50 Years of Putting the Team First – Goodhue Wrestling

The Goodhue Wildcats wrestling program has had a total of two head coaches for the last 50 years. Part of the reason former Goodhue wrestling coach Bill Sutter – who amassed the fourth-most wins in the history of Minnesota high school wrestling – had the success he had was his commitment to – above all else – the team. The commitment to the team has continued with Goodhue’s coach for over a decade, Josh Grant.

“For over fifty years – between Sutter’s 39 years and my eleven years, you are talking about 50 years of the team and preaching teamwork to a group of young men,” Grant said. “I think that is something to be proud of.”

The only team Grant was interested in as a kid was the basketball team.

“I was a farm kid. Wrestling wasn’t anything I was even aware of, and I was playing basketball in 7th grade,” Grant said. “We had a new health and PE teacher who went on a recruiting mission. I remember Coach Bill McDonald came up to me and said, ‘You look strong, but you also look pretty short. You should come out for wrestling.’ At the time, I had never seen amateur wrestling. I had visions of Hulk Hogan. So, I joined wrestling. I couldn’t be more grateful to Coach McDonald because wrestling has obviously had a big impact on my life.”

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