2009 USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships

USA Wrestling
2009 ASICS/Vaughan Junior and Accelerade Cadet
National Championships

Saturday, July 18-Saturday, July 25 at the FargoDome in Fargo, ND

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Team Minnesota Results:

  • Cadet Greco-Roman – 2nd Place, 52 wrestlers, 13 All-Americans, 4 finalists, 1 champion
  • Junior Greco-Roman – 3rd Place, 54 wrestlers, 11 All-Americans, 3 finalists, 1 champion
  • Women’s Freestyle – 17th Place, 1 wrestler, 1 All-American, 1 finalist
  • Cadet Freestyle – 5th Place, 56 wrestlers, 11 All-Americans, 2 finalists, 2 champions
  • Junior Freestyle – 2nd Place, 57 wrestlers, 9 All-Americans, 3 finalists, 2 champions

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Cadet Greco-Roman
Junior Greco-Roman
Cadet Freestyle
Junior Freestyle

Photos by Jeff Beshey

USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships Results:

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Minnesota Cadet and Junior All-Americans

Minnesota High School Wrestler Files

Cadet Greco-Roman Results for Minnesota


Top Ten Team Scores:

1. Wisconsin 61
2. Minnesota 58
3. Illinois 57
4. California 35
5. Michigan 31
6. Pennsylvania 31
7. Iowa 26
8. Virginia 25
9. New Jersey 21
10. Colorado 18

Individual Results:

Cadet-84 – Trevor Westerlund – 6th place
Match #1 Trevor Westerlund (Minnesota) over Nicholas Cornacchine (N Carolina) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Trevor Westerlund (Minnesota) over Zack Fuentes (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-0,3-1
Match #3 Trevor Westerlund (Minnesota) over Aaron Kohlberg (Illinois) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 Trevor Westerlund (Minnesota) over Jj Dorrell (Missouri) Dec 1-0,4-3
Match #5 Jake Smith (Alabama) over Trevor Westerlund (Minnesota) Dec 5-7,4-2,4-0
Match #6 Dylan Akers (Texas) over Trevor Westerlund (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,5-3
Match #7 Trevor Westerlund (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Jake Smith (Alabama) over Trevor Westerlund (Minnesota) Dec 5-7,4-2,4-0
5th Place Match: Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Trevor Westerlund (Minnesota) Dec 0-2,1-0,1-0

Cadet-84 – Jarred Oftedahl – 5th place
Match #1 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Billy Rappo (Pennsylvania) Fall 0-2,1:31
Match #2 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #3 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Sterling Ballif (Utah) Fall 0:12
Match #4 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Jordan Lind (Illinois) Fall 0:58
Match #5 Nkosi Moody (Illinois) over Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #6 Darshawn Sharpe (Georgia) over Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #7 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Nkosi Moody (Illinois) over Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
5th Place Match: Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Trevor Westerlund (Minnesota) Dec 0-2,1-0,1-0

Cadet-84 – Gabe Foltz – 8th place
Match #1 Gabe Foltz (Minnesota) over Adam Burchett (Washington) Dec 1-0,0-2,2-0
Match #2 Gabe Foltz (Minnesota) over Alec Huxford (N Jersey) Dec 6-0,4-0
Match #3 Jake Smith (Alabama) over Gabe Foltz (Minnesota) Dec 1-2,6-1,2-1
Match #4 Gabe Foltz (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Dylan Akers (Texas) over Gabe Foltz (Minnesota) TF 8-1,9-0
7th Place Match: Austin Loos (Wisconsin) over Gabe Foltz (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,7-0

Cadet-91 – Matt Elsenpeter – 8th place
Match #1 Matt Elsenpeter (Minnesota) over Keegan Witbeck (Iowa) Fall 6-0,0:28
Match #2 Colton Howell (Missouri) over Matt Elsenpeter (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,5-0
Match #3 Matt Elsenpeter (Minnesota) over Mitchell Lax (Georgia) Dec 2-0,0-2,6-0
Match #4 Joel Shump (Illinois) over Matt Elsenpeter (Minnesota) Dec 7-5,5-5
7th Place Match: Brandon George (Utah) over Matt Elsenpeter (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Cadet-98 – Nate Thomas – 5th place
Match #1 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) over Thomas Kilbane (Ohio) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) over Paul Mascarenas (N Mexico) Dec 1-3,3-0,2-0
Match #3 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) over Adam Lowe (Virginia) TF 3-4,6-0,7-0
Match #4 Dylon Thompson (Colorado) over Nate Thomas (Minnesota) Dec 0-2,1-0,1-0
Match #5 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) over Josh Rodriguez (California) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #6 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) over Dylan Peters (Iowa) Dec 0-4,1-1,2-1
Match #7 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Dylon Thompson (Colorado) over Nate Thomas (Minnesota) Dec 0-2,1-0,1-0
Match #9 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Nate Thomas (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-0
5th Place Match: Nate Thomas (Minnesota) over Arthur Carmona (California) Dec 0-1,4-0,1-0

Cadet-98 – Marcus Hamer – DNP
Match #1 Arthur Carmona (California) over Marcus Hamer (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,7-0
Match #2 Marcus Hamer (Minnesota) over Tony Protogyrou (Virginia) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Jason Munoz (Wisconsin) over Marcus Hamer (Minnesota) Fall 1:53

Cadet-98 – Sam Brancale – 2nd place
Match #1 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Aaron Lorenz (Oregon) TF 6-0,8-0
Match #2 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Mark Raghunandan (N York) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Nick Fontanetta (Illinois) Dec 1-0,3-4,6-0
Match #4 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Joshua Andrew (Washington) TF 7-0,8-0
Match #5 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Steven Hopkins (Washington) Dec 4-0,5-0
Match #6 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Austin Hood (Kansas) Dec 3-0,2-0
Match #7 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Dylon Thompson (Colorado) Fall 0:56
Match #8 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Nate Thomas (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-0
1st Place Match: Nick Roberts (Pennsylvania) over Sam Brancale (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,5-4

Cadet-105 – Nick Scheffert – DNP
Match #1 Lupe Florez (California) over Nick Scheffert (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-0
Match #2 Nick Scheffert (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #3 Nick Scheffert (Minnesota) over Cody Albarado (Alabama) Dec 0-2,4-0,2-1
Match #4 Nick Scheffert (Minnesota) over Isaac Jewel (Michigan) Dec 0-1,4-0,1-0
Match #5 Corey Keener (Pennsylvania) over Nick Scheffert (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,7-0

Cadet-112 – Mike Simeon – DNP
Match #1 Mike Simeon (Minnesota) over Robby Miner (Utah) Dec 1-3,7-0,2-0
Match #2 Ryan McQuade (Wisconsin) over Mike Simeon (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,1-0
Match #3 Mike Simeon (Minnesota) over Brandon Dariano (California) Dec 1-0,0-3,3-0
Match #4 Calvin Campbell (Ohio) over Mike Simeon (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-1

Cadet-112 – Tyler Chapple – DNP
Match #1 Cole Mendenhall (Montana) over Tyler Chapple (Minnesota) Fall 1:08
Match #2 Martin Ramirez (California) over Tyler Chapple (Minnesota) Dec 0-2,6-1,6-0

Cadet-119 – Zach Goldberg – DNP
Match #1 Sammy Rosario (Georgia) over Zach Goldberg (Minnesota) Dec 8-0,1-0
Match #2 Zach Goldberg (Minnesota) over Dryden Dennis (Florida) Dec 7-0,1-0
Match #3 Peter Russo (Oregon) over Zach Goldberg (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,7-0

Cadet-119 – Paul Nolden – DNP
Match #1 Ryan Slaugh (Wyoming) over Paul Nolden (Minnesota) Fall 1:24
Match #2 Isaiah Schaub (Michigan) over Paul Nolden (Minnesota) Fall 1-4,0:54

Cadet-125 – Daniel Woiwor – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Praska (Idaho) over Daniel Woiwor (Minnesota) Fall 0-5,1:10
Match #2 Laike Gardner (Pennsylvania) over Daniel Woiwor (Minnesota) 0-1,5-2,ID

Cadet-125 – Jordan Rothers – DNP
Match #1 Kameron Hamley (N Dakota) over Jordan Rothers (Minnesota) Fall 5-0,0:33
Match #2 Jordan Rothers (Minnesota) over Seth Hall (Iowa) Dec 8-1,2-2
Match #3 Ryan Deweese (Washington) over Jordan Rothers (Minnesota) Fall 0:36

Cadet-125 – Tim Hanlin – DNP
Match #1 Tim Hanlin (Minnesota) over Connor Jones (Florida) TF 6-0,9-3
Match #2 Tim Hanlin (Minnesota) over Brad Lindsay (Arizona) TF 7-0,0-6,6-0
Match #3 Neil Roff (Ohio) over Tim Hanlin (Minnesota) Fall 1:11
Match #4 Matt Nunez (N Mexico) over Tim Hanlin (Minnesota) Fall 0:28

Cadet-125 – Alex Eastman – DNP
Match #1 Etienne Seldon (Maryland) over Alex Eastman (Minnesota) TF 7-0,11-3
Match #2 Zachary Horan (Pennsylvania) over Alex Eastman (Minnesota) Fall 8-0,0:33

Cadet-130 – Matt Kelliher – DNP
Match #1 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Adam Greene (N York) Dec 2-1,3-0
Match #2 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Rylan Vandevender (Idaho) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Mark Pinero (Louisiana) over Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 1-5,3-0,7-1
Match #4 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Conor Infelise (Illinois) Dec 1-1,1-0,5-1
Match #5 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Jarod Donar (Wisconsin) Dec 3-0,0-5,2-2
Match #6 Anthonie Linares (California) over Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 4-6,4-0,7-0

Cadet-130 – Josh Halicke – DNP
Match #1 Jonathan Clemente (N York) over Josh Halicke (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,1-0
Match #2 Josh Halicke (Minnesota) over Tanner Sweat (Utah) Fall 1:04
Match #3 Josh Halicke (Minnesota) over Alex Head (Georgia) Fall 7-0,0:32
Match #4 Lucas Smith (Illinois) over Josh Halicke (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,7-0

Cadet-130 – Anthony DeLeon – DNP
Match #1 Jason Grimes (Georgia) over Anthony DeLeon (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,5-0
Match #2 Kreig Spahn (Pennsylvania) over Anthony DeLeon (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,1-0,1-0

Cadet-130 – Brett Pfarr – DNP
Match #1 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) over Tony Whiteman (N Dakota) TF 7-1,2-5,8-1
Match #2 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) over Mason Griffin (West Virginia) Fall 7-0,0:35
Match #3 Casey George (Idaho) over Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 Rc Ramirez (Florida) over Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,2-1

Cadet-135 – William Sustercich – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Strenke (Oregon) over William Sustercich (Minnesota) Dec 0-3,1-0,7-0
Match #2 William Sustercich (Minnesota) over Matt DeRosa (Arizona) Dec 2-0,5-3
Match #3 William Sustercich (Minnesota) over Austin Gravelle (Louisiana) Fall 6-0,0:54
Match #4 Patrick Anthony (Georgia) over William Sustercich (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-0

Cadet-135 – Jeff Engstrom – DNP
Match #1 Dylan Palacio (N York) over Jeff Engstrom (Minnesota) TF 10-4,6-0
Match #2 Eric Hoffman (Maryland) over Jeff Engstrom (Minnesota) Dec 5-5,3-2,3-0

Cadet-135 – Tim Ostby – DNP
Match #1 Tim Ostby (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Robert Rojas (Florida) over Tim Ostby (Minnesota) Fall 2-3,1:10
Match #3 Tim Fox (Ohio) over Tim Ostby (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,7-0

Cadet-135 – Dan Dick – 2nd place
Match #1 Dan Dick (Minnesota) over Gradey Gambrall (Iowa) Fall 6-0,0:53
Match #2 Dan Dick (Minnesota) over Jessie Hoffschneider (Colorado) Dec 1-0,4-0
Match #3 Dan Dick (Minnesota) over Gavin Hernandez (Arizona) Fall 1:59
Match #4 Dan Dick (Minnesota) over Brady Turnbull (Wyoming) Dec 1-0,5-0
Match #5 Dan Dick (Minnesota) over Preston Crouse (Missouri) Dec 1-0,6-0
Match #6 Dan Dick (Minnesota) over Bradey Kolb (Illinois) Dec 1-0,4-0
Match #7 Dan Dick (Minnesota) over Eleazar Deluca (Oregon) Dec 7-0,3-2
Match #8 Dan Dick (Minnesota) over Brady Turnbull (Wyoming) Dec 1-0,5-0
Match #9 Dan Dick (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Dan Dick (Minnesota) over Eleazar Deluca (Oregon) Dec 7-0,3-2
1st Place Match: Oliver Pierce (Texas) over Dan Dick (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,1-0,2-0

Cadet-140 – Luke Schmidt – DNP
Match #1 Luke Schmidt (Minnesota) over Brad Stackhouse (Missouri) Dec 0-3,1-0,1-0
Match #2 Luke Schmidt (Minnesota) over Cody Dunmire (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-0,5-2
Match #3 Zach Ullman (Illinois) over Luke Schmidt (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,7-0
Match #4 Zeb Wahle (Iowa) over Luke Schmidt (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Cadet-140 – Dakota Yarger – DNP
Match #1 Walker Slaughter (California) over Dakota Yarger (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,0-5,7-0
Match #2 Cormick Eaton (Wyoming) over Dakota Yarger (Minnesota) Fall 1:24

Cadet-140 – Cody Buchanan – DNP
Match #1 Jacob Hollenbeck (Washington) over Cody Buchanan (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:51
Match #2 Logan Addis (Arizona) over Cody Buchanan (Minnesota) TF 7-0,8-0

Cadet-140 – Davantay Corey – DNP
Match #1 Carson Powell (Iowa) over Davantay Corey (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,0:51
Match #2 Trace Engelkes (Illinois) over Davantay Corey (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,7-0

Cadet-145 – Justin Tweeton – DNP
Match #1 Ethan Dockter (N Dakota) over Justin Tweeton (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Austin Breckenridge (Wyoming) over Justin Tweeton (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:56

Cadet-145 – Matt Sadlowski – DNP
Match #1 Travis Laska (Florida) over Matt Sadlowski (Minnesota) Fall 1-1,2-3,1:29
Match #2 Matt Sadlowski (Minnesota) over Liam Smith (Idaho) Dec 3-6,3-3,5-4
Match #3 Matt Sadlowski (Minnesota) over Ben Farmer (Indiana) Dec 3-0,0-6,6-0
Match #4 Joshua Clark (Virginia) over Matt Sadlowski (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Cadet-145 – Anton Kalista – DNP
Match #1 Justin Koethe (Iowa) over Anton Kalista (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,1-0
Match #2 Kirk Johnson (Indiana) over Anton Kalista (Minnesota) Fall 1-0,1:48

Cadet-145 – Travis Kienitz – DNP
Match #1 Teddy Hackford (Utah) over Travis Kienitz (Minnesota) Fall 1:12
Match #2 Val Flores (Iowa) over Travis Kienitz (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:16

Cadet-152 – Matt Meyer – DNP
Match #1 Adam D`Auguste (N York) over Matt Meyer (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,5-5,2-2
Match #2 Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma) over Matt Meyer (Minnesota) Dec 9-2,5-1

Cadet-152 – Cody Tibbetts – DNP
Match #1 Cody Tibbetts (Minnesota) over Nathan Burak (Colorado) Dec 5-3,1-0
Match #2 Cody Tibbetts (Minnesota) over James Wilson (California) Dec 1-0,0-1,2-0
Match #3 Cody Tibbetts (Minnesota) over Garrett Tharpe (Ohio) Dec 3-0,6-0
Match #4 Cody Tibbetts (Minnesota) over Zachary Morris (Virginia) Dec 1-0,6-0
Match #5 Taylor Massa (Michigan) over Cody Tibbetts (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #6 Sean Mappes (Indiana) over Cody Tibbetts (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,1-0

Cadet-152 – Preston Lehman – DNP
Match #1 Jordan Rogers (Washington) over Preston Lehman (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Bubba Scheffel (Maryland) over Preston Lehman (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,7-4

Cadet-152 – Kyle Begin – DNP
Match #1 Kyle Begin (Minnesota) over Tony Jehn (Indiana) Fall 0:49
Match #2 Kyle Begin (Minnesota) over Ray Jimenez (California) Dec 1-0,7-0
Match #3 Kyle Begin (Minnesota) over Tyler Bruce (N York) Fall 1:38
Match #4 Jayshon Wilson (Pennsylvania) over Kyle Begin (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,6-0
Match #5 Dylan Reel (Illinois) over Kyle Begin (Minnesota) Fall 0:26

Cadet-152 – William Baker – 5th place
Match #1 William Baker (Minnesota) over Garrett Demers (Idaho) Dec 4-0,0-7,6-0
Match #2 William Baker (Minnesota) over Ophir Bernstein (Texas) Dec 6-1,4-0
Match #3 William Baker (Minnesota) over Ben Culver (Maryland) TF 6-0,8-0
Match #4 William Baker (Minnesota) over Mason Wright (Illinois) Dec 3-0,5-1
Match #5 William Baker (Minnesota) over Zach Patterson (Illinois) Dec 2-0,1-0
Match #6 William Baker (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #7 Taylor Massa (Michigan) over William Baker (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #8 Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma) over William Baker (Minnesota) Fall 1:42
Match #9 Taylor Massa (Michigan) over William Baker (Minnesota) TF 0-7,0-6
Match #10 William Baker (Minnesota) received a bye.
5th Place Match: William Baker (Minnesota) over Jayshon Wilson (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-0,7-2

Cadet-160 – Jake Waste – 1st place
Match #1 Jake Waste (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Adam Pavlenko (Arizona) Dec 0-2,1-1,6-0
Match #3 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Cory Smith (Virginia) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Luke Roffers (Wisconsin) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #5 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Patrick Rhoads (Missouri) Dec 1-0,0-4,7-0
Match #6 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Anthony Delgado (California) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #7 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Patrick Budd (Virginia) Fall 1:27
Match #8 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over John Bolich (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-2,3-0,6-0
Match #9 Jake Waste (Minnesota) received a bye.
1st Place Match: Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Sam Brooks (Illinois) Dec 0-1,1-0,3-2

Cadet-160 – Joe Ginther – DNP
Match #1 Joe Ginther (Minnesota) over Brad Wagner (Kansas) Fall 2-1,0-3,0:57
Match #2 Patrick Budd (Virginia) over Joe Ginther (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,1-1
Match #3 Joe Ginther (Minnesota) over Cutler Hane (Illinois) Fall 0:50
Match #4 John Bolich (Pennsylvania) over Joe Ginther (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:44

Cadet-160 – Richard Carlson – DNP
Match #1 Austin Coburn (Virginia) over Richard Carlson (Minnesota) Fall 1-0,1:07
Match #2 Bonner Hoge (Oklahoma) over Richard Carlson (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,0-1,2-0

Cadet-171 – Nate Meixell – DNP
Match #1 Nate Meixell (Minnesota) over Kevin Marvel (Maryland) Dec 4-1,0-4,8-2
Match #2 A J McBroom (Iowa) over Nate Meixell (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-1
Match #3 Tony Martin (Ohio) over Nate Meixell (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-0

Cadet-171 – Ryan Larson – DNP
Match #1 Ryan Larson (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Angelo Rivera (Illinois) over Ryan Larson (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,2-0
Match #3 Justin Birschbach (Wisconsin) over Ryan Larson (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,1-0

Cadet-171 – Eric Hensel – 7th place
Match #1 Eric Hensel (Minnesota) over Nick Jordan (Oregon) Dec 6-0,1-0
Match #2 Eric Hensel (Minnesota) over Michael Ettore (Florida) TF 9-5,0-6,7-0
Match #3 Eric Hensel (Minnesota) over Billy Wisman (Virginia) Dec 3-1,3-1
Match #4 Eric Hensel (Minnesota) over Nick McCall (Ohio) Fall 1:36
Match #5 Eric Hensel (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Eric Lehman (N Dakota) over Eric Hensel (Minnesota) TF 8-0,0-6,7-0
Match #7 Dwight Howes (Colorado) over Eric Hensel (Minnesota) Fall 2-4,0:28
7th Place Match: Eric Hensel (Minnesota) over Connor King (Colorado) Dec 1-0,4-1

Cadet-171 – Ben Galifus – DNP
Match #1 Michael McKinney (Texas) over Ben Galifus (Minnesota) Fall 0:40
Match #2 Justin Valencia (Illinois) over Ben Galifus (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,6-0

Cadet-189 – Zack Rutt – 2nd place
Match #1 Zack Rutt (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Zack Rutt (Minnesota) over Jared Johnson (Missouri) Fall 7-0,1:30
Match #3 Zack Rutt (Minnesota) over Mick Dougharity (Oregon) TF 7-0,10-3
Match #4 Zack Rutt (Minnesota) over Reid Simpson (Alabama) Fall 7-0,0:49
Match #5 Zack Rutt (Minnesota) over Bruce McWilliams (Iowa) Dec 3-0,4-0
Match #6 Zack Rutt (Minnesota) over Conor Wetzel (N York) Dec 0-3,2-0,3-2
Match #7 Zack Rutt (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Zack Rutt (Minnesota) over Anthony Abro (Michigan) TF 7-0,6-0
1st Place Match: Tanner Hall (Idaho) over Zack Rutt (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,0-2,7-0

Cadet-189 – Taylor Neaton – 5th place
Match #1 Taylor Neaton (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Taylor Neaton (Minnesota) over Anthony Melchiorre (Ohio) Dec 4-0,5-0
Match #3 Taylor Neaton (Minnesota) over Eddie Guen-Murray (Illinois) Dec 3-0,3-0
Match #4 Justin Walker (California) over Taylor Neaton (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #5 Taylor Neaton (Minnesota) over Brian Walker (Alabama) Dec 3-0,3-0
Match #6 Justin Walker (California) over Taylor Neaton (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #7 Tanner Hall (Idaho) over Taylor Neaton (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,1-0
Match #8 Taylor Neaton (Minnesota) received a bye.
5th Place Match: Taylor Neaton (Minnesota) over Anthony Abro (Michigan) Dec 6-0,2-0

Cadet-189 – Cole Kottke – DNP
Match #1 Matthew Llanes (Idaho) over Cole Kottke (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,0:45
Match #2 Cole Kottke (Minnesota) over Andrew DuBose (Utah) Dec 3-0,2-0
Match #3 Skyler Carroll (Montana) over Cole Kottke (Minnesota) Fall 1:02

Cadet-215 – Tony Reurink – DNP
Match #1 Tony Reurink (Minnesota) over Andrew Lutterloh (Virginia) Dec 5-0,1-0
Match #2 Thomas Hall (N York) over Tony Reurink (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,5-1
Match #3 Brooks Black (Pennsylvania) over Tony Reurink (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,1-0

Cadet-215 – Dakota Drake-Warner – DNP
Match #1 Daniel Lowe (Virginia) over Dakota Drake-Warner (Minnesota) Fall 0:34
Match #2 Dakota Drake-Warner (Minnesota) over Devin Reid (N York) Dec 7-0,1-0
Match #3 Willie Wilson (N Jersey) over Dakota Drake-Warner (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,5-0

Cadet-215 – Logan Barrette – DNP
Match #1 Josh Marchok (Illinois) over Logan Barrette (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:47
Match #2 Logan Barrette (Minnesota) over Travis Simmons (Iowa) Fall 7-0,0:10
Match #3 Harley Tillerson (Oklahoma) over Logan Barrette (Minnesota) Fall 1:31

Cadet-215 – Blake Arndt – DNP
Match #1 Blake Arndt (Minnesota) over Nick Lovejoy (Missouri) Fall 1:17
Match #2 Joe Scanlan (Iowa) over Blake Arndt (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,1-0
Match #3 Blake Arndt (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Blake Arndt (Minnesota) over Urayoan Garcia (N Jersey) Dec 6-1,3-3
Match #5 Brooks Black (Pennsylvania) over Blake Arndt (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,6-0

Cadet-285 – Donny Longendyke – 3rd place
Match #1 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Jevar Glover (Illinois) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Justin East (Pennsylvania) Fall 1:49
Match #3 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Shane Hardy (Utah) Dec 3-0,2-0
Match #5 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Zack Corl (Pennsylvania) Dec 7-1,5-0
Match #6 Caleb White (Iowa) over Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #7 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Evan McGee (Oklahoma) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #8 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) received a bye.
3rd Place Match: Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Devin Pommerenke (Michigan) Dec 1-0,1-1,2-0

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Junior Greco-Roman Results for Minnesota


Top Ten Team Scores:

1. Illinois 71
2. Florida 48
3. Minnesota 41
4. California 37
5. Arizona 36
6. Pennsylvania 25
7. Wisconsin 22
8. Oregon 21
9. Washington 20
10. Utah 19

Individual Results:

Junior-98 – Jared Duffy – DNP
Match #1 Jared Duffy (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Kyle Pillars (Michigan) over Jared Duffy (Minnesota) Fall 0:47
Match #3 Matt Sommers (Illinois ) over Jared Duffy (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,4-0

Junior-105 – Jacoby Bergeron – 8th place
Match #1 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Josh Johnson (Oregon) Dec 0-2,7-0,2-0
Match #2 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Sean Ambrocio (Texas) Dec 2-0,0-2,5-0
Match #3 Kevon Powell (Illinois ) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,5-0
Match #4 Austin Trott (Georgia) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Fall 8-3,1:32
7th Place Match: Joe Andrews (Texas) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) FF

Junior-105 – Zach Stepan – DNP
Match #1 Zach Stepan (Minnesota) over Eric English (Illinois ) Fall 1:10
Match #2 Zach Stepan (Minnesota) over Omar Maknassi (Virginia) Dec 3-1,3-1
Match #3 Zach Stepan (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Jade Rauser (Montana) over Zach Stepan (Minnesota) Fall 0:17
Match #5 Jake Bellis (Illinois ) over Zach Stepan (Minnesota) TF 8-0,6-0

Junior-112 – Michael Fuenffinger – DNP
Match #1 Michael Fuenffinger (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Michael Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over Isaac Ruiz (Kansas) Dec 7-0,2-3,5-0
Match #3 Michael Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over John Ferbrache (Illinois ) Fall 0:31
Match #4 Michael Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over Drake Medeiros (Hawaii) Dec 4-0,5-0

Junior-119 – Randy Shamp – DNP
Match #1 Randy Shamp (Minnesota) over Kyle Kelsey (Wisconsin) Dec 2-0,1-5,4-1
Match #2 Mike Rhone (Pennsylvania) over Randy Shamp (Minnesota) TF 10-2,6-0
Match #3 Jerry Huff (Colorado) over Randy Shamp (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:31

Junior-125 – Robert Otterness – 8th place
Match #1 Robert Otterness (Minnesota) over Trace Gutknecht (Arizona) Dec 5-0,6-1
Match #2 Robert Otterness (Minnesota) over Jesse Hillhouse (Wyoming) Fall 0:24
Match #3 Robert Otterness (Minnesota) over Anthony Thurgood (California) Dec 2-2,5-0
Match #4 David Klingsheim (California) over Robert Otterness (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #5 Robert Otterness (Minnesota) over Dalton Dennis (Florida) Dec 5-1,0-3,5-3
Match #6 Robert Otterness (Minnesota) over Cody Orr (Missouri) Fall 0:56
Match #7 Aaron Runzo (Virginia) over Robert Otterness (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,6-0
7th Place Match: Pat Scully (Illinois ) over Robert Otterness (Minnesota) Dec 2-5,4-0,2-1

Junior-125 – Drew Fleming – DNP
Match #1 Drew Fleming (Minnesota) over Will Wells (New York) Fall 6-0,1:26
Match #2 Drew Fleming (Minnesota) over Mack Chambers (California) Dec 1-0,7-0
Match #3 Drew Fleming (Minnesota) over Andrew Hirai (Hawaii) Dec 4-2,6-0
Match #4 Frank Goodwin (Maryland) over Drew Fleming (Minnesota) TF 7-1,7-0
Match #5 Pat Scully (Illinois ) over Drew Fleming (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,6-0

Junior-125 – Michael Buhl – DNP
Match #1 Sammy Orozco (California) over Michael Buhl (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Michael Buhl (Minnesota) over Chayse Jackson (Oregon) Dec 1-0,0-2,1-0
Match #3 Patrick Grigsby (Missouri) over Michael Buhl (Minnesota) Fall 0:42

Junior-130 – Jacob Revier – DNP
Match #1 Tommy Siciliano (Oregon) over Jacob Revier (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:14
Match #2 Jacob Revier (Minnesota) over Ian Jones (Florida) Dec 0-2,6-0,5-2
Match #3 Travis Rife (Michigan) over Jacob Revier (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-130 – Ali Mohamed – DNP
Match #1 Ali Mohamed (Minnesota) over Joe Soqui (Arizona) Dec 2-0,4-0
Match #2 Austin Wilson (Nebraska) over Ali Mohamed (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,1-0
Match #3 Travis Himmelman (Colorado) over Ali Mohamed (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,7-0

Junior-130 – Drew Lexvold – DNP
Match #1 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Brock Krumm (North Dakota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Maika Nagata (Hawaii) Dec 6-0,4-4,6-2
Match #3 Drew Erickson (Oregon) over Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #4 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Randy Sisenstein (New York) Dec 1-1,7-0
Match #5 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Tyler Keselring (Michigan) Dec 0-2,1-1,2-0
Match #6 Travis Himmelman (Colorado) over Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Junior-130 – Justin Lavalle – 1st place
Match #1 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Aaron Shaffer (Colorado) Fall 7-0,0:33
Match #2 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Alex Maynard (Illinois ) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Ryan Hayes (New York) Dec 5-0,6-0
Match #4 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Brock Brown (Utah) Fall 1:37
Match #5 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Taylor Moeder (Kansas) Fall 0:34
Match #6 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Kade Moss (Utah) Dec 0-1,1-0,2-1
Match #7 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Tommy Siciliano (Oregon) Fall 1:46
Match #8 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Kade Moss (Utah) Dec 0-1,1-0,2-1
Match #10 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Alex Kostenborder (Oregon) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #11 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) received a bye.
1st Place Match: Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Tucker Ray (Utah) Dec 1-0,7-0

Junior-130 – Alex Anderson – DNP
Match #1 Jake Eitzen (Colorado) over Alex Anderson (Minnesota) Fall 2-0,2-3,0:52
Match #2 Alex Anderson (Minnesota) over Blake Rogers (Arizona) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Brandon Rice (Illinois ) over Alex Anderson (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,1-0

Junior-130 – Christian Skillings – DNP
Match #1 Christian Skillings (Minnesota) over Josh Paiva (California) Dec 0-7,2-2,4-3
Match #2 Zeb Stewart (Virginia) over Christian Skillings (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-0
Match #3 Alex Kostenborder (Oregon) over Christian Skillings (Minnesota) TF 7-1,7-1

Junior-130 – Ryan Schroepfer – DNP
Match #1 Josh Keszler (South Dakota) over Ryan Schroepfer (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #2 Myzar Mendoza (Maryland) over Ryan Schroepfer (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-0

Junior-135 – Paul Norgren – DNP
Match #1 Paul Norgren (Minnesota) over Josh Morris (Virginia) Fall 6-0,1:32
Match #2 Paul Norgren (Minnesota) over Nick McSorley (Ohio) Dec 7-1,0-7,5-1
Match #3 Paul Norgren (Minnesota) over Kegan Arthur (Michigan) Dec 2-0,0-5,1-0
Match #4 Paul Norgren (Minnesota) over Jordan Jensen (Indiana) TF 7-0,0-3,6-0
Match #5 Josh Kindig (Pennsylvania) over Paul Norgren (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #6 Acton Pifer (Georgia) over Paul Norgren (Minnesota) Dec 2-2,1-0,3-0

Junior-135 – Tyler Mergen – DNP
Match #1 A J Zemke (Wisconsin) over Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-2
Match #2 Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) over Koleton Hardy (Utah) Dec 6-0,4-1
Match #3 Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) over Brandon Garrety (California) TF 7-1,7-0
Match #4 Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) over Ryan Sacco (New Jersey) Dec 4-2,4-3
Match #5 Ellis Coleman (Illinois ) over Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) TF 5-0,8-1

Junior-135 – Beau Buysse – DNP
Match #1 Thomas Allen (Wisconsin) over Beau Buysse (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,0-1,5-0
Match #2 Bo Schlosser (Illinois ) over Beau Buysse (Minnesota) Dec 6-1,6-0

Junior-135 – Robert Fisher – 4th place
Match #1 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Cody Decarli (Virginia) TF 9-2,7-1
Match #2 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over John Walker (Indiana) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Darius Delgado (North Carolina) Fall 7-1,1:59
Match #4 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Jordan Sherman (Illinois ) Fall 3-0,0:49
Match #5 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Christopher Mayolo (Washington) Dec 1-4,5-0,6-0
Match #6 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Daniel Osterman (Michigan) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #7 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Bo Schlosser (Illinois ) Fall 1-0,1:22
Match #8 Joseph Locksmith (Florida) over Robert Fisher (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,0-5,1-0
Match #9 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Daniel Osterman (Michigan) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #11 Joseph Locksmith (Florida) over Robert Fisher (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,0-5,1-0
3rd Place Match: Josh Kindig (Pennsylvania) over Robert Fisher (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,2-0

Junior-135 – Devon Scott – DNP
Match #1 Will Keeter (Idaho) over Devon Scott (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,0-1,3-2
Match #2 Daniel Osterman (Michigan) over Devon Scott (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,4-0

Junior-140 – Dylan Ness – 2nd place
Match #1 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Blake Ball (Hawaii) Fall 0:30
Match #2 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Branden Yeik (Washington) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Stuart Hogan (Wisconsin) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Adam Powers (Pennsylvania) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #5 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Damon Mele (Utah) Fall 0:52
Match #6 Elijah Sullivan (Iowa) over Dylan Ness (Minnesota) Dec 0-6,3-0,8-3
Match #7 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Kevin Timothy (Florida) Dec 5-3,7-0
Match #8 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Luke Vaith (Minnesota) Dec 0-6,3-0,1-0
Match #9 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Chris Gonzalez (Illinois ) Dec 0-6,7-3,1-0
Match #11 Elijah Sullivan (Iowa) over Dylan Ness (Minnesota) Dec 0-6,3-0,8-3
1st Place Match: RaVaughan Perkins (Nebraska) over Dylan Ness (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-140 – Taylor Menke – DNP
Match #1 Taylor Menke (Minnesota) over Evan Burchette (Georgia) Dec 7-0,5-0
Match #2 Taylor Menke (Minnesota) over Jeremy Hippensteel (Michigan) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Taylor Menke (Minnesota) over Tanner Hirstine (Colorado) Fall 1:33
Match #4 Taylor Menke (Minnesota) over Cesar Catalan (California) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #5 RaVaughan Perkins (Nebraska) over Taylor Menke (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #6 Matthew Nereim (Florida) over Taylor Menke (Minnesota) Fall 1:52

Junior-140 – Jake Long – DNP
Match #1 Jake Long (Minnesota) over Brannon Beck (Missouri) Fall 1:41
Match #2 Jake Long (Minnesota) over Paul Liguori (New York) Dec 1-4,1-0,2-0
Match #3 Marshall Carpenter (Montana) over Jake Long (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,5-3
Match #4 Chris Gonzalez (Illinois ) over Jake Long (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior-140 – Luke Belair – DNP
Match #1 Luke Belair (Minnesota) over Brent Mittleider (North Dakota) Dec 2-0,5-0
Match #2 Tyler King (Washington) over Luke Belair (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,1-0
Match #3 Zach Reeb (Kansas) over Luke Belair (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-1

Junior-140 – Luke Vaith – 7th place
Match #1 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Robert Collum (Georgia) Dec 6-0,1-0
Match #2 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Lex Ozias (Maryland) Dec 6-0,1-0
Match #3 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Nick Bohn (Michigan) TF 6-0,5-0
Match #4 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Shawn Lau (Montana) Dec 2-0,6-0
Match #5 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Pete Baldwin (Florida) Dec 4-1,4-2
Match #7 Elijah Sullivan (Iowa) over Luke Vaith (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,5-0
Match #8 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Luke Vaith (Minnesota) Dec 0-6,3-0,1-0
7th Place Match: Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Shohei Takagi (California) TF 0-1,7-0,7-0

Junior-140 – Zach Revier – DNP
Match #1 Matthew Nereim (Florida) over Zach Revier (Minnesota) Fall 0:36
Match #2 Russell Flores (Missouri) over Zach Revier (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,3-0

Junior-145 – Nick Tourville – 7th place
Match #1 Nick Tourville (Minnesota) over Eugene Komissarov (New York) Fall 1:02
Match #2 Nick Tourville (Minnesota) over Devan Silva (Washington) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Nick Tourville (Minnesota) over Aslan Gigolaev (Georgia) TF 8-2,6-0
Match #4 Nick Tourville (Minnesota) over Gabriel Bird (Florida) Dec 6-5,0-3,6-1
Match #5 Cody Barrick (Pennsylvania) over Nick Tourville (Minnesota) Dec 4-4,1-7,5-2
Match #6 Nick Tourville (Minnesota) over Ryan Stahl (Indiana) Dec 1-0,3-1
Match #7 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Nick Tourville (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,1-0
7th Place Match: Nick Tourville (Minnesota) over Jason Gray (Washington) Fall 2-0,1:07

Junior-145 – Patrick Smith – 6th place
Match #1 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Justin Bryner (Utah) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Kendall Nuss (Wyoming) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Caleb Smith (Indiana) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #4 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Nestor Taffur (New Jersey) Dec 2-0,3-0
Match #5 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Bj Frederick (Maryland) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #6 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Cody Barrick (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-0,0-3,1-0
Match #7 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Nick Tourville (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,1-0
Match #8 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Steven Hernandez (Nevada) over Patrick Smith (Minnesota) ID
Match #10 Josh Castellano (Illinois ) over Patrick Smith (Minnesota) ID
5th Place Match: Kevin Maelfeyt (California) over Patrick Smith (Minnesota) ID

Junior-145 – Cody Benz – DNP
Match #1 Cody Robertson (Texas) over Cody Benz (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,3-2
Match #2 Anthony Gaito (New Jersey) over Cody Benz (Minnesota) Fall 0:30

Junior-145 – Justin Frey – DNP
Match #1 Justin Frey (Minnesota) over Rex Martin (Montana) Dec 5-0,3-0
Match #2 Justin Frey (Minnesota) over Niko Hughes (Washington) Dec 1-1,1-0
Match #3 Justin Frey (Minnesota) over Dillon Dennis (Florida) Dec 1-0,0-3,1-0
Match #4 Justin Frey (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Steven Hernandez (Nevada) over Justin Frey (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,6-0
Match #6 Josh Castellano (Illinois ) over Justin Frey (Minnesota) TF 10-3,9-3

Junior-145 – Steven Keogh – DNP
Match #1 Steven Keogh (Minnesota) over Josef Haas (New York) Dec 7-1,4-0
Match #2 Steven Keogh (Minnesota) over Daniel Thelkeld (California) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Steven Keogh (Minnesota) over Kevin Brown (Missouri) Dec 0-2,3-0,1-0
Match #4 Tyler Juby (Wyoming) over Steven Keogh (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,6-1
Match #5 Chase Gordon (Florida) over Steven Keogh (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,1-0

Junior-152 – Eric Hood – DNP
Match #1 Seth Thomas (Oregon) over Eric Hood (Minnesota) TF 7-0,5-0
Match #2 Brayden Wienke (Wisconsin) over Eric Hood (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,6-0

Junior-152 – Nels Pederson – DNP
Match #1 Nels Pederson (Minnesota) over Gabriel Asano (Missouri) Dec 2-3,1-0,3-0
Match #2 Wes Jones (Virginia) over Nels Pederson (Minnesota) Fall 0:46
Match #3 Matthew Gallen (Utah) over Nels Pederson (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-0

