An Unexpected Offseason

Park’s Gunnar Mullen

By Brian Jerzak

It should have been an exciting time for Park freshman Gunnar Mullen. He was coming off a successful wrestling season – capping it off with his first individual section title and his first trip to the state tournament. Less than a month later, Mullen was preparing for Iowa Nationals, and his wrestling off-season took a turn no one could have seen coming.

“I came back from wrestling at a one-on-one wrestling session, and a couple of days later, I couldn’t get out of bed,” Mullen said. “My hip hurt so bad. I had to use a cane to get around the house because I couldn’t walk.”

Nine months later, Mullen is not only back on the mat but is excelling. When I talked to Gunnar, he was 24-4 and the 4th-ranked 145-pounder in AAA. Before he was ranked or won section titles, he was just a young kid who looked up to his older brother.

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