2007 USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships

USA Wrestling
2007 ASICS/Vaughan Junior and Accelerade Cadet
National Championships

Saturday, July 21-Thursday, July 26 at Fargo, ND

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Team Minnesota Results:

  • Cadet Greco-Roman – 3rd Place (tie), 3 champions, 11 All-Americans
  • Junior Greco-Roman – 1st Place, 1 champion, 11 All-Americans
  • Women’s Freestyle – 26th Place, 1 All-American
  • Cadet Freestyle – 5th Place, 1 champion, 9 All-Americans
  • Junior Freestyle – 4th Place (tie), 7 All-Americans

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Cadet Greco-Roman National Championships
Junior Greco-Roman National Championships
Women Freestyle National Championships
Cadet Freestyle National Championships
Junior Freestyle National Championships

USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships Results:

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Minnesota Cadet and Junior All-Americans

Minnesota High School Wrestler Files

Cadet Greco-Roman Results for Minnesota

Final Results:

Top Ten Team Results
Team Name (Wrestlers) Points
1. Pennsylvania (34) 61.00
2. Wisconsin (24) 59.00
3. Illinois (49) 50.00
3. Minnesota (30) 50.00
5. California (47) 35.00
6. Missouri (25) 34.00
7. Washington (41) 27.00
8. Kansas (24) 26.00
8. New Jersey (20) 26.00
10. Iowa (29) 24.00

MN National Champions
1st Place: 84 pounds – Hayden Zillmer, Crosby-Ironton
1st Place: 112 pounds – Dylan Ness, Bloomington Kennedy
1st Place: 171 pounds – Joel Bauman, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg

MN All-Americans
3rd Place: 152 pounds – Tyler Lehmann, Apple Valley
4th Place: 84 pounds – Jacoby Bergeron, Thief River Falls
4th Place: 119 pounds – Justin LaValle, Moorhead
5th Place: 112 pounds – Destin McCauley, Apple Vally
7th Place: 125 pounds – Luke Vaith, Hastings
7th Place: 171 pounds – Micah Larson, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City
8th Place: 84 pounds – Nick Clobes, Hutchinson
8th Place: 140 pounds – Dan Cox, Litchfield

Individual Results

Cadet-84 – Nick Clobes’s place is 8th.
Match #1 Nick Clobes (Minnesota) over Michael Soria (New York) TF 6-0,1-1,7-0
Match #2 Nick Clobes (Minnesota) over Griffin Weihe (Iowa) Fall 6-0,1:10
Match #3 Jade Rauser (Montana) over Nick Clobes (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #4 Josh Martinez (Washington) over Nick Clobes (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,3-0
Match #5 Jake Schramm (Illinois) over Nick Clobes (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-0

Cadet-84 – Jacoby Bergeron’s place is 4th.
Match #1 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Kyle Pillars (Michigan) Dec 1-1,2-1,3-1
Match #2 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Tyler Granata (Texas) Dec 3-0,6-0
Match #3 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Anthony Leonard (California) Dec 0-4,4-1,4-1
Match #5 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,7-0
Match #6 Brenan Lyon (Michigan) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,1-1

Cadet-84 – Hayden Zillmer’s place is 1st.
Match #1 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Maxwell Soria (New York) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Anthony Leonard (California) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Kyle Pillars (Michigan) Fall 6-0,1:08
Match #4 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Jake Schramm (Illinois) Dec 3-0,7-1
Match #5 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,7-0
Match #6 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Jade Rauser (Montana) Dec 0-4,5-0,3-0

Cadet-98 – Justin Stevens – DNP
Match #1 Justin Stevens (Minnesota) over Marc Pirozzi (New York) Dec 2-1,6-0
Match #2 Justin Stevens (Minnesota) over Cade Ketchum (Oklahoma) Dec 2-1,2-3,6-0
Match #3 Justin Stevens (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Justin Stevens (Minnesota) over Max Vichi (Wyoming) Dec 3-2,6-2
Match #5 Tony Pena (Colorado) over Justin Stevens (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #6 Robert Dyar (Alabama) over Justin Stevens (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,5-1

Cadet-105 – David Baker – DNP
Match #1 Scott Mantua (Maryland) over David Baker (Minnesota) Fall 0-6,0:52
Match #2 David Baker (Minnesota) over Nathan Reed (Kansas) Dec 5-0,3-0
Match #3 David Baker (Minnesota) over Todd Pearson (Nevada) Fall 1:23
Match #4 David Baker (Minnesota) over Shayden Terukina (Hawaii) Dec 4-3,7-6
Match #5 Jamie Clark (Ohio) over David Baker (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,5-0

Cadet-105 – Drew Fleming – DNP
Match #1 Drew Fleming (Minnesota) over John Woods (Virginia) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Luke Schofield (Indiana) over Drew Fleming (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,2-2
Match #3 Sharky Slyter (Kansas) over Drew Fleming (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,5-3

Cadet-112 – Nick Tourville – DNP
Match #1 Nick Tourville (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Nick Tourville (Minnesota) over Derrick Walraven (South Dakota) Dec 6-0,3-1
Match #3 Nick Tourville (Minnesota) over Zach Clark (Oregon) Dec 3-2,3-1
Match #4 Nick Tourville (Minnesota) over Stephen Hernandez (Iowa) Fall 4-1,0:28
Match #5 Nick Tourville (Minnesota) over Jordan Cox (Idaho) Dec 3-0,1-1
Match #6 Pete Baldwin (Florida) over Nick Tourville (Minnesota) Dec 3-3,1-3,3-1
Match #7 Luke Goettl (Arizona) over Nick Tourville (Minnesota) TF 8-2,6-0

Cadet-112 – Brandon Schultz – DNP
Match #1 Danny Lofrese (New York) over Brandon Schultz (Minnesota) TF 8-0,7-0
Match #2 Ryne Cokeley (Kansas) over Brandon Schultz (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,1:00

Cadet-112 – Dylan Ness’s place is 1st.
Match #1 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Jacob Walters (Michigan) Dec 6-0,5-4
Match #2 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Caleb Thornhill (Washington) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Eric Wilson (Colorado) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #4 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Alan Callahan (Kansas) Dec 5-1,7-0
Match #5 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Kent Williams (Illinois) Dec 2-2,0-6,4-4
Match #7 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Kyle Dake (New York) Dec 1-1,1-5,4-0
Match #8 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Ryne Cokeley (Kansas) Dec 7-1,5-2
Match #9 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Jacob Kaufman (Oregon) Dec 6-1,6-0
Match #10 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #11 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Patrick Mucha (Washington) Dec 0-6,6-1,6-0
Match #12 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Luke Goettl (Arizona) Dec 5-3,7-2

Cadet-112 – Destin McCauley’s place is 5th.
Match #1 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Kade Moss (Utah) Dec 2-1,4-0
Match #2 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Nathan Hoffer (Alaska) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Matt Evans (Missouri) Dec 6-0,2-1
Match #4 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Travis Himmelman (Colorado) TF 8-0,7-1
Match #5 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Patrick Rollins (Nebraska) Dec 6-0,4-0
Match #6 Frank Cagnina (New Jersey) over Destin McCauley (Minnesota) Dec 1-5,3-2,2-2
Match #7 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Jordan Cox (Idaho) Dec 5-0,2-4,3-2
Match #8 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Casey Lanave (New York) Dec 6-0,1-1
Match #9 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Luke Goettl (Arizona) over Destin McCauley (Minnesota) Dec 0-6,6-0,4-0
Match #11 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Patrick Mucha (Washington) Dec 6-0,3-0

Cadet-119 – Justin LaValle’s place is 4th.
Match #1 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Anthony Thurgood (California) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Randy Sissenstein (New York) TF 7-1,6-0
Match #3 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Caleb Smith (Indiana) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #4 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Michael Turner (Washington) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #5 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Seth Thomas (Oregon) Dec 3-0,2-0
Match #6 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Cody Shavlik (Kansas) Dec 5-0,3-0
Match #7 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Dan O`malley (New York) Dec 5-3,3-0
Match #8 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Tracy Huffman (Idaho) Dec 2-0,3-1
Match #9 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Ellis Coleman (Illinois) over Justin LaValle (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,7-0
Match #11 Ravaughn Perkins (Nebraska) over Justin LaValle (Minnesota) Dec 0-3,5-2,4-3

Cadet-125 – Luke Vaith’s place is 7th.
Match #1 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Tyler Simmett (Washington) Dec 4-1,7-0
Match #2 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Brannon Beck (Missouri) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Dustin Woosley (Oregon) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #4 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Mark Hartenstine (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-0,2-0
Match #5 Ryan Rosales (Oklahoma) over Luke Vaith (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,2-3,3-0
Match #6 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #7 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Jon Casas (Arizona) Dec 6-0,6-2
Match #8 Chris Gonzalez (Illinois) over Luke Vaith (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,1-1
Match #9 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Kaleb Friedley (Missouri) Dec 5-0,2-1

Cadet-125 – Robbie Fisher – DNP
Match #1 Robbie Fisher (Minnesota) over Tim Burkhart (Ohio) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Robbie Fisher (Minnesota) over Jeffrey Miller (Montana) Fall 1:27
Match #3 Robbie Fisher (Minnesota) over Chad Diamond (Hawaii) Dec 4-4,6-0
Match #4 Robbie Fisher (Minnesota) over Kory Deberry (Arizona) TF 8-0,6-0
Match #5 Dylan Carew (Iowa) over Robbie Fisher (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,5-0
Match #6 Robbie Fisher (Minnesota) over Devon Brown (New York) Dec 2-4,7-1,4-2
Match #7 Kyle Bradley (Missouri) over Robbie Fisher (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,3-0

