redman, Red Rock Cen/Westbr-WG def. Bobby Bedsted, Plainview Elgin Millville fall 2:25; Jason Shierts, Becker def. Joe Schoolmeesters, Litchfield 6-0; Brandon Dick, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Samuel Schad, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle 16-5; Mike Wubbena, Fairmont def. Nate Rausch, Walker-Hack-Akeley/Nevis 9-7; Tim Thompson, Lake City def. Darrin Quistorff, Sauk Centre 13-4; Jeff Stuckenbroker, Windom/Mt Lk/B-O def. Wes Tessman, Minnewaska Area 4-1; Jared Evans, Blue Earth Area def. Andy Strand, Orono 4-3; Colt Bergeron, Thief River Falls def. Luke Rogers, Big Lake fall 3:55

Championship Quarterfinals: Mikias Redman def. Jason Shierts fall 4:18; Brandon Dick def. Mike Wubbena 13-8; Jeff Stuckenbroker def. Tim Thompson 4-0; Jared Evans def. Colt Bergeron 18-5

Wrestlebacks: Jason Shierts def. Bobby Bedsted fall :43; Mike Wubbena def. Samuel Schad fall :53; Wes Tessman def. Tim Thompson 2-1; Andy Strand def. Colt Bergeron 7-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: Mike Wubbena def. Jason Shierts 4-3; Andy Strand def. Wes Tessman 5-3

Consolation Semifinals: Mike Wubbena def. Jeff Stuckenbroker 4-2; Mikias Redman def. Andy Strand 6-4

Championship Semifinals: Brandon Dick def. Mikias Redman 8-3; Jared Evans def. Jeff Stuckenbroker 7-2

Fifth: Andy Strand def. Jeff Stuckenbroker 4-2

Third: Mikias Redman def. Mike Wubbena 3-2

Championship: Jared Evans def. Brandon Dick 5-0

AA 112

1st – Leland Brincefield, Wadena-Deer Creek, 11

2nd – Matt Forster, Litchfield, 11

3rd – Clint Campbell, Stewartville, 11

4th – Anthony Elg, Windom/Mt Lk/B-O, 10

5th – Tom Tribon, Fillmore Central, 11

6th – Tony Noyes, New London-Spicer, 10

First Round: Anthony Elg, Windom/Mt Lk/B-O def. Travis Foster, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena 5-2; Tom Tribon, Fillmore Central def. Ryan Breisch, Mound Westonka 4-2; Jon Koranda, Becker def. Chis Tibbetts, Aitkin 10-8; Matt Forster, Litchfield def. Kevin Widmer, River Valley 9-1; Cody Hesser, Scott West def. Jordan Burmeister, Jackson County Central fall 3:48; Clint Campbell, Stewartville def. Matt Becker, Saint Michael-Albertville 11-5; Leland Brincefield, Wadena-Deer Creek def. Kent Nathe, Sartell 8-3; Tony Noyes, New London-Spicer def. Dan Essig, Deer River/Northland 5-3 OT

Championship Quarterfinals: Anthony Elg def. Tom Tribon 4-0; Matt Forster def. Jon Koranda 11-1; Clint Campbell def. Cody Hesser 16-6; Leland Brincefield def. Tony Noyes 6-4 ot

Wrestlebacks: Tom Tribon def. Travis Foster 7-4; Jon Koranda def. Kevin Widmer 7-1; Matt Becker def. Cody Hesser 5-3 OT; Tony Noyes def. Kent Nathe 7-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Tom Tribon def. Jon Koranda 7-0; Tony Noyes def. Matt Becker 9-2

Consolation Semifinals: Clint Campbell def. Tom Tribon 8-1; Anthony Elg def. Tony Noyes 6-2

Championship Semifinals: Matt Forster def. Anthony Elg 5-2; Leland Brincefield def. Clint Campbell 8-6

Fifth: Tom Tribon def. Tony Noyes 14-6

Third: Clint Campbell def. Anthony Elg 5-1

Championship: Leland Brincefield def. Matt Forster 3-2 2xOT

AA 119

1st – Logan Brincefield, Wadena-Deer Creek, 11

2nd – Jesse Jensen, Brooklyn Center, 12

3rd – Eric Satterstrom, Rocori, 12

4th – Kasey Meiners, Caledonia, 9

5th – Matt Lessard, Crookston, 12

6th – Jeremy Anderson, Thief River Falls, 10

First Round: Matt Lessard, Crookston def. Luke Griffith, Morris Area/Hancock fall 5:18; Kasey Meiners, Caledonia def. Phil McMullen, River Valley fall 3:18; Jesse Jensen, Brooklyn Center def. Jake Ziegler, Litchfield 13-7; Chris Tiesler, Luverne def. David Juilfs, Foley 5-3; Clay Hoeck, Milaca/Faith Christian def. Nick Kulseth, Windom/Mt Lk/B-O 11-2; Eric Satterstrom, Rocori def. Micah Flodeen, Cannon Falls 5-2; Adam Minette, New Prague def. Josh Becker, Saint Michael-Albertville 8-6; Logan Brincefield, Wadena-Deer Creek def. Jeremy Anderson, Thief River Falls 13-5

Championship Quarterfinals: Kasey Meiners def. Matt Lessard 10-6; Jesse Jensen def. Chris Tiesler 16-6; Eric Satterstrom def. Clay Hoeck 8-0; Logan Brincefield def. Adam Minette 11-5

Wrestlebacks: Matt Lessard def. Phil McMullen 3-0; Chris Tiesler def. Jake Ziegler 11-3; Clay Hoeck def. Micah Flodeen 5-3; Jeremy Anderson def. Adam Minette 4-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Matt Lessard def. Chris Tiesler 4-1; Jeremy Anderson def. Clay Hoeck 9-2

Consolation Semifinals: Eric Satterstrom def. Matt Lessard 4-2; Kasey Meiners def. Jeremy Anderson 7-6

Championship Semifinals: Jesse Jensen def. Kasey Meiners 16-12; Logan Brincefield def. Eric Satterstrom 3-2 2xOT

Fifth: Matt Lessard def. Jeremy Anderson 2-1

Third: Eric Satterstrom def. Kasey Meiners 11-0

Championship: Logan Brincefield def. Jesse Jensen 6-3

AA 125

1st – Jeff Pfaffinger, Blue Earth Area, 11

2nd – Mitchell Lange, Caledonia, 10

3rd – Jordan Isakson, Dassel-Cokato, 11

4th – Donny DePatto, Monticello, 11

5th – Nathan Lefebvre, Saint Michael-Albertville, 12

6th – Russell Aho, Menahga/Sebeka, 12

First Round: Jeff Pfaffinger, Blue Earth Area def. Dustin Coffin, Sartell 18-5; Russell Aho, Menahga/Sebeka def. Justin Lessard, Crookston 6-3; Jordan Isakson, Dassel-Cokato def. Jason Jensen, Brooklyn Center fall 3:26; Jeff Cooley, Red Rock Cen/Westbr-WG def. Cole Roeder, Stewartville 11-5; Tim Klein, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena def. Mike Folie, Waseca fall 3:47; Mitchell Lange, Caledonia def. Tylor Bendson, Staples-Motley fall 5:13; Donny DePatto, Monticello def. Nathan Roemer, Annandale/Maple Lake 10-3; Nathan Lefebvre, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Tom Anderson, Redwood Valley 9-4

Championship Quarterfinals: Jeff Pfaffinger def. Russell Aho t f 5:46, 21-5; Jordan Isakson def. Jeff Cooley 13-8; Mitchell Lange def. Tim Klein 6-3; Donny DePatto def. Nathan Lefebvre 3-2 OT

Wrestlebacks: Russell Aho def. Dustin Coffin 10-7; Jeff Cooley def. Jason Jensen 8-3; Tim Klein def. Tylor Bendson tf 18-2, 6:00; Nathan Lefebvre def. Nathan Roemer 10-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: Russell Aho def. Jeff Cooley 2-1; Nathan Lefebvre def. Tim Klein 8-4

Consolation Semifinals: Donny DePatto def. Russell Aho 8-5; Jordan Isakson def. Nathan Lefebvre 5-1

Championship Semifinals: Jeff Pfaffinger def. Jordan Isakson 12-2; Mitchell Lange def. Donny DePatto 5-2

Fifth: Nathan Lefebvre def. Russell Aho 3-2

Third: Jordan Isakson def. Donny DePatto 7-3

Championship: Jeff Pfaffinger def. Mitchell Lange 13-6

AA 130

1st – Ryan King, GMLOK, 11

2nd – Austin Scarset, Red Rock Cen/Westbr-WG, 11

3rd – Jason Rhoten, Kasson Mantorville, 11

4th – Peter Hayes, Wadena-Deer Creek, 10

5th – Nate Matousek, Glencoe-Silver Lake, 8

6th – Jason Folie, Waseca, 11

First Round: Jesse Hackenmueller, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Ryan Lumley, Big Lake 15-4; Jason Rhoten, Kasson Mantorville def. Peter Hayes, Wadena-Deer Creek 7-5; Austin Scarset, Red Rock Cen/Westbr-WG def. Jake Ankeny, Blue Earth Area 7-0; Beau Abrahamson, Thief River Falls def. Noel Kutz, Dassel-Cokato 12-4; Nate Matousek, Glencoe-Silver Lake def. Cameron Sharp, Crosby-Ironton fall 5:53; Jason Folie, Waseca def. Kurt Moehling, Deer River/Northland fall 3:01; Ryan King, GMLOK def. Kyle Arndt, Jackson County Central 16-6; Hector Morales, Mound Westonka def. Ryan Lovaas, Mille Lacs 7-4

Championship Quarterfinals: Jason Rhoten def. Jesse Hackenmueller 7-0; Austin Scarset def. Beau Abrahamson fall 2:46; Jason Folie def. Nate Matousek 6-2; Ryan King def. Hector Morales 13-4

Wrestlebacks: Peter Hayes def. Jesse Hackenmueller 11-2; Beau Abrahamson def. Jake Ankeny fall 2:34; Nate Matousek def. Kurt Moehling fall 1:50; Kyle Arndt def. Hector Morales 7-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Peter Hayes def. Beau Abrahamson 11-3; Nate Matousek def. Kyle Arndt fall 4:26

Consolation Semifinals: Peter Hayes def. Jason Folie 5-1; Jason Rhoten def. Nate Matousek 1-0

Championship Semifinals: Austin Scarset def. Jason Rhoten 2-0; Ryan King def. Jason Folie 10-7

Fifth: Nate Matousek def. Jason Folie 3-1

Third: Jason Rhoten def. Peter Hayes 3-0

Championship: Ryan King def. Austin Scarset 9-8

AA 135

1st – Mike Weyer, Milaca/Faith Christian, 12

2nd – Mitch Bunne, GMLOK, 11

3rd – T.J. Anderson, Dassel-Cokato, 12

4th – Travis Dahlheimer, Saint Michael-Albertville, 12

5th – Kevin Peterson, Roseau, 11

6th – David Whipps, Scott West, 12

First Round: Travis Dahlheimer, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Levi Price, Cannon Falls tf 18-3; T.J. Anderson, Dassel-Cokato def. Travis Olson, Blue Earth Area 8-1; Ben Keen, Pequot Lks/Pine River-B def. Jason Evans, Pipestone-Jasper fall 4:12; Mike Weyer, Milaca/Faith Christian def. Chris Essig, Fosston/Bagley 6-2; Kevin Peterson, Roseau def. Pat Kramer, Wadena-Deer Creek 6-2; David Whipps, Scott West def. Justin Meyer, Melrose fall 1:43; Dusty Meyers, Redwood Valley def. Jim Lange, Columbia Heights 10-0; Mitch Bunne, GMLOK def. Dylan Rosenberg, Mora 10-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Travis Dahlheimer def. T.J. Anderson 10-9 OT; Mike Weyer def. Ben Keen 7-5; David Whipps def. Kevin Peterson 4-2; Mitch Bunne def. Dusty Meyers 8-7

Wrestlebacks: T.J. Anderson def. Levi Price fall 5:01; Ben Keen def. Chris Essig 7-0; Kevin Peterson def. Justin Meyer 13-5; Dylan Rosenberg def. Dusty Meyers 6-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: T.J. Anderson def. Ben Keen 8-2; Kevin Peterson def. Dylan Rosenberg 7-5 ot

Consolation Semifinals: T.J. Anderson def. David Whipps 6-1; Travis Dahlheimer def. Kevin Peterson 3-2

Championship Semifinals: Mike Weyer def. Travis Dahlheimer 5-2; Mitch Bunne def. David Whipps 6-2

Fifth: Kevin Peterson def. David Whipps 3-1 2xOT

Third: T.J. Anderson def. Travis Dahlheimer 6-4

Championship: Mike Weyer def. Mitch Bunne 3-1

AA 140

1st – Marc Harwood, Jackson County Central, 11

2nd – Shane Tappe, Detroit Lakes, 11

3rd – Adam Johnson, Milaca/Faith Christian, 12

4th – Mike Amsden, River Valley, 12

5th – Ryan Valek, Scott West, 11

6th – Craig Cihlar, Minnewaska Area, 11

First Round: Marc Harwood, Jackson County Central def. Kevin Schuldt, Caledonia tf 3:55, 20-5; Josh Villella, North Branch def. Erik Flowers, Litchfield 4-2; Craig Cihlar, Minnewaska Area def. Chas Betts, Saint Michael-Albertville 8-4; Ryan Valek, Scott West def. Steve Safratowich, Park Rapids Area 10-6; Dan O’Donnell, Lake City def. Aaron Borgerding, Sauk Centre 10-2; Shane Tappe, Detroit Lakes def. Todd Kranz, Lac qui Parle Valley 12-5; Mike Amsden, River Valley def. Scott Stein, Waconia/Mayer Lutheran 7-4; Adam Johnson, Milaca/Faith Christian def. Jeradan Otto, Roseau 17-8

Championship Quarterfinals: Marc Harwood def. Josh Villella fall 3:36; Craig Cihlar def. Ryan Valek 7-4; Shane Tappe def. Dan O’Donnell 13-5; Mike Amsden def. Adam Johnson 6-0

Wrestlebacks: Josh Villella def. Kevin Schuldt 2-1; Ryan Valek def. Chas Betts 13-3; Dan O’Donnell def. Todd Kranz 6-0; Adam Johnson def. Scott Stein 10-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Ryan Valek def. Josh Villella 4-2; Adam Johnson def. Dan O’Donnell 9-2

Consolation Semifinals: Mike Amsden def. Ryan Valek 6-4 OT; Adam Johnson def. Craig Cihlar 8-3

Championship Semifinals: Marc Harwood def. Craig Cihlar tf 21-5, 5:16; Shane Tappe def. Mike Amsden 4-3 OT

Fifth: Ryan Valek def. Craig Cihlar 3-2

Third: Adam Johnson def. Mike Amsden 2-0

Championship: Marc Harwood def. Shane Tappe fall 1:07

AA 145

1st – Ty Eustice, Blue Earth Area, 12

2nd – Jason Moore, Brooklyn Center, 11

3rd – Steve Bratland, Dassel-Cokato, 11

4th – Derek Hebrink, Fillmore Central, 11

5th – Matt Johnson, Redwood Valley, 11

6th – Thad Dahling, Plainview Elgin Millville, 12

First Round: Jason Moore, Brooklyn Center def. Tim Roth, Delano 4-1; Derek Hebrink, Fillmore Central def. Jordan Below, Waseca 7-3; Kyle Trout, Wadena-Deer Creek def. Aaron Schluter, Park Rapids Area 7-2; Matt Johnson, Redwood Valley def. Mitch Vedder, Milaca/Faith Christian 14-2; Thad Dahling, Plainview Elgin Millville def. Ben Ullman, Roseau 8-3; Dennis Westlund, Waconia/Mayer Lutheran def. Michael Swendra, Foley 9-3; Ty Eustice, Blue Earth Area def. Joel Hendrickson, Menahga/Sebeka tf 21-6; Steve Bratland, Dassel-Cokato def. Chad Kremer, Fulda/Murray Cty Central fall 4:54

Championship Quarterfinals: Jason Moore def. Derek Hebrink 5-2; Matt Johnson def. Kyle Trout 11-9 OT; Thad Dahling def. Dennis Westlund 10-2; Ty Eustice def. Steve Bratland 10-3

Wrestlebacks: Derek Hebrink def. Tim Roth 4-2; Kyle Trout def. Mitch Vedder 4-0; Dennis Westlund def. Ben Ullman fall 2:57; Steve Bratland def. Joel Hendrickson fall 2:26

Consolation Quarterfinals: Derek Hebrink def. Kyle Trout 6-1; Steve Bratland def. Dennis Westlund 17-4

Consolation Semifinals: Derek Hebrink def. Thad Dahling 8-6; Steve Bratland def. Matt Johnson 12-4

Championship Semifinals: Jason Moore def. Matt Johnson 11-3; Ty Eustice def. Thad Dahling tf 20-5, 4:58

Fifth: Matt Johnson def. Thad Dahling 6-2

Third: Steve Bratland def. Derek Hebrink 10-7

Championship: Ty Eustice def. Jason Moore 10-4

AA 152

1st – Jeremy Larson, Fillmore Central, 12

2nd – Brandon Gruchow, Park Rapids Area, 12

3rd – Ben Caven-Johnson, Jackson County Central, 12

4th – Ben Mergen, Albany, 12

5th – Dusty Nelson, Mora, 12

6th – Dustin Metz, Morris Area/Hancock, 11

First Round: Jeremy Larson, Fillmore Central def. Kyle Bender, Aitkin fall 2:39; Dustin Hennen, Redwood Valley def. Josh Malwitz, Blue Earth Area 11-3; Kevin Peterson, Walker-Hack-Akeley/Nevis def. Mitch Hackenmueller, Saint Michael-Albertville 5-2; Dusty Nelson, Mora def. Ben Mergen, Albany 5-3; Chad Minette, Sauk Centre def. Matt Stein, Stewartville 9-3; Dustin Metz, Morris Area/Hancock def. Clint Lumley, Big Lake 13-10; Ben Caven-Johnson, Jackson County Central def. Adam Haller, Scott West 13-7; Brandon Gruchow, Park Rapids Area def. Andrew Frederickson, Waconia/Mayer Lutheran fall 3:51

Championship Quarterfinals: Jeremy Larson def. Dustin Hennen 13-4; Dusty Nelson def. Kevin Peterson 8-6 ot; Dustin Metz def. Chad Minette 13-11 ot; Brandon Gruchow def. Ben Caven-Johnson 9-7

Wrestlebacks: Dustin Hennen def. Kyle Bender 10-5; Ben Mergen def. Kevin Peterson 5-1; Clint Lumley def. Chad Minette 5-2; Ben Caven-Johnson def. Andrew Frederickson 7-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Ben Mergen def. Dustin Hennen 6-2; Ben Caven-Johnson def. Clint Lumley 9-4

Consolation Semifinals: Ben Mergen def. Dustin Metz 7-2; Ben Caven-Johnson def. Dusty Nelson 3-0

Championship Semifinals: Jeremy Larson def. Dusty Nelson 9-2; Brandon Gruchow def. Dustin Metz fall 1:56

Fifth: Dusty Nelson def. Dustin Metz 9-5

Third: Ben Caven-Johnson def. Ben Mergen 3-2

Championship: Jeremy Larson def. Brandon Gruchow 13-11 OT

AA 160

1st – Kelly Flaherty, Big Lake, 12

2nd – Travis Birhanzl, Montevideo, 12

3rd – Dusty Wilking, Jackson County Central, 12

4th – Jon Swanson, Thief River Falls, 11

5th – Marty Hoffman, River Valley, 12

6th – Seth Tribon, Fillmore Central, 12

First Round: Jon Swanson, Thief River Falls def. Brandon LaRue, LaCrescent 8-4; Kelly Flaherty, Big Lake def. Travis Krinkie, Blue Earth Area fall 4:14; Dusty Wilking, Jackson County Central def. Peter Pierre-Louis, Dassel-Cokato fall 4:21; Jacob Bryce, Minnewaska Area def. Josh Kilian, Saint Michael-Albertville 5-2; Jeremy Thompson, Mound Westonka def. Chris Wojciechowski, Foley 10-1; Seth Tribon, Fillmore Central def. Marty Hoffman, River Valley 6-2; Travis Birhanzl, Montevideo def. Matt Imdieke, Melrose 9-7; Justin Keil, Aitkin def. Keith Peterson, Walker-Hack-Akeley/Nevis fall 2:51

Championship Quarterfinals: Kelly Flaherty def. Jon Swanson fall 1:25; Dusty Wilking def. Jacob Bryce fall 2:52; Seth Tribon def. Jeremy Thompson 3-2; Travis Birhanzl def. Justin Keil 11-1

Wrestlebacks: Jon Swanson def. Travis Krinkie 7-5; Jacob Bryce def. Peter Pierre-Louis 7-6; Marty Hoffman def. Jeremy Thompson 7-1; Justin Keil def. Matt Imdieke fall 3:22

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jon Swanson def. Jacob Bryce 12-2; Marty Hoffman def. Justin Keil 2-1

Consolation Semifinals: Jon Swanson def. Seth Tribon 9-3; Dusty Wilking def. Marty Hoffman 5-1

Championship Semifinals: Kelly Flaherty def. Dusty Wilking 9-2; Travis Birhanzl def. Seth Tribon 10-8

Fifth: Marty Hoffman def. Seth Tribon 5-3

Third: Dusty Wilking def. Jon Swanson fall :24

Championship: Kelly Flaherty def. Travis Birhanzl 7-0

AA 171

1st – Ryan Flaherty, Big Lake, 12

2nd – Zach Bruns, Marshall, 12

3rd – John Koons, Crosby-Ironton, 12

4th – Craig Kotsmith, Milaca/Faith Christian, 11

5th – Luke Trout, Wadena-Deer Creek, 12

6th – Zach Skattum, Luverne, 12

First Round: Dan Buker, Waseca def. Justin Pairse, Deer River/Northland fall 3:55; Zach Bruns, Marshall def. Cory Hibbard, Benilde-Saint Margaret’s 11-0; Craig Kotsmith, Milaca/Faith Christian def. Jason Jordan, Plainview Elgin Millville 7-2; John Koons, Crosby-Ironton def. Adam Goebel, Albany inj def; Jesse Dennison, Walker-Hack-Akeley/Nevis def. Bo Schulz, Zumbrota Mazeppa 13-3; Ryan Flaherty, Big Lake def. Zach Skattum, Luverne fall :29; Randy Dehmer, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Nolan Braun, Norwood-Young America 7-5 ot; Luke Trout, Wadena-Deer Creek def. Brent Morris, Glencoe-Silver Lake fall 1:25

Championship Quarterfinals: Zach Bruns def. Dan Buker 12-0; John Koons def. Craig Kotsmith 2-0; Ryan Flaherty def. Jesse Dennison fall :37; Luke Trout def. Randy Dehmer fall 3:45

Wrestlebacks: Cory Hibbard def. Dan Buker inj. def.; Craig Kotsmith def. Adam Goebel inj. def; Zach Skattum def. Jesse Dennison 6-2; Randy Dehmer def. Brent Morris 5-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: Craig Kotsmith def. Cory Hibbard 6-0; Zach Skattum def. Randy Dehmer 4-3

Consolation Semifinals: Craig Kotsmith def. Luke Trout 7-4; John Koons def. Zach Skattum 17-5

Championship Semifinals: Zach Bruns def. John Koons 5-3; Ryan Flaherty def. Luke Trout 8-6

Fifth: Luke Trout def. Zach Skattum 16-5

Third: John Koons def. Craig Kotsmith 17-5

Championship: Ryan Flaherty def. Zach Bruns fall 3:05

AA 189

1st – Tim Kraemer, Rocori, 12

2nd – Corey Feltmann, Norwood-Young America, 11

3rd – Josh Broadwater, Fillmore Central, 12

4th – Tony Vittetoe, Wadena-Deer Creek, 12

5th – Trent Meryeraan, Fulda/Murray Cty Central, 12

6th – Keith Becker, Saint Michael-Albertville, 12

First Round: Tim Kraemer, Rocori def. Tom Wartman, Benilde-Saint Margaret’s 15-5; Josh Broadwater, Fillmore Central def. Colby Bruns, Marshall 7-1; Joe Facchinni, Nash-Kee/Greenway def. Ed Oehlers, North Branch 10-4; Tony Vittetoe, Wadena-Deer Creek def. Jay Frederickson, Blue Earth Area fall 2:39; Corey Feltmann, Norwood-Young America def. Luke Philippi, Dassel-Cokato 3-1; Adam Barton, Plainview Elgin Millville def. Ed Rodenberg, Mora 9-2; Keith Becker, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Darik Lamke, Aitkin 10-1; Trent Meryeraan, Fulda/Murray Cty Central def. Andy Schauer, Park Rapids Area fall 1:05

Championship Quarterfinals: Tim Kraemer def. Josh Broadwater fall 5:25; Tony Vittetoe def. Joe Facchinni fall 4:34; Corey Feltmann def. Adam Barton 7-3; Trent Meryeraan def. Keith Becker fall 1:46

Wrestlebacks: Josh Broadwater def. Tom Wartman 9-4; Joe Facchinni def. Jay Frederickson 11-3; Adam Barton def. Luke Philippi 7-2; Keith Becker def. Andy Schauer 8-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Josh Broadwater def. Joe Facchinni 5-3 OT; Keith Becker def. Adam Barton 3-1 OT

Consolation Semifinals: Josh Broadwater def. Trent Meryeraan fall 2:49; Tony Vittetoe def. Keith Becker 10-0

Championship Semifinals: Tim Kraemer def. Tony Vittetoe 7-6; Corey Feltmann def. Trent Meryeraan 6-5