Junior-152 – Garrett Foltz – DNP
Match #1 Jordan Cox (Idaho) over Garrett Foltz (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Iver Sandoval (Colorado) over Garrett Foltz (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-0

Junior-152 – Jake Begin – DNP
Match #1 Jake Begin (Minnesota) over Jack Carlson (Virginia) Dec 6-0,4-3
Match #2 Jake Begin (Minnesota) over Rex Lyon (South Dakota) Dec 5-1,3-0
Match #3 Jake Begin (Minnesota) over Nick Nelson (California) TF 0-1,7-1,6-0
Match #4 Jason Seibel (Kansas) over Jake Begin (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,6-1
Match #5 Joseph Cozart (Florida) over Jake Begin (Minnesota) TF 6-0,8-2

Junior-160 – Nolan Rial – DNP
Match #1 Cam Savage (Iowa) over Nolan Rial (Minnesota) TF 7-0,1-7,6-0
Match #2 Andrew Lattner (Missouri) over Nolan Rial (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,2-0

Junior-160 – Cody Manderscheid – DNP
Match #1 Davin Morris (Florida) over Cody Manderscheid (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,0-3,1-0
Match #2 Cody Manderscheid (Minnesota) over Patrick Kovacs (Ohio) Fall 7-0,1:19
Match #3 Patrick Nord (North Dakota) over Cody Manderscheid (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:54

Junior-160 – Aaron Hutchens – DNP
Match #1 Erin O`Dell (Florida) over Aaron Hutchens (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:32
Match #2 Jared Miller (Alaska) over Aaron Hutchens (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:46

Junior-171 – Zak Coates – DNP
Match #1 Zak Coates (Minnesota) over David Solis (Iowa) Fall 6-0,0:37
Match #2 Zak Coates (Minnesota) over Cody Reed (New York) Dec 4-1,4-0
Match #3 Levi Clemons (Florida) over Zak Coates (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,0-5,1-0
Match #4 Stephen McPeek (Texas) over Zak Coates (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,1:15

Junior-171 – Scott Gifford – DNP
Match #1 Nate Brubaker (Ohio) over Scott Gifford (Minnesota) Fall 4-3,0:30
Match #2 Pat Martinez (California) over Scott Gifford (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,1-0,4-3

Junior-171 – Joel Bauman – 8th place
Match #1 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Chris DeFillippo (New Mexico) Dec 1-0,1-1
Match #2 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Brandon Karlos (Ohio) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Alex Harvey (California) Dec 1-0,5-1
Match #4 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Ryan Shank (West Virginia) Fall 0-1,0:45
Match #6 Michael Evans (Pennsylvania) over Joel Bauman (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,2-5,4-1
Match #7 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Stephen McPeek (Texas) Dec 1-0,3-1
Match #8 Mark Stenberg (Illinois ) over Joel Bauman (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-0
7th Place Match: Pat Martinez (California) over Joel Bauman (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0

Junior-171 – Thomas Sandt – DNP
Match #1 Thomas Sandt (Minnesota) over Nick Keiper (California) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #2 Ryan Festag (Idaho) over Thomas Sandt (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,4-0,7-0
Match #3 Gabe Vasquez (Texas) over Thomas Sandt (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,6-0

Junior-171 – Ben McPhail – DNP
Match #1 Ben McPhail (Minnesota) over Tyler Humes (Michigan) Fall 1-0,0:57
Match #2 Lee Wildes (Florida) over Ben McPhail (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,1-0
Match #3 Ben McPhail (Minnesota) over Austin Gelbach (Missouri) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #4 Nate Brubaker (Ohio) over Ben McPhail (Minnesota) Fall 0:33

Junior-171 – John Gusewelle – DNP
Match #1 John Gusewelle (Minnesota) over Kolton Kersten (Iowa) Dec 8-4,4-1
Match #2 Michael Evans (Pennsylvania) over John Gusewelle (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,6-0
Match #3 John Gusewelle (Minnesota) over Caleb Pendleton (Oregon) Dec 1-0,3-0
Match #4 John Gusewelle (Minnesota) over Ryan Shank (West Virginia) Fall 0:36
Match #5 Mark Stenberg (Illinois ) over John Gusewelle (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-0

Junior-189 – Kody Kalkbrenner – DNP
Match #1 Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) over Evan Murphy (South Dakota) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #2 Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) over Guy Keeku (Wisconsin) Dec 5-1,2-0
Match #3 Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) over Taylor Savio (Utah) Dec 0-6,6-6,4-3
Match #4 Scott Schiller (North Dakota) over Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:09
Match #5 Austin Morehead (California) over Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) Fall 0:55

Junior-189 – Cooper James Hays – DNP
Match #1 Jay Taylor (Florida) over Cooper James Hays (Minnesota) Fall 1:03
Match #2 Cooper James Hays (Minnesota) over Christian Gutierrez (Arizona) Fall 7-0,0:27
Match #3 Cooper James Hays (Minnesota) over Aaron Phillips (Alaska) Dec 2-1,0-2,3-0
Match #4 Andrew Campolattano (New Jersey) over Cooper James Hays (Minnesota) Fall 1:52

Junior-189 – Ray Hagberg – DNP
Match #1 Zachary Baldwin (Florida) over Ray Hagberg (Minnesota) Fall 1-0,0:50
Match #2 Chris Heald (Michigan) over Ray Hagberg (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,4-0

Junior-189 – Jeff Nielsen – DNP
Match #1 Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) over Cole Banta (Oregon) Dec 6-0,3-0
Match #2 Andre Petroski (Pennsylvania) over Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,1-0
Match #3 Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) over Mike McGrath (New York) Dec 6-0,1-2,1-0
Match #4 Roland Dunlap (Wisconsin) over Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,6-0

Junior-189 – Tyler Lehmann – 2nd place
Match #1 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Dustin Johnson (Washington) Fall 6-0,1:37
Match #2 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Marcus Finau (Hawaii) Fall 1-0,0:42
Match #3 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Jake Filkins (Wisconsin) Fall 4-0,1:07
Match #4 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Zachary Baldwin (Florida) Fall 1:47
Match #5 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Tony Gardner (Maryland) Fall 0:22
Match #6 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Micah Larson (Minnesota) TF 3-3,7-0,6-0
Match #7 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Jake Swartz (Washington) Dec 4-0,3-0
Match #8 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Austin Morehead (California) Fall 8-0,0:20
Match #9 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Jake Swartz (Washington) Dec 0-4,0-3
Match #10 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) received a bye.
1st Place Match: Andrew Campolattano (New Jersey) over Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) Fall 1:06

Junior-189 – Micah Larson – DNP
Match #1 Micah Larson (Minnesota) over Joseph Hinchman (Georgia) Dec 4-0,5-3
Match #2 Micah Larson (Minnesota) over Charles Massey (Pennsylvania) Fall 6-0,0:19
Match #3 Scott Schiller (North Dakota) over Micah Larson (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,5-1
Match #4 Micah Larson (Minnesota) over Chip Norwood (Tennessee) Dec 1-0,6-0
Match #5 Micah Larson (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Tyler Lehman (Minnesota) over Micah Larson (Minnesota) TF 3-3,7-0,6-0

Junior-189 – Craig Kelliher – DNP
Match #1 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Dennis Recknagel (Ohio) Dec 6-0,2-1
Match #2 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Jaret-levi Nahooikaika (Hawaii) TF 8-1,7-0
Match #3 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Kyle Matthews (California) Dec 2-0,0-1,7-0
Match #4 Dominique Walker (Michigan) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 2-2,1-0,4-0
Match #5 Reid Chivers (Washington) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,0-1,4-0

Junior-215 – Zane Peterson – DNP
Match #1 Zane Peterson (Minnesota) over Endhyr Meza (California) Fall 3-5,1:28
Match #2 Zane Peterson (Minnesota) over Donovan Gonderman (North Carolina) Fall 1:05
Match #3 Ray Gordon (Ohio) over Zane Peterson (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-0
Match #4 Charles Lewis (Illinois ) over Zane Peterson (Minnesota) Fall 5-0,1:01

Junior-285 – Parker Betts – DNP
Match #1 Parker Betts (Minnesota) over Shay Riggs (Oregon) Dec 5-4,1-0
Match #2 Parker Betts (Minnesota) over Thomas Lauer (Ohio) Dec 1-0,3-1
Match #3 Donovan Green (Florida) over Parker Betts (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,5-0
Match #4 Kyle Kober (Iowa) over Parker Betts (Minnesota) Fall 0:43

Junior-285 – Jake Kettler – 5th place
Match #1 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Dylan Stadel (Utah) Fall 0:24
Match #2 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #3 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over David Speas (North Carolina) Fall 5-1,0:25
Match #4 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Nolan Proehl (Iowa) Dec 6-0,1-0
Match #5 Niko Bogojevic (Wisconsin) over Jake Kettler (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,1-0
Match #6 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Evan Craig (Pennsylvania) Fall 1:42
Match #7 Karl Green (Maryland) over Jake Kettler (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-0
Match #8 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Niko Bogojevic (Wisconsin) over Jake Kettler (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,1-0
5th Place Match: Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Scott Helton (Illinois ) Dec 3-0,3-0

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Women Freestyle Results for Minnesota


Individual Results:

Women-116 – Natalie Rutt – 2nd place
Match #1 Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) over Sarah Haas (Indiana) Fall 0:41
Match #2 Samantha Ortiz (California) over Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,5-0
Match #3 Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) over Sarara Mix (Wisconsin) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #4 Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) over Tanya Kusse (N York) Fall 2-3,3-2,0:40
Match #5 Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) over Brazel Marquez (California) Dec 4-3,3-2
Match #6 Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) over Tanya Kusse (N York) Fall 2-3,3-2,0:40
Match #7 Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) over Brazel Marquez (California) Dec 4-3,3-2
1st Place Match: Hanna Martin (Oklahoma) over Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) Fall 4-0,1:00

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Cadet Freestyle Results for Minnesota


Top Ten Team Scores:

1. Illinois 85
2. Pennsylvania 69
3. Ohio 58
4. Iowa 53
5. Minnesota 48
6. Michigan 39
7. California 30
8. Missouri 27
9. New Jersey 26
10. Wisconsin 22

Individual Results:

Cadet-84 – Gabe Foltz – DNP
Match #1 Gabe Foltz (Minnesota) over Brandon Winward (Utah) Dec 1-0,5-1
Match #2 David Mohler (Maryland) over Gabe Foltz (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,4-0
Match #3 Dylan Akers (Texas) over Gabe Foltz (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,1:22

Cadet-84 – Jarred Oftedahl – 5th Place
Match #1 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Manuel Borrego (California) Fall 0:25
Match #2 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Jordan Lind (Illinois) Fall 1:40
Match #3 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Kyle Kelly (New York) Fall 0:15
Match #5 Billy Rappo (Pennsylvania) over Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,2-1
Match #6 Zach Howell (Delaware) over Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) Dec 3-3,7-4
5th Place Match: Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Dylan Akers (Texas) Fall 0-2,0:40

Cadet-91 – Matt Elsenpeter – DNP
Match #1 Phillip Laux (Iowa) over Matt Elsenpeter (Minnesota) Dec 8-0,5-3
Match #2 Matt Elsenpeter (Minnesota) over Derek Dau (Indiana) Fall 7-0,0:42
Match #3 Zac Pilkington (Maryland) over Matt Elsenpeter (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,7-3

Cadet-91 – Nathaniel Mittag – DNP
Match #1 Jan Rosenberg (New Jersey) over Nathaniel Mittag (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,6-0
Match #2 Auston Finley (Missouri) over Nathaniel Mittag (Minnesota) Fall 0:25

Cadet-98 – Ross Rath – DNP
Match #1 Nick Roberts (Pennsylvania) over Ross Rath (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Ross Rath (Minnesota) over Luis Gonzalez (New Jersey) Fall 1:07
Match #3 Joshua Andrew (Washington) over Ross Rath (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,4-0

Cadet-98 – Nate Thomas – DNP
Match #1 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) over Dylon Thompson (Colorado) Dec 1-2,3-0,2-0
Match #2 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) over Andrew Medina (Arizona) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) over Tyler Kinn (Montana) Dec 1-0,4-1
Match #4 Nate Thomas (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Max Hvolbeck (California) over Nate Thomas (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,6-0
Match #6 Colby Knight (Iowa) over Nate Thomas (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-2

Cadet-98 – Marcus Hamer – DNP
Match #1 Marcus Hamer (Minnesota) over Riley Newkirk (Indiana) Dec 7-0,4-3
Match #2 Steven Hopkins (Washington) over Marcus Hamer (Minnesota) Fall 4-3,0:57
Match #3 Paul Mascarenas (New Mexico) over Marcus Hamer (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,5-2

Cadet-98 – Sam Brancale – DNP
Match #1 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Gabe Bonay (Washington) Fall 7-0,1:54
Match #2 Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Josh Carlton (Idaho) Fall 6-0,0:46
Match #3 Kegan Gavaldon (Colorado) over Sam Brancale (Minnesota) Fall 1-1,1-6,1:16
Match #4 Jered Cortez (Ohio) over Sam Brancale (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Cadet-105 – Wayne Voss – DNP
Match #1 Jordan Wigger (South Carolina) over Wayne Voss (Minnesota) Fall 5-1,1:17
Match #2 Wayne Voss (Minnesota) over Brady Webb (Wisconsin) Dec 1-0,2-2
Match #3 Tyler Fraley (New Jersey) over Wayne Voss (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Cadet-105 – Nick Scheffert – DNP
Match #1 Gunnar Woodburn (Oklahoma) over Nick Scheffert (Minnesota) Dec 0-3,1-0,1-1
Match #2 Everette White (North Carolina) over Nick Scheffert (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Cadet-105 – Dylan Bethke – DNP
Match #1 Jesse Harlan (California) over Dylan Bethke (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,1-0
Match #2 Dylan Bethke (Minnesota) over Brad Buechler (Wisconsin) Dec 6-1,1-4,6-0
Match #3 Eddie Greco (Illinois) over Dylan Bethke (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Cadet-105 – Mitch Bengtson – DNP
Match #1 Mitch Brown (Utah) over Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) Dec 0-7,1-0,2-1
Match #2 Dominick Malone (Connecticut) over Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,3-1

Cadet-112 – Tyler Chapple – DNP
Match #1 Joey Paddock (New York) over Tyler Chapple (Minnesota) TF 4-6,7-1,6-0
Match #2 Zach Abkemeier (Oklahoma) over Tyler Chapple (Minnesota) Fall 4-6,1:26

Cadet-112 – Brady Johnshoy – DNP
Match #1 Brady Johnshoy (Minnesota) over Drue Bosco (California) Dec 3-1,2-0
Match #2 Brady Johnshoy (Minnesota) over Berkley Stewart (Georgia) Fall 6-0,0:35
Match #3 Eric Friedman (Maryland) over Brady Johnshoy (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-0
Match #4 John Fahy (Kentucky) over Brady Johnshoy (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,6-0

Cadet-112 – Juan Torres – DNP
Match #1 Anthony Collica (Ohio) over Juan Torres (Minnesota) Dec 3-3,6-0
Match #2 Juan Torres (Minnesota) over Jarod Maynes (Washington) Dec 4-4,2-2
Match #3 Issiah Martinez (California) over Juan Torres (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:50

Cadet-112 – Tyler Isaacson – DNP
Match #1 Martin Ramirez (California) over Tyler Isaacson (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Tyler Isaacson (Minnesota) over Jeremy Todd (Georgia) Dec 8-5,2-1
Match #3 Tyler Isaacson (Minnesota) over Samson Imonode (Arizona) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #4 Mark Grey (New Jersey) over Tyler Isaacson (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:27

Cadet-119 – Mike Simeon – DNP
Match #1 Mike Simeon (Minnesota) over Daniel Leonard (Oregon) Dec 0-1,2-2,1-1
Match #2 Alec Mooradian (Michigan) over Mike Simeon (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Joey Ramirez (California) over Mike Simeon (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,3-2

Cadet-119 – Dakota Trom – DNP
Match #1 Dakota Trom (Minnesota) over Chase Ferman (Oklahoma) TF 7-1,0-1,12-6
Match #2 Julian Purdy (California) over Dakota Trom (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,2-1,2-0
Match #3 Joe Orecchio (New Jersey) over Dakota Trom (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,3-0,2-1

Cadet-119 – Darick Vancura – DNP
Match #1 Earl Hall (Florida) over Darick Vancura (Minnesota) TF 1-4,6-0,6-0
Match #2 Darick Vancura (Minnesota) over Zachary Vesta (Kansas) Dec 0-7,5-5,6-0
Match #3 Drake Chase (Iowa) over Darick Vancura (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Cadet-119 – Alexander Johannes – DNP
Match #1 Isiah Varona (Florida) over Alexander Johannes (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,2-1
Match #2 Josh Morin (Montana) over Alexander Johannes (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0

Cadet-119 – Christopher Carney – DNP
Match #1 Sammy Rosario (Georgia) over Christopher Carney (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-8,4-0
Match #2 Christopher Carney (Minnesota) over Isaac Lundgren (Iowa) Dec 2-0,3-3
Match #3 Christopher Carney (Minnesota) over Anthony Leonardo (Oregon) Dec 2-1,3-0
Match #4 Natrelle Deminson (California) over Christopher Carney (Minnesota) Fall 1:12

Cadet-125 – Jake Short – 8th Place
Match #1 Jake Short (Minnesota) over Jim Hatzell (New Jersey) Dec 7-0,5-4
Match #2 Jake Short (Minnesota) over Rene Cervantes (California) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Jake Short (Minnesota) over Tom Kuehn (North Dakota) Fall 6-0,1:57
Match #4 Jake Short (Minnesota) over Jimmy Nehls (Illinois) Dec 4-0,2-0
Match #5 Jake Short (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Jake Short (Minnesota) over Rusty Maness (West Virginia) Fall 1:56
Match #7 Todd Preston (New Jersey) over Jake Short (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #8 Zachary Horan (Pennsylvania) over Jake Short (Minnesota) Fall 0:44
7th Place Match: Connor Melde (New Jersey) over Jake Short (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-0

Cadet-125 – Mike Jarnot – DNP
Match #1 Mike Jarnot (Minnesota) over Brian Sergi (California) Dec 4-3,3-1
Match #2 Mike Jarnot (Minnesota) over Torin Zonfrelli (Massachusetts) Dec 3-1,6-0
Match #3 Kyle Larson (Iowa) over Mike Jarnot (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,2-0
Match #4 Mike Jarnot (Minnesota) over Peter Galli (Maryland) TF 7-0,8-0
Match #5 Zane Richards (Illinois) over Mike Jarnot (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Cadet-125 – Eric Nelson – DNP
Match #1 Todd Preston (New Jersey) over Eric Nelson (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-0
Match #2 Alex Aniciente (Nevada) over Eric Nelson (Minnesota) Dec 1-2,6-0,4-1

Cadet-125 – Ben Morgan – 6th Place
Match #1 Ben Morgan (Minnesota) over Trey Mitchell (Delaware) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Ben Morgan (Minnesota) over Riley McClurg (Indiana) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Ben Morgan (Minnesota) over Phillip Kail (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #4 Ben Morgan (Minnesota) over Kaleb Baker (Tennessee) TF 7-1,7-0
Match #5 Ben Morgan (Minnesota) over Connor Melde (New Jersey) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #6 Ben Morgan (Minnesota) over Willie Fox (California) Fall 5-1,0:16
Match #7 Zane Richards (Illinois) over Ben Morgan (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-1,2-1
Match #8 Terrel Wilbourn (Missouri) over Ben Morgan (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-8,1-0
5th Place Match: Jameson Oster (Illinois) over Ben Morgan (Minnesota) Dec 3-3,8-2

Cadet-125 – Sam Stewart – DNP
Match #1 Sam Stewart (Minnesota) over Nicholas Mauro (New Jersey) Dec 4-2,6-5
Match #2 Mitch Friedman (Wisconsin) over Sam Stewart (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,6-2
Match #3 Willie Fox (California) over Sam Stewart (Minnesota) TF 8-2,7-0

Cadet-130 – Matt Kelliher – 3rd Place
Match #1 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Brady Wheelock (Oklahoma) Fall 0:23
Match #2 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Rylan Vandevender (Idaho) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Shane Yucata (California) Dec 6-0,6-6,2-1
Match #4 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Nick Mudlaff (Wisconsin) Fall 1:42
Match #5 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Colton Eck (Kansas) Dec 6-2,6-0
Match #6 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #7 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Tyler Askey (Georgia) Dec 4-4,6-4,7-1
Match #8 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Mark Martin (Ohio) Dec 5-2,0-1,7-3
Match #9 Edwin Cooper (Illinois) over Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-1
3rd Place Match: Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Zane Nelson (Ohio) Dec 5-3,6-0

Cadet-130 – Nathan Krepp – DNP
Match #1 Jarod Donar (Wisconsin) over Nathan Krepp (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Connor Jones (Florida) over Nathan Krepp (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,2-0

Cadet-130 – Jonathan Dill – DNP
Match #1 Jared Kust (Wisconsin) over Jonathan Dill (Minnesota) Fall 0:56
Match #2 Campbell Lewis (Tennessee) over Jonathan Dill (Minnesota) TF 7-1,6-0

Cadet-130 – Brad Maas – DNP
Match #1 Brad Maas (Minnesota) over John Morrell (Illinois) Dec 2-0,3-0
Match #2 Brad Maas (Minnesota) over Rc Ramirez (Florida) Dec 3-0,3-0
Match #3 Chance Watt (Washington) over Brad Maas (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,0-3,7-0
Match #4 Mark Martin (Ohio) over Brad Maas (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Cadet-130 – Brett Pfarr – DNP
Match #1 Conor Infelise (Illinois) over Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) Fall 1:45
Match #2 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) over David Evans (Missouri) Dec 0-6,3-1,7-1
Match #3 Tyler Askey (Georgia) over Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,3-2

Cadet-135 – Curt Maas – DNP
Match #1 Curt Maas (Minnesota) over James Tecco (Ohio) Dec 2-1,6-6
Match #2 Oliver Pierce (Texas) over Curt Maas (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,7-0
Match #3 Charlie Lynch (Maryland) over Curt Maas (Minnesota) Dec 1-3,5-1,3-3

Cadet-135 – Tim Ostby – DNP
Match #1 Kyle Johnson (Kansas) over Tim Ostby (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,7-1
Match #2 Brady Turnbull (Wyoming) over Tim Ostby (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:25

Cadet-135 – Dan Dick – 8th Place
Match #1 Dan Dick (Minnesota) over Rodney Carter (Wyoming) Fall 7-0,0:57
Match #2 Dan Dick (Minnesota) over Joey Davis (California) Dec 6-1,1-0
Match #3 Dan Dick (Minnesota) over Mitchell Minotti (Pennsylvania) Dec 7-3,3-1
Match #4 Dan Dick (Minnesota) over Dashon Eure (Virginia) Dec 5-0,3-0
Match #5 Dan Dick (Minnesota) over Matt Cimato (Pennsylvania) Dec 2-1,2-0
Match #6 Charlie Lynch (Maryland) over Dan Dick (Minnesota) Dec 4-4,2-1,1-1
Match #7 Dan Dick (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Oliver Pierce (Texas) over Dan Dick (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,1-0
7th Place Match: Blaise Butler (Illinois) over Dan Dick (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,8-3

Cadet-140 – Michael Nerdahl – DNP
Match #1 Alex Swartz (Missouri) over Michael Nerdahl (Minnesota) Dec 7-3,0-7,7-0
Match #2 Kevin Beazley (Michigan) over Michael Nerdahl (Minnesota) Fall 0:37

Cadet-140 – Colten LaChance – DNP
Match #1 Colten LaChance (Minnesota) over Alex Meyer (Iowa) Dec 1-1,6-2
Match #2 Colten LaChance (Minnesota) over Marvin Gomez (Virginia) Dec 5-3,7-1
Match #3 Tre Miller Scott (Pennsylvania) over Colten LaChance (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,4-0
Match #4 Brooks Climmons (Georgia) over Colten LaChance (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Cadet-145 – Micah Barnes – 8th Place
Match #1 Dominic Prezzia (Ohio) over Micah Barnes (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #2 Micah Barnes (Minnesota) over Casey Yates (Idaho) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Micah Barnes (Minnesota) over Luke Smith (Indiana) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 Micah Barnes (Minnesota) over Jesse Baldazo (California) Dec 0-1,2-0,8-1
Match #5 Micah Barnes (Minnesota) over Brad Mutchnik (Maryland) Dec 6-0,3-1
Match #6 Micah Barnes (Minnesota) over Tanner Tinsley (Virginia) Dec 1-0,2-2
Match #7 Zach Rohr (Minnesota) over Micah Barnes (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
7th Place Match” D.J. Beauch (Ohio) over Micah Barnes (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0

Cadet-145 – Shawn Hatlestad – DNP
Match #1 Justin Stitzlein (Ohio) over Shawn Hatlestad (Minnesota) Dec 2-6,5-5,2-1
Match #2 Victor Pereira (California) over Shawn Hatlestad (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,1-1,2-0

Cadet-145 – Zach Rohr – 5th Place
Match #1 Zach Rohr (Minnesota) over Jacob Hebble (Ohio) Dec 5-2,7-0
Match #2 Zach Rohr (Minnesota) over Ben Farmer (Indiana) Dec 4-0,1-0
Match #3 Zach Rohr (Minnesota) over Ben Schwery (Iowa) Fall 1:40
Match #4 Zach Rohr (Minnesota) over Liam Smith (Idaho) Dec 2-0,1-1
Match #5 Zach Rohr (Minnesota) over Cormick Eaton (Wyoming) Dec 4-0,3-2
Match #6 Chris Castillo (Washington) over Zach Rohr (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,1-0
Match #7 Zach Rohr (Minnesota) over Micah Barnes (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #8 Dominic Prezzia (Ohio) over Zach Rohr (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,5-1
Match #9 Zach Rohr (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Chris Castillo (Washington) over Zach Rohr (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,1-0
5th Place Match: Zach Rohr (Minnesota) over Victor Pereira (California) Dec 4-2,4-2

Cadet-145 – Nick Wanzek – DNP
Match #1 Nick Wanzek (Minnesota) over Brett Brigman (Maryland) Fall 7-0,1:53
Match #2 Nick Wanzek (Minnesota) over Cody Rife (Virginia) Fall 3-2,1:10
Match #3 Austin Breckenridge (Wyoming) over Nick Wanzek (Minnesota) Dec 6-6,5-4,5-4
Match #4 Justin Koethe (Iowa) over Nick Wanzek (Minnesota) TF 9-2,6-0

Cadet-152 – Cooper Moore – DNP
Match #1 Cooper Moore (Minnesota) over Andrew Gonzalez (California) Dec 5-1,6-0
Match #2 Cooper Moore (Minnesota) over Adam D`Auguste (New York) TF 6-0,2-3,8-1
Match #3 Cooper Moore (Minnesota) over Michael Haumesser (Ohio) Fall 0:38
Match #4 Bubba Scheffel (Maryland) over Cooper Moore (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #5 Cooper Moore (Minnesota) over Michael Andrukaitis (Illinois) Fall 0:56
Match #6 Logan Molina (Nebraska) over Cooper Moore (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0

Cadet-152 – Preston Lehman – DNP
Match #1 Preston Lehman (Minnesota) over David Borden (Idaho) Fall 1:06
Match #2 James Wilson (California) over Preston Lehman (Minnesota) Fall 4-0,1:27
Match #3 Cody Allala (Virginia) over Preston Lehman (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:59

Cadet-152 – William Baker – 3rd Place
Match #1 William Baker (Minnesota) over Cody Urrutia (California) Fall 3-2,1:22
Match #2 William Baker (Minnesota) over Devon Range (Ohio) Dec 1-7,4-0,5-5
Match #3 William Baker (Minnesota) over Garrett Demers (Idaho) Fall 1:23
Match #4 William Baker (Minnesota) over Sam Son (Kansas) Dec 1-0,6-0
Match #5 William Baker (Minnesota) over Jordan Rogers (Washington) Dec 0-3,9-8,2-1
Match #6 Cody Allala (Virginia) over William Baker (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,4-0
Match #7 William Baker (Minnesota) over James Wilson (California) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #8 William Baker (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Cody Allala (Virginia) over William Baker (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,4-0
Match #10 William Baker (Minnesota) over Jordan Rogers (Washington) Dec 0-3,9-8,2-1
3rd Place Match: William Baker (Minnesota) over Logan Molina (Nebraska) Dec 2-2,2-2

Cadet-152 – Quinton Thiele – DNP
Match #1 Wayne Specht (Indiana) over Quinton Thiele (Minnesota) Dec 7-5,8-1
Match #2 Logan Molina (Nebraska) over Quinton Thiele (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,4-0

Cadet-152 – Jake Lillie – DNP
Match #1 Donovan Maes (Colorado) over Jake Lillie (Minnesota) Fall 4-7,3-3,1:59
Match #2 Jake Lillie (Minnesota) over Tony Jehn (Indiana) Fall 7-0,1:32
Match #3 Rich Lupo (New York) over Jake Lillie (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,4-6,3-3

Cadet-160 – Joe Ginther – DNP
Match #1 Sam Brooks (Illinois) over Joe Ginther (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,8-3
Match #2 Stevin Urban (Oregon) over Joe Ginther (Minnesota) Fall 0:52

Cadet-160 – Richard Carlson – DNP
Match #1 Jacob Morrissey (Wisconsin) over Richard Carlson (Minnesota) Fall 2-3,1:08
Match #2 Richard Carlson (Minnesota) over Hans Moeller (Oregon) Fall 1:43
Match #3 Keegan Cerwinski (New York) over Richard Carlson (Minnesota) Fall 1-0,1:02

Cadet-160 – Austin Lubinski – DNP
Match #1 Diego Chavez (New Jersey) over Austin Lubinski (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,2-0
Match #2 Cody Weaver (Illinois) over Austin Lubinski (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,2-0

Cadet-160 – Jake Waste – 1st Place
Match #1 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Joseph Dondero (Idaho) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Jacob Johnson (Georgia) TF 8-1,6-0
Match #3 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Cody Walters (Ohio) Dec 2-0,6-0
Match #4 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Steven Brazet (California) Dec 9-3,4-3
Match #5 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Jayshon Wilson (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #6 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Jacob Morrissey (Wisconsin) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #7 Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma) over Jake Waste (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,0-3,3-0
Match #8 Jake Waste (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma) over Jake Waste (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,3-0,0-3
Match #10 Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Jeff Koepke (Illinois) Fall 5-1,1:37
1st Place Match: Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Sam Brooks (Illinois) Dec 0-3,5-0,6-0

Cadet-171 – Chad Matthees – DNP
Match #1 Travis Mallo (Iowa) over Chad Matthees (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Derek Thomas (Utah) over Chad Matthees (Minnesota) Dec 7-1,1-0

Cadet-171 – Eric Hensel – DNP
Match #1 Michael Ettore (Florida) over Eric Hensel (Minnesota) Fall 0:46

Cadet-189 – Michael Kroells – 3rd Place
Match #1 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) over Kane Seeley (Iowa) Dec 6-0,5-2
Match #2 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) over Steve Arrambide (California) Dec 1-5,3-0,6-0
Match #3 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) over Adam Coon (Michigan) Dec 1-0,1-1
Match #4 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) over James Suvak (Ohio) TF 8-1,7-0
Match #5 Austin Marsden (Illinois) over Michael Kroells (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-1
Match #6 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) over Skyler Carroll (Montana) Fall 9-1,0:43
Match #7 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) over Jared Koch (Illinois) Dec 6-5,6-0
Match #8 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Austin Marsden (Illinois) over Michael Kroells (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-1
Match #10 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) over Jared Koch (Illinois) Dec 6-5,6-0
3rd Place Match: Michael Kroells (Minnesota) over Brad Johnson (Illinois) Dec 4-2,4-3

Cadet-189 – Alex Gray – DNP
Match #1 Isaiah Cromwell (New Jersey) over Alex Gray (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Andrew DuBose (Utah) over Alex Gray (Minnesota) Fall 0-6,0:48

Cadet-215 – Blake Arndt – DNP
Match #1 Harley Tillerson (Oklahoma) over Blake Arndt (Minnesota) Fall 6-8,0:48
Match #2 Blake Arndt (Minnesota) over Andrew Lutterloh (Virginia) TF 7-0,8-0
Match #3 Eric Mason (Kansas) over Blake Arndt (Minnesota) Fall 0:45

Cadet-215 – Austin Holland – DNP
Match #1 Kody Papasan (Idaho) over Austin Holland (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,3-0
Match #2 Scott Neff (Indiana) over Austin Holland (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,1-0

Cadet-285 – Donny Longendyke – 1st Place
Match #1 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Devin Pommerenke (Michigan) Dec 7-0,3-2
Match #2 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Trystan Palmer (Oregon) FF
Match #3 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Evan McGee (Oklahoma) Dec 2-0,1-1
Match #4 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Doug Vollaro (Florida) Dec 3-3,3-0,3-0
Match #5 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Collin Campbell (North Carolina) Dec 3-1,4-0
Match #6 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over David Simmons (Alabama) Fall 6-0,1:20
Match #7 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Doug Vollaro (Florida) Dec 3-3,3-0,3-0
Match #9 Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Zack Corl (Pennsylvania) Fall 1:15
1st Place Match: Donny Longendyke (Minnesota) over Greg Kuhar (Ohio) Dec 3-1,6-0

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Junior Freestyle Results for Minnesota


Top Ten Team Scores:

1. Pennsylvania 71
2. Minnesota 48
3. Illinois 39
4. California 29
5. Missouri 28
6. New Jersey 28
7. Iowa 27
8. Washington 24
9. Wisconsin 23
10. Ohio 21

Individual Results:

Junior-105 – Jacoby Bergeron – DNP
Match #1 Kevin Malarick (Illinois ) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,0-1,2-1
Match #2 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #3 Patrick Parham (Indiana) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,0-3,3-3

Junior-105 – Hayden Zillmer – DNP
Match #1 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Josh Johnson (Oregon) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Javier Guillen (Arizona) Fall 6-0,0:19
Match #3 Cody Wheeler (Pennsylvania) over Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,6-3
Match #4 Jade Rauser (Montana) over Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-0

Junior-105 – Zach Stepan – DNP
Match #1 Zach Stepan (Minnesota) over Devon Graville (Illinois ) Dec 4-3,6-0
Match #2 Zach Stepan (Minnesota) over Ryan Nakagawa (Hawaii) Fall 2-3,1:38
Match #3 Omar Maknassi (Virginia) over Zach Stepan (Minnesota) Dec 0-7,3-0,6-0
Match #4 Kyle Taylor (Pennsylvania) over Zach Stepan (Minnesota) Fall 9-4,0:12

Junior-105 – Jared Duffy – DNP
Match #1 Jack Hathaway (Iowa) over Jared Duffy (Minnesota) Fall 0:40
Match #2 Brenan Lyon (Michigan) over Jared Duffy (Minnesota) Fall 0:23

Junior-112 – Michael Fuenffinger – DNP
Match #1 Jared Berlinger (Washington) over Michael Fuenffinger (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,4-5,3-3
Match #2 Bricker Dixon (Missouri) over Michael Fuenffinger (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,6-0

Junior-119 – Dylan Wright – DNP
Match #1 Michael Nakagawa (Hawaii) over Dylan Wright (Minnesota) Dec 8-3,7-3
Match #2 Jake Kreglo (Washington) over Dylan Wright (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,2-0

Junior-119 – Cola Jensen – DNP
Match #1 Brandon Nelsen (Indiana) over Cola Jensen (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-3
Match #2 Justin Mudlaff (Wisconsin) over Cola Jensen (Minnesota) Dec 3-3,2-3,2-0

Junior-119 – Randy Shamp – DNP
Match #1 Nico Megaludis (Pennsylvania) over Randy Shamp (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Dan Flowers (Michigan) over Randy Shamp (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-119 – Donovan Sullivan – DNP
Match #1 Rossi Bruno (Florida) over Donovan Sullivan (Minnesota) TF 6-0,2-4,6-0
Match #2 Donovan Sullivan (Minnesota) over Nathan Brown (Washington) Dec 1-0,0-3,9-6
Match #3 Camden Eppert (Indiana) over Donovan Sullivan (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior-125 – RJ Hallman – DNP
Match #1 Ryan Miller (Ohio) over RJ Hallman (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,0:45
Match #2 Shayden Terukina (Hawaii) over RJ Hallman (Minnesota) Fall 0:29

Junior-125 – David Thorn – 1st Place
Match #1 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Tyler Rauenzahn (Pennsylvania) Fall 2-2,0:12
Match #2 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Matt Bystol (Illinois ) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Kris Stenhaug (Wyoming) Fall 0:27
Match #4 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Nick Soto (Florida) TF 8-2,6-0
Match #5 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Alex Peck (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #6 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Shane McGough (Arizona) Dec 4-1,3-0
Match #7 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Zach Huxford (New Jersey) Dec 6-0,7-2
Match #8 David Thorn (Minnesota) over James Inghram (Ohio) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #9 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Patrick Myers (Pennsylvania) Dec 4-0,3-2
1st Place Match: David Thorn (Minnesota) over Devin Carter (Virginia) Dec 1-0,3-1

Junior-125 – Drew Fleming – DNP
Match #1 Sammy Orozco (California) over Drew Fleming (Minnesota) Fall 4-3,1:08
Match #2 Drew Fleming (Minnesota) over Hector Calderon (Arizona) TF 8-2,0-6,7-3
Match #3 Carter McElhany (Colorado) over Drew Fleming (Minnesota) Fall 0:58

Junior-125 – Alex Peck – DNP
Match #1 Alex Peck (Minnesota) over Tyler Slinger (Iowa) Dec 2-0,4-5,5-2
Match #2 Alex Peck (Minnesota) over Deven Loepp (North Dakota) Dec 1-0,10-3
Match #3 Alex Peck (Minnesota) over Steven Fisher (Wisconsin) Dec 2-1,3-0
Match #4 Patrick Myers (Pennsylvania) over Alex Peck (Minnesota) Fall 8-0,1:03
Match #5 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Alex Peck (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior-125 – Bronson Steuber – DNP
Match #1 Bronson Steuber (Minnesota) over Robert Ruiz (Connecticut) Dec 5-1,6-0
Match #2 Bronson Steuber (Minnesota) over Henry Bradley (Nevada) Fall 4-0,0:21
Match #3 Bronson Steuber (Minnesota) over Dustin Reed (Oklahoma) Dec 4-2,3-2
Match #4 Bronson Steuber (Minnesota) over Dalton Dennis (Florida) Dec 3-1,3-0
Match #5 Bronson Steuber (Minnesota) over Ricky Ryan (Arizona) Dec 7-1,2-2
Match #6 Devin Carter (Virginia) over Bronson Steuber (Minnesota) Fall 1:09
Match #7 Ladd Rupp (Oklahoma) over Bronson Steuber (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-3

Junior-130 – Tommy Glenn – DNP
Match #1 Tommy Glenn (Minnesota) over Cole Hanna (Illinois ) Dec 2-0,3-0
Match #2 Tommy Glenn (Minnesota) over Brock Brown (Utah) Dec 1-0,5-3
Match #3 Maika Nagata (Hawaii) over Tommy Glenn (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-0
Match #4 Tommy Glenn (Minnesota) over Bryant Vannoy (Pennsylvania) Fall 1:32
Match #5 Frank Cagnina (New Jersey) over Tommy Glenn (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Junior-130 – Justin LaValle – 7th Place
Match #1 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Michael Reynolds (Arkansas) Dec 6-0,7-4
Match #2 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Tyler Stigall (Oregon) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Zeb Stewart (Virginia) Dec 6-0,3-0
Match #4 Chris Dardanes (Illinois ) over Justin LaValle (Minnesota) Dec 1-6,2-0,2-0
Match #5 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Stephan Swiggett (Delaware) Dec 9-2,7-2
Match #6 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Alex Lopez (Ohio) Fall 2-1,0:36
Match #7 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Colton Rasche (Illinois ) Dec 4-2,5-2
Match #8 Cashe` Quiroga (Indiana) over Justin LaValle (Minnesota) Dec 3-3,3-0,10-4
7th Place Match: Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Nick Schenk (Delaware) Dec 4-0,4-0

