Byron’s Carter Geerts continues to flex his muscle

ROCHESTER — As Byron coach Ryan Radke watches his senior wrestler Carter Geerts have success on the mat, he can’t help but think back to the seventh-grade version of Geerts.

After plenty of wins as a fifth- and sixth-grader, Geerts soon found himself wrestling opponents who were three, four, or sometimes five years older while wrestling in the heavier weight classes as a seventh-grader for the Bears. He understandably took his fair share of lumps during those middle school years.

“Carter was not always good,” Byron coach Ryan Radke said. “He did well in fifth and sixth grade, then all of a sudden you are a seventh-grader in the heavier divisions. When you wrestle in fifth and sixth grade, you only wrestle fifth- and sixth-graders. He was really good in his age group, but then he’s wrestling juniors right out of the gate as a seventh-grader. That’s tough. We just kept telling him ‘just wait until you grow into your body.’

Geerts will be the first to say waiting wasn’t always the most fun, but he took it in stride. Continue reading at →

‘This is what I dreamed about’: Byron’s Petersen commits to NDSU wrestling

Maxwell Petersen will reunite with his older brother, Mitchel, at North Dakota State University. The Byron junior didn’t love wrestling at first, but he grew to fall in love with the sport. Now, he’ll be a Division I wrestler.

North Dakota State University wrestling has a code of conduct.

If you walk into the wrestling room wearing a different team’s t-shirt, you’re good as gone. You’re kicked out of the room and you’re not allowed to wrestle that day.

The pride and toughness that North Dakota State really stood out to Maxwell Petersen. When he learned about that code, he knew then and there that NDSU was the place he wanted to be. The University of Minnesota came in and pushed for Petersen to be a Gopher, but no one wanted Petersen more than the Bison. Continue reading at →

A Family Affair at Byron as the Petersen Brothers are Hungry For More Success

BYRON, Minnesota – Minnesota wrestling is a family affair with the Glazier’s at Albert Lea, Kennedy’s and Berge’s at Kasson-Mantorville and the O’Reilly’s at Goodhue just to name a few.

The Petersen brothers at Byron add to the list of wrestling families and are two of the most decorated wrestlers in the area.

“The best thing is that they get to push each other and then when we split them up they get to push other people and people kind of see what it takes to get to that next level,” Byron Head Coach Ryan Radke said.

Mitchel is in his senior season and Maxwell is a sophomore. Both have found success at the state level and the timeline of their wrestling careers is a little freaky. View/Continue reading at