Fifth: Trent Meryeraan def. Keith Becker fall 1:48

Third: Josh Broadwater def. Tony Vittetoe 5-4

Championship: Tim Kraemer def. Corey Feltmann 5-1

AA 275

1st – Josh Bresnahan, Pequot Lks/Pine River-B, 11

2nd – Jacob Barthel, Saint Michael-Albertville, 12

3rd – Mike Redman, Red Rock Cen/Westbr-WG, 12

4th – Travis Ahrens, Jackson County Central, 12

5th – Pete Kuisle, Fairmont, 12

6th – Jake Helmin, Foley, 12

First Round: Josh Bresnahan, Pequot Lks/Pine River-B def. Dan Schutte, Waconia/Mayer Lutheran fall 1:05; Nate Kuisle, Stewartville def. Brad Polzin, Dassel-Cokato 12-9; Mike Redman, Red Rock Cen/Westbr-WG def. Devyn Brandt, Roseau fall 3:07; Pete Kuisle, Fairmont def. Don Turner, Mora fall 4:26; Travis Ahrens, Jackson County Central def. George Guggisberg, Minnewaska Area 3-2; Jake Helmin, Foley def. Greg Stremcha, LaCrescent fall :31; Jacob Barthel, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Jason Schoenbauer, Scott West fall 2:37; Scott Hoffarth, Albany def. Tyler Moening, Walker-Hack-Akeley/Nevis fall 3:16

Championship Quarterfinals: Josh Bresnahan def. Nate Kuisle fall 1:16; Pete Kuisle def. Mike Redman 8-1; Jake Helmin def. Travis Ahrens 1-1 2xot; Jacob Barthel def. Scott Hoffarth 6-3

Wrestlebacks: Nate Kuisle def. Dan Schutte fall :46; Mike Redman def. Don Turner fall :21; Travis Ahrens def. Greg Stremcha fall :41; Jason Schoenbauer def. Scott Hoffarth 5-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Mike Redman def. Nate Kuisle 4-0; Travis Ahrens def. Jason Schoenbauer 6-1

Consolation Semifinals: Mike Redman def. Jake Helmin 6-1; Travis Ahrens def. Pete Kuisle 1-0

Championship Semifinals: Josh Bresnahan def. Pete Kuisle fall :59; Jacob Barthel def. Jake Helmin 3-0

Fifth: Pete Kuisle def. Jake Helmin 5-3

Third: Mike Redman def. Travis Ahrens 6-2

Championship: Josh Bresnahan def. Jacob Barthel 8-5

Class AAA Individual Tournament

AAA 103

1st – Charlie Falck, Apple Valley, 9

2nd – Tim Hunt, White Bear Lake Area, 11

3rd – Josh Lindquist, Prior Lake, 10

4th – Mike Meger, Owatonna, 10

5th – Andrew Scherer, Eden Prairie, 9

6th – Jake Beyer, Totino Grace, 9

First Round: Clinton Haake, Winona/Winona Cotter def. Dave Albrecht, Woodbury fall 5:45; Jake Beyer, Totino Grace def. Shandon Ferguson, Bloomington Kennedy fall :29; Tim Hunt, White Bear Lake Area def. Tim Carl, Cambridge-Isanti fall 3:40; Andrew Scherer, Eden Prairie def. Vince Sellnow, Brainerd/Pillager 12-8; Mike Meger, Owatonna def. Fue Chang, Robbinsdale Armstrong 17-4; Kenny Saufl, Champlin Park def. Dan Tabbert, Simley tf 4:33; Josh Lindquist, Prior Lake def. Mike Andrewski, Tartan 9-1; Charlie Falck, Apple Valley def. Paul Norling, Alexandria fall 1:09

Championship Quarterfinals: Jake Beyer def. Clinton Haake fall 3:23; Tim Hunt def. Andrew Scherer 7-2; Mike Meger def. Kenny Saufl 10-2; Charlie Falck def. Josh Lindquist 9-4

Wrestlebacks: Clinton Haake def. Shandon Ferguson 3-1; Andrew Scherer def. Tim Carl 6-4; Kenny Saufl def. Fue Chang 7-0; Josh Lindquist def. Paul Norling tf 16-0, 4:34

Consolation Quarterfinals: Andrew Scherer def. Clinton Haake 5-2; Josh Lindquist def. Kenny Saufl 3-1

Consolation Semifinals: Mike Meger def. Andrew Scherer 11-3; Josh Lindquist def. Jake Beyer 10-1

Championship Semifinals: Tim Hunt def. Jake Beyer 6-5; Charlie Falck def. Mike Meger 8-5

Fifth: Andrew Scherer def. Jake Beyer 6-4

Third: Josh Lindquist def. Mike Meger 11-5

Championship: Charlie Falck def. Tim Hunt 5-3

AAA 112

1st – Neil Wasmund, Apple Valley, 11

2nd – Leo Ballesteros, Willmar, 11

3rd – T.J. Parlin, Austin, 9

4th – Jeff Johnson, Elk River Area, 12

5th – Scot Radel, Owatonna, 10

6th – Andy Petrich, Sauk Rapids-Rice, 11

First Round: Andy Petrich, Sauk Rapids-Rice def. Larry Nava, Cretin-Derham Hall fall 2:42; T.J. Parlin, Austin def. Dan Briseno, Saint Paul Como Park fall 3:40; Neil Wasmund, Apple Valley def. Dustin Chester, Coon Rapids 7-5; Gary Babineau, Totino Grace def. Dan Workman, Eden Prairie fall 2:21; Leo Ballesteros, Willmar def. Mitch Millner, Woodbury 7-2; Scot Radel, Owatonna def. David Weinand, Spring Lake Park 4-2 OT; John Denney, Forest Lake def. Nate Schraan, Eagan 6-5; Jeff Johnson, Elk River Area def. Brett Healy, Maple Grove 18-10

Championship Quarterfinals: T.J. Parlin def. Andy Petrich 5-2; Neil Wasmund def. Gary Babineau 14-3; Leo Ballesteros def. Scot Radel 8-6; Jeff Johnson def. John Denney 15-14

Wrestlebacks: Andy Petrich def. Dan Briseno fall 2:28; Gary Babineau def. Dustin Chester 13-7; Scot Radel def. Mitch Millner 9-6; Brett Healy def. John Denney 6-4 OT

Consolation Quarterfinals: Andy Petrich def. Gary Babineau 8-1; Scot Radel def. Brett Healy 3-2

Consolation Semifinals: Jeff Johnson def. Andy Petrich 8-4; T.J. Parlin def. Scot Radel 16-9

Championship Semifinals: Neil Wasmund def. T.J. Parlin 4-2; Leo Ballesteros def. Jeff Johnson 13-10

Fifth: Scot Radel def. Andy Petrich 13-10

Third: T.J. Parlin def. Jeff Johnson 15-8

Championship: Neil Wasmund def. Leo Ballesteros 2-0

AAA 119

1st – Quincy Osborn, Grand Rapids, 11

2nd – Thomas McAlpine, Elk River Area, 11

3rd – Mike Jensen, Willmar, 12

4th – Steve Davis, Eastview, 9

5th – Rich Taylor, Saint Paul Como Park, 11

6th – Ben Isabella, Apple Valley, 12

First Round: Thomas McAlpine, Elk River Area def. Andy Kirkpatrick, Anoka 10-3; Nate Gieseke, New Ulm def. Ryan Jacobson, Northfield fall 5:00; Rich Taylor, Saint Paul Como Park def. Trevor Hunt, Robbinsdale Cooper 17-5; Steve Davis, Eastview def. Jeff Grosland, Simley 6-0; Ben Isabella, Apple Valley def. Jesse Hoffman, Park 14-1; Matt Svihel, Totino Grace def. Spencer Wolner, Austin 7-1; Mike Jensen, Willmar def. Jon Radunz, Tartan fall 2:57; Quincy Osborn, Grand Rapids def. Eric Lindeman, Little Falls 16-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Thomas McAlpine def. Nate Gieseke 4-3; Rich Taylor def. Steve Davis 5-3; Ben Isabella def. Matt Svihel 8-2; Quincy Osborn def. Mike Jensen 5-4

Wrestlebacks: Andy Kirkpatrick def. Nate Gieseke 11-3; Steve Davis def. Trevor Hunt 5-3 OT; Matt Svihel def. Jesse Hoffman 5-1; Mike Jensen def. Eric Lindeman 5-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Steve Davis def. Andy Kirkpatrick 11-0; Mike Jensen def. Matt Svihel 4-1

Consolation Semifinals: Steve Davis def. Ben Isabella forf.; Mike Jensen def. Rich Taylor 7-0

Championship Semifinals: Thomas McAlpine def. Rich Taylor 7-0; Quincy Osborn def. Ben Isabella forf.

Fifth: Rich Taylor def. Ben Isabella forf.

Third: Mike Jensen def. Steve Davis 11-2

Championship: Quincy Osborn def. Thomas McAlpine 3-0

AAA 125

1st – Jafari Vanier, Bloomington Kennedy, 12

2nd – Matt Anderson, Simley, 12

3rd – Derek Johnson, Owatonna, 12

4th – Ryan Fliginger, Saint Francis, 11

5th – Joel Sunde, Faribault, 12

6th – Trevor Brady, Little Falls, 11

First Round: Jeff Patzke, Apple Valley def. Mitch Hansen, Mankato West 14-6; Trevor Brady, Little Falls def. Josh Holmbo, Anoka 11-9; Charlie Sadder, Totino Grace def. Aaron Matheson, Centennial 8-2; Matt Anderson, Simley def. Joel Sunde, Faribault 16-3; Corey Larson, Alexandria def. Aaron Kath, Buffalo 14-4; Derek Johnson, Owatonna def. Ryan Fliginger, Saint Francis fall 3:58; Jafari Vanier, Bloomington Kennedy def. Eric Leeseberg, Robbinsdale Cooper tf 4:46, 23-8; Dau Yang, Saint Paul Como Park def. Jake Johnson, Hastings 13-5

Championship Quarterfinals: Trevor Brady def. Jeff Patzke 14-13; Matt Anderson def. Charlie Sadder 11-5; Derek Johnson def. Corey Larson 10-3; Jafari Vanier def. Dau Yang 14-8

Wrestlebacks: Jeff Patzke def. Josh Holmbo 11-6; Joel Sunde def. Charlie Sadder 10-3; Ryan Fliginger def. Corey Larson fall 1:54; Eric Leeseberg def. Dau Yang 11-8

Consolation Quarterfinals: Joel Sunde def. Jeff Patzke 11-6; Ryan Fliginger def. Eric Leeseberg fall 2:39

Consolation Semifinals: Derek Johnson def. Joel Sunde fall 2:29; Ryan Fliginger def. Trevor Brady fall :55

Championship Semifinals: Matt Anderson def. Trevor Brady fall 1:37; Jafari Vanier def. Derek Johnson 11-5

Fifth: Joel Sunde def. Trevor Brady fall 4:07

Third: Derek Johnson def. Ryan Fliginger 8-0

Championship: Jafari Vanier def. Matt Anderson 3-2

AAA 130

1st – Jesse Marohn, Brainerd/Pillager, 12

2nd – Dustin Dahlblom, Stillwater Area, 10

3rd – James Mead, Champlin Park, 11

4th – Marlon Fleming, Bloomington Kennedy, 12

5th – Jeremy Wilson, Owatonna, 12

6th – David Sadder, Totino Grace, 11

First Round: Marlon Fleming, Bloomington Kennedy def. Mike Tweet, Mounds View 8-6; James Mead, Champlin Park def. Tony Rezac, Northfield 7-2; Dylan Columb, Wayzata def. Pete McAfee, Simley 5-3; Jesse Marohn, Brainerd/Pillager def. Luke Johnson, Robbinsdale Armstrong 9-5; David Sadder, Totino Grace def. Chris Piere, Anoka 2-1; Andy Merkins, Hutchinson def. Matthew Boser, Little Falls 14-6; Jeremy Wilson, Owatonna def. Jeff Kranz, Hastings 10-3; Dustin Dahlblom, Stillwater Area def. John Dorma, Apple Valley 7-3

Championship Quarterfinals: James Mead def. Marlon Fleming 8-3; Jesse Marohn def. Dylan Columb 7-3; David Sadder def. Andy Merkins 6-5; Dustin Dahlblom def. Jeremy Wilson 8-5

Wrestlebacks: Marlon Fleming def. Tony Rezac 11-4; Dylan Columb def. Luke Johnson 8-5; Chris Piere def. Andy Merkins 6-4; Jeremy Wilson def. John Dorma 3-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: Marlon Fleming def. Dylan Columb 7-2; Jeremy Wilson def. Chris Piere 3-1

Consolation Semifinals: Marlon Fleming def. David Sadder 13-5; James Mead def. Jeremy Wilson fall 4:57

Championship Semifinals: Jesse Marohn def. James Mead 4-3; Dustin Dahlblom def. David Sadder 9-3

Fifth: Jeremy Wilson def. David Sadder 3-1

Third: James Mead def. Marlon Fleming 7-5 OT

Championship: Jesse Marohn def. Dustin Dahlblom 5-4

AAA 135

1st – Jamell Tidwell, Bloomington Kennedy, 12

2nd – Andy Pickar, Brainerd/Pillager, 10

3rd – Joe Gallmeier, White Bear Lake Area, 12

4th – Randy Hardman, Burnsville, 11

5th – Juan Martinez, South Saint Paul, 12

6th – Mark Butler, Owatonna, 11

First Round: Joe Gallmeier, White Bear Lake Area def. Mark Butler, Owatonna 6-4 OT; Victor Solis, Mankato West def. Mike Kostolnik, Totino Grace 14-7; Steve Kosak, Anoka def. Gerardo Aguirre, Saint Paul Harding 6-1; Jamell Tidwell, Bloomington Kennedy def. Brian Hagen, Little Falls 17-6; Andy Pickar, Brainerd/Pillager def. Steve Sworsky, Saint Francis 4-2; Joe Koshiol, Robbinsdale Cooper def. AJ Forcier, Hutchinson fall 2:58; Juan Martinez, South Saint Paul def. Justin Nygaard, Centennial fall 2:49; Randy Hardman, Burnsville def. Andy Hazelton, Winona/Winona Cotter 7-1

Championship Quarterfinals: Joe Gallmeier def. Victor Solis 8-6; Jamell Tidwell def. Steve Kosak 5-1; Andy Pickar def. Joe Koshiol 14-0; Randy Hardman def. Juan Martinez 7-0

Wrestlebacks: Mark Butler def. Victor Solis 3-1; Steve Kosak def. Brian Hagen 3-0; Joe Koshiol def. Steve Sworsky 9-3; Juan Martinez def. Andy Hazelton 9-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Mark Butler def. Steve Kosak 5-0; Juan Martinez def. Joe Koshiol 16-4

Consolation Semifinals: Randy Hardman def. Mark Butler fall 2:57; Joe Gallmeier def. Juan Martinez 3-1

Championship Semifinals: Jamell Tidwell def. Joe Gallmeier 5-2; Andy Pickar def. Randy Hardman 10-8

Fifth: Juan Martinez def. Mark Butler 3-1 OT

Third: Joe Gallmeier def. Randy Hardman 6-3

Championship: Jamell Tidwell def. Andy Pickar 13-5

AAA 140

1st – Jacob Schlottke, Apple Valley, 11

2nd – Nate Trulen, Tartan, 12

3rd – Nick Kirk, Prior Lake, 12

4th – Quadir Mahmoud, Champlin Park, 11

5th – Kyle Anderson, Simley, 10

6th – Jeff Snegosky, Totino Grace, 11

First Round: Kyle Anderson, Simley def. Alan Attig, Albert Lea Area 5-3; Jeff Snegosky, Totino Grace def. Ryan Langlais, Eastview 1-0; Nate Trulen, Tartan def. Matt Davids, Forest Lake 8-5; Bruce Rosendahl, Fergus Falls def. Paul Durbahn, Mankato West 7-4; Sam Donner, Lakeville def. Weston Sweazey, Robbinsdale Cooper 7-0; Quadir Mahmoud, Champlin Park def. Jordan Cook, Hastings inj. def.; Nick Kirk, Prior Lake def. Henry Andrade, Saint Paul Como Park 19-5; Jacob Schlottke, Apple Valley def. Jared Kluver, Alexandria tf 4:14, 32-17

Championship Quarterfinals: Kyle Anderson def. Jeff Snegosky 3-2; Nate Trulen def. Bruce Rosendahl 5-1; Quadir Mahmoud def. Sam Donner 9-3; Jacob Schlottke def. Nick Kirk 17-8

Wrestlebacks: Jeff Snegosky def. Alan Attig 4-3; Bruce Rosendahl def. Matt Davids 5-4 2xOT; Sam Donner def. Jordan Cook inj. def.; Nick Kirk def. Jared Kluver tf 5:00

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jeff Snegosky def. Bruce Rosendahl 1-0; Nick Kirk def. Sam Donner 5-2

Consolation Semifinals: Quadir Mahmoud def. Jeff Snegosky 10-3; Nick Kirk def. Kyle Anderson 15-2

Championship Semifinals: Nate Trulen def. Kyle Anderson 6-1; Jacob Schlottke def. Quadir Mahmoud 5-4

Fifth: Kyle Anderson def. Jeff Snegosky 3-2

Third: Nick Kirk def. Quadir Mahmoud 4-3

Championship: Jacob Schlottke def. Nate Trulen 12-6

AAA 145

1st – Travis Fuhol, Cambridge-Isanti, 12

2nd – Brian Hackenmueller, Elk River Area, 12

3rd – Matt Fraley, Forest Lake, 11

4th – Ryan LeBeau, Prior Lake, 12

5th – Eric Duchene, Faribault, 11

6th – George Lynaugh, Simley, 10

First Round: Ron Reszel, Totino Grace def. Luke Jackson, Stillwater Area 6-2; Eric Duchene, Faribault def. Scott Wichman, Hutchinson 10-0; Travis Fuhol, Cambridge-Isanti def. Zach Thein, Sauk Rapids-Rice 18-10; George Lynaugh, Simley def. Nick Christianson, Apple Valley 8-3; Brian Hackenmueller, Elk River Area def. Drew Oesterle, Austin 14-6; David Rasmussen, Eastview def. Justin Jasper, Centennial 6-1; Ryan LeBeau, Prior Lake def. Matt Fraley, Forest Lake tf 4:54, 18-1; James Sorenson, Hastings def. Robby Doliber, Robbinsdale Cooper 18-16 OT

Championship Quarterfinals: Eric Duchene def. Ron Reszel 10-1; Travis Fuhol def. George Lynaugh 18-7; Brian Hackenmueller def. David Rasmussen 7-5 OT; Ryan LeBeau def. James Sorenson fall :35

Wrestlebacks: Ron Reszel def. Scott Wichman 10-4; George Lynaugh def. Zach Thein 5-3; David Rasmussen def. Drew Oesterle 6-4; Matt Fraley def. James Sorenson 8-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: George Lynaugh def. Ron Reszel 13-5; Matt Fraley def. David Rasmussen 5-3

Consolation Semifinals: Ryan LeBeau def. George Lynaugh 11-6; Matt Fraley def. Eric Duchene 7-2

Championship Semifinals: Travis Fuhol def. Eric Duchene 4-2 OT; Brian Hackenmueller def. Ryan LeBeau fall :55

Fifth: Eric Duchene def. George Lynaugh 4-3

Third: Matt Fraley def. Ryan LeBeau 8-6

Championship: Travis Fuhol def. Brian Hackenmueller 16-8

AAA 152

1st – Marcus LeVesseur, Bloomington Kennedy, 12

2nd – Clarke Athman, Saint Cloud Apollo, 12

3rd – Wyatt Reyerson, Albert Lea Area, 12

4th – Joe Lawler, Rochester Mayo, 11

5th – Ryan Quiring, Prior Lake, 12

6th – Brad Bruns, Apple Valley, 11

First Round: Wyatt Reyerson, Albert Lea Area def. Ricky Hollenback, Anoka fall 2:59; Ryan Quiring, Prior Lake def. Nick Foster, Saint Paul Highland Park tf 4:00, 16-1; Joe Berczyk, Mounds View def. Mitch Mistic, Bemidji fall 2:50; Marcus LeVesseur, Bloomington Kennedy def. Joe Block, Hopkins fall 1:23; Joe Lawler, Rochester Mayo def. Willie Dufour, Minneapolis Edison 10-2; Brad Bruns, Apple Valley def. Brian Sworsky, Saint Francis fall 3:14; David Donnelly, Simley def. Nate Deleeuw, Willmar fall 3:56; Clarke Athman, Saint Cloud Apollo def. Alex Schostag, White Bear Lake Area 10-4

Championship Quarterfinals: Ryan Quiring def. Wyatt Reyerson 7-1; Marcus LeVesseur def. Joe Berczyk 19-4; Brad Bruns def. Joe Lawler 14-12 OT; Clarke Athman def. David Donnelly 8-0

Wrestlebacks: Wyatt Reyerson def. Nick Foster 11-1; Joe Berczyk def. Joe Block 15-4; Joe Lawler def. Brian Sworsky 9-5; David Donnelly def. Alex Schostag 4-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Wyatt Reyerson def. Joe Berczyk Fall 2:46; Joe Lawler def. David Donnelly 2-1

Consolation Semifinals: Wyatt Reyerson def. Brad Bruns 8-0; Joe Lawler def. Ryan Quiring fall 3:56

Championship Semifinals: Marcus LeVesseur def. Ryan Quiring 17-6; Clarke Athman def. Brad Bruns 11-6

Fifth: Ryan Quiring def. Brad Bruns 2-1

Third: Wyatt Reyerson def. Joe Lawler 4-0

Championship: Marcus LeVesseur def. Clarke Athman 15-7

AAA 160

1st – Evan Amundson, Alexandria, 12

2nd – Clint Adams, Mankato East, 11

3rd – Rich Miller, Anoka, 12

4th – Derek Cameron, Wayzata, 12

5th – Ricky Ties, Rochester Mayo, 12

6th – Jeremy Chavis, Faribault, 11

First Round: Ricky Ties, Rochester Mayo def. Cory Beierman, Sauk Rapids-Rice 6-4 OT; Clint Adams, Mankato East def. Marshall Guy, Bloomington Kennedy 14-10; Tom Wallace, South Saint Paul def. Ben Roff, Osseo 11-5; Rich Miller, Anoka def. Dan Opsahl, Roseville Area fall 1:38; Jared Massey, Centennial def. Pete Senty, Apple Valley 8-7; Derek Cameron, Wayzata def. Jeremy Chavis, Faribault 5-0; Jake Nord, Maple Grove def. Joe Sandkamp, Hastings fall 5:24; Evan Amundson, Alexandria def. Jake Kunzmann, Chisago Lake Area fall 3:44

Championship Quarterfinals: Clint Adams def. Ricky Ties 6-4; Rich Miller def. Tom Wallace 7-1; Derek Cameron def. Jared Massey 10-4; Evan Amundson def. Jake Nord 10-6

Wrestlebacks: Ricky Ties def. Marshall Guy 4-3; Tom Wallace def. Dan Opsahl 7-5; Jeremy Chavis def. Jared Massey 11-0; Jake Kunzmann def. Jake Nord 7-5

Consolation Quarterfinals: Ricky Ties def. Tom Wallace 10-2; Jeremy Chavis def. Jake Kunzmann 2-0

Consolation Semifinals: Derek Cameron def. Ricky Ties 9-4; Rich Miller def. Jeremy Chavis 5-3

Championship Semifinals: Clint Adams def. Rich Miller 8-6; Evan Amundson def. Derek Cameron 8-3

Fifth: Ricky Ties def. Jeremy Chavis 4-2

Third: Rich Miller def. Derek Cameron 7-2

Championship: Evan Amundson def. Clint Adams 12-5

AAA 171

1st – Bryan Cowdin, Worthington/SV-RL-B, 12

2nd – Riza Mahmoud, Champlin Park, 12

3rd – Steve Dahlblom, Stillwater Area, 12

4th – Matt Hermann, Burnsville, 11

5th – Jason Lachowitzer, Grand Rapids, 12

6th – Chris Abbott, Saint Thomas Academy, 12

First Round: Bryan Cowdin, Worthington/SV-RL-B def. Steve Schlagheck, Saint Cloud Tech fall 3:41; Joe Conley, Simley def. Tijl vanderWege, Saint Paul Como Park 4-3; Chris Abbott, Saint Thomas Academy def. Josh Holm, Northfield 7-4; Jason Lachowitzer, Grand Rapids def. Devin Sturm, Osseo 12-0; Jarrett Wolvington, Winona/Winona Cotter def. Josh Hartwell, Alexandria 7-3; Matt Hermann, Burnsville def. Mike Weber, Woodbury tf 4:24, 25-10; Steve Dahlblom, Stillwater Area def. Tim Wussow, Mankato West 5-0; Riza Mahmoud, Champlin Park def. Micheal Hall, Minneapolis Roosevelt fall 3:30

Championship Quarterfinals: Bryan Cowdin def. Joe Conley 16-3; Chris Abbott def. Jason Lachowitzer 6-5; Matt Hermann def. Jarrett Wolvington 5-3; Riza Mahmoud def. Steve Dahlblom 22-16

Wrestlebacks: Joe Conley def. Steve Schlagheck 3-2; Jason Lachowitzer def. Josh Holm 10-2; Jarrett Wolvington def. Mike Weber 13-6; Steve Dahlblom def. Micheal Hall 10-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jason Lachowitzer def. Joe Conley fall 4:39; Steve Dahlblom def. Jarrett Wolvington 5-2

Consolation Semifinals: Matt Hermann def. Jason Lachowitzer 2-1 OT; Steve Dahlblom def. Chris Abbott 6-2

Championship Semifinals: Bryan Cowdin def. Chris Abbott 11-0; Riza Mahmoud def. Matt Hermann fall 1:58

Fifth: Jason Lachowitzer def. Chris Abbott 6-0

Third: Steve Dahlblom def. Matt Hermann 3-1

Championship: Bryan Cowdin def. Riza Mahmoud fall 4:41

AAA 189

1st – Adam Fokken, Eastview, 12

2nd – Chad Mentel, Austin, 12

3rd – Dustin Benz, Virginia Area, 12

4th – Joe Cullen, Coon Rapids, 12

5th – Myke Peterson, Bemidji, 11

6th – Justin Walsh, Alexandria, 10

First Round: Chad Conner, Osseo def. Eric Franco, Saint Paul Johnson fall 4:34; Chad Mentel, Austin def. Matt Schmitt, Saint Paul Central tf 6:00; Mike Peterson, Bemidji def. Spencer Hosman, Burnsville 19-3; Joe Cullen, Coon Rapids def. Dennis Kline, Wayzata fall 4:12; Andy Bernard, New Ulm def. Mike Hara, Totino Grace fall 4:33; Adam Fokken, Eastview def. Justin Sorensen, Owatonna 8-5; Dustin Benz, Virginia Area def. Kyle Massey, Centennial 7-6; Justin Walsh, Alexandria def. Adam Hoffmann, Hastings 7-4

Championship Quarterfinals: Chad Mentel def. Chad Conner 9-4; Mike Peterson def. Joe Cullen 4-2 OT; Adam Fokken def. Andy Bernard tf 19-5, 5:59; Justin Walsh def. Dustin Benz 4-3

Wrestlebacks: Chad Conner def. Matt Schmitt tf 17-1, 3:33; Joe Cullen def. Spencer Hosman 8-1; Justin Sorensen def. Andy Bernard 5-0; Dustin Benz def. Adam Hoffmann fall 1:17

Consolation Quarterfinals: Joe Cullen def. Chad Conner 4-3; Dustin Benz def. Justin Sorensen 1-0

Consolation Semifinals: Joe Cullen def. Justin Walsh 6-3; Dustin Benz def. Mike Peterson 2-1

Championship Semifinals: Chad Mentel def. Mike Peterson 3-1; Adam Fokken def. Justin Walsh 12-3

Fifth: Mike Peterson def. Justin Walsh 9-3

Third: Dustin Benz def. Joe Cullen 4-2

Championship: Adam Fokken def. Chad Mentel fall 3:13

AAA 275

1st – Max Lossen, Winona/Winona Cotter, 12

2nd – Andy Tidwell-Neal, Wayzata, 12

3rd – Jon May, Hutchinson, 10

4th – Tim Eggert, Rochester John Marshall, 12

5th – Trevor Laws, Apple Valley, 10

6th – Matt Schneider, Saint Paul Central, 12

First Round: Alex Cadwell, Stillwater Area def. Dan Kinler, Virginia Area 3-0; Max Lossen, Winona/Winona Cotter def. Kris Johnson, Maple Grove 13-8; Matt Schneider, Saint Paul Central def. Barrett Willard, Bemidji 5-3; Jon May, Hutchinson def. Brian Fox, Rosemount 6-3; Matt Henderson, Cambridge-Isanti def. Ryan Rydberg, Simley 7-4; Tim Eggert, Rochester John Marshall def. Trevor Laws, Apple Valley 5-2; Andy Tidwell-Neal, Wayzata def. Adebola Oyewo, Saint Paul Arlington 12-7; Zak Jensen, Hopkins def. R.J. Lewis, Alexandria 11-5

Championship Quarterfinals: Max Lossen def. Alex Cadwell 10-0; Jon May def. Matt Schneider fall 2:53; Tim Eggert def. Matt Henderson 6-5; Andy Tidwell-Neal def. Zak Jensen 3-2

Wrestlebacks: Alex Cadwell def. Kris Johnson 10-5; Matt Schneider def. Brian Fox 8-2; Trevor Laws def. Matt Henderson 7-4; Zak Jensen def. Adebola Oyewo forf.