Junior-135 – Mike Buhl – DNP
Match #1 Simon Kitzis (Massachusetts) over Mike Buhl (Minnesota) Fall 0:17
Match #2 Richard Lavey (Virginia) over Mike Buhl (Minnesota) TF 6-0,10-2

Junior-135 – Drew Lexvold – DNP
Match #1 Austin Wilson (Nebraska) over Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,0-6,6-0
Match #2 CJ Napier (Kansas) over Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,3-0

Junior-135 – Tyler Mergen – DNP
Match #1 Raymond Rowland (Florida) over Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) Dec 6-3,4-3
Match #2 Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) over Mike McCann (New Jersey) Dec 8-4,7-1
Match #3 Jake Ballweg (Iowa) over Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) Fall 1:51

Junior-135 – Devon Bonds – DNP
Match #1 Devon Bonds (Minnesota) over Dalton Urrutia (Oregon) Dec 8-1,3-2
Match #2 Jed Lightfoot (Illinois ) over Devon Bonds (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,1-1
Match #3 Devon Bonds (Minnesota) over Jerimiah Peterson (South Dakota) TF 0-6,6-0,6-0
Match #4 Devon Bonds (Minnesota) over Trevor Johnson (North Dakota) Dec 2-1,3-0
Match #5 Devon Bonds (Minnesota) over Koleton Hardy (Utah) Dec 5-0,7-0
Match #6 Devon Bonds (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #7 Ryen Nieman (Michigan) over Devon Bonds (Minnesota) Fall 1:14

Junior-135 – Kyle LeDuc – DNP
Match #1 Kyle LeDuc (Minnesota) over Chris Sanders (Missouri) Dec 6-0,5-2
Match #2 Kyle LeDuc (Minnesota) over Jake Reimers (Wyoming) TF 8-2,6-0
Match #3 Jordan Rich (Pennsylvania) over Kyle LeDuc (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,5-1
Match #4 Kyle LeDuc (Minnesota) over Jose Mendoza (California) Dec 3-2,5-0
Match #5 Holden Packard (Idaho) over Kyle LeDuc (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-2

Junior-135 – Ethan Hildebrandt – DNP
Match #1 Kyle Walker (Washington) over Ethan Hildebrandt (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-4,2-1
Match #2 Ethan Hildebrandt (Minnesota) over Jordan Kust (Wisconsin) Dec 1-0,1-1,1-1
Match #3 Kurtis Becker (New Jersey) over Ethan Hildebrandt (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,1-0

Junior-140 – Connor MacGregor – DNP
Match #1 Garth Ginder (Wyoming) over Connor MacGregor (Minnesota) Fall 0-7,1:42
Match #2 Mark Hartenstine (Pennsylvania) over Connor MacGregor (Minnesota) TF 6-0,8-0

Junior-140 – Luke Vaith – DNP
Match #1 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Eric Reger (New Jersey) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Jeromy Davenport (Oklahoma) Dec 3-4,3-0,8-0
Match #3 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Matthew Schneider (Georgia) Dec 1-0,7-0
Match #4 Josh Houldsworth (Michigan) over Luke Vaith (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,0-1,1-0
Match #5 Kaleb Friedley (Missouri) over Luke Vaith (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,6-0

Junior-140 – Zac Bainville – DNP
Match #1 Zac Bainville (Minnesota) over Devan Sierant (Kansas) Dec 1-0,7-0
Match #2 Zac Bainville (Minnesota) over Matthew Rice (Nebraska) Fall 2-2,1:38
Match #3 Zac Bainville (Minnesota) over Adam Powers (Pennsylvania) Fall 0-2,1:59
Match #4 Paul Liguori (New York) over Zac Bainville (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #5 Pat Greco (Illinois ) over Zac Bainville (Minnesota) Fall 0:37

Junior-140 – Dylan Ness – 7th Place
Match #1 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Eric Rochholz (North Dakota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Matt Martoccio (Pennsylvania) Dec 7-0,4-1
Match #3 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Joel Smith (Georgia) Dec 5-2,4-2
Match #4 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Josh Howk (Missouri) Fall 0-6,0:19
Match #5 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Drew Hammer (Ohio) TF 7-1,7-0
Match #6 Chris Villalonga (New Jersey) over Dylan Ness (Minnesota) Dec 11-3,4-4,2-0
Match #7 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Pat Greco (Illinois ) Dec 7-6,6-0
Match #8 Andrew Alton (Pennsylvania) over Dylan Ness (Minnesota) Dec 8-0,4-3
7th Place Match: Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Conrad Snell (California) FF

Junior-140 – Jake Long – DNP
Match #1 Luke Lohr (Pennsylvania) over Jake Long (Minnesota) Fall 8-2,1:03
Match #2 Peter Baldwin (Florida) over Jake Long (Minnesota) Fall 8-2,1:02

Junior-140 – Miles Brannan – DNP
Match #1 Miles Brannan (Minnesota) over Michael Giorgio (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-2,6-2,4-0
Match #2 Skylar Galloway (Nebraska) over Miles Brannan (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,6-0
Match #3 Kodie Egnor (Ohio) over Miles Brannan (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,6-0

Junior-145 – Destin McCauley – 3rd Place
Match #1 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Ethan Davis (Missouri) Dec 7-0,2-0
Match #2 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Brutus Scheffel (Maryland) Fall 9-2,0:28
Match #3 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Jake O`Hara (Pennsylvania) Fall 2-5,0:46
Match #4 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Matt Mougin (Iowa) Dec 3-1,2-0
Match #5 Ryan Stahl (Indiana) over Destin McCauley (Minnesota) Fall 1-2,1:10
Match #6 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Nathaniel Garcia (Colorado) Fall 8-1,1:14
Match #7 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Justin DeAngelis (Oklahoma) Dec 1-0,6-5
Match #8 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Donny Simpson (Illinois ) Fall 1-8,7-0,1:06
Match #9 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Dylan Alton (Pennsylvania) over Destin McCauley (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #11 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Justin DeAngelis (Oklahoma) Dec 1-0,6-5
3rd Place Match: Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Colin Shober (Pennsylvania) Dec 3-1,5-2

Junior-145 – Jack Barnes – DNP
Match #1 Jack Barnes (Minnesota) over Justin Bryner (Utah) Dec 4-0,6-0
Match #2 Kevin Maelfeyt (California) over Jack Barnes (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,4-4,5-0
Match #3 Jack Barnes (Minnesota) over Cam Loomis (Wisconsin) Dec 5-0,6-0
Match #4 Justin DeAngelis (Oklahoma) over Jack Barnes (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,2-0

Junior-145 – Devon Scott – DNP
Match #1 Devon Scott (Minnesota) over Nicholas Moore (North Carolina) Dec 3-0,6-0
Match #2 Devon Scott (Minnesota) over Brad Bruce (Idaho) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Kyle Ash (Oklahoma) over Devon Scott (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,2-0,5-2
Match #4 Cj Cobb (New Jersey) over Devon Scott (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,1-0

Junior-145 – Anthony Caputo – DNP
Match #1 Zack Rogers (New Mexico) over Anthony Caputo (Minnesota) Dec 4-4,4-2
Match #2 Steven Monk (Wisconsin) over Anthony Caputo (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,3-4,6-1

Junior-145 – Danny Zilverberg – DNP
Match #1 Danny Zilverberg (Minnesota) over Brandon Richardson (Idaho) Dec 5-0,1-0
Match #2 Danny Zilverberg (Minnesota) over Kyle Mcintosh (Washington) Dec 7-0,2-0
Match #3 Danny Zilverberg (Minnesota) over Matt White (Oklahoma) Dec 7-0,2-1
Match #4 Danny Zilverberg (Minnesota) over Nestor Taffur (New Jersey) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #5 Danny Zilverberg (Minnesota) over Matthew Nereim (Florida) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #6 Steven Hernandez (Nevada) over Danny Zilverberg (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,1-0
Match #7 Vlad Dombrowskiy (California) over Danny Zilverberg (Minnesota) Dec 1-4,6-0,5-4

Junior-152 – Max Poikonen – DNP
Match #1 Brandon Wilbourn (Missouri) over Max Poikonen (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-0
Match #2 Max Poikonen (Minnesota) over Elias Biddle (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-3,1-1,2-1
Match #3 Max Poikonen (Minnesota) over Danner Kjar (Utah) Dec 1-0,3-2
Match #4 Max Poikonen (Minnesota) over Dimitri Boyer (Iowa) Dec 1-0,1-1,5-3
Match #5 Steve Santos (New Jersey) over Max Poikonen (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,4-1

Junior-152 – Dawson Lovestrand – DNP
Match #1 Patrick Cervantes (Kansas) over Dawson Lovestrand (Minnesota) Dec 0-6,6-5,6-0
Match #2 Dawson Lovestrand (Minnesota) over Casey Dye (Arkansas) Fall 4-3,1:02
Match #3 Ben Villaret (New York) over Dawson Lovestrand (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,1:31

Junior-152 – Randy Ascher – DNP
Match #1 Chase Martino (Tennessee) over Randy Ascher (Minnesota) TF 2-2,8-1,7-1
Match #2 Rex Lyon (South Dakota) over Randy Ascher (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,4-0

Junior-152 – Tommy Teigen – DNP
Match #1 Tommy Teigen (Minnesota) over Gabriel Asano (Missouri) Fall 1-0,0:41
Match #2 Michael Kelly (Iowa) over Tommy Teigen (Minnesota) Fall 0:44
Match #3 Tyler Juby (Wyoming) over Tommy Teigen (Minnesota) Fall 0:20

Junior-160 – Charlie Janssen – DNP
Match #1 Charlie Janssen (Minnesota) over Kody Berget (Montana) Fall 0:20
Match #2 Charlie Janssen (Minnesota) over Steven West (California) Fall 3-2,4-7,0:52
Match #3 Anthony Bill (Indiana) over Charlie Janssen (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-0
Match #4 Frank Cousins (Florida) over Charlie Janssen (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,3-0

Junior-160 – Ben Cox – DNP
Match #1 Kalvin York (Wisconsin) over Ben Cox (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #2 Ben Cox (Minnesota) over Luke Knoche (Missouri) Dec 5-0,2-1
Match #3 Davis Bagwell (Alabama) over Ben Cox (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,5-0

Junior-160 – Sebastian Gardner – DNP
Match #1 Ethan Keiser (Maryland) over Sebastian Gardner (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,0-4,6-0
Match #2 Robert Kokesh (South Dakota) over Sebastian Gardner (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,5-1

Junior-160 – Nicholas Bakken – DNP
Match #1 Micah Kullman (Ohio) over Nicholas Bakken (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Joey Moorhouse (Illinois ) over Nicholas Bakken (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Junior-160 – Jordan Campa – DNP
Match #1 Brock Gutches (Oregon) over Jordan Campa (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,8-1
Match #2 Jordan Campa (Minnesota) over Mason Wellborn (Arkansas) TF 8-0,7-0
Match #3 Cameron Vlahos (Indiana) over Jordan Campa (Minnesota) Fall 1:08

Junior-171 – Travis Kammerer – DNP
Match #1 Ethan Blackstock (Georgia) over Travis Kammerer (Minnesota) TF 7-1,8-0
Match #2 Travis Kammerer (Minnesota) over Matt Jones (Ohio) Dec 4-1,4-1
Match #3 Tanner Saraceno (New York) over Travis Kammerer (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,4-1

Junior-171 – Kevin Steinhaus – 5th Place
Match #1 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Chris Morales (New Mexico) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Braden Atwood (Indiana) Dec 0-6,4-0,5-1
Match #3 Michael Evans (Pennsylvania) over Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,4-4
Match #4 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Zach Agostino (New Jersey) TF 0-3,6-0,7-0
Match #5 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Bobby Bowman (Maryland) Fall 0:43
Match #6 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #7 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Michael Moreno (Iowa) Fall 0-4,6-0,0:42
Match #8 Lee Munster (Illinois ) over Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-0
5th Place Match: Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Austin Gelbach (Missouri) Dec 0-1,3-0,3-0

Junior-171 – Kurtis Julson – DNP
Match #1 Kurtis Julson (Minnesota) over Jared Miller (Alaska) Dec 7-0,4-2
Match #2 Ethen Lofthouse (Utah) over Kurtis Julson (Minnesota) Dec 8-2,2-1
Match #3 Kurtis Julson (Minnesota) over Danny Balderas (Illinois ) Fall 0-4,0:36
Match #4 Kurtis Julson (Minnesota) over Brandon Phillips (Maryland) Dec 8-0,2-0
Match #5 Nate Brown (Pennsylvania) over Kurtis Julson (Minnesota) Dec 6-3,5-8,3-2

Junior-171 – Zak Coates – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Wilps (Pennsylvania) over Zak Coates (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,4-0
Match #2 Zak Coates (Minnesota) over Michael Sheehan (Connecticut) Fall 1:00
Match #3 Zak Coates (Minnesota) over Ryan Darch (New York) Dec 6-4,7-1
Match #4 Austin Gelbach (Missouri) over Zak Coates (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,2-1

Junior-171 – John Gusewelle – DNP
Match #1 Levi Clemons (Florida) over John Gusewelle (Minnesota) Dec 3-3,7-0
Match #2 John Gusewelle (Minnesota) over Joel Alvarez (Wisconsin) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 John Gusewelle (Minnesota) over Tyler Kaffenberger (Michigan) Fall 7-0,0:32
Match #4 John Gusewelle (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Walt Gillmor (Iowa) over John Gusewelle (Minnesota) Dec 6-2,2-1

Junior-189 – Joel Bauman – DNP
Match #1 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Tyler Pullin (Iowa) Dec 1-1,2-0
Match #2 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Zach Jimenez (California) Dec 4-1,4-3
Match #3 Johnny Eblen (Missouri) over Joel Bauman (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,4-0
Match #4 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Ben Brooks (Illinois ) Dec 3-1,0-1,4-4
Match #5 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Riley Argyle (Idaho) Fall 4-0,1:55
Match #6 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Mike McGrath (New York) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #7 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Joel Bauman (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-1

Junior-189 – Spencer Johnson – DNP
Match #1 Spencer Johnson (Minnesota) over Nick Larranga (Arizona) TF 9-0,7-0
Match #2 Spencer Johnson (Minnesota) over Lucas Bowman (Connecticut) Dec 3-1,6-1
Match #3 Spencer Johnson (Minnesota) over Zack Merrill (California) Fall 3-0,0:57
Match #4 Ryan Garringer (Illinois ) over Spencer Johnson (Minnesota) Fall 0:54
Match #5 Spencer Johnson (Minnesota) over Dan Santoro (Illinois ) Dec 3-0,0-1,1-0
Match #6 Scott Schiller (North Dakota) over Spencer Johnson (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-189 – Jeff Nielsen – DNP
Match #1 Alan Yen (California) over Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) Dec 2-2,3-0
Match #2 Roland Dunlap (Wisconsin) over Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,5-0

Junior-189 – Tyler Lehmann – 3rd Place
Match #1 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Ryan Perez (Louisiana) Fall 6-0,0:31
Match #2 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Aaron Stevenson (Indiana) Fall 1:17
Match #3 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Matt Wykoff (California) Fall 6-0,0:23
Match #4 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Guy Keeku (Wisconsin) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #5 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Andre Petroski (Pennsylvania) Fall 1:20
Match #6 Max Huntley (New Jersey) over Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) Dec 5-5,7-0
Match #7 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Scott Schiller (North Dakota) Dec 6-0,2-2
Match #8 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Shane Woods (Oklahoma) Fall 1:35
Match #9 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Scott Schiller (North Dakota) Dec 6-0,2-2
Match #11 Max Huntley (New Jersey) over Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) Dec 5-5,7-0
3rd Place Match: Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-2

Junior-189 – Craig Kelliher – 4th Place
Match #1 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Christian Gutierrez (Arizona) Fall 0:18
Match #2 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Cody Wesson (North Carolina) Fall 0:27
Match #3 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Tony Gardner (Maryland) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Riley Argyle (Idaho) Fall 6-0,1:00
Match #5 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Austin Morehead (California) TF 9-0,6-0
Match #6 Johnny Eblen (Missouri) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,6-3
Match #7 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Joel Bauman (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-1
Match #8 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Cameron Croy (Tennessee) Fall 1:53
Match #10 Jake Swartz (Washington) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,2-0
3rd Place Match: Tyler Lehman (Minnesota) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-2

Junior-215 – Tony Nelson – 1st Place
Match #1 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Noah Sibley (New York) Dec 1-2,4-0,1-0
Match #2 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Jay Taylor (Florida) Dec 1-2,5-0,2-0
Match #3 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Harrison Honeycutt (North Carolina) Dec 4-1,3-1
Match #4 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Trevor Voelker (Iowa) Dec 4-0,2-1
Match #5 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Donald McNeil (Massachusetts) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #6 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Kyle Caylor (Kansas) Dec 4-0,5-1
Match #7 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Joshua Davis (New Jersey) Dec 4-0,1-0
Match #8 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Alex Polizzi (Wisconsin) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #9 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Spencer Myers (Pennsylvania) Dec 3-0,3-1
Match #10 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) received a bye.
1st Place Match: Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Derrick Borlie (Virginia) Dec 3-1,2-1

Junior-215 – Jacob Kuisle – DNP
Match #1 Josef Rau (Illinois ) over Jacob Kuisle (Minnesota) Fall 0:33
Match #2 Gerad Fugelberg (North Dakota) over Jacob Kuisle (Minnesota) Fall 8-0,0:56

Junior-285 – Jake Kettler – 2nd Place
Match #1 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Luis Madrigal (Arizona) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Ronald Coleman (Nebraska) Dec 0-1,2-0,3-0
Match #3 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Sergio Pedroza (Utah) Dec 7-0,1-0
Match #4 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Lance Moore (Pennsylvania) TF 9-1,6-0
Match #6 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Jacob Mitchell (Oregon) Dec 3-0,1-3,1-0
Match #7 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Chris Weber (Wisconsin) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #8 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Niko Bogojevic (Wisconsin) Fall 1:04
1st Place Match: Jeremy Johnson (Ohio) over Jake Kettler (Minnesota) Fall 1:28

Junior-285 – Parker Betts – DNP
Match #1 Austin Blythe (Iowa) over Parker Betts (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,6-0
Match #2 Parker Betts (Minnesota) over Antonio Hernandez (California) Dec 0-3,1-1,1-0
Match #3 Chris Weber (Wisconsin) over Parker Betts (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,4-1

Junior-285 – Wilson Cole – DNP
Match #1 Jeremy Johnson (Ohio) over Wilson Cole (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,6-0
Match #2 Wilson Cole (Minnesota) over Cheven Okonoboh (Virginia) Dec 2-0,7-0
Match #3 Wilson Cole (Minnesota) over Cole Tobin (Wisconsin) Dec 2-0,5-3
Match #4 Derek Papagianopoulos (Massachusetts) over Wilson Cole (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-0

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Saturday, July 25th
9:00-12:00 – Junior FS (Session V)
Medal Rounds and Awards

The Guillotine 2009 Academic All-State Wrestlers

The 2009 edition of The Guillotine Academic All-State honorees features thirty-one first-team members, thirty second-team members, twenty-nine third-team members, and forty honorable mention wrestlers.

Wrestlers were submitted on nomination forms signed by their coach and principal verifying their current GPA (minimum of 3.0), number of current season varsity matches wrestled (minimum of fifteen), current season win percentage (minimum of 60%) and grade (junior or senior). Continue reading

Nelson and Keogh win NHSCA National Championships

Eight Minnesotans earned All-American honors by placing in the top eight at the NHSCA National High School Wrestling Championships held March 31-April 5 at Virginia Beach, VA.

Thousands of wrestlers from across the country competed in separate three-day tournaments split by grade in high school – freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior divisions.

Team Minnesota had two individual champions. Tony Nelson of Cambridge-Isanti took first place at 215 pounds in the high school senior division and Steven Keogh of Thief River Falls took first place at 140 pounds in the high school sophomore division. Continue reading

Seven inducted into the Bartelma Minnesota Wrestling Hall of Fame

Seven new members were inducted into the Minnesota Wrestling Coaches Association (MWCA) Dave Bartelma Hall of Fame on April 4th, 2009 at the Willmar Holiday Inn in Willmar, Minn.

The new inductees honored were: Ron Ankeny, James Baker, Ronald Cram, Ed Ferkingstad, Mike Houck, Dennis Koslowski, and Lynden Nelson. Many Hall of Fame members were in attendance. Continue reading

2009 MSHSL State Tournament Results

2009 MSHSL State Tournament Results

Wednesday-Saturday, March 4-7, 2009 at Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul

State Tournament Individual Results

Class A

1st – Hayden Zillmer, Crosby-Ironton, 10
2nd – Zach Keller, Medford, 11
3rd – Mitch Andrews, Border West, 10
4th – Ted Berckes, Canby, 10
5th – Shane Novak, New York Mills, 8
6th – Isaac Novacek, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River, 9

First Round: Ryan Schroepfer, Red Rock Central/Westbrook-Walnut Grove def. Jordan Theede, Lewiston-Altura/Rushford-Peterson 12-2; Shane Novak, New York Mills def. Dylan Sheridan, Paynesville Area 3-2; Isaac Novacek, BGMR def. Evan Knudson, Yellow Medicine East 11-4; Hayden Zillmer, Crosby-Ironton def. Jesse Jaeger, Maple River 15-0 5:04; Mitchel Lexvold, Kenyon-Wanamingo def. Jacob Braaten, Minnewaska Area 14-1; Mitch Andrews, Border West def. Taner Trembley, LCWWM fall 3:42; Ted Berckes, Canby def. Matt Hickerson, Ogilvie 4-0 3XOT; Zach Keller, Medford def. Trevor Stilke, Frazee fall 1:54

Championship Quarterfinals: Shane Novak def. Ryan Schroepfer 8-6; Hayden Zillmer def. Isaac Novacek fall 4:28; Mitch Andrews def. Mitchel Lexvold 5-2; Zach Keller def. Ted Berckes 3-2

Wrestlebacks: Ryan Schroepfer def. Dylan Sheridan inj. def.; Isaac Novacek def. Jesse Jaeger 11-8; Mitchel Lexvold def. Taner Trembley 9-4; Ted Berckes def. Trevor Stilke fall 4:48

Consolation Quarterfinals: Isaac Novacek def. Ryan Schroepfer 4-2; Ted Berckes def. Mitchel Lexvold 6-0

Consolation Semifinals: Mitch Andrews def. Isaac Novacek fall 2:41; Ted Berckes def. Shane Novak 2-1

Championship Semifinals: Hayden Zillmer def. Shane Novak 8-1; Zach Keller def. Mitch Andrews 4-2

Fifth: Shane Novak def. Isaac Novacek 6-4 OT

Third: Mitch Andrews def. Ted Berckes fall 1:29

Championship: Hayden Zillmer def. Zach Keller 12-5

1st – Christian Skillings, Minneota, 10
2nd – Jake Long, Canby, 12
3rd – Hayden Rouser, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, 9
4th – Oakley McLain, Kenyon-Wanamingo, 9
5th – Travis Borchert, Browerville/Eagle Valley, 11
6th – Logan Otomo, Dover-Eyota, 12

First Round: Travis Borchert, Browerville/Eagle Valley def. Logan Otomo, Dover-Eyota 6-1; Garret Hoffner, Mahnomen/Waubun def. Darick Vancura, Jackson County Central fall 5:25; Adam Cooling, Madelia/Truman/Martin Luther def. Justin Meyer, Pelican Rapids 10-4; Christian Skillings, Minneota def. Josh Lanners, Pierz fall 1:13; Oakley McLain, Kenyon-Wanamingo def. Zach Johnson, Ottertail Central 10-1; Hayden Rouser, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City def. Chase Levos, Saint Clair/Mankato Loyola 3-1 3XOT; Jake Long, Canby def. Jacob Anderson, River Valley 3-2; Keith Wasserzieher, Aitkin def. Jake Malone, United North Central fall 1:06

Championship Quarterfinals: Travis Borchert def. Garret Hoffner 6-2; Christian Skillings def. Adam Cooling 7-0; Oakley McLain def. Hayden Rouser 2-1; Jake Long def. Keith Wasserzieher 8-5

Wrestlebacks: Logan Otomo def. Garret Hoffner fall 1:23; Adam Cooling def. Josh Lanners 5-3; Hayden Rouser def. Zach Johnson 9-0; Keith Wasserzieher def. Jacob Anderson fall 4:27

Consolation Quarterfinals: Logan Otomo def. Adam Cooling 8-5; Hayden Rouser def. Keith Wasserzieher 4-0

Consolation Semifinals: Oakley McLain def. Logan Otomo 9-7 OT; Hayden Rouser def. Travis Borchert 4-1

Championship Semifinals: Christian Skillings def. Travis Borchert 4-3; Jake Long def. Oakley McLain 3-0

Fifth: Travis Borchert def. Logan Otomo fall 1:24

Third: Hayden Rouser def. Oakley McLain 1-0 OT

Championship: Christian Skillings def. Jake Long 7-0

1st – Bronson Steuber, Jackson County Central, 10
2nd – Austin Peters, Medford, 12
3rd – Beau Buysse, Minneota, 10
4th – Austen Cole, Yellow Medicine East, 12
5th – Storm Booe, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River, 11
6th – Brett Pfarr, LeSueur-Henderson, 9

First Round: Chad Lexvold, Kenyon-Wanamingo def. Arthur Zavala, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton fall :51; Beau Buysse, Minneota def. Brett Pfarr, LeSueur-Henderson 2-0; Austin Peters, Medford def. Clint Poster, Pierz 6-4; Trent Carlson, Staples-Motley def. Shane Trattles, Sauk Centre 5-4; Austen Cole, Yellow Medicine East def. Storm Booe, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River 9-4; Grant Hegge, Southland def. Adam Bates, Sibley East 2-1 OT; Bronson Steuber, Jackson County Central def. Mike Jarnot, Holdingford 16-5; Will McCarthy, Border West def. Jordan Chouanard, Aitkin fall 3:00

Championship Quarterfinals: Beau Buysse def. Chad Lexvold 6-4; Austin Peters def. Trent Carlson 11-4; Austen Cole def. Grant Hegge 12-5; Bronson Steuber def. Will McCarthy 15-9

Wrestlebacks: Brett Pfarr def. Chad Lexvold 5-0; Clint Poster def. Trent Carlson 7-2; Storm Booe def. Grant Hegge 9-8; Will McCarthy def. Mike Jarnot 4-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Brett Pfarr def. Clint Poster 9-3; Storm Booe def. Will McCarthy fall 2:17

Consolation Semifinals: Austen Cole def. Brett Pfarr fall 1:18; Beau Buysse def. Storm Booe 7-0

Championship Semifinals: Austin Peters def. Beau Buysse 9-4; Bronson Steuber def. Austen Cole 9-1

Fifth: Storm Booe def. Brett Pfarr fall 3:21

Third: Beau Buysse def. Austen Cole 5-4

Championship: Bronson Steuber def. Austin Peters 5-3

1st – Drew Lexvold, Kenyon-Wanamingo, 11
2nd – Curt Maas, Medford, 9
3rd – Ethan Hildebrandt, Saint James, 11
4th – Tyler Pasvogel, Sibley East, 9
5th – Julius Stone, Browerville/Eagle Valley, 12
6th – Myrone Bell, New York Mills, 8

First Round: Paul Norgren, Maple River def. Skylar Price, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River 9-0; Myrone Bell, New York Mills def. Joseph Kack, Minneota 4-2; Drew Lexvold, Kenyon-Wanamingo def. Tyler Pasvogel, Sibley East 4-0; Jacob Forcier, Eden Valley-Watkins def. Ryan Jones, Mille Lacs fall 5:36; Curt Maas, Medford def. Allin Bakken, Pelican Rapids fall 5:29; Ethan Hildebrandt, Saint James def. Ben Rynda, Trinity at River Ridge fall 1:24; Dylan Hoffman, Yellow Medicine East def. Wade Hukriede, Frazee 4-0; Julius Stone, Browerville/Eagle Valley def. Jack Hawkins, Wabasha-Kellogg 7-4

Championship Quarterfinals: Myrone Bell def. Paul Norgren fall 5:19; Drew Lexvold def. Jacob Forcier 11-1; Curt Maas def. Ethan Hildebrandt 9-0; Julius Stone def. Dylan Hoffman 1-0

Wrestlebacks: Joseph Kack def. Paul Norgren 4-2; Tyler Pasvogel def. Jacob Forcier 7-2; Ethan Hildebrandt def. Allin Bakken 2-1; Jack Hawkins def. Dylan Hoffman 1-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Tyler Pasvogel def. Joseph Kack 8-2; Ethan Hildebrandt def. Jack Hawkins 8-1

Consolation Semifinals: Tyler Pasvogel def. Julius Stone 3-2; Ethan Hildebrandt def. Myrone Bell 12-3

Championship Semifinals: Drew Lexvold def. Myrone Bell 13-0; Curt Maas def. Julius Stone 5-3

Fifth: Julius Stone def. Myrone Bell 5-3

Third: Ethan Hildebrandt def. Tyler Pasvogel 2-1 OT

Championship: Drew Lexvold def. Curt Maas 10-1

1st – Jason Sunderman, LeSueur-Henderson, 12
2nd – Tony Vaske, River Valley, 11
3rd – Jessie Regalado, Jackson County Central, 11
4th – Matt Schroeder, Southland, 12
5th – Devin Scott, Holdingford, 11
6th – Javier Portillo, Crookston, 11

First Round: Odin Guerard, Royalton/Upsala def. Alex Lessman, Minneota default; Jason Sunderman, LeSueur-Henderson def. Jessie Regalado, Jackson County Central fall 1:36; Devin Scott, Holdingford def. Rij Koehnen, Frazee 11-3; Nick Masching, Hayfield def. Matt Hagen, Wadena-Deer Creek 3-1 OT; Javier Portillo, Crookston def. Devin Becker, Staples-Motley 20-4; Tyler Spychalla, Browerville/Eagle Valley def. Levi Berends, MACCRAY 11-6; Matt Schroeder, Southland def. Brad Maas, Medford 2-1; Tony Vaske, River Valley def. Ryan Skinner, Aitkin 14-3

Championship Quarterfinals: Jason Sunderman def. Odin Guerard 19-2, 3:48; Devin Scott def. Nick Masching 12-5; Javier Portillo def. Tyler Spychalla 4-0; Tony Vaske def. Matt Schroeder fall 5:13

Wrestlebacks: Jessie Regalado def. Odin Guerard fall 2:21; Rij Koehnen def. Nick Masching 7-6; Tyler Spychalla def. Devin Becker 4-2 OT; Matt Schroeder def. Ryan Skinner 11-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jessie Regalado def. Rij Koehnen 4-3; Matt Schroeder def. Tyler Spychalla 2-1

Consolation Semifinals: Jessie Regalado def. Javier Portillo 4-3; Matt Schroeder def. Devin Scott 3-1 OT

Championship Semifinals: Jason Sunderman def. Devin Scott 3-2; Tony Vaske def. Javier Portillo 11-8

Fifth: Devin Scott def. Javier Portillo 7-4

Third: Jessie Regalado def. Matt Schroeder 4-3

Championship: Jason Sunderman def. Tony Vaske 5-3

1st – Jon Kerzman, Paynesville Area, 12
2nd – Jordan Novak, New York Mills, 11
3rd – Cody Goldschmidt, BOLD, 12
4th – Sam Derynck, Minneota, 11
5th – Dylan Yarger, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial, 12
6th – Mariano Portillo, Crookston, 11

First Round: Jon Kerzman, Paynesville Area def. Zack Olson, Mille Lacs 14-2; Taylor Menke, Jackson County Central def. Ryan Silbernick, Parkers Prairie 16-6; Dylan Yarger, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial def. Mariano Portillo, Crookston 7-3; Brett Hoffman, Benson def. Brandon Boynton, Dover-Eyota 9-7; Cody Goldschmidt, BOLD def. Jeff Dockendorf, Eden Valley-Watkins 21-6 4:25; Sam Derynck, Minneota def. Dylan Woitas, Maple River 10-2; Jordan Novak, New York Mills def. Taylor Peterson, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton 7-0; Luke Olson, Trinity at River Ridge def. Mike Lerum, Pine Island 12-8

Championship Quarterfinals: Jon Kerzman def. Taylor Menke 13-3; Dylan Yarger def. Brett Hoffman 8-6; Sam Derynck def. Cody Goldschmidt 3-2; Jordan Novak def. Luke Olson 10-3

Wrestlebacks: Taylor Menke def. Zack Olson 6-3; Mariano Portillo def. Brett Hoffman 7-1; Cody Goldschmidt def. Dylan Woitas 3-2; Luke Olson def. Taylor Peterson 10-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Mariano Portillo def. Taylor Menke 7-4; Cody Goldschmidt def. Luke Olson 14-4

Consolation Semifinals: Sam Derynck def. Mariano Portillo 6-5; Cody Goldschmidt def. Dylan Yarger 3-1

Championship Semifinals: Jon Kerzman def. Dylan Yarger 19-9; Jordan Novak def. Sam Derynck 7-2

Fifth: Dylan Yarger def. Mariano Portillo 2-1

Third: Cody Goldschmidt def. Sam Derynck 8-3

Championship: Jon Kerzman def. Jordan Novak 11-9

1st – Jake Long, West Central Area/Ashby, 11
2nd – Zach Kanzenbach, Medford, 11
3rd – Casey Field, Yellow Medicine East, 12
4th – Cooper Moore, Jackson County Central, 9
5th – Joey Posivio, Sibley East, 11
6th – Jason Arvidson, Parkers Prairie, 12

First Round: Casey Field, Yellow Medicine East def. Alex Cooling, Madelia/Truman/Martin Luther 4-0; Cooper Moore, Jackson County Central def. Caleb Lanoue, Mahnomen/Waubun 10-3; Casey Boettcher, Triton def. Jake Welna, Rush City 4-1; Jake Long, West Central Area/Ashby def. Cole Tenson, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 12-0; Mike Lucero, Frazee def. Myles Moreno, Hayfield 3-2; Jason Arvidson, Parkers Prairie def. William Ellies, Mille Lacs fall 1:16; Zach Kanzenbach, Medford def. Joey Posivio, Sibley East 11-5; Brian Denny, Browerville/Eagle Valley def. Adam Josephson, Minneota 4-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Casey Field def. Cooper Moore 9-1; Jake Long def. Casey Boettcher fall 3:46; Jason Arvidson def. Mike Lucero 3-2; Zach Kanzenbach def. Brian Denny 3-2

Wrestlebacks: Cooper Moore def. Alex Cooling 9-0; Cole Tenson def. Casey Boettcher 5-1; William Ellies def. Mike Lucero fall :28; Joey Posivio def. Brian Denny 7-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Cooper Moore def. Cole Tenson fall 4:47; Joey Posivio def. William Ellies 13-6

Consolation Semifinals: Cooper Moore def. Jason Arvidson fall :37; Casey Field def. Joey Posivio 6-0

Championship Semifinals: Jake Long def. Casey Field 8-5; Zach Kanzenbach def. Jason Arvidson 6-3

Fifth: Joey Posivio def. Jason Arvidson 5-1

Third: Casey Field def. Cooper Moore 5-2

Championship: Jake Long def. Zach Kanzenbach 10-6

1st – Ryan Thompson, Benson, 11
2nd – Jordan Bendson, Staples-Motley, 11
3rd – Colton Schlaak, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva, 12
4th – Aaron Zimmer, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, 12
5th – Nate King, Zumbrota-Mazeppa, 12
6th – Shawn Johnson, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton, 10

First Round: Dylan Kaiser, Triton def. Jordan Wentland, Royalton/Upsala fall 3:30; Ryan Thompson, Benson def. Nathan Wiese, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale fall 1:25; Colton Schlaak, NRHEG def. Alex Steffel, BOLD 4-3; Shawn Johnson, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton def. Justin Wendlandt, Paynesville Area 6-5; Jordan Bendson, Staples-Motley def. Preston Staloch, United South Central 5-2; Sam Lindgren, LeSueur-Henderson def. Eli Jenson, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River 6-5; Travis Schiefelbein, Kimball Area def. Cole Jokinen, Braham 5-2; Nate King, Zumbrota-Mazeppa def. Aaron Zimmer, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg 6-5

Championship Quarterfinals: Ryan Thompson def. Dylan Kaiser 18-5; Shawn Johnson def. Colton Schlaak 4-2; Jordan Bendson def. Sam Lindgren 3-2 OT; Nate King def. Travis Schiefelbein 6-1

Wrestlebacks: Nathan Wiese def. Dylan Kaiser fall 4:31; Colton Schlaak def. Justin Wendlandt 7-5; Preston Staloch def. Sam Lindgren 5-3 OT; Aaron Zimmer def. Travis Schiefelbein 7-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Colton Schlaak def. Nathan Wiese 6-3; Aaron Zimmer def. Preston Staloch 10-6

Consolation Semifinals: Colton Schlaak def. Nate King 9-7; Aaron Zimmer def. Shawn Johnson 6-4 OT

Championship Semifinals: Ryan Thompson def. Shawn Johnson 14-9; Jordan Bendson def. Nate King 7-1

Fifth: Nate King def. Shawn Johnson 10-8 OT

Third: Colton Schlaak def. Aaron Zimmer 5-2

Championship: Ryan Thompson def. Jordan Bendson 10-8

1st – Tyler Yule, Medford, 12
2nd – Cody Tibbetts, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial, 12
3rd – Jake Braaten, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale, 11
4th – Mark Evjen, Hayfield, 12
5th – Collin Jergenson, Minnewaska Area, 12
6th – Stephen Erlandson, Breckenridge/Campbell-Tintah, 9

First Round: Mark Evjen, Hayfield def. Josh Meech, United North Central fall 1:47; Bryce Andrews, Madelia/Truman/Martin Luther def. Daniel Schad, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle 6-4; Stephen Erlandson, Breckenridge/Campbell-Tintah def. Brady Wersinger, Benson fall 3:14; Tyler Yule, Medford def. Eric Jokinen, Braham 15-5; Cody Tibbetts, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial def. Justin Buss, Chatfield 8-5; Tyler Baer, Canby def. Kellen McArthur, Mahnomen/Waubun 7-1; Collin Jergenson, Minnewaska Area def. Tim Bartness, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva 10-5; Jake Braaten, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale def. Sean Huls, Pierz 7-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Mark Evjen def. Bryce Andrews 11-8; Tyler Yule def. Stephen Erlandson 7-4; Cody Tibbetts def. Tyler Baer 3-2; Jake Braaten def. Collin Jergenson 11-5

Wrestlebacks: Bryce Andrews def. Josh Meech fall 4:25; Stephen Erlandson def. Eric Jokinen 9-5; Justin Buss def. Tyler Baer 8-4; Collin Jergenson def. Sean Huls 15-0, 3:49

Consolation Quarterfinals: Stephen Erlandson def. Bryce Andrews 8-7; Collin Jergenson def. Justin Buss 5-4

Consolation Semifinals: Jake Braaten def. Stephen Erlandson 6-4 OT; Mark Evjen def. Collin Jergenson 7-3 OT

Championship Semifinals: Tyler Yule def. Mark Evjen 10-6; Cody Tibbetts def. Jake Braaten 3-2 3XOT

Fifth: Collin Jergenson def. Stephen Erlandson 13-4

Third: Jake Braaten def. Mark Evjen 10-5

Championship: Tyler Yule def. Cody Tibbetts 9-5

1st – Kevin Steinhaus, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, 12
2nd – Tucker Freeman, Madelia/Truman/Martin Luther, 11
3rd – John Gusewelle, Sauk Centre, 11
4th – William Hunt, Mahnomen/Waubun, 11
5th – Tyler Blauert, Frazee, 12
6th – Jake Elzen, Medford, 12

