While team develops, Zimmer finds guys to grapple to the end

If the 2014 Vikings were a wrestler, they’d have two cauliflower ears, arms tattooed with bruises, and a pulse that would not embarrass Gable or the Zimmers.

John Peterson, the Olympic wrestler from Wisconsin, has spoken to the Vikings during Saturday night chapel service before previous games. This weekend, he arranged for Dan Gable, the legendary Iowa wrestler and coach, to address the team.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer’s father, Bill, is in the Illinois high school wrestling hall of fame. Zimmer wrestled and played football for his father in high school. Continue reading at www.startribune.com

Foley Wrestler With Down Syndrome Inspires Teammates, Opponents

FOLEY, Minn. (WCCO) — Foley wrestling is rich in tradition. The Falcons have won three state titles and have their sights set on a fourth this season.

“Right now I think we’re ranked second and we have a great opportunity to get to the state tournament and see what we can do down there,” said Coach Lyle Freudenberg. View/continue reading at minnesota.cbslocal.com

Olympic Wrestling Threatened – and It’s Partly Our Fault! (Part Two)

By Joe Reasbeck, author of the NearFall book series

Most major sports have tweaked their rules to make them more fan friendly, sponsor friendly, television friendly and above all revenue friendly. We need to embrace the idea that for us to truly have a sport–one that is beyond the reach of those holding the ax, we have to show that people can make money with us. And I believe we can do that without losing our soul, our “purity” or the essence of the Olympic spirit.

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Olympic Wrestling Threatened – and It’s Partly Our Fault! (Part One)

By Joe Reasbeck, author of the NearFall book series

OK, now that I have your attention–let me say I’m as angry as you are. The IOC will get overturned–I refuse to believe otherwise and I know you feel the same. So, let’s get to the real purpose of this article–once we’ve saved the 2020 Olympics we need start talking about how to make sure there’s never an opening to do that again to our sport. The shift in mindset is imperative–we can’t play defense–we need to attack. The status quo will not do. Remember, the old saying, “as long as you’re green you’re growing and as soon as you’re ripe you start to rot.” Our tradition gives us a bedrock foundation to build on–but build we must.

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Takedown Wrestling video interview with Jake Deitchler

Many of you will recall 2008 Olympian Jake Deitchler. After returning to the University of Minnesota following his Olympic pursuits Jake was forced to end his career at 22 years old. From a very early age Jake has suffered headaches stemming from head injuries sustained in motocross riding and wrestling. Doctors and specialists weighed in and the talented young man from Anoka, Mn had no choice but to walk away from competition in the sport he loves.

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