Cadet-130 – Dylan Yarger – DNP
Match #1 Mike Crowley (New Jersey) over Dylan Yarger (Minnesota) Dec 2-4,3-2,5-0
Match #2 Derek Olson (Wisconsin) over Dylan Yarger (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Cadet-130 – Steve Keogh – DNP
Match #1 Steve Keogh (Minnesota) over Alex Cizek (Illinois) Dec 3-0,1-1
Match #2 Steve Keogh (Minnesota) over Trey Weliver (North Carolina) Fall 7-1,0:41
Match #3 Nestor Taffur (New Jersey) over Steve Keogh (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,7-0
Match #4 Tanner Hiatt (Iowa) over Steve Keogh (Minnesota) TF 10-0,10-0

Cadet-135 – Jarret Hoeppner – DNP
Match #1 Nick Moore (Iowa) over Jarret Hoeppner (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,5-0
Match #2 Jarret Hoeppner (Minnesota) over Pavel Litovkin (Washington) Dec 5-0,3-3
Match #3 Jarret Hoeppner (Minnesota) over Aaron Velasquez (New Jersey) Dec 3-3,3-2,6-0
Match #4 Chase Gordon (Florida) over Jarret Hoeppner (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Cadet-135 – Jake Begin – DNP
Match #1 Jake Begin (Minnesota) over Matt Gallen (Utah) Dec 4-1,9-3
Match #2 Jake Begin (Minnesota) over John Walters (Delaware) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Jake Begin (Minnesota) over Marshall Robinson (Virginia) Dec 5-1,7-2
Match #4 Anthony Volpe (New York) over Jake Begin (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,1-1,6-0
Match #5 Andrew Alton (Pennsylvania) over Jake Begin (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,5-3

Cadet-140 – Dan Cox’s place is 8th.
Match #1 Dan Cox (Minnesota) over Anthony Resendez (Ohio) Fall 6-0,1:04
Match #2 Dan Cox (Minnesota) over Ben Schmitt (Wisconsin) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Dan Cox (Minnesota) over Skyler Gioiosa (Arizona) Dec 4-0,5-3
Match #4 Dan Cox (Minnesota) over Jake Hruza (Idaho) Dec 4-0,6-0
Match #5 Dan Cox (Minnesota) over Tucker Raich (Florida) Dec 2-3,2-1,3-0
Match #6 C.J. Thompson (Washington) over Dan Cox (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,7-0
Match #7 Marshall Peppleman (Pennsylvania) over Dan Cox (Minnesota) Fall 0:13
Match #8 Cody Barrick (Pennsylvania) over Dan Cox (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Cadet-140 – Cody Manderscheid – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Miller (Illinois) over Cody Manderscheid (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,4-4,3-3
Match #2 Cody Barrick (Pennsylvania) over Cody Manderscheid (Minnesota) Dec 5-3,6-0

Cadet-145 – RJ Cirksena – DNP
Match #1 Devon Johnson (Nebraska) over RJ Cirksena (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,3-1
Match #2 RJ Cirksena (Minnesota) over Alex Bailey (Indiana) Dec 6-0,3-1
Match #3 Andrew Whitfield (Idaho) over RJ Cirksena (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,4-4,1-1

Cadet-145 – Nick Schuler – DNP
Match #1 Nick Schuler (Minnesota) over Chris Tripplet (Washington) Fall 4-2,1:27
Match #2 Nick Schuler (Minnesota) over Gordon Armstrong (Georgia) Fall 1-2,0:49
Match #3 Mikey Lunsford (Oklahoma) over Nick Schuler (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,7-1
Match #4 Wally Figaro (Florida) over Nick Schuler (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,3-0

Cadet-152 – John Gusewelle – DNP
Match #1 Ryan Jorgensen (Washington) over John Gusewelle (Minnesota) Dec 3-3,8-0
Match #2 John Gusewelle (Minnesota) over Quinton Perrin (Missouri) Dec 6-0,6-1
Match #3 Ryan Garringer (Illinois) over John Gusewelle (Minnesota) Fall 1-1,0:47

Cadet-152 – Craig Kelliher – DNP
Match #1 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Ethan Keiser (Maryland) Fall 0:48
Match #2 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Rico Velazquez (Illinois) Fall 6-0,1:13
Match #3 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Patrick Sheehan (Hawaii) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #4 Dan Martin (Illinois) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,5-2
Match #5 Jordan Brown (Kansas) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 1-6,5-2,3-1

Cadet-152 – Tyler Lehmann’s place is 3rd.
Match #1 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Justin Evans (Montana) Fall 0:33
Match #2 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Dale Lewis (Illinois) Dec 3-0,6-0
Match #3 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Daniel Frandsen (Utah) Fall 0:15
Match #5 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over John Tuck (Oregon) Dec 8-3,6-1
Match #6 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Ethan Wilson (New York) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #7 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Mike Curby (Michigan) Dec 5-1,0-4,6-1
Match #8 Victor Asencio (Pennsylvania) over Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) Dec 8-4,7-0
Match #9 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Mike Curby (Michigan) Dec 1-5,4-0,1-6
Match #10 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #11 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Jordan Brown (Kansas) Fall 2-1,0:40

Cadet-160 – Brendan Eichmann – DNP
Match #1 Brendan Eichmann (Minnesota) over Joseph Range (Iowa) Dec 7-0,4-3
Match #2 Brendan Eichmann (Minnesota) over Cody Johnson (Oklahoma) Dec 5-2,3-2
Match #3 Brendan Eichmann (Minnesota) over Aaron Garcia (Nevada) Dec 7-0,4-1
Match #4 Brendan Eichmann (Minnesota) over Mike Morgan (Colorado) Dec 1-3,4-0,5-1
Match #5 Joe Raygor (Wisconsin) over Brendan Eichmann (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,1-1,1-1
Match #6 Brendan Eichmann (Minnesota) over Mark Myers (Indiana) Dec 1-4,7-0,5-3
Match #7 Stephen Mcpeek (Texas) over Brendan Eichmann (Minnesota) Dec 10-7,1-5,3-1

Cadet-171 – Micah Larson’s place is 7th.
Match #1 Micah Larson (Minnesota) over Taylor Kettman (Iowa) Dec 1-1,2-1
Match #2 Micah Larson (Minnesota) over Matt Reed (California) Dec 3-0,5-2
Match #3 Ian Daube (California) over Micah Larson (Minnesota) 5-4,ID
Match #4 Micah Larson (Minnesota) over Cameron Smith (Washington) Dec 1-5,4-1,4-2
Match #5 Micah Larson (Minnesota) over Guy Keeku (Wisconsin) Dec 5-0,2-1
Match #6 Damon Jones (Indiana) over Micah Larson (Minnesota) Dec 6-1,2-1
Match #7 Micah Larson (Minnesota) over Jacob Dempsey (West Virginia) Dec 1-2,4-1,2-2

Cadet-171 – Joel Bauman’s place is 1st.
Match #1 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Matt Transue (Pennsylvania) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Mitchell Fadenholz (Ohio) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Aaron Pavlenko (Arizona) Dec 5-0,3-1
Match #4 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Ethan Blackstock (Georgia) Dec 4-0,7-0
Match #5 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Jacob Dempsey (West Virginia) Fall 7-0,0:51
Match #7 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Jesse Hellinger (California) Dec 6-2,6-0
Match #8 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over John Eblen (Missouri) TF 5-0,6-1

Cadet-171 – Jeff Nielsen – DNP
Match #1 Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) over Bryan Mey (Delaware) Dec 4-0,1-1,1-1
Match #2 Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) over Damon Jones (Indiana) Dec 2-4,2-1,2-1
Match #3 Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) over Scott Schiller (North Dakota) Dec 3-1,1-1
Match #4 John Eblen (Missouri) over Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) Dec 7-1,3-1
Match #5 Ian Daube (California) over Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,6-0

Cadet-189 – Kody Kalkbrenner – DNP
Match #1 Trevor Rupp (Idaho) over Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,1-2,2-0
Match #2 Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) over Brody Black (Pennsylvania) Fall 1:39
Match #3 George Canales Iv (Illinois) over Kody Kalkbrenner (Minnesota) Dec 9-6,6-0

Cadet-189 – Erik Berdahl – DNP
Match #1 Erik Berdahl (Minnesota) over Zach Aylor (Oklahoma) Dec 2-2,6-1,2-1
Match #2 Erik Berdahl (Minnesota) over Teagan Franco (Washington) Fall 1:20
Match #3 Erik Berdahl (Minnesota) over Trever Gwin (Oregon) TF 8-0,7-0
Match #4 Erik Berdahl (Minnesota) over David Severn (Michigan) Dec 5-0,7-5
Match #5 Jonathan Becker (New Jersey) over Erik Berdahl (Minnesota) Fall 0:29
Match #6 Max Huntley (Armed Forces) over Erik Berdahl (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior Greco-Roman Results for Minnesota

Final Results:

Top Ten Team Results
Team Name (Wrestlers) Points
1. Minnesota (44) 56.00
2. New York (41) 52.00
3. Illinois (45) 50.00
4. California (42) 48.00
5. Oregon (40) 45.00
6. Iowa (42) 41.00
7. Washington (37) 28.00
8. Missouri (33) 24.00
9. Ohio (52) 21.00
10. Florida (33) 20.00

MN National Champion

1st Place: 145 pounds – Jake Deitchler, Anoka

MN All-Americans
2nd Place: 119 pounds – Zach Sanders, Wabasha-Kellogg
2nd Place: 189 pounds – Zac Nielsen, Zimmerman
3rd Place: 130 pounds – Cody Adams, Mankato East
3rd Place: 152 pounds – Joe Grygelko, Saint Michael-Albertville
3rd Place: 215 pounds – Pat Mahan, Owatonna
4th Place: 130 pounds – Brian Litch, Wayzata
5th Place: 160 pounds – Travis Rutt, Jackson County Central
6th Place: 112 pounds – Cody Lensing, Totino-Grace
7th Place: 119 pounds – Paul Tellgren, Anoka
7th Place: 171 pounds – Caleb Lines, Jackson County Central

