Takedowns and spotted cows

Byer continues wrestling, chores in farm accident’s wake

By Maria Bichler

FRAZEE, Minn. – From the Frazee-Vergas High School wrestling mat to his family’s 100-cow Holstein dairy, Landon Byer continues wrestling and farming following a round baler accident this fall.

Every morning begins at 4:30 for Byer, 18, who milks cows with his dad, Marvin, in a double-8 parallel parlor on their dairy near Frazee, Minn. Byer returns for the afternoon milking except during the wrestling season. Those days he is at practice until 6 p.m.

“I have been wrestling since I was 3,” Byer said. “My brothers (Ethan and Bryon) went to practice and I went along with. It’s a big thing in our school, and my dad wrestled, too. I like the thrill of it.”

Amidst school and practice, Byer also mixes the dairy cows’ TMR comprised of haylage, baleage, corn silage, a protein mix, and molasses as well as tending to the 30 Black and Red Angus feeder cattle, bedding the dairy cows and watering calves.

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