Miles Patton, a survivor in wrestling and life

There were a few weeks this season when Miles Patton didn’t care much about how things went on the wrestling mat.

In fact, the Rochester Mayo graduate and University of Minnesota fourth-year wrestler didn’t care much about anything in the weeks that followed Oct. 6.

That was easy to understand. Oct. 6 was the day that his beloved mother, Bonita Patton, died at age 60 from breast cancer.

“I took off of practice for about a week after my mom died,” Patton said. “When I came back to practice, I was kind of zoned out. I just felt her loss. I’d get taken down at practice and I’d just sit there, thinking, ‘why do I want to get up?’” Continue reading at

Miles and Miles

Traveling the world for a wrestler is often all a part of the plan. For Miles Patton, it was his trip to Berlin, Germany this summer that gave him the chance to live in another culture, while also completing classes.

Patton, redshirt sophomore this upcoming season, immersed himself in the culture while he was there. He stayed with a host family for seven weeks, and joined a German gym to stay in wrestling shape.

“I always wanted to go to Europe. Just to experience new culture, new ideas and new people. In high school, I took German and I liked it quite a bit. One of my professors said that if I was going to study German, that I should go to Germany, because it will change your life, so I listened to him.”

While most people want material items on during the holiday season, Patton had other thoughts. He asked for his gift be a trip to Germany. His parents were able to help him out and by the middle of summer; Patton was flying the 10-hour flight to Berlin. Continue reading at