Individual Results

Junior-112 – Cody Lensing – All-American – 6th Place
Match #1 Cody Lensing (Minnesota) over Sophan Mey (California) Fall 4-3,1:01
Match #2 Cody Lensing (Minnesota) over Richard Benigno (New York) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Cody Lensing (Minnesota) over Shane Summerlin (Georgia) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #4 Cody Lensing (Minnesota) over Grant Sutter (Wisconsin) Dec 3-1,3-3
Match #5 Cody Lensing (Minnesota) over Isaac Romero (Washington) Dec 1-5,2-1,1-1
Match #6 Andrew Long (Iowa) over Cody Lensing (Minnesota) TF 6-0,9-0
Match #7 Danny Luttrell (Texas) over Cody Lensing (Minnesota) Dec 0-6,2-1,1-1
Match #8 Ryan Jauch (Illinois) over Cody Lensing (Minnesota) TF 5-0,8-1

Junior-112 – Pat LeVasseur – DNP
Match #1 Pat LeVasseur (Minnesota) over Schuyler Swanton (Florida) Dec 4-2,7-0
Match #2 Pat LeVasseur (Minnesota) over Mitchell Lofstedt (Oregon) Dec 1-2,4-0,2-2
Match #3 Tyler Cox (Wyoming) over Pat LeVasseur (Minnesota) TF 8-1,7-0
Match #4 Dennis Wood (Kansas) over Pat LeVasseur (Minnesota) Dec 2-8,3-1,4-1

Junior-119 – Paul Tellgren – All-American – 7th Place
Match #1 Paul Tellgren (Minnesota) over Mike Phetvixay (Utah) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Paul Tellgren (Minnesota) over Brandon Adams (Idaho) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Paul Tellgren (Minnesota) over Cody Beisel (Oklahoma) Dec 4-0,2-1
Match #4 Paul Tellgren (Minnesota) over Matt Cabanas (Florida) Dec 3-0,3-1
Match #5 Matthew Holmes (Illinois) over Paul Tellgren (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,7-4
Match #6 Paul Tellgren (Minnesota) over Mike Mailloux (Arizona) Dec 1-1,3-2
Match #7 Nikko Triggas (California) over Paul Tellgren (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,6-1
Match #8 Paul Tellgren (Minnesota) over Thomas Williams (California) Dec 1-1,2-0,2-2

Junior-119 – Tanner Weltzin – DNP
Match #1 Ryan Biggs (Ohio) over Tanner Weltzin (Minnesota) Dec 6-1,2-1
Match #2 Tanner Weltzin (Minnesota) over Matt Rowe (New York) Dec 4-0,10-4
Match #3 Thomas Williams (California) over Tanner Weltzin (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Junior-119 – D.J. Tenney – DNP
Match #1 Erik Spjut (Texas) over D.J. Tenney (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,4-0
Match #2 Dj Miller (North Carolina) over D.J. Tenney (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-2

Junior-119 – Zachary Sanders – All-American – 2nd Place
Match #1 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Craig Nelson (Indiana) Fall 7-0,0:49
Match #2 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Tanner Andrews (Illinois) Dec 3-1,3-0
Match #3 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Justin Solberg (North Dakota) Dec 5-0,2-1
Match #4 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Cameron Wells (Oklahoma) ID
Match #5 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Justin Forrest (Missouri) Dec 4-0,3-0
Match #6 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Paul Garza (Arizona) Dec 6-0,1-3,6-1
Match #7 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Thomas Williams (California) Dec 2-0,4-0
Match #8 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Prescott Garner (Oregon) over Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) Dec 2-8,4-4,4-4
Match #10 Nikko Triggas (California) over Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) Dec 1-2,5-2,3-0

Junior-119 – Tom Kelliher – DNP
Match #1 Matthew Fields (Indiana) over Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,3-1
Match #2 Steven Joseph (Florida) over Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-2

Junior-125 – Hieu Pham – DNP
Match #1 Izzy Montemayor (Illinois) over Hieu Pham (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Hieu Pham (Minnesota) over Drew Hinschberger (Iowa) Fall 1:04
Match #3 Nick Flores (Utah) over Hieu Pham (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,5-2

Junior-125 – James Locke – DNP
Match #1 James Williams (Florida) over James Locke (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,2-1
Match #2 Matt Mcdonough (Iowa) over James Locke (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-1

Junior-125 – Kyle Bulera – DNP
Match #1 Kyle Bulera (Minnesota) over Vincent Lara (Texas) Fall 1:34
Match #2 Kyle Bulera (Minnesota) over Johny Tolson (Ohio) Fall 5-8,1:50
Match #3 Kyle Bulera (Minnesota) over Matt Moorhouse (Arizona) Dec 8-1,2-5,7-3
Match #4 John Trumbetti (New Jersey) over Kyle Bulera (Minnesota) Fall 0:36
Match #5 Jarrod Garnett (Delaware) over Kyle Bulera (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,4-1

Junior-125 – Matt Morrison – DNP
Match #1 Jimmy Eggemeyer (Alaska) over Matt Morrison (Minnesota) Dec 2-3,4-2,7-1
Match #2 Troy Cunningham (Washington) over Matt Morrison (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,3-1

Junior-130 – Brian Litch – All-American – 4th Place
Match #1 Brian Litch (Minnesota) over Coty Riggleman (Virginia) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Brian Litch (Minnesota) over Pierce Stowman (Alaska) Fall 7-0,1:11
Match #3 Brian Litch (Minnesota) over Nick Shields (Louisiana) Dec 5-0,5-0
Match #4 Dalton Jensen (Iowa) over Brian Litch (Minnesota) Fall 5-0,3-3,1:42
Match #5 Brian Litch (Minnesota) over Kendall Albert (Georgia) Dec 5-1,5-0
Match #6 Brian Litch (Minnesota) over Phil Goodwin (North Carolina) Dec 1-2,5-2,2-1
Match #7 Brian Litch (Minnesota) over Mitchell Fenton (Maryland) Dec 6-0,3-1
Match #8 Brian Litch (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Brian Litch (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Brian Litch (Minnesota) over Hollan Gravley (Alaska) Dec 3-0,4-1
Match #11 Brian Litch (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #12 Cody Adams (Minnesota) over Brian Litch (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-1

Junior-130 – Cody Adams – All-American – 3rd Place
Match #1 Cody Adams (Minnesota) over Matt Cearns (Wyoming) TF 8-0,7-0
Match #2 Cody Adams (Minnesota) over Dominique Smith (Indiana) Fall 7-0,1:35
Match #3 Cody Adams (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Cody Adams (Minnesota) over Jared Ragan (Illinois) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #5 Cody Adams (Minnesota) over Mitch Artsma (Pennsylvania) Dec 10-2,1-1
Match #6 Cody Adams (Minnesota) over Cody Fobes (New Jersey) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #7 Cody Adams (Minnesota) over Kyle Williams (Illinois) Dec 4-0,7-0
Match #8 Kelly Kubec (Washington) over Cody Adams (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-1
Match #9 Cody Adams (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Cody Adams (Minnesota) over Brian Litch (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-1

Junior-135 – Aaron Driessen – DNP
Match #1 Conner Simons (Virginia) over Aaron Driessen (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Joseph Hagan (Kansas) over Aaron Driessen (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,7-0

Junior-135 – Patrick Smith – DNP
Match #1 Trevor Melde (New Jersey) over Patrick Smith (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:55
Match #2 Trenton Washington (Nebraska) over Patrick Smith (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,3-3

Junior-135 – Joe Murphy – DNP
Match #1 Joe Murphy (Minnesota) over Bryan Otto (Idaho) Dec 4-0,5-1
Match #2 Joe Murphy (Minnesota) over Tommy Potter (Ohio) Dec 2-0,6-0
Match #3 Randall Watts (California) over Joe Murphy (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,0-3,2-1
Match #4 Cole Schmitt (Wisconsin) over Joe Murphy (Minnesota) Fall 1:10

Junior-135 – Josh Wiseman – DNP
Match #1 Josh Wiseman (Minnesota) over Tim Naverette (California) Dec 4-4,4-3
Match #2 Josh Wiseman (Minnesota) over Jordan Peter (Missouri) Fall 6-0,0:24
Match #3 Tyler Caldwell (Kansas) over Josh Wiseman (Minnesota) Fall 2-2,1-7,0:48
Match #4 Josh Wiseman (Minnesota) over Colten Huskey (Colorado) Dec 5-3,0-7,4-3
Match #5 Anthony Jerome (New York) over Josh Wiseman (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-1

Junior-140 – Kevin O’Brien – DNP
Match #1 Kevin O’Brien (Minnesota) over Matt Reilley (Kansas) Dec 4-0,2-1
Match #2 Kevin O’Brien (Minnesota) over Brad Recker (Iowa) Dec 6-0,5-1
Match #3 Kevin O’Brien (Minnesota) over Chris Osterberg (Illinois) Dec 2-2,2-1
Match #4 Kendrick Sanders (Florida) over Kevin O’Brien (Minnesota) Dec 2-2,5-0,8-0
Match #5 Robert Hunter (California) over Kevin O’Brien (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,5-0

Junior-140 – Darryl Johnson – DNP
Match #1 Darryl Johnson (Minnesota) over Travis Clarke (Kansas) Dec 4-1,7-1
Match #2 David Foxen (New York) over Darryl Johnson (Minnesota) TF 6-0,8-2
Match #3 Darryl Johnson (Minnesota) over Colin Hartnett (Illinois) Fall 1-7,7-3,0:49
Match #4 Jon Goncalves (Connecticut) over Darryl Johnson (Minnesota) Dec 2-4,2-2,5-4