Consolation Quarterfinals: Matt Schneider def. Alex Cadwell fall 1:39; Trevor Laws def. Zak Jensen disq.

Consolation Semifinals: Tim Eggert def. Matt Schneider 3-1; Jon May def. Trevor Laws fall 4:56

Championship Semifinals: Max Lossen def. Jon May 5-1; Andy Tidwell-Neal def. Tim Eggert 14-4

Fifth: Trevor Laws def. Matt Schneider 7-4

Third: Jon May def. Tim Eggert fall 4:56

Championship: Max Lossen def. Andy Tidwell-Neal 3-1 OT

Class A Team Tournament

Medford_________________|29-22        |
Saint James_____________              |25-24        |
                        |Frazee_______|             |
Frazee__________________|32-20                      |
                                          Champion  |Goodhue______
Adrian__________________                            |34-21
                        |BHV__________              |
Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale__|31-28        |             |
Paynesville_____________              |29-26
Sibley East_____________|49-14
                                  Third  |Frazee_______
                                  Place  |32-27
Saint James__|26-18        |
              Consolation  |Adrian_______
Adrian_______   Champion   |29-21
Sibley East__|54-6

A Championship
Goodhue 34, Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale 21
103: Trevor Balbach (BHV) def. Sam Gadient (G) 8-0
112: Jared Oyster (BHV) def. Derek Dicke (G) 11-2
119: Joeb Oyster (BHV) def. Trevor Ryan (G) 6-3
125: Troy Stehr (G) def. Cullen Captain (BHV) 10-2
130: Chet Lexvold (G) def. Jake Oyster (BHV) 5-1
135: Reggie Rach (BHV) def. Brandon Lexvold (G) 6-2
140: Caleb Albers (G) def. Dave Voeltz (BHV) fall 3:07
145: Wade Luhman (G) def. Keith Bowman (BHV) fall 1:51
152: Noah Diercks (G) def. Drew Schmidt (BHV) 8-4
160: Tim O’Conner (G) def. Adam Richter (BHV) fall 3:43
171: Jeff Schrimpf (G) def. Adam Becker (BHV) fall 1:42
189: Casey Finck (BHV) def. Ben O’Reilly (G) 13-0
275: Justin Messer (BHV) def. Peter Burfeind (G) 1-0

A Third Place
Frazee 32, Paynesville 27
103: Blake Bristlin (F) def. Sean Glenz (P) 11-0
112: Darren Oswald (F) def. Adam Christian (P) 4-1
119: Andy Quittschreiber (F) def. Nate Glenz (P) 7-1
125: Jeremy Sogge (P) def. Kelly Janke (F) fall 1:02
130: David Kerzman (P) def. Danny Mayfield (F) fall :44
135: Jeremy Fuchs (P) def. Gabe Dretsch (F) fall 2:45
140: Joe Hiltner (P) def. Adam Aho (F) 6-3
145: Tyson Sonnenberg (F) def. Josh Schreifels (P) 3-0
152: Matt Nagel (F) def. forfeit (P)
160: Ryan Glenz (P) def. Todd Larson (F) fall 2:45
171: Joe Dretsch (F) def. Max Meagher (P) 8-6 OT
189: Shane Sandberg (F) def. Chris Rohe (P) 8-0
275: Justin Olson (F) def. Brad Person (P) fall :44

A Consolation Championship
Adrian 29, Medford 21
103: Cody Reverts (A) def. Dusty Kavitz (M) 6-0
112: Greg Brendemuehl (M) def. Chris Kruger (A) 8-4
119: Nick Yule (M) def. Dusty Bullerman (A) 4-3
125: Brent Yule (M) def. Eric Kunkel (A) 4-0
130: Tony Sauer (A) def. Chad Mifek (M) 7-3
135: Brent Reinhard (M) def. Nate Bullerman (A) 8-4
140: Mitch Kuhlman (M) def. Trent Bullerman (A) fall 2:26
145: Seth Bullerman (A) def. Scott Balzer (M) tf 5:43
152: Steve Maas (M) def. Lance Bullerman (A) 5-3
160: Levi Bullerman (A) def. Jay DeCoux (M) 7-1
171: Tyler Bullerman (A) def. Bryan Mielke (M) fall :58
189: Jared Henrickson (A) def. Bob Hanson (M) 5-1
275: Justin Wieneke (A) def. Paul Karow (M) fall :22

A Championship Semifinal
Goodhue 25, Frazee 24
103: Sam Gadient (G) def. Blake Bristlin (F) 11-0
112: Darren Oswald (F) def. Derek Dicke (G) fall 3:58
119: Andy Quittschreiber (F) def. Trevor Ryan (G) 3-1
125: Troy Stehr (G) def. Kelly Janke (F) 7-4
130: Chet Lexvold (G) def. Danny Mayfield (F) 11-4
135: Brandon Lexvold (G) def. Gabe Dretsch (F) 3-1
140: Adam Aho (F) def. Caleb Albers (G) 4-0
145: Tyson Sonnenberg (F) def. Wade Luhman (G) 2X OT 2-2
152: Matt Nagel (F) def. Noah Diercks (G) fall 1:45
160: Tim O’Conner (G) def. Joe Dretsch (F) OT 2-0
171: Jeff Schrimpf (G) def. Dan Stenger (F) 3-2
189: Ben O’Reilly (G) def. Shane Sandberg (F) fall 5:35
275: Justin Olson (F) def. Peter Burfeind (G) 5-2

A Championship Semifinal
Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale 29, Paynesville 26
103: Trevor Balbach (BHV) def. Sean Glenz (P) Fall :54
112: Adam Christian (P) def. Jared Oyster (BHV) 5-3
119: Joeb Oyster (BHV) def. Nate Glenz (P) 2-0
125: Jeremy Sogge (P) def. Cullen Captain (BHV) 8-6
130: David Kerzman (P) def. Jake Oyster (BHV) TF 5:55
135: Reggie Rach (BHV) def. Justin Reeck (P) TF 6:00
140: Jeremy Fuchs (P) def. Dave Voeltz (BHV) 6-4
145: Joe Hiltner (P) def. Keith Bowman (BHV) Fall :28
152: Drew Schmidt (BHV) def. Josh Schreifels (P) 8-6
160: Adam Richter (BHV) def. Ryan Glenz (P) 8-4
171: Max Meagher (P) def. Adam Becker (BHV) Inj Def
189: Casey Finck (BHV) def. Chris Rohe (P) 9-5
275: Justin Messer (BHV) def. Brad Person (P) Fall 2:19

A Consolation Semifinal
Medford 26, St. James 18
103: Jeff Cargill (SJ) def. Dusty Kavitz (M) 12-8
112: Greg Brendemuehl (M) def. Chris Werth (SJ) 10-6
119: Tony Feuchtenberger (SJ) def. Nick Yule (M) 3-1
125: Brent Yule (M) def. Shane Johnson (SJ) 11-2
130: Chad Mifek (M) def. Dayn Besel (SJ) 5-1
135: Brent Reinhard (M) def. Eric Hiermeier (SJ) 11-4
140: Mitch Kuhlman (M) def. Kit Miller (SJ) Fall :48
145: Scott Balzer (M) def. Josh Finnegan (SJ) 8-0
152: Danon Anderson (SJ) def. Steve Maas (M) 15-12
160: Tyler Olson (SJ) def. Jay DeCoux (M) 10-3
171: Lance Larson (SJ) def. Brent Glende (M) 3-0
189: Bob Hanson (M) def. Jon Nibbe (SJ) 11-9
275: Jared Nelson (SJ) def. Paul Karow (M) 7-3

A Consolation Semifinal
Adrian 54, Sibley East 6
103: Cody Reverts (A) def. Alex Trout (SE) Fall 1:47
112: Chris Kruger (A) def. Brad McGuire (SE) 12-4
119: Dusty Bullerman (A) def. Pat Vos (SE) Fall 3:58
125: Tony Sauer (A) def. Ryan McCarthy (SE) Fall 5:31
130: Tyrel Recker (A) def. Ben Tollefson (SE) Fall 4:52
135: Nate Bullerman (A) def. Neil Vos (SE) Fall 1:50
140: Erik Wallace (SE) def. Trent Bullerman (A) 5-1
145: Seth Bullerman (A) def. Sam Britt (SE) 8-1
152: Brian Walters (SE) def. Lance Bullerman (A) 5-2
160: Levi Bullerman (A) def. Bryan Hardel (SE) 9-1
171: Tyler Bullerman (A) def. Andrew Streich (SE) 8-0
189: David Konz (A) def. Jason Thomes (SE) 4-0
275: Justin Wieneke (A) def. Tyler Matz (SE) Fall :40

A Championship Quarterfinal
Paynesville 49, Sibley East 14
103: Sean Glenz (PA) def. Alex Trout (SE) 9-3
112: Adam Christian (PA) def. Brad McGuire (SE) fall 1:45
119: Nate Glenz (PA) def. Damon Traxler (SE) 14-5
125: Jeremy Sogge (PA) def. Ryan McCarthy (SE) fall 2:56
130: David Kerzman (PA) def. Sean Drexler (SE) fall 2:56
135: Jeremy Fuchs (PA) def. Neil Vos (SE) fall :42
140: Erik Wallace (SE) def. Justin Reeck (PA) 11-0
145: Joe Hiltner (PA) def. Sam Britt (SE) fall 3:20
152: Brian Walters (SE) def. Josh Schreifels (PA) 10-1
160: Ryan Glenz (PA) def. Bryan Hardel (SE) fall 1:06
171: Andrew Striech (SE) def. Max Meagher (PA) 10-8 ot
189: Chris Rohe (PA) def. Jason Thomes (SE) fall 3:44
275: Brad Wolters (SE) def. Brad Person (PA) 11-10

A Championship Quarterfinal
Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale 31, Adrian 28
103: Trevor Balbach (BHV) def. Cody Reverts (A) 4-0
112: Jared Oyster (BHV) def. Chris Kruger (A) fall 2:59
119: Joeb Oyster (BHV) def. Dusty Bullerman (A) 4-2
125: Cullen Captain (BHV) def. Eric Kunkel (A) 8-4
130: Jake Oyster (BHV) def. Tony Sauer (A) fall 5:47
135: Reggie Rach (BHV) def. Nate Bullerman (A) 8-3
140: Dave Voeltz (BHV) def. Trent Bullerman (A) 3-1
145: Seth Bullerman (A) def. Keith Bowman (BHV) fall :38
152: Lance Bullerman (A) def. Adam Richter (BHV) fall 2:51
160: Levi Bullerman (A) def. Drew Schmidt (BHV) fall 1:08
171: Tyler Bullerman (A) def. Adam Becker (BHV) 14-3
189: Casey Finck (BHV) def. Jared Henrickson (A) 8-0
275: Justin Wieneke (A) def. Justin Messer (BHV) fall 2:29

A Championship Quarterfinal
Frazee 32, St. James 20
103: Blake Bristlin (F) def. Jeff Cargill (SJ) 5-2
112: Chris Werth (SJ) def. Darren Oswald (F) 6-2
119: Tony Feuchtenberger (SJ) def. Andy Quittschreiber (F) 6-3
125: Kelly Janke (F) def. Dayn Besel (SJ) 8-7
130: Danny Mayfield (F) def. Shane Johnson (SJ) 11-8
135: Gabe Dretsch (F) def. Eric Hiermeier (AJ) 5-3
140: Adam Aho (F) def. Kit Miller (SJ) fall 3:03
145: Danon Anderson (SJ) def. Tyson Sonnenberg (F) 3:29
152: Todd Larson (F) def. Tyler Darkow (SJ) t f 6:00
160: Matt Nagel (F) def. Tyler Olson (SJ) fall 2:53
171: Lance Larson (SJ) def. Dan Stenger (F) 12-2
189: Shane Sandberg (F) def. Jon Nibbe (SJ) 6-4 ot
275: Jared Nelson (SJ) def. Darin Drewes (F) 15-2

A Championship Quarterfinal
Goodhue 29, Medford 22
103: Sam Gadient (G) def. Dusty Kavitz (M) 8-4
112: Greg Brendemuehl (M) def. Derek Dicke (G) fall :15
119: Nick Yule (M) def. Trevor Ryan (G) 22-11
125: Troy Stehr (G) def. Brent Yule (M) 7-2
130: Chet Lexvold (G) def. Chad Mufek (M) 15-6
135: Brent Reinhard (M) def. Brandon Lexvold (G) 5-4
140: Mitch Kuhlman (M) def. Caleb Albers (G) fall 3:18
145: Wade Luhman (G) def. Scott Balzer (M) fall 3:16
152: Noah Diercks (G) def. Steve Maas (M) 7-5
160: Tim O’Conner (G) def. Jay DeCoux (M) 3-1
171: Jeff Schrimpf (G) def. Brent Glende (M) 10-0
189: Bob Hanson (M) def. Ben O’Reilly (G) 9-7 ot
275: Peter Burfeind (G) def. Paul Karow (M) 6-3

Class AA Team Tournament

                        |Red Rock_____
Red Rock Central________|29-25        |
                                      |Blue Earth___
Blue Earth Area_________              |37-22        |
                        |Blue Earth___|             |
Milaca__________________|35-18                      |
                                          Champion  |Blue Earth___
St. Michael-Albertville_                            |26-24
                        |STMA_________              |
Park Rapids_____________|34-12        |             |
Dassel-Cokato___________              |31-24
Wadena-Deer Creek_______|30-24
                            Red Rock_____
                                  Third  |Dassel-Cokato
                                  Place  |37-21
Milaca_______|30-27        |
              Consolation  |Wadena-Deer Creek
Park Rapids__   Champion   |37-18

AA Championship
Blue Earth Area 26, St. Michael-Albertville 24
103: Jerad Evans (B) def. Brandon Dick (S) 7-5
112: Matt Becker (S) def. Taylor Teems (B) fall 1:05
119: Blake Murphy (B) def. Mike Marx (S) 3-1
125: Jeff Pfaffinger (B) def. Josh Becker (S) fall 3:20
130: Nathan Lefebvre (S) def. Jake Ankeny (B) 5-2
135: Travis Dahlheimer (S) def. forf. (B)
140: Chas Betts (S) def. Travis Olson (B) 3-1
145: Ty Eustice (B) def. Andy Croteau (S) tf 4:34
152: Josh Malwitz (B) def. Mitch Hackenmueller (S) 5-3
160: Travis Krinkie (B) def. Josh Killian (S) 8-4
171: Randy Dehmer (S) def. Rich Rasmussen (B) 7-3
189: Jay Fredrickson (B) def. Keith Becker (S) 8-5
275: Jacob Barthel (S) def. David Mensing (B) 7-0

AA Third Place
Dassel-Cokato 37, Red Rock Central 21
103: Mikias Redman (R) def. Matt Hohenstein (DC) fall 1:00
112: Michal Barrie (R) def. Marshall Sager (DC) tf 3:42
119: Justin Schroepfer (R) def. Lars Anderson (DC) 7-0
125: Jordan Isakson (DC) def. Jeff Cooley (R) fall :54
130: Austin Scarset (R) def. Noel Kutz (DC) 11-3
135: T.J. Anderson (DC) def. Izzy Altermatt (R) tf 5:01
140: Clint Scherping (DC) def. Brent Schroeder (R) fall 1:12
145: Steve Bratland (DC) def. Darren Tietz (R) fall 2:30
152: Peter Pierre-Louis (DC) def. Alex Ourada (R) 14-3
160: Joel Aho (DC) def. Eric Nelson (R) 10-2
171: Ryan Paplow (R) def. David Halonen (DC) 6-3
189: Luke Philippi (DC) def. Tim Johnson (R) 6-0
275: Brad Polzin (DC) def. Justin Pape (R) 3-1

AA Consolation Championship
Wadena-Deer Creek 37, Stewartville 18
103: Riley Oftedahl (S) def. Ryan Hunke (W) 7-1
112: Clint Campbell (S) def. Leland Brincefield (W) 3-1
119: Logan Brincefield (W) def. Matt Lawson (S) 9-3
125: Cole Roeder (S) def. Nate Berry (W) 10-4
130: Peter Hayes (W) def. Jon Roeder (S) 14-4
135: Cory Schmitz (S) def. Pat Kramer (W) fall 2:43
140: Louie Vandermay (W) def. Jake Stier (S) 7-3
145: Kyle Trout (W) def. Tony Gehling (S) 12-3
152: Matt Sweere (W) def. Tony Gehling (S) tf 21-6, 4:30
160: Matt Stein (S) def. Zach Snyder (W) 1-0
171: Luke Trout (W) def. James Barsness (S) fall 3:38
189: Tony Vittletoe (W) def. Mike Lawrence (S) fall 5:46
275: David Uselman (W) def. Nate Kuisle (S) fall 3:34

AA Championship Semifinal
Blue Earth Area 37, Red Rock Central 22
103: Jerad Evans (BEA) def. Mikias Redman (RRC) 4-3
112: Michal Barrie (RRC) def. Taylor Teems (BEA) 14-5
119: Justin Schoepfer (RRC) def. Blake Murphy (BEA) 3-0
125: Jeff Pfaffinger (BEA) def. Cody Nelson (RRC) fall 1:10
130: Jeff Cooley (RRC) def. Jake Ankeny (BEA) 6-5
135: Austin Scarset (RRC) def. Tony Boehm (BEA) fall :12
140: Travis Olson (BEA) def. Brent Schroeder (RRC) fall 1:38
145: Ty Eustice (BEA) def. Clayton Hubert (RRC) fall 1:51
152: Josh Malwitz (BEA) def. Darren Tietz (RRC) 3-2
160: Travis Krinkie (BEA) def. Alex Ourada (RRC) 17-7
171: Rich Rasmussen (BEA) def. Eric Nelson (RRC) fall 3:40
189: Jay Fredrickson (BEA) def. Tim Johnson (RRC) 10-5
275: Justin Pape (RRC) def. Eric Sonnek (BEA) fall :37

AA Championship Semifinal
St. Michael-Albertville 31, Dassel-Cokato 24
103: Brandon Dick (STMA) def. Matt Hohenstein (DC) fall :32
112: Matt Becker (STMA) def. Marshall Sager (DC) tf 19-4, 5:26
119: Mike Marx (STMA) def. Lars Anderson (DC) 4-2
125: Nathan Lefebvre (STMA) def. Noel Kutz (DC) tf 5:47
130: Jordan Isakson (DC) def. Jesse Hackenmueller (STMA) fall :36
135: T.J. Anderson (DC) def. Chas Betts (STMA) fall 5:40
140: Clint Scherping (DC) def. Travis Dahlheimer (STMA) 8-3 OT
145: Steve Bratland (DC) def. Andy Croteau (STMA) fall 1:03
152: Joel Aho (DC) def. Mitch Hackenmueller (STMA) 3-2
160: Josh Killian (STMA) def. Peter Pierre-Louis (DC) 7-5
171: Randy Dehmer (STMA) def. David Halonen (DC) 8-2
189: Keith Becker (STMA) def. Luke Philippi (DC) 8-5
275: Jacob Barthel (STMA) def. Brad Polzin (DC) 3-2

AA Consolation Semifinal
Stewartville 30, Milaca 27
103: Riley Oftedahl (S) def. Steven Vedders (M) 3-1
112: Clint Campbell (S) def. Joel Wirz (M) fall 3:01
119: Clay Hoeck (M) def. Matt Lawson (S) 12-4
125: Cole Roeder (S) def. Justin Peterson (M) 2-0
130: Jon Roeder (S) def. Mark Anson (M) 7-5 OT
135: Mike Weyer (M) def. Cory Schmitz (S) 9-6
140: Adam Johnson (M) def. Jake Stier (S) tf 17-2, 4:44
145: Andy Kotsmith (M) def. Tony Gehling (S) 13-3
152: Matt Stein (S) def. Mitch Vedders (M) 4-3
160: Brian Flatland (M) def. Steve Zaffke (S) fall 2:36
171: Craig Kotsmith (M) def. James Barsness (S) tf 25-10, 5:27
189: Mike Lawrence (S) def. Dave Christianson (M) fall 1:53
275: Nate Kuisle (S) def. Peter Beckstrom (M) fall :38

AA Consolation Semifinal
Wadena-Deer Creek 39, Park Rapids 18
103: Tyler Safratowich (PR) def. Lee Lorentz (WDC) 6-1
112: Leland Brincefield (WDC) def. Ellis Peterson (PR) fall :32
119: Logan Brincefield (WDC) def. Brad Pachel (PR) 11-3
125: Ramsey Miller (PR) def. Nate Berry (WDC) 8-5
130: Peter Hayes (WDC) def. Ryan Miller (PR) tf 16-1, 4:28
135: Pat Kramer (WDC) def. Joe Safratowich (PR) 7-2
140: Louie Vandermay (WDC) def. Steve Safratowich (PR) 8-2
145: Kyle Trout (WDC) def. Aaron Schluter (PR) 3-2
152: Matt Sweere (WDC) def. Barry Gruchow (PR) 7-4
160: Brandon Gruchow (PR) def. Zach Snyder (WDC) fall 5:06
171: Luke Trout (WDC) def. Dan Etter (PR) fall :39
189: Dan May (PR) def. Evan VanOrsdel (WDC) fall 1:15
275: David Uselman (WDC) def. Andy Schauer (PR) fall 1:15

AA Championship Quarterfinal
Dassel-Cokato 30, Wadena-Deer Creek 24
103: Matt Hohenstein (DC) def. Ryan Hunke (WDC) 9-7
112: Leland Brincefield (WDC) def. Marshall Sager (DC) tf 2:54
119: Logan Brincefield (WDC) def. Lars Anderson (DC) fall1:57
125: Jordan Isakson ( DC) def. Nate Berry (WDC) 7-5
130: Peter Hayes (WDC) def. Noel Kutz (DC ) 14-4
135: T.J. Anderson (DC) def. Louie Vandermay (WDC) 12-1
140: Clint Scherping (DC) def. Pat Kramer (WDC) 6-4
145: Steve Bratland (DC) def. Matt Hayes (WDC) fall 3:55
152: Peter Pierre-Louis (DC) def. Kyle Trout (WDC) 7-4
160: Joel Aho (DC) def. Zach Snyder (WDC) tf 5:28
171: Luke Trout (WDC) def. David Halonen (DC) fall :40
189: Tony Vittetoe (WDC) def. Luke Philippi (DC) 20-15
275: Brad Polzin (DC) def. David Uselman (WDC) 12-9

AA Championship Quarterfinal
Blue Earth Area 35, Milaca 18
103: Jerad Evans (BEA) def. Steven Vedders (Mil) tf 17-2 5:34
112: Joel Wirz (Mil) def. Taylor Teems (BEA) fall 2:38
119: Blake Murphy (BEA) def. Clay Hoeck (Mil) 16-10
125: Jeff Pfaffinger (BEA) def. Justin Peterson (Mil) 18-7
130: Jake Ankeny (BEA) def. Mark Anson (Mil) 6-5
135: Mike Weyer (Mil) def. Travis Olson (BEA) 5-1
140: Adam Johnson (Mil) def. Bart Oelke (BEA) 10-6
145: Ty Eustice (BEA) def. Andy Kotsmith (Mil) tf 20-5, 3:40
152: Josh Malwitz (BEA) def. Mitch Vedders (Mil) 12-6
160: Travis Kinkie (BEA) def. Brian Flatland (Mil) 11-9
171: Craig Kotsmith (Mil) def. Jim Grant (BEA) fall :33
189: Rich Rasmussen (BEA) def. Tony Swenson (Mil) fall 1:36
275: Dave Mensing (BEA) def. Peter Beckstrom (Mil) 8-2