First Round: Jake Elzen, Medford def. Brandan Alfson, Pipestone Area 8-2; Colby Mehrkens, Zumbrota-Mazeppa def. Kevin Hahn, Parkers Prairie fall :56; David Booth, Crosby-Ironton def. Travis Whitcomb, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 10-0; Tucker Freeman, Madelia/Truman/Martin Luther def. Tyler Blauert, Frazee 10-4; William Hunt, Mahnomen/Waubun def. Kevin Johnson, Rush City 17-3; John Gusewelle, Sauk Centre def. Sam Steffel, BOLD 6-3; Kevin Steinhaus, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg def. Tony Becker, Lewiston-Altura/Rushford-Peterson 20-4, 4:08; David Rosen, Saint Clair/Mankato Loyola def. Sam Klovstad, Pelican Rapids 14-8

Championship Quarterfinals: Jake Elzen def. Colby Mehrkens 4-3; Tucker Freeman def. David Booth 19-3; John Gusewelle def. William Hunt 12-2; Kevin Steinhaus def. David Rosen 19-2, 4:39

Wrestlebacks: Colby Mehrkens def. Brandan Alfson 9-7; Tyler Blauert def. David Booth 13-5; William Hunt def. Sam Steffel 9-4; Tony Becker def. David Rosen 11-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Tyler Blauert def. Colby Mehrkens 10-6; William Hunt def. Tony Becker 12-4

Consolation Semifinals: John Gusewelle def. Tyler Blauert 6-4; William Hunt def. Jake Elzen 7-2

Championship Semifinals: Tucker Freeman def. Jake Elzen 9-7; Kevin Steinhaus def. John Gusewelle 18-4

Fifth: Tyler Blauert def. Jake Elzen 4-3

Third: John Gusewelle def. William Hunt 9-2

Championship: Kevin Steinhaus def. Tucker Freeman 14-3

1st – Mitch Hagen, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, 12
2nd – Ben McPhail, Pine Island, 11
3rd – Micah Larson, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, 12
4th – Matt Moenkedick, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale, 12
5th – Cody Nunn, Frazee, 12
6th – Tyler Wilson, Pelican Rapids, 12

First Round: Ben McPhail, Pine Island def. Calab Svenby, Medford 4-2; Brock Claeys, Canby def. Ian Pratt, Mille Lacs 9-2; Cody Nunn, Frazee def. Josh Willaert, LeSueur-Henderson 6-3; Matt Moenkedick, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale def. Luke Schiefelbein, Kimball Area 6-4 OT; Micah Larson, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City def. Isaac Edlund, Crookston 12-2; Mitch Hagen, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg def. Josh Jacobson, Kenyon-Wanamingo 3-1; Tyler Wilson, Pelican Rapids def. Denver Colin, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 10-7; Eli Oatman, Maple River def. Travis Tuenge, Aitkin 13-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Ben McPhail def. Brock Claeys 7-3; Cody Nunn def. Matt Moenkedick 3-2; Mitch Hagen def. Micah Larson 5-3; Tyler Wilson def. Eli Oatman 9-4

Wrestlebacks: Calab Svenby def. Brock Claeys 3-2; Matt Moenkedick def. Josh Willaert 3-2; Micah Larson def. Josh Jacobson 8-1; Eli Oatman def. Denver Colin 3-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Matt Moenkedick def. Calab Svenby 3-1; Micah Larson def. Eli Oatman fall 2:18

Consolation Semifinals: Matt Moenkedick def. Tyler Wilson 3-1 OT; Micah Larson def. Cody Nunn 3-0

Championship Semifinals: Ben McPhail def. Cody Nunn 4-3; Mitch Hagen def. Tyler Wilson 12-6

Fifth: Cody Nunn def. Tyler Wilson 10-3

Third: Micah Larson def. Matt Moenkedick 7-3

Championship: Mitch Hagen def. Ben McPhail 7-2

1st – Joel Bauman, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, 11
2nd – Alex Bach, Maple River, 12
3rd – Brian Anderson, Redwood Valley, 12
4th – Thomas Uttermark, MACCRAY, 12
5th – Tayler Yliniemi, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton, 12
6th – B Manderschied, Minnewaska Area, 11

First Round: Wade Moenkedick, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale def. Kody Lafraniere-Sorenson, Frazee 3-2; Thomas Uttermark, MACCRAY def. B Manderschied, Minnewaska Area 2-1; Alex Bach, Maple River def. Logan Brand, Lewiston-Altura/Rushford-Peterson fall 3:18; Eric McMonagle, Madelia/Truman/Martin Luther def. Sam Arachtingi, Trinity at River Ridge fall 5:22; John Long, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted def. Caleb Langer, Kenyon-Wanamingo 7-3; Brian Anderson, Redwood Valley def. Dayton Sternhagen, West Central Area/Ashby 4-1; Tayler Yliniemi, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton def. Dan Gadacz, Royalton/Upsala 15-0, 4:00; Joel Bauman, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg def. David Lindell, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva 3-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Thomas Uttermark def. Wade Moenkedick 5-2; Alex Bach def. Eric McMonagle fall 3:04; Brian Anderson def. John Long fall 2:54; Joel Bauman def. Tayler Yliniemi 3-1

Wrestlebacks: B Manderschied def. Wade Moenkedick 4-2; Logan Brand def. Eric McMonagle fall 1:47; Dayton Sternhagen def. John Long fall 2:55; Tayler Yliniemi def. David Lindell 5-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: B Manderschied def. Logan Brand 2-0; Tayler Yliniemi def. Dayton Sternhagen 5-0

Consolation Semifinals: Brian Anderson def. B Manderschied 2-0; Thomas Uttermark def. Tayler Yliniemi 8-4

Championship Semifinals: Alex Bach def. Thomas Uttermark fall 2:49; Joel Bauman def. Brian Anderson 6-4

Fifth: Tayler Yliniemi def. B Manderschied 15-0, 6:00

Third: Brian Anderson def. Thomas Uttermark 4-3

Championship: Joel Bauman def. Alex Bach 5-3

1st – McKale Evenson, Pelican Rapids, 12
2nd – Hoss Roemer, Wabasha-Kellogg, 12
3rd – Mat Willner, Blue Earth Area, 12
4th – Evan Stock, Yellow Medicine East, 12
5th – Brad Kneisl, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, 12
6th – A J Dryer, United South Central, 11

First Round: Evan Stock, Yellow Medicine East def. Mat Willner, Blue Earth Area 7-6 3XOT; David Cowen, Minnewaska Area def. Taylor Mattison, Red Rock Central/Westbrook-Walnut Grove 6-4; Hoss Roemer, Wabasha-Kellogg def. Jacob Kasella, Royalton/Upsala fall 3:51; Cole Christianson, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River def. Tyler Walsh, Parkers Prairie 7-6; Brad Kneisl, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg def. Brian Reece, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle fall 1:58; A J Dryer, United South Central def. Tyler McMonagle, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 3-0; Brody Davidson, Crookston def. Bobby Kulhanek, Mille Lacs 1-0; McKale Evenson, Pelican Rapids def. Taylor Swenson, Saint Charles 12-1

Championship Quarterfinals: Evan Stock def. David Cowen 4-3 OT; Hoss Roemer def. Cole Christianson 10-5; Brad Kneisl def. A J Dryer fall 1:32; McKale Evenson def. Brody Davidson 9-2

Wrestlebacks: Mat Willner def. David Cowen 7-0; Cole Christianson def. Jacob Kasella fall 2:25; A J Dryer def. Brian Reece 10-5; Brody Davidson def. Taylor Swenson 7-3

Consolation Quarterfinals: Mat Willner def. Cole Christianson fall 1:52; A J Dryer def. Brody Davidson fall 4:23

Consolation Semifinals: Mat Willner def. Brad Kneisl fall 1:48; Evan Stock def. A J Dryer 3-2

Championship Semifinals: Hoss Roemer def. Evan Stock 5-4; McKale Evenson def. Brad Kneisl 6-2

Fifth: Brad Kneisl def. A J Dryer fall 1:21

Third: Mat Willner def. Evan Stock 6-3

Championship: McKale Evenson def. Hoss Roemer 9-3

1st – Jon Farnell, Chatfield, 12
2nd – Jake Lee, Blue Earth Area, 12
3rd – Brad Wollum, Canby, 12
4th – Aaron Rose, Sibley East, 11
5th – Luke O’Reilly, Goodhue, 12
6th – Zach Nevala, United North Central, 12

First Round: Colin Turchin, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale def. Josh Conant, Rush City fall 1:47; Aaron Rose, Sibley East def. Dalton Staton, Benson fall 3:51; Andrew Wolter, Waterville-Elysian-Morristown/Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton def. Cody Torkelson, Osakis fall 5:11; Jon Farnell, Chatfield def. Zach Nevala, United North Central fall 1:33; Tyler Thoeny, Madelia/Truman/Martin Luther def. Taylor Wilke, Aitkin 13-2; Brad Wollum, Canby def. Landyn Saewert, New York Mills fall 3:41; Jake Lee, Blue Earth Area def. Luke O’Reilly, Goodhue 7-3; Logan Rinke, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton def. John Scepaniak, Holdingford fall 1:34

Championship Quarterfinals: Aaron Rose def. Colin Turchin fall 2:59; Jon Farnell def. Andrew Wolter fall 3:04; Brad Wollum def. Tyler Thoeny fall 5:35; Jake Lee def. Logan Rinke 5-3

Wrestlebacks: Colin Turchin def. Dalton Staton fall 3:16; Zach Nevala def. Andrew Wolter 4-2 3XOT; Landyn Saewert def. Tyler Thoeny fall :45; Luke O’Reilly def. Logan Rinke 3-1 OT

Consolation Quarterfinals: Zach Nevala def. Colin Turchin fall 2:29; Luke O’Reilly def. Landyn Saewert fall 2:25

Consolation Semifinals: Brad Wollum def. Zach Nevala 5-1; Aaron Rose def. Luke O’Reilly 6-2

Championship Semifinals: Jon Farnell def. Aaron Rose fall 2:53; Jake Lee def. Brad Wollum 6-5

Fifth: Luke O’Reilly def. Zach Nevala 9-4

Third: Brad Wollum def. Aaron Rose 16-1, 4:27

Championship: Jon Farnell def. Jake Lee 5-1

Class AA

1st – Jacoby Bergeron, Thief River Falls/Goodridge, 10
2nd – Nate Lynn, Adrian, 9
3rd – Mitch Dunlap, Foley, 9
4th – Tony Morrow, Kasson-Mantorville, 10
5th – Nick Clobes, Hutchinson, 11
6th – Max Anderson, Dassel-Cokato, 11

First Round: Tony Morrow, Kasson-Mantorville def. Juan Torres, Simley fall 6:42 OT; Mitch Dunlap, Foley def. Jon Ebert, Totino-Grace fall 3:34; Jacoby Bergeron, Thief River Falls/Goodridge def. Elissa Reinsma, Fulda/Murray County Central 9-2; Jordan Land, Cloquet/Esko def. Trenton Seck, Delano 13-1; Aaron Haley, Plainview-Elgin-Millville def. Paul Noden, Meadow Creek/Spectrum 11-6; Max Anderson, Dassel-Cokato def. Blong Kong, Saint Paul Johnson 9-1; Nate Lynn, Adrian def. Zach Stepan, Zimmerman 4-2; Nick Clobes, Hutchinson def. Frank Wilczek, Little Falls fall 4:31

Championship Quarterfinals: Tony Morrow def. Mitch Dunlap 4-2; Jacoby Bergeron def. Jordan Land 7-5; Max Anderson def. Aaron Haley fall :30; Nate Lynn def. Nick Clobes 7-2

Wrestlebacks: Mitch Dunlap def. Juan Torres 10-1; Jordan Land def. Elissa Reinsma 10-1; Aaron Haley def. Blong Kong 10-1; Nick Clobes def. Zach Stepan 5-3

Consolation Quarterfinals: Mitch Dunlap def. Jordan Land 5-3; Nick Clobes def. Aaron Haley 4-0

Consolation Semifinals: Mitch Dunlap def. Max Anderson 1-0; Tony Morrow def. Nick Clobes fall 6:39 3XOT

Championship Semifinals: Jacoby Bergeron def. Tony Morrow 2-1; Nate Lynn def. Max Anderson 8-5

Fifth: Nick Clobes def. Max Anderson 2-1 3xOT

Third: Mitch Dunlap def. Tony Morrow fall 3:40

Championship: Jacoby Bergeron def. Nate Lynn 12-8

1st – Drew Fleming, Watertown-Mayer/Lutheran, 11
2nd – Dylan Wright, Simley, 11
3rd – Cody Paulsen, Totino-Grace, 11
4th – Joey Munos, South Saint Paul, 9
5th – Charlie Wilczek, Little Falls, 12
6th – Chaz Abrahamson, Thief River Falls/Goodridge, 10

First Round: Cody Paulsen, Totino-Grace def. Noah Schlee, Grand Meadow/LeRoy-Ostrander/Kingsland fall 4:28; Chaz Abrahamson, Thief River Falls/Goodridge def. Nick Rydell, Saint Peter 5-1; Dylan Wright, Simley def. Chase Austvold, New London-Spicer 4-1; Mike Fuenffinger, Hibbing def. Drake Borsgard, Windom Area/Mt. Lake/Butterfield-Odin fall 3:52; Nate Lecy, Stewartville def. Kyle Ballard, Litchfield fall :55; Drew Fleming, Watertown-Mayer/Lutheran def. Dustin Kottke, St. Michael-Albertville 17-1, 5:52; Joey Munos, South St. Paul def. Dylan Croatt, Dawson-Boyd/Lac Qui Parle Valley fall 4:52; Charlie Wilczek, Little Falls def. Jake Kostik, North Branch fall 2:59

Championship Quarterfinals: Cody Paulsen def. Chaz Abrahamson 9-3; Dylan Wright def. Mike Fuenffinger 4-3 OT; Drew Fleming def. Nate Lecy 5-4; Joey Munos def. Charlie Wilczek fall 5:17

Wrestlebacks: Chaz Abrahamson def. Noah Schlee fall 4:54; Mike Fuenffinger def. Chase Austvold 6-4 OT; Nate Lecy def. Dustin Kottke fall 4:33; Charlie Wilczek def. Dylan Croatt fall :40

Consolation Quarterfinals: Chaz Abrahamson def. Mike Fuenffinger 7-3; Charlie Wilczek def. Nate Lecy default

Consolation Semifinals: Joey Munos def. Chaz Abrahamson fall 3:50; Cody Paulsen def. Charlie Wilczek 16-0, 4:16

Championship Semifinals: Dylan Wright def. Cody Paulsen 6-4 OT; Drew Fleming def. Joey Munos 3-2

Fifth: Charlie Wilczek def. Chaz Abrahamson fall 1:26

Third: Cody Paulsen def. Joey Munos 3-2

Championship: Drew Fleming def. Dylan Wright 3-2

1st – Jake Grisell, Mahtomedi, 12
2nd – Matt Nelson, Big Lake, 10
3rd – David Fradette, Milaca, 12
4th – Donovan Sullivan, Kasson-Mantorville, 11
5th – Jake Short, Simley, 8
6th – Daniel Woiwer, Becker, 8

First Round: Ben Swanson, Plainview-Elgin-Millville def. Luke Conger, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley/Nevis 19-4, 5:47; Jake Grisell, Mahtomedi def. Cody Schunk, Wabasso 5-3; David Fradette, Milaca def. Tyler Zilverberg, Scott West 9-5; Daniel Woiwer, Becker def. Carl Salonek, Saint Michael-Albertville 6-5; Jacob Werner, Perham def. Neil Citrowske, Marshall/Lakeview 12-3; Jake Short, Simley def. Donovan Sullivan, Kasson-Mantorville 3-2; Nate Friederich, Montgomery-Lonsdale/Le Center def. Andrew Patnode, Rockford 16-0; Matt Nelson, Big Lake def. Keegan Edgerton, Hinckley-Finlayson/Pine City/East Central 16-6

Championship Quarterfinals: Jake Grisell def. Ben Swanson 20-13; Daniel Woiwer def. David Fradette 9-4; Jake Short def. Jacob Werner 5-1; Matt Nelson def. Nate Friederich 8-3

Wrestlebacks: Ben Swanson def. Cody Schunk 9-7; David Fradette def. Carl Salonek 23-6, 4:24; Donovan Sullivan def. Jacob Werner 9-0; Nate Friederich def. Keegan Edgerton 13-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: David Fradette def. Ben Swanson 11-5; Donovan Sullivan def. Nate Friederich 4-1

Consolation Semifinals: David Fradette def. Jake Short 9-4; Donovan Sullivan def. Daniel Woiwer 7-1

Championship Semifinals: Jake Grisell def. Daniel Woiwer 7-2; Matt Nelson def. Jake Short 8-0

Fifth: Jake Short def. Daniel Woiwer 3:25

Third: David Fradette def. Donovan Sullivan 8-7

Championship: Jake Grisell def. Matt Nelson 4-2 OT

1st – David Thorn, Saint Michael-Albertville, 12
2nd – Garret Garness, Kasson-Mantorville, 10
3rd – Kyle Leduc, Thief River Falls/Goodridge, 11
4th – Sam Warne, Perham, 11
5th – Dan Dick, Simley, 10
6th – Dalton Sowers, Delano, 11

First Round: Dalton Sowers, Delano def. Sam Warne, Perham 7-4; Josh Anderson, Montevideo def. Jamie Holt, Albany 7-5; Garret Garness, Kasson-Mantorville def. Mark Dooley, Saint Paul Como Park 10-5; Cody Skog, Meadow Creek/Spectrum def. Cody LaFromboise, Mora 13-3; Jake Siegle, Scott West def. Mark Gehling, Foley 7-6 OT; Dan Dick, Simley def. Kyle Nanti, Virginia/Mountain Iron-Buhl 7-3; Kyle Leduc, Thief River Falls/Goodridge def. Zach Campbell, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton 12-4; David Thorn, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Matt Tlougan, Byron fall 1:09

Championship Quarterfinals: Dalton Sowers def. Josh Anderson 17-7; Garret Garness def. Cody Skog fall 1:59; Dan Dick def. Jake Siegle 4-1; David Thorn def. Kyle Leduc 30-15, 5:54

Wrestlebacks: Sam Warne def. Josh Anderson 9-1; Mark Dooley def. Cody Skog 11-9 OT; Jake Siegle def. Kyle Nanti fall 4:15; Kyle Leduc def. Matt Tlougan 7-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Sam Warne def. Mark Dooley 14-9; Kyle Leduc def. Jake Siegle 4-2

Consolation Semifinals: Sam Warne def. Dan Dick 5-2; Kyle Leduc def. Dalton Sowers 4-2 OT

Championship Semifinals: Garret Garness def. Dalton Sowers 1-0; David Thorn def. Dan Dick 11-4

Fifth: Dan Dick def. Dalton Sowers 3-2

Third: Kyle Leduc def. Sam Warne fall 5:34

Championship: David Thorn def. Garret Garness 11-3

1st – Devon Bonds, Saint Paul Humboldt, 12
2nd – Justin Reinsma, Fulda/Murray County Central, 12
3rd – Cory Foss, Foley, 12
4th – Tommy Glenn, Simley, 11
5th – Ryan Arne, Orono, 11
6th – Seth Sanftner, Mora, 11

First Round: Seth Sanftner, Mora def. Sam Haas, Dawson-Boyd/Lac Qui Parle Valley 11-5; Devon Bonds, Saint Paul Humboldt def. Mark Dvorak, Scott West 3-2; Ryan Arne, Orono def. Zach Humphrey, Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus 9-0; Greg Naschansky, Plainview-Elgin-Millville def. Jay Woiwer, Becker fall 3:56; Cory Foss, Foley def. Connor MacGregor, Roseau 5-3; Justin Reinsma, Fulda/Murray County Central def. Kyle Salonek, Saint Michael-Albertville 7-3; Jordan Hansen, Hutchinson def. Miles Brannan, Kasson-Mantorville 6-2; Tommy Glenn, Simley def. Tom Mork, North Branch 9-3

Championship Quarterfinals: Devon Bonds def. Seth Sanftner fall 5:39; Ryan Arne def. Greg Naschansky 4-2; Justin Reinsma def. Cory Foss 3-1; Tommy Glenn def. Jordan Hansen 8-1

Wrestlebacks: Seth Sanftner def. Mark Dvorak 13-0; Greg Naschansky def. Zach Humphrey 4-0; Cory Foss def. Kyle Salonek 8-1; Jordan Hansen def. Tom Mork fall 4:54

Consolation Quarterfinals: Seth Sanftner def. Greg Naschansky 4-2; Cory Foss def. Jordan Hansen 7-0

Consolation Semifinals: Tommy Glenn def. Seth Sanftner 13-2; Cory Foss def. Ryan Arne 5-1

Championship Semifinals: Devon Bonds def. Ryan Arne 4-2; Justin Reinsma def. Tommy Glenn 2-1

Fifth: Ryan Arne def. Seth Sanftner fall 1:39

Third: Cory Foss def. Tommy Glenn 5-2

Championship: Devon Bonds def. Justin Reinsma 6-3

1st – Ryan Swenson, Dawson-Boyd/Lac Qui Parle Valley, 10
2nd – Boyd Suparat, North Branch, 12
3rd – Nic Harrison, Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus, 12
4th – Andrew Youngblom, Mora, 11
5th – Sam Fischenich, Windom Area/Mountain Lake/Butterfield-Odin, 12
6th – Quinton Thiele, Totino-Grace, 10

First Round: Boyd Suparat, North Branch def. Tommy Teigen, Meadow Creek/Spectrum 8-0; Ethan Smith, Hutchinson def. Taylor Lewandowski, Foley forfeit; Nic Harrison, Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus def. Ruben Hidalgo, Saint Thomas Academy fall 4:54; Sam Fischenich, Windom Area/Mt. Lake/Butterfield-Odin def. Cody Dillinger, Plainview-Elgin-Millville fall :37; Quinton Thiele, Totino-Grace def. Nick Wanzek, Simley 5-4; Ryan Swenson, Dawson-Boyd/Lac Qui Parle Valley def. Ben Brasket, Delano 10-4; Tyler Mergen, Monticello def. Dillon Kifer, Little Falls 7-1; Andrew Youngblom, Mora def. Cole Gibson, La Crescent 15-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Boyd Suparat def. Ethan Smith 3-2; Nic Harrison def. Sam Fischenich 6-2; Ryan Swenson def. Quinton Thiele 16-7; Andrew Youngblom def. Tyler Mergen fall 3:27

Wrestlebacks: Ethan Smith def. Tommy Teigen 10-4; Sam Fischenich def. Ruben Hidalgo 5-3 OT; Quinton Thiele def. Ben Brasket 6-2; Tyler Mergen def. Cole Gibson 3-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: Sam Fischenich def. Ethan Smith 9-3; Quinton Thiele def. Tyler Mergen 6-2

Consolation Semifinals: Andrew Youngblom def. Sam Fischenich 7-5 OT; Nic Harrison def. Quinton Thiele 9-3

Championship Semifinals: Boyd Suparat def. Nic Harrison 6-5; Ryan Swenson def. Andrew Youngblom 4-3

Fifth: Sam Fischenich def. Quinton Thiele 10-1

Third: Nic Harrison def. Andrew Youngblom fall 3:56

Championship: Ryan Swenson def. Boyd Suparat 5-2

1st – Brady Schrupp, Becker, 12
2nd – Steve Keogh, Thief River Falls/Goodridge, 10
3rd – Jason Cirksena, Kasson-Mantorville, 11
4th – Jake Bothun, Dawson-Boyd/Lac Qui Parle Valley, 11
5th – Brandon Seppelt, Foley, 11
6th – Ben Horn, Saint Michael-Albertville, 11

First Round: Jake Bothun, Dawson-Boyd/Lac Qui Parle Valley def. Connor Anderson, Simley 10-7; Dwight Jenne, Perham def. Joe Hessing, Delano 14-4; Jason Cirksena, Kasson-Mantorville def. John Crain, Milaca 5-1; Brady Schrupp, Becker def. Noah Patnode, Rockford 15-0, 4:10; Steve Keogh, Thief River Falls/Goodridge def. Dallen Rud, Byron 15-5; Brandon Seppelt, Foley def. Mike Belich, Hibbing 12-6; Alex Jenson, Glencoe-Silver Lake/Lester Prairie def. Nick Tourville, Benilde-Saint Margaret’s 7-3; Ben Horn, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Matt Arnold, Wabasso 6-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Jake Bothun def. Dwight Jenne 2-1; Brady Schrupp def. Jason Cirksena 9-0; Steve Keogh def. Brandon Seppelt 6-2; Ben Horn def. Alex Jenson 6-4

Wrestlebacks: Connor Anderson def. Dwight Jenne 13-4; Jason Cirksena def. Noah Patnode 8-3; Brandon Seppelt def. Dallen Rud 11-8; Alex Jenson def. Matt Arnold 5-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jason Cirksena def. Connor Anderson 2-0; Brandon Seppelt def. Alex Jenson 9-8

Consolation Semifinals: Jason Cirksena def. Ben Horn 6-1 OT; Jake Bothun def. Brandon Seppelt 5-3

Championship Semifinals: Brady Schrupp def. Jake Bothun 15-3; Steve Keogh def. Ben Horn fall 2:37

Fifth: Brandon Seppelt def. Ben Horn 10-0

Third: Jason Cirksena def. Jake Bothun 10-7

Championship: Brady Schrupp def. Steve Keogh 9-2

1st – Kevin Fynboh, Thief River Falls/Goodridge, 12
2nd – Ryan Madson, Hutchinson, 12
3rd – Tyler Kivel, Scott West, 12
4th – Jack Barnes, Simley, 12
5th – Joey Falde, Orono, 11
6th – Cullen Becker, Caledonia/Houston/Spring Grove, 12

First Round: Cullen Becker, Caledonia/Houston/Spring Grove def. Kyle Wilson, Deer River fall 5:49; Luke Reiter, New London-Spicer def. Scott Beech, Fulda/Murray County Central 6-4; Tyler Kivel, Scott West def. Justin Frey, Minnehaha/Concordia/Mounds Park 16-2; Kevin Fynboh, Thief River Falls/Goodridge def. Jordan Scherber, St. Michael-Albertville 3-2; Ryan Madson, Hutchinson def. John Bredeck, Albany fall 3:18; Jack Barnes, Simley def. Jordan Ringquist, Fergus Falls 7-1; Joey Falde, Orono def. Keith Larson, Milaca 7-1; Garret Miller, Plainview-Elgin-Millville def. Brock Bullerman, Adrian 5-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Cullen Becker def. Luke Reiter fall 1:52; Kevin Fynboh def. Tyler Kivel 8-4; Ryan Madson def. Jack Barnes 1-0; Joey Falde def. Garret Miller 5-0

Wrestlebacks: Kyle Wilson def. Luke Reiter 4-2 OT; Tyler Kivel def. Jordan Scherber fall 3:51; Jack Barnes def. John Bredeck 7-3; Garret Miller def. Keith Larson 9-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Tyler Kivel def. Kyle Wilson 12-3; Jack Barnes def. Garret Miller 8-0

Consolation Semifinals: Tyler Kivel def. Joey Falde 5-0; Jack Barnes def. Cullen Becker 9-6

Championship Semifinals: Kevin Fynboh def. Cullen Becker 14-6; Ryan Madson def. Joey Falde 3-2 OT

Fifth: Joey Falde def. Cullen Becker 10-2

Third: Tyler Kivel def. Jack Barnes 8-3

Championship: Kevin Fynboh def. Ryan Madson 3-2

1st – Blaine Miller, Plainview-Elgin-Millville, 11
2nd – Kevin O’Brien, Becker, 12
3rd – Kurtis Julson, Simley, 11
4th – Jake Horn, Saint Michael-Albertville, 12
5th – Billy Dean, New London-Spicer, 12
6th – Cody Manderscheid, Hutchinson, 12

First Round: Jordan Engen, Thief River Falls/Goodridge def. Blaine Coyle, Fillmore Central/Lanesboro/Mabel-Canton 15-2; Kurtis Julson, Simley def. Jake Horn, Saint Michael-Albertville 8-6; Kevin O’Brien, Becker def. Neal Mulder, Adrian 7-0; Max Poikonen, Watertown-Mayer/Lutheran def. Jake Moscho, Milaca 3-2; Blaine Miller, Plainview-Elgin-Millville def. Tommy Ruckmar, South Saint Paul 6-0; Charlie Schmitz, Perham def. Tony Thier, Worthington/Round Lake-Brewster 2-0; Cody Manderscheid, Hutchinson def. Nick Schuler, Totino-Grace 7-6; Billy Dean, New London-Spicer def. Sam Hise, Grand Rapids 9-1

Championship Quarterfinals: Kurtis Julson def. Jordan Engen 7-3; Kevin O’Brien def. Max Poikonen 3-2; Blaine Miller def. Charlie Schmitz 16-7; Billy Dean def. Cody Manderscheid 9-6

Wrestlebacks: Jake Horn def. Jordan Engen 11-5; Max Poikonen def. Neal Mulder 5-0; Charlie Schmitz def. Tommy Ruckmar 5-2; Cody Manderscheid def. Sam Hise 4-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jake Horn def. Max Poikonen 3-2 3XOT; Cody Manderscheid def. Charlie Schmitz 9-2

Consolation Semifinals: Jake Horn def. Billy Dean 4-1; Kurtis Julson def. Cody Manderscheid 7-0

Championship Semifinals: Kevin O’Brien def. Kurtis Julson 3-2; Blaine Miller def. Billy Dean 8-1

Fifth: Billy Dean def. Cody Manderscheid 10-7

Third: Kurtis Julson def. Jake Horn 2-0

Championship: Blaine Miller def. Kevin O’Brien 8-5

1st – Jordan Campa, Saint Michael-Albertville, 11
2nd – Dillon Fogarty, Scott West, 12
3rd – Justin Bowland, Foley, 11
4th – John Nething, New London-Spicer, 11
5th – Andy Henning, Fulda/Murray County Central, 12
6th – Anthony Gullickson, Totino-Grace, 10

First Round: Dillon Fogarty, Scott West def. Brett Crecelius, Marshall/Lakeview 7-3; John Nething, New London-Spicer def. Shelby Deno, Kasson-Mantorville 13-4; Anthony Gullickson, Totino-Grace def. Blake Menard, Mora 7-6; Alex Feldt, Detroit Lakes def. Jesse Munos, South Saint Paul fall 3:39; Cody Bue, Little Falls def. Adam Swenson, Princeton fall 3:16; Jordan Campa, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Jake Hoffner, Simley 13-2; Andy Henning, Fulda/Murray County Central def. Sam Milbrett, Waseca 6-0; Justin Bowland, Foley def. Zack Rutt, Montgomery-Lonsdale/Le Center 2:45

Championship Quarterfinals: Dillon Fogarty def. John Nething 8-6; Anthony Gullickson def. Alex Feldt 13-6; Jordan Campa def. Cody Bue 9-2; Andy Henning def. Justin Bowland 8-6

Wrestlebacks: John Nething def. Brett Crecelius 7-2; Alex Feldt def. Blake Menard fall 1:18; Cody Bue def. Jake Hoffner 7-0; Justin Bowland def. Sam Milbrett 12-3

Consolation Quarterfinals: John Nething def. Alex Feldt 14-5; Justin Bowland def. Cody Bue 12-3

Consolation Semifinals: John Nething def. Andy Henning 3-2; Justin Bowland def. Anthony Gullickson 5-1

Championship Semifinals: Dillon Fogarty def. Anthony Gullickson 3-2; Jordan Campa def. Andy Henning 4-2

Fifth: Andy Henning def. Anthony Gullickson fall 3:19

Third: Justin Bowland def. John Nething 7-4

Championship: Jordan Campa def. Dillon Fogarty 7-4

1st – Travis Peralta, Thief River Falls/Goodridge, 12
2nd – Spencer Johnson, Windom Area/Mountain Lake/Butterfield-Odin, 11
3rd – Brandon Pederson, Waseca, 10
4th – Nate Schmitz, Perham, 12
5th – Ammoren Dohm, Milaca, 12
6th – Connor Fogarty, Scott West, 12

First Round: Brandon Pederson, Waseca def. Jared Pawelk, Waconia 8-5; Ammoren Dohm, Milaca def. Stephen Loosbrock, Adrian 9-7; Travis Peralta, Thief River Falls/Goodridge def. Vinny Branchaud, South Saint Paul 7-0; Tyler Lewandowski, Foley def. TJ Lewis, Totino-Grace 9-4; Nate Schmitz, Perham def. Shaun Little, Saint Michael-Albertville 7-2; Spencer Johnson, Windom Area/Mountain Lake/Butterfield-Odin def. Heath Rud, Byron 4-2 OT; Kody Kalkbrenner, Litchfield def. Torrie Morgan, Simley 7-2; Connor Fogarty, Scott West def. Clay Olson, Chisago Lakes Area 13-5

Championship Quarterfinals: Ammoren Dohm def. Brandon Pederson 12-3; Travis Peralta def. Tyler Lewandowski 4-2 OT; Spencer Johnson def. Nate Schmitz 8-3; Connor Fogarty def. Kody Kalkbrenner 10-3

Wrestlebacks: Brandon Pederson def. Stephen Loosbrock 3-2; Vinny Branchaud def. Tyler Lewandowski 6-1; Nate Schmitz def. Heath Rud 6-3; Clay Olson def. Kody Kalkbrenner 11-8

Consolation Quarterfinals: Brandon Pederson def. Vinny Branchaud 3-1; Nate Schmitz def. Clay Olson 15-7

Consolation Semifinals: Brandon Pederson def. Connor Fogarty 5-4; Nate Schmitz def. Ammoren Dohm fall 3:34

Championship Semifinals: Travis Peralta def. Ammoren Dohm 9-3; Spencer Johnson def. Connor Fogarty 6-0

Fifth: Ammoren Dohm def. Connor Fogarty 6-5

Third: Brandon Pederson def. Nate Schmitz 7-6

Championship: Travis Peralta def. Spencer Johnson 2-1

1st – Mic Berg, Simley, 12
2nd – Kraig Schumm, Saint Michael-Albertville, 11
3rd – Jordan Linn, Foley, 11
4th – Jeff Nielsen, Zimmerman, 11
5th – Shea Klooster, Adrian, 12
6th – Michael Kroells, Scott West, 9

First Round: Jordan Linn, Foley def. Mark Binkley, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena/Indus fall 3:11; Kraig Schumm, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Colton Evans, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton 10-6; Carter Brandt, Grand Meadow/LeRoy-Ostrander/Kingsland def. Johnny Krocak, Montgomery-Lonsdale/Le Center 6-4 OT; Jeff Nielsen, Zimmerman def. Drew Redden, Saint Paul Como Park fall 3:00; Daren Wingert, Plainview-Elgin-Millville def. Carlton Littlejohn, Minneapolis North 4-3; Mic Berg, Simley def. Dakota Hanson, Dassel-Cokato fall :55; Rip Baker, Milaca def. Brandon Johnson, Detroit Lakes 15-0, 2:00; Michael Kroells, Scott West def. Shea Klooster, Adrian 12-10 OT

Championship Quarterfinals: Kraig Schumm def. Jordan Linn 5-3; Jeff Nielsen def. Carter Brandt 7-3; Mic Berg def. Daren Wingert 3-1; Michael Kroells def. Rip Baker 9-3

Wrestlebacks: Jordan Linn def. Colton Evans inj. def.; Carter Brandt def. Drew Redden fall 1:44; Daren Wingert def. Dakota Hanson 4-2; Shea Klooster def. Rip Baker 8-3

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jordan Linn def. Carter Brandt 16-0, 4:56; Shea Klooster def. Daren Wingert default

Consolation Semifinals: Jordan Linn def. Michael Kroells 13-4; Jeff Nielsen def. Shea Klooster 4-0

Championship Semifinals: Kraig Schumm def. Jeff Nielsen 7-6; Mic Berg def. Michael Kroells 10-4

Fifth: Shea Klooster def. Michael Kroells 10-7

Third: Jordan Linn def. Jeff Nielsen 6-3

Championship: Mic Berg def. Kraig Schumm 13-5

1st – Kris Olson, Foley, 12
2nd – Pat Brinkman, New Ulm, 11
3rd – Colton Thorson, Fergus Falls, 11
4th – Brian Broll, Waconia, 12
5th – Marshal Ash, Milaca, 11
6th – Alex LaShomb, Simley, 11

First Round: Pat Brinkman, New Ulm def. Travis Radke, Fulda/Murray County Central fall 2:44; Mason Perry, Totino-Grace def. Mike Zachary, Saint Paul Johnson 5-2; Marshal Ash, Milaca def. Coby Makela, Plainview-Elgin-Millville fall 5:46; Colton Thorson, Fergus Falls def. Jeremiah Dorf, Rocori fall 1:02; Sam Dooyema, Luverne def. Ryan Kessler, Saint Michael-Albertville 5-3; Brian Broll, Waconia def. Alex LaShomb, Simley fall 4:26; Casey Sazama, Perham def. Justin Bergerson, North Branch fall 1:28; Kris Olson, Foley def. Jacob Hamlin, Grand Meadow/LeRoy-Ostrander/Kingsland 17-2, 5:01

Championship Quarterfinals: Pat Brinkman def. Mason Perry 5-1; Colton Thorson def. Marshal Ash 2-0; Brian Broll def. Sam Dooyema fall 5:29; Kris Olson def. Casey Sazama 5-1

Wrestlebacks: Mason Perry def. Travis Radke 1-0; Marshal Ash def. Jeremiah Dorf 5-2; Alex LaShomb def. Sam Dooyema 7-2; Jacob Hamlin def. Casey Sazama 5-3

Consolation Quarterfinals: Marshal Ash def. Mason Perry fall 4:00; Alex LaShomb def. Jacob Hamlin 4-3

Consolation Semifinals: Brian Broll def. Marshal Ash 4-0; Colton Thorson def. Alex LaShomb 3-1

Championship Semifinals: Pat Brinkman def. Colton Thorson 7-3; Kris Olson def. Brian Broll 7-3

Fifth: Marshal Ash def. Alex LaShomb 3-1 OT

Third: Colton Thorson def. Brian Broll 9-7

Championship: Kris Olson def. Pat Brinkman 5-2

1st – Billy Frank, Princeton, 12
2nd – Josh Campion, Fergus Falls, 12
3rd – Casey Johnson, Kasson-Mantorville, 11
4th – Brandon Zabel, Saint Peter, 12
5th – John Heinen, Roseau, 12
6th – Charlie Gelhaye, Simley, 12

First Round: John Morrison, North Branch def. Sam Pokornowski, Dassel-Cokato 5-3; Charlie Gelhaye, Simley def. Jordan Schroeder, Worthington/Round Lake-Brewster 9-3; Parker Betts, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Eric Nelson, Delano 5-3; Josh Campion, Fergus Falls def. Casey Johnson, Kasson-Mantorville 3-1; Billy Frank, Princeton def. Jesse Grothe, Minnehaha/Concordia/Mounds Park fall 3:17; Scott Hines, Fairmont def. Paul Plombon, Sartell-Saint Stephen fall 2:28; Brandon Zabel, Saint Peter def. Cam Miller, Plainview-Elgin-Millville fall 5:06; John Heinen, Roseau def. Roy Wordlaw, Rockford fall 3:05

Championship Quarterfinals: Charlie Gelhaye def. John Morrison 3-2; Josh Campion def. Parker Betts 3-1; Billy Frank def. Scott Hines fall 2:35; John Heinen def. Brandon Zabel 3-2

Wrestlebacks: John Morrison def. Jordan Schroeder 4:00; Casey Johnson def. Parker Betts 5-2; Scott Hines def. Jesse Grothe 20-2; Brandon Zabel def. Roy Wordlaw fall 2:54

Consolation Quarterfinals: Casey Johnson def. John Morrison 3-2 4XOT; Brandon Zabel def. Scott Hines inj. def.