Junior-140 – Colter Uscola – DNP
Match #1 Colter Uscola (Minnesota) over Harut Ghaltarchyan (South Carolina) TF 7-1,6-0
Match #2 Walter Peppelman (Pennsylvania) over Colter Uscola (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,4-1
Match #3 Colter Uscola (Minnesota) over Trey Morlatt (Kentucky) Dec 6-0,4-0
Match #4 Anthony Varnell (Washington) over Colter Uscola (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-1

Junior-140 – Ryan Madson – DNP
Match #1 Chad Taniguchi (Hawaii) over Ryan Madson (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,3-2
Match #2 Ryan Madson (Minnesota) over Joseph Atwell (Iowa) Dec 5-4,4-1
Match #3 Joshua Speelman (Ohio) over Ryan Madson (Minnesota) Fall 8-0,1:43

Junior-145 – Spencer Flodeen – DNP
Match #1 Spencer Flodeen (Minnesota) over Colby Crank (Kansas) TF 4-5,7-0,7-1
Match #2 Spencer Flodeen (Minnesota) over Justin Cedeno (Texas) Fall 6-0,0:23
Match #3 Joe Green (Missouri) over Spencer Flodeen (Minnesota) Dec 0-4,1-1,2-1
Match #4 Cody Miller (Washington) over Spencer Flodeen (Minnesota) Dec 8-1,5-0

Junior-145 – Jake Deitchler – All-American – 1st Place
Match #1 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Connor Suba (Ohio) Dec 4-0,7-0
Match #2 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Trae Reed (Iowa) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Troy Walker (Washington) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #4 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Matt Walters (Illinois) Fall 0:21
Match #5 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Kyle Meyer (Missouri) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #7 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Zack Mastro (Florida) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #8 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Davaughn Perkins (Nebraska) Dec 4-0,3-1
Match #9 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Don Vinson (New York) Dec 1-2,4-1,7-0

Junior-145 – Eric Yngsdal – DNP
Match #1 T.j. Moen (Iowa) over Eric Yngsdal (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,4-2
Match #2 Eric Yngsdal (Minnesota) over Abner Cook (Idaho) Dec 4-0,2-2
Match #3 Derek Koehn (Kansas) over Eric Yngsdal (Minnesota) TF 5-0,7-0

Junior-145 – Michael Davis – DNP
Match #1 Michael Davis (Minnesota) over Damien Long (Washington) Dec 5-3,5-3
Match #2 Michael Davis (Minnesota) over Matt Wilson (Oregon) Fall 1:01
Match #3 Jake Bohn (Michigan) over Michael Davis (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,1-2,5-1
Match #4 Michael Davis (Minnesota) over Cal Vivier (Idaho) Dec 4-0,6-1
Match #5 Michael Davis (Minnesota) over John Rocha (New York) Dec 3-0,5-0
Match #6 Davaughn Perkins (Nebraska) over Michael Davis (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,4-0

Junior-152 – Joe Grygelko – All-American – 3rd Place
Match #1 Joe Grygelko (Minnesota) over Pete Morealle (Louisiana) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Joe Grygelko (Minnesota) over Dj Linares (California) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Joe Grygelko (Minnesota) over Marcus Edgington (Iowa) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 Joe Grygelko (Minnesota) over Thomas Windom (Ohio) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #5 Joe Grygelko (Minnesota) over Dallas Hintz (Washington) Dec 3-0,2-2,1-1
Match #6 Joe Grygelko (Minnesota) over Kyle Ulrey (Indiana) Dec 6-0,4-0
Match #7 Kevin LeValley (Colorado) over Joe Grygelko (Minnesota) Dec 2-5,7-0,6-1
Match #8 Joe Grygelko (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Joe Grygelko (Minnesota) over Trent Weatherman (Iowa) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #10 Joe Grygelko (Minnesota) over Robert Kellogg (Iowa) Dec 6-0,4-1

Junior-152 – Jamarii Tucker – DNP
Match #1 Eric Cubberly (Ohio) over Jamarii Tucker (Minnesota) Dec 5-3,6-0
Match #2 Jamarii Tucker (Minnesota) over Josh Rittenhouse (Arizona) Dec 6-3,4-3
Match #3 Sean Ballard (North Dakota) over Jamarii Tucker (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,5-3

Junior-152 – Daniel Davis – DNP
Match #1 Daniel Davis (Minnesota) over Dustin Warner (Idaho) Fall 1:11
Match #2 Daniel Davis (Minnesota) over Brian Greenlee (Pennsylvania) Dec 2-4,6-3,3-3
Match #3 Dylan Azinger (Iowa) over Daniel Davis (Minnesota) TF 6-0,3-4,8-0
Match #4 Dan Olsen (Illinois) over Daniel Davis (Minnesota) Fall 3-1,1:10

Junior-152 – Trevor Ingle – DNP
Match #1 Tommy Timothy (Florida) over Trevor Ingle (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:35
Match #2 Trevor Ingle (Minnesota) over Josh Cyr (Missouri) Fall 1-1,0:48
Match #3 Collin Engelhardt (North Dakota) over Trevor Ingle (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,6-3

Junior-160 – Eric Grabosky – DNP
Match #1 Eric Grabosky (Minnesota) over Connor Funk (Michigan) Fall 0:33
Match #2 Eric Grabosky (Minnesota) over Brady Eaton (Nevada) Fall 8-0,0:23
Match #3 Eric Grabosky (Minnesota) over Slade Giesen (Kansas) Dec 2-1,5-0
Match #4 Kendall Vogel (Wisconsin) over Eric Grabosky (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,4-3
Match #5 Alec Ortiz (Oregon) over Eric Grabosky (Minnesota) Fall 1:52

Junior-160 – Travis Rutt – All-American – 5th Place
Match #1 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Anthony Herron (Michigan) Fall 6-0,0:40
Match #2 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Davin Morris (Florida) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Dustin Drake (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #4 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Nolan Mcbryde (Alaska) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #5 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Jesse Nielsen (Idaho) Fall 0:09
Match #6 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #7 Paul Paddock (New York) over Travis Rutt (Minnesota) Dec 0-4,1-1,2-1
Match #8 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Chris Bullins (North Carolina) Dec 0-3,2-2,2-1
Match #9 Alec Ortiz (Oregon) over Travis Rutt (Minnesota) Dec 0-2,5-1,6-0
Match #10 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Michael Chaires (New York) Dec 2-1,3-0

Junior-160 – Shamus O’Grady – DNP
Match #1 Shamus O’Grady (Minnesota) over Shelby Mappes (Indiana) Dec 2-2,4-1
Match #2 Tyler Koehn (Kansas) over Shamus O’Grady (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-0
Match #3 Michael Chaires (New York) over Shamus O’Grady (Minnesota) Dec 1-3,3-0,6-0

Junior-171 – Lucas Munkelwitz – DNP
Match #1 Lucas Munkelwitz (Minnesota) over Tyson Campbell (Missouri) Dec 6-0,3-4,3-2
Match #2 David Ratcliff (Oklahoma) over Lucas Munkelwitz (Minnesota) Fall 0-7,0:57
Match #3 Lucas Munkelwitz (Minnesota) over Oscar Huntley (Armed Forces) Dec 2-1,5-4
Match #4 Jonathan Fausey (Pennsylvania) over Lucas Munkelwitz (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,5-0

Junior-171 – Caleb Lines – All-American – 7th Place
Match #1 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Blake Salyer (North Carolina) Dec 4-0,7-0
Match #2 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Scott Boner (Wyoming) Dec 3-2,1-2,4-1
Match #3 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Sam Engelland (Wisconsin) Dec 4-0,1-1
Match #4 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Kevin Tanner (West Virginia) Dec 7-0,4-0
Match #5 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Caleb Freeman (Indiana) Dec 4-0,3-0
Match #6 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Owen Smith (Maryland) Dec 5-0,4-0
Match #7 Dorian Henderson (Georgia) over Caleb Lines (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,2-1
Match #8 Nathan Graham (New York) over Caleb Lines (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:17
Match #9 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Stephan Hampton (California) Dec 4-0,3-1

Junior-171 – Matt Spoden – DNP
Match #1 Paul Kordich (Ohio) over Matt Spoden (Minnesota) Dec 6-4,4-3
Match #2 Micah Burak (Colorado) over Matt Spoden (Minnesota) Dec 7-1,3-1

Junior-171 – Mitch Brekke – DNP
Match #1 Mitch Brekke (Minnesota) over Chris Schultz (Wyoming) Fall 9-3,0:47
Match #2 Mitch Brekke (Minnesota) over John Sinchok (Ohio) Dec 2-3,5-1,2-1
Match #3 Mitch Brekke (Minnesota) over Dan Schreimann (Missouri) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #4 Davon John (New York) over Mitch Brekke (Minnesota) Dec 5-11,5-4,2-2
Match #5 Mitch Brekke (Minnesota) over Derrick Yant (Ohio) Dec 2-1,2-1
Match #6 Grant Gambrall (Iowa) over Mitch Brekke (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,6-0

Junior-189 – Tony Willaert – DNP
Match #1 Adam Fager (Utah) over Tony Willaert (Minnesota) Dec 2-2,7-1,3-1
Match #2 Donald Messick (Delaware) over Tony Willaert (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,4-0

