Proposal for Skin Protocol

(October 2010)

Submitted by: MWCA Advisory Board – Kurt Habek, Tom Gruhlke, John Barlund, John Peterson. Tom Ellison

Rationale: To limit the potential spread of skin related problems common to wrestling.

  1. Hygiene
    1. Wrestling Room
      • Mats washed daily including wall mats.
      • Competition mats washed before competition.
    2. Gear
      • Wash clothing daily, fresh workout gear daily in practice.
      • Head gear, knee pads and daily equipment washed daily.
      • Shoes washed weekly.
    3. Individual
      • Shower daily after practice using anti bacterial soap.
      • After competition: ideally shower immediately after each match. At tournaments, the use of a skin wipe after each match is a good alternative.
  2. Skin Checks
    1. Coaches daily run in-house skin checks.
    2. Skin checks before any/all competition for Jr. high/JV/Varsity prior to weigh ins, or preceding competition.
    3. Person performing skin check has final say for clearance of competition. No outside interference from coaching staff.
    4. Annual training on proper skin check procedures. (BJ at fall clinic.?)
  3. Out of State Teams (Mega Tournaments)
    1. Organizers must make teams aware of skin check requirements and the ramifications if athlete does not pass skin check. Teams use MN skin forms.
    2. Must hire qualified staff to run skin checks. To be enforced as per MN guidelines.
    3. Mega Tournament defined, are those that have at least one of these items: a. include teams from outside of Minnesota, b. are run over several days.
  4. Regional Medical Sites
    1. Identify 4-8 sites throughout the state with Medical personnel that are knowledgeable in skin related illnesses.
    2. Coaches can assist BJ in finding Medical personnel.
  5. Self Regulation
    1. Any outbreak involving more than 1 team or more than 3 wrestlers on a team requires notification of the MSHSL.
    2. Report diagnosed case to host school AD.
    3. Report diagnosed case to school or schools that had exposure from diagnosed case.
    4. Diagnosed case for herpes and MRSA must be confirmed by a culture completed by a doctor.
    5. Proper notification process should be used: I.E. – Athlete presents completed skin form to coach, coach to AD, AD to MSHSL/BJ Anderson, AD to other schools impacted by infected wrestler.
    6. Any shutdown of a team due to infection will be at the discretion of the schools AD, with the assistance of the coach and MSHSL’s guidance. If infections are unable to be contained with local shutdowns and the aid of local health care providers, then the MSHSL reserves the right to step in and determine proper means to control the outbreak in the interest of public health.