Consolation Semifinals: Casey Johnson def. John Heinen 3-2; Brandon Zabel def. Charlie Gelhaye fall 1:45

Championship Semifinals: Josh Campion def. Charlie Gelhaye fall 4:47; Billy Frank def. John Heinen 3-2

Fifth: John Heinen def. Charlie Gelhaye 9-3

Third: Casey Johnson def. Brandon Zabel fall 2:53

Championship: Billy Frank def. Josh Campion fall 4:59

Class AAA

1st – Mitch Bengtson, Saint Cloud Apollo, 8
2nd – Phil Levine, Rosemount, 12
3rd – Eric Bauer, Hastings, 9
4th – Jesse Loges, Minneapolis South, 11
5th – Brady Johnshoy, Prior Lake, 10
6th – Sam Brancale, Eden Prairie, 9

First Round: Sean Stebbins, North def. Nick Scheffert, Owatonna 11-5; Jesse Loges, Minneapolis South def. Skyler Vongkaysone, Champlin Park 9-8; Mitch Bengtson, Saint Cloud Apollo def. Eric Bauer, Hastings 6-4 OT; Austin Liebel, Saint Francis def. Ethan Loosbrock, Chaska fall :22; Trey Hable, Albert Lea Area def. Zach Gawboy, Maple Grove 17-1, 5:38; Sam Brancale, Eden Prairie def. T. J. O’Hara, Tartan 11-2; Phil Levine, Rosemount def. Tyler Tischer, Cambridge-Isanti 1-0; Brady Johnshoy, Prior Lake def. Luke Boran, Brainerd/Pillager fall :51

Championship Quarterfinals: Jesse Loges def. Sean Stebbins 8-2; Mitch Bengtson def. Austin Liebel 1-0; Sam Brancale def. Trey Hable fall 5:19; Phil Levine def. Brady Johnshoy 9-0

Wrestlebacks: Skyler Vongkaysone def. Sean Stebbins 5-4; Eric Bauer def. Austin Liebel 9-1; Trey Hable def. T. J. O’Hara 7-4; Brady Johnshoy def. Tyler Tischer 5-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Eric Bauer def. Skyler Vongkaysone 13-1; Brady Johnshoy def. Trey Hable 4-2

Consolation Semifinals: Eric Bauer def. Sam Brancale 3-2; Jesse Loges def. Brady Johnshoy 10-8 OT

Championship Semifinals: Mitch Bengtson def. Jesse Loges 3-2 OT; Phil Levine def. Sam Brancale 8-1

Fifth: Brady Johnshoy def. Sam Brancale 8-2

Third: Eric Bauer def. Jesse Loges fall 3:29

Championship: Mitch Bengtson def. Phil Levine 2-0

1st – Dakota Trom, Apple Valley, 9
2nd – Cory Hansen, Albert Lea Area, 10
3rd – Jeff Engstrom, Hastings, 10
4th – Sam Stewart, Andover, 9
5th – Dillin Schultz, Owatonna, 11
6th – Matt Kahnke, Prior Lake, 9

First Round: Dillin Schultz, Owatonna def. Paul Holt, Mounds View fall 1:58; Matt Kahnke, Prior Lake def. Mike Simeon, Buffalo 4-2; Justin Stevens, Mound-Westonka def. Dennis Ea, North 8-2; Dakota Trom, Apple Valley def. Kyle Hay, Cambridge-Isanti 16-1, 4:21; Cory Hansen, Albert Lea Area def. Weston Droegemueller, Wayzata 15-2; RJ Hallman, Chaska def. Mic-Ryan Freeman, Champlin Park 13-5; Jeff Engstrom, Hastings def. Bill Strunz, White Bear Lake Area fall 5:15; Sam Stewart, Andover def. Tommy O’Brien, Saint Cloud Tech 8-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Dillin Schultz def. Matt Kahnke fall 3:33; Dakota Trom def. Justin Stevens 15-0, 4:14; Cory Hansen def. RJ Hallman 12-3; Sam Stewart def. Jeff Engstrom 15-2

Wrestlebacks: Matt Kahnke def. Paul Holt 2-0 OT; Kyle Hay def. Justin Stevens 5-2; RJ Hallman def. Weston Droegemueller 7-3; Jeff Engstrom def. Tommy O’Brien 2-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Matt Kahnke def. Kyle Hay fall 1:51; Jeff Engstrom def. RJ Hallman fall 6:54

Consolation Semifinals: Sam Stewart def. Matt Kahnke 6-0; Jeff Engstrom def. Dillin Schultz fall 1:14

Championship Semifinals: Dakota Trom def. Dillin Schultz 17-2, 5:49; Cory Hansen def. Sam Stewart 9-5

Fifth: Dillin Schultz def. Matt Kahnke 10-2

Third: Jeff Engstrom def. Sam Stewart fall 4:48

Championship: Dakota Trom def. Cory Hansen 5-2

1st – Matt Kelliher, Apple Valley, 10
2nd – Kahron Nix, Coon Rapids, 10
3rd – Ben Morgan, Forest Lake, 9
4th – Dalton Westerlund, Albert Lea Area, 9
5th – Ali Mohammed, Burnsville, 12
6th – Zach Smith, Buffalo, 12

First Round: Zach Smith, Buffalo def. Garrett Steiger, Rochester John Marshall 5-4; Matt Kelliher, Apple Valley def. Brandon Borchardt, Woodbury fall 3:51; Ben Morgan, Forest Lake def. Tyler Simon, Lakeville North fall 3:10; Adam Hammer, Osseo def. Michal DeJolsvay, Hopkins fall 2:41; Ali Mohammed, Burnsville def. Brandon Mutz, Brainerd/Pillager 9-8; Dalton Westerlund, Albert Lea Area def. Michael Buhl, Tartan 11-1; Jesse Hylton, Centennial def. Gavin Larsen, Chaska 6-2; Kahron Nix, Coon Rapids def. Khamsai Lor, Robbinsdale Cooper fall 1:42

Championship Quarterfinals: Matt Kelliher def. Zach Smith 15-0, 2:58; Ben Morgan def. Adam Hammer 7-3; Dalton Westerlund def. Ali Mohammed 4-3 OT; Kahron Nix def. Jesse Hylton 5-0

Wrestlebacks: Zach Smith def. Brandon Borchardt 13-12; Adam Hammer def. Tyler Simon fall 2:12; Ali Mohammed def. Michael Buhl 8-6; Jesse Hylton def. Khamsai Lor 6-3

Consolation Quarterfinals: Zach Smith def. Adam Hammer 10-9; Ali Mohammed def. Jesse Hylton 4-2

Consolation Semifinals: Dalton Westerlund def. Zach Smith 4-0; Ben Morgan def. Ali Mohammed 10-2

Championship Semifinals: Matt Kelliher def. Ben Morgan 4-0; Kahron Nix def. Dalton Westerlund 5-3

Fifth: Ali Mohammed def. Zach Smith 4-3

Third: Ben Morgan def. Dalton Westerlund fall 3:08

Championship: Matt Kelliher def. Kahron Nix 4-2

1st – Brandon Kingsley, Apple Valley, 9
2nd – Trent Herold, Saint Francis, 12
3rd – Cody Hansen, Albert Lea Area, 12
4th – Cody Madsen, Stillwater Area, 12
5th – Chad Mack, Coon Rapids, 11
6th – Tony Skjefte, Eden Prairie, 10

First Round: David Baker, Buffalo def. Carl Elmer, Farmington 7-4; Tony Skjefte, Eden Prairie def. Colton LaChance, Hastings 7-6; Cody Hansen, Albert Lea Area def. Matt Sanocki, Roseville Area 11-4; Trent Herold, Saint Francis def. Brandon Bigelbach, Mounds View 8-2; Tyler Trattles, Prior Lake def. Joe Brady, Wayzata 20-4, 5:05; Chad Mack, Coon Rapids def. Cody Madsen, Stillwater Area 7-4; Brandon Kingsley, Apple Valley def. Taylor Morical, Alexandria fall :25; Adam Woitalla, Northfield def. Derek Weinmann, Irondale 6-1

Championship Quarterfinals: Tony Skjefte def. David Baker 10-5; Trent Herold def. Cody Hansen 3-1; Chad Mack def. Tyler Trattles fall 5:35; Brandon Kingsley def. Adam Woitalla fall 1:16

Wrestlebacks: David Baker def. Colton LaChance 11-2; Cody Hansen def. Brandon Bigelbach 3-1 OT; Cody Madsen def. Tyler Trattles 3-2; Adam Woitalla def. Taylor Morical 7-6

Consolation Quarterfinals: Cody Hansen def. David Baker 8-0; Cody Madsen def. Adam Woitalla 4-0

Consolation Semifinals: Cody Hansen def. Chad Mack 6-2; Cody Madsen def. Tony Skjefte 5-4

Championship Semifinals: Trent Herold def. Tony Skjefte 9-3; Brandon Kingsley def. Chad Mack fall 3:01

Fifth: Chad Mack def. Tony Skjefte fall 3:46

Third: Cody Hansen def. Cody Madsen fall 5:08

Championship: Brandon Kingsley def. Trent Herold 10-7

1st – Justin LaValle, Apple Valley, 12
2nd – Kevin Nelson, Forest Lake, 11
3rd – Mason Young, Henry Sibley, 11
4th – Charlie Kirscht, Alexandria, 12
5th – Hector Millan, Owatonna, 12
6th – Jamon Brunette, Spring Lake Park/Saint Anthony, 12

First Round: Kevin Nelson, Forest Lake def. Mason Young, Henry Sibley 11-4; Sammy Hauck, Lakeville North def. Dustin Ellsworth, Saint Paul Harding fall :54; Jamon Brunette, Spring Lake Park/Saint Anthony def. Stephen Bucholz, Sauk Rapids-Rice fall 3:05; Ben Dunlay, Wayzata def. Trevor Rasmussen, Albert Lea Area fall 3:45; Charlie Kirscht, Alexandria def. Gabriel Castellon, Robbinsdale Armstrong fall 2:14; Justin LaValle, Apple Valley def. Hieu Kovar, Champlin Park fall 1:40; Hector Millan, Owatonna def. Levi Kropp, Prior Lake 23-9; Tyler Stevens, Elk River def. Seife Kenea, Woodbury fall 3:57

Championship Quarterfinals: Kevin Nelson def. Sammy Hauck fall 5:16; Jamon Brunette def. Ben Dunlay 11-2; Justin LaValle def. Charlie Kirscht 6-1; Hector Millan def. Tyler Stevens fall 2:54

Wrestlebacks: Mason Young def. Sammy Hauck inj. def.; Ben Dunlay def. Stephen Bucholz 8-2; Charlie Kirscht def. Hieu Kovar 6-0; Tyler Stevens def. Levi Kropp 7-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Mason Young def. Ben Dunlay 15-0, 4:54; Charlie Kirscht def. Tyler Stevens 8-6

Consolation Semifinals: Mason Young def. Hector Millan 3-2 OT; Charlie Kirscht def. Jamon Brunette fall 2:55

Championship Semifinals: Kevin Nelson def. Jamon Brunette 11-2; Justin LaValle def. Hector Millan 3-2

Fifth: Hector Millan def. Jamon Brunette 6-2

Third: Mason Young def. Charlie Kirscht 4-2 OT

Championship: Justin LaValle def. Kevin Nelson 5-0

1st – Robby Fisher, Bloomington Kennedy, 12
2nd – Destin McCauley, Apple Valley, 10
3rd – Brandon Haluptzok, Centennial, 11
4th – Zach Rohr, Hastings, 10
5th – Temondre Hudson, Saint Paul Harding, 12
6th – Codie Lane, Sauk Rapids-Rice, 12

First Round: Brandon Haluptzok, Centennial def. Mike Castellano, Saint Francis fall 3:51; Robby Fisher, Bloomington Kennedy def. Matt Bailey, Robbinsdale Armstrong 13-6; Timmy Ruter, Buffalo def. Cory Strecker, Roseville Area 12-5; Zach Rohr, Hastings def. Carter Kortan, Albert Lea Area 6-1; Temondre Hudson, Saint Paul Harding def. Matt Weber, Spring Lake Park/Saint Anthony 10-2; Destin McCauley, Apple Valley def. Tanner Carlisle, Prior Lake fall 4:17; Codie Lane, Sauk Rapids-Rice def. August Noble, Wayzata 8-2; Kyle Anderson, Coon Rapids def. Marcus Wolf, Rochester Mayo 9-4

Championship Quarterfinals: Robby Fisher def. Brandon Haluptzok 4-1; Zach Rohr def. Timmy Ruter 5-3; Destin McCauley def. Temondre Hudson fall 2:33; Codie Lane def. Kyle Anderson 6-4

Wrestlebacks: Brandon Haluptzok def. Matt Bailey 8-1; Timmy Ruter def. Carter Kortan fall 2:13; Temondre Hudson def. Tanner Carlisle 3-1; Kyle Anderson def. August Noble fall 1:20

Consolation Quarterfinals: Brandon Haluptzok def. Timmy Ruter 4-3; Temondre Hudson def. Kyle Anderson 6-3

Consolation Semifinals: Brandon Haluptzok def. Codie Lane 7-5 OT; Zach Rohr def. Temondre Hudson 11-6

Championship Semifinals: Robby Fisher def. Zach Rohr 13-4; Destin McCauley def. Codie Lane 17-1, 2:54

Fifth: Temondre Hudson def. Codie Lane 10-3

Third: Brandon Haluptzok def. Zach Rohr 9-4

Championship: Robby Fisher def. Destin McCauley 10-5

1st – Luke Vaith, Hastings, 12
2nd – Joe Fessler, Apple Valley, 12
3rd – Dylan Ness, Bloomington Kennedy, 11
4th – Mac Rivard, Saint Francis, 12
5th – Kyle Glynn, Shakopee, 12
6th – Andy Kolbow, Forest Lake, 12

First Round: Luke Vaith, Hastings def. Tom Longendyke, White Bear Lake Area 18-3, 3:10; Dylan Ness, Bloomington Kennedy def. Ben Johnson, Saint Cloud Tech fall 3:35; Mac Rivard, Saint Francis def. Tristin Faust, Northfield 10-2; Nick Libbey, Minnetonka def. Richard Carlson, Mounds View 5-2; Nick Knott, Faribault def. Mack Glasby, Brainerd/Pillager 9-7 OT; Andy Kolbow, Forest Lake def. Steven Pipp, Robbinsdale Cooper 8-1; Kyle Glynn, Shakopee def. Sean Nash, Woodbury fall 2:58; Joe Fessler, Apple Valley def. Brandon Hertog, Centennial 4-1

Championship Quarterfinals: Luke Vaith def. Dylan Ness 7-6; Mac Rivard def. Nick Libbey 6-3; Andy Kolbow def. Nick Knott 6-1; Joe Fessler def. Kyle Glynn 7-2

Wrestlebacks: Dylan Ness def. Tom Longendyke fall 2:37; Tristin Faust def. Nick Libbey 5-4; Nick Knott def. Steven Pipp 7-5; Kyle Glynn def. Brandon Hertog 1-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Dylan Ness def. Tristin Faust 7-0; Kyle Glynn def. Nick Knott fall 2:27

Consolation Semifinals: Dylan Ness def. Andy Kolbow 15-6; Mac Rivard def. Kyle Glynn 8-4

Championship Semifinals: Luke Vaith def. Mac Rivard 15-5; Joe Fessler def. Andy Kolbow 3-2

Fifth: Kyle Glynn def. Andy Kolbow 6-3

Third: Dylan Ness def. Mac Rivard fall 5:36

Championship: Luke Vaith def. Joe Fessler 5-0

1st – Danny Zilverberg, Wayzata, 12
2nd – Pat Smith, Chaska, 12
3rd – Jarret Hoeppner, Apple Valley, 12
4th – Tyler Rohr, Hastings, 11
5th – Charlie Janssen, Forest Lake, 11
6th – William Baker, Spring Lake Park/St. Anthony, 10

First Round: Howie Underwood, Austin/Austin Pacelli def. Jake Waste, Anoka forfeit; Jarret Hoeppner, Apple Valley def. Santonio Davis, Richfield fall 2:27; Pat Smith, Chaska def. Beau Bibeau, White Bear Lake Area fall 1:25; William Baker, Spring Lake Park/St. Anthony def. Shane Fesenmaier, Sauk Rapids-Rice 2-1; Danny Zilverberg, Wayzata def. Dawson Lovestrand, Bloomington Kennedy fall 3:35; Andrew Wachsmuth, Brainerd/Pillager def. Zach Allen, Roseville Area 10-4; Charlie Janssen, Forest Lake def. Mitch Hedgers, Centennial 3-1 OT; Tyler Rohr, Hastings def. Adam Kermes, Albert Lea Area 7-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Jarret Hoeppner def. Howie Underwood fall :40; Pat Smith def. William Baker 13-3; Danny Zilverberg def. Andrew Wachsmuth fall 1:05; Tyler Rohr def. Charlie Janssen 6-5

Wrestlebacks: Howie Underwood def. Santonio Davis fall 4:19; William Baker def. Beau Bibeau 13-5; Dawson Lovestrand def. Andrew Wachsmuth 8-4; Charlie Janssen def. Adam Kermes 4-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: William Baker def. Howie Underwood 5-1; Charlie Janssen def. Dawson Lovestrand 5-4

Consolation Semifinals: Tyler Rohr def. William Baker 5-4; Jarret Hoeppner def. Charlie Janssen 8-5

Championship Semifinals: Pat Smith def. Jarret Hoeppner 4-3; Danny Zilverberg def. Tyler Rohr 6-1

Fifth: Charlie Janssen def. William Baker 6-2

Third: Jarret Hoeppner def. Tyler Rohr 15-0

Championship: Danny Zilverberg def. Pat Smith 3-2

1st – Jake Begin, Anoka, 12
2nd – Carter Adams, Coon Rapids, 12
3rd – Chris Stevermer, Prior Lake, 12
4th – Ryan Krause, Centennial, 12
5th – Mike Minske, Rochester Mayo, 11
6th – Troy Morisette, Tartan, 11

First Round: Ben Gaughan, Moorhead def. Tyler Thomas, Owatonna 14-7; Troy Morisette, Tartan def. Terry Mulvaney, Mounds View 4-3; Ben Cox, Minnetonka def. Nate Williams, Hastings 3-0; Carter Adams, Coon Rapids def. Chris Stevermer, Prior Lake 8-6; Mike Minske, Rochester Mayo def. Duncan Secor, Stillwater Area 9-1; Nels Pederson, Eastview def. Adam Patrick, Alexandria 5-3; Ryan Krause, Centennial def. Jacob Sanders, Bloomington Kennedy fall 3:34; Jake Begin, Anoka def. Dave Rademacher, Eden Prairie fall 1:58

Championship Quarterfinals: Troy Morisette def. Ben Gaughan fall 5:09; Carter Adams def. Ben Cox 10-2; Mike Minske def. Nels Pederson 18-5; Jake Begin def. Ryan Krause 11-2

Wrestlebacks: Ben Gaughan def. Terry Mulvaney 9-8; Chris Stevermer def. Ben Cox 3-0; Duncan Secor def. Nels Pederson 8-6; Ryan Krause def. Dave Rademacher 9-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: Chris Stevermer def. Ben Gaughan 3-1; Ryan Krause def. Duncan Secor 8-0

Consolation Semifinals: Chris Stevermer def. Mike Minske 4-2; Ryan Krause def. Troy Morisette 2-1

Championship Semifinals: Carter Adams def. Troy Morisette 11-3; Jake Begin def. Mike Minske fall 1:14

Fifth: Mike Minske def. Troy Morisette 10-4

Third: Chris Stevermer def. Ryan Krause 10-2

Championship: Jake Begin def. Carter Adams 3-2

1st – Zak Coates, Henry Sibley, 11
2nd – Brendan Eichmann, Hastings, 12
3rd – Josh McLain, Anoka, 12
4th – Eric Muldoon, Prior Lake, 12
5th – Logan Kortan, Albert Lea Area, 12
6th – Dalton Lilledahl, Cambridge-Isanti, 12

First Round: Brendan Eichmann, Hastings def. Eric Muldoon, Prior Lake 5-0; Jordan Gnerer, Owatonna def. Drew Smith, Robbinsdale Cooper 15-1; Josh McLain, Anoka def. Caleb Ahles, Centennial 11-3; Tony Piechowski, North def. Josh Hobbs, Alexandria 7-2; Dalton Lilledahl, Cambridge-Isanti def. Corey Huber, Bemidji 7-5; John Thompson, Mounds View def. Tom Powers, Stillwater Area 17-4; Zak Coates, Henry Sibley def. Logan Kortan, Albert Lea Area 19-3, 3:50; Colton Gleason, Minnetonka def. Kevin Bright, Lakeville South 9-3

Championship Quarterfinals: Brendan Eichmann def. Jordan Gnerer 1-0; Josh McLain def. Tony Piechowski 11-1; Dalton Lilledahl def. John Thompson 5-2; Zak Coates def. Colton Gleason inj. def.

Wrestlebacks: Eric Muldoon def. Jordan Gnerer 6-4; Caleb Ahles def. Tony Piechowski 3-2; Corey Huber def. John Thompson 13-0; Logan Kortan def. Colton Gleason 3-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Eric Muldoon def. Caleb Ahles 3-0; Logan Kortan def. Corey Huber 5-1

Consolation Semifinals: Eric Muldoon def. Dalton Lilledahl 11-2; Josh McLain def. Logan Kortan 9-1

Championship Semifinals: Brendan Eichmann def. Josh McLain 10-4; Zak Coates def. Dalton Lilledahl 6-0

Fifth: Logan Kortan def. Dalton Lilledahl 7-0

Third: Josh McLain def. Eric Muldoon 5-0

Championship: Zak Coates def. Brendan Eichmann 6-4

1st – Tyler Lehmann, Apple Valley, 11
2nd – Dalton Henderson, Owatonna, 11
3rd – Connor Finn, Mounds View, 12
4th – Colton Graham, Roseville Area, 12
5th – Jared Flaata, Park, 11
6th – Mike Willett, Woodbury, 12

First Round: Dalton Henderson, Owatonna def. Mat Malone, Mankato West fall 2:26; Jared Flaata, Park def. Scott Gifford, Cambridge-Isanti 6-4; Mike Willett, Woodbury def. Josh Betterman, Alexandria 3-2; Justin Dahl, Spring Lake Park/Saint Anthony def. Gordin Hill, Minneapolis South 4-3 OT; Connor Finn, Mounds View def. Chad Ohman, Brainerd/Pillager 18-12; Tyler Lehmann, Apple Valley def. Matt Tiegs, Albert Lea Area fall :43; Colton Graham, Roseville Area def. Kurtis Reardan, Minnetonka 4-3; Tom Casey, Shakopee def. Caleb Corrow, Forest Lake 5-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Dalton Henderson def. Jared Flaata 14-10; Mike Willett def. Justin Dahl 9-3; Tyler Lehmann def. Connor Finn fall :40; Colton Graham def. Tom Casey 8-4

Wrestlebacks: Jared Flaata def. Mat Malone 8-5; Josh Betterman def. Justin Dahl 5-3; Connor Finn def. Matt Tiegs fall 3:28; Tom Casey def. Kurtis Reardan 6-5

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jared Flaata def. Josh Betterman 7-0; Connor Finn def. Tom Casey 10-5

Consolation Semifinals: Colton Graham def. Jared Flaata 6-5; Connor Finn def. Mike Willett 8-4

Championship Semifinals: Dalton Henderson def. Mike Willett 13-4; Tyler Lehmann def. Colton Graham fall :50

Fifth: Jared Flaata def. Mike Willett 6-1

Third: Connor Finn def. Colton Graham 8-4

Championship: Tyler Lehmann def. Dalton Henderson fall 1:42

1st – Erik Berdahl, Coon Rapids, 12
2nd – Craig Kelliher, Apple Valley, 12
3rd – Mitch Hrovat, Centennial, 11
4th – Cody Burbach, Osseo, 12
5th – Michael Hirsch, Austin/Austin Pacelli, 11
6th – Matt Spoden, Saint Cloud Apollo, 12

First Round: Evan Olson, Bemidji def. Tyler Kubler, Eden Prairie fall 5:30; Mitch Hrovat, Centennial def. Max Smith, Eagan 15-0, 2:24; Michael Hirsch, Austin/Austin Pacelli def. Wes Dodd, Bloomington Kennedy 17-5; Erik Berdahl, Coon Rapids def. J.C. O’Keefe, Stillwater Area fall 1:41; Cody Burbach, Osseo def. Jake Minske, Rochester Mayo 11-9; Greg Gandy, Minneapolis Southwest def. C.J. Hays, Woodbury fall 3:16; Matt Spoden, Saint Cloud Apollo def. Andrew Godeen, Andover 10-4; Craig Kelliher, Apple Valley def. Dominic Almedina, Lakeville North fall 1:21

Championship Quarterfinals: Mitch Hrovat def. Evan Olson fall 2:58; Erik Berdahl def. Michael Hirsch fall 1:44; Cody Burbach def. Greg Gandy 15-0, 2:54; Craig Kelliher def. Matt Spoden fall 3:32

Wrestlebacks: Evan Olson def. Max Smith 8-0; Michael Hirsch def. J.C. O’Keefe 9-3; Jake Minske def. Greg Gandy 4-1; Matt Spoden def. Dominic Almedina fall 2:43

Consolation Quarterfinals: Michael Hirsch def. Evan Olson 9-4; Matt Spoden def. Jake Minske 4-2

Consolation Semifinals: Cody Burbach def. Michael Hirsch 11-5; Mitch Hrovat def. Matt Spoden fall 4:26

Championship Semifinals: Erik Berdahl def. Mitch Hrovat fall 3:57; Craig Kelliher def. Cody Burbach fall :23

Fifth: Michael Hirsch def. Matt Spoden 17-13

Third: Mitch Hrovat def. Cody Burbach 14-0

Championship: Erik Berdahl def. Craig Kelliher fall 5:33

1st – Tony Nelson, Cambridge-Isanti, 12
2nd – Joseph Borchardt, Maple Grove, 11
3rd – Nick Albano, Farmington, 11
4th – Derrick Jacobs, Northfield, 12
5th – Zane Peterson, Lakeville South, 10
6th – Mark Wychor, Moorhead, 11

First Round: Zane Peterson, Lakeville South def. Logan Anderson, Eagan 7-6; Joseph Borchardt, Maple Grove def. Dane Lazenberry, Woodbury 8-2; Ethan Reed, Albert Lea Area def. Cody Raze, Saint Francis fall 3:26; Mark Wychor, Moorhead def. Bronson Kittleson, Robbinsdale Armstrong 9-3; Yusef Hassan, Burnsville def. Pat Hughes, Centennial 9-3; Nick Albano, Farmington def. Michael Roberts, Saint Paul Harding 9-2; Tony Nelson, Cambridge-Isanti def. Luke Laudenbach, Saint Cloud Tech fall 5:24; Derrick Jacobs, Northfield def. Grant Olson, Wayzata 3-1

Championship Quarterfinals: Joseph Borchardt def. Zane Peterson 6-4; Mark Wychor def. Ethan Reed 5-3; Nick Albano def. Yusef Hassan 5-2; Tony Nelson def. Derrick Jacobs 10-2

Wrestlebacks: Zane Peterson def. Dane Lazenberry fall :41; Ethan Reed def. Bronson Kittleson 16-6; Yusef Hassan def. Michael Roberts 3-2; Derrick Jacobs def. Luke Laudenbach 10-6

Consolation Quarterfinals: Zane Peterson def. Ethan Reed fall 1:30; Derrick Jacobs def. Yusef Hassan 4-3

Consolation Semifinals: Nick Albano def. Zane Peterson 5-3; Derrick Jacobs def. Mark Wychor 3-1 OT

Championship Semifinals: Joseph Borchardt def. Mark Wychor 4-3; Tony Nelson def. Nick Albano 10-2

Fifth: Zane Peterson def. Mark Wychor 5-2

Third: Nick Albano def. Derrick Jacobs 9-5

Championship: Tony Nelson def. Joseph Borchardt fall 1:20

1st – Jake Kettler, Anoka, 12
2nd – Donny Longendyke, White Bear Lake Area, 10
3rd – Pen Maclin, Rochester John Marshall, 12
4th – Casey Dehn, Owatonna, 12
5th – Tom Bouressa, Alexandria, 12
6th – Matt Shaver, Saint Cloud Apollo, 12

First Round: Travis Gavin, Blaine def. Jake McPherson, Wayzata 10-2; Donny Longendyke, White Bear Lake Area def. Dijon Sanders, Eastview fall 3:28; Justin Piche, Maple Grove def. Mike Larson, Lakeville North fall 1:07; Matt Shaver, Saint Cloud Apollo def. Casey Dehn, Owatonna fall 2:57; Jake Kettler, Anoka def. Jeremy Strain, Tartan fall 1:41; Frank Pokriefka, Rosemount def. James Schechter, Minnetonka 3-1 OT; Pen Maclin, Rochester John Marshall def. Andrew Hermann, Bloomington Kennedy fall 1:03; Tom Bouressa, Alexandria def. Zach Vine, Centennial fall :40

Championship Quarterfinals: Donny Longendyke def. Travis Gavin fall 3:35; Matt Shaver def. Justin Piche fall 5:18; Jake Kettler def. Frank Pokriefka 7-4; Tom Bouressa def. Pen Maclin 6-3

Wrestlebacks: Travis Gavin def. Dijon Sanders 2-1; Casey Dehn def. Justin Piche inj. def.; Frank Pokriefka def. Jeremy Strain 3-1; Pen Maclin def. Zach Vine fall 2:38

Consolation Quarterfinals: Casey Dehn def. Travis Gavin fall :55; Pen Maclin def. Frank Pokriefka 5-0

Consolation Semifinals: Casey Dehn def. Tom Bouressa 4-2; Pen Maclin def. Matt Shaver 13-0

Championship Semifinals: Donny Longendyke def. Matt Shaver 7-0; Jake Kettler def. Tom Bouressa 2-1

Fifth: Tom Bouressa def. Matt Shaver 7-1

Third: Pen Maclin def. Casey Dehn fall 5:45

Championship: Jake Kettler def. Donny Longendyke 6-3

State Tournament Team Results

Class A Championship

Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg 32, Kenyon-Wanamingo 25
103: Mitchel Lexvold (KW) over Kurt Timmons (KMS) 10-2
112: Oakley McLain (KW) over Tyler Carlson (KMS) 15-10
119: Chad Lexvold (KW) over Jordon Rothers (KMS) 3-0
125: Drew Lexvold (KW) over Joey Paulson (KMS) fall 3:25
130: Guy Wunderlich (KW) over Klinton Van Heuveln (KMS) 8-3
135: Aaron Doraska (KMS) over Skyler Quamme (KW) 12-10
140: Jacob Engler (KMS) over Nathan Cordes (KW) 17-6
145: Aaron Zimmer (KMS) over Jake Baalson (KW) 15-3
152: Trevor Mahlum (KMS) over Jarid Groth (KW) OT 5-3
160: Kevin Steinhaus (KMS) over Derek Melhouse (KW) fall 2:17
171: Mitchell Hagen (KMS) over Josh Jacobson (KW) OT 7-2
189: Joel Bauman (KMS) over Aaron Dahlgren (KW) fall 1:28
215: Brad Kneisl (KMS) over Caleb Langer (KW) 10-4
285: Luke Hainka (KW) over Adam Wentzel (KMS) fall :46

Third Place

Medford 29, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 24
103: Zach Keller (MED) over Jessie Whitcomb (ACGC) fall :52
112: Hayden Rouser (ACGC) over Adam Utzinger (MED) fall 1:54
119: Austin Peters (MED) over Matthew Lee (ACGC) 15-8
125: Curt Maas (MED) over Scott Litzau (ACGC) 5-1
130: Matthew Meyer (ACGC) over Brad Maas (MED) 4-1
135: Cole Kavitz (MED) over Michael Kramer (ACGC) 4OT 6-5
140: Zach Kanzenbach (MED) over Ryan Larson (ACGC) 13-4
145: Brad Keller (MED) over Nathan Meyer (ACGC) 12-3
152: Travis Frederiksen (ACGC) over Tyler Yule (MED) 8-4
160: Travis Whitcomb (ACGC) over Jake Elzen (MED) 6-2
171: Micah Larson (ACGC) over Calab Svenby (MED) 5-3
189: Deron Buboltz (ACGC) over Alex Schaeur (MED) fall 1:21
215: Reid Balzer (MED) over James Nelson (ACGC) 4-1
285: Thomas Schroht (MED) over Dylan Nelson (ACGC) 5-3

Consolation Championship

Frazee 42, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 25
103: Taner Trembley (LCWM) over Trevor Stilke (FRA) fall 1:19
112: Tanner Ellenberg (FRA) over Branden Schultz (LCWM) 8-5
119: Myrle Schemerhorn (FRA) over Spencer Yackel (LCWM) 6-5
125: Dakota Yarger (LCWM) over Wade Huckriede (FRA) 3-2
130: Rij Koenen (FRA) over Davantay Corey (LCWM) fall 3:28
135: Dylan Yarger (LCWM) over Tyler Ziegler (FRA) fall 2:58
140: Mike Lucero (FRA) over Aaron Hutchens (LCWM) 10-1
145: Casey Nunn (FRA) over Eric Hood (LCWM) fall 2:43
152: Cody Tibbetts (LCWM) over Brandon VanWaterMulen (FRA) 16-5
160: Tyler Blauert (FRA) over Thomas Sandt (LCWM) 20-7
171: Cody Nunn (FRA) over Denver Colin (LCWM) fall 3:38
189: Kody Lafreniere-Sorenson (FRA) over Nate Meixell (LCWM) fall :47
215: Tyler McMonagle (LCWM) over Jamie Holmer (FRA) fall 1:13
285: Ben Lujan (FRA) over Mathew Johnson (LCWM) 19-10

Championship Semifinals

Kenyon-Wanamingo 42, ACGC 17
103: Mitchel Lexvold (KW) over Jessie Whitcomb (ACGC) TF 6:00 18-2
112: Oakley McLain (KW) over Hayden Rouser (ACGC) 12-3
119: Chad Lexvold (KW) over Larry Bomstad (ACGC) 6-3
125: Scott Litzau (ACGC) over Tyler Jackson (KW) fall 1:24
130: Drew Lexvold (KW) over Daniel Fuchs (ACGC) fall 5:03
135: Guy Wunderlich (KW) over Matthew Meyer (ACGC) 8-4
140: Skyler Quamme (KW) over Michael Kramer (ACGC) OT 2-0
145: Jake Baalson (KW) over Ryan Larson (ACGC) 8-6
152: Travis Frederiksen (ACGC) over Derek Melhouse (KW) 12-2
160: Jarid Groth (KW) over Travis Whitcomb (ACGC) 6-5
171: Micah Larson (ACGC) over Aaron Dahlgren (KW) 18-4
189: Josh Jacobson (KW) over James Nelson (ACGC) fall :51
215: Deron Buboltz (ACGC) over Caleb Langer (KW) 9-7
285: Luke Hainka (KW) over Dylan Nelson (ACGC) fall 1:00

KMS 33, Medford 26
103: Zach Keller (MED) over Kurt Timmons (KMS) 7-6
112: Tyler Carlson (KMS) over Adam Utzinger (MED) fall 5:12
119: Austin Peters (MED) over Jordon Rothers (KMS) 13-4
125: Curt Maas (MED) over Joey Paulson (KMS) TF 5:25 22-6
130: Brad Maas (MED) over Klinton Van Heuveln (KMS) 13-4
135: Aaron Doraska (KMS) over Cole Kavitz (MED) fall 2:34
140: Zach Kanzenbach (MED) over Jacob Engler (KMS) 5-2
145: Aaron Zimmer (KMS) over Brad Keller (MED) 10-4
152: Tyler Yule (MED) over Trevor Mahlum (KMS) 16-7
160: Kevin Steinhaus (KMS) over Jake Elzen (MED) fall 4:49
171: Mitchell Hagen (KMS) over Calab Svenby (MED) 8-4
189: Joel Bauman (KMS) over Reid Balzer (MED) 11-6
215: Brad Kneisl (KMS) over Steve Shulz (MED) fall 1:00
285: Thomas Schroht (MED) over Adam Wentzel (KMS) 3-2

Consolation Semifinals

Frazee 49, Royalton/Upsala 15
103: Jordan Ketter (FRA) over Dan Borash (ROY) 9-8
112: Tanner Ellenberg (FRA) over Mitch Lange (ROY) 8-2
119: Myrle Schemerhorn (FRA) over Andy Poster (ROY) 11-5
125: Wade Huckriede (FRA) over Dan Moulzolf (ROY) fall 1:55
130: Rij Koenen (FRA) over Odin Guerard (ROY) 12-4
135: Peter Borash (ROY) over Tyler Ziegler (FRA) fall 3:05
140: Ryan Brady (ROY) over Mike Lucero (FRA) 10-6
145: Jordan Wentland (ROY) over Casey Nunn (FRA) 8-2
152: Brandon VanWaterMulen (FRA) over Kyle Wentland (ROY) fall 4:22
160: Tyler Blauert (FRA) over Ethan Sczublewski (ROY) fall 2:50
171: Craig Lensing (ROY) over Nathan Sanberg (FRA) 7-5
189: Cody Nunn (FRA) over Dan Gadacz (ROY) fall 1:38
215: K Lafreniere-Sorenson (FRA) over Jacob Kasella (ROY) fall 2:55
285: Ben Lujan (FRA) over Andrew Plumski (ROY) fall 1:15

LCWM 48, Border West 23
103: Mitchell Andrews (BW) over Taner Trembley (LCWM) 12-2
112: Branden Schultz (LCWM) over Ryan Murphy (BW) 7-4
119: Will McCarthy (BW) over Spencer Yackel (LCWM) 5-2
125: Zach Fridgen (BW) over Dakota Yarger (LCWM) 13-4
130: Austin Gray (BW) over Davantay Corey (LCWM) fall OT 6:29
135: Dylan Yarger (LCWM) over Nick Stafford (BW) fall 1:33
140: Aaron Hutchens (LCWM) over Tyler Schwagel (BW) fall 4:13
145: Eric Hood (LCWM) over Charlie Maanum (BW) fall 1:29
152: Cody Tibbetts (LCWM) over Joe Stueve (BW) fall 4:39
160: Thomas Sandt (LCWM) over Jacob Poole (BW) 7-1
171: Nate Meixell (LCWM) over Sam Birkholz (BW) fall 4:43
189: Denver Colin (LCWM) over Billy Connelly (BW) fall 2:56
215: Tyler McMonagle (LCWM) over Luke Schmitz (BW) fall 5:55
285: Reese Hanson (BW) over Mathew Johnson (LCWM) fall 1:15


Kenyon-Wanamingo 35, Frazee 22
103: Mitchel Lexvold (KW) over Trevor Stilke (FRA) fall 2:53
112: Oakley McLain (KW) over Tanner Ellenberg (FRA) 7-1
119: Chad Lexvold (KW) over Bruce Lemon (FRA) 9-1
125: Drew Lexvold (KW) over Myrle Schemerhorn (FRA) fall 3:16
130: Guy Wunderlich (KW) over Wade Huckriede (FRA) 5-1
135: Skyler Quamme (KW) over Rij Koenen (FRA) 2-0
140: Cody Piper (FRA) over Nathan Cordes (KW) 3-0
145: Mike Lucero (FRA) over Jake Baalson (KW) 7-2
152: Casey Nunn (FRA) over Jarid Groth (KW) 3-2
160: Tyler Blauert (FRA) over Derek Melhouse (KW) TF 4:00 15-0
171: Cody Nunn (FRA) over Aaron Dahlgren (KW) TF 6:00 15-0
189: Josh Jacobson (KW) over Nathan Sanberg (FRA) 10-0
215: Kody Lafreniere-Sorenson (FRA) over Caleb Langer (KW) 5-4
285: Luke Hainka (KW) over Jamie Holmer (FRA) fall :40