Junior-189 – Zac Nielsen – All-American – 2nd Place
Match #1 Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) over Cory Mcgrady (Indiana) Dec 7-0,4-0
Match #2 Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) over Rory Mcbryde (Alaska) TF 7-0,9-0
Match #3 Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) over Levi Gruwell (Louisiana) Dec 8-0,4-2
Match #4 Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) over Kyle Bergstedt (California) Dec 3-0,3-0
Match #5 Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) over Derek Thompson (Oklahoma) Dec 3-0,1-2,3-1
Match #6 Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) over Matthew Wilps (Pennsylvania) Dec 5-0,8-0
Match #7 Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) over Stephen Skroch (Nevada) Fall 1:22
Match #8 Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) over Erich Schmidtke (Washington) Dec 4-0,3-1
Match #9 Ryland Geiger (Oregon) over Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) Dec 0-2,1-1,3-1

Junior-189 – Tyler Dirks – DNP
Match #1 John Smyers (Ohio) over Tyler Dirks (Minnesota) TF 5-0,7-0
Match #2 Matt Mccarter (Illinois) over Tyler Dirks (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior-215 – Alex Beucler – DNP
Match #1 Alex Beucler (Minnesota) over Jacob Mcmneill (North Carolina) Fall 0:39
Match #2 David Schlarb (Ohio) over Alex Beucler (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,4-6,3-1
Match #3 Spencer Desena (New York) over Alex Beucler (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-0

Junior-215 – Pat Mahan – All-American – 3rd Place
Match #1 Pat Mahan (Minnesota) over Jake Mabry (Washington) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Pat Mahan (Minnesota) over Byron Tate (Iowa) Dec 6-0,1-1
Match #3 Pat Mahan (Minnesota) over Jim Nemunaitis (Ohio) Dec 3-0,2-1
Match #4 Pat Mahan (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Pat Mahan (Minnesota) over Stryker Lane (Colorado) Dec 6-0,3-0
Match #6 Marcel Dubose (Michigan) over Pat Mahan (Minnesota) Dec 2-2,4-3,6-0
Match #7 Pat Mahan (Minnesota) over Dallas O`malley (Wisconsin) Dec 2-2,3-1
Match #8 Pat Mahan (Minnesota) over Kevin Mcfarland (Illinois) Dec 1-1,1-1,2-1
Match #9 Pat Mahan (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Pat Mahan (Minnesota) over Oney Snyder (Ohio) Fall 7-0,1:00

Junior-215 – Nick Creamier – DNP
Match #1 Nick Creamier (Minnesota) over Lester Mendoza (Louisiana) Fall 8-0,0:51
Match #2 Michael Gonzales (Alaska) over Nick Creamier (Minnesota) Dec 0-4,1-1,3-1
Match #3 Nick Creamier (Minnesota) over James Martin (Washington) Dec 3-2,2-2
Match #4 Nick Creamier (Minnesota) over Joe Kent (Florida) Dec 1-1,3-3
Match #5 Oney Snyder (Ohio) over Nick Creamier (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-1

Junior-285 – Hakan Binek – DNP
Match #1 Atticus Disney (Kansas) over Hakan Binek (Minnesota) TF 6-0,10-1
Match #2 Hakan Binek (Minnesota) over Derrick Ingram (Missouri) Fall 0:41
Match #3 Hakan Binek (Minnesota) over Rob Bourke (Illinois) Dec 3-2,2-1
Match #4 Tucker Lane (Colorado) over Hakan Binek (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,7-1

Junior-285 – Jake Kettler – DNP
Match #1 Corey James (New York) over Jake Kettler (Minnesota) Fall 0:25
Match #2 Chris Rupe (Iowa) over Jake Kettler (Minnesota) Fall 1:49

Women Freestyle Results for Minnesota

Final Results:

MN All-American
6th Place: 132 pounds – Ashley Johnson, New Ulm

Individual Results

Women-95 – Natalie Rutt – DNP
Match #1 Kristi Garr (Michigan) over Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) Dec 5-4,4-4
Match #2 Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) over Kelsey-ann Mita (Hawaii) Dec 1-1,6-0
Match #3 Amelia Munson (Connecticut) over Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) Dec 2-4,5-2,5-4

Women-132 – Ashley Johnson’s place is 6th
Match #1 Ashley Johnson (Minnesota) over Rachael Skroch (Nevada) Fall 0:56
Match #2 Ashley Johnson (Minnesota) over Cindy Kaffenberger (Michigan) Dec 4-0,5-1
Match #3 Ashley Johnson (Minnesota) over Raquel Pa`aluhi (Hawaii) Fall 3-0,0:20
Match #4 Ashley Johnson (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Tessa Plana (Texas) over Ashley Johnson (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,3-0
Match #6 Tatiana Padilla (California) over Ashley Johnson (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #7 Ashley Johnson (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Amber Miracle (Wisconsin) over Ashley Johnson (Minnesota) Fall 4-0,1-3,1:47

Cadet Freestyle Results for Minnesota

Final Results:

Top Ten Team Results
Team Name (Wrestlers) Points
1. Pennsylvania (49) 71.00
2. Ohio (67) 70.00
3. New Jersey (40) 58.00
4. Missouri (35) 48.00
5. Minnesota (50) 41.00
6. Iowa (36) 29.00
7. Wisconsin (39) 29.00
8. Kansas (24) 25.00
9. Washington (42) 25.00
10. California (51) 23.00

MN National Champion
1st Place: 84 pounds – Hayden Zillmer, Crosby-Ironton

MN All-Americans
2nd Place: 171 pounds – Mic Berg, Simley
3rd Place: 112 pounds – Destin McCauley, Apple Valley
4th Place: 215 pounds – Pat Brinkman, New Ulm
5th Place: 125 pounds – Luke Vaith, Hastings
5th Place: 152 pounds – Craig Kelliher, Apple Valley
6th Place: 84 pounds – Jacoby Bergeron, Thief River Falls
6th Place: 171 pounds – Jeff Nielsen, Zimmerman
8th Place: 105 pounds – Drew Fleming, Waconia

Individual Results

Cadet-84 – Jacoby Bergeron’s place is 6th
Match #1 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Kyle Pillars (Michigan) Dec 3-0,5-1
Match #2 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Patrick Parham (Indiana) Dec 6-0,2-1
Match #3 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Michael Soria (New York) TF 6-0,8-0
Match #4 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Anthony Leonard (California) Dec 2-4,5-3,5-0
Match #5 Josh Martinez (Washington) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,5-0
Match #6 Jade Rauser (Montana) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-0
Match #7 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 William Hagany (New Jersey) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,7-6

Cadet-84 – Hayden Zillmer’s place is 1st
Match #1 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Dylan Good (Ohio) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Roman Holcomb (Oregon) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Harley Davis (California) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #4 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Cody Phillips (Indiana) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #5 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Brenan Lyon (Michigan) Dec 2-0,2-1
Match #7 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over William Hagany (New Jersey) TF 6-0,8-1
Match #8 Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Jade Rauser (Montana) Fall 6-0,1-1,1:53

Cadet-84 – Nick Clobes – DNP
Match #1 Cody Phillips (Indiana) over Nick Clobes (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #2 Nick Clobes (Minnesota) over Maxwell Soria (New York) Fall 3-2,1:59
Match #3 William Hagany (New Jersey) over Nick Clobes (Minnesota) Dec 0-5,1-0,4-0

Cadet-98 – Justin Stevens – DNP
Match #1 Matt Bystol (Illinois) over Justin Stevens (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,2-2,6-0
Match #2 Abraham Islas (Arizona) over Justin Stevens (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,5-1

Cadet-98 – R J Hallman – DNP
Match #1 R J Hallman (Minnesota) over Cliff Evans (Montana) TF 7-0,8-0
Match #2 Brock Krumm (North Dakota) over R J Hallman (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,1:17
Match #3 Marcus Sarnecki (Ohio) over R J Hallman (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,5-0

Cadet-105 – Devon Scott – DNP
Match #1 Joe Rendina (Michigan) over Devon Scott (Minnesota) Dec 6-2,1-3,3-0
Match #2 Nicholas Hannan (Ohio) over Devon Scott (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-1

Cadet-105 – Christian Skillings – DNP
Match #1 Shawn Lau (Montana) over Christian Skillings (Minnesota) Dec 6-6,6-1,1-1
Match #2 Christian Skillings (Minnesota) over Justin Heller (Pennsylvania) Dec 4-2,10-3
Match #3 Christian Skillings (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Ryak Finch (Arizona) over Christian Skillings (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,8-3

Cadet-105 – Tanner Hummel – DNP
Match #1 Jordan Ng (Hawaii) over Tanner Hummel (Minnesota) TF 6-0,8-0
Match #2 Sharky Slyter (Kansas) over Tanner Hummel (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,0:25

Cadet-105 – Drew Fleming’s place is 8th
Match #1 Drew Fleming (Minnesota) over Kodie Egnor (Ohio) Dec 7-0,5-4
Match #2 Drew Fleming (Minnesota) over Sage Ornelas (Arizona) Dec 0-3,2-1,1-0
Match #3 Drew Fleming (Minnesota) over Tom Ambrose (Illinois) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #4 Efrain Aguilar (Washington) over Drew Fleming (Minnesota) TF 6-0,8-0
Match #5 Drew Fleming (Minnesota) over Scott Mantua (Maryland) Dec 6-0,3-0
Match #6 Drew Fleming (Minnesota) over A J Schopp (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #7 Drew Fleming (Minnesota) over Sean Dolan (Delaware) Dec 4-8,6-0,3-0
Match #8 Sharky Slyter (Kansas) over Drew Fleming (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,6-0
Match #9 Mitchell Port (Pennsylvania) over Drew Fleming (Minnesota) Fall 0:50

Cadet-112 – Tyler Mergen – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) over Ben Gacayan (California) TF 6-0,8-1
Match #2 Zachary Huxford (New Jersey) over Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,4-0
Match #3 Patrick Mucha (Washington) over Tyler Mergen (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,2-1