AA Championship Quarterfinal
Red Rock Central 29, Stewartville 25
103: Mikias Redman (RRC) def. Riley Oftedahl (Stew) 9-3
112: Clint Campbell (Stew) def. Michal Barrie (RRC) fall 1:21
119: Matt Lawson (Stew) def. Justin Schroepfer (RRC) 3-1
125: Cole Roeder (Stew) def. Jeff Cooley (RRC) 7-1
130: Austin Scarset (RRC) def. Jon Roeder (Stew) fall 3:53
135: Cory Schmitz (Stew) def. Izzy Altermatt (RRC) fall 1:32
140: Jake Stier (Stew) def. Brent Schroeder (RRC) 11-1
145: Darren Tietz (RRC) def. Tony Gehling (Stew) 10-2
152: Alex Ourada (RRC) def. Steve Zaffke (Stew) 4-0
160: Eric Nelson (RRC) def. Matt Stein (Stew) 15-11
171: Mike Lawrence (Stew) def. Ryan Paplow (RRC) 8-3
189: Tim Johnson (RRC) def. John Gehling (Stew) fall 3:47
275: Mike Redman (RRC) def. Nate Kuisle (Stew) 9-1

AA Championship Quarterfinal
St. Michael-Albertville 37, Park Rapids 12
103: Brandon Dick (STMA) def. Tyler Safratowich (PR) fall :45
112: Matt Becker (STMA) def. Ellis Peterson (PR) tf 3:15, 15-1
119: Josh Becker (STMA) def. Brad Pachel (PR) 4-3
125: Nathan Lefebvre (STMA) def. Ramsey (PR) 14-4
130: Jesse Hackenmueller (STMA) def. Ryan Miller (PR) 14-4
135: Travis Dahlheimer (STMA) def. Joe Safratowich (PR) 11-4
140: Steve Safratowich (PR) def. Chas Betts (STMA) 8-3
145: Andy Croteau (STMA) def. Aaron Schluter (PR) 6-4
152: Mitch Hackenmueller (STMA) def. Barry Gruchow (PR) 3-0
160: Brandon Gruchow (PR) def. Josh Killian (STMA) 6-3
171: Randy Dehmer (STMA) def. Dan May (PR) 5-2
189: Andy Schauer (PR) def. Brandon Wegner (STMA) fall 5:19
275: Erich Barthel (STMA) def. Steve Soderberg (PR) 4-2

Class AAA Team Tournament

Owatonna________________|33-22        |
Hutchinson______________              |39-15        |
                        |Hastings_____|             |
Hastings________________|31-24                      |
                                          Champion  |Apple Valley_
Totino-Grace____________                            |35-24
                        |Totino-Grace_              |
Bemidji_________________|37-18        |             |
                                      |Apple Valley_|
Apple Valley____________              |41-19
                        |Apple Valley_|
                                  Third  |Hastings_____
                                  Place  |28-22
Hutchinson___|34-19        |
              Consolation  |Bemidji______
Bemidji______   Champion   |26-25

AAA Championship
Apple Valley 35, Owatonna 24
103: Charlie Falck (A) def. Mike Meger (O) 7-1
112: Neil Wasmund (A) def. Scot Radel (O) 10-5
119: Bennett Isabella (A) def. Chris Prince (O) fall 1:25
125: Konrad Abramo (O) def. forf. (A)
130: Derek Johnson (O) def. John Dorma (A) 9-3
135: Jeff Patzke (A) def. Jeremy Wilson (O) 6-3
140: Nick Christianson (A) def. Mark Butler (O) 5-0
145: Jacob Schlottke (A) def. Josh Kerr (O) tf 5:05
152: Luke Krause (O) def. Brad Bruns (A) fall 5:41
160: Eric Sekora (O) def. Lon Welsh (A) 9-4
171: Pete Senty (A) def. Danny Sorensen (O) fall :50
189: Justin Sorensen (O) def. Mike Holtgren (A) fall :55
275: Trevor Laws (A) def. Matt Oeltjenbruns (O) fall 4:54

AAA Third Place
Hastings 28, Totino-Grace 22
103: Jake Beyer (TG) def. Dave Sieben (H) fall :24
112: Gary Babineau (TG) def. Brady Zeien (H) fall 1:46
119: Matt Svihel (TG) def. Shawn McMenomy (H) 9-3
125: Jake Johnson (H) def. Charlie Sadder (TG) 4-3
130: Jeff Kranz (H) def. David Sadder (TG) 6-4
135: Mike Kostolnik (TG) def. Ryan Zajac (H) 12-1
140: Jordan Cook (H) def. Jeff Snegosky (TG) 2-0
145: James Sorenson (H) def. Joel Sinna (TG) 11-3
152: Ron Reszel (TG) def. Nick Stark (H) 7-6
160: Joe Sandkamp (H) def. Pat Grewe (TG) fall 3:33
171: Randy Foss (H) def. Brandon McCann (TG) 7-2
189: Adam Hoffman (H) def. Mike Hara (TG) 11-5
275: Nick Wagner (H) def. Max Bunge (TG) 7-2

AAA Consolation Championship
Bemidji 26, Centennial 25
103: Tim Matheson (C) def. Chris Black (B) 11-3
112: Greg Skerik (B) def. Mike Wallraff (C) 8-5
119: Joe Miller (B) def. Josh Fillbrandt (C) 14-9
125: Aaron Matheson (C) def. Nick Mistic (B) 17-8
130: Ryan Cronemiller (B) def. Pete Noll (C) 10-1
135: Justin Nygaard (C) def. Quenton Utley (B) tf 17-1, 6:00
140: Dustin Puffe (B) def. Joe MacDonald (C) 12-2
145: Mike Pulczinski (B) def. Justin Jasper (C) 3-2
152: Mitch Mistic (B) def. Andy Wasilk (C) 11-3
160: Jared Massey (C) def. Bob Mack (B) 12-5
171: Josh Massey (C) def. Kurt Etchison (B) fall 4:35
189: Mike Peterson (B) def. Tim Schleicher (C) tf 21-6, 5:43
275: Kyle Massey (C) def. Barrett Willard (B) 7-5

AAA Championship Semifinal
Owatonna 39, Hastings 15
103: Mike Meger (O) def. Dave Sieben (H) fall 1:25
112: Scot Radel (O) def. Brady Zeien (H) 4-0
119: Chris Prince (O) def. Shawn McMenomy (H) 8-1
125: Derek Johnson (O) def. Jake Johnson (H) 13-3
130: Jeremy Wilson (O) def. Jeff Kranz (H) 7-3
135: Mark Butler (O) def. Ryan Zajac (H) 10-2
140: Brad Busho (O) def. Lance Poellinger (H) fall 1:32
145: James Sorenson (H) def. Luke Krause (O) 7-2
152: Nick Stark (H) def. Josh Kerr (O) 2-0
160: Joe Sandkamp (H) def. Brady Pettis (O) 6-4
171: Eric Sekora (O) def. Chris Foss (H) 14-2
189: Justin Sorensen (O) def. Adam Hoffmann (H) fall 5:36
275: Nick Wagner (H) def. Matt Oeltjenbruns (O) fall 1:12

AAA Championship Semifinal
Apple Valley 41, Totino-Grace 19
103: Charlie Falck (AV) def. Jake Beyer (TG) tf 23-8
112: Neil Wasmund (AV) def. Gary Babineau (TG) 9-1
119: Matt Svihel (TG) def. Kurt Leavitt (AV) 13-1
125: Charlie Sadder (TG) def. Jeff Patzke (AV) 3-2
130: David Sadder (TG) def. Jarrod Yamanaka (AV) 11-4
135: Mike Kostolnik (TG) def. John Dorma (AV) ot 2-0
140: Nick Christianson (AV) def. Jeff Snegosky (TG) fall 2:23
145: Jacob Schlottke (AV) def. Joel Sinna (TG) fall 1:56
152: Brad Bruns (AV) def. Ron Reszel (TG) fall 5:08
160: Jason White (AV) def. Pat Grewe (TG) 13-4
171: Pete Senty (AV) def. Tim Cotter (TG) fall :50
189: Mike Hara (TG) def. Chris O’Neill (AV) fall :40
275: Trevor Laws (AV) def. Max Bunge (TG) 17-5

AAA Consolation Semifinal
Centennial 34, Hutchinson 19
103: Beau Penk (H) def. Tim Matheson (C) 8-6
112: Mike Wallraff (C) def. Chris Wilson (H) fall 3:09
119: Josh Fillbrandt (C) def. Mark Spaude (H) 14-12
125: Aaron Matheson (C) def. Adam Schiller (H) fall 3:01
130: Andy Merkins (H) def. Pete Noll (C) 18-11
135: Justin Nygaard (C) def. Dave Berwald (H) 12-2
140: A J Forcier (H) def. Joe MacDonald (C) 5-2
145: Scott Wichman (H) def. Justin Jasper (C) 6-2
152: Brad Gruhlke (H) def. Andy Wasilk (C) 9-6
160: Jared Massey (C) def. Tim King (H) fall 2:46
171: Josh Massey (C) def. Dan Dettman (H) fall :53
189: Kyle Massey (C) def. A J Kurth (H) 2-1
275: Jon May (H) def. Mark Sala (C) 13-2

AAA Consolation Semifinal
Bemidji 25, Anoka 24
103: Chris Black (B) def. Jamey Johnson (A) 18-6
112: Larry Phillips (A) def. Greg Skerik (B) 5-4
119: Joe Miller (B) def. Andy Kirkpatrick (A) 4-3
125: Nick Mistic (B) def. Kyle Brehm (A) 10-0
130: Josh Holmbo (A) def. Ryan Cronemiller (B) 5-4
135: Chris Piere (A) def. Quenton Utley (B) 9-7
140: Steve Kosak (A) def. Mike Pulczinski (B) 13-5
145: Dustin Puffe (B) def. Ross Murray (A) 8-0
152: Rick Hollenback (A) def. Mitch Mistic (B) 7-5
160: Rich Miller (A) def. Bob Mack (B) tf 5:06 25-10
171: Mike DeWandeler (A) def. Mike Littler (B) 9-2
189: Mike Peterson (B) def. Joe Lais (A) 11-2
275: Barrett Willard (B) def. Joe Batters (A) fall 3:21

AAA Championship Quarterfinal
Hastings 31, Hutchinson 24
103: Dave Sieben (Has) def. Beau Penk (Hut) 12-2
112: Brady Zeien (Has) def. Chris Wilson (Hut) 7-5 OT
119: Mark Spaude (Hut) def. Shawn McMenomy (Hut) 5-4
125: Jake Johnson (Has) def. Adam Schiller (Hut) fall 1:05
130: Andy Merkins (Hut) def. Lance Poellinger (Has) fall 4:39
135: AJ Forcier (Hut) def. Jeff Kranz (Has) 2-0
140: Ryan Zajac (Has) def. Ben Schwarzrock (Hut) fall 5:48
145: Scott Wichman (Hut) def. Mike Franke (Has) fall 1:21
152: James Sorenson (Has) def. Tim King (Hut) fall 3:42
160: Brad Gruhlke (Hut) def. Nick Stark (Has) 9-4
171: Joe Sandkamp (Has) def. Dan Dettman (Hut) 14-9
189: Adam Hoffmann (Has) def. AJ Kurth (Hut) 4-2 OT
275: Jon May (Hut) def. Nick Wagner (Has) 5-1

AAA Championship Quarterfinal
Owatonna 33, Centennial 22
103: Tim Matheson (C) def. Mike Meger (O) 13-12
112: Scot Radel (O) def. Jason Gunderson (C) fall 1:40
119: Chris Prince (O) def. Mike Wallraff (C) 6-3
125: Derek Johnson (O) def. Josh Fillbrandt (C) tf 4:56
130: Jeremy Wilson (O) def. Pete Noll (C) 10-7
135: Mark Butler (O) def. Pete Noll (C) 11-2
140: Justin Nygaard (C) def. Brad Busho (O) 13-8
145: Luke Krause (O) def. Mike Farber (C) fall 1:58
152: Andy Wasilk (C) def. Brady Pettis (O) 8-6
160: Jared Massey (C) def. Danny Sorensen (O) fall 1:16
171: Josh Massey (C) def. Eric Sekora (O) 7-4
189: Justin Sorensen (O) def. Kyle Massey (C) fall 3:40
275: Mark Sala (C) def. Matt Oeltjenbruns (O) 11-0

AAA Championship Quarterfinal
Totino-Grace 37, Bemidji 18
103: Jake Beyer (TG) def. Chris Black (B) 11-4
112: Gary Babineau (TG) def. Greg Skerik (B) fall 3:21
119: Matt Svihel (TG) def. Joe Miller (B) 5-3
125: Charlie Sadder (TG) def. Ryan Cronemiller (B) 6-3
130: David Sadder (TG) def. Nick Mistic (B) fall 2:55
135: Mike Kostolnik (TG) def. Quenton Utley (B) 16-7
140: Jeff Snegosky (TG) def. Dustin Puffe (B) fall 3:13
145: Ron Reszel (TG) def. Mike Pulczinski (B) fall 4:48
152: Mitch Mistic (B) def. Pat Grewe (TG) 7-1
160: Bob Mack (B) def. Brandon McCann (TG) 5-1
171: Mike Littler (B) def. Mike Leukan (TG) fall 2:23
189: Mike Peterson (B) def. Mike Hara (TG) 5-3
275: Barrett Willard (B) def. Max Bunge (TG) 5-1

AAA Championship Quarterfinal
Apple Valley 35, Anoka 16
103: Charlie Falck (AV) def. Jamey Johnson (A) fall 3:50
112: Neil Wasmund (AV) def. Larry Phillips (A) 14-6
119: Bennett Isabella (AV) def. Andy Kirkpatrick (A) 7-4
125: Jeff Patzke (AV) def. Josh Holmbo (A) 13-1
130: John Dorma (AV) def. Chris Piere (A) 4-2
135: Steve Kosak (A) def. Tom LaCombe (AV) 14-4
140: Jacob Schlottke (AV) def. Ross Murray (A) tf 25-10
145: Jason White (AV) def. Nate Schipper (A) 17-8
152: Rick Hollenback (A) def. Brad Bruns (AV) 4-2
160: Rich Miller (A) def. Seth Sovde (AV) 20-8
171: Pete Senty (AV) def. Mike DeWandeler (A) 8-5
189: Joe Lais (A) def. Mike Holtgren (AV) tf 4:58, 19-1
275: Trevor Laws (AV) def. Joe Batters (A) 7-3

2000 MSHSL State Tournament Results

2000 MSHSL State Wrestling Tournament

March 2-4, 2000 • Target Center, Minneapolis

Class A Individual Tournament

A 103

1st – Eric Sanders, Wabasha-Kellogg

2nd – Greg Brendemuehl, Medford

3rd – Chris Werth, St. James

4th – Gabriel Mooney, Greenbush-Middle River/Badger

5th – Darren Oswald, Frazee

6th – Pat Salonek, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted

First Round: Eric Sanders, Wabasha-Kellogg def. Gabriel Mooney, Greenbush-Middle River/Badger 7-2; Craig Luberts, Pierz def. Tim Brockway, Le Center 8-1; Chris Werth, St. James def. Jason Cazett, Meadow Creek Christian/Alliance Christian Academy fall 4:39; Jared Oyster, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale def. Nathal Rohlik, Wabasso 4-3; Garett Sowman, Rush City def. Lance Citrowski, Canby 6-4; Greg Brendemuehl, Medford def. Tom Herbers, Dover-Eyota fall 1:22; Pat Salonek, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted def. Bryan Pietig, BOLD 6-2; Darren Oswald, Frazee def. Dustin Schneeberger, West Central Area 7-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Eric Sanders def. Craig Luberts 4-0; Chris Werth def. Jared Oyster 16-3; Greg Brendemuehl def. Garett Sowman 10-3; Darren Oswald def. Pat Salonek 4-2

Wrestlebacks: Gabriel Mooney def. Craig Luberts 3-1; Jason Cazett def. Jared Oyster 7-0; Garett Sowman def. Tom Herbers 9-2; Pat Salonek def. Dustin Schneeberger 5-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Gabriel Mooney def. Jason Cazett 3-0; Pat Salonek def. Garett Sowman 6-1

Consolation Semifinals: Gabriel Mooney def. Darren Oswald 5-3; Chris Werth def. Pat Salonek 9-3

Championship Semifinals: Eric Sanders def. Chris Werth 4-0; Greg Brendemuehl def. Darren Oswald 6-0

Fifth: Darren Oswald def. Pat Salonek 2-0

Third: Chris Werth def. Gabriel Mooney 6-3

Championship: Eric Sanders def. Greg Brendemuehl 11-5

A 112

1st – John Schermerhorn, Frazee

2nd – Aaron Solberg, Meadow Creek Christian/Alliance Christian Academy

3rd – Derek Zieske, BDRSH

4th – Adam Bertram, West Central Area

5th – Joeb Oyster, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale

6th – Ryan Zabka, St. James

First Round: Corby Hernandez, Greenbush-Middle River/Badger def. Nick Yule, Medford 13-6; Ryan Zabka, St. James def. Cole Altermatt, Wabasso 4-3; Nate Glenz, Paynesville Area def. Mike Ferguson, Pine Island fall :32; Aaron Solberg, Meadow Creek Christian/Alliance Christian Academy def. Joeb Oyster, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 4-1; John Schermerhorn, Frazee def. Shane Haag, Lewiston-Altura 20-6; Gabe Koepp, Rush City def. Matt Allerson, Nicollet 3-0; Derek Zieske, BDRSH def. John Beelow, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton tf 3:37 15-0; Adam Bertram, West Central Area def. Mark Magedanz, Eden Valley-Watkins fall 2:13

Championship Quarterfinals: Ryan Zabka def. Corby Hernandez fall 1:08; Aaron Solberg def. Nate Glenz 8-0; John Schermerhorn def. Gabe Koepp 10-2; Derek Zieske def. Adam Bertram 2-0 ot

Wrestlebacks: Cole Altermatt def. Corby Hernandez fall 4:34; Joeb Oyster def. Nate Glenz 1-0; Shane Haag def. Gabe Koepp 6-3; Adam Bertram def. John Beelow 7-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Joeb Oyster def. Cole Altermatt 2-0; Adam Bertram def. Shane Haag fall 2:52

Consolation Semifinals: Derek Zieske def. Joeb Oyster 3-1; Adam Bertram def. Ryan Zabka 6-5

Championship Semifinals: Aaron Solberg def. Ryan Zabka 6-2; John Schermerhorn def. Derek Zieske 8-7

Fifth: Joeb Oyster def. Ryan Zabka 2-1

Third: Derek Zieske def. Adam Bertram 4-3

Championship: John Schermerhorn def. Aaron Solberg 6-3

A 119

1st – Aaron Kloss, Pierz

2nd – Jake Anderson, Pelican Rapids

3rd – Jeremy Sogge, Paynesville Area

4th – Alek Halverson, Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity

5th – Zac Roth, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial

6th – Ryan Peterson, Adrian

First Round: Alek Halverson, Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity def. Waylon Rudenick, Wabasso 9-6; Tony Feuchtenberger, St. James def. Brent Mees, Southland 4-3; Jake Anderson, Pelican Rapids def. Jeremy Sogge, Paynesville Area 12-3; Cullen Captain, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale def. Adam Hunt, Le Center fall 2:57; Brian Miller, Montgomery-Lonsdale def. Branden Krienke, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton 7-1; Aaron Kloss, Pierz def. Craig Zamzow, Dover-Eyota 13-1; Ryan Peterson, Adrian def. Matt Fridgen, Wheaton/Herman-Norcross 6-5; Zac Roth, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial def. Garth Petersen, Fertile-Beltrami 17-6

Championship Quarterfinals: Alek Halverson def. Tony Feuchtenberger 6-2; Jake Anderson def. Cullen Captain fall 5:29; Aaron Kloss def. Brian Miller fall 3:13; Zac Roth def. Ryan Peterson 8-5

Wrestlebacks: Waylon Rudenick def. Tony Feuchtenberger 4-2; Jeremy Sogge def. Cullen Captain fall 2:48; Craig Zamzow def. Brian Miller 4-2 ot; Ryan Peterson def. Garth Petersen 5-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jeremy Sogge def. Waylon Rudenick 8-6; Ryan Peterson def. Craig Zamzow 7-2

Consolation Semifinals: Jeremy Sogge def. Zac Roth 11-9 ot; Alek Halverson def. Ryan Peterson 7-6

Championship Semifinals: Jake Anderson def. Alek Halverson 12-6; Aaron Kloss def. Zac Roth 7-2

Fifth: Zac Roth def. Ryan Peterson 12-3

Third: Jeremy Sogge def. Alek Halverson 14-2

Championship: Aaron Kloss def. Jake Anderson 13-2

A 125

1st – David Kerzman, Paynesville Area

2nd – Derrick Klocke, Hayfield

3rd – Jake Richter, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale

4th – Jacob Malone, New York Mills

5th – Brent Reinhard, Medford

6th – John Niebuhr, United South Central

First Round: Jake Richter, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale def. Brandon Irlbeck, Wabasso tf 4:59 21-5; Derrick Klocke, Hayfield def. Luke DeBoer, Meadow Creek Christian/Alliance Christian Academy 10-0; John Niebuhr, United South Central def. Gabe Dretsch, Frazee 8-4; Tim Pribyl, Le Center def. Daniel Sowman, Rush City ot 3-1; Josh Hammer, West Central Area def. Matt Jones, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial inj def; David Kerzman, Paynesville Area def. Jerad Schmoll, Chatfield fall 1:08; Brent Reinhard, Medford def. Brian Smith, BDRSH 7-4; Jacob Malone, New York Mills def. Ben Stommes, Eden Valley-Watkins 6-1

Championship Quarterfinals: Derrick Klocke def. Jake Richter 14-3; John Niebuhr def. Tim Pribyl 6-3; David Kerzman def. Josh Hammer 13-6; Brent Reinhard def. Jacob Malone 7-6

Wrestlebacks: Jake Richter def. Luke DeBoer 6-3; Tim Pribyl def. Gabe Dretsch 11-9 ot; Jerad Schmoll def. Josh Hammer 11-2; Jacob Malone def. Brian Smith 7-5

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jake Richter def. Tim Pribyl 4-3; Jacob Malone def. Jerad Schmoll 5-2

Consolation Semifinals: Jake Richter def. Brent Reinhard 7-5; Jacob Malone def. John Niebuhr 11-9 ot

Championship Semifinals: Derrick Klocke def. John Niebuhr 8-0; David Kerzman def. Brent Reinhard fall 1:10

Fifth: Brent Reinhard def. John Niebuhr 5-2

Third: Jake Richter def. Jacob Malone fall 4:38

Championship: David Kerzman def. Derrick Klocke fall 4:23

A 130

1st – Blaine Kuhlman, Medford

2nd – Dan Petsinger, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva

3rd – Dustin Kulseth, St. James

4th – Brandon Lexvold, Goodhue

5th – Ryan Priebe, Chatfield

6th – Josh Jansen, Breckenridge

First Round: Brandon Lexvold, Goodhue def. Dustin Kulseth, St. James 8-7; Jeremy Williams, Meadow Creek Christian/Alliance Christian Academy def. Mike Fox, Rush City 10-5; Chase Thielen, BDRSH def. Jake Oyster, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 6-3; Dan Petsinger, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva def. Tyler Jenson, Greenbush-Middle River/Badger 13-3; Ryan Priebe, Chatfield def. Jason Litzau, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 8-5; Josh Jansen, Breckenridge def. Zeb Roth, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 4-3; Blaine Kuhlman, Medford def. Jammy Strand, Dawson-Boyd 9-3; Jerome Crandall, New York Mills def. Tim Janssen, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 9-7 ot

Championship Quarterfinals: Brandon Lexvold def. Jeremy Williams 6-3; Dan Petsinger def. Chase Thielen 13-0; Ryan Priebe def. Josh Jansen 6-4; Blaine Kuhlman def. Jerome Crandall 14-2

Wrestlebacks: Dustin Kulseth def. Jeremy Williams 6-1; Chase Thielen def. Tyler Jenson 2-1; Josh Jansen def. Jason Litzau fall 4:34; Jerome Crandall def. Jammy Strand 14-12

Consolation Quarterfinals: Dustin Kulseth def. Chase Thielen 14-5; Josh Jansen def. Jerome Crandall 12-2

Consolation Semifinals: Dustin Kulseth def. Ryan Priebe 12-3; Brandon Lexvold def. Josh Jansen 8-3

Championship Semifinals: Dan Petsinger def. Brandon Lexvold 5-2; Blaine Kuhlman def. Ryan Priebe 4-2

Fifth: Ryan Priebe def. Josh Jansen 5-3

Third: Dustin Kulseth def. Brandon Lexvold fall 4:30

Championship: Blaine Kuhlman def. Dan Petsinger fall 3:39

A 135

1st – Dustin Speltz, Lewiston-Altura

2nd – Reggie Rach, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale

3rd – Mitch Kuhlman, Medford

4th – Chris Welle, Paynesville Area

5th – Brad Bullerman, Adrian

6th – Randy Backman, Chokio-Alberta/Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley

First Round: Juan Fernandez, St. James def. Joe Wegscheid, Frazee 18-4; Dustin Speltz, Lewiston-Altura def. Andy Schilling, Wabasso fall 5:46; Chris Welle, Paynesville Area def. Randy Backman, Chokio-Alberta/Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley tf 2:35; Travis Linsmeier, Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop def. Will Erickson, Kenyon-Wanamingo 9-7; Mitch Kuhlman, Medford def. John Michels, Mankato Loyola 13-0; Brad Bullerman, Adrian def. Nate Carlson, St. Charles 5-1; Reggie Rach, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale def. Mark Andres, Pierz 17-3; Cody Geiser, New York Mills def. Joe Gunderson, Montgomery-Lonsdale tf 5:55 18-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Dustin Speltz def. Juan Fernandez fall 1:44; Chris Welle def. Travis Linsmeier fall 1:31; Mitch Kuhlman def. Brad Bullerman 5-3; Reggie Rach def. Cody Geiser 6-3

