Guillotine Grapevine: World Champion Andrzej Supron of Poland recalls his time training in Minnesota

In the 1970s, Minnesota was the center of Greco-Roman wrestling in the United States. With the Minnesota Wrestling Club continually developing talent with the aid of international coaches, athletes and training partners, the club that become the Minnesota Storm always had an international flare.

While in Tampere, Finland at the 2017 Junior World Wrestling Championships, Jason Bryant talked with 1979 World champion and 1980 Olympic silver medalist Andrzej Supron about his trips to the United States and what it was like for him to come to the U.S. in a time where the foundations of Greco-Roman in the country were being founded. Continue reading

Three Days in Fargo with Peyton Robb

By Steve Elwood

Recently I was at a charity golf event for the Minnesota Gopher wrestling team. One of my co-hackers asked who gets the hex put on them as my choice to follow through Fargo? It brought plenty of laughs and a few groans as we rattled through the names that have been hit by the Elwood curse.

Here’s the list: Brandon Kingsley, Jake Short, Tommy Thorn, Fredy Stroker, Griffin Parriott, Alex Lloyd.

Not once did any of these guys make it to the big stage (the finals) during the week I was with them. All but one either wrestled for the championship or won it in other years. But never under my watch. When I told the foursome Peyton Robb was willing to give it a shot, one member replied: “If Seth Gross isn’t the first NCAA champion from SDSU, I think it will be Robb.” Continue reading

Krell has made a big push on the wrestling mat for Westfield

BLOOMING PRAIRIE — From the day he started wrestling, Colton Krell always had the desire to find success on the mat and he’s made some big strides over the last two years.

Krell, who will be a sophomore at Blooming Prairie High School this fall, made the Minnesota Class A State Wrestling Meet as a freshman for the Westfield Razorbacks last season and he took fourth place at 160 pounds.

He wasn’t always that successful. Krell had some struggles when he first began wrestling at the youth level and he was just 5-12 overall in his seventh grade season for the BP varsity team.

“My parents got me into [wrestling] at age four and I wasn’t very good. I was really soft and uncoordinated. In fifth grade I got an attitude and in sixth grade I got really strong and I kept getting better and better from there,” Krell said. “In seventh grade I got the crap kicked out of me in every match. I learned to keep my head into it and to keep going and I had a good year as an eighth grader.” Continue reading at

Let’s Go Fishing With Barrett Stanghill

Barrett Stanghill (85 kg, Minnesota Storm) is seen as one of the top young Senior Greco-Roman wrestlers in the country. It’s not by accident. Originally from Montana, Stanghill was a solid prospect before he began his full-time career at Northern Michigan University. While in Marquette, he developed into a bruising workhorse who could dish it out as well as he could take it, giving him a style that was tailor-made for the rigors of elite competition. This unyielding approach resulted in a University National title in 2015 (to go along with another he added this year) in addition to strong placings elsewhere, including at the 2016 US Senior Open, where he finished third. Currently, Stanghill is preparing for his second year as a member of the Minnesota Storm and looking forward to another breakout season that will begin with a chance to represent the US at the U23 World Championships.

When he’s not on the mat, like most kids who grow up in the country, Stanghill enjoys fishing. It’s his passion. A freshwater aficionado, this pastime represents more than just a break from the grind for the 23-year-old. To Stanghill, fishing is part sanctuary-seeking and part-fellowship, since he also likes to bring some buddies with him to the water.

“It’s really nice because it is hard to get out and do stuff when you are practicing every day,” Stanghill says. “Even if you don’t catch fish, it’s not about that. It’s about being outside and having some time for yourself and enjoying it with your buddies, as well.” Continue reading at