Cadet-112 – Dylan Ness – DNP
Match #1 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Joe Brewster (Illinois) Fall 5-2,6-7,0:47
Match #2 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over David Bolger (Ohio) Fall 1:46
Match #3 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Pete Baldwin (Florida) Dec 9-4,8-1
Match #4 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Kade Moss (Utah) Dec 8-0,4-4
Match #5 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Sean Silva (California) Dec 4-3,5-2
Match #6 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Ray Borja (Virginia) TF 10-3,6-0
Match #7 Logan Stieber (Ohio) over Dylan Ness (Minnesota) TF 9-3,7-0
Match #8 Nick Schenk (Maryland) over Dylan Ness (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,7-4

Cadet-112 – Paul Norgren – DNP
Match #1 Stephen Robertson (Illinois) over Paul Norgren (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,5-0
Match #2 Paul Norgren (Minnesota) over Ricky Ortego (Louisiana) Fall 7-0,0:54
Match #3 Jacob Kaufman (Oregon) over Paul Norgren (Minnesota) Dec 7-1,5-1

Cadet-112 – Destin McCauley’s place is 3rd
Match #1 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Garrett Fincke (Florida) Fall 7-0,0:16
Match #3 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Colton Rasche (Illinois) Dec 1-1,2-1
Match #4 Samuel White (Ohio) over Destin McCauley (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,5-0,1-0
Match #5 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Joe Colon (Iowa) Dec 8-1,3-1
Match #6 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Jerome Robinson (Ohio) Dec 3-0,4-3
Match #7 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Stephen Robertson (Illinois) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #8 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Luke Goettl (Arizona) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #9 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Casey Lanave (New York) Fall 1-1,4-2,1:39
Match #10 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #11 Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Jesse Delgado (California) Dec 6-0,6-1

Cadet-112 – Ali Mohammed – DNP
Match #1 Ali Mohammed (Minnesota) over David Marne (Montana) Fall 3-0,1:33
Match #2 Ali Mohammed (Minnesota) over Dylan Robinson (Nevada) Dec 3-1,7-0
Match #3 Scott Filbert (Arizona) over Ali Mohammed (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,5-0
Match #4 Jesse Delgado (California) over Ali Mohammed (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:05

Cadet-119 – August Short – DNP
Match #1 Matt Dietz (Michigan) over August Short (Minnesota) Fall 0:41
Match #2 Logan Cudd (Wisconsin) over August Short (Minnesota) Fall 0:30

Cadet-119 – Ethan Hildebrandt – DNP
Match #1 Ethan Hildebrandt (Minnesota) over Wes Jones (Virginia) Dec 3-0,3-0
Match #2 Ethan Hildebrandt (Minnesota) over Matt Evans (Missouri) Fall 3-1,0:57
Match #3 Travis Metcalf (Washington) over Ethan Hildebrandt (Minnesota) Fall 1:34
Match #4 Bret Baumbach (Iowa) over Ethan Hildebrandt (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,2-2

Cadet-119 – Ryan Arne – DNP
Match #1 Ryan Arne (Minnesota) over Ian Miller (Ohio) Fall 0:49
Match #2 Nick Nelson (California) over Ryan Arne (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,0-3,6-0
Match #3 Vinny Gallegos (Colorado) over Ryan Arne (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-6,3-0

Cadet-119 – Cola Jensen – DNP
Match #1 Craig Mcintire (Ohio) over Cola Jensen (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Joe Locksmith (Florida) over Cola Jensen (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,3-0

Cadet-119 – Justin LaValle – DNP
Match #1 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Mike Moreno (Arizona) Dec 5-1,6-5
Match #2 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Michael Radcliff (Florida) Fall 1:53
Match #3 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Tyler Spangler (Virginia) Dec 1-0,7-0
Match #4 Anthony Curcio (New Jersey) over Justin LaValle (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,0-1,1-1
Match #5 Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Nick Dardanes (Illinois) Dec 1-0,7-1
Match #6 Chris Villalonga (New Jersey) over Justin LaValle (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-3

Cadet-125 – Luke Vaith’s place is 5th
Match #1 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Andy Mcculley (Wyoming) Fall 0:56
Match #2 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Kaleb Friedley (Missouri) Dec 6-0,8-4
Match #3 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Spencer Brown (Utah) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #4 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Trevor Mills (Washington) Fall 0:57
Match #5 Alex Bridgeford (Nebraska) over Luke Vaith (Minnesota) Dec 4-4,1-0
Match #6 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Nicky Gordon (Pennsylvania) Fall 0:41
Match #7 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Joseph Waltko (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-0,0-8,2-1
Match #8 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Jacob Ballweg (Iowa) Dec 2-1,3-1
Match #9 Kyle Bradley (Missouri) over Luke Vaith (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,2-1
Match #10 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Ryan Rosales (Oklahoma) Dec 1-1,4-3

Cadet-125 – Taylor Menke – DNP
Match #1 Taylor Menke (Minnesota) over Bryan Anderson (Utah) Fall 0:30
Match #2 Taylor Menke (Minnesota) over Kirk Britton (Michigan) Dec 3-2,5-3
Match #3 Ethan Owens (Virginia) over Taylor Menke (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,6-2
Match #4 Colin Feeley (Rhode Island) over Taylor Menke (Minnesota) Dec 7-5,4-2

Cadet-125 – Robbie Fisher – DNP
Match #1 Robbie Fisher (Minnesota) over Brock Brown (Utah) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Robbie Fisher (Minnesota) over Eli Ashby (South Carolina) Dec 3-1,2-0
Match #3 Robbie Fisher (Minnesota) over Colton Wagner (Iowa) TF 7-1,6-0
Match #4 Codey Combs (Delaware) over Robbie Fisher (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,3-0
Match #5 Scott Mattingly (Ohio) over Robbie Fisher (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Cadet-125 – Tommy Glenn – DNP
Match #1 Tommy Glenn (Minnesota) over Josh Durham (Oklahoma) Fall 1:42
Match #2 Tommy Glenn (Minnesota) over Alex Villatoro (Texas) Dec 4-0,6-0
Match #3 Kevin Maelfeyt (California) over Tommy Glenn (Minnesota) Fall 1:03
Match #4 Garrett Frey (Pennsylvania) over Tommy Glenn (Minnesota) TF 7-0,10-4

Cadet-130 – Steven Keogh – DNP
Match #1 Brock Crocker (Oregon) over Steven Keogh (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,3-1
Match #2 Ellis Coleman (Illinois) over Steven Keogh (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Cadet-130 – Connor MacGregor – DNP
Match #1 Connor MacGregor (Minnesota) over Tanner Mccartney (Virginia) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Dylan Marriott (Missouri) over Connor MacGregor (Minnesota) Fall 1:29
Match #3 Dylan Alton (Pennsylvania) over Connor MacGregor (Minnesota) Fall 0:41

Cadet-130 – Tommy Teigen – DNP
Match #1 Jared Kilcup (Washington) over Tommy Teigen (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-0
Match #2 Daniel Domanico (Georgia) over Tommy Teigen (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,0:45

Cadet-135 – Jarrett Hoeppner – DNP
Match #1 Jarrett Hoeppner (Minnesota) over Mitch Breen (South Dakota) Fall 12-6,1:24
Match #2 Jarrett Hoeppner (Minnesota) over Adam Morrell (Maryland) TF 8-1,6-0
Match #3 Andrew Alton (Pennsylvania) over Jarrett Hoeppner (Minnesota) Fall 0:50
Match #4 Jarrett Hoeppner (Minnesota) over Dylan Westwang (Oregon) Dec 5-1,2-3,2-1
Match #5 Anthony Salupo (Ohio) over Jarrett Hoeppner (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-1

Cadet-135 – Ryan Thompson – DNP
Match #1 Dillon Smith (Pennsylvania) over Ryan Thompson (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,2-2
Match #2 Matt Miller (Maryland) over Ryan Thompson (Minnesota) Fall 2-9,0:52

Cadet-135 – Tyler Kivel – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Kivel (Minnesota) over Collin Crowell (New Hampshire) Fall 1:08
Match #2 Trevor Wiest (Missouri) over Tyler Kivel (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,7-0
Match #3 Jake Wojcik (Illinois) over Tyler Kivel (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,6-1

Cadet-140 – Spencer Johnson – DNP
Match #1 Tucker Raich (Florida) over Spencer Johnson (Minnesota) TF 6-0,8-1
Match #2 Spencer Johnson (Minnesota) over Jacob Williams (Michigan) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #3 Kalvin York (Wisconsin) over Spencer Johnson (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Cadet-145 – RJ Cirksena – DNP
Match #1 Mark Stenberg (Illinois) over RJ Cirksena (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Calib Rought (Michigan) over RJ Cirksena (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:32

Cadet-145 – Jordan Campa – DNP
Match #1 Jordan Campa (Minnesota) over Alex Bailey (Indiana) Fall 0:34
Match #2 Jordan Campa (Minnesota) over Gordon Armstrong (Georgia) Fall 7-4,0:38
Match #3 Shawn Thomas (Oklahoma) over Jordan Campa (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #4 Jordan Campa (Minnesota) over Taylor Smith (Ohio) Dec 1-6,7-5,2-0
Match #5 Jordan Campa (Minnesota) over Trenton Lemons (Alaska) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #6 Tyler Sheridan (California) over Jordan Campa (Minnesota) TF 8-1,7-0