Wrestlebacks: Andy Schilling def. Juan Fernandez fall :31; Randy Backman def. Travis Linsmeier 11-9; Brad Bullerman def. John Michels 12-2; Mark Andres def. Cody Geiser 8-7

Consolation Quarterfinals: Randy Backman def. Andy Schilling 5-4; Brad Bullerman def. Mark Andres 9-4

Consolation Semifinals: Mitch Kuhlman def. Randy Backman fall 2:37; Chris Welle def. Brad Bullerman 12-4

Championship Semifinals: Dustin Speltz def. Chris Welle 5-3; Reggie Rach def. Mitch Kuhlman 6-4

Fifth: Brad Bullerman def. Randy Backman 6-2

Third: Mitch Kuhlman def. Chris Welle 3-2

Championship: Dustin Speltz def. Reggie Rach 14-8

A 140

1st – Thad Pike, Hayfield

2nd – Joachim Weiner, Osakis

3rd – Ned Shuck, Maple River

4th – Jason Ulschmid, Frazee

5th – Greg Stucky, Pine Island

6th – Cole Longtin, Barnesville

First Round: Jason Ulschmid, Frazee def. Lee Rahrlien, Chokio-Alberta/Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley tf 2:58 15-0; Thad Pike, Hayfield def. Jeremy Glende, Medford 6-2; Ryan Otto, Canby def. Matt Sutton, Meadow Creek Christian/Alliance Christian Academy 12-0; Ned Shuck, Maple River def. Dan Kelling, Braham 4-0; Tom Hohenstein, Nicollet def. Joe Czeck, Royalton 8-6; Greg Stucky, Pine Island def. Sam Britt, Sibley East 13-7; Bryan Monahan, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton def. Wade Sather, Dawson-Boyd 8-6; Joachim Weiner, Osakis def. Cole Longtin, Barnesville 8-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Thad Pike def. Jason Ulschmid 16-3; Ned Shuck def. Ryan Otto 11-4; Greg Stucky def. Tom Hohenstein fall 1:24; Joachim Weiner def. Bryan Monahan 8-3

Wrestlebacks: Jason Ulschmid def. Jeremy Glende 1-0; Ryan Otto def. Dan Kelling 5-2; Tom Hohenstein def. Sam Britt 3-2; Cole Longtin def. Bryan Monahan 5-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jason Ulschmid def. Ryan Otto 11-5; Cole Longtin def. Tom Hohenstein 12-8

Consolation Semifinals: Jason Ulschmid def. Greg Stucky 13-10; Ned Shuck def. Cole Longtin 7-3

Championship Semifinals: Thad Pike def. Ned Shuck 7-2; Joachim Weiner def. Greg Stucky fall 5:19

Fifth: Greg Stucky def. Cole Longtin 11-1

Third: Ned Shuck def. Jason Ulschmid 9-5

Championship: Thad Pike def. Joachim Weiner 11-2

A 145

1st – Brian Miller, Le Center

2nd – Seth Bullerman, Adrian

3rd – Tony Schlaak, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva

4th – Brian Knutson, Benson

5th – Adam Kock, St. James

6th – Luke Laidlaw, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City

First Round: Brian Miller, Le Center def. Joe Hiltner, Paynesville Area 7-1; Tony Jenson, Greenbush-Middle River/Badger def. Brent Dahl, Breckenridge 11-3; Brian Knutson, Benson def. Luke Laidlaw, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 4-2 ot; Jacob Zamzow, Dover-Eyota def. Ryan Powell, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 5-1; Tony Schlaak, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva def. Bryan Janke, Frazee 3-1 ot; Steve Hoffman, Parkers Prairie def. Mark Thompson, Chatfield 7-3; Rollie Lemke, Kimball Area def. Adam Halvorson, Ogilvie 3-1; Seth Bullerman, Adrian def. Adam Kock, St. James 5-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Brian Miller def. Tony Jenson 10-7; Brian Knutson def. Jacob Zamzow 5-4; Tony Schlaak def. Steve Hoffman 6-5; Seth Bullerman def. Rollie Lemke 3-1

Wrestlebacks: Joe Hiltner def. Tony Jenson 16-2; Luke Laidlaw def. Jacob Zamzow 3-0; Bryan Janke def. Steve Hoffman 5-2; Adam Kock def. Rollie Lemke 6-5

Consolation Quarterfinals: Luke Laidlaw def. Joe Hiltner 3-1 ot; Adam Kock def. Bryan Janke 5-1

Consolation Semifinals: Tony Schlaak def. Luke Laidlaw 4-3; Brian Knutson def. Adam Kock 5-4

Championship Semifinals: Brian Miller def. Brian Knutson 9-6; Seth Bullerman def. Tony Schlaak 6-3

Fifth: Adam Kock def. Luke Laidlaw 4-2

Third: Tony Schlaak def. Brian Knutson 8-6 ot

Championship: Brian Miller def. Seth Bullerman 9-1

A 152

1st – Matt Nagel, Frazee

2nd – Mike Priebe, Dover-Eyota

3rd – Nate Schut, Meadow Creek Christian/Alliance Christian Academy

4th – Blaine Merritt, Canby

5th – Nathan Schlaak, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva

6th – Nick Bertram, Wheaton/Herman-Norcross

First Round: Chris Sogge, Paynesville Area def. Brent Fagen, BDRSH 9-4; Nick Bertram, Wheaton/Herman-Norcross def. Dustin Schroeder, Pine Island 16-3; Travis Gunsolus, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton def. Jesse Wyman, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 10-6; Matt Nagel, Frazee def. Nate Schut, Meadow Creek Christian/Alliance Christian Academy 14-0; Adam Sieben, Eden Valley-Watkins def. Nick Olson, Parkers Prairie 9-2; Nathan Schlaak, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva def. Ben Dillon, Pelican Rapids 16-9; Mike Priebe, Dover-Eyota def. Amos Boeck, United South Central 7-3; Blaine Merritt, Canby def. Jake Shockman, Braham 9-4

Championship Quarterfinals: Nick Bertram def. Chris Sogge 16-4; Matt Nagel def. Travis Gunsolus fall 3:36; Nathan Schlaak def. Adam Sieben 10-8; Mike Priebe def. Blaine Merritt 5-3

Wrestlebacks: Dustin Schroeder def. Chris Sogge 7-0; Nate Schut def. Travis Gunsolus 6-1 ot; Ben Dillon def. Adam Sieben 9-7; Blaine Merritt def. Amos Boeck 7-5

Consolation Quarterfinals: Nate Schut def. Dustin Schroeder 8-3; Blaine Merritt def. Ben Dillon 8-7

Consolation Semifinals: Nate Schut def. Nathan Schlaak 10-9; Blaine Merritt def. Nick Bertram 3-2

Championship Semifinals: Matt Nagel def. Nick Bertram tf 4:24 17-2; Mike Priebe def. Nathan Schlaak 5-2

Fifth: Nathan Schlaak def. Nick Bertram 7-3

Third: Nate Schut def. Blaine Merritt 4-3

Championship: Matt Nagel def. Mike Priebe 14-2

A 160

1st – Chris Young, Pierz

2nd – Billy Morgan, West Central Area

3rd – Josh Eckstein, Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity

4th – Ryan Stoks, Canby

5th – Matt Shea, Dover-Eyota

6th – Glen Haburn, Osakis

First Round: Shane Frieborg, BDRSH def. Ty Proper, Chatfield 9-0; Josh Eckstein, Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity def. Cary Leibeg, Medford fall 3:59; Glen Haburn, Osakis def. Josh Kuehl, Martin County West 18-4; Chris Young, Pierz def. Luke Rudie, Fertile-Beltrami fall 3:09; Billy Morgan, West Central Area def. Joe Dretsch, Frazee fall 1:42; Tom Libbesmeier, Kimball Area def. Kellen Utpadel, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva 8-5; Ryan Stoks, Canby def. John Abbott, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 9-3; Matt Shea, Dover-Eyota def. Adam Stenstrom, Ogilvie 6-1

Championship Quarterfinals: Josh Eckstein def. Shane Frieborg 10-6; Chris Young def. Glen Haburn fall 1:40; Billy Morgan def. Tom Libbesmeier 11-3; Ryan Stoks def. Matt Shea 5-0

Wrestlebacks: Shane Frieborg def. Cary Leibeg 14-1; Glen Haburn def. Luke Rudie 11-7; Tom Libbesmeier def. Joe Dretsch 10-6; Matt Shea def. John Abbott 3-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: Glen Haburn def. Shane Frieborg 14-11; Matt Shea def. Tom Libbesmeier 11-4

Consolation Semifinals: Ryan Stoks def. Glen Haburn 14-5; Josh Eckstein def. Matt Shea fall 4:12

Championship Semifinals: Chris Young def. Josh Eckstein 8-1; Billy Morgan def. Ryan Stoks 11-4

Fifth: Matt Shea def. Glen Haburn 8-1

Third: Josh Eckstein def. Ryan Stoks 4-3

Championship: Chris Young def. Billy Morgan 11-4

A 171

1st – Joe Moon, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva

2nd – Justin Malone, New York Mills

3rd – Nick Woodard, Frazee

4th – Mike Heinen, Eden Valley-Watkins

5th – Jay Fogelson, Byron

6th – Adam Graner, Wabasha-Kellogg

First Round: Adam Graner, Wabasha-Kellogg def. Jake Meixl, Mankato Loyola 6-5; Mike Heinen, Eden Valley-Watkins def. Drake Lagasse, Braham 10-0; Derek Claeys, Canby def. Adam Vanderwal, Wheaton/Herman-Norcross 1-0; Justin Malone, New York Mills def. Jesse James, Waterville-Elysian-Morristown 3-1; Jay Fogelson, Byron def. Nick Melsha, Sibley East 5-0; Ty Mikkelson, Breckenridge def. Paul Balderston, BOLD 10-7; Joe Moon, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva def. Peter Benson, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg fall 2:26; Nick Woodard, Frazee def. Gary Auer, Holdingford fall 2:24

Championship Quarterfinals: Adam Graner def. Mike Heinen 11-10; Justin Malone def. Derek Claeys 3-0; Jay Fogelson def. Ty Mikkelson 12-3; Joe Moon def. Nick Woodard fall 1:06

Wrestlebacks: Mike Heinen def. Jake Meixl 3-0; Jesse James def. Derek Claeys 4-2 ot; Ty Mikkelson def. Nick Melsha fall :50; Nick Woodard def. Peter Benson fall :17

Consolation Quarterfinals: Mike Heinen def. Jesse James 1-0; Nick Woodard def. Ty Mikkelson 6-6 2xot

Consolation Semifinals: Mike Heinen def. Jay Fogelson 1-0; Nick Woodard def. Adam Graner inj. def.

Championship Semifinals: Justin Malone def. Adam Graner fall 5:37; Joe Moon def. Jay Fogelson fall :50

Fifth: Jay Fogelson def. Adam Graner inj. def.

Third: Nick Woodard def. Mike Heinen 7-5

Championship: Joe Moon def. Justin Malone 8-2

A 189

1st – Johnny Frank, Wabasso

2nd – Ryan Weinandt, Wabasha-Kellogg

3rd – Jake Elgin, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale

4th – Jon Wheelock, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton

5th – Chad Hansen, MACCRAY

6th – Darren Lieser, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa

First Round: Johnny Frank, Wabasso def. Dan Hammer, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City tf 2:24 17-2; Eric Knutson, Chatfield def. Aaron Schroht, Medford fall 4:20; Jake Elgin, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale def. Travis Desing, Barnesville 1:40; Darren Lieser, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa def. Jacob Gappa, Nicollet 4-0; Ryan Weinandt, Wabasha-Kellogg def. Jeremiah Kern, Greenbush-Middle River/Badger fall 3:03; Chad Hansen, MACCRAY def. Joe Compton, Braham 21-12; Jon Wheelock, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton def. Blake Schmieg, Ortonville 3-1; Joey Graczyk, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted def. James Pease, Martin County West 13-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Johnny Frank def. Eric Knutson 3-1 ot; Jake Elgin def. Darren Lieser fall 1:23; Ryan Weinandt def. Chad Hansen tf 5:02 18-3; Jon Wheelock def. Joey Graczyk 9-2

Wrestlebacks: Eric Knutson def. Dan Hammer fall 1:16; Darren Lieser def. Travis Desing fall 4:00; Chad Hansen def. Jeremiah Kern 8-4; Blake Schmieg def. Joey Graczyk 7-3

Consolation Quarterfinals: Darren Lieser def. Eric Knutson 10-3; Chad Hansen def. Blake Schmieg 8-2

Consolation Semifinals: Jon Wheelock def. Darren Lieser 10-2; Jake Elgin def. Chad Hansen fall 3:20

Championship Semifinals: Johnny Frank def. Jake Elgin 4-3; Ryan Weinandt def. Jon Wheelock 9-4

Fifth: Chad Hansen def. Darren Lieser fall 1:40

Third: Jake Elgin def. Jon Wheelock 6-4

Championship: Johnny Frank def. Ryan Weinandt 5-1

A 275

1st – Scott Revier, BOLD

2nd – Grandan Barbee, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton

3rd – Travis Bray, Chatfield

4th – Ryan Rosin, Nicollet

5th – Brandon Mensing, Pine Island

6th – Justin Wieneke, Adrian

First Round: Brandon Mensing, Pine Island def. Tyler Jacobs, Wheaton/Herman-Norcross 5-0; Scott Revier, BOLD def. John Rathai, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva fall 3:07; Justin Wieneke, Adrian def. Derrick Duckstad, Fertile-Beltrami fall 1:18; Joe Langner, Royalton def. Nick Gregory, Kimball Area fall 2:56; Travis Bray, Chatfield def. Chris Adams, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City fall 3:01; Dallas Koplin, West Central Area def. Matt Brauchler, Paynesville Area fall 3:12; Ryan Rosin, Nicollet def. Josh Isebrand, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton fall 1:48; Grandan Barbee, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton def. Tim Hentges, Canby fall 3:48

Championship Quarterfinals: Scott Revier def. Brandon Mensing fall 1:59; Justin Wieneke def. Joe Langner 9-5; Travis Bray def. Dallas Koplin 6-5; Grandan Barbee def. Ryan Rosin fall :22

Wrestlebacks: Brandon Mensing def. John Rathai fall 2:45; Joe Langner def. Derrick Duckstad fall 1:54; Dallas Koplin def. Chris Adams 15-4; Ryan Rosin def. Tim Hentges fall 2:48

Consolation Quarterfinals: Brandon Mensing def. Joe Langner 2-1 2xot; Ryan Rosin def. Dallas Koplin 4-2

Consolation Semifinals: Travis Bray def. Brandon Mensing fall 1:59; Ryan Rosin def. Justin Wieneke 2-0 ot

Championship Semifinals: Scott Revier def. Justin Wieneke 7-1; Grandan Barbee def. Travis Bray 2-1 2xot

Fifth: Brandon Mensing def. Justin Wieneke 8-6 ot

Third: Travis Bray def. Ryan Rosin 9-2

Championship: Scott Revier def. Grandan Barbee 8-6

Class AA Individual Tournament

AA 103

1st – Anthony Elg, Windom Area/Butterfield-Odin/Mountain Lake

2nd – Tom Tribon, Fillmore Central

3rd – Clint Campbell, Stewartville

4th – Nathan Roemer, Annandale/Maple Lake

5th – Roger Welter, Fridley

6th – Matt Becker, St. Michael-Albertville

First Round: Clint Campbell, Stewartville def. Ben Bruce, Fosston/Bagley fall 4:46; Jared Evans, Blue Earth Area def. Joe Homgren, North Branch fall 5:19; Anthony Elg, Windom Area/Butterfield-Odin/Mountain Lake def. Tony Noyes, New London-Spicer 11-3; Matt Becker, St. Michael-Albertville def. Nathan Berry, Wadena-Deer Creek 4-2; Roger Welter, Fridley def. Kent Nathe, Sartell-Saint Stephen 7-6; Tom Tribon, Fillmore Central def. Aaron Hesser, Scott West fall 2:29; Nathan Roemer, Annandale/Maple Lake def. Justin Fruechte, Pipestone-Jasper fall 1:13; Dan Essig, Deer River def. Scott Ahlf, Menahga/Sebeka 8-5

Championship Quarterfinals: Clint Campbell def. Jared Evans 5-0; Anthony Elg def. Matt Becker 10-3; Tom Tribon def. Roger Welter 14-4; Nathan Roemer def. Dan Essig 8-6

Wrestlebacks: Ben Bruce def. Jared Evans 3-2; Matt Becker def. Tony Noyes 3-1; Roger Welter def. Aaron Hesser 12-5; Justin Fruechte def. Dan Essig 7-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Matt Becker def. Ben Bruce 6-2; Roger Welter def. Justin Fruechte fall 2:32

Consolation Semifinals: Nathan Roemer def. Matt Becker 6-5; Clint Campbell def. Roger Welter 4-2

Championship Semifinals: Anthony Elg def. Clint Campbell 4-0; Tom Tribon def. Nathan Roemer 10-4

Fifth: Roger Welter def. Matt Becker 1-0

Third: Clint Campbell def. Nathan Roemer 6-0

Championship: Anthony Elg def. Tom Tribon 12-1

AA 112

1st – Mark Twardy, Litchfield

2nd – Chad Posterick, Foley

3rd – Kolin Leopold, Jackson County Central

4th – Leland Brincefield, Wadena-Deer Creek

5th – Phil McMullen, River Valley

6th – Chris Tibbets, Aitkin

First Round: Mike Folie, Waseca def. Jeremy Anderson, Thief River Falls fall 3:42; Kolin Leopold, Jackson County Central def. Mike Marx, St. Michael-Albertville tf 5:29 17-2; Darrol Larson, Fillmore Central def. Clay Hoeck, Milaca/Faith Christian fall 1:49; Mark Twardy, Litchfield def. Chris Tibbets, Aitkin 17-5; Kasey Meiners, Caledonia/Spring Grove def. Brett Pater, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena fall 1:23; Chad Posterick, Foley def. Jeff Cooley, Red Rock Central/Westbrook-Walnut Grove 12-1; Phil McMullen, River Valley def. Matt Turek, Waconia/Mayer Lutheran fall 5:29; Leland Brincefield, Wadena-Deer Creek def. Noel Kutz, Dassel-Cokato fall :56

Championship Quarterfinals: Kolin Leopold def. Mike Folie 1-0; Mark Twardy def. Darrol Larson 29-12; Chad Posterick def. Kasey Meiners fall 3:29; Leland Brincefield def. Phil McMullen 8-2

Wrestlebacks: Mike Folie def. Mike Marx fall 4:04; Chris Tibbets def. Darrol Larson forf.; Jeff Cooley def. Kasey Meiners 13-2; Phil McMullen def. Noel Kutz fall 4:21

Consolation Quarterfinals: Chris Tibbets def. Mike Folie 6-3; Phil McMullen def. Jeff Cooley 3-1

Consolation Semifinals: Leland Brincefield def. Chris Tibbets disq.; Kolin Leopold def. Phil McMullen 5-1

Championship Semifinals: Mark Twardy def. Kolin Leopold 13-2; Chad Posterick def. Leland Brincefield 14-10

Fifth: Phil McMullen def. Chris Tibbets 13-1

Third: Kolin Leopold def. Leland Brincefield inj. def.

Championship: Mark Twardy def. Chad Posterick 11-4

AA 119

1st – Jeff Pfaffinger, Blue Earth Area

2nd – Eric Satterstrom, Rocori

3rd – Tony Nord, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena

4th – Donny DePatto, Monticello

5th – Matt Lessard, Crookston

6th – Jason Folie, Waseca

First Round: Eric Satterstrom, Rocori def. Jesse Jensen, Brooklyn Center 4-3; Jason Rhoten, Kasson-Mantorville def. Chris Tiesler, Luverne/Ellsworth/Hills-Beaver Creek 8-4; Matt Lessard, Crookston def. Adam Shempert, Foley 3-2; Jason Folie, Waseca def. J.J. Kratzke, Perham 9-2; Jeff Pfaffinger, Blue Earth Area def. Nate Matousek, Glencoe-Silver Lake 8-3; Donny DePatto, Monticello def. PJ Poncelot, Zumbrota-Mazeppa 6-0; Nathan Lefebvre, St. Michael-Albertville def. Russel Aho, Menahga/Sebeka 3-1; Tony Nord, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena def. Brett Hussong, Jackson County Central 5-4

Championship Quarterfinals: Eric Satterstrom def. Jason Rhoten 7-4; Jason Folie def. Matt Lessard 6-3; Jeff Pfaffinger def. Donny DePatto 1-1 x2 ot ; Tony Nord def. Nathan Lefebvre 8-6

Wrestlebacks: Jesse Jensen def. Jason Rhoten 4-3; Matt Lessard def. J.J. Kratzke 6-0; Donny DePatto def. Nate Matousek 4-2; Brett Hussong def. Nathan Lefebvre 5-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Matt Lessard def. Jesse Jensen fall 3:50; Donny DePatto def. Brett Hussong 9-2

Consolation Semifinals: Tony Nord def. Matt Lessard 8-6 ot; Donny DePatto def. Jason Folie 8-4

Championship Semifinals: Eric Satterstrom def. Jason Folie 8-6; Jeff Pfaffinger def. Tony Nord 9-5

Fifth: Matt Lessard def. Jason Folie fall 4:30

Third: Tony Nord def. Donny DePatto fall 1:58

Championship: Jeff Pfaffinger def. Eric Satterstrom 5-1 ot

AA 125

1st – Austin Scarset, Red Rock Central/Westbrook-Walnut Grove

2nd – Kelly Pederson, Big Lake

3rd – Jeff Ollestad, Mora

4th – Tim Klein, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena

5th – Peter Hayes, Wadena-Deer Creek

6th – Jordan Isakson, Dassel-Cokato

First Round: Peter Hayes, Wadena-Deer Creek def. Josh Jorgensen, Waconia/Mayer Lutheran 5-0; Todd Russell, Stewartville def. Bryce Schauer, Litchfield 8-2; Tim Klein, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena def. Jason Evans, Pipestone-Jasper 13-0; Kelly Pederson, Big Lake def. David Whipps, Shakopee 7-4; Austin Scarset, Red Rock Central/Westbrook-Walnut Grove def. Tyler Bendson, Staples-Motley 15-1; Jeff Ollestad, Mora def. Derek Hebrink, Fillmore Central 16-8; Travis Dahlheimer, St. Michael-Albertville def. Jake Ankeny, Blue Earth Area 12-1; Jordan Isakson, Dassel-Cokato def. Chris Essig, Fosston/Bagley 7-4

Championship Quarterfinals: Peter Hayes def. Todd Russell 1-0; Kelly Pederson def. Tim Klein 7-5; Austin Scarset def. Jeff Ollestad 4-2; Jordan Isakson def. Travis Dahlheimer 17-7

Wrestlebacks: Todd Russell def. Josh Jorgensen 5-1; Tim Klein def. David Whipps 6-2; Jeff Ollestad def. Tyler Bendson 14-7; Travis Dahlheimer def. Chris Essig 8-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Tim Klein def. Todd Russell 10-4; Jeff Ollestad def. Travis Dahlheimer 3-1

Consolation Semifinals: Tim Klein def. Jordan Isakson 7-5; Jeff Ollestad def. Peter Hayes 3-1

Championship Semifinals: Kelly Pederson def. Peter Hayes 8-3; Austin Scarset def. Jordan Isakson 9-5

Fifth: Peter Hayes def. Jordan Isakson 5-1

Third: Jeff Ollestad def. Tim Klein 12-5

Championship: Austin Scarset def. Kelly Pederson fall 7:11 ot

AA 130

1st – Steve Majerus, Jackson County Central

2nd – Ryan King, Grand Meadow/LeRoy-Ostrander/Kingsland

3rd – Ben Keen, Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus

4th – Mike Weyer, Milaca/Faith Christian

5th – Jesse Stevenson, Kasson-Mantorville

6th – Allen Huigens, New Prague

First Round: Steve Majerus, Jackson County Central def. Jesse Stevenson, Kasson-Mantorville 4-2; Ryan Dick, North Branch def. Erik Flowers, Litchfield 8-6; Bryce Swenson, Morris Area/Hancock def. Billy Vee, St. Michael-Albertville 10-7; Allen Huigens, New Prague def. Paul Wenzel, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley/Nevis 5-2; Ryan King, Grand Meadow/LeRoy-Ostrander/Kingsland def. Chris Mergen, Albany 9-3; Ben Keen, Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus def. Josh Bunting, Redwood Valley fall 5:20; Justin Roberts, Scott West def. Hector Morales, Mound Westonka fall 5:59; Mike Weyer, Milaca/Faith Christian def. Justin Lessard, Crookston 11-3

Championship Quarterfinals: Steve Majerus def. Ryan Dick fall 5:39; Allen Huigens def. Bryce Swenson 8-5; Ryan King def. Ben Keen 4-2; Mike Weyer def. Justin Roberts 4-2

Wrestlebacks: Jesse Stevenson def. Ryan Dick fall 4:45; Paul Wenzel def. Bryce Swenson fall 4:46; Ben Keen def. Chris Mergen fall :46; Justin Roberts def. Justin Lessard 10-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jesse Stevenson def. Paul Wenzel 7-1; Ben Keen def. Justin Roberts disq

Consolation Semifinals: Mike Weyer def. Jesse Stevenson 4-3; Ben Keen def. Allen Huigens 11-0

Championship Semifinals: Steve Majerus def. Allen Huigens 5-4; Ryan King def. Mike Weyer 13-11 ot

Fifth: Jesse Stevenson def. Allen Huigens 7-4

Third: Ben Keen def. Mike Weyer 7-4

Championship: Steve Majerus def. Ryan King 7-5 ot

AA 135

1st – Aaron Erickson, Minnewaska Area

2nd – Pat Kramer, Wadena-Deer Creek

3rd – Ezra Blair, Cannon Falls/Randolph

4th – Marc Harwood, Jackson County Central

5th – Kevin Peterson, Roseau

6th – Jason Moore, Brooklyn Center

First Round: Marc Harwood, Jackson County Central def. Ryan Klein, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena 18-9; Ezra Blair, Cannon Falls/Randolph def. Dennis Westlund, Waconia/Mayer Lutheran 12-4; Pat Kramer, Wadena-Deer Creek def. John Brunn, Monticello fall 5:41; T.J. Anderson, Dassel-Cokato def. Travis Olson, Blue Earth Area 6-2; Mike Amsden, River Valley def. Paul Mathews, Fulda/Murray County Central 13-7; Jason Moore, Brooklyn Center def. Mitch Bunne, Grand Meadow/LeRoy-Ostrander/Kingsland 2-1; Aaron Erickson, Minnewaska Area def. Ben Hoglund, Big Lake fall 3:28; Kevin Peterson, Roseau def. Ross Malikowski, Rocori 3-1

Championship Quarterfinals: Marc Harwood def. Ezra Blair 14-6; Pat Kramer def. T.J. Anderson 6-4; Jason Moore def. Mike Amsden 10-1; Aaron Erickson def. Kevin Peterson 10-8

Wrestlebacks: Ezra Blair def. Ryan Klein 12-2; T.J. Anderson def. John Brunn fall 3:39; Mitch Bunne def. Mike Amsden 7-6; Kevin Peterson def. Ben Hoglund fall 4:34

Consolation Quarterfinals: Ezra Blair def. T.J. Anderson 7-5 ot; Kevin Peterson def. Mitch Bunne 7-5 ot

Consolation Semifinals: Ezra Blair def. Jason Moore 8-1; Marc Harwood def. Kevin Peterson 9-5

Championship Semifinals: Pat Kramer def. Marc Harwood 1-1 2x ot; Aaron Erickson def. Jason Moore fall 3:34

Fifth: Kevin Peterson def. Jason Moore 5-3

Third: Ezra Blair def. Marc Harwood 6-5

Championship: Aaron Erickson def. Pat Kramer 11-1

AA 140

1st – Shawn Williams, Brooklyn Center

2nd – Dan O’Donnell, Lake City

3rd – Vince DePatto, Monticello

4th – Nate Turck, Litchfield

5th – Jeff Strack, Scott West

6th – Nathan Hamilton, Plainview/Elgin-Millville

First Round: Benji Ulman, Roseau def. Craig Cihlar, Minnewaska Area 11-9 ot; Nathan Hamilton, Plainview/Elgin-Millville def. Chris Nimps, St. Peter 11-4; Shawn Williams, Brooklyn Center def. Nate Turck, Litchfield 11-10; Adam Johnson, Milaca/Faith Christian def. Nick Weets, Jackson County Central fall 1:07; Vince DePatto, Monticello def. Jeremy Kopp, Luverne/Ellsworth/Hills-Beaver Creek 10-5; Dan O’Donnell, Lake City def. Tim Roth, Delano 8-3; Jeff Strack, Scott West def. Jason Walker, St. Michael-Albertville 6-0; Matt Shad, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle def. Nick Hoban, Mahnomen/Waubun 9-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Nathan Hamilton def. Benji Ulman 8-6 ot; Shawn Williams def. Adam Johnson 9-8; Dan O’Donnell def. Vince DePatto fall 5:50; Jeff Strack def. Matt Shad fall 1:06

Wrestlebacks: Benji Ulman def. Chris Nimps tf 3:40 19-4; Nate Turck def. Adam Johnson 3-1 ot; Vince DePatto def. Tim Roth 9-4; Matt Shad def. Jason Walker forf.