ACGC 56, Royalton/Upsala 12
103: Jessie Whitcomb (ACGC) over Dan Borash (ROY) fall 4:30
112: Hayden Rouser (ACGC) over Mitch Lange (ROY) 13-4
119: Matthew Lee (ACGC) over Andy Poster (ROY) 7-3
125: Scott Litzau (ACGC) over Dan Moulzolf (ROY) fall 1:01
130: Matthew Meyer (ACGC) over Odin Guerard (ROY) fall 5:11
135: Peter Borash (ROY) over Michael Kramer (ACGC) 6-2
140: Ryan Larson (ACGC) over Ryan Brady (ROY) 15-3
145: Jordan Wentland (ROY) over Nathan Meyer (ACGC) 8-3
152: Travis Frederiksen (ACGC) over Tom Averill (ROY) fall :43
160: Travis Whitcomb (ACGC) over Brian Schlichting (ROY) fall 3:31
171: Micah Larson (ACGC) over Craig Lensing (ROY) fall :51
189: Deron Buboltz (ACGC) over Dan Gadacz (ROY) 8-7
215: Jacob Kasella (ROY) over James Nelson (ACGC) fall 1:15
285: Dylan Nelson (ACGC) over Andrew Plumski (ROY) fall 4:26

KMS 40, LCWM 21
103: Kurt Timmons (KMS) over Taner Trembley (LCWM) 6-4
112: Tyler Carlson (KMS) over Branden Schultz (LCWM) 7-2
119: Spencer Yackel (LCWM) over Jordon Rothers (KMS) 4-3
125: Dakota Yarger (LCWM) over Joey Paulson (KMS) 17-4
130: K Van Heuveln (KMS) over Davantay Corey (LCWM) fall 3:16
135: Dylan Yarger (LCWM) over Aaron Doraska (KMS) TF 6:00 23-8
140: Eric Hood (LCWM) over Jacob Engler (KMS) 6-3
145: Aaron Zimmer (KMS) over Aaron Hutchens (LCWM) 9-4
152: Cody Tibbetts (LCWM) over Trevor Mahlum (KMS) fall 3:02
160: Kevin Steinhaus (KMS) over Thomas Sandt (LCWM) fall 1:21
171: Mitchell Hagen (KMS) over Denver Colin (LCWM) 9-6
189: Joel Bauman (KMS) over Tyler McMonagle (LCWM) 11-1
215: Brad Kneisl (KMS) over Nate Meixell (LCWM) fall :53
285: Adam Wentzel (KMS) over Mathew Johnson (LCWM) fall 2:42

Medford 56, Border West 10
103: Zach Keller (MED) over Mitchell Andrews (BW) 4-2
112: Gus McCarthy (BW) over Adam Utzinger (MED) 12-3
119: Austin Peters (MED) over Will McCarthy (BW) 11-4
125: Curt Maas (MED) over Austin Rinke (BW) fall 1:53
130: Brad Maas (MED) over Austin Gray (BW) 9-0
135: Cole Kavitz (MED) over Nick Stafford (BW) fall 1:29
140: Zach Kanzenbach (MED) over Tyler Schwagel (BW) TF 3:12 16-1
145: Brad Keller (MED) over Garrett Behrens (BW) fall 1:06
152: Tyler Yule (MED) over Charlie Maanum (BW) 18-7
160: Jake Elzen (MED) over Jacob Poole (BW) 9-0
171: Calab Svenby (MED) over Sam Birkholz (BW) fall 2:35
189: Reid Balzer (MED) over Colter Combellick (BW) fall 5:v37
215: Billy Connelly (BW) over Steve Shulz (MED) fall 3:03
285: Thomas Schroht (MED) over Luke Schmitz (BW) 5-1

Class AA Championship

Simley 34, Foley 21
103: Juan Torres (SIM) over Mitchell Dunlap (FOL) 6-3
112: Dylan Wright (SIM) over Sam Keeler (FOL) 11-5
119: Jake Short (SIM) over William Sustercich (FOL) fall 3:55
125: Dan Dick (SIM) over Mark Gehling (FOL) 1-0
130: Cory Foss (FOL) over Tommy Glenn (SIM) 4-2
135: Nick Wanzek (SIM) over Richard Fitzpatrick (FOL) 12-4
140: Connor Anderson (SIM) over Brandon Seppelt (FOL) 2-0
145: Dustin Gilyard (FOL) over Jack Barnes (SIM) 11-4
152: Kurtis Julson (SIM) over Jeremy Webber (FOL) fall 5:10
160: Justin Bowland (FOL) over Jake Hoffner (SIM) 9-4
171: Torrie Morgan (SIM) over Tyler Lewandowski (FOL) OT 12-10
189: Mic Berg (SIM) over Jordan Linn (FOL) 4-3
215: Kris Olson (FOL) over Alex LaShomb (SIM) fall 3:47
285: Michael Siegler (FOL) over Charlie Gelhaye (SIM) fall 4:40

Third Place

Plainview-Elgin-Millville 28, St. Michael-Albertville 25
103: Dylan Siem (PEM) over Cole Sladek (STMA) 13-4
112: Dustin Kottke (STMA) over Aaron Haley (PEM) 5-1
119: Ben Swanson (PEM) over Carl Salonek (STMA) fall 3:33
125: David Thorn (STMA) over Dillan Schumacher (PEM) fall 4:27
130: Greg Naschansky (PEM) over Kyle Salonek (STMA) 5-2
135: Cody Dillinger (PEM) over Lucas Martin (STMA) 7-2
140: Ben Horn (STMA) over Brandon Hanson (PEM) 3-0
145: Garrett Miller (PEM) over Jordan Scherber (STMA) OT 3-1
152: Blaine Miller (PEM) over Jake Horn (STMA) 5-0
160: Jordan Campa (STMA) over Jack Ihrke (PEM) 14-5
171: Alan Miller (PEM) over Shaun Little (STMA) t1-0
189: Kraig Schumm (STMA) over Lee Graves (PEM) fall 1:45
215: Ryan Kessler (STMA) over Coby Makela (PEM) 3-1
285: Cameron Miller (PEM) over Parker Betts (STMA) 4OT 5-4

Consolation Championship

Scott West 53, Mora 8
103: Luke Betchwars (SW) over Ken Kastenbauer (M) 10-0
112: Dusty Thorhauer (M) over Gabe Fogarty (SW) 8-2
119: Lee Goldberg (SW) over Ethan Purdy (M) 19-11
125: Tyler Zilverberg (SW) over Codie LaFromboise (M) TF 4:38 17-1
130: Jake Siegle (SW) over Seth Sanftner (M) fall 3:20
135: Andrew Youngblom (M) over Marty Dvorak (SW) TF 5:35 20-3
140: Mark Dvorak (SW) over Jon Koehn (M) 13-6
145: Paul Dvorak (SW) over Zane Van Vleet (M) 8-6
152: Tyler Kivel (SW) over Bryan Hanson (M) fall 3:39
160: Dillon Fogarty (SW) over Blake Menard (M) 9-3
171: Connor Fogarty (SW) over Sam Lawrence (M) fall 5:22
189: Michael Kroells (SW) over Tyler Carlson (M) 19-5
215: Travis Hentges (SW) over Brit Drews (M) OT 6-4
285: Bruce Koepp (SW) over Derek Carlson (M) fall 4:21

Championship Semifinals

Foley 45, Plainview-Elgin-Millville 15
103: Aaron Haley (PEM) over Mitchell Dunlap (FOL) 11-4
112: Sam Keeler (FOL) over Dylan Siem (PEM) 3-2
119: Ben Swanson (PEM) over William Sustercich (FOL) fall 3:49
125: Mark Gehling (FOL) over Dillan Schumacher (PEM) fall 1:03
130: Cory Foss (FOL) over Greg Naschansky (PEM) 1-0
135: Richard Fitzpatrick (FOL) over Cody Dillinger (PEM) 7-3
140: Brandon Seppelt (FOL) over Brandon Hanson (PEM) fall 2:42
145: Garrett Miller (PEM) over Dustin Gilyard (FOL) 9-2
152: Jeremy Weber (FOL) over Jack Ihrke (PEM) 7-6
160: Blaine Miller (PEM) over Justin Bowland (FOL) OT 3-1
171: Tyler Lewandowski (FOL) over Alan Miller (PEM) 3-0
189: Jordan Linn (FOL) over Daren Wingert (PEM) Inj. Default
215: Kris Olson (FOL) over Coby Makela (PEM) fall 1:32
285: Michael Siegler (FOL) over Cameron Miller (PEM) fall :13

Simley 31, St. Michael-Albertville 15
103: Juan Torres (SIM) over Cole Sladek (STMA) 17-7
112: Dylan Wright (SIM) over Dustin Kottke (STMA) 6-5
119: Jake Short (SIM) over Carl Salonek (STMA) 5-4
125: David Thorn (STMA) over Dan Dick (SIM) 12-5
130: Tommy Glenn (SIM) over Kyle Salonek (STMA) 6-5
135: Nick Wanzek (SIM) over Jake Lillie (STMA) fall 4:55
140: Ben Horn (STMA) over Connor Anderson (SIM) 1-0
145: Jack Barnes (SIM) over Jordan Scherber (STMA) 8-2
152: Kurtis Julson (SIM) over Jake Horn (STMA) 3-2
160: Jordan Campa (STMA) over Jake Hoffner (SIM) 8-4
171: Shaun Little (STMA) over Torrie Morgan (SIM) 6-5
189: Mic Berg (SIM) over Kraig Schumm (STMA) 3-2
215: Ryan Kessler (STMA) over Eulisses Sanchez (SIM) 4-3
285: Charlie Gelhaye (SIM) over Parker Betts (STMA) OT 4-3

Consolation Semifinals

Mora 27, Perham 26
103: Alex Dahms (M) over Luke Sailer (PER) 6-1
112: Dusty Thorhauer (M) over Andrew Gorentz (PER) 8-7
119: Ethan Purdy (M) over Jacob Werner (PER) 6-5
125: Sam Warne (PER) over Codie LaFromboise (M) TF 5:50 18-3
130: Seth Sanftner (M) over Isaac Werner (PER) 15-6
135: Andrew Youngblom (M) over Joe Berns (PER) TF 4:22 16-1
140: Dwight Jenne (PER) over Jon Koehn (M) 7-1
145: Zane Van Vleet (M) over Gavin Biegler (PER) 5-4
152: Charlie Schmitz (PER) over Bryan Hanson (M) fall 4:26
160: Blake Menard (M) over Sam Meyer (PER) 9-7
171: Chris Scheidecker (PER) over Sam Lawrence (M) 2-1
189: Nate Schmitz (PER) over Tyler Carlson (M) fall 4:52
215: Casey Sazama (PER) over Brit Drews (M) 8-4
285: Derek Carlson (M) over Jesse Hein (PER) 5-1

Scott West 34, Adrian Area 21
103: Ben Mulder (ADR) over Luke Betchwars (SW) fall 4:55
112: Nate Lynn (ADR) over Gabe Fogarty (SW) 11-10
119: Lee Goldberg (SW) over Dru Strand (ADR) fall 5:32
125: Tyler Zilverberg (SW) over Jacob Dorn (ADR) 2-0
130: Jake Siegle (SW) over Jordan Bullerman (ADR) 6-2
135: Mark Dvorak (SW) over Luke Tiesler (ADR) 6-4
140: Paul Dvorak (SW) over Tyler Sieve (ADR) 5-3
145: Tyler Kivel (SW) over Brock Bullerman (ADR) 9-2
152: Neal Mulder (ADR) over Alex Hentges (SW) 6-3
160: Dillon Fogarty (SW) over Dustin Pulzine (ADR) 21-7
171: Connor Fogarty (SW) over Stephen Loosbrock (ADR) 3-2
189: Shea Klooster (ADR) over Michael Kroells (SW) 9-6
215: Trent Slater (ADR) over Andrew Peltz (SW) fall 4:26
285: Bruce Koepp (SW) over Aaron Lonneman (ADR) fall 1:12


Foley 39, Perham 18
103: Mitchell Dunlap (FOL) over Luke Sailer (PER) TF 5:56 19-3
112: Sam Keeler (FOL) over Andrew Gorentz (PER) 7-5
119: William Sustercich (FOL) over Jacob Werner (PER) Inj. Def.
125: Sam Warne (PER) over Mark Gehling (FOL) 5-2
130: Cory Foss (FOL) over Isaac Werner (PER) 6-3
135: Joe Berns (PER) over Richard Fitzpatrick (FOL) 8-2
140: Brandon Seppelt (FOL) over Dwight Jenne (PER) 4-1
145: Dustin Gilyard (FOL) over Gavin Biegler (PER) fall 2:46
152: Charlie Schmitz (PER) over Jeremy Weber (FOL) 5-0
160: Justin Bowland (FOL) over Sam Meyer (PER) 19-6
171: Nate Schmitz (PER) over Tyler Lewandowski (FOL) 3-2
189: Jordan Linn (FOL) over Ben Brill (PER) fall 3:32
215: Casey Sazama (PER) over Jordan Bialke (FOL) fall :30
285: Michael Siegler (FOL) over Jesse Hein (PER) 6-3

Plainview-Elgin-Millville 41, Mora 15
103: Aaron Haley (PEM) over Alex Dahms (M) fall 3:00
112: Dusty Thorhauer (M) over Dylan Siem (PEM) 11-4
119: Ben Swanson (PEM) over Ethan Purdy (M) fall 3:03
125: Dillan Schumacher (PEM) over Codie LaFromboise (M) 4-3
130: Seth Sanftner (M) over Greg Naschansky (PEM) 12-5
135: Andrew Youngblom (M) over Cody Dillinger (PEM) 6-0
140: Brandon Hanson (PEM) over Jon Koehn (M) 11-1
145: Garrett Miller (PEM) over Zane Van Vleet (M) 12-0
152: Jack Ihrke (PEM) over Bryan Hanson (M) TF 22-7
160: Blaine Miller (PEM) over Quentin Van Vleet (M) fall 1:22
171: Blake Menard (M) over Alan Miller (PEM) 5-4
189: Daren Wingert (PEM) over Tyler Carlson (M) 12-3
215: Coby Makela (PEM) over Brit Drews (M) 5-4
285: Derek Carlson (M) over Cameron Miller (PEM) 8-4

Simley 31, Scott West 25
103: Juan Torres (SIM) over Luke Betchwars (SW) 9-1
112: Lee Goldberg (SW) over Dylan Wright (SIM) 4-2
119: Jake Short (SIM) over Tyler Zilverberg (SW) OT 13-11
125: Jake Siegle (SW) over Dan Dick (SIM) 4-2
130: Tommy Glenn (SIM) over Francis Dvorak (SW) fall :46
135: Mark Dvorak (SW) over Nick Wanzek (SIM) 1-0
140: Connor Anderson (SIM) over Paul Dvorak (SW) 6-2
145: Tyler Kivel (SW) over Jack Barnes (SIM) 12-4
152: Kurtis Julson (SIM) over Nick Dvorak (SW) fall 2:47
160: Dillon Fogarty (SW) over Jake Hoffner (SIM) 10-7
171: Connor Fogarty (SW) over Torrie Morgan (SIM) fall 3:09
189: Mic Berg (SIM) over Clavin Gilster (SW) fall 1:39
215: Michael Kroells (SW) over Alex LaShomb (SIM) 11-9
285: Charlie Gelhaye (SIM) over Travis Hentges (SW) 6-3

St. Michael-Albertville 31, Adrian Area 15
103: Ben Mulder (ADR) over Cole Sladek (STMA) 7-4
112: Dustin Kottke (STMA) over Nate Lynn (ADR) 5-2
119: Carl Salonek (STMA) over Dru Strand (ADR) 8-2
125: David Thorn (STMA) over Jacob Dorn (ADR) fall 1:10
130: Kyle Salonek (STMA) over Jordan Bullerman (ADR) 6-5
135: Tyler Sieve (ADR) over Jake Lillie (STMA) 5-4
140: Luke Tiesler (ADR) over Ben Horn (STMA) 9-5
145: Jordan Scherber (STMA) over Brock Bullerman (ADR) 4OT 2-1
152: Jake Horn (STMA) over Neal Mulder (ADR) 5-1
160: Jordan Campa (STMA) over Dustin Pulzine (ADR) 15-5
171: Stephen Loosbrock (ADR) over Shaun Little (STMA) 3-2
189: Ryan Kessler (STMA) over Trent Slater (ADR) 11-4
215: Shea Klooster (ADR) over Nick Edling (STMA) 9-3
285: Parker Betts (STMA) over Aaron Lonneman (ADR) 5-0

Class AAA Championship

Apple Valley 62, Albert Lea Area 6
103: Jordan Kingsley (AV) over Trey Hable (AL) fall :54
112: Dakota Trom (AV) over Cory Hansen (AL) 15-5
119: Matt Kelliher (AV) over Dalton Westerlund (AL) 9-1
125: Brandon Kingsley (AV) over Cody Hansen (AL) 3-1
130: Justin LaValle (AV) over Kyle Kriewall (AL) fall 2:49
135: Destin McCauley (AV) over Carter Kortan (AL) fall 1:25
140: Joseph Fessler (AV) over Trevor Rasmussen (AL) 10-2
145: Nathan Bruner (AV) over Adam Kermes (AL) 8-3
152: Jarret Hoeppner (AV) over Conner Kortan (AL) fall :25
160: Logan Lortan (AL) over Matthew Hechsel (AV) fall 1:25
171: Tyler Lehmann (AV) over Matthew Tiegs (AL) fall :43
189: Craig Kelliher (AV) over Jordan Holland (AL) TF 3:14 18-2
215: Luke Schmidt (AV) over Ethan Reed (AL) 8-6
285: Harold Delancy (AV) over Alex Neilsen (AL) fall 2:26

Third Place

Bloomington Kennedy 37, Cambridge-Isanti 30
103: Tyler Tischer (CI) over Ulises Tajonar (BK) fall 1:42
112: Kyle Hay (CI) over Jordan Lovestrand (BK) fall :46
119: Tim Crockett (BK) over Ty Torgerson (CI) fall 4:15
125: Alex Peck (BK) over Landon Chumley (CI) 7-5
130: Adam Kelling (CI) over Davad Holman (BK) fall 1:45
135: Robby Fisher (BK) over Sherwood McKinnis (CI) fall 2:52
140: Dylan Ness (BK) over Brett Groves (CI) fall 4:08
145: Dawson Lovestrand (BK) over Cody Glines (CI) 9-3
152: Jacob Sanders (BK) over Mark Volker (CI) fall 5:19
160: Ben Herbold (BK) over Derek Swanson (CI) 11-8
171: Dalton Lilledahl (CI) over Josh Vaugqv (BK) 5-4
189: Scotty Gifford (CI) over Wes Dodd (BK) 9-3
215: Tony Nelson (CI) over Kevin McBride (BK) fall 1:33
285: Andrew Hermann (BK) over Jared Vincent (CI) 14-5

Consolation Championship

Wayzata 36, Saint Cloud Apollo 31
103: Mitch Bengston (SCA) over Matt Wosje (WAY) fall 1:59
112: Tyler Engler (WAY) over Grant Nehring (SCA) 9-8
119: Weston Droegemueller (WAY) over Austin Swenson (SCA) fall :27
125: Joe Brady (WAY) over Alex Lawwell (SCA) 10-2
130: Nam Nguyen (SCA) over Sam Harrison (WAY) fall :30
135: Ben Dunlay (WAY) over Nick Stram (SCA) fall 1:18
140: August Noble (WAY) over Austin Young (SCA) TF 5:29 15-0
145: Brendan Padilla (SCA) over Corbin Farrell (WAY) 16-11
152: Danny Zilverberg (WAY) over Nolan Rial (SCA) fall 3:48
160: Mac Cameron (WAY) over David Then (SCA) 12-8
171: Chris Rocheleau (SCA) over Christian Lee (WAY) TF 5:44 17-2
189: Matt Spoden (SCA) over Joey Lewis (WAY) TF 4:37 20-4
215: Grant Olson (WAY) over Sam Koetter (SCA) 7-4
285: Matt Shaver (SCA) over Jake McPherson (WAY) fall 1:04


Albert Lea Area 30, Cambridge-Isanti 21
103: Tyler Tischer (CI) over Trey Hable (AL) 3-2
112: Cory Hansen (AL) over Joe Holmberg (CI) 1-0
119: Dalton Westerlund (AL) over Ty Torgerson (CI) 4-0
125: Adam Clark (AL) over Landon Chumley (CI) 2-1
130: Cody Hansen (AL) over Nate Schleif (CI) fall 1:06
135: Trevor Rasmussen (AL) over Adam Kelling (CI) 4-0
140: Carter Kortan (AL) over Brett Groves (CI) 2-0
145: Adam Kermes (AL) over Clayton Jennissen (CI) 7-2
152: Conner Kortan (AL) over Mark Volker (CI) 8-4
160: Logan Lortan (AL) over Dalton Lilledahl (CI) 8-2
171: Scotty Gifford (CI) over Matthew Tiegs (AL) 4-1
189: Derek Swanson (CI) over Jordan Holland (AL) 7-4
215: Seth Woodiwiss (CI) over Dwight Seiler (AL) fall 1:22
285: Tony Nelson (CI) over Alex Neilsen (AL) fall :45

Apple Valley 44, Bloomington Kennedy 27
103: Jordan Kingsley (AV) over Ulises Tajonar (BK) fall :22
112: Dakota Trom (AV) over Jordan Lovestrand (BK) fall :22
119: Matt Kelliher (AV) over Justin Bartels (BK) 10-0
125: Brandon Kingsley (AV) over Tim Crockett (BK) fall :47
130: Justin LaValle (AV) over Davad Holman (BK) fall 2:42
135: Robby Fisher (BK) over Destin McCauley (AV) 4-2
140: Dylan Ness (BK) over Nathan Bruner (AV) fall 5:20
145: Jarret Hoeppner (AV) over Dawson Lovestrand (BK) 13-4
152: Jacob Sanders (BK) over Tim Love (AV) TF 5:16 15-0
160: Ben Herbold (BK) over Matthew Hechsel (AV) 13-5
171: Tyler Lehmann (AV) over Josh Vaugqv (BK) fall 1:16
189: Craig Kelliher (AV) over Wes Dodd (BK) fall 1:15
215: Kevin McBride (BK) over Luke Schmidt (AV) 5-0
285: Andrew Hermann (BK) over Harold Delancy (AV) fall 3:29

Consolation Semifinals

Wayzata 30, Centennial 29
103: Tyler Engler (WAY) over Blake Solberg (CEN) 20-6
112: Weston Droegemueller (WAY) over James Stefonick (CEN) fall 2:20
119: Jesse Hylton (CEN) over Ryan Scurlock (WAY) 11-3
125: Joe Brady (WAY) over Cory Moen (CEN) TF 5:45 20-4
130: Ben Dunlay (WAY) over Andre Dorschner (CEN) 5-4
135: Brandon Haluptzok (CEN) over August Noble (WAY) 4-0
140: Brandon Hertog (CEN) over Corbin Farrell (WAY) 12-1
145: Danny Zilverberg (WAY) over Nick Floberg (CEN) fall 3:40
152: Mitch Hedgers (CEN) over Mac Cameron (WAY) 10-1
160: Ryan Krause (CEN) over Christian Lee (WAY) 12-1
171: Jake Ahles (CEN) over Joey Lewis (WAY) 11-2
189: Mitch Hrovat (CEN) over Tucker Kline (WAY) fall :46
215: Grant Olson (WAY) over Patrick Hughes (CEN) 6-2
285: Jake McPherson (WAY) over Zach Vine (CEN) 4-2

Saint Cloud Apollo 37, Stillwater Area 28
103: Mitch Bengston (SCA) over Bradley Kuehn (SA) fall :36
112: Grant Nehring (SCA) over Branden Madsen (SA) fall 3:41
119: Devin Nelson (SA) over Alex Lawwell (SCA) 10-7
125: Cody Madsen (SA) over Nam Nguyen (SCA) 14-1
130: Logan Wier (SA) over Nick Stram (SCA) 12-6
135: Clayton Athman (SCA) over Alec Cruz (SA) 10-1
140: Anders Rippe (SA) over Austin Young (SCA) fall 5:07
145: Jack Baglio (SA) over Brendan Padilla (SCA) 10-8
152: Nolan Rial (SCA) over Duncan Secor (SA) fall 1:38
160: Tom Powers (SA) over David Then (SCA) fall :41
171: JC O’keefe (SA) over David Then (SCA) 5-2
189: Matt Spoden (SCA) over Mitch Elmer (SA) fall 2:26
215: Sam Koetter (SCA) over Tyler Jansen (SA) fall 3:32
285: Matt Shaver (SCA) over Brock Horwath (SA) 2-1


Albert Lea Area 36, Centennial 20
103: Trey Hable (AL) over James Stefonick (CEN) fall 4:54
112: Cory Hansen (AL) over Blake Solberg (CEN) fall 2:22
119: Dalton Westerlund (AL) over Jesse Hylton (CEN) 3-2
125: Adam Clark (AL) over Cory Moen (CEN) 8-1
130: Cody Hansen (AL) over Nolan Caya (CEN) 9-3
135: Brandon Haluptzok (CEN) over Trevor Rasmussen (AL) 2-0
140: Brandon Hertog (CEN) over Carter Kortan (AL) 6-0
145: Mitch Hedgers (CEN) over Adam Kermes (AL) 10-2
152: Ryan Krause (CEN) over Conner Kortan (AL) 9-0
160: Logan Lortan (AL) over Caleb Ahles (CEN) 10-3
171: Matthew Tiegs (AL) over Jake Ahles (CEN) 10-5
189: Mitch Hrovat (CEN) over Jordan Holland (AL) fall 1:07
215: Alex Neilsen (AL) over Patrick Hughes (CEN) 4-3
285: Ethan Reed (AL) over Zach Vine (CEN) fall :32

Cambridge-Isanti 41, Wayzata 15
103: Tyler Tischer (CI) over Tyler Engler (WAY) 7-2
112: Weston Droegemueller (WAY) over Kyle Hay (CI) 11-8
119: Ty Torgerson (CI) over Ryan Scurlock (WAY) 15-8
125: Landon Chumley (CI) over Joe Brady (WAY) TF 5:22 19-5
130: Adam Kelling (CI) over Ben Dunlay (WAY) 4-2
135: August Noble (WAY) over Sherwood McKinnis (CI) 6-0
140: Brett Groves (CI) over Corbin Farrell (WAY) 9-7
145: Danny Zilverberg (WAY) over Cody Glines (CI) fall 3:10
152: Clayton Jennissen (CI) over Mac Cameron (WAY) 4-3
160: Dalton Lilledahl (CI) over Christian Lee (WAY) TF 4:30 15-0
171: Derek Swanson (CI) over Joey Lewis (WAY) 13-3
189: Scotty Gifford (CI) over Tucker Kline (WAY) fall :42
215: Tony Nelson (CI) over Grant Olson (WAY) fall 2:52
285: Jake McPherson (WAY) over Jared Vincent (CI) 1-0

Apple Valley 62, Stillwater Area 18
103: Jordan Kingsley (AV) over Bradley Kuehn (SA) 13-4
112: Dakota Trom (AV) over Branden Madsen (SA) fall 1:49
119: Matt Kelliher (AV) over Devin Nelson (SA) fall :53
125: Cody Madsen (SA) over Christopher Carney (AV) fall 2:56
130: Brandon Kingsley (AV) over Logan Wier (SA) 13-0
135: Justin LaValle (AV) over Alec Cruz (SA) fall 1:33
140: Destin McCauley (AV) over Anders Rippe (SA) fall 1:23
145: Nathan Bruner (AV) over Jack Baglio (SA) fall 3:42
152: Jarret Hoeppner (AV) over Duncan Secor (SA) fall 1:25
160: Tom Powers (SA) over Matthew Hechsel (AV) fall 5:01
171: Tyler Lehmann (AV) over JC O’keefe (SA) fall 1:08
189: Craig Kelliher (AV) over Brett Michel (SA) fall 1:12
215: Luke Schmidt (AV) over Tyler Jansen (SA) fall 2:19
285: Brock Horwath (SA) over Joe Sullivan (AV) fall 3:38

Bloomington Kennedy 38, St. Cloud Apollo 27
103: Mitch Bengston (SCA) over Ulises Tajonar (BK) fall 2:23
112: Grant Nehring (SCA) over Jordan Lovestrand (BK) fall 5:05
119: Tim Crockett (BK) over Alex Lawwell (SCA) 16-8
125: Nam Nguyen (SCA) over Justin Bartels (BK) 16-5
130: Nick Stram (SCA) over Alex Peck (BK) 13-12
135: Robby Fisher (BK) over Clayton Athman (SCA) fall 5:41
140: Dylan Ness (BK) over Austin Young (SCA) fall 1:05
145: Dawson Lovestrand (BK) over Brendan Padilla (SCA) fall 4:54
152: Nolan Rial (SCA) over Jacob Sanders (BK) 5-4
160: Ben Herbold (BK) over David Then (SCA) fall 1:00
171: Josh Vaugqv (BK) over Chris Rocheleau (SCA) 10-2
189: Matt Spoden (SCA) over Wes Dodd (BK) 2-1
215: Sam Koetter (SCA) over Kevin McBride (BK) 8-4
285: Andrew Hermann (BK) over Matt Shaver (SCA) fall 1:45

2009 MWCA All-State Academic Team Named

“We strive to find excellent students who also happen to be excellent wrestlers,” said Dean Jennissen, MWCA All-State Academic Chairperson.  “These young men are truly the ‘best of the best’ and a great example of the caliber of student-athletes we have involved in wrestling state-wide.” The 2009 edition of the MWCA (Minnesota Wrestling Coaches Association) All-State Academic Team consists of 28 student-athletes with a combined GPA of 3.71.  These wrestlers have amassed over 3,600 career wins with a combined winning percentage of 81%.

The 28 honorees will be awarded plaques at the 41st Annual MWCA Recognition Banquet on Saturday, March 7th at the River Centre Grand Ballroom in St. Paul at 7:15 a.m.

Junior or senior wrestlers are chosen based upon the following criteria:

  1. Cumulative GPA – 3.95 = 395 points
  2. State Tournament Participation – 25 points per year
  3. Overall matches wrestled – wins and losses – 1 point per match
  4. Winning percentage – 77% = 77 points
  5. State Tournament Placement – 1st (50 points), 2nd (40), 3rd (35), 4th (25), 5th (20) and 6th (10)

Interesting Facts about the 2009 MWCA All-State Academic Team…

  1. 4 Individual State Champions made the team
  2. KMS and Perham each had three team members earn this great honor!  Foley, Apple Valley and Hastings with two winners!
  3. 8 members are from Class A, 10 from Class AA and 10 from Class AAA
  4. This year’s team consists of 9 Juniors and 19Seniors
  5. 4.0 GPA’s were: Mora’s Andrew Youngblom, Prior Lake’s Chris Stevermer and Tony Nelson from Cambridge-Isanti.
  6. Andrew Gorentz, Perham; Carter Adams, Coon Rapids; Kevin Steinhaus, KMS and Tony Nelson of Cambridge-Isanti were members of the 2008 team.
  7. There were 114 total nominees.
  8. Thank you to the coaches for nominating these deserving student-athletes and for promoting the great sport of wrestling!  Goal for next year: 175 entries!

MWCA All-State Academic Team


  1. Kurt Timmons – 11 Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (A)
  2. Max Anderson – 11 Dassel-Cokato (AA)


  1. Andrew Gorentz – 12 Perham (AA)
  2. Nick Rydell – 11 St. Peter (AA)


  1. Chad Lexvold – 11 Kenyon-Wanamingo (A)
  2. Jacob Werner – 12 Perham (AA)


  1. David Thorn – 12 St. Michael-Albertville (AA)
  2. Trent Herold – 12 St. Francis (AAA)


  1. Ethan Hildebrandt – 11 St. James (A)
  2. Tony Vaske – 11 River Valley (A)


  1. Justin LaValle – 12 Apple Valley (AAA)
  2. Andrew Youngblom – 11 Mora (AA)


  1. Luke Vaith – 12 Hastings (AAA)
  2. Brandon Seppelt – 11 Foley (AA)


  1. Ryan Madson – 12 Hutchinson (AA)
  2. Luke Prairie – 11 Tracy (AA)


  1. Carter Adams -12 Coon Rapids (AAA)
  2. Chris Stevermer – 12 Prior Lake (AAA)


  1. Kevin Steinhaus – 12 Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (A)
  2. Brendan Eichmann – 12 Hastings (AAA)


  1. Mitchell Hagen – 12 Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (A)
  2. Nathan Schmitz – 12 Perham (AA)


  1. Alex Bach – 12 Maple River (A)
  2. Craig Kelliher – 12 Apple Valley (AAA)


  1. Tony Nelson – 12 Cambridge-Isanti (AAA)
  2. Kris Olson – 12 Foley (AA)


  1. Brad Wollum – 12 Canby (A)
  2. Tom Bouressa – 12 Alexandria (AAA)

2008 USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships

USA Wrestling
2008 ASICS/Vaughan Junior and Accelerade Cadet
National Championships

Saturday, July 18-Saturday, July 26 at the FargoDome in Fargo, ND

Event Coverage – features, photos, champion video interviews – themat.com

Event Coverage – intermat.com

Brackets/Results – trackwrestling.com:

Team Minnesota Results:

The Guillotine Photos:

Cadet Greco-Roman
Junior Greco-Roman
Women’s Freestyle
Cadet Freestyle
Junior Freestyle

USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships Results:

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Minnesota Cadet and Junior All-Americans

Minnesota High School Wrestler Files

Cadet Greco-Roman Results for Minnesota

Final Results:

Top Ten Team Results
Team Name (Wrestlers) Points
1. Pennsylvania (33) 55.00
2. Minnesota (43) 54.00
3. Illinois (42) 46.00
4. Florida (33) 40.00
5. Wisconsin (34) 37.00
6. New Jersey (18) 32.00
7. Kansas (25) 30.00
8. Virginia (30) 30.00
9. Colorado (20) 28.00
10. Oregon (34) 27.00

Individual Results:

Cadet-84 – Gabe Foltz – DNP
Match #1 Dylon Thompson (Colorado) over Gabe Foltz (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Mitchell Lax (Georgia) over Gabe Foltz (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,3-0

Cadet-91 – Hayden Zillmer – 1st Place
Match #1 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Brandon Edwards (Montana) Fall 0:06
Match #2 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Matt Spano (New York) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Caleb Richardson (Virginia) Dec 5-0,1-2,2-1
Match #4 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Kaleb Lemaire (Delaware) Dec 3-0,6-1
Match #5 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Cory Clark (Iowa) Dec 3-1,6-0
Match #6 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #7 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Caleb Richardson (Virginia) Dec 5-0,1-2,2-1
Match #8 1st Place: Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Nicholas Clobes (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-0

Cadet-91 – Nicholas Clobes – 2nd Place
Match #1 Nicholas Clobes (Minnesota) over Morgan Sweat (Utah) Fall 1-1,1:47
Match #2 Nicholas Clobes (Minnesota) over Joey Dance (Virginia) Dec 1-1,1-1
Match #3 Nicholas Clobes (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Nicholas Clobes (Minnesota) over Austin Trott (Georgia) Dec 2-1,2-1
Match #5 Nicholas Clobes (Minnesota) over Joey Dance (Virginia) Dec 1-1,1-1
Match #6 Nicholas Clobes (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #7 Nicholas Clobes (Minnesota) over Ruben Navejas (Washington) Dec 1-1,3-0
Match #8 1st Place: Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Nicholas Clobes (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-0

Cadet-98 – Mike Fuenffinger – 7th Place
Match #1 Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over Colin Merkley (Nevada) Fall 8-0,1:25
Match #2 Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over Max Mejia (Arizona) Dec 4-1,1-1
Match #3 Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over Esteban Gonzales (Michigan) TF 10-2,6-0
Match #4 Valyen Rauser (Montana) over Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-1
Match #5 Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over Tanner Moon (Alabama) Dec 5-1,7-10,2-2
Match #6 Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #7 Martin Martinez (Colorado) over Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,2-2
Match #8 7th Place: Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over Jordan Wigger (South Carolina) Dec 6-0,5-0

Cadet-98 – Tyler Chapple – DNP
Match #1 Mitch Brown (Utah) over Tyler Chapple (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:11
Match #2 Martin Martinez (Colorado) over Tyler Chapple (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,0:27

Cadet-98 – Zach Stepan – DNP
Match #1 Zach Stepan (Minnesota) over Kyle Tart (North Carolina) Dec 5-3,6-1
Match #2 Zach Stepan (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #3 Jade Rauser (Montana) over Zach Stepan (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #4 Hunter Weber (Wisconsin) over Zach Stepan (Minnesota) Fall 1:45

Cadet-105 – Noah Schlee – DNP
Match #1 Timothy Locksmith (Florida) over Noah Schlee (Minnesota) Fall 8-1,0:25
Match #2 Braydon Humpherys (Utah) over Noah Schlee (Minnesota) Dec 1-6,7-2,5-1

Cadet-105 – Mitchel Lexvold – DNP
Match #1 Mitchel Lexvold (Minnesota) over Luke Zeiger (Montana) Dec 2-1,7-0
Match #2 Nicklas Babcock (Colorado) over Mitchel Lexvold (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Mitchel Lexvold (Minnesota) over Taylor Jackson (Utah) Fall 6-1,0:49
Match #4 Mitchel Lexvold (Minnesota) over Zack Nelson (Ohio) Dec 1-1,6-3
Match #5 Mitchel Lexvold (Minnesota) over Peter Russo (Oregon) Fall 3-1,1-1,0:30
Match #6 Bryce Evans (Washington) over Mitchel Lexvold (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,4-1

Cadet-105 – Jordan Land – DNP
Match #1 Jordan Land (Minnesota) over Jordan Redmond (South Dakota) Fall 0:50
Match #2 Bricker Dixon (Missouri) over Jordan Land (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,4-3
Match #3 Jordan Land (Minnesota) over Matt Correa (California) Fall 0:55
Match #4 Bryce Evans (Washington) over Jordan Land (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,4-3

Cadet-119 – Tim Hanlin – DNP
Match #1 Nathaniel Lambert (Montana) over Tim Hanlin (Minnesota) Fall 1-4,0:58
Match #2 Daniel Deshazer (Kansas) over Tim Hanlin (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Cadet-119 – Christian Skillings – DNP
Match #1 Christian Skillings (Minnesota) over Matt Enriquez (California) Fall 2-4,5-2,1:29
Match #2 Lucas Smith (Illinois) over Christian Skillings (Minnesota) Dec 8-0,1-4,6-1
Match #3 Shayden Terukina (Hawaii) over Christian Skillings (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,10-3

Cadet-119 – Matt Kelliher – DNP
Match #1 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Jeff Meredith (Virginia) Fall 0:59
Match #2 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Tanner Minder (Missouri) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #3 Sean Soliz (Oregon) over Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,1-1
Match #4 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Mike Mioni (Arizona) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #5 Mike Rhone (Pennsylvania) over Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,4-3

Cadet-125 – Drew Lexvold – 1st Place
Match #1 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Drew Spaulding (North Dakota) TF 1-2,6-0,6-0
Match #2 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Erik Galloway (Pennsylvania) Fall 7-0,0:58
Match #3 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Nick Soto (Florida) Dec 6-0,2-4,5-1
Match #4 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Gage Harrison (Missouri) Dec 3-0,5-0
Match #5 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Anthonie Linares (California) Dec 7-0,4-3
Match #6 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Joe Brewster (Illinois) Dec 2-0,1-1,1-1
Match #7 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Travis Himmelman (Colorado) Dec 1-1,5-0
Match #8 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Casey Lanave (New York) Dec 1-1,2-1
Match #9 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Ryne Cokeley (Kansas) Dec 1-2,2-1,1-1
Match #10 1st Place: Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Stephen Swiggett (Delaware) Fall 1:45