Cadet-145 – Jack Barnes – DNP
Match #1 Zach Van Wey (Ohio) over Jack Barnes (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,2-3,3-2
Match #2 Jack Barnes (Minnesota) over Steve Carlson (Illinois) Fall 1:45
Match #3 Jack Barnes (Minnesota) over Alex Yde (Wisconsin) Dec 6-0,2-9,3-1
Match #4 Travis Gallegos (California) over Jack Barnes (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Cadet-145 – Nick Schuler – DNP
Match #1 Wally Figaro (Florida) over Nick Schuler (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-2
Match #2 Nick Schuler (Minnesota) over Russell Townsend (Wisconsin) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #3 Nick Schuler (Minnesota) over Justin Patus (New York) Dec 5-2,8-2
Match #4 Nick Schuler (Minnesota) over Devon Johnson (Nebraska) Fall 1:47
Match #5 Zach Skates (Oklahoma) over Nick Schuler (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,3-2

Cadet-145 – Max Poikonen – DNP
Match #1 Sam Bennett (Indiana) over Max Poikonen (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-0
Match #2 Max Poikonen (Minnesota) over Andrew Whitfield (Idaho) Dec 3-1,2-1
Match #3 Max Poikonen (Minnesota) over Chris Tripplet (Washington) Dec 3-1,3-0
Match #4 Tyce Shirley (Wisconsin) over Max Poikonen (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-0

Cadet-152 – Jeremy Duruji – DNP
Match #1 Patrick Nord (North Dakota) over Jeremy Duruji (Minnesota) Fall 10-3,0:40
Match #2 Kanoa Matutino (Hawaii) over Jeremy Duruji (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,5-4

Cadet-152 – Kurtis Julson – DNP
Match #1 Kurtis Julson (Minnesota) over Daniel Frandsen (Utah) Fall 0:34
Match #2 Joshua Van Tine (Colorado) over Kurtis Julson (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,7-1,0-0
Match #3 Walt Gillmor (Iowa) over Kurtis Julson (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Cadet-152 – Tyler Lehmann – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Keelan Moore (Iowa) over Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) Dec 9-8,5-1
Match #3 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Christian Wyatt (Missouri) Fall 0-6,8-7,0:37
Match #4 Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) over Bernie Dupuy (Louisiana) Fall 0:44
Match #5 Steven Santos (New Jersey) over Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,7-4

Cadet-152 – Craig Kelliher’s place is 5th
Match #1 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Ross Powell (Indiana) Dec 10-5,4-1
Match #2 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Justin Evans (Montana) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Michael Moreno (Iowa) Dec 3-3,0-5,5-4
Match #5 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Ethan Wilson (New York) Fall 1:10
Match #6 Chris Urquizo (California) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 4-4,4-2
Match #7 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Ryan Garringer (Illinois) Dec 2-2,6-2
Match #8 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Kyle Detmer (Kansas) Dec 4-2,6-6
Match #9 Preston Keiffer (New Jersey) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Fall 1-7,5-2,0:42
Match #10 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #11 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Jordan Brown (Kansas) Dec 5-2,4-2

Cadet-160 – John Gusewelle – DNP
Match #1 John Gusewelle (Minnesota) over Louis Alba (Florida) Dec 9-1,5-4
Match #2 John Gusewelle (Minnesota) over Aaron Garcia (Nevada) Dec 6-0,5-4
Match #3 Clint Wilson (South Dakota) over John Gusewelle (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,5-0
Match #4 Miles Hygelund (Oregon) over John Gusewelle (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,5-0

Cadet-160 – Brendan Eichmann – DNP
Match #1 Brendan Eichmann (Minnesota) over Dan Martin (Illinois) Dec 3-0,7-0
Match #2 Brendan Eichmann (Minnesota) over Trey Maserang (Ohio) Dec 3-5,6-1,6-3
Match #3 Erin O`dell (Florida) over Brendan Eichmann (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,4-3
Match #4 Brandonn Johnson (Maryland) over Brendan Eichmann (Minnesota) Fall 1:52

Cadet-160 – William Hunt – DNP
Match #1 William Hunt (Minnesota) over Josh Weaver (Oregon) Fall 6-0,0:35
Match #2 William Hunt (Minnesota) over Joe Schindel (Ohio) Dec 2-1,8-0
Match #3 William Hunt (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 William Hunt (Minnesota) over Jake Desroches (Washington) Dec 8-3,4-3
Match #5 William Hunt (Minnesota) over Mike Phelps (Indiana) Dec 2-1,6-0
Match #6 Logan Shirey (Pennsylvania) over William Hunt (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-3
Match #7 Riley Kilroy (Ohio) over William Hunt (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,9-1

Cadet-171 – Mitchell Hagen – DNP
Match #1 Mitchell Hagen (Minnesota) over Charles Dove (Ohio) Dec 7-0,1-1
Match #2 Mitchell Hagen (Minnesota) over Allen Catlin (Texas) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Mitchell Hagen (Minnesota) over Marcellus Walker (Washington) Fall 1:07
Match #4 Colin Lenhardt (Virginia) over Mitchell Hagen (Minnesota) Fall 1-4,1:22
Match #5 Chesten Kesselhon (Wisconsin) over Mitchell Hagen (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,2-3,3-0

Cadet-171 – Jeff Nielsen’s place is 6th
Match #1 Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) over Pat Nusekabel (Ohio) Fall 7-0,1:10
Match #2 Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) over Vincent Hall (New York) FF
Match #3 Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) over Jesse Hellinger (California) Fall 0:46
Match #4 Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) over Max Adair (Oklahoma) Dec 7-2,4-0
Match #5 Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Mic Berg (Minnesota) over Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,1-0
Match #7 Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) over Ethan Blackstock (Georgia) Dec 1-0,2-3,4-0
Match #8 John Eblen (Missouri) over Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,1-3,3-0
Match #9 Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Chesten Kesselhon (Wisconsin) over Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,7-3

Cadet-171 – Mic Berg’s place is 2nd
Match #1 Mic Berg (Minnesota) over Nico Jimenez (Illinois) Dec 3-1,3-2
Match #2 Mic Berg (Minnesota) over Jack Steinberg (Oregon) Fall 0:42
Match #3 Mic Berg (Minnesota) over Cameron Smith (Washington) Dec 3-1,1-0
Match #4 Mic Berg (Minnesota) over Zak Mayo (New Jersey) Dec 5-1,5-3
Match #5 Mic Berg (Minnesota) over Derrick Borlie (Virginia) Dec 6-0,6-3
Match #6 Mic Berg (Minnesota) over Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,1-0
Match #7 Mic Berg (Minnesota) over John Eblen (Missouri) Dec 1-7,6-1,5-5
Match #8 Mic Berg (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Chris Phillips (Ohio) over Mic Berg (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-0

Cadet-171 – Luke Perkerwicz – DNP
Match #1 Chris Phillips (Ohio) over Luke Perkerwicz (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,0:13
Match #2 Alec Bird (Washington) over Luke Perkerwicz (Minnesota) Fall 5-5,0:53

Cadet-189 – Erik Berdahl – DNP
Match #1 Erik Berdahl (Minnesota) over Jake Filkins (Wisconsin) ID
Match #2 Erik Berdahl (Minnesota) over Mark Cross (Maryland) Fall 0:40
Match #3 Erik Berdahl (Minnesota) over Trevor Parlberg (Illinois) Dec 7-5,0-4,5-1
Match #4 Max Huntley (Armed Forces) over Erik Berdahl (Minnesota) Dec 7-2,6-0
Match #5 Nicholas Ruggear (Pennsylvania) over Erik Berdahl (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,3-2

Cadet-215 – Parker Betts – DNP
Match #1 Lucas Bowman (Connecticut) over Parker Betts (Minnesota) Fall 0:53
Match #2 Johnny Fernandez (California) over Parker Betts (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,5-0

Cadet-215 – Pat Brinkman’s place is 4th
Match #1 Pat Brinkman (Minnesota) over Alex Andel (North Dakota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Pat Brinkman (Minnesota) over Alex Beltran (California) Fall 2-0,0:41
Match #3 Pat Brinkman (Minnesota) over Shomari Watts (Pennsylvania) Dec 7-3,4-0
Match #4 Kyle Caylor (Kansas) over Pat Brinkman (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-1
Match #5 Pat Brinkman (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Pat Brinkman (Minnesota) over Bryan Solomon (Oklahoma) Dec 0-4,2-2,1-0
Match #7 Anthony Pike (Arizona) over Pat Brinkman (Minnesota) Fall 0-3,1:59

Cadet-285 – Josh Richards – DNP
Match #1 Warren Ziegler (Delaware) over Josh Richards (Minnesota) Fall 1:08
Match #2 Josh Richards (Minnesota) over Caleb O`neil (Oklahoma) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #3 Evan Craig (Pennsylvania) over Josh Richards (Minnesota) Fall 1:51

Junior Freestyle Results for Minnesota

Final Results:

Top Ten Team Results
Team Name (Wrestlers) Points
1. Illinois (65) 50.00
2. Iowa (53) 48.00
3. New Jersey (41) 47.00
4. Minnesota (51) 40.00
5. Missouri (49) 40.00
6. Pennsylvania (49) 34.00
7. Oregon (38) 33.00
8. Washington (38) 28.00
9. California (51) 27.00
10. Colorado (17) 26.00

MN All-Americans
2nd Place: 145 pounds – Jake Deitchler, Anoka
2nd Place: 215 pounds – Pat Mahan, Owatonna
3rd Place: 112 pounds – David Thorn, Saint Michael-Albertville
3rd Place: 119 pounds – Zachary Sanders, Wabasha-Kellogg
3rd Place: 189 pounds – Zac Nielsen, Zimmerman
4th Place: 145 pounds – Torey Stewart, Jackson County Central
6th Place: 135 pounds – Joe Murphy, Trinity at River Ridge