Consolation Quarterfinals: Nate Turck def. Benji Ulman 16-8; Vince DePatto def. Matt Shad fall 4:43

Consolation Semifinals: Nate Turck def. Jeff Strack 5-3; Vince DePatto def. Nathan Hamilton 3-2

Championship Semifinals: Shawn Williams def. Nathan Hamilton fall 2:42; Dan O’Donnell def. Jeff Strack fall 2:35

Fifth: Jeff Strack def. Nathan Hamilton 3-0

Third: Vince DePatto def. Nate Turck 5-2

Championship: Shawn Williams def. Dan O’Donnell tf 5:46 24-9

AA 145

1st – Ty Eustice, Blue Earth Area

2nd – Kelly Flaherty, Big Lake

3rd – Tony Johnson, Staples-Motley

4th – Kevin Buehler, La Crescent

5th – Jesse Barnacle, Deer River

6th – Tyler Swenson, Minnewaska Area

First Round: Ty Eustice, Blue Earth Area def. Brent Folkema, Mora 18-9; Tony Johnson, Staples-Motley def. Jeradan Otto, Roseau 5-4; Scott Stein, Waconia/Mayer Lutheran def. Brad Opsahl, Dassel-Cokato def; Kevin Buehler, La Crescent def. Ben Caven-Johnson, Jackson County Central 8-6; Jesse Barnacle, Deer River def. Marty Hoffman, River Valley 8-2; Tyler Swenson, Minnewaska Area def. Josh Grant, Fillmore Central 7-5; Kelly Flaherty, Big Lake def. Nathan Burr, Rocori tf 4:56 19-2; Dustin Hennen, Redwood Valley def. Mitch Hackenmueller, St. Michael-Albertville fall 4:38

Championship Quarterfinals: Ty Eustice def. Tony Johnson 16-8; Kevin Buehler def. Scott Stein tf 3:03 16-0; Jesse Barnacle def. Tyler Swenson 9-7 ot; Kelly Flaherty def. Dustin Hennen tf 4:00 15-0

Wrestlebacks: Tony Johnson def. Brent Folkema 8-1; Ben Caven-Johnson def. Scott Stein tf 4:23 19-4; Tyler Swenson def. Marty Hoffman 3-1; Nathan Burr def. Dustin Hennen 14-3

Consolation Quarterfinals: Tony Johnson def. Ben Caven-Johnson fall 3:50; Tyler Swenson def. Nathan Burr 5-4

Consolation Semifinals: Tony Johnson def. Jesse Barnacle 5-3; Kevin Buehler def. Tyler Swenson 4-3

Championship Semifinals: Ty Eustice def. Kevin Buehler 19-8; Kelly Flaherty def. Jesse Barnacle 9-4

Fifth: Jesse Barnacle def. Tyler Swenson 5-3 ot

Third: Tony Johnson def. Kevin Buehler 6-0

Championship: Ty Eustice def. Kelly Flaherty 12-6

AA 152

1st – Dusty Wilking, Jackson County Central

2nd – Johnny Barthel, St. Michael-Albertville

3rd – Mike Sloneker, Watertown-Mayer

4th – J.R. Ferrier, Crosby-Ironton

5th – Dave Brostom, Mora

6th – Brandon LaRue, La Crescent

First Round: Ryan Flaherty, Big Lake def. Cesar Munoz, Brooklyn Center 4-3; J.R. Ferrier, Crosby-Ironton def. Brandon LaRue, La Crescent 6-2; Dusty Wilking, Jackson County Central def. Jason Engel, Blue Earth Area 15-4; Travis Hoffarth, Albany def. Kevin Peterson, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley/Nevis 7-1; Mike Sloneker, Watertown-Mayer def. Dan Mitchell, Minnewaska Area 4-1; Nate Slinkard, New Prague def. Jon Swanson, Thief River Falls 10-7; Jeremy Larson, Fillmore Central def. Brad Cowell, Luverne/Ellsworth/Hills-Beaver Creek fall 5:52; Johnny Barthel, St. Michael-Albertville def. Dave Brostom, Mora 4-0

Championship Quarterfinals: J.R. Ferrier def. Ryan Flaherty 5-2; Dusty Wilking def. Travis Hoffarth tf 4:36 15-0; Mike Sloneker def. Nate Slinkard 12-7; Johnny Barthel def. Jeremy Larson 7-6 2xot

Wrestlebacks: Brandon LaRue def. Ryan Flaherty 4-3; Jason Engel def. Travis Hoffarth 13-7; Nate Slinkard def. Dan Mitchell 7-1; Dave Brostom def. Jeremy Larson 7-5

Consolation Quarterfinals: Brandon LaRue def. Jason Engel 6-4; Dave Brostom def. Nate Slinkard 6-4

Consolation Semifinals: Mike Sloneker def. Brandon LaRue 4-2 ot; J.R. Ferrier def. Dave Brostom 6-5

Championship Semifinals: Dusty Wilking def. J.R. Ferrier 11-7; Johnny Barthel def. Mike Sloneker 3-2

Fifth: Dave Brostom def. Brandon LaRue 4-1

Third: Mike Sloneker def. J.R. Ferrier 6-2

Championship: Dusty Wilking def. Johnny Barthel 2-0

AA 160

1st – Nate Baker, Jackson County Central

2nd – Casey Flaherty, Big Lake

3rd – Luke Trout, Wadena-Deer Creek

4th – Brad McAdams, Kasson-Mantorville

5th – Eric Pokornowski, Dassel-Cokato

6th – Randy Dehmer, St. Michael-Albertville

First Round: Randy Dehmer, St. Michael-Albertville def. Mike Lawrence, Stewartville 10-6; Eric Pokornowski, Dassel-Cokato def. Jake Frey, Blue Earth Area 12-2; Zach Skattum, Luverne/Ellsworth/Hills-Beaver Creek def. Luke Abraham, Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus 8-5; Casey Flaherty, Big Lake def. Brandon Gruchow, Park Rapids Area fall 1:29; Luke Trout, Wadena-Deer Creek def. Keith Peterson, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley/Nevis 9-7; Jacob Lucas, Scott West def. Joe Fiedler, Sauk Centre 6-4; Nate Baker, Jackson County Central def. Adam Wartman, Benilde-St. Margaret’s fall 1:50; Brad McAdams, Kasson-Mantorville def. Dusty Nelson, Mora fall 1:43

Championship Quarterfinals: Eric Pokornowski def. Randy Dehmer 7-4; Casey Flaherty def. Zach Skattum 10-3; Luke Trout def. Jacob Lucas 12-1; Nate Baker def. Brad McAdams fall 2:42

Wrestlebacks: Randy Dehmer def. Jake Frey 5-3; Brandon Gruchow def. Zach Skattum 18-9; Jacob Lucas def. Keith Peterson 6-5; Brad McAdams def. Adam Wartman fall 3:48

Consolation Quarterfinals: Randy Dehmer def. Brandon Gruchow 4-3; Brad McAdams def. Jacob Lucas fall 2:04

Consolation Semifinals: Luke Trout def. Randy Dehmer 7-0; Brad McAdams def. Eric Pokornowski fall 2:35

Championship Semifinals: Casey Flaherty def. Eric Pokornowski 13-3; Nate Baker def. Luke Trout 7-5

Fifth: Eric Pokornowski def. Randy Dehmer 5-2

Third: Luke Trout def. Brad McAdams fall 2:49

Championship: Nate Baker def. Casey Flaherty 3-0

AA 171

1st – Alex Serie, Luverne/Ellsworth/Hills-Beaver Creek

2nd – Clint Hodgdon, Grand Meadow/LeRoy-Ostrander/Kingsland

3rd – Zach Bruns, Marshall

4th – Aaron Buesgens, Becker

5th – Josh Bechtold, Rockford

6th – Marty Hackenmueller, St. Michael-Albertville

First Round: Alex Serie, Luverne/Ellsworth/Hills-Beaver Creek def. Shawn Naber, Caledonia/Spring Grove 10-2; Josh Bechtold, Rockford def. Tony Meixell, Milaca/Faith Christian 8-6; Marty Hackenmueller, St. Michael-Albertville def. Mike Meeks, Detroit Lakes inj def; Corey Feltman, Norwood-Young America def. Jeremy King, East Grand Forks 2-1; Clint Hodgdon, Grand Meadow/LeRoy-Ostrander/Kingsland def. David Salmen, Dassel-Cokato 8-2; Zach Bruns, Marshall def. Matt Lowers, Wadena-Deer Creek 7-0; Aaron Wells, River Valley def. Matt McGowan, Waconia/Mayer Lutheran 12-4; Aaron Buesgens, Becker def. Kase Thompson, Fosston/Bagley 7-5

Championship Quarterfinals: Alex Serie def. Josh Bechtold 3-0; Marty Hackenmueller def. Corey Feltman 7-2; Clint Hodgdon def. Zach Bruns 9-4; Aaron Buesgens def. Aaron Wells 5-4

Wrestlebacks: Josh Bechtold def. Shawn Naber 5-4; Corey Feltman def. Mike Meeks 11-2; Zach Bruns def. David Salmen 3-1; Kase Thompson def. Aaron Wells 6-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Josh Bechtold def. Corey Feltman 3-0; Zach Bruns def. Kase Thompson 6-2

Consolation Semifinals: Aaron Buesgens def. Josh Bechtold 5-2; Zach Bruns def. Marty Hackenmueller fall 2:19

Championship Semifinals: Alex Serie def. Marty Hackenmueller 12-2; Clint Hodgdon def. Aaron Buesgens 10-3

Fifth: Josh Bechtold def. Marty Hackenmueller 8-6

Third: Zach Bruns def. Aaron Buesgens 8-2

Championship: Alex Serie def. Clint Hodgdon 7-6

AA 189

1st – Jon Duncombe, St. Michael-Albertville

2nd – Ben Anderson, Ottertail Central

3rd – Joe Bryce, Minnewaska Area

4th – Tommy Jenniges, Luverne/Ellsworth/Hills-Beaver Creek

5th – Peter Ottem, Big Lake

6th – Thomas Bechtold, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena

First Round: Jon Duncombe, St. Michael-Albertville def. Jon Withers, Sauk Centre fall 1:31; Adam Barton, Plainview/Elgin-Millville def. Ben Janike, Waseca fall 3:31; Joe Bryce, Minnewaska Area def. Sean Larson, Fosston/Bagley 11-0; Tommy Jenniges, Luverne/Ellsworth/Hills-Beaver Creek def. Nick Hermanson, Milaca/Faith Christian 13-1; Thomas Bechtold, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena def. Marcus Kuisle, Stewartville fall 5:57; Peter Ottem, Big Lake def. Jon Thielen, Fridley fall :52; Ben Anderson, Ottertail Central def. Jesse Valiant, Shakopee fall 5:36; Tim Kraemer, Rocori def. Quentin Anderson, Windom Area/Butterfield-Odin/Mountain Lake 9-5

Championship Quarterfinals: Jon Duncombe def. Adam Barton fall 4:38; Joe Bryce def. Tommy Jenniges 6-4; Peter Ottem def. Thomas Bechtold 5-4; Ben Anderson def. Tim Kraemer 8-4

Wrestlebacks: Jon Withers def. Adam Barton fall 4:11; Tommy Jenniges def. Sean Larson 3:30; Thomas Bechtold def. Jon Thielen 15-2; Tim Kraemer def. Jesse Valiant fall 3:20

Consolation Quarterfinals: Tommy Jenniges def. Jon Withers 10-0; Thomas Bechtold def. Tim Kraemer 8-2

Consolation Semifinals: Tommy Jenniges def. Peter Ottem 4-3; Joe Bryce def. Thomas Bechtold 11-0

Championship Semifinals: Jon Duncombe def. Joe Bryce 5-4; Ben Anderson def. Peter Ottem 3-0

Fifth: Peter Ottem def. Thomas Bechtold 7-0

Third: Joe Bryce def. Tommy Jenniges 3-1

Championship: Jon Duncombe def. Ben Anderson 4-3

AA 275

1st – Jake Helmin, Foley

2nd – Jordan Petersen, Luverne/Ellsworth/Hills-Beaver Creek

3rd – Travis Ahrens, Jackson County Central

4th – Jacob Barthel, St. Michael-Albertville

5th – Ben Meyer, Dassel-Cokato

6th – Tony Hermes, Perham

First Round: Nate Kuisle, Stewartville def. Josh Bresnahan, Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus fall 3:07; Travis Ahrens, Jackson County Central def. Jon Wise, New Prague fall 3:01; Jacob Barthel, St. Michael-Albertville def. Wade Wallace, Crookston 5-4; Jake Helmin, Foley def. Jason Zierden, Melrose 9-4; Ben Meyer, Dassel-Cokato def. Adam Schwab, Kasson-Mantorville 2-0 ot; Tony Hermes, Perham def. Nate Pecoraro, Big Lake 8-2; Jordan Petersen, Luverne/Ellsworth/Hills-Beaver Creek def. Pete Kuisle, Fairmont 6-5; Tyson Arden, Nashwauk-Keewatin/Greenway def. Shayne Bosma, Mound Westonka inj def

Championship Quarterfinals: Travis Ahrens def. Nate Kuisle 8-2; Jake Helmin def. Jacob Barthel 3-0; Tony Hermes def. Ben Meyer 5-4; Jordan Petersen def. Tyson Arden fall 5:12

Wrestlebacks: Nate Kuisle def. Jon Wise fall 2:53; Jacob Barthel def. Jason Zierden 3-1; Ben Meyer def. Nate Pecoraro 1-0; Tyson Arden def. Pete Kuisle fall 3:51

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jacob Barthel def. Nate Kuisle 3-2; Ben Meyer def. Tyson Arden 11-4

Consolation Semifinals: Jacob Barthel def. Tony Hermes 3-2; Travis Ahrens def. Ben Meyer 4-0

Championship Semifinals: Jake Helmin def. Travis Ahrens 5-3 ot; Jordan Petersen def. Tony Hermes 6-5

Fifth: Ben Meyer def. Tony Hermes 2-1

Third: Travis Ahrens def. Jacob Barthel 3-0

Championship: Jake Helmin def. Jordan Petersen 9-3

Class AAA Individual Tournament

AAA 103

1st – Jesreal Keith, Virginia Area

2nd – Quincy Osborn, Grand Rapids

3rd – T.J. Parlin, Austin

4th – Neil Wasmund, Apple Valley

5th – Preston Hines, Brainerd

6th – Drew Johnson, Owatonna

First Round: T.J. Parlin, Austin def. Joe Miller, Bemidji 9-8; Neil Wasmund, Apple Valley def. Josh Lundquist, Prior Lake tf 18-1; Larry Nava, Cretin-Derham Hall def. Fue Chang, Robbinsdale Armstrong 14-2; Jesreal Keith, Virginia Area def. Mike Wallraff, Centennial fall 3:31; Dave Weinand, Spring Lake Park/Saint Anthony Village def. Pat Koch, Bloomington Kennedy fall 3:14; Drew Johnson, Owatonna def. John Schumacher, Mankato East fall 3:22; Gary Babineau, Totino-Grace def. Tony Biggs, Simley fall 3:43; Quincy Osborn, Grand Rapids def. Preston Hines, Brainerd 12-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Neil Wasmund def. T.J. Parlin 7-1; Jesreal Keith def. Larry Nava fall 4:46; Drew Johnson def. Dave Weinand 10-7; Quincy Osborn def. Gary Babineau 5-2

Wrestlebacks: T.J. Parlin def. Josh Lundquist fall 2:53; Mike Wallraff def. Larry Nava 7-4; Dave Weinand def. John Schumacher 11-2; Preston Hines def. Gary Babineau 16-14 ot

Consolation Quarterfinals: T.J. Parlin def. Mike Wallraff 22-8; Preston Hines def. Dave Weinand 10-4

Consolation Semifinals: T.J. Parlin def. Drew Johnson 14-5; Neil Wasmund def. Preston Hines 11-8

Championship Semifinals: Jesreal Keith def. Neil Wasmund 5-2; Quincy Osborn def. Drew Johnson fall 4:26

Fifth: Preston Hines def. Drew Johnson 16-5

Third: T.J. Parlin def. Neil Wasmund 6-2

Championship: Jesreal Keith def. Quincy Osborn 5-1

AAA 112

1st – Mark Buck, Apple Valley

2nd – Josh Luneburg, New Ulm

3rd – Thomas McAlpine, Elk River Area

4th – Andy Kirpatrick, Anoka

5th – Jake Moore, Chaska

6th – Matt Svihel, Totino-Grace

First Round: Josh Luneburg, New Ulm def. Mitch Gabrielson, Fergus Falls 7-3; Dustin Dahlblom, Stillwater Area def. Jeff Kranz, Hastings 7-1; Spencer Wolner, Austin def. Mikey Fornicoia, Eastview 6-4; Matt Svihel, Totino-Grace def. Andy Kirpatrick, Anoka 5-1; Thomas McAlpine, Elk River Area def. Zach Spindler, Owatonna fall 3:07; Mark Buck, Apple Valley def. Dan Quintela, St. Paul Highland Park tf 4:44 21-4; Jake Moore, Chaska def. Tamir Khalil, Spring Lake Park/Saint Anthony Village 6-2; Curtis Larson, Cambridge-Isanti def. Jason Vue, Park Center 11-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Josh Luneburg def. Dustin Dahlblom 10-2; Matt Svihel def. Spencer Wolner 9-7 ot; Mark Buck def. Thomas McAlpine 2-1; Jake Moore def. Curtis Larson 4-3

Wrestlebacks: Dustin Dahlblom def. Mitch Gabrielson 6-2; Andy Kirpatrick def. Spencer Wolner 12-3; Thomas McAlpine def. Dan Quintela tf 6:00 15-0; Curtis Larson def. Tamir Khalil 3-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Andy Kirpatrick def. Dustin Dahlblom 6-2; Thomas McAlpine def. Curtis Larson 9-0

Consolation Semifinals: Andy Kirpatrick def. Jake Moore 6-1; Thomas McAlpine def. Matt Svihel 12-1

Championship Semifinals: Josh Luneburg def. Matt Svihel 3-0; Mark Buck def. Jake Moore 1-0

Fifth: Jake Moore def. Matt Svihel 6-2

Third: Thomas McAlpine def. Andy Kirpatrick 6-0

Championship: Mark Buck def. Josh Luneburg 4-0

AAA 119

1st – Derek Johnson, Owatonna

2nd – B.J. Rains, St. Paul Highland Park

3rd – Steve Kosak, Anoka

4th – Pete Zangl, New Ulm

5th – Mike Jensen, Willmar

6th – Ryan Fliginger, St. Francis

First Round: Scott Stanton, Robbinsdale Cooper def. Brian Cole, Tartan 13-3; Derek Johnson, Owatonna def. Kyle Anderson, Simley tf 4:08 17-1; Matt Boser, Little Falls def. Clark Chan, Bloomington Kennedy fall 3:35; Steve Kosak, Anoka def. Mike Jensen, Willmar 5-1; Pete Zangl, New Ulm def. Charlie Sadder, Totino-Grace 9-4; Joe Staska, Apple Valley def. Sam Donner, Lakeville 11-2; Ryan Fliginger, St. Francis def. Rich Taylor, St. Paul Como Park tf 3:17 17-2; B.J. Rains, St. Paul Highland Park def. Ryan Cronemiller, Bemidji 9-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Derek Johnson def. Scott Stanton fall 3:03; Steve Kosak def. Matt Boser 10-3; Pete Zangl def. Joe Staska 13-2; B.J. Rains def. Ryan Fliginger 8-2

Wrestlebacks: Scott Stanton def. Kyle Anderson fall 2:52; Mike Jensen def. Matt Boser fall 4:43; Joe Staska def. Charlie Sadder 8-1; Ryan Fliginger def. Ryan Cronemiller 6-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: Mike Jensen def. Scott Stanton 11-6; Ryan Fliginger def. Joe Staska fall 4:53

Consolation Semifinals: Pete Zangl def. Mike Jensen 6-3; Steve Kosak def. Ryan Fliginger 4-2

Championship Semifinals: Derek Johnson def. Steve Kosak fall 3:13; B.J. Rains def. Pete Zangl 5-3

Fifth: Mike Jensen def. Ryan Fliginger 6-3

Third: Steve Kosak def. Pete Zangl 1-1 2Xot

Championship: Derek Johnson def. B.J. Rains 12-5

AAA 125

1st – Matt Shankey, Apple Valley

2nd – Chris Thompson, Grand Rapids

3rd – Matt Anderson, Simley

4th – Dan Jensen, Spring Lake Park/Saint Anthony

5th – Jake Johnson, Hastings

6th – Corey Larson, Alexandria

First Round: Chris Thompson, Grand Rapids def. Rob Wilke, White Bear Lake Area fall 3:08; Mark Butler, Owatonna def. Jimmy Yang, Minneapolis Patrick Henry 7-1; Corey Larson, Alexandria def. Jake Johnson, Hastings 2-1; Joe Arradondo, Edina/Richfield def. Victor Solis, Mankato West 7-0; Matt Anderson, Simley def. Chris Piere, Anoka 6-2; Matt Shankey, Apple Valley def. Lance Stanghor, Lakeville tf 2:50 23-8; Dan Jensen, Spring Lake Park/Saint Anthony def. Matt Wetterling, Willmar 9-5; Ryan Molden, Osseo def. Andy Pickar, Brainerd 7-6

Championship Quarterfinals: Chris Thompson def. Mark Butler 2-1; Corey Larson def. Joe Arradondo 8-6; Matt Shankey def. Matt Anderson tf 5:07 26-11; Dan Jensen def. Ryan Molden fall 1:39

Wrestlebacks: Mark Butler def. Rob Wilke 4-0; Jake Johnson def. Joe Arradondo 9-0; Matt Anderson def. Lance Stanghor 16-8; Matt Wetterling def. Ryan Molden 13-6

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jake Johnson def. Mark Butler 3-1 ot; Matt Anderson def. Matt Wetterling 11-4

Consolation Semifinals: Dan Jensen def. Jake Johnson 2-0; Matt Anderson def. Corey Larson fall 3:59

Championship Semifinals: Chris Thompson def. Corey Larson 7-1; Matt Shankey def. Dan Jensen tf 2:30 25-9

Fifth: Jake Johnson def. Corey Larson 4-2

Third: Matt Anderson def. Dan Jensen 16-6

Championship: Matt Shankey def. Chris Thompson inj. def.

