North Dakota State’s new coaching staff looks to rebuild and replicate wrestling success in Fargo

North Dakota State may be a team on the rise, but it’s no secret that the program’s undergone some major changes over the last three months that have caused notable shakeups.

In March, the Bison scored 25.5 points at the 2023 NCAA championships to break the program record at the DI level. Its finish in 24th place also came in as the third-highest in its history. But on May 2, 2023, then-North Dakota State head coach Roger Kish took a new job as the head coach of Oklahoma. Three days later, the North Dakota State athletic department announced that then-assistant coach Obe Blanc would be taking over the Bison as the new head coach. North Dakota State’s two returning All-Americans Jared Franek (fourth at 157 in 2023) and Michael Caliendo (seventh at 165 in 2023) transferred to Iowa a little over a month after the coaching change, creating a serious loss of firepower.

But for returning national qualifier Kellyn March, little about his day-to-day training and development has changed since these disruptions. He’s still working with Blanc and training on a similar cycle. He’s progressing as expected. If anything, March feels more confident than ever about his ability to continue to find success at North Dakota State, even with the changes. Continue reading at →