The MatBoss Podcast: Junior World Teamer Brayton Lee

Indiana native and 2019 U.S. Junior world teamer Brayton Lee joins The MatBoss Podcast with Chad Dennis this week. Lee talks about his redshirt season at Minnesota and his expected weight class next season, but most of the show focuses on Lee earning the spot to represent Team USA in Estonia later this summer at the Junior World Championships. Lee gets into a tactical and technical discussion about his freestyle wrestling abilities and where that came from.

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MatBoss enhances feature set for 2017-18 season

MINNEAPOLIS  — MatBoss, wrestling’s premier VideoStats app, announced several enhancements for the 2017-18 season both in the app and in the cloud-based backend.

“Our big emphasis during the offseason was enhancing the user experience and focusing quite a bit on making things easier for coaches and wrestlers, allowing for an experience that is both easy and powerful,” said MatBoss president John Peterson.

MatBoss users will now have the ability add a match instantly with the touch of a button and go right to the recording screen using the quick add feature without having to pre-enter the match information. Users can go back later and edit the match details.

“A lot of people said when they’re at tournaments it can be difficult to get all the information entered before the match starts,” said Peterson. “This quick add is a way for them to add a generic match and start recording immediately.”

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