It Just Keeps Growing – Marshall Wrestling

By Brian Jerzak

With numbers beginning to dwindle, the Marshall wrestling program was starting to slide. Although never considered a state power, the Tigers had competitive teams and some solid wrestlers, but around the time head coach Justin Bouwman took over, the program was starting a decline. To start the program on the road back, Bouwman threw himself into the youth program, and once the youth got some footing, there was no stopping them. Tigers’ wrestling has reached a level never seen in the programs’ history.

“It was about getting out and being seen – talking to high school kids, talking to junior high kids,” Bouwman said. “I was getting in with the youth program. I had a young son, so it was easy for me to jump in right away and it was easy to put my face and brand on things. I think the parents liked that I was involved and through word of mouth people started to get involved. We started to get numbers in the youth program, and it just kept growing.” Continue reading