Cadet-125 – Dan Dick – DNP
Match #1 Dan Dick (Minnesota) over Matthew Martin (Pennsylvania) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Dan Dick (Minnesota) over Logan Cudd (Wisconsin) Fall 1:52
Match #3 Dan Dick (Minnesota) over Caleb Thornhill (Washington) Dec 4-1,3-4,2-1
Match #4 Jason Chudzinski (New York) over Dan Dick (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #5 Stephen Swiggett (Delaware) over Dan Dick (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Cadet-125 – Beau Buysse – DNP
Match #1 TJ Peretti (Washington) over Beau Buysse (Minnesota) Dec 2-2,1-1,4-0
Match #2 Bryce Hood (Kansas) over Beau Buysse (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-0

Cadet-130 – Tim Ostby – DNP
Match #1 Raider Lofthouse (Utah) over Tim Ostby (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Dylan Palacio (New York) over Tim Ostby (Minnesota) Fall 1:38

Cadet-130 – Joe Brady – DNP
Match #1 Nathan Burak (Colorado) over Joe Brady (Minnesota) Fall 1:23
Match #2 Koleton Hardy (Utah) over Joe Brady (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,7-2

Cadet-130 – Dylan Ness – 1st Place
Match #1 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Derrick Walraven (South Dakota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Michael Hummer (Indiana) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Sonny Perez (California) TF 6-1,2-5,8-1
Match #4 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Dominic Montesanti (New York) TF 7-1,7-0
Match #5 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Nathan Hoffer (Alaska) Fall 0-6,0:40
Match #6 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Raider Lofthouse (Utah) TF 8-0,6-0
Match #7 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Cody Shavlik (Kansas) Dec 2-0,7-0
Match #8 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Cody Shavlik (Kansas) Dec 2-0,7-0
Match #9 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Nathan Hoffer (Alaska) Fall 0-6,0:40
Match #11 1st Place: Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Zach Brunson (Oregon) TF 6-0,6-0

Cadet-130 – Spencer Yackel – DNP
Match #1 Spencer Yackel (Minnesota) over Mitchell Seneff (Texas) Dec 6-0,5-2
Match #2 Joseph Figueroa (North Carolina) over Spencer Yackel (Minnesota) Dec 7-1,5-1
Match #3 Zach Noel (Wisconsin) over Spencer Yackel (Minnesota) Fall 4-1,0:28

Cadet-135 – Ryan Arne – DNP
Match #1 Ryan Arne (Minnesota) over Colbey Garrison (Nevada) Dec 6-0,2-1
Match #2 Ryan Arne (Minnesota) over Reyes Cortez (Arizona) Dec 1-1,2-0
Match #3 Zak Benitz (Wisconsin) over Ryan Arne (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,4-2,4-2
Match #4 Sean Biltoft (Washington) over Ryan Arne (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,0-6,2-1

Cadet-135 – Taylor Menke – DNP
Match #1 Taylor Menke (Minnesota) over Trey Stavrum (Tennessee) Dec 0-6,4-3,4-0
Match #2 Taylor Menke (Minnesota) over Michael Nord (North Dakota) Fall 0:27
Match #3 Tanner Hiatt (Iowa) over Taylor Menke (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,2-1
Match #4 Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma) over Taylor Menke (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,1-1,6-0

Cadet-135 – Alex Anderson – DNP
Match #1 Alex Anderson (Minnesota) over Zach Gunyan (Wyoming) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Alex Anderson (Minnesota) over Jody Haas (New York) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Alex Anderson (Minnesota) over Terry Matthews (California) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #4 Matthew Nereim (Florida) over Alex Anderson (Minnesota) Dec 2-2,6-0,3-2
Match #5 Alex Anderson (Minnesota) over Spencer Brown (Utah) Dec 4-4,7-0
Match #6 Ravaughn Perkins (Nebraska) over Alex Anderson (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,6-0

Cadet-140 – Dan Cox – 4th Place
Match #1 Dan Cox (Minnesota) over Brandon Jasper (Wisconsin) Dec 6-0,3-0
Match #2 Dan Cox (Minnesota) over Alex Lymburner (Indiana) Dec 4-0,8-0
Match #3 Dan Cox (Minnesota) over Ben Villaret (New York) Dec 3-1,6-5
Match #4 Dan Cox (Minnesota) over Christopher Hart (Texas) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #5 Dan Cox (Minnesota) over Dayner Swisher (Idaho) Dec 2-2,2-2
Match #6 Dan Cox (Minnesota) over Willian Randt (Pennsylvania) Dec 2-0,3-0
Match #7 Dan Cox (Minnesota) over Dustin Woosley (Oregon) Dec 3-0,3-0
Match #8 Joey Moorhouse (Illinois) over Dan Cox (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-1
Match #9 Dan Cox (Minnesota) over Joey Kubica IV (Illinois) Fall 1:41
Match #10 Dan Cox (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #11 Joey Moorhouse (Illinois) over Dan Cox (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-1
Match #12 3rd Place: Seth Thomas (Oregon) over Dan Cox (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Cadet-145 – Eric Hood – DNP
Match #1 Jesse Stafford (California) over Eric Hood (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,2-1
Match #2 Eric Hood (Minnesota) over Dylan Shea (New York) Fall 2-4,8-7,0:38
Match #3 Cody Solari (Iowa) over Eric Hood (Minnesota) Dec 0-5,5-1,5-0

Cadet-145 – Anton Kalista – DNP
Match #1 Jesse Docken (South Dakota) over Anton Kalista (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,1-1,3-1
Match #2 Jesse Myers (Ohio) over Anton Kalista (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,3-0

Cadet-152 – Cody Tibbetts – DNP
Match #1 Cody Tibbetts (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Adam Wolfe (Washington) over Cody Tibbetts (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,2-1
Match #3 Cody Tibbetts (Minnesota) over Dawaun Treadwell (Michigan) Dec 2-1,5-2
Match #4 Lucas Sheridan (California) over Cody Tibbetts (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,1-1,1-1

Cadet-152 – Joseph Ginther – DNP
Match #1 Jarrod Mcgehee (California) over Joseph Ginther (Minnesota) Fall 0:47
Match #2 Patrick Downey (Maryland) over Joseph Ginther (Minnesota) Fall 0:52

Cadet-152 – Eric Hensel – DNP
Match #1 Eric Hensel (Minnesota) over Brad Ellis (Indiana) Dec 5-0,7-0
Match #2 Eric Hensel (Minnesota) over Frank Cousins (Florida) Dec 3-1,5-0
Match #3 Eric Hensel (Minnesota) over Sheldon Brandenburg (Ohio) Fall 0:41
Match #4 Justin Irribarren (California) over Eric Hensel (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,0-2,6-0
Match #5 Joey Chandler (Oregon) over Eric Hensel (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Cadet-160 – Zak Coates – 5th Place
Match #1 Zak Coates (Minnesota) over Aaron Haire (Indiana) Fall 6-0,0:54
Match #2 Zak Coates (Minnesota) over Hudson Buck (California) Dec 3-1,7-0
Match #3 Zak Coates (Minnesota) over Alex Coolidge (Wyoming) TF 8-1,6-0
Match #4 Devan Fors (Oregon) over Zak Coates (Minnesota) Dec 0-5,3-1,3-2
Match #5 Zak Coates (Minnesota) over Nick Pursel (Kansas) FF
Match #6 Devin Peterson (Wisconsin) over Zak Coates (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,7-1
Match #7 Zak Coates (Minnesota) over Luis Alba (Florida) Dec 4-4,2-1
Match #8 5th Place: Zak Coates (Minnesota) over Mike Ettore (Florida) Dec 3-5,6-0,3-2

Cadet-160 – Tyler Thomas – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Thomas (Minnesota) over Evan King (Michigan) Dec 5-0,2-1
Match #2 Tyler Thomas (Minnesota) over Kameona Hokoana (Hawaii) Dec 6-0,3-1
Match #3 Tyler Thomas (Minnesota) over Nick Larson (Wisconsin) Fall 6-0,1:24
Match #4 Eric Hildenbrand (Ohio) over Tyler Thomas (Minnesota) TF 0-5,6-0,6-0
Match #5 Mike Ettore (Florida) over Tyler Thomas (Minnesota) Fall 1:06

Cadet-160 – Mike Schlueter – DNP
Match #1 Seth Hanton (Michigan) over Mike Schlueter (Minnesota) Fall 1-5,1:07
Match #2 Ronnie Balfour (Oklahoma) over Mike Schlueter (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,6-1

Cadet-160 – Aaron Hutchens – DNP
Match #1 John Boyd (Virginia) over Aaron Hutchens (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,6-0
Match #2 Travis Hill (Oregon) over Aaron Hutchens (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,3-1

Cadet-171 – Zack Rutt – 7th Place
Match #1 Zach Agostino (New Jersey) over Zack Rutt (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,4-2
Match #2 Zack Rutt (Minnesota) over Curtis Berger (Oregon) Dec 3-0,7-0
Match #3 Zack Rutt (Minnesota) over Devon Keith (Kansas) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #4 Zack Rutt (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Zack Rutt (Minnesota) over Seth Gray (Pennsylvania) Fall 3-1,1:09
Match #6 Ethan Blackstock (Georgia) over Zack Rutt (Minnesota) TF 11-0,6-0
Match #7 7th Place: Zack Rutt (Minnesota) over Jace Bennett (Texas) Fall 7-3,1:41

Cadet-171 – Ben Bowar – 5th Place
Match #1 Ben Bowar (Minnesota) over Jesse Demmon (Iowa) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Ben Bowar (Minnesota) over Guy Keeku (Wisconsin) Dec 7-0,6-2
Match #3 Ben Bowar (Minnesota) over Daniel Campbell (Indiana) Dec 6-0,3-0
Match #4 Levi Clemons (Florida) over Ben Bowar (Minnesota) TF 5-0,8-0
Match #5 Ben Bowar (Minnesota) over Austin Marsden (Illinois) Dec 6-0,4-2
Match #6 Ben Bowar (Minnesota) over Jace Bennett (Texas) Dec 2-2,3-2
Match #7 Ben Bowar (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Nathaniel Brown (Pennsylvania) over Ben Bowar (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,2-6,1-1
Match #9 Levi Clemons (Florida) over Ben Bowar (Minnesota) TF 5-0,8-0
Match #10 5th Place: Ben Bowar (Minnesota) over Derick Sanders (Missouri) Dec 5-0,4-0

Cadet-171 – Scott Gifford – DNP
Match #1 Scott Gifford (Minnesota) over Dylan Green (Washington) Fall 0:57
Match #2 Ethan Blackstock (Georgia) over Scott Gifford (Minnesota) Fall 8-1,1:12
Match #3 Scott Gifford (Minnesota) over Daniel Santoro (Illinois) Dec 1-1,3-1
Match #4 Scott Gifford (Minnesota) over Matt Reed (California) Dec 7-0,4-1
Match #5 Zach Agostino (New Jersey) over Scott Gifford (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,5-4

Cadet-189 – Logan Barrett – DNP
Match #1 Andrew Camplottano (New Jersey) over Logan Barrett (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,0:49
Match #2 Logan Barrett (Minnesota) over Damien Stone (Indiana) Dec 5-3,7-0
Match #3 Andy Dixon (Ohio) over Logan Barrett (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,3-0

Cadet-189 – Kody Kalkbrenner – DNP
Match #1 Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) over Pat Nusekabel (Ohio) TF 6-0,8-0
Match #2 Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) over Giovanni Gray (Virginia) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) over Joshua Bush (Kansas) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #4 Mike McGrath (New York) over Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,2-1
Match #5 Ben Brooks (Illinois) over Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Cadet-189 – Cooper Hays – DNP
Match #1 Matthew Loew (New York) over Cooper Hays (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,3-1
Match #2 Cooper Hays (Minnesota) over Austin Moorehead (California) Dec 4-2,4-6,1-1
Match #3 Nick Ruggear (Pennsylvania) over Cooper Hays (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,3-3,1-1

Cadet-189 – Drew Miller – DNP
Match #1 Harrison Honeycutt (North Carolina) over Drew Miller (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Joey Dibenedetto (Illinois) over Drew Miller (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,6-1

Cadet-189 – Ray Hagberg – DNP
Match #1 Ray Hagberg (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Chris Heald (Michigan) over Ray Hagberg (Minnesota) Dec 1-3,4-1,3-1
Match #3 Kevin Thompson (Pennsylvania) over Ray Hagberg (Minnesota) 6-2,ID

Cadet-215 – Zane Peterson – 3rd Place
Match #1 Michael Sojka (Illinois) over Zane Peterson (Minnesota) Dec 1-2,1-1,4-1
Match #2 Zane Peterson (Minnesota) over Nolan Shea (New Mexico) Fall 1:16
Match #3 Zane Peterson (Minnesota) over Jose Ramirez (Indiana) Dec 5-0,4-0
Match #4 Zane Peterson (Minnesota) over Zach Corl (Pennsylvania) Fall 1:35
Match #5 Zane Peterson (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Michael Sojka (Illinois) over Zane Peterson (Minnesota) Dec 1-2,1-1,4-1
Match #7 Zane Peterson (Minnesota) over Cody Davis (Texas) Dec 1-1,4-3
Match #8 Zane Peterson (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 3rd Place: Zane Peterson (Minnesota) over Tank Knowles (California) Dec 1-2,1-1,5-1

Cadet-285 – Parker Betts – DNP
Match #1 Parker Betts (Minnesota) over Stephen Carr (Texas) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Sani-jonathon Fuimaono (Hawaii) over Parker Betts (Minnesota) Dec 1-2,4-3,2-1
Match #3 Parker Betts (Minnesota) over Ricky Valdez (Arizona) Dec 1-1,1-1,1-1
Match #4 Donovan Green (Florida) over Parker Betts (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,7-3

Cadet-285 – Jay Martin – DNP
Match #1 Mark Collett (Indiana) over Jay Martin (Minnesota) Fall 0:30
Match #2 Blake Lucas (Ohio) over Jay Martin (Minnesota) Fall 3-2,0:42

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Junior Greco-Roman Results for Minnesota

Top Ten Team Results
Team Name (Wrestlers) Points
1. Illinois (46) 67.00
2. Minnesota (35) 49.00
3. Pennsylvania (30) 45.00
4. Missouri (30) 44.00
5. Oregon (38) 38.00
6. Ohio (43) 31.00
7. Wisconsin (29) 30.00
8. Florida (33) 29.00
9. Iowa (34) 28.00
10. Kansas (17) 26.00

Individual Results:

Junior-98 – Jacoby Bergeron – 3rd Place
Match #1 Jake Bellis (Illinois ) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,6-0
Match #2 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Griffin Weihe (Iowa) TF 6-0,8-2
Match #3 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Jacob Handbury (Oregon) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #4 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Brenan Lyon (Michigan) Dec 3-0,5-1
Match #6 Jake Bellis (Illinois ) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,6-0
Match #7 3rd Place: Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Jake Schramm (Illinois ) Dec 1-1,5-0,3-1

Junior-105 – Kyle Ballard – DNP
Match #1 Kyle Ballard (Minnesota) over Patrick Shaffer (Virginia) Dec 1-1,6-0
Match #2 Matt Rabinowitz (Louisiana) over Kyle Ballard (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,2-1
Match #3 Ryak Finch (Arizona) over Kyle Ballard (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:02

Junior-112 – Brandon Schultz – DNP
Match #1 Jamie Clark (Ohio) over Brandon Schultz (Minnesota) Fall 0:25
Match #2 Alan Bufala (Delaware) over Brandon Schultz (Minnesota) Fall 4-7,3-1,1:42

Junior-119 – Robert Otterness – DNP
Match #1 Terry Allen (California) over Robert Otterness (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,3-1
Match #2 Joe Colon (Iowa) over Robert Otterness (Minnesota) Fall 3-2,0:47

Junior-119 – Cody Lensing – DNP
Match #1 Cody Lensing (Minnesota) over Eric Wilson (Colorado) Dec 3-0,3-0
Match #2 Patrick Mucha (Washington) over Cody Lensing (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Cody Lensing (Minnesota) over Jeff Forrester (California) Dec 5-2,6-0
Match #4 Cody Lensing (Minnesota) over Joseph Hughes (Alaska) Dec 7-0,3-0
Match #5 Cody Lensing (Minnesota) over Chad Thornock (California) Dec 3-2,4-4
Match #6 Justin Forrest (Missouri) over Cody Lensing (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-125 – Patrick LeVasseur – DNP
Match #1 George Ivanov (Iowa) over Patrick LeVasseur (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,2-1,2-1
Match #2 Nick Grim (Florida) over Patrick LeVasseur (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,2-1

Junior-125 – Lucas Ferrian – DNP
Match #1 Daniel Rice (Utah) over Lucas Ferrian (Minnesota) Fall 1:43
Match #2 Zac Sparr (Kansas) over Lucas Ferrian (Minnesota) Fall 0:49

Junior-125 – David Baker – DNP
Match #1 David Baker (Minnesota) over Zeb Stewart (Virginia) Dec 3-0,4-1
Match #2 Josh Kremier (Colorado) over David Baker (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:18
Match #3 David Baker (Minnesota) over Andrew Sulawske (Indiana) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #4 David Baker (Minnesota) over Jordan Kust (Wisconsin) Dec 0-2,6-1,5-0
Match #5 Nick Wilcox (New York) over David Baker (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,7-1

Junior-125 – Justin LaValle – 2nd Place
Match #1 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Zach Nalley (Washington) Dec 7-0,8-3
Match #2 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Tanner Smith (Indiana) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Joseph Locksmith (Florida) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Jake Love (Montana) Dec 5-0,7-0
Match #5 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Brandon Westerman (Georgia) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #6 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Nick Wilcox (New York) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #7 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Jacob Walters (Michigan) Dec 3-0,6-0
Match #8 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Lillashawn Coleman (Illinois ) Dec 6-3,4-3
Match #9 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Lillashawn Coleman (Illinois ) Dec 3-6,3-4
Match #11 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Jacob Walters (Michigan) Dec 3-0,6-0
Match #12 1st Place: Luke Goettl (Arizona) over Justin LaValle (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,1-10,3-2

Junior-125 – Tom Kelliher – 7th Place
Match #1 Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) over Drew Dacey (Washington) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) over Andy Skaggs (Missouri) TF 8-0,1-2,7-0
Match #3 Jake Eitzen (Colorado) over Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) Fall 1:34
Match #4 Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) over Chandler Jones (Ohio) TF 5-0,6-0
Match #5 Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) over Nick Flores (Utah) Dec 1-1,2-1
Match #6 Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) over Luke Goettl (Arizona) Dec 4-0,4-4
Match #7 Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) over George Ivanov (Iowa) Dec 2-1,1-4,3-2
Match #8 Jacob Kaufman (Oregon) over Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,4-3
Match #9 7th Place: Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) over Nick Wilcox (New York) Dec 7-0,4-0

Junior-130 – Robert Fisher – 3rd Place
Match #1 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Frank Acosta (New Jersey) Dec 4-3,7-1
Match #2 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Casey Merrill (California) Dec 4-0,0-4,4-0
Match #3 Ellis Coleman (Illinois ) over Robert Fisher (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,3-0
Match #4 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Thrasher Porcher (Florida) Dec 4-0,1-2,3-1
Match #5 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Matt Katusin (Nebraska) Dec 2-1,6-0
Match #6 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Bret Baumbach (Iowa) Dec 6-0,0-6,3-3
Match #7 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Ellis Coleman (Illinois ) over Robert Fisher (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,3-0
Match #9 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Joe Waltko (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-1,6-0
Match #10 3rd Place: Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Cody Fobes (New Jersey) Dec 1-1,8-3,1-1

Junior-135 – Luke Vaith – DNP
Match #1 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Matt Holmes (Illinois ) Dec 3-1,1-1
Match #2 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Louie Shearer (Virginia) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Cody Rodebaugh (California) over Luke Vaith (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,4-0
Match #4 Nick Wooden (Nevada) over Luke Vaith (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,1-3,4-1

Junior-140 – Pat Smith – 4th Place
Match #1 Pat Smith (Minnesota) over Tyler Holloway (Missouri) Dec 3-1,3-2
Match #2 Pat Smith (Minnesota) over Austen Moore (Arizona) Dec 7-0,5-0
Match #3 Pat Smith (Minnesota) over Carson Fields (Georgia) Dec 5-2,5-3
Match #4 Andrew Alton (Pennsylvania) over Pat Smith (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,0-3,1-1
Match #5 Pat Smith (Minnesota) over Chase Gordon (Florida) Dec 2-1,6-0
Match #6 Pat Smith (Minnesota) over Raymond Jr. Mathewson (Hawaii) Dec 5-2,0-7,2-2
Match #7 Pat Smith (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Andrew Alton (Pennsylvania) over Pat Smith (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,0-3,1-1
Match #9 Pat Smith (Minnesota) over Carson Fields (Georgia) Dec 5-2,5-3
Match #10 Pat Smith (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #11 3rd Place: Dylan Carew (Iowa) over Pat Smith (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,2-0

Junior-140 – James Locke – DNP
Match #1 James Locke (Minnesota) over Charlie Haislip (Virginia) Fall 1:45
Match #2 James Locke (Minnesota) over Chanse Hayes (Tennessee) Dec 2-1,3-1
Match #3 James Locke (Minnesota) over Julian Feikert (Iowa) Dec 2-5,1-1,1-1
Match #4 James Locke (Minnesota) over Randell Watts (California) Fall 0:48
Match #5 James Locke (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Cole Schmitt (Wisconsin) over James Locke (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-2
Match #7 Daniel Domanico (Georgia) over James Locke (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-0

Junior-145 – Jason Cirksena – DNP
Match #1 David Rios (California) over Jason Cirksena (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Corey Hope (Illinois ) over Jason Cirksena (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-145 – Eric Yngsdal – 8th Place
Match #1 Eric Yngsdal (Minnesota) over Daniel Breit (Missouri) Dec 4-1,7-0
Match #2 Eric Yngsdal (Minnesota) over Johnny Watson (North Carolina) Dec 1-1,7-0
Match #3 Eric Yngsdal (Minnesota) over Josh Fitch (Maryland) Dec 2-1,1-1
Match #4 Eric Yngsdal (Minnesota) over Ricky Bronson (New York) Dec 3-0,4-0
Match #5 Eric Yngsdal (Minnesota) over Ray Calvert (Oklahoma) TF 0-4,7-0,7-0
Match #6 Zach Clemente (New York) over Eric Yngsdal (Minnesota) Fall 1:15
Match #7 Joseph Cozart (Florida) over Eric Yngsdal (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,3-0
Match #8 7th Place: Justin Gonzales (Colorado) over Eric Yngsdal (Minnesota) Fall 1:43

Junior-145 – Kyle Anderson – DNP
Match #1 Kyle Anderson (Minnesota) over Shay Shive (Pennsylvania) TF 6-0,7-5
Match #2 Mitchell Kennedy (Missouri) over Kyle Anderson (Minnesota) Fall 0:44
Match #3 Nick Squyres (Virginia) over Kyle Anderson (Minnesota) Dec 2-3,4-0,6-0

Junior-145 – Cody Manderscheid – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Sheridan (California) over Cody Manderscheid (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:52
Match #2 Gabriel Bird (Florida) over Cody Manderscheid (Minnesota) Dec 2-4,3-2,3-1

Junior-152 – Ryan Madson – DNP
Match #1 Ryan Madson (Minnesota) over Cody Weishoff (Oregon) Dec 2-1,1-3,2-1
Match #2 Ryan Madson (Minnesota) over Zach Mccormick (New York) Dec 6-0,3-1
Match #3 Ryan Madson (Minnesota) over Cody Stichman (Wisconsin) Dec 2-1,0-4,3-3
Match #4 Ryan Madson (Minnesota) over Jake Walker (Kansas) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #5 Ryan Madson (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Andrew Gasber (Ohio) over Ryan Madson (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #7 Dirk Cowburn (Pennsylvania) over Ryan Madson (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Junior-152 – Daniel Davis – DNP
Match #1 Daniel Davis (Minnesota) over Daniel Quinlan (Hawaii) Dec 5-4,7-0
Match #2 Brock Gutches (Oregon) over Daniel Davis (Minnesota) Fall 0:57
Match #3 Chris Canty (Ohio) over Daniel Davis (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,5-2

Junior-152 – Jamarii Tucker – DNP
Match #1 Jamarii Tucker (Minnesota) over Cameron Savage (Iowa) TF 8-2,3-5,6-0
Match #2 Jamarii Tucker (Minnesota) over Evan Royal (Kansas) Dec 4-3,1-3,3-1
Match #3 Joeseph Ducharme (Colorado) over Jamarii Tucker (Minnesota) Dec 2-2,4-0
Match #4 Jamarii Tucker (Minnesota) over Cody Ray (Indiana) Dec 6-0,5-0
Match #5 Corey Lear (Pennsylvania) over Jamarii Tucker (Minnesota) Dec 6-1,5-0

Junior-152 – Nick Schuler – DNP
Match #1 Nick Schuler (Minnesota) over Patrick Nord (North Dakota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Nick Schuler (Minnesota) over Jake Potyraj (Michigan) Dec 3-0,8-2
Match #3 Nick Schuler (Minnesota) over Rodin Ndandula (Virginia) Fall 3-2,0:42
Match #4 Nick Schuler (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Matt Cartusciello (New York) over Nick Schuler (Minnesota) Dec 6-1,5-0
Match #6 Kyle Detmer (Kansas) over Nick Schuler (Minnesota) TF 9-0,6-0

Junior-152 – Jarret Hoeppner – DNP
Match #1 Alex Eggers (Florida) over Jarret Hoeppner (Minnesota) Dec 1-6,4-1,2-1
Match #2 Jarret Hoeppner (Minnesota) over Cameron Nugent (Indiana) Fall 0:28
Match #3 Jarret Hoeppner (Minnesota) over Chris Mialma (Ohio) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #4 Jarret Hoeppner (Minnesota) over Ben Schmitt (Wisconsin) Fall 0:23
Match #5 Jake Bohn (Michigan) over Jarret Hoeppner (Minnesota) Dec 8-0,4-2

Junior-160 – Brandon Klug – DNP
Match #1 Kyle Crain (Wisconsin) over Brandon Klug (Minnesota) TF 6-1,7-0
Match #2 Brandon Klug (Minnesota) over Cole Evans (Utah) Dec 1-1,3-1
Match #3 Austin Gelbach (Missouri) over Brandon Klug (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,2-1

Junior-160 – Travis Rutt – 1st Place
Match #1 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Steven Ours (Virginia) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Damien Eichelberger (Missouri) Fall 6-0,0:16
Match #3 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Patrick Martinez (California) Dec 3-1,2-1
Match #4 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Ryan Shank (West Virginia) TF 8-0,10-0
Match #5 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Sergio Cortez (California) Dec 5-0,6-0
Match #6 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Russell Delmar (California) Fall 0:25
Match #7 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Clarence Neely (Missouri) Fall 3-0,1:12
Match #8 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Patrick Martinez (California) Dec 3-1,2-1
Match #10 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Mark Stenberg (Illinois ) Dec 7-2,5-0
Match #11 1st Place: Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Alec Ortiz (Oregon) TF 5-0,7-0

Junior-160 – Kevin Steinhaus – DNP
Match #1 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Zach Zehler (Ohio) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Tom Davies (South Dakota) TF 7-0,9-2
Match #3 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Cody Clark (Iowa) Dec 3-0,4-0
Match #4 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Shawn Adams (California) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #5 Alec Ortiz (Oregon) over Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #6 Tyler Koehn (Kansas) over Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,6-0

Junior-171 – Joel Bauman – 2nd Place
Match #1 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Cody Neptune (Florida) Dec 4-2,3-1
Match #2 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Chris Wahrman (Illinois ) Dec 3-0,10-1
Match #3 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Tyler Thomas (Oregon) Dec 3-0,3-0
Match #4 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Aidan Brock (Iowa) Dec 4-0,7-1
Match #5 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over John Eblen (Missouri) Dec 1-3,4-0,5-2
Match #7 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Michael Evans (Pennsylvania) Dec 2-1,0-5,3-1
Match #8 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Robert Barbour (Illinois ) Dec 3-2,4-2
Match #9 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Michael Evans (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-2,5-0,1-3
Match #10 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #11 1st Place: Ethen Lofthouse (Utah) over Joel Bauman (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,5-1

Junior-171 – Tyler Lehman – 4th Place
Match #1 Tyler Lehman (Minnesota) over Cody Stratton (Washington) TF 5-0,7-2
Match #2 Tyler Lehman (Minnesota) over Bret Klopp (Wyoming) Fall 5-0,0:25
Match #3 Tyler Lehman (Minnesota) over William Crawford (Virginia) Fall 0-5,7-0,0:46
Match #4 Tyler Lehman (Minnesota) over Taylor Kettman (Iowa) Dec 3-0,5-0
Match #5 Tyler Lehman (Minnesota) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,1-1,4-0
Match #6 Ethen Lofthouse (Utah) over Tyler Lehman (Minnesota) Fall 1:15
Match #7 Tyler Lehman (Minnesota) over Bryant Craft (Michigan) Dec 7-0,4-4
Match #8 Ethen Lofthouse (Utah) over Tyler Lehman (Minnesota) Fall 1:15
Match #9 7th Place: Michael Evans (Pennsylvania) over Tyler Lehman (Minnesota) Dec 11-9,6-0

Junior-171 – Joshua Kohler – DNP
Match #1 Michael Evans (Pennsylvania) over Joshua Kohler (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Charleston Soko (Illinois ) over Joshua Kohler (Minnesota) Dec 2-4,6-0,5-3

Junior-171 – Craig Kelliher – DNP
Match #1 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over John Merickel (Idaho) Fall 6-0,1:59
Match #2 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Bryant Craft (Michigan) Dec 3-0,1-1
Match #3 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Dustin Connell (Oregon) Fall 8-0,0:57
Match #4 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Ian Daube (California) ID
Match #5 Tyler Lehman (Minnesota) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,1-1,4-0
Match #6 Bret Klopp (Wyoming) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-3,5-0

Junior-189 – Micah Larson – DNP
Match #1 Brent Haynes (Missouri) over Micah Larson (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,5-3
Match #2 Micah Larson (Minnesota) over Joey Hood (Louisiana) Fall 0-0,0:47
Match #3 Tom Voorhis (New York) over Micah Larson (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior-189 – Evan Stock – DNP
Match #1 Evan Stock (Minnesota) over Brandon Santiago (Hawaii) Dec 6-0,7-3
Match #2 Tyler Sherman (Oregon) over Evan Stock (Minnesota) TF 9-0,5-0
Match #3 Evan Stock (Minnesota) over Dillon Kern (Michigan) Dec 0-7,4-1,6-1
Match #4 Grant Gambrall (Iowa) over Evan Stock (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-215 – Alex Beucler – DNP
Match #1 Alex Beucler (Minnesota) over Aaron Gibson (Texas) Fall 0:32
Match #2 Tom Pennington (Georgia) over Alex Beucler (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,1-2,2-1
Match #3 Fred Moses (Illinois ) over Alex Beucler (Minnesota) Fall 0:41

Junior-215 – Nick Creamier – DNP
Match #1 Nick Creamier (Minnesota) over Chaz Brock (Indiana) Fall 6-0,0:38
Match #2 Nick Creamier (Minnesota) over Jake Walls (Pennsylvania) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Nick Creamier (Minnesota) over Dan Carey (Illinois ) Dec 4-1,1-1
Match #4 Tyrell Fortune (Oregon) over Nick Creamier (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,6-0
Match #5 Willie Wiggins (Florida) over Nick Creamier (Minnesota) Dec 5-4,2-1

Junior-285 – Jake Kettler – 7th Place
Match #1 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Harrison Ford (Illinois ) Dec 2-1,4-0
Match #2 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Glen-allen Kendl (Wisconsin) Dec 1-1,4-1
Match #3 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Kawika Ka`ahanui (Hawaii) Dec 1-1,3-0,4-0
Match #4 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Jacob Crawford (Iowa) Dec 6-0,2-1
Match #5 John Hiles (Ohio) over Jake Kettler (Minnesota) Dec 3-3,3-2,2-1
Match #6 Jarret (bubba) Owens (Oregon) over Jake Kettler (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,2-1
Match #7 7th Place: Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Jacob Mitchell (Oregon) Fall 4-0,0:31

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Women Freestyle Results for Minnesota

Top Ten Team Results
Team Name (Wrestlers) Points
1. Texas (34) 64.00
2. California (19) 37.00
3. Kansas (12) 36.00
4. Ohio (11) 35.00
5. Hawaii (16) 28.00
6. Michigan (17) 27.00
7. New York (8) 27.00
8. Virginia (2) 16.00
9. Florida (6) 14.00
10. Oklahoma (2) 14.00
28. Minnesota (1) 2.00

Individual Results:

Women-102 – Natalie Rutt – 7th Place
Match #1 Victoria Anthony (California) over Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,6-0
Match #2 Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) over Lisa Anson (New York) Fall 1:42
Match #3 Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) over Kayla Brendlinger (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-1,4-2
Match #4 Brittney Taylor (Kansas) over Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) Dec 8-0,3-2
Match #5 7th Place: Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) over Brittni Dinong (Hawaii) Fall 1:23

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Cadet Freestyle Results for Minnesota

Top Ten Team Results
Team Name (Wrestlers) Points
1. New Jersey (31) 63.00
2. Pennsylvania (46) 44.00
3. Ohio (68) 40.00
4. California (56) 39.00
5. Minnesota (57) 32.00
5. Oklahoma (16) 32.00
7. Missouri (45) 31.00
8. Illinois (57) 26.00
9. Indiana (40) 22.00
10. Michigan (26) 22.00

Individual Results:

Cadet-84 – Gabe Foltz – DNP
Match #1 JJ Dorrell (Missouri) over Gabe Foltz (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,6-3
Match #2 Jesse Smith (Alabama) over Gabe Foltz (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,0-1,1-1

Cadet-91 – Hayden Zillmer – 1st Place
Match #1 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over David Pearce (Illinois) Dec 5-0,6-3
Match #2 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Ej Brooks (Michigan) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Connor Ryan (Iowa) Dec 4-2,6-0
Match #4 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Bobby Nachreiner (Wisconsin) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #5 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Joey Dance (Virginia) Dec 5-3,2-1
Match #6 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Ruben Navejas (Washington) Dec 1-0,3-1
Match #7 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Ruben Navejas (Washington) Dec 1-0,3-1
Match #8 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Joey Dance (Virginia) Dec 5-3,2-1
Match #10 1st Place: Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Freddie Rodriguez (Michigan) Dec 1-5,5-3,4-3

Cadet-91 – Jordan Kingsley – 6th Place
Match #1 Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) over Mason Todd (Indiana) Dec 2-1,1-2,4-3
Match #2 Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) over Natshon Garrett (California) Dec 3-2,2-1
Match #3 Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) over Caleb Richardson (Virginia) Dec 2-1,1-3,2-2
Match #4 Cory Clark (Iowa) over Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) Fall 2-0,1:37
Match #5 Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) over Kasey Early (Virginia) Dec 6-0,7-2
Match #6 Freddie Rodriguez (Michigan) over Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,6-0
Match #7 Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Cory Clark (Iowa) over Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) Fall 2-0,1:37
Match #9 5th Place: Joey Dance (Virginia) over Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-0

Cadet-98 – Tyler Chapple – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Chapple (Minnesota) over Cole Neuhaus (Florida) Dec 3-0,6-3
Match #2 Max Mejia (Arizona) over Tyler Chapple (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:26
Match #3 Nick Sweeney (Washington) over Tyler Chapple (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,4-3

Cadet-105 – Jesse Loges – DNP
Match #1 Jesse Loges (Minnesota) over Andrew Brehm (Pennsylvania) Dec 2-5,2-0,7-0
Match #2 Bryce Evans (Washington) over Jesse Loges (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,6-3
Match #3 Peter Russo (Oregon) over Jesse Loges (Minnesota) Fall 1:02

Cadet-105 – Justin Stevens – DNP
Match #1 Connor Bass (New York) over Justin Stevens (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,5-1
Match #2 Justin Stevens (Minnesota) over Taylor Bear (Wyoming) Dec 4-1,1-1
Match #3 Alex Gregory (Indiana) over Justin Stevens (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:48

Cadet-112 – R J Hallman – DNP
Match #1 Myron Bradbury (Kentucky) over R J Hallman (Minnesota) Fall 0:49
Match #2 Antonio Juarez (Illinois) over R J Hallman (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Cadet-112 – Dylan Wright – DNP
Match #1 Dylan Wright (Minnesota) over Jordan Johnson (Indiana) Fall 5-1,0:51
Match #2 Connor Sutton (New York) over Dylan Wright (Minnesota) Fall 1:02
Match #3 Zachary Horan (Pennsylvania) over Dylan Wright (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:17

Cadet-112 – Bronson Steuber – DNP
Match #1 Chase Ferman (Oklahoma) over Bronson Steuber (Minnesota) Fall 1:22
Match #2 Bronson Steuber (Minnesota) over Matt Cimato (Pennsylvania) Dec 5-3,1-3,2-1
Match #3 Bronson Steuber (Minnesota) over Conor Youtsey (Michigan) Dec 2-2,1-2,8-0
Match #4 Jacob Colon (Iowa) over Bronson Steuber (Minnesota) Dec 8-6,2-0

Cadet-112 – Cola Jensen – DNP
Match #1 Cola Jensen (Minnesota) over Jake Mccarthy (Indiana) Dec 6-0,1-1
Match #2 Eric Forde (North Dakota) over Cola Jensen (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,6-5
Match #3 Gus Sako (Ohio) over Cola Jensen (Minnesota) Fall 1:33

Cadet-119 – Tanner Hummel – DNP
Match #1 Zach Cook (Kansas) over Tanner Hummel (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,7-0
Match #2 Nathaniel Lujan (New Mexico) over Tanner Hummel (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:54

Cadet-119 – Ben Morgan – DNP
Match #1 Ben Morgan (Minnesota) over Grant Steen (Washington) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Ben Morgan (Minnesota) over Jake Cyr (Missouri) Fall 1:16
Match #3 Ben Morgan (Minnesota) over Josh Hunter (Ohio) Fall 7-0,0:18
Match #4 Ben Morgan (Minnesota) over Ben Gacayan (California) TF 8-1,7-0
Match #5 Cullan Morrissey (Wisconsin) over Ben Morgan (Minnesota) Fall 0:49
Match #6 Nick Arujau (New York) over Ben Morgan (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,4-0

Cadet-119 – Colten Lachance – DNP
Match #1 Colten Lachance (Minnesota) over David Castongauy (Alaska) Dec 4-1,5-1
Match #2 Colten Lachance (Minnesota) over Blake Hataway (Tennessee) Dec 5-3,6-1
Match #3 Travis Rife (Michigan) over Colten Lachance (Minnesota) Dec 2-4,7-1,5-4
Match #4 Colten Lachance (Minnesota) over Nick Ough (Oregon) Dec 4-7,8-7,5-4
Match #5 Jameson Oster (Illinois) over Colten Lachance (Minnesota) TF 8-0,6-0

Cadet-119 – Christian Skillings – DNP
Match #1 Chris Martinez (California) over Christian Skillings (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,7-1
Match #2 Christian Skillings (Minnesota) over Happy (brian) Dang (Hawaii) Dec 4-2,6-0
Match #3 Christian Skillings (Minnesota) over Brenton Beard (Washington) Dec 5-0,4-0
Match #4 Christian Skillings (Minnesota) over Mark Martin (Ohio) Dec 3-0,3-0
Match #5 Christian Skillings (Minnesota) over Ronnie Garbinsky (Pennsylvania) Dec 2-0,6-0
Match #6 Mitchell Port (Pennsylvania) over Christian Skillings (Minnesota) Fall 0:46