AAA 130

1st – Chris McAlpine, Elk River Area

2nd – Jacob Schlottke, Apple Valley

3rd – Shane Gulden, New Ulm

4th – James Mead, Champlin Park

5th – Juan Martinez, South St. Paul

6th – Nate Trulen, Tartan

First Round: Juan Martinez, South St. Paul def. Kyle Malin, Farmington 16-3; Marlon Fleming, Bloomington Kennedy def. Gabe Harrison, Robbinsdale Armstrong fall 5:15; Nate Trulen, Tartan def. Kalen Graham, Cambridge-Isanti 6-0; Chris McAlpine, Elk River Area def. Tim Hall, Hutchinson fall 2:57; Timothy Zahn, Minneapolis Roosevelt def. Tommy Augustin, Faribault 9-3; James Mead, Champlin Park def. Pete McAfee, Simley fall 1:04; Shane Gulden, New Ulm def. Justin Nygaard, Centennial tf 4:12 23-8; Jacob Schlottke, Apple Valley def. Jake Carr, Fergus Falls 7-3

Championship Quarterfinals: Juan Martinez def. Marlon Fleming 13-11; Chris McAlpine def. Nate Trulen 13-2; James Mead def. Timothy Zahn fall 1:38; Jacob Schlottke def. Shane Gulden 22-11

Wrestlebacks: Marlon Fleming def. Kyle Malin 9-5; Nate Trulen def. Tim Hall 4-2; Pete McAfee def. Timothy Zahn fall 2:52; Shane Gulden def. Jake Carr 12-5

Consolation Quarterfinals: Nate Trulen def. Marlon Fleming 1-0; Shane Gulden def. Pete McAfee 7-4

Consolation Semifinals: James Mead def. Nate Trulen 4-2; Shane Gulden def. Juan Martinez 10-3

Championship Semifinals: Chris McAlpine def. Juan Martinez 9-2; Jacob Schlottke def. James Mead 12-5

Fifth: Juan Martinez def. Nate Trulen 5-1

Third: Shane Gulden def. James Mead 8-5

Championship: Chris McAlpine def. Jacob Schlottke 5-4

AAA 135

1st – Jamell Tidwell, Bloomington Kennedy

2nd – Lucas Christianson, Apple Valley

3rd – Quadir Mahmoud, Totino-Grace

4th – Nick Kirk, Prior Lake

5th – Joe Gallmeier, White Bear Lake Area

6th – Wade Prestegard, Owatonna

First Round: Jordan Cook, Hastings def. Mitch Mistic, Bemidji fall 3:42; Wade Prestegard, Owatonna def. Anthony Rogers, St. Paul Como Park fall 5:01; Jamell Tidwell, Bloomington Kennedy def. Matt Davids, Forest Lake fall 2:55; Quadir Mahmoud, Totino-Grace def. Jake Lawrence, Mankato West 12-7; Nick Kirk, Prior Lake def. Kirk Rall, Henry Sibley 15-3; Joe Gallmeier, White Bear Lake Area def. Joe Cunningham, Austin 7-1; Lucas Christianson, Apple Valley def. Brian Vetter, Chisago Lakes Area 14-4; Chris Bemboom, Sauk Rapids-Rice def. Roger Linn, Osseo 7-5

Championship Quarterfinals: Wade Prestegard def. Jordan Cook 4-1; Jamell Tidwell def. Quadir Mahmoud 11-3; Joe Gallmeier def. Nick Kirk 6-5; Lucas Christianson def. Chris Bemboom tf 6:00 25-7

Wrestlebacks: Jordan Cook def. Anthony Rogers 10-6; Quadir Mahmoud def. Matt Davids fall 4:02; Nick Kirk def. Joe Cunningham tf 5:00 16-1; Brian Vetter def. Chris Bemboom 16-3

Consolation Quarterfinals: Quadir Mahmoud def. Jordan Cook fall 3:18; Nick Kirk def. Brian Vetter 3-2

Consolation Semifinals: Quadir Mahmoud def. Joe Gallmeier 9-7; Nick Kirk def. Wade Prestegard 7-4

Championship Semifinals: Jamell Tidwell def. Wade Prestegard 8-4; Lucas Christianson def. Joe Gallmeier 13-6

Fifth: Joe Gallmeier def. Wade Prestegard 5-1

Third: Quadir Mahmoud def. Nick Kirk 7-5 ot

Championship: Jamell Tidwell def. Lucas Christianson 7-5

AAA 140

1st – Mike Verdeja, Simley

2nd – Jake Avre, Cambridge-Isanti

3rd – Eric Miller, New Ulm

4th – Eric Duchene, Faribault

5th – Scott Mertz, Bloomington Jefferson

6th – Chad Johnson, Northfield

First Round: Josh McDonald, St. Cloud Tech def. Steve Peterson, Chisago Lakes Area 10-9; Eric Miller, New Ulm def. Eric Duchene, Faribault 7-2; Haythem Khalil, Spring Lake Park/Saint Anthony Village def. Cory Vandenberghe, Maple Grove 7-4; Mike Verdeja, Simley def. Matt Doughty, Apple Valley 13-7; Scott Mertz, Bloomington Jefferson def. Toby Wilson, Cretin-Derham Hall fall 3:10; Chad Johnson, Northfield def. Mick Tello, Totino-Grace 3-1; Kevin Hengler, Eden Prairie def. Matt Swanson, Centennial 4-2; Jake Avre, Cambridge-Isanti def. Josh Haugen, Moorhead 10-3

Championship Quarterfinals: Eric Miller def. Josh McDonald 19-9; Mike Verdeja def. Haythem Khalil 23-10; Scott Mertz def. Chad Johnson 5-4; Jake Avre def. Kevin Hengler 6-2

Wrestlebacks: Eric Duchene def. Josh McDonald 5-2; Matt Doughty def. Haythem Khalil 16-3; Chad Johnson def. Toby Wilson fall 2:11; Kevin Hengler def. Josh Haugen 6-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Eric Duchene def. Matt Doughty 7-4; Chad Johnson def. Kevin Hengler 3-1

Consolation Semifinals: Eric Duchene def. Scott Mertz 8-4; Eric Miller def. Chad Johnson 11-6

Championship Semifinals: Mike Verdeja def. Eric Miller 10-2; Jake Avre def. Scott Mertz 8-1

Fifth: Scott Mertz def. Chad Johnson 3-2

Third: Eric Miller def. Eric Duchene 4-3

Championship: Mike Verdeja def. Jake Avre 9-5

AAA 145

1st – Marcus LeVesseur, Minneapolis Roosevelt

2nd – Mike Cunningham, Austin

3rd – Travis Fuhol, Cambridge-Isanti

4th – Travis Yamanaka, Apple Valley

5th – Paul Sheldon, Mankato West

6th – Mike Gritti, St. Francis

First Round: Paul Sheldon, Mankato West def. Carl Christensen, Bloomington Jefferson tf 3:50 15-0; Travis Fuhol, Cambridge-Isanti def. Kurt Rosendahl, Fergus Falls 13-6; Marcus LeVesseur, Minneapolis Roosevelt def. Jason Schell, Stillwater Area fall 3:40; Justin Krueger, Albert Lea/Glenville-Emmons def. Gerardo Aguirre, St. Paul Harding 4-3; Ryan Quiring, Prior Lake def. Brian Hackenmueller, Elk River Area 10-8; Mike Cunningham, Austin def. Mike Gritti, St. Francis 19-9; Travis Yamanaka, Apple Valley def. Ron Reszel, Totino-Grace 11-4; Mike Englund, Woodbury def. Guy Humphrey, St. Paul Humboldt 7-6

Championship Quarterfinals: Travis Fuhol def. Paul Sheldon 9-7 ot; Marcus LeVesseur def. Justin Krueger fall 2:14; Mike Cunningham def. Ryan Quiring 13-5; Travis Yamanaka def. Mike Englund 18-7

Wrestlebacks: Paul Sheldon def. Kurt Rosendahl 3-1; Justin Krueger def. Jason Schell 2-0; Mike Gritti def. Ryan Quiring 8-5; Mike Englund def. Ron Reszel 6-5

Consolation Quarterfinals: Paul Sheldon def. Justin Krueger 5-0; Mike Gritti def. Mike Englund 3-1

Consolation Semifinals: Travis Yamanaka def. Paul Sheldon 13-6; Travis Fuhol def. Mike Gritti 7-2

Championship Semifinals: Marcus LeVesseur def. Travis Fuhol 5-2; Mike Cunningham def. Travis Yamanaka fall 3:18

Fifth: Paul Sheldon def. Mike Gritti 3-2

Third: Travis Fuhol def. Travis Yamanaka 7-4

Championship: Marcus LeVesseur def. Mike Cunningham 8-6

AAA 152

1st – Paul Carlson, St. Francis

2nd – Jeremy Chavis, Faribault

3rd – Clint Adams, Mankato East

4th – Josh Goeden, Grand Rapids

5th – Clarke Athman, St. Cloud Apollo

6th – David Garrison, Apple Valley

First Round: David Garrison, Apple Valley def. Joe Berczyk, Mounds View tf 24-8; Paul Carlson, St. Francis def. Joel Busch, Albert Lea/Glenville-Emmons fall 3:39; Clint Adams, Mankato East def. Matt Perrizo, Simley 6-5; Robby Doliber, Robbinsdale Cooper def. Kevin Lietha, St. Cloud Tech fall 3:08; Josh Goeden, Grand Rapids def. Dan Quance, Totino-Grace 11-1; Clarke Athman, St. Cloud Apollo def. Bill Bastian, New Ulm 7-3; Jeremy Chavis, Faribault def. Tom Wallace, South St. Paul 6-0; Steve Dahlblom, Stillwater Area def. Brad Okonek, Eastview fall 1:11

Championship Quarterfinals: Paul Carlson def. David Garrison 13-4; Clint Adams def. Robby Doliber fall :41; Josh Goeden def. Clarke Athman 12-8; Jeremy Chavis def. Steve Dahlblom fall 3:51

Wrestlebacks: David Garrison def. Joel Busch 15-5; Matt Perrizo def. Robby Doliber fall 3:58; Clarke Athman def. Dan Quance 10-1; Steve Dahlblom def. Tom Wallace 7-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: David Garrison def. Matt Perrizo 3-1; Clarke Athman def. Steve Dahlblom 2-0

Consolation Semifinals: Josh Goeden def. David Garrison 6-5; Clint Adams def. Clarke Athman 4-3

Championship Semifinals: Paul Carlson def. Clint Adams 6-4; Jeremy Chavis def. Josh Goeden 5-1

Fifth: Clarke Athman def. David Garrison 7-5

Third: Clint Adams def. Josh Goeden 10-0

Championship: Paul Carlson def. Jeremy Chavis 5-2

AAA 160

1st – Josh McLay, Hastings

2nd – Tyler Marr, Forest Lake

3rd – Bryan Cowdin, Worthington

4th – Jacob Cruze, Willmar

5th – Ben Wilson, Owatonna

6th – Adam Haake, Winona

First Round: Ben Wilson, Owatonna def. Jared Massey, Centennial forf; Jacob Cruze, Willmar def. Noah Carlson, Hopkins 14-3; Tyler Marr, Forest Lake def. Tony Landon, St. Paul Central 20-10; Kiel Hutchins, Sauk Rapids-Rice def. Marshall Guy, Bloomington Kennedy 3-2; Evan Amundson, Alexandria def. Rich Miller, Anoka 4-3 ot; Bryan Cowdin, Worthington def. Brian Barlow, Robbinsdale Armstrong fall 1:17; Josh McLay, Hastings def. Tijl Vanderwege, St. Paul Como Park tf 4:35 21-6; Adam Haake, Winona def. Matt Blanch, Eagan 5-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Jacob Cruze def. Ben Wilson 15-7; Tyler Marr def. Kiel Hutchins 3-2; Bryan Cowdin def. Evan Amundson 7-0; Josh McLay def. Adam Haake 15-3

Wrestlebacks: Ben Wilson def. Noah Carlson 6-3; Tony Landon def. Kiel Hutchins 6-4; Evan Amundson def. Brian Barlow fall :35; Adam Haake def. Tijl Vanderwege 6-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Ben Wilson def. Tony Landon 9-0; Adam Haake def. Evan Amundson 4-2 ot

Consolation Semifinals: Bryan Cowdin def. Ben Wilson fall 1:31; Jacob Cruze def. Adam Haake 16-5

Championship Semifinals: Tyler Marr def. Jacob Cruze 11-9; Josh McLay def. Bryan Cowdin 4-1

Fifth: Ben Wilson def. Adam Haake inj. def.

Third: Bryan Cowdin def. Jacob Cruze 8-4

Championship: Josh McLay def. Tyler Marr 2-1

AAA 171

1st – Brad Tupa, Faribault

2nd – Matt Hermann, Burnsville

3rd – Karl Knothe, Stillwater Area

4th – Mark Iverson, Anoka

5th – Chad Polus, Apple Valley

6th – Jason Zastrow, Blaine

First Round: Joe Butler, Owatonna def. Nick Zajac, Hastings 7-3; Matt Hermann, Burnsville def. Matt Haase, Robbinsdale Cooper 6-4; Karl Knothe, Stillwater Area def. Mark Iverson, Anoka 11-5; Steve Schlagheck, St. Cloud Tech def. Steve Ellis, Hutchinson 14-4; Brad Tupa, Faribault def. Tom Dahlgren, Robbinsdale Armstrong fall 4:48; Jason Zastrow, Blaine def. Aaron Begnard, Woodbury 11-6; Randy Taylor, St. Paul Como Park def. Andy Bernard, New Ulm 6-3; Chad Polus, Apple Valley def. Josh Hartwell, Alexandria 5-3

Championship Quarterfinals: Matt Hermann def. Joe Butler 8-2; Karl Knothe def. Steve Schlagheck 12-6; Brad Tupa def. Jason Zastrow 6-1; Chad Polus def. Randy Taylor 20-8

Wrestlebacks: Matt Haase def. Joe Butler fall 4:45; Mark Iverson def. Steve Schlagheck fall 3:32; Jason Zastrow def. Tom Dahlgren 7-2; Randy Taylor def. Josh Hartwell 5-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Mark Iverson def. Matt Haase 6-4; Jason Zastrow def. Randy Taylor 8-6 ot

Consolation Semifinals: Mark Iverson def. Chad Polus 4-3; Karl Knothe def. Jason Zastrow fall 3:14

Championship Semifinals: Matt Hermann def. Karl Knothe 7-5 ot; Brad Tupa def. Chad Polus 7-5

Fifth: Chad Polus def. Jason Zastrow fall 6:07 ot

Third: Karl Knothe def. Mark Iverson 16-6

Championship: Brad Tupa def. Matt Hermann 7-1

AAA 189

1st – Jordan Holm, Northfield

2nd – Sam Seal, Bloomington Kennedy

3rd – Phil Hendrickson, Grand Rapids

4th – Adam Fokken, Eastview

5th – Chad Mentel, Austin

6th – Dustin Benz, Virginia Area

First Round: Chad Conner, Osseo def. JD Greenberg, Stillwater Area fall 1:37; Jordan Holm, Northfield def. Gus Martens, New Ulm 13-5; Phil Hendrickson, Grand Rapids def. RJ Lewis, Alexandria fall 1:53; Adam Fokken, Eastview def. Adam Hoffman, Hastings 4-0; Chad Mentel, Austin def. Mike Peterson, Bemidji 3-0; Sam Seal, Bloomington Kennedy def. Kyle Massey, Centennial tf 6:00 19-3; Dustin Benz, Virginia Area def. T.J. Scheidecker, Prior Lake 9-4; R. Chris Johnson, Robbinsdale Armstrong def. Ronny Dox, Cretin-Derham Hall fall 5:08

Championship Quarterfinals: Jordan Holm def. Chad Conner 18-7; Adam Fokken def. Phil Hendrickson fall 5:45; Sam Seal def. Chad Mentel 10-5; Dustin Benz def. R. Chris Johnson 8-6

Wrestlebacks: Gus Martens def. Chad Conner fall 3:31; Phil Hendrickson def. Adam Hoffman 9-0; Chad Mentel def. Kyle Massey 14-3; T.J. Scheidecker def. R. Chris Johnson 12-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Phil Hendrickson def. Gus Martens 3-2; Chad Mentel def. T.J. Scheidecker 3-2

Consolation Semifinals: Phil Hendrickson def. Dustin Benz 5-4; Adam Fokken def. Chad Mentel 3-1 ot

Championship Semifinals: Jordan Holm def. Adam Fokken 11-3; Sam Seal def. Dustin Benz 7-1

Fifth: Chad Mentel def. Dustin Benz 3-2

Third: Phil Hendrickson def. Adam Fokken 5-3 ot

Championship: Jordan Holm def. Sam Seal 7-2

AAA 275

1st – Chad Redmann, Apple Valley

2nd – Mark Simmonds, Minneapolis Edison

3rd – Eli Ross, Owatonna

4th – Tom Lopez, Henry Sibley

5th – Max Lossen, Winona

6th – Andy Tidwell-Neal, Wayzata

First Round: Eli Ross, Owatonna def. Nick Keller, Virginia Area 16-5; Andy Tidwell-Neal, Wayzata def. Rex King, Simley 12-2; Matt Janssen, Stillwater Area def. James Tabatt, Sauk Rapids-Rice fall 2:13; Chad Redmann, Apple Valley def. Zak Jensen, Hopkins fall 2:13; Mark Simmonds, Minneapolis Edison def. Max Lossen, Winona 5-2; Joe Thompson, Bloomington Jefferson def. Mick Tonda, St. Francis 3-1; Tom Lopez, Henry Sibley def. Ross Teerink, Worthington fall 3:31; Travis Moncrief, Roseville Area def. Trevor McCulloch, Brainerd 7-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Eli Ross def. Andy Tidwell-Neal 12-3; Chad Redmann def. Matt Janssen fall 3:47; Mark Simmonds def. Joe Thompson fall 5:48; Tom Lopez def. Travis Moncrief fall 2:34

Wrestlebacks: Andy Tidwell-Neal def. Nick Keller fall 3:29; Zak Jensen def. Matt Janssen 4-3; Max Lossen def. Joe Thompson 1-0; Ross Teerink def. Travis Moncrief fall 1:45

Consolation Quarterfinals: Andy Tidwell-Neal def. Zak Jensen inj. def.; Max Lossen def. Ross Teerink fall 4:55

Consolation Semifinals: Tom Lopez def. Andy Tidwell-Neal fall 3:23; Eli Ross def. Max Lossen 5-2

Championship Semifinals: Chad Redmann def. Eli Ross 5-4; Mark Simmonds def. Tom Lopez 8-5

Fifth: Max Lossen def. Andy Tidwell-Neal inj. def.

Third: Eli Ross def. Tom Lopez inj. def.

Championship: Chad Redmann def. Mark Simmonds 12-3

Class A Team Tournament

A Championship
Paynesville 24, Frazee 21
103: Darren Oswald (F) def. Adam Christian (P) 10-3
112: John Schermerhorn (F) def. Nate Glenz (P) 6-2
119: Jeremy Sogge (P) def. Jeremy Mayfield (F) 10-2
125: David Kerzman (P) def. Gabe Dratsch (F) 15-4
130: Adam Aho (F) def. Jeremy Fuchs (P) 5-1
135: Chris Welle (P) def. Joe Wegscheid (F) 10-4
140: Jason Ulschmid (F) def. Josh Schreifels (P) 9-7
145: Joe Hiltner (P) def. Bryan Janke (F) 13-4
152: Matt Nagel (F) def. Chris Sogge (P) 19-6
160: Joe Dretsch (F) def. Scott Braun (P) 2-1
171: Nick Woodard (F) def. Shaun Fleischacker (P) 6-2
189: Josh Bork (P) def. Nate Woodard (F) 4-2
275: Matt Brauchler (P) def. Justin Olson (F) fall :42

A Third Place
St. James 37, Chatfield 24
103: Chris Werth (S) def. Tim Finley (C) fall 2:40
112: Ryan Zubka (S) def. Scott Kesler (C) fall :31
119: Jake Trogstad (C) def. Tony Feuchtenberger (S) 5-1
125: Jerad Schmoll (C) def. Eric Hiermeier (C) 5-0
130: Ryan Priebe (C) def. Dustin Kulseth (S) 15-11
135: Juan Fernandez (S) def. Aaron Thieke (C) 8-0
140: Danon Anderson (S) def. Brad Funk (C) fall 1:45
145: Adam Koch (S) def. Tony Gasner (C) fall 4:25
152: Tyler Olson (S) def. Mark Thompson (C) 9-6
160: Luke Proper (C) def. Lance Larson (S) 3-2
171: Colter Johnson (S) def. Aaron Thompson (C) fall 4:02
189: Eric Knutson (C) def. Jon Nibbe (S) fall 2:43
275: Travis Bray (C) def. Jared Nelson (S) fall 1:51

A Consolation Championship
Canby 25, Medford 21
103: Greg Brendemuehl (M) def. Lance Citrowske (C) 10-4
112: Nick Yule (M) def. Jeff Kern (C) 4-0
119: Brent Yule (M) def. Chris Oellien (C) 4-3
125: Brent Reinhard (M) def. David Schrunk (C) 7-2
130: Blaine Kuhlman (M) def. Matt Hoffman (C) 13-3
135: Mitch Kuhlman (M) def. Nick Kockelman (C) 13-3
140: Jeremy Glende (M) def. Ryan Otto (C) 3-1 ot
145: Ross Kockelman (C) def. Steve Maas (M) 10-5
152: Blaine Merritt (C) def. Cary Leibeg (M) 6-2
160: Ryan Stoks (C) def. Jay DeCoux (M) 18-6
171: Derek Claeys (CC) def. Bob Hanson (M) fall 3:32
189: Travis Winter (C) def. Aaron Schroht (M) 3-1
275: Tim Hentges (C) def. Brian Mielke (M) fall 1:44

A Championship Semifinal
Frazee 34, Chatfield 30
103: Darren Oswald (F) def. Scott Kesler (C) fall :44
112: Joe Roberts (F) def. Tim Finley (C) fall 2:16
119: Jake Trogstad (C) def. John Schermerhorn (F) 12-8
125: Jerad Schmoll (C) def. Gabe Dretsch (F) fall 3:56
130: Ryan Priebe (C) def. Adam Aho (F) 7-6
135: Aaron Thieke (C) def. Joe Wegscheid (F) fall 5:54
140: Jason Ulschmid (F) def. Tony Gasner (C) 7-4
145: Bryan Janke (F) def. Mark Thompson (C) 7-3
152: Joe Dretsch (F) def. Nigel Timm (C) 11-2
160: Matt Nagel (F) def. Luke Proper (C) fall 3:48
171: Nick Woodard (F) def. Ty Proper (C) fall 3:24
189: Eric Knutson (C) def. Andy Stearns (F) fall :52
275: Travis Bray (C) def. Justin Olson (F) fall 1:11

A Championship Semifinal
Paynesville 32, St. James 24
103: Chris Werth (S) def. Adam Christian (P) fall 1:50
112: Ryan Zabka (S) def. Nate Glenz (P) 7-5
119: Jeremy Sogge (P) def. Tony Feuchtenberger (S) 4-2
125: David Kerzman (P) def. Eric Hiermeier (S) 17-5
130: Dustin Kulseth (S) def. Jeremy Fuchs (P) fall 3:20
135: Chris Welle (P) def. Juan Fernandez (S) fall 2:54
140: Danon Anderson (S) def. Josh Schreifels (P) 8-2
145: Joe Hiltner (P) def. Adam Koch (S) 6-5
152: Chris Sogge (P) def. Tyler Olson (S) fall 5:50
160: Lance Larson (S) def. Scott Braun (P) 6-3
171: Colter Johnson (S) def. Shaun Fleischhacker (P) 7-2 ot
189: Josh Bork (P) def. Jon Nibbe (S) 11-3
275: Matt Brauchler (P) def. Jared Nelson (S) fall 1:24

A Consolation Semifinal
Canby 29, Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale 25
103: Lance Citrowske (C) def. Jared Oyster (B) 2-1
112: Joeb Oyster (B) def. Jeff Kern (C) 6-2
119: Cullen Captain (B) def. David Schrunk (C) 8-6
125: Jake Richter (B) def. David Schrunk (C) 12-3
130: Jake Oyster (B) def. Matt Hoffman (C) fall 4:49
135: Reggie Rach (B) def. Nick Kockelman (C) 7-1
140: Ryan Otto (C) def. Jason Rurup (B) fall 2:36
145: Ross Kockelman (C) def. Jason Rurup (B) fall :31
152: Blaine Merritt (C) def. Nate Bertram (B) 8-6
160: Ryan Stoks (C) def. Adam Richter (B) tf 4:55 23-8
171: Derek Claeys (C) def. Adam Becker (B) fall 2:35
189: Jake Elgin (B) def. Travis Winter (C) 6-2
275: Justin Messer (B) def. Tim Hentges (C) 3-1 ot

A Consolation Semifinal
Medford 38, Eden Valley-Watkins 13
103: Greg Brendemuehl (M) def. Eric Sullinger (E) fall 1:43
112: Nick Yule (M) def. Mark Magedanz (E) 5-3
119: Brent Yule (M) def. Dan Berg (E) 7-4
125: Ben Stommes (E) def. Brent Reinhard (M) 10-4
130: Blaine Kuhlman (M) def. Adam Pool (E) fall :36
135: Mitch Kuhlman (M) def. Jay Kuechle (E) 9-0
140: Jeremy Glende (M) def. Randy Topp (E) 9-0
145: Steve Maas (M) def. Josh Hilter (E) 8-1
152: Adam Sieben (E) def. Jay DeCoux (M) 2-0
160: Cary Leibeb (M) def. Paul Holdvogt (E) 8-2
171: Mike Heinen (E) def. Bob Hanson (M) 4-0
189: Aaron Schroht (M) def. Keith Coe (E) fall :59
275: Jeremy Euerle (E) def. Brian Mielke (M) 9-1

A Championship Quarterfinal
Chatfield 38, Eden Valley-Watkins 22
103: Eric Sullinger (E) def. Tim Finley (C) 6-4
112: Mark Magedanz (E) def. Scott Kesler (C) fall :14
119: Jake Trogstad (C) def. Dan Berg (E) 11-2
125: Jerad Schmoll (C) def. Ben Stommes (E) 5-2
130: Ryan Priebe (C) def. Adam Pool (E) 13-4
135: Aaron Thieke (C) def. Jay Kuechle (E) fall 3:48
140: Randy Topp (E) def. Tony Gasner (C) fall 5:33
145: Mark Thompson (C) def. Josh Hiltner (E) fall 3:05
152: Adam Sieben (E) def. Nigel Timm (C) 14-5
160: Luke Proper (C) def. Paul Holdvogt (E) 7-2
171: Mike Heinen (E) def. Aaron Thompson (C) 5-4
189: Eric Knutson (C) def. Jeremy Euerle (E) fall :18
275: Travis Bray (C) def. Pat McCarney (E) fall 1:15

