It’s on you/Stack ‘em up

By Mark Schwab, Opportunities to Succeed

It must come from you

It’s on you/Stack ‘em up

The price of greatness is Responsibility.

If you avoid it, you’ll strengthen it. If you confront it, you’ll master it.

How much of competing is mental? How much time and effort do you focus on your mental and emotional climate? Most performance problems are mind and body, not in tune. You train your muscles and body. You train technique, skills, and yes, your mental climate benefits, but there’s much more potential if you’ll focus within. There’s no way to reach potential without the support of your mental/emotional climate and no way to reach greatness without body, mind, emotions in harmony, and functioning on a very high level. Most people overlook this, and it’s a colossal mistake. Most pay no attention to their mental/emotional climate unless there are problems. The fact is, most are leaving feet and pounds of available potential untouched. If reaching potential and excellence are important to you, then read on. I’ve seen so many athletes gamble and lose because they didn’t pay attention to the wobbly wheel under their own hat. Your opportunities are limited in life/athletics. The crumbs it calls for upfront is nothing compared to the regret at the completion of your career.

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Performance Psychology: Managing Mind and Emotions

By Mark Schwab, Opportunities to Succeed

This article is the first of several to follow regarding the mental and emotional aspects of competing. Some call it Sport psychology. I call it Performance psychology or managing mind and emotions. Each article will progress. I feel it’s important to know what one is up against in competition and life.

Performance psych isn’t just picking up a few pointers or patching up vulnerable areas here and there. It’s a decision and commitment, a transformation of feelings towards competition, and competing in a whole new effective way. Pp is about strengthening your approach, effectiveness, and results from top to bottom. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, you can and will gain inches and ounces. Few reach their ultimate potential. This challenge and opportunity is yours to confront or avoid. Unless you challenge yourself, limitations, fears, and doubts, what you’ve achieved up till now, will be as good as it gets.

Everyone talks about how much competing is mental. Yet, from my experience, there’s feeble attention. Developing mentally and emotionally is part of an individual’s education, development, and excellence. One must prioritize and continue to cultivate to reap the benefits. Sadly, most ignore, take their chances, and for many, competition opportunities have elapsed. However, life goes on, and your mental and emotional climate will dictate nearly everything in your future.

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Why not you? – Motivation By Mark Schwab

Why not you? It has to be somebody, and you’re somebody…right? Your goal can be independent from what seems possible. It does not have to be true or realistic; you just have to believe it. Why not you? It has been demonstrated time and time again that very often the expected happens. Conversely, equally as often the unexpected happens. Why not you?

Frequently, those who succeed are those who stick-with-it and are undeterred. It becomes your inner-vision, your reason to get up in the morning. It is going to be what you do today, and then you continue to put the “todays” together. I stress, whatever it is you romance or have passion about is worth the risk.

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Enthusiasm Wins – Motivation By Mark Schwab

There’s no better cure for lack of enthusiasm than learning something new; by staying in a constant state of learning, you will find it much more feasible to be and stay enthusiastic. Additionally, there is no better cure for lack of enthusiasm than setting concrete goals, something to labor for that is meaningful, has purpose and then pursue tenaciously.

Enthusiasm is crucial in life, training, competition, business, etc. In times when a situation can go one way or the other, enthusiasm is convincing. Enthusiasm creates oomph! Think of all the conditions in life that are won-over by enthusiasm. Your health and quality of existence are upgraded. Your performance, assignment, results, and persuasion are enhanced and reinforced.

Listen to a speaker, professor, or coach, with a dull voice; it’s awful & does nothing to move you. Now watch a competitor who competes with life, zeal, and hustle, they command respect, raise the level of everyone. You can feel the excitement. Enthusiasm moves, motivates, and connects your attention and focus.

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I will, I’ll adjust, I’ll find a way – Motivation By Mark Schwab

I will, I’ll adjust, I’ll find a way

Strive to cultivate this as your go-to. Whatever comes up, this is your adage/rule. Try to defeat someone who’s made up their mind to this degree.

Do you have a goal, passion or destination that’s always on your mind? Are you constantly romancing and imagining yourself accomplishing something personal and extraordinary? An effective approach for all your goals and passions are I will, I’ll adjust, and I’ll find a way. Talk about conviction and optimism. Talk about bravery and tilting the scale in your favor. These words, if followed by behavior, will simplify and strengthen your mission — no standing at the crossroads of indecision. The unyielding response of I will, I’ll adjust, I’ll find a way is confidence, direction, and certainty.

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It’s all in your head – Motivation By Mark Schwab

Waiting on pain/inspiration

“It’s all in your head.” It sure is. Remember hearing those words? Usually, it would be a comment made towards someone falling short of potential or “He’s a head case.” As if defective or hopeless – Be careful, if you’ve ever truly competed, then you know we’re all head cases. No one is exempt from struggling and managing their mind. It really is all in your head. Unfortunately, in wrestling/competition, the mind is often the least INTENTIONALLY trained area.

Our minds are tricky and allow us to lay dormant until there’s enough pain. Pain is the greatest motivator on the planet along with inspiration and desire, but can we wait until the pain or desire is great enough? Often the inspiration never hits, desire never comes and the pain that could have been used up front is now used on the backside in regret and we missed by just a little. Insure your gain wherever you can. Your results often hinge on inches and ounces.

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Readiness To Compete – Motivation By Mark Schwab

A look at pre-competition behaviors for consistency and excellence in performance

In my experience, pre-competition behaviors are overlooked. We talk about consistent performance/results while striving for inspired performance/results. Consistent and effective performance will not unfold randomly. Certainly, your training leading up to competition is significant. Your initial warm-up is crucial – raise your heart-rate, blood pumping, drilling, running, sprints, sparring and a good sweat. This should do it, right?

Wrestling is a sport everyone agrees is heavily mental – thoughts, beliefs, attitude, self-talk, words we use, pictures in our mind, etc. Our mental climate can be drastically altered, developed, improved and strengthened by awareness and being intentional. As coaches and athletes, we should know and explore what actions and thoughts provide the best opportunity to compete effectively and consistently. If we don’t know this, it’s time to begin paying attention.

Far too many athletes prepare, perform and compete randomly. One of the most common themes – The athlete’s warm-up depends on who his competition is. So, if I have a really good opponent, I’m really going to get ready to compete vs. an opponent I don’t feel is worthy of preparing for. This is a mistake.

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The most powerful and accessible, yet ignored tool in the world – Motivation By Mark Schwab

You train your body, muscles, techniques, skills, and conditioning daily but what about your most powerful resource? You may think since you’re doing ok or not currently struggling; you’re on track. Way too many people wait until they’re in doubt, struggling, or broken before they address the quality of their mindset. This is like not paying your bills until you’re in heavy debt, not filling your car with gas until you run out, not completing your assignments until you flunk the class, or not tending to your health until you’re already sick. All of this sounds ridiculous and obvious. Yet, we do just that with our mental climate in a sport, training, and competition.

WE physically exert daily, month after month, and year after year; in fact, our entire career. Why? In order to reach our potential, get an edge and ideally achieve excellence. Actually, everyone exercises the physical aspect of training until necessary skills are second nature. Yet, we do all of this while ignoring our inner voice who speaks loudest of all. We’re at our best when mind/body are in tune. Think about it, who do you hear, what do you hear and feel when you’re training, fatigued, or competing? There’s always an inner voice/sub-mind, and this magnificent potential of power must be disciplined, supported, and trained as well. Think about it; we continue to condition long after we’re already well conditioned physically; yet, pay little attention to the mind until there’s a problem and then we’re consumed with our problem. Continue reading