Cadet-119 – Matt Kelliher – 6th Place
Match #1 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Christian Sanborn (Florida) Fall 7-0,1:32
Match #2 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Matt Tadich (Pennsylvania) Dec 3-0,7-0
Match #3 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Zach Cook (Kansas) Fall 6-0,1:30
Match #4 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Angelo Amenta (Ohio) TF 8-0,6-0
Match #5 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Nathaniel Lujan (New Mexico) Fall 1:59
Match #6 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Joseph Duca (New Jersey) Dec 4-0,0-5,6-0
Match #7 Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) over Logan Arlis (Illinois) Fall 2-4,1:20
Match #8 Daniel Deshazer (Kansas) over Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,1-0
Match #9 Jesse Delgado (California) over Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 8-0,1-3,3-1
Match #10 5th Place: Mitchell Port (Pennsylvania) over Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) Fall 3-3,0:20

Cadet-125 – Clint Poster – DNP
Match #1 Donald Paulson (Oregon) over Clint Poster (Minnesota) Dec 1-3,2-0,2-0
Match #2 Clint Poster (Minnesota) over Tanner Sweat (Utah) Dec 8-5,7-0
Match #3 Simon Kitzis (Massachusetts) over Clint Poster (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Cadet-125 – Beau Buysse – DNP
Match #1 Beau Buysse (Minnesota) over Allen Bice (North Carolina) Fall 1:01
Match #2 Beau Buysse (Minnesota) over R J Fellers (Indiana) Fall 2-0,0:26
Match #3 Ryan Sacco (New Jersey) over Beau Buysse (Minnesota) Dec 6-1,2-1
Match #4 Caleb Thornhill (Washington) over Beau Buysse (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,4-4

Cadet-125 – Chad Lexvold – DNP
Match #1 Chad Lexvold (Minnesota) over Alex Scheer (Texas) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 A.J. Zemke (Wisconsin) over Chad Lexvold (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,4-1
Match #3 Aaron Morgan (Missouri) over Chad Lexvold (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,4-1

Cadet-125 – Eric Twohey – DNP
Match #1 Louis Trujillo (New Mexico) over Eric Twohey (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,0:57
Match #2 Mark Pinero (Louisiana) over Eric Twohey (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Cadet-125 – Drew Lexvold – DNP
Match #1 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Joe Soqui (Arizona) Fall 0:21
Match #2 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Dallas Houchins (Iowa) Fall 1:33
Match #3 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Will Keeter (Idaho) Fall 1-2,5-0,1:16
Match #4 Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Jake Reimers (Wyoming) Fall 7-5,0:44
Match #5 Louis Trujillo (New Mexico) over Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-1
Match #6 Stephen Robertson (Illinois) over Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,2-0

Cadet-130 – Tyler Mergen – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) over Zach Noel (Wisconsin) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) over Colby Kluesner (Colorado) Fall 1:50
Match #3 Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) over Caleb Lomax (Pennsylvania) TF 6-0,8-0
Match #4 Stanley Taylor (Nebraska) over Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) Dec 2-2,6-3
Match #5 Ty Davis (Ohio) over Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) TF 6-0,8-1

Cadet-130 – Tommy Glenn – DNP
Match #1 Tommy Glenn (Minnesota) over Matt Leibforth (Illinois) Dec 1-0,0-2,2-0
Match #2 Tommy Glenn (Minnesota) over Steven Leshinger (New York) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Brandon Pesarchick (Pennsylvania) over Tommy Glenn (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,5-4
Match #4 Raider Lofthouse (Utah) over Tommy Glenn (Minnesota) Dec 6-5,1-3,5-0

Cadet-130 – Dylan Ness – 1st Place
Match #1 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Jordan Wohlfert (Michigan) TF 8-3,6-0
Match #2 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Cole Hayes (Tennessee) Dec 5-5,4-1
Match #3 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Dan Drielbelbis (Pennsylvania) TF 6-0,8-2
Match #4 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Tim Box (California) TF 10-3,7-0
Match #5 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Tanner Weatherman (Iowa) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #6 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #7 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Parker Madl (Kansas) Fall 1:53
Match #8 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Parker Madl (Kansas) Fall 1:53
Match #9 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Raider Lofthouse (Utah) Dec 4-1,8-1
Match #10 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #11 1st Place: Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Stanley Taylor (Nebraska) Fall 1:14

Cadet-135 – Quinton Thiele – DNP
Match #1 Quinton Thiele (Minnesota) over Dakota Wapotish (Illinois) Fall 0-2,0:53
Match #2 Nick Bohn (Michigan) over Quinton Thiele (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:59
Match #3 Joshua Dziewa (Pennsylvania) over Quinton Thiele (Minnesota) TF 9-0,6-0

Cadet-135 – Tommy Teigen – DNP
Match #1 Tommy Teigen (Minnesota) over David Borden (Idaho) Dec 4-0,2-0
Match #2 Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma) over Tommy Teigen (Minnesota) Dec 8-1,1-9,3-3
Match #3 Tommy Teigen (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Matt Fusaro (New York) over Tommy Teigen (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,2-1

Cadet-135 – Taylor Menke – DNP
Match #1 Taylor Menke (Minnesota) over Jacob Hebble (Ohio) Fall 6-0,0:59
Match #2 Michael Nord (North Dakota) over Taylor Menke (Minnesota) Dec 4-4,6-3,5-4
Match #3 Matthew Nereim (Florida) over Taylor Menke (Minnesota) Fall 1:06

Cadet-135 – Zach Rohr – DNP
Match #1 Zach Rohr (Minnesota) over Overbey Keegan (California) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Zach Rohr (Minnesota) over Sam Mehan (Michigan) Fall 0:50
Match #3 Reyes Cortez (Arizona) over Zach Rohr (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,3-1
Match #4 Zach Rohr (Minnesota) over Benny Schaufele (Maryland) Fall 4-2,0:31
Match #5 Kaleb Friedley (Missouri) over Zach Rohr (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,1:06

Cadet-135 – Destin McCauley – 1st Place
Match #1 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Jake Gregerson (Illinois) Fall 1:07
Match #2 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Derek Shingara (Pennsylvania) Dec 4-3,3-2
Match #3 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Frankie Porras (Indiana) Dec 2-1,7-0
Match #4 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Brad Mutchnik (Maryland) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #5 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Josh Clark (Virginia) Dec 7-0,3-0
Match #6 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #7 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Ravaughn Perkins (Nebraska) Dec 3-2,0-7,6-3
Match #8 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Kaleb Friedley (Missouri) Dec 3-0,2-1
Match #9 1st Place: Destin Mccauley (Minnesota) over Justin Deangelis (Oklahoma) Fall 1-0,1:31

Cadet-135 – Steven Keogh – DNP
Match #1 Steven Keogh (Minnesota) over Cody Rife (Virginia) Fall 2-1,0:18
Match #2 Tucker Armstrong (Ohio) over Steven Keogh (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-0
Match #3 Steven Keogh (Minnesota) over Scott Verner (Wyoming) Dec 1-0,6-0
Match #4 Eric Roach (Indiana) over Steven Keogh (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,3-1

Cadet-140 – Max Poikonen – DNP
Match #1 Max Poikonen (Minnesota) over Kyle Doerr (New Jersey) TF 6-0,8-0
Match #2 Seth Thomas (Oregon) over Max Poikonen (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,3-0
Match #3 Ben Villaret (New York) over Max Poikonen (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,1-1,1-0

Cadet-140 – Cooper Moore – DNP
Match #1 Pat Greco (Illinois) over Cooper Moore (Minnesota) Dec 9-3,1-0
Match #2 Cooper Moore (Minnesota) over Jeffery Edmonds (Georgia) Dec 6-0,5-0
Match #3 Cooper Moore (Minnesota) over Austin Pea (Washington) Fall 0:29
Match #4 Garrett Schaner (Michigan) over Cooper Moore (Minnesota) Fall 0-6,1:50

Cadet-140 – Daniel Egesdal – DNP
Match #1 Austin Barton (Illinois) over Daniel Egesdal (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,4-3
Match #2 Sam Metz (Idaho) over Daniel Egesdal (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Cadet-145 – Dan Cox – DNP
Match #1 Brandon Sotomayor (California) over Dan Cox (Minnesota) Dec 2-4,5-3,7-1
Match #2 Dan Cox (Minnesota) over Ebben Lane (Idaho) Dec 5-0,4-1
Match #3 Anthony Gaito (New Jersey) over Dan Cox (Minnesota) Fall 4-0,1:24

Cadet-145 – Bennett Johnson – DNP
Match #1 Bennett Johnson (Minnesota) over Anthony Genova (New York) Dec 5-2,2-0
Match #2 Patrick Rhoads (Missouri) over Bennett Johnson (Minnesota) Fall 1:19
Match #3 Dylan Westwang (Oregon) over Bennett Johnson (Minnesota) Dec 8-5,6-0

Cadet-145 – Jake Lillie – DNP
Match #1 Shawn Landgraff (Florida) over Jake Lillie (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,6-0
Match #2 Jake Lillie (Minnesota) over Braden Henderson (Wyoming) Dec 6-2,6-0
Match #3 Jake Lillie (Minnesota) over James Klosz (Ohio) Dec 2-1,5-3
Match #4 Jake Lillie (Minnesota) over Iver Sandoval (Colorado) Dec 7-0,3-0
Match #5 Anthony Baldasarro (New Jersey) over Jake Lillie (Minnesota) Fall 0:48

Cadet-145 – Jacob Waste – DNP
Match #1 Jacob Waste (Minnesota) over Morgan Fitzgerald (Missouri) Dec 3-0,7-0
Match #2 Jacob Waste (Minnesota) over Trenton Shepersky (Alaska) TF 6-0,8-0
Match #3 Sean Mcmurray (Indiana) over Jacob Waste (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-0
Match #4 Tyler Dunne (New York) over Jacob Waste (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-1

Cadet-152 – Anton Kalista – DNP
Match #1 Michael Amada (New Jersey) over Anton Kalista (Minnesota) Fall 1:34
Match #2 Tyler Mcclanahan (Virginia) over Anton Kalista (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:47

Cadet-152 – Benjamin Cox – DNP
Match #1 Lucas Sheridan (California) over Benjamin Cox (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,3-1
Match #2 Benjamin Cox (Minnesota) over David Cozart (Ohio) Fall 8-0,0:23
Match #3 Joey Chandler (Oregon) over Benjamin Cox (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,5-0

Cadet-152 – Joseph Ginther – DNP
Match #1 Nick Emison (Virginia) over Joseph Ginther (Minnesota) TF 7-1,6-0
Match #2 Matt Hickman (California) over Joseph Ginther (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:41

Cadet-152 – William Baker – DNP
Match #1 William Baker (Minnesota) over Wolfgang Timbs (Georgia) Dec 6-0,6-5
Match #2 Bryce Hammond (California) over William Baker (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,7-0
Match #3 Nick Pursel (Kansas) over William Baker (Minnesota) Fall 7-3,1:34

Cadet-160 – Spencer Johnson – DNP
Match #1 Spencer Johnson (Minnesota) over Jake Crosby (Iowa) Fall 2-0,1:08
Match #2 Clint Allala (Virginia) over Spencer Johnson (Minnesota) Fall 0-6,1:26
Match #3 Cj Berry (California) over Spencer Johnson (Minnesota) Dec 1-7,1-1,5-0

Cadet-160 – Zak Coates – 7th Place
Match #1 Zak Coates (Minnesota) over Eli Rosczyk (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-0,7-3
Match #2 Zak Coates (Minnesota) over Micah Kullman (Ohio) Fall 0:41
Match #3 Zak Coates (Minnesota) over Travis Hill (Oregon) Fall 2-2,2-0,0:47
Match #4 Cameron Vlahos (Indiana) over Zak Coates (Minnesota) Fall 0-7,1:20
Match #5 Zak Coates (Minnesota) over Isaiah Williams (Massachusetts) Dec 8-1,5-2
Match #6 Zak Coates (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #7 Nick Proctor (Illinois) over Zak Coates (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,8-2
Match #8 7th Place: Zak Coates (Minnesota) over Geordan Speiller (Florida) Dec 0-5,5-2,7-0

Cadet-160 – Sebastian Gardner – DNP
Match #1 Sebastian Gardner (Minnesota) over Alex Coolidge (Wyoming) Dec 5-4,6-0
Match #2 Sebastian Gardner (Minnesota) over Aj Mcbroom (Iowa) Dec 4-3,7-0
Match #3 Ian Korb (Ohio) over Sebastian Gardner (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-6,4-2
Match #4 Sebastian Gardner (Minnesota) over Aaron Haire (Indiana) Fall 7-0,0:22
Match #5 Sebastian Gardner (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Preston Keiffer (New Jersey) over Sebastian Gardner (Minnesota) TF 6-0,13-3

Cadet-160 – Tyler Thomas – DNP
Match #1 John Staudenmayer (Pennsylvania) over Tyler Thomas (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,6-0
Match #2 Tony Martin (Ohio) over Tyler Thomas (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,8-1

Cadet-171 – Scott Gifford – DNP
Match #1 Scott Gifford (Minnesota) over Todd Gaydosh (Ohio) Dec 2-9,4-2,1-1
Match #2 Scott Gifford (Minnesota) over Dylan Green (Washington) Fall 6-0,0:12
Match #3 Scott Gifford (Minnesota) over Niclola Watson (North Carolina) Fall 1:17
Match #4 Dwight Howes (Colorado) over Scott Gifford (Minnesota) Fall 0-7,5-3,1:33
Match #5 Taylor Schuck (Illinois) over Scott Gifford (Minnesota) Dec 7-1,6-3

Cadet-171 – Zack Rutt – DNP
Match #1 Zack Rutt (Minnesota) over Christian Decker (Utah) Fall 8-3,1:14
Match #2 Zack Rutt (Minnesota) over Hunter Dowless (North Carolina) Fall 1:38
Match #3 Clint Wilson (South Dakota) over Zack Rutt (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,4-1
Match #4 Zack Rutt (Minnesota) over Nico Larez (California) Fall 1:52
Match #5 Zack Rutt (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Braden Atwood (Indiana) over Zack Rutt (Minnesota) Fall 1:22

Cadet-171 – Sean Huls – DNP
Match #1 Bryan Sternlieb (New Jersey) over Sean Huls (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-1
Match #2 Sean Huls (Minnesota) over Blake Pope (Texas) Dec 4-0,7-0
Match #3 Ethan Blackstock (Georgia) over Sean Huls (Minnesota) Fall 6-3,1:23

Cadet-171 – Torrie Morgan – DNP
Match #1 Torrie Morgan (Minnesota) over Matt Reed (California) Fall 5-4,0:34
Match #2 Jace Bennett (Texas) over Torrie Morgan (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,8-4
Match #3 Chris Phillips (Ohio) over Torrie Morgan (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Cadet-189 – Kody Kalkbrenner – DNP
Match #1 Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) over Alan Yen (California) Fall 0-7,1:41
Match #2 Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) over Damien Stone (Indiana) TF 8-0,7-1
Match #3 Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) over Mario Garcia (Colorado) ID
Match #4 Trevor Voelker (Iowa) over Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) Dec 8-2,2-5,5-1
Match #5 Matthew Loew (New York) over Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,5-3

Cadet-189 – Cooper Hays – DNP
Match #1 Dustin Williams (Missouri) over Cooper Hays (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-0
Match #2 Cooper Hays (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #3 Harrison Honeycutt (North Carolina) over Cooper Hays (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,5-1

Cadet-189 – Alex Tewes – DNP
Match #1 Mike Mcgrath (New York) over Alex Tewes (Minnesota) TF 6-0,8-2
Match #2 Maison Davis (California) over Alex Tewes (Minnesota) Fall 0:21

Cadet-189 – Drew Miller – DNP
Match #1 Drew Miller (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Andrew Campolattano (New Jersey) over Drew Miller (Minnesota) Fall 0:43
Match #3 Tim Hartwig (Idaho) over Drew Miller (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,9-0

Cadet-189 – Kyle White – DNP
Match #1 Kyle White (Minnesota) over Bryan Martin (Iowa) Dec 2-1,7-5
Match #2 Tyler Davis (Colorado) over Kyle White (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 David Severn (Michigan) over Kyle White (Minnesota) TF 6-0,9-0

Cadet-189 – Brandon Manderschied – DNP
Match #1 Brandon Manderschied (Minnesota) over Brett Jaeckel (Tennessee) Dec 1-7,2-0,5-1
Match #2 Chris Heald (Michigan) over Brandon Manderschied (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,0-6,3-0
Match #3 Brandon Manderschied (Minnesota) over Andy Dixon (Ohio) Dec 1-3,1-0,3-0
Match #4 Dj Cummings (California) over Brandon Manderschied (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,2-2

Cadet-215 – Logan Barrett – DNP
Match #1 Connor Medbery (Colorado) over Logan Barrett (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:42
Match #2 Ken Cox (Florida) over Logan Barrett (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,6-0

Cadet-215 – Jacob Kuisle – DNP
Match #1 Joseph Hinchman (Georgia) over Jacob Kuisle (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #2 Ben Holmes (California) over Jacob Kuisle (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Cadet-285 – Parker Betts – DNP
Match #1 Parker Betts (Minnesota) over Stephen Carr (Texas) Dec 1-0,7-0
Match #2 Austin Blythe (Iowa) over Parker Betts (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,1-0
Match #3 Tyler Demott (Pennsylvania) over Parker Betts (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

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Junior Freestyle Results for Minnesota

Top Ten Team Results
Team Name (Wrestlers) Points
1. Iowa (50) 67.00
2. Missouri (48) 54.00
3. Ohio (65) 46.00
4. Pennsylvania (44) 45.00
5. Illinois (48) 43.00
6. New Jersey (37) 36.00
7. California (50) 28.00
8. Minnesota (53) 24.00
9. Oregon (43) 23.00
10. Indiana (34) 22.00

Individual Results:

Junior-98 – Nick Clobes – 6th Place
Match #1 Nick Clobes (Minnesota) over Griffin Weihe (Iowa) Fall 0:57
Match #2 Nick Clobes (Minnesota) over Omar Maknassi (Virginia) Dec 4-2,1-1
Match #3 Nick Clobes (Minnesota) over Jake Schramm (Illinois) Dec 0-2,1-0,1-1
Match #4 Tyler Fraley (New Jersey) over Nick Clobes (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,6-0
Match #5 Brenan Lyon (Michigan) over Nick Clobes (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #6 5th Place: William Hagany (New Jersey) over Nick Clobes (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,2-0

Junior-98 – Jacoby Bergeron – 8th Place
Match #1 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Jason Sipher (Indiana) Dec 2-0,6-0
Match #2 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Jacob Handbury (Oregon) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 William Hagany (New Jersey) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Fall 1:56
Match #4 Jade Rauser (Montana) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #5 7th Place: Jake Schramm (Illinois) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,3-2

Junior-98 – Mike Fuenfinnger – DNP
Match #1 Brandon Davis (Delaware) over Mike Fuenfinnger (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,3-1
Match #2 Mike Fuenfinnger (Minnesota) over Mike Daurterive (Texas) Dec 8-0,5-3
Match #3 Jade Rauser (Montana) over Mike Fuenfinnger (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,2-0

Junior-98 – Zach Stepan – DNP
Match #1 Brenan Lyon (Michigan) over Zach Stepan (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,1-7,3-3
Match #2 Jake Schramm (Illinois) over Zach Stepan (Minnesota) Dec 8-1,2-1

Junior-105 – Phillip Levine – DNP
Match #1 Phillip Levine (Minnesota) over Logan Randle (Indiana) Dec 3-0,4-1
Match #2 Richey Reinoehl (Pennsylvania) over Phillip Levine (Minnesota) Fall 1:53
Match #3 Ryan Renkey (Florida) over Phillip Levine (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior-105 – Ryan Schroepfer – DNP
Match #1 Robert Dyar (Alabama) over Ryan Schroepfer (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Jeff Vesta (Kansas) over Ryan Schroepfer (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior-112 – Drew Fleming – DNP
Match #1 Bryden Lazaro (California) over Drew Fleming (Minnesota) Dec 7-1,4-3
Match #2 Gage Swartz (Virginia) over Drew Fleming (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,6-5,1-0

Junior-119 – Adam Sommers – DNP
Match #1 Edwin Soriano (Texas) over Adam Sommers (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,2-0
Match #2 Steve Mitcheff (Ohio) over Adam Sommers (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-119 – David Thorn – 3rd Place
Match #1 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Aaron La Farge (California) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Aaron Pickrel (South Dakota) Dec 4-0,8-1
Match #3 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Chaz Lawrence (Kansas) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 David Thorn (Minnesota) over T. J. Mitchell (Georgia) Dec 1-0,6-0
Match #5 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Spencer Courier (Missouri) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #6 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Evan Warrington (Georgia) TF 7-1,6-0
Match #7 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Steve Mitcheff (Ohio) Dec 3-0,1-0
Match #8 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Joe Colon (Iowa) Dec 8-2,6-4
Match #9 Jon Morrison (Illinois) over David Thorn (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,3-0
Match #10 3rd Place: David Thorn (Minnesota) over Vinny Dellafave (New Jersey) Dec 1-0,3-1

Junior-119 – Alex Peck – DNP
Match #1 Carl Deluca (Wisconsin) over Alex Peck (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,3-5,5-1
Match #2 Alex Peck (Minnesota) over Chad Thornock (California) Dec 6-0,6-2
Match #3 Alex Peck (Minnesota) over Tim Constien (Oregon) Fall 4-1,0:26
Match #4 Justin Solberg (North Dakota) over Alex Peck (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,7-0

Junior-125 – Justin Lavalle – 5th Place
Match #1 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Adam Weiss (Kansas) Fall 0:59
Match #2 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Casey Perino (Louisiana) TF 7-1,6-0
Match #3 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Colton Rasche (Illinois) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #4 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over David Klingsheim (California) Dec 5-6,6-0,2-1
Match #5 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Shane Mcgough (Arizona) Fall 7-0,0:44
Match #6 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Garrett Frey (Pennsylvania) TF 5-5,7-1,7-0
Match #7 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Jake Demmon (Iowa) Dec 1-1,7-0
Match #9 Sam White (Ohio) over Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #10 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #11 Anthony Ramos (Illinois) over Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,5-0
Match #12 5th Place: Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Eric Dunnett (New Jersey) Fall 2-0,0:38

Junior-125 – Tom Kelliher – DNP
Match #1 Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) over Casey Merrill (California) Dec 5-0,7-0
Match #2 Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) over Daniel Rice (Utah) Fall 0:28
Match #3 Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) over Drew Dacey (Washington) Fall 7-0,1:28
Match #4 Bobby Wunnicke (Wisconsin) over Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,8-0
Match #5 Logan Stieber (Ohio) over Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:23

Junior-125 – Mitchell Spano – DNP
Match #1 Tracey Huffman (Idaho) over Mitchell Spano (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Jordan Lowe (Oregon) over Mitchell Spano (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,2-0

Junior-130 – Robert Fisher – DNP
Match #1 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Shane Mcquade (Wisconsin) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over George Gulesian (Florida) TF 0-1,9-2,7-0
Match #3 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Ian Squires (Virginia) TF 0-7,6-0,6-0
Match #4 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Riley Adamson (Texas) Dec 2-1,0-1,6-0
Match #5 Joe Waltko (Pennsylvania) over Robert Fisher (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,5-0
Match #6 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #7 Scott Mattingly (Ohio) over Robert Fisher (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,3-2

Junior-130 – August Short – DNP
Match #1 Zach Bintliff (Missouri) over August Short (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 James Clark (Wisconsin) over August Short (Minnesota) Fall 1:03

Junior-130 – Danny Zilverberg – DNP
Match #1 Jose Mendoza (California) over Danny Zilverberg (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:27
Match #2 Danny Zilverberg (Minnesota) over Troy Murakawa (Hawaii) Fall 1:07
Match #3 Kevin Tao (Washington) over Danny Zilverberg (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,2-0

Junior-135 – Connor Macgregor – DNP
Match #1 Eric Galka (Indiana) over Connor Macgregor (Minnesota) Dec 9-0,4-0
Match #2 Josh Kelleher (Missouri) over Connor Macgregor (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,7-3

Junior-135 – Luke Vaith – 7th Place
Match #1 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Jacob Walters (Michigan) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Chris Fraley (New Jersey) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Jared Mccarthy (Illinois) Fall 6-0,0:40
Match #4 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Randall Watts (California) TF 7-1,7-1
Match #5 Matthew Mcdonough (Iowa) over Luke Vaith (Minnesota) Fall 6-1,1:10
Match #6 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Ryan Rosales (Oklahoma) Dec 7-0,1-0
Match #7 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Dylan Alton (Pennsylvania) over Luke Vaith (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,5-0
Match #9 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Austin Ormsbee (New Jersey) Dec 8-1,1-1
Match #10 7th Place: Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Kyle Bradley (Missouri) Dec 4-2,3-2

Junior-140 – Tony Valek – 7th Place
Match #1 Tony Valek (Minnesota) over Ronnie Ours (Virginia) Dec 6-0,7-2
Match #2 Tony Valek (Minnesota) over Jason Schuele (Nevada) Fall 0:25
Match #3 Nate Herda (South Dakota) over Tony Valek (Minnesota) Dec 4-4,2-1
Match #4 Tony Valek (Minnesota) over Sam Mecham (Oregon) TF 8-0,8-0
Match #5 Tony Valek (Minnesota) over Nicholas Hucke (Wisconsin) Dec 2-1,6-0
Match #6 Tony Valek (Minnesota) over Tyler Lee (Texas) Dec 2-1,5-2
Match #7 Brandon Wilbourn (Missouri) over Tony Valek (Minnesota) Dec 8-0,1-0
Match #8 7th Place: Tony Valek (Minnesota) over Steve Monk (Wisconsin) Dec 2-1,3-5,4-2

Junior-140 – Patrick Smith – DNP
Match #1 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Eric Michels (Utah) TF 8-0,7-0
Match #2 Craig Wilson (Missouri) over Patrick Smith (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #3 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Thomas Ross (New Jersey) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #4 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Al Holloway (Georgia) Dec 8-0,7-2
Match #5 Ben Dorsay (Virginia) over Patrick Smith (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,4-2

Junior-140 – Joe Diekmann – DNP
Match #1 Jesse Martinez (Oregon) over Joe Diekmann (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,5-0
Match #2 Steve Monk (Wisconsin) over Joe Diekmann (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:38

Junior-140 – Zach Dykes – DNP
Match #1 Nicholas Harris (Nevada) over Zach Dykes (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,1:43
Match #2 Jonathan Carpenter (Virginia) over Zach Dykes (Minnesota) Fall 0:27

Junior-140 – Miles Brannan – DNP
Match #1 Jr Rea (Washington) over Miles Brannan (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Josh Houldsworth (Michigan) over Miles Brannan (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-145 – Kevin O`Brien – DNP
Match #1 Kevin O`Brien (Minnesota) over Dillon Charland (Kansas) Dec 3-0,1-0
Match #2 Kevin O`Brien (Minnesota) over Ray Calvert (Oklahoma) Dec 3-0,1-0
Match #3 Kevin O`Brien (Minnesota) over John Hedge (Oregon) Dec 1-0,5-0
Match #4 David Rios (California) over Kevin O`Brien (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,3-2
Match #5 Eric Hess (Pennsylvania) over Kevin O`Brien (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-0

Junior-145 – Tyler Kivel – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Kivel (Minnesota) over Charlie Haislip (Virginia) Fall 3-6,5-0,1:58
Match #2 Tyler Kivel (Minnesota) over Austin Thompson (Oregon) Fall 2-9,3-1,0:52
Match #3 Tyler Kivel (Minnesota) over John Lynch (Kansas) Dec 4-1,4-0
Match #4 Jake O`Hara (Pennsylvania) over Tyler Kivel (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-5,6-2
Match #5 Tyler Kivel (Minnesota) over Jason Ott (Missouri) Dec 2-1,3-1
Match #6 Tyler Kivel (Minnesota) over Brian Herold (New York) Dec 3-4,4-1,5-1
Match #7 David Watts (California) over Tyler Kivel (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,3-2

Junior-145 – Garrett Bothun – DNP
Match #1 John Thompson (Washington) over Garrett Bothun (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,5-0
Match #2 Riley Allen (Nebraska) over Garrett Bothun (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-0

Junior-145 – Trey Bertram – DNP
Match #1 Trey Bertram (Minnesota) over Cody Barrick (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-0,6-4
Match #2 Trey Bertram (Minnesota) over Daniel Breit (Missouri) Dec 2-1,6-3
Match #3 Justin Gonzales (Colorado) over Trey Bertram (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-0
Match #4 Carson Fields (Georgia) over Trey Bertram (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,5-5,3-2

Junior-145 – Wade Forde – DNP
Match #1 Jason Taylor-Ohmes (Missouri) over Wade Forde (Minnesota) TF 0-1,7-0,6-0
Match #2 Wade Forde (Minnesota) over Joseph Cozart (Florida) Dec 1-0,0-4,1-0
Match #3 Elias Larson (Illinois) over Wade Forde (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,8-0

Junior-145 – Eric Yngsdal – DNP
Match #1 Eric Yngsdal (Minnesota) over Robert Kokesh (South Dakota) Dec 1-3,6-1,8-3
Match #2 Eric Yngsdal (Minnesota) over Chanse Hayes (Tennessee) Dec 6-0,8-3
Match #3 Eric Yngsdal (Minnesota) over Corey Hope (Illinois) Dec 4-0,7-1
Match #4 David Watts (California) over Eric Yngsdal (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,2-4,7-4
Match #5 Zach Clemente (New York) over Eric Yngsdal (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,7-0

Junior-152 – Jack Barnes – DNP
Match #1 Jack Barnes (Minnesota) over Steven Extract (Arizona) Dec 3-0,5-0
Match #2 Jack Barnes (Minnesota) over Zach Baker (Oregon) Dec 2-3,3-1,7-0
Match #3 Eric Jones (Washington) over Jack Barnes (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,6-0
Match #4 Shane Milam (Maryland) over Jack Barnes (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,1-1,5-0

Junior-152 – Darryl Johnson – DNP
Match #1 Evan Royal (Kansas) over Darryl Johnson (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,4-2
Match #2 Derek St. John (Iowa) over Darryl Johnson (Minnesota) TF 7-1,8-2

Junior-152 – Nolan Rial – DNP
Match #1 Andrew Gasber (Ohio) over Nolan Rial (Minnesota) TF 8-2,6-0
Match #2 Bobby Robins (Utah) over Nolan Rial (Minnesota) Dec 3-7,4-2,4-0

Junior-152 – Charlie Janssen – DNP
Match #1 Charlie Janssen (Minnesota) over Mike Fee (Ohio) Dec 6-0,1-6,3-0
Match #2 Charlie Janssen (Minnesota) over Rodin Ndandula (Virginia) Fall 1:30
Match #3 Jack Flack (Wisconsin) over Charlie Janssen (Minnesota) Fall 3-5,1:21
Match #4 Kale Merrell (South Dakota) over Charlie Janssen (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,4-3

Junior-160 – Brandon Eichmann – DNP
Match #1 Brandon Eichmann (Minnesota) over Cole Evans (Utah) Fall 6-0,0:27
Match #2 Tyler Koehn (Kansas) over Brandon Eichmann (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,7-1
Match #3 Joshua Condon (Georgia) over Brandon Eichmann (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,2-1

Junior-160 – Kevin Steinhaus – DNP
Match #1 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Beau Vogeli (North Dakota) Fall 6-0,0:53
Match #2 Marcus Edgington (Iowa) over Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #3 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Anson Worrell (Kansas) Fall 6-0,0:52
Match #4 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Andrew Lattner (Missouri) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #5 Andrew Howe (Indiana) over Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-0

Junior-160 – Brandon Bahr – DNP
Match #1 Brandon Bahr (Minnesota) over Tony Suarez (Louisiana) Dec 7-0,5-4
Match #2 Tom Davies (South Dakota) over Brandon Bahr (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,5-0
Match #3 Austin Gelbach (Missouri) over Brandon Bahr (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,2-1

Junior-160 – Jordan Campa – DNP
Match #1 Jordan Campa (Minnesota) over Joey Trizzino (Iowa) Dec 5-1,5-1
Match #2 Jordan Campa (Minnesota) over Tommy Gray (Louisiana) Fall 0:32
Match #3 Jordan Campa (Minnesota) over Steve Harvey (Washington) Fall 5-2,2-3,1:19
Match #4 Corey Lear (Pennsylvania) over Jordan Campa (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,3-2
Match #5 Zaqueray Berridge (Florida) over Jordan Campa (Minnesota) Fall 1:59

Junior-171 – Michael Berg – DNP
Match #1 Michael Berg (Minnesota) over Brandon Sheldon (Texas) Fall 7-0,0:40
Match #2 Kyle Cuthbertson (Alabama) over Michael Berg (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,0-2,6-0
Match #3 Mason True (Ohio) over Michael Berg (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,2-5,3-3

Junior-171 – Craig Kelliher – DNP
Match #1 Ryan Loder (California) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-4,6-0
Match #2 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Bradon Daniels (Oklahoma) Dec 4-0,0-6,2-2
Match #3 Marcus Armato (Missouri) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 2-2,2-1,2-0

Junior-171 – Drew Smith – DNP
Match #1 Drew Smith (Minnesota) over Stuart Corless (Massachusetts) Fall 1:59
Match #2 Tyler Beckwith (New York) over Drew Smith (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #3 Cody Stratton (Washington) over Drew Smith (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,6-2

Junior-171 – Luke Erickson – DNP
Match #1 Christian Wyatt (Missouri) over Luke Erickson (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,5-2
Match #2 Chris Schultz (Wyoming) over Luke Erickson (Minnesota) Fall 1:01

Junior-171 – Travis Rutt – 4th Place
Match #1 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Naser Mohammad (California) Fall 6-0,0:29
Match #2 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Charleston Soko (Illinois) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Josh Linden (Ohio) Fall 0:14
Match #4 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over David Bonin (Louisiana) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #5 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Bagna Tov-uujav (New Jersey) Fall 0:32
Match #6 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #7 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Tyler Beckwith (New York) Dec 8-0,2-0
Match #8 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Ryan Loder (California) Dec 7-0,4-1
Match #9 Ben Bennett (Michigan) over Travis Rutt (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #10 3rd Place: Ethen Lofthouse (Utah) over Travis Rutt (Minnesota) forfeit

Junior-171 – Joe Pesta – DNP
Match #1 William Crawford (Virginia) over Joe Pesta (Minnesota) Dec 3-6,3-1,1-1
Match #2 Joe Pesta (Minnesota) over Joe Schindel (Ohio) Dec 6-5,4-1
Match #3 Stephen McPeek (Texas) over Joe Pesta (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,4-1

Junior-171 – Tyler Lehman – DNP
Match #1 Ian Giachetti (Ohio) over Tyler Lehman (Minnesota) ID

Junior-189 – Wes Dodd – DNP
Match #1 Grant Gambrall (Iowa) over Wes Dodd (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Wes Dodd (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #3 Wes Dodd (Minnesota) over Zach Jimenez (California) Fall 3-1,1:57
Match #4 Grant Haschak (Washington) over Wes Dodd (Minnesota) Dec 3-6,7-0,6-4

Junior-189 – Matt Spoden – DNP
Match #1 Matt Spoden (Minnesota) over Brandon Santiago (Hawaii) Dec 2-0,1-5,7-0
Match #2 Matt Spoden (Minnesota) over Kyle Matthews (California) Fall 1-1,0:56
Match #3 Jake Swartz (Washington) over Matt Spoden (Minnesota) TF 6-0,8-0
Match #4 Alex Denman (Ohio) over Matt Spoden (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,1-0

Junior-189 – Joel Bauman – DNP
Match #1 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Darren Faber (Washington) Dec 1-1,3-1
Match #2 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Greg Isley (Ohio) Dec 1-2,1-0,3-2
Match #3 Blake Rosholt (Oklahoma) over Joel Bauman (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,6-0
Match #4 Brent Haynes (Missouri) over Joel Bauman (Minnesota) Fall 1:09

Junior-189 – Joshua Kohler – DNP
Match #1 Niko Brown (Florida) over Joshua Kohler (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,5-3
Match #2 Joshua Kohler (Minnesota) over Dustin Say (New York) TF 6-0,8-0
Match #3 Joshua Kohler (Minnesota) over Adam Carey (Arizona) Dec 4-2,4-0
Match #4 Ben Scott (Iowa) over Joshua Kohler (Minnesota) Dec 3-3,3-0,5-0

Junior-215 – Tony Nelson – 8th Place
Match #1 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Dane Cullen (Ohio) Fall 2-0,0:33
Match #2 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Angel Romero (California) Dec 3-0,9-0
Match #3 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Connor McNamara (Massachusetts) Fall 0:49
Match #5 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Anthony Pike (Arizona) Dec 7-0,1-0
Match #6 Tyrell Fortune (Oregon) over Tony Nelson (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,4-0
Match #7 Orlando Scales (Ohio) over Tony Nelson (Minnesota) Fall 6-3,1:03
Match #8 7th Place: Jake Glore (Missouri) over Tony Nelson (Minnesota) Dec 5-5,2-2

Junior-215 – Pat Brinkman – DNP
Match #1 Pat Brinkman (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Jake Glore (Missouri) over Pat Brinkman (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,0-5,1-0
Match #3 William Damiana (New Jersey) over Pat Brinkman (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,1-1

Junior-215 – Jake Kahnke – DNP
Match #1 Jake Kahnke (Minnesota) over Morgan Denson (Nebraska) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Jake Kahnke (Minnesota) over Brandon Gebhardt (Nevada) Fall 1:30
Match #3 Tyrell Fortune (Oregon) over Jake Kahnke (Minnesota) TF 7-0,8-0
Match #4 Orlando Scales (Ohio) over Jake Kahnke (Minnesota) Dec 5-8,6-0,4-0

Junior-215 – Nick Olson – DNP
Match #1 Jordan Lewis (Alaska) over Nick Olson (Minnesota) Fall 1:25
Match #2 Harry Turner (New Jersey) over Nick Olson (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,3-0

Junior-285 – Jake Kettler – DNP
Match #1 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Eric Reichert (Arizona) Dec 1-0,0-3,2-0
Match #2 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Kyle Kober (Iowa) Dec 8-3,3-0
Match #3 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Cole Tobin (Wisconsin) Fall 7-5,1:19
Match #4 Jarret (bubba) Owens (Oregon) over Jake Kettler (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,6-2
Match #5 Stephen Andrus (Kansas) over Jake Kettler (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-0

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Competition Schedule

Saturday, July 19th
9:30-1:30 – Cadet GR (Session I)
3:30-7:30 – Cadet GR (Session II)

Sunday, July 20th
9:30-1:30 – Junior GR (Session I)
3:30-7:30 – Junior GR (Session II)
3:30-7:30 – Cadet GR (Session III)

Monday, July 21st
9:00-1:00 – Junior GR (Session III)
9:00-1:00 – Cadet GR (Session IV)
9:00-2:00 – Junior WM (Session I)
3:00-5:00 – Junior WM (Session II)
Medal Rounds and Awards
5:30-9:00 – Cadet GR (Session V)
Medal Rounds and Awards

Tuesday, July 22nd
9:00-12:00 – Junior GR (Session IV)
9:00-2:00 – Junior WM National Duals:
Preliminaries through Finals
3:00-6:30 – Junior GR (Session V)
Medal Rounds and Awards

Wednesday, July 23rd
9:30-1:30 – Cadet FS (Session I)
3:30-7:30 – Cadet FS (Session II)

Thursday, July 24th
9:30-1:30 – Junior FS (Session I)
3:30-7:30 – Junior FS (Session II)
3:30-7:30 – Cadet FS (Session III)

Friday, July 25th
9:00-12:00 – Junior FS (Session III)
9:00-12:00 – Cadet FS (Session IV)
1:00-4:00 – Cadet FS (Session V)
Medal Rounds and Awards
5:00-8:00 – Junior FS (Session IV)

Saturday, July 26th
9:00-12:00 – Junior FS (Session V)
Medal Rounds and Awards

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