Ali Sprenger learns, grows as first-year head coach

NEW ULM — New Ulm native Ali (Bernard) Sprenger said that her first year as head women’s wrestling coach at Augsburg University was a huge learning and career opportunity.

“And I knew right away that this was the right choice and the clear path for me to take,” she said. “There was a lot of learning and a lot of memorable moments that I am excited to continue to build off of.”

Sprenger said that she learned that there is more than just teaching and coaching wrestling techniques to her wrestlers.

“There is scheduling to budget management,” she said. “Being a coach to do all of that is so important and that was a big learn for me.” Continue reading at →

Performance Nutrition

Vitamins Are The Key

By Gabriel Mooney, MS, RDN, LD

If we quiet our minds for just a moment, we can probably hear our mother reminding us to eat our vegetables because they have lots of vitamins. We may have cried, rolled our eyes, screamed, stomped our feet, or smiled because we knew our mother was right and only wanted the best for us. While mom may not have been able to write this article, she was correct. We need our vitamins.

Our body cannot produce enough vitamins for itself. In fact, it can produce very few. Vitamins are only needed in minute amounts. They are absent of calories and are only a baker’s dozen in number. Yet vitamins are key players in hormone function, immune function, body growth, and energy. They play a critical role in mineral metabolism, tissue repair, detoxifying our body, and even transporting nutrients throughout the body.

As you can see, these little guys are important and deserve to be talked about. While I could take up two pages of the paper with each of the thirteen vitamins, I will concentrate on only four for now.

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Gonshorowski Brothers Kick-Started Greenbush Wrestling

By Jeff “Bro” Olsen

In Greenbush, Minnesota, some names will forever stand out, starting with the Gonshorowskis, and not because they’re able to dunk a basketball.

Only if they’re standing on a stepladder!

On the mat, they were tough as mongooses.

Raphael Gonshorowski was the most successful Greenbush High School wrestler ever at the collegiate level when he wrestled for Moorhead State.

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