The Strange Journey of Jojo Garcia

By Brian Jerzak

It has been a strange, sad journey for former Minnesota Gophers’ football recruit and one-time possible Gophers wrestler Jovanny “Jojo” Garcia. As a freshman, he was one of the top Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestlers in his age group in the state. As a senior he is hoping to wrestle for the Simley Spartans.

As a sophomore and a junior Garcia was one of the top football recruits in the state. He played defensive tackle for two years for the East Ridge Raptors and nearly helped his team to a state championship. Although he has not wrestled a varsity match, he is active with the Minnesota Storm.

One of the best football players in the state – even though he has not played in a year – Garcia feels wrestling was invaluable to his football success.

“Wrestling has been my sport since I was four years old. My hips are strong. Pretty much everything a defensive tackle needs to know with hand techniques I have gotten it all from wrestling.”

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