A Championship Quarterfinal
St. James 27, Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale 25
103: Chris Werth (S) def. Jared Oyster (B) 10-4
112: Joeb Oyster (B) def. Ryan Zabka (S) 5-4
119: Tony Feuchtenberger (S) def. Cullen Captain (B) 3-1
125: Jake Richter (B) def. Eric Hiermeier (S) 7-5
130: Dustin Kulseth (S) def. Jake Oyster (B) fall 1:58
135: Reggie Rach (B) def. Juan Fernandez (S) 14-0
140: Danon Anderson (S) def. Dave Voeltz (B) 4-1
145: Adam Koch (S) def. Jason Rurup (B) fall 5:59
152: Nate Bertram (B) def. Tyler Olson (S) 4-2
160: Lance Larson (S) def. Josh Brissett (B) fall 1:03
171: Adam Becker (B) def. Colter Johnson (S) 9-3
189: Jake Elgin (B) def. Jon Nibbe (S) fall 2:27
275: Justin Messer (B) def. Jared Nelson (S) 8-2

A Championship Quarterfinal
Frazee 45, Medford 21
103: Greg Brendemuehl (M) def. Darren Oswald (F) fall 4L57
112: John Schermerhorn (F) def. Nick Yule (M) 6-2
119: Jeremy Mayfield (F) def. Brent Yule (M) 3-0
125: Gabe Dratsch (F) def. Brent Reinhard (M) 8-5
130: Blaine Kuhlman (M) def. Adam Aho (F) 7-0
135: Mitch Kuhlman (M) def. Joe Wegscheid (F) fall 4:40
140: Jason Ulschmid (F) def. Jeremy Glende (M) fall 3:28
145: Bryan Janke (F) def. Steve Maas (M) fall 5:35
152: Joe Dretsch (F) def. Cary leibeg (M) fall 5:01
160: Matt Nagel (F) def. Jay DeCoux (M) fall 5:28
171: Nick Woodard (F) def. Bob Hanson (M) fall 2:18
189: Aaron Schroht (M) def. Andy Stearns (F) fall 3:56
275: Justin Olson (F) def. Brian Mielke (M) fall 3:25

A Championship Quarterfinal
Paynesville 35, Canby 16
103: Lance Citrowske (C) def. Adam Christian (P) 12-1
112: Nate Glenz (P) def. Jeff Kern (C) 9-6
119: Chris Oellien (C) def. Jeremy Sogge (P) 13-7
125: David Kerzman (P) def. David Schrunk (C) tf 5:06 23-6
130: Jeremy Fuchs (P) def. Matt Hoffman (C) 5-0
135: Chris Welle (P) def. Matt Brown (C) fall 1:26
140: Joe Hiltner (P) def. Nick Kockelman (C) fall 3:37
145: Ryan Otto (C) def. Josh Schreifels (P) 4-2
152: Chris Sogge (P) def. Blaine Merritt (C) 4-3
160: Ryan Stoks (C) def. Scott Braun (P) 8-4
171: Derek Claeys (C) def. Shaun Fleischhacker (P) 1-0
189: Josh Bork (P) def. Travis Winter (C) 8-2
275: Matt Brauchler (P) def. Tim Antony (C) fall 4:37

Class AA Team Tournament

AA Championship
Jackson County Central 26, St. Michael-Albertville 19
103: Matt Becker (S) def. Jordan Burmeister (J) 5-4
112: Kollin Leopold (J) def. Mike Marx (S) 8-2
119: Nathan Lefebvre (S) def. Brett Hussong (J) 6-4
125: Travis Dahlheimer (S) def. Kyle Arndt (J) 14-6
130: Steve Majerus (J) def. Billy Vee (S) 10-7
135: Nick Weets (J) def. Andy Croteau (S) 11-3
140: Marc Harwood (J) def. Stephen Zachman (S) 10-1
145: Mitch Hackenmueller (S) def. Ben Caven-Johnson (J) 7-1
152: Dusty Wilking (J) def. Johnny Barthel (S) 3-0
160: Nate Baker (J) def. Randy Dehmer (S) fall 1:36
171: Marty Hackenmueller (S) def. Jacob Drahota (J) 4-1
189: Jon Duncombe (S) def. Blake Hendricks (J) 9-2
275: Travis Ahrens (J) def. Jacob Barthel (S) 7-1

AA Third Place
Milaca 39, Scott West 15
103: Aaron Hesser (S) def. Joe Wirz (M) 7-1
112: Clay Hoeck (M) def. Cody Hesser (S) fall 5:10
119: Mark Anson (M) def. Davey Gerhart (S) 10-5
125: David Whipps (S) def. Mitch Vedders (M) 5-0
130: Justin Peterson (M) def. (S) forf.
135: Mike Weyer (M) def. Ryan Valek (S) 5-1
140: Justin Roberts (S) def. Adam Johnson (M) 12-9
145: Steve Gregory (S) def. David Burma (M) 5-4
152: Travis Westling (M) def. Dan Gerhart (S) 8-2
160: Jacob Lucas (S) def. Craig Kotsmith (M) 4-3
171: Tony Meixell (M) def. Jim Bob Fogarty (S) fall 2:15
189: Nick Hermanson (M) def. Joe Barfknecht (S) fall 2:14
275: Larry Stark (M) def. Matt Meger (S) fall 4:02

AA Consolation Championship
Wadena-Deer Creek 26, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena 24
103: Nate Berry (W) def. Cody Nord (B) 9-3
112: Brett Pater (B) def. (W) forf.
119: Tony Nord (B) def. Logan Brincefield (W) 7-3
125: Tim Klein (B) def. Peter Hayes (W) 4-1
130: Dominick Alvarado (B) def. Louie Vandermay (W) 8-4
135: Pat Kramer (W) def. Ryan Klein (B) 3-2
140: Kyle Trout (W) def. Jason Spencer (B) 7-0
145: Joseph Bechtold (B) def. Matt Sweere (W) fall 4:29
152: Allen Nelson (B) def. Dwight Line (W) 2-0
160: Luke Trout (W) def. Brad Lueck (B) 10-4
171: Matt Lowers (W) def. Lars Johnson (B) 8-3
189: Tony Vittetoe (W) def. Thomas Bechtold (B) fall 4:08
275: Nate Korkowski (W) def. Adam Theisen (B) fall 2:14

AA Championship Semifinal
Jackson County Central 37, Scott West 19
103: Jordan Burmeister (J) def. Aaron Hesser (S) 10-6
112: Kollin Leopold (J) def. Adam Herrman (S) 21-8
119: Brett Hussong (J) def. Davey Gerhart (S) 9-3
125: David Whipps (S) def. Kyle Arndt (J) fall 4:54
130: Justin Roberts (S) def. Steve Majerus (J) 5-4
135: Nick Weets (J) def. Ryan Valek (S) 6-4
140: Jeff Strack (S) def. Mark Harwood (J) 9-0
145: Ben Caven-Johnson (J) def. Steve Gregory (S) 4-3
152: Dusty Wilking (J) def. Adam Haller (S) fall 5:24
160: Nate Baker (J) def. Dan Gerhart (S) fall 2:09
171: Jacob Lucas (S) def. Levi Kruse (J) fall 1:20
189: Blake Hendricks (J) def. Jim Bob Fogarty (S) 8-1
275: Travis Ahrens (J) def. Matt Meger (S) fall 4:31

AA Championship Semifinal
St. Michael-Albertville 29, Milaca 17
103: Matt Becker (S) def. Joe Wirz (M) fall 3:23
112: Clay Hoeck (M) def. Mike Marx (S) 16-9
119: Nathan Lefebvre (S) def. Mark Anson (M) 14-4
125: Mitch Vedders (M) def. Travis Dahlheimer (S) 10-8
130: Billy Vee (S) def. Justin Peterson (M) 9-0
135: Mike Weyer (M) def. Andy Croteau (S) 19-8
140: Adam Johnson (M) def. Steve Zachman (S) 14-6
145: Mitch Hackenmueller (S) def. David Burma (M) 5-2
152: Johnny Barthel (S) def. Travis Westling (M) 6-4 ot
160: Kraig Kotsmith (M) def. Randy Dehmer (S) 3-2
171: Marty Hackenmueller (S) def. Tony Meixell (M) 3-1
189: Jon Duncombe (S) def. Nick Hermanson (M) 6-2
275: Aaron Barthel (S) def. Larry Stark (M) 4-2

AA Consolation Semifinal
Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena 36, Stewartville 16
103: Cody Nord (B) def. Matt Lawson (S) 4-2
112: Clint Campbell (S) def. Brett Pater (B) 8-7
119: Tony Nord (B) def. Cole Roeder (S) fall 1:45
125: Todd Russell (S) def. Tim Klein (B) 8-4
130: Jon Roeder (S) def. Dominick Alvarado (B) 9-7
135: Ryan Klein (B) def. Steve Zaffke (S) tf 2:32
140: Mike Knutson (S) def. Jason Spencer (B) 8-4
145: Allen Nelson (B) def. Matt Stein (S) 6-2
152: Paul Bechtold (B) def. Dave Dahl (S) fall 4:49
160: Brad Lueck (B) def. Mike Lawrence (S) 1-0
171: Lars Johnson (B) def. Russ Cook (S) 15-3
189: Thomas Bechtold (B) def. Marcus Kuisle (S) fall 4:01
275: Nate Kuisle (S) def. Adam Theisen (B) 13-4

AA Consolation Semifinal
Wadena-Deer Creek 26, Dassel-Cokato 22
103: Nate Berry (W) def. Josh Isakson (D) 5-3
112: Leland Brincefield (W) def. Noel Kutz (D) 11-2
119: Logan Brincefield (W) def. Jeff Gangroth (D) fall 2:27
125: Jordan Isakson (D) def. Paul Hunke (W) fall 2:26
130: Peter Hayes (W) def. Jason Eastling (D) 10-2
135: T.J. Anderson (D) def. Louie Vandermay (W) 12-3
140: Pat Kramer (W) def. Clint Scherping (D) 5-1
145: Kyle Trout (W) def. Brad Opsahl (D) 3-2
152: Peter Pierre-Louis (D) def. Dwight Line (W) 5-4
160: Luke Trout (W) def. David Salmen (D) 1-0
171: Eric Pokornowski (D) def. Matt Lowers (W) 5-4
189: Luke Philippi (D) def. Tony Vittetoe (W) 5-4
275: Ben Meyer (D) def. Nate Korkowski (W) 6-4

AA Championship Quarterfinal
Scott West 37, Stewartville 22
103: Clint Campbell (S) def. Aaron Hesser (SC) fall :27
112: Cody Hesser (SW) def. Matt Lawson (S) 13-10
119: Cole Roeder (S) def. Davey Gerhart (SW) 7-3
125: David Whipps (SW) def. Jon Roeder (S) fall 3:23
130: Todd Russell (S) def. Justin Roberts (SW) 7-5
135: Ryan Valek (SW) def. Steve Zaffke (S) fall 3:42
140: Jeff Strack (SW) def. Mike Knutson (S) tf 5:47 23-8
145: Steve Gregory (SW) def. Matt Stein (S) tf 5:06 26-11
152: Dan Gerhart (SW) def. Dave Dahl (S) 11-4
160: Jacob Lucas (SW) def. Mike Lawrence (S) tf 5:46 15-0
171: Jim Bob Fogarty (SW) def. Russ Cook (S) 11-0
189: Marcus Kuisle (S) def. Joe Barfknecht (SW) 10-0
275: Nate Kuisle (S) def. Matt Meger (SW) fall 3:14

AA Championship Quarterfinal
Jackson County Central 31, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena 19
103: Jordan Burmeister (J) def. Cody Nord (B) 8-5
112: Kollin Leopold (J) def. Brett Pater (B) 13-4
119: Tony Nord (B) def. Brett Hussong (J) 2-1
125: Tim Klein (B) def. Kyle Arndt (J) 12-0
130: Steve Majerus (J) def. Dominick Alvarado (B) 6-4
135: Marc Harwood (J) def. Ryan Klein (B) fall 2:45
140: Nick Weets (J) def. Joseph Bechtold (B) tf 5:34
145: Allen Nelson (B) def. Ben Caven-Johnson (J) fall 2:43
152: Dusty Wilking (J) def. Brad Lueck (B) 19-6
160: Paul Bechtold (B) def. Jacob Drahota (J) 10-7
171: Nate Baker (J) def. Lars Johnson (B) 7-2
189: Thomas Bechtold (B) def. Blake Hendricks (J) 3-1
275: Jeremish Knabe (J) def. Adam Theisen (B) 7-0

AA Championship Quarterfinal
Milaca 52, Dassel-Cokato 7
103: Joe Wirz (M) def. Josh Isakson (D) 8-5
112: Clay Hoeck (M) def. Dustin Gustafson (D) fall 3:13
119: Mark Anson (M) def. Noel Kutz (D) 4-1
125: Jordan Isakson (D) def. Mitch Vedders (M) 15-5
130: Mike Weyer (M) def. Jason Eastling (D) fall 3:26
135: Brett Salmen (D) def. Justin Peterson (M) 7-4
140: Adam Johnson (M) def. T.J. Anderson (D) 12-4
145: David Burma (M) def. Clint Scherping (D) fall 2:46
152: Travis Westling (M) def. Brad Opsahl (D) inj def
160: Craig Kotsmith (M) def. David Salmen (D) 6-2
171: Tony Meixell (M) def. Eric Pokornowski (D) fall 4:30
189: Nick Hermanson (M) def. Luke Phillippi (D) fall 2:16
275: Larry Stark (M) def. Ben Meyer (D) 11-9

AA Championship Quarterfinal
St. Michael-Albertville 29, Wadena-Deer Creek 18
103: Matt Becker (S) def. Nate Berry (W) 7-5 ot
112: Leland Brincefield (W) def. Mike Marx (S) 7-4
119: Nathan Lefebvre (S) def. Logan Brincefield (W) 7-2
125: Travis Dahlheimer (S) def. Paul Hunke (W) tf 2:35
130: Peter Hayes (W) def. Billy Vee (S) 6-4
135: Andy Croteau (S) def. Louie Vandermay (W) 6-2
140: Pat Kramer (W) def. Stephen Zachman (S) 3-0
145: Mitch Hackenmueller (S) def. Kyle Trout (W) 6-2
152: Johnny Barthel (S) def. Dwight Line (W) fall 4:15
160: Luke Trout (W) def. Randy Dehmer (S) 5-0
171: Matt Lowers (W) def. Marty Hackenmueller (S) 7-5
189: Jon Duncombe (S) def. Tony Vittetoe (W) fall 3:42
275: Nate Korkowski (W) def. Aaron Barthel (S) 7-5

Class AAA Team Tournament

AAA Championship
Apple Valley 33, Cambridge-Isanti 20
103: Eric Fiedler (C) def. Neil Wasmund (A) 10-2
112: Mark Buck (A) def. Derek Johnson (C) 18-8
119: Joe Staska (A) def. Curtis Larson (C) 9-0
125: Matt Shankey (A) def. Dallas Hasser (C) tf 2:31
130: Jacob Schlottke (A) def. Kalen Graham (C) 12-8
135: Lucas Christianson (A) def. John Henderson (C) fall 1:25
140: Jake Avre (C) def. Matt Doughty (A) 7-3
145: Travis Fuhol (C) def. Travis Yamanaka (A) 3-1 ot
152: Dave Garrison (A) def. Ryan Petersen (C) 6-5
160: Ben Grahn (C) def. Pete Senty (A) fall 2:23
171: Josh Becker (C) def. Mason Stedman (A) 15-5
189: Chad Polus (A) def. Matt Henderson (C) 3-2
275: Chad Redmann (A) def. Joel Lofgren (C) tf 5:18

AAA Third Place
Hastings 36, Bemidji 17
103: Joe Miller (B) def. Dave Sieben (H) tf 17-0
112: Caleb Thunem (B) def. Jeff Kranz (H) fall 1:12
119: Trevor Lund (H) def. Ryan Cronemiller (B) 4-3
125: Jake Johnson (H) def. Joe Lory (B) 4-2
130: Dan Brower (B) def. Ryan Zajac (H) 7-4
135: Jordan Cook (H) def. Paul Pederson (B) fall 1:11
140: Nate Otto (H) def. Mitch Mistic (B) 5-3
145: James Sorenson (H) def. Bob Mack (B) 1-0
152: Nick Stark (H) def. Brian Sherwood (B) 9-8
160: Josh McLay (H) def. Jim Mack (B) tf 25-10
171: Nick Zajac (H) def. Mike Littler (B) 13-0
189: Mike Peterson (B) def. Adam Hoffman (H) 1-1 2Xot
275: Nick Wagner (H) def. Barrett Willard (B) fall 1:15

AAA Consolation Championship
Owatonna 40, Totino Grace 22
103: Gary Babineau (T) def. Scot Radel (O) 16-6
112: Matt Svihel (T) def. Zach Spindler (O) 6-2
119: Derek Johnson (O) def. Charlie Sadder (T) 10-2
125: Mark Butler (O) def. David Sadder (T) fall 4:15
130: Mike Kostolnik (T) def. Jeremy Wilson (O) fall 4:15
135: Quadir Mahmoud (T) def. Luke Krause (O) fall 2:36
140: Mick Tello (T) def. Wade Prestegard (O) 8-2
145: Brad Busho (O) def. Ron Rezel (T) 6-5
152: Cory Urban (O) def. Jeff Snegosky (T) fall 2:40
160: Ben Wilson (O) def. Dan Quance (T) fall 4:51
171: Joe Butler (O) def. Nate Hildebrand (T) fall :30
189: Clint Seykora (O) def. Mike Hara (T) fall :33
275: Eli Ross (O) def. Max Bunge (T) fall 1:23

AAA Championship Semifinal
Cambridge-Isanti 33, Bemidji 21
103: Eric Fiedler (C) def. Joe Miller (B) fall 3:46
112: Caleb Thunem (B) def. Derek Johnson (C) fall 3:17
119: Ryan Cronemiller (B) def. Curtis Larson (C) 5-2
125: Dallas Hasser (C) def. Joe Lory (B) 7-4
130: Dan Brower (B) def. Kalen Graham (C) 7-3
135: Mitch Mistic (B) def. John Henderson (C) 4-1
140: Dustin Puffe (B) def. Lea Molitor (C) disq
145: Jake Avre (C) def. Bob Mack (B) tf 5:05 26-11
152: Travis Fuhol (C) def. Brain Sherwood (B) 16-7
160: Ryan Petersen (C) def. Jim Mack (B) 6-4 ot
171: Ben Grahn (C) def. Mike Littler (B) 9-2
189: Josh Becker (C) def. Mike Peterson (B) 7-5 ot
275: Matt Henderson (C) def. Barrett Willard (B) fall 3:17

AAA Championship Semifinal
Apple Valley 54, Hastings 6
103: Neil Wasmund (A) def. Dave Sieben (H) fall :38
112: Mark Buck (A) def. Jeff Kranz (H) 14-2
119: Joe Staska (A) def. Trevor Lund (H) 6-0
125: Matt Shankey (A) def. Jake Johnson (H) tf 4:15
130: Jacob Schlottke (A) def. Ryan Zajac (H) tf 3:20 24-9
135: Lucas Christianson (A) def. Jordan Cook (H) fall 1:30
140: Matt Doughty (A) def. Nate Otto (H) 13-1
145: Travis Yamanaka (A) def. Dan Poelinger (H) 9-4
152: Dave Garrison (A) def. Nick Stark (H) 18-8
160: Pete Senty (A) def. David Owens (H) tf 4:57
171: Nick Zajac (H) def. Mason Stedman (A) fall 1:19
189: Chad Polus (A) def. Adam Hoffmann (H) 5-2
275: Chad Redmann (A) def. Nick Wagner (H) fall :29

AAA Consolation Semifinal
Totino Grace 37, Centennial 18
103: Gary Babineau (T) def. Mike Wallraff (C) 12-4
112: Matt Svihel (T) def. Josh Fillbrandt (C) 12-4
119: Charlie Sadder (T) def. Jake Wienke (C) fall 3:49
125: Aaron Matheson (C) def. David Sadder (T) 5-3 ot
130: Mike Kostolnik (T) def. Jeff Wienke (C) fall 2:41
135: Quadir Mahmoud (T) def. Justin Nygaard (C) tf 4:22
140: Mick Tello (T) def. Matt Swanson (C) 5-1
145: Ron Reszel (T) def. Justin Jasper (C) 11-5
152: Mike Farber (C) def. Jeff Snegosky (T) 12-7
160: Andy Wasilk (C) def. Dan Quance (T) fall 2:35
171: Josh Massey (C) def. Tim Cotter (T) fall 2:20
189: Mike Hara (T) def. Kyle Massey (C) 4-1
275: Max Bunge (T) def. Mark Sala (C) 2-1 2xot

AAA Consolation Semifinal
Owatonna 42, Mankato West 6
103: Drew Johnson (O) def. Tim Buzick (M) fall 2:08
112: Zach Spindler (O) def. Patrik Hoffman (M) fall 2:26
119: Derek Johnson (O) def. Mitch Hansen (M) 10-2
125: Mark Butler (O) def. Victor Solis (M) 11-4
130: Jeremy Wilson (O) def. Paul Durbahn (M) 9-5
135: Wade Prestegard (O) def. Corey Petersen (M) 12-3
140: Jake Lawrence (M) def. Luke Krause (O) 10-4
145: Paul Sheldon (M) def. Casey Kaplan (O) 5-0
152: Travis Litke (O) def. John Kozitza (M) 7-2
160: Cory Urban (O) def. Brandon Adkins (M) 5-4
171: Joe Butler (O) def. Brian Meger (M) 8-5
189: Clint Seykora (O) def. Brady Krusemark (M) 3-0
275: Eli Ross (O) def. Jim Baker (M) 14-2

AAA Championship Quarterfinal
Apple Valley 59, Mankato West 0
103: Charlie Falck (A) def. Tim Buzick (M) 21-6
112: Mark Buck (A) def. Patrik Hoffman (M) tf 20-5 2:43
119: Joe Staska (A) def. Mitch Hansen (M) tf 5:37
125: Matt Shankey (A) def. Victor Solis (M) fall 1:30
130: Jacob Schlottke (A) def. Paul Durbahn (M) tf 3:53
135: Lucas Christianson (A) def. Jake Lawrence (M) 20-11
140: Matt Doughty (A) def. Corey Petersen (M) fall 1:36
145: Travis Yamanaka (A) def. Paul Sheldon (M) 7-4
152: Dave Garrison (A) def. Jon Kozitza (M) 15-7
160: Pete Senty (A) def. Brandon Adkins (M) 3-1
171: Chad Polus (A) def. Brian Meger (M) 17-9
189: Mason Stedman (A) def. Jim Baker (M) 7-6
275: Chad Redmann (A) def. Brady Krusemark (M) fall :36

AAA Championship Quarterfinal
Cambridge-Isanti 33, Totino Grace 18
103: Eric Fiedler (C) def. Gary Babineau (T) 15-9
112: Matt Svihel (T) def. Curtis Larson (C) 5-3
119: Charlie Sadder (T) def. Derek Johnson (C) fall 1:09
125: David Sadder (T) def. Dallas Hasser (C) 6-4
130: Kalen Graham (C) def. Mike Kostolnik (T) 13-9
135: Quadir Mahmoud (T) def. John Henderson (C) fall 5:14
140: Jake Avre (C) def. Mick Tello (T) 11-6
145: Lee Molitor (C) def. Jeff Snegosky (T) 8-6 ot
152: Travis Fuhol (C) def. Ron Reszel (T) 14-6
160: Ryan Petersen (C) def. Dan Quance (T) 9-1
171: Ben Grahn (C) def. Tim Cotter (T) tf 5:14
189: Josh Becker (C) def. Mike Hara (T) tf 4:06
275: Matt Henderson (C) def. Max Bunge (T) 9-6

AAA Championship Quarterfinal
Bemidji 38, Centennial 13
103: Joe Miller (B) def. Mike Wallraff (C) 7-1
112: Caleb Thunem (B) def. Tim Matheson (C) tf 4:00
119: Ryan Cronemiller (B) def. Josh Fillbrandt (C) 4-0
125: Aaron Matheson (C) def. Joe Lory (B) 10-1
130: Dan Brower (B) def. Jeff Wienke (C) 10-4
135: Mitch Mistic (B) def. Justin Nygaard (C) 10-7
140: Matt Swanson (C) def. Dustin Puffe (B) 6-3
145: Bob Mack (B) def. Justin Jasper (C) 3-0
152: Brian Sherwood (B) def. Andy Wasilk (C) 5-3
160: JIm Mack (B) def. Mike Farber (C) tf 16-0
171: Josh Massey (C) def. Mike Littler (B) fall 5:51
189: Mike Peterson (B) def. Kyle Massey (C) fall 5:59
275: Barrett Willard (B) def. Mark Sala (C) 12-3

AAA Championship Quarterfinal
Hastings 23, Owatonna 22
103: Drew Johnson (O) def. Shawn McMenomy (H) 8-4
112: Jeff Kranz (H) def. Zach Spindler (O) 9-0
119: Derek Johnson (O) def. Trevor Lund (H) fall 5:15
125: Jake Johnson (H) def. Mark Butler (O) 4-1
130: Jordan Cook (H) def. Jeremy Wilson (O) 5-1
135: Wade Prestegard (O) def. Ryan Zajac (H) 4-0
140: Nate Otto (H) def. Casey Kaplan (O) 3-1 ot
145: James Sorenson (H) def. Brad Busho (O) 7-5 ot
152: Cory Urban (O) def. Nick Stark (H) 15-5
160: Josh McLay (H) def. Ben Wilson (O) 22-14
171: Nick Zajac (H) def. Joe Butler (O) 2-0
189: Clint Seykora (O) def. Adam Hoffmann (H) 8-4
275: Eli Ross (O) def. Nick Wagner (H) 5-2

1999 Minnesota-Wisconsin All-Star Classic

Jacob Volkmann named Mr. Minnesota

Minnesoa went 2-1-1 against Wisconsin over the weekend in the Minnesota-Wisconsin All-Star Classic. The matches featured the best senior wrestlers from Minnesota and Wisconsin.

At the All-Star Classic, Jacob Volkmann of Battle Lake-Underwood-Henning was named Mr. Minnesota of Wrestling for excellence in wrestling, academics and sportsmanship. Continue reading