College Wrestling: Thanksgiving is food for thought

The Ridgewater wrestling team and head coach Tom Beyer reflect on diet, exercise and the holidays

WILLMAR — Sure as the turkey crossed the road, college wrestlers watch their weight over the Thanksgiving break.

Cracked a Ridgewater wrestler on Monday in the college mat room: “Right. I watch it go up.”

Wrestlers burn calories like a blast furnace. But to be competitive, the less spare tissue the better. Bone, sinew, muscle — good … Fat — bad. Continue reading at

Gophers to celebrate, then return to mat

Minnesota assistant coach Brandon Eggum will open his home Thursday to wrestlers on the squad who live too far to return home for the holidays.

Eggum said he expects eight or nine guys at his house for Thanksgiving dinner, which will be a good chance for members of the team to bond. He said they’ll watch football, hang out and eat.

Then it’s back to the mat Saturday in Fargo, N.D. Continue reading at