Change and growth at the forefront for Armstrong wrestling

It’s a year of transition for Robbinsdale Armstrong wrestling as new names join the coaching staff and a new direction joins the student-athletes getting to work on the mats.

Kurt Neuburger, the team’s new head coach and long-time youth wrestling leader, is at the forefront of that change.

Neuburger, who has been involved in the area’s youth wrestling scene for 20 years, has taken over for former head coach Bill McClowsky, who led the program for over 15 years. Neuburger led the way for the Robbinsdale Area Youth Wrestling Club, an experience he said set the stage for his current position.

“Armstrong wrestling was struggling for a while and the main issue was that basically every kid was starting wrestling in their freshman or sophomore year at Armstrong,” Neuburger said. “It’s really hard to get very good if that’s your first year. The conversation about a dozen years ago was, we need a youth program. So, we started the youth program and I’ve been working on that ever since.”

Neuburger took over the program, joined by Brent O’Halloran, Justin Wheaton, and Hamza Mohamed, who had all worked with the high school program previously as assistants and junior varsity coaches. The group was also joined by a new face to the area, Ukrainian wrestler and coach Khystyna Bereza, who first got on the team’s radar after applying for the head coach vacancy. Continue reading at →