Individual Results

Junior-112 – David Thorn’s place is 3rd
Match #1 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Ryan Jauch (Illinois) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #2 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Britain Longmire (Nevada) Dec 2-1,7-0
Match #3 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Ben Sergent (Ohio) Dec 3-2,2-4,1-0
Match #4 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Kellen Aura (California) Dec 1-0,5-0
Match #5 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Shane Summerlin (Georgia) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #6 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Andrew Long (Iowa) Dec 3-3,1-3,2-2
Match #7 David Thorn (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Donte Butler (Missouri) over David Thorn (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,3-2
Match #9 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Willie Gunter (Oklahoma) Dec 1-2,1-0,4-0
Match #10 David Thorn (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #11 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Steve Mitcheff (Ohio) Dec 4-1,4-2

Junior-119 – Cody Lensing – DNP
Match #1 James Inghram (Ohio) over Cody Lensing (Minnesota) Fall 1-0,0-7,1:33
Match #2 Cody Lensing (Minnesota) over Nick Lafarga (Hawaii) TF 8-1,7-1
Match #3 Cody Lensing (Minnesota) over Craig Barker (Florida) Dec 6-0,5-1
Match #4 Jonny Brennan (Illinois) over Cody Lensing (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,7-0

Junior-119 – Zachary Sanders’s place is 3rd
Match #1 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Steven Joseph (Florida) Dec 6-0,3-0
Match #2 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Ryan Biggs (Ohio) Dec 6-3,8-0
Match #3 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Jake Demmon (Iowa) Dec 4-0,8-3
Match #4 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Rich Alarcron (California) Dec 1-1,1-0
Match #5 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Prescott Garner (Oregon) Dec 7-0,3-1
Match #6 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Danny Fisher (Illinois) Fall 2-0,1:07
Match #7 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Zachariah Neibert (Ohio) Dec 7-0,3-0
Match #8 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Nikko Triggas (California) Dec 1-0,3-0
Match #9 Jordan Oliver (Pennsylvania) over Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #10 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Frank Lomas (California) Dec 1-0,3-1

Junior-119 – Pat LeVasseur – DNP
Match #1 Pat LeVasseur (Minnesota) over Matt Rowe (New York) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Patrick Hunter (New Jersey) over Pat LeVasseur (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,6-0
Match #3 Bobby Wunnicke (Wisconsin) over Pat LeVasseur (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Junior-119 – Tom Kelliher – DNP
Match #1 Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) over Andrew Schmauch (Oklahoma) Dec 6-0,1-0
Match #2 Paul Garza (Arizona) over Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,1-5,1-1
Match #3 Nikko Triggas (California) over Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,3-1

Junior-119 – Danny Zilverberg – DNP
Match #1 Danny Zilverberg (Minnesota) over Travis Okano (Hawaii) Dec 4-1,6-2
Match #2 Danny Zilverberg (Minnesota) over Nathan Lowis (Arizona) Fall 1-1,0:23
Match #3 Danny Zilverberg (Minnesota) over Dan Osterman (Michigan) Dec 7-0,0-4,3-0
Match #4 Zach Bintliff (Missouri) over Danny Zilverberg (Minnesota) Fall 4-0,1:40
Match #5 Ronnie Hicks (New York) over Danny Zilverberg (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,1-0,1-0

Junior-119 – Chad Henle – DNP
Match #1 Cody Beisel (Oklahoma) over Chad Henle (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,2-0
Match #2 Nick Flores (Utah) over Chad Henle (Minnesota) Fall 1:16

Junior-125 – Jason Jeremiason – DNP
Match #1 Jason Jeremiason (Minnesota) over Billy Heyduk (Illinois) Dec 4-2,8-1
Match #2 Jason Jeremiason (Minnesota) over Zack Bontrager (Kentucky) Dec 4-0,6-0
Match #3 Nate Moore (Iowa) over Jason Jeremiason (Minnesota) Fall 0:30
Match #4 Kyle Lang (Ohio) over Jason Jeremiason (Minnesota) Fall 1:06

Junior-125 – Justin Koob – DNP
Match #1 Nick Lester (Missouri) over Justin Koob (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Jake Tanenbaum (Kansas) over Justin Koob (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Junior-125 – Cole Von Ohlen – DNP
Match #1 Boris Novachkov (California) over Cole Von Ohlen (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,4-1
Match #2 Cole Von Ohlen (Minnesota) over Tyler Malmberg (New York) Dec 6-2,7-0
Match #3 Cole Von Ohlen (Minnesota) over Nick Grim (Florida) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #4 Cole Von Ohlen (Minnesota) over Paul Johnson (Utah) Dec 4-1,6-0
Match #5 Cole Von Ohlen (Minnesota) over Jeremiah Edwards (Indiana) Dec 6-0,6-2
Match #6 Matt McDonough (Iowa) over Cole Von Ohlen (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-0

Junior-130 – Matt Mincey – DNP
Match #1 Matt Mincey (Minnesota) over Avery Garner (Idaho) Dec 6-0,5-0
Match #2 Matt Mincey (Minnesota) over Chris Goon (New York) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Matt Mincey (Minnesota) over Seth Horner (Ohio) Dec 0-2,2-1,4-0
Match #4 Matt Mincey (Minnesota) over Frank Higgins (New Jersey) Dec 4-0,1-1
Match #5 Matt Mincey (Minnesota) over Sean McCarty (Maryland) Dec 4-3,6-0
Match #6 Izzy Montemayor (Illinois) over Matt Mincey (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-2
Match #7 Mark Weber (Michigan) over Matt Mincey (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,7-0

Junior-130 – Michael Murphy – DNP
Match #1 Matt Metzler (New York) over Michael Murphy (Minnesota) Dec 1-3,3-1,7-1
Match #2 Michael Murphy (Minnesota) over David Calhoun (Florida) Dec 2-0,2-0
Match #3 Neil Birt (Ohio) over Michael Murphy (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-130 – David Zilverberg – DNP
Match #1 Brock Coutu (Connecticut) over David Zilverberg (Minnesota) TF 8-2,8-0
Match #2 David Zilverberg (Minnesota) over Nick Hutchinson (Florida) Fall 0:19
Match #3 David Zilverberg (Minnesota) over Kevin Kretz (Ohio) Dec 8-4,9-3
Match #4 Dominick Oddo (New York) over David Zilverberg (Minnesota) Dec 7-1,4-0

Junior-130 – Mark Erickson – DNP
Match #1 Mark Erickson (Minnesota) over Ryan Lukanich (Illinois) Dec 6-0,6-2
Match #2 Justin Scott (Washington) over Mark Erickson (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,1-2,5-0
Match #3 Daniel Bieshaar (Colorado) over Mark Erickson (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,2-6,2-1

Junior-135 – Pat Smith – DNP
Match #1 Pat Smith (Minnesota) over Mario Decaro (California) Dec 2-2,4-0
Match #2 Pat Smith (Minnesota) over Adam Theisen (Wisconsin) Dec 2-3,5-3,6-0
Match #3 Pat Smith (Minnesota) over Shaun Nance (Oregon) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 Pat Smith (Minnesota) over Anthony Campbell (Iowa) Dec 2-1,6-0
Match #5 Trey Ayala (Illinois) over Pat Smith (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,1-0
Match #6 Pat Smith (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #7 Jason Chamberlain (Utah) over Pat Smith (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,6-0

Junior-135 – Derek Schreiner – DNP
Match #1 Kyle Marsh (Indiana) over Derek Schreiner (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-3
Match #2 Geno Capezio (Illinois) over Derek Schreiner (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,4-0

Junior-135 – Joel Dubiel – DNP
Match #1 Joel Dubiel (Minnesota) over Grant Overcashier (Michigan) Dec 0-3,1-0,3-0
Match #2 Conner Zuber (Indiana) over Joel Dubiel (Minnesota) Dec 7-1,7-6
Match #3 Nate Herda (South Dakota) over Joel Dubiel (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,7-0

Junior-135 – Joe Murphy’s place is 6th
Match #1 Joe Murphy (Minnesota) over David Green (Illinois) Dec 2-0,1-0
Match #2 Joe Murphy (Minnesota) over Ryan Medved (Georgia) Dec 3-2,3-3,3-0
Match #3 Joe Murphy (Minnesota) over Kevin Timothy (Florida) Dec 1-0,8-1
Match #4 Joe Murphy (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Joe Murphy (Minnesota) over Quin Leith (Iowa) Dec 3-0,7-1
Match #6 C.J. Napier (Kansas) over Joe Murphy (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #7 Joe Murphy (Minnesota) over Trenton Washington (Nebraska) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #8 Joe Murphy (Minnesota) over Peter Yates (Georgia) Dec 1-5,4-0,1-0
Match #9 Norman Richmond (Oregon) over Joe Murphy (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,1-1
Match #10 Joe Murphy (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #11 Nick Hucke (Wisconsin) over Joe Murphy (Minnesota) Dec 2-2,3-0,1-0

Junior-140 – Dan Deslaurius – DNP
Match #1 Esai Dominguez (Iowa) over Dan Deslaurius (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Bobby Barney (Texas) over Dan Deslaurius (Minnesota) TF 7-1,9-3

Junior-140 – Jake Saatzer – DNP
Match #1 Kellen Russell (New Jersey) over Jake Saatzer (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Jake Saatzer (Minnesota) over Waren Wattson (Michigan) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Jake Saatzer (Minnesota) over Brandon Pettijohn (Indiana) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 Jake Saatzer (Minnesota) over Leigh Tobias (New York) Dec 1-1,5-2
Match #5 Nathaniel Abril (Arizona) over Jake Saatzer (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,2-1

Junior-140 – Tony Valek – DNP
Match #1 Tony Valek (Minnesota) over Jarrett Williams (Georgia) TF 6-0,8-0
Match #2 Dylan Joiner (Missouri) over Tony Valek (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-1
Match #3 Tony Valek (Minnesota) over Turner Hodges (Oklahoma) Dec 6-2,1-0
Match #4 Tony Valek (Minnesota) over Richard Bushby (New Jersey) Dec 4-0,2-0
Match #5 Tony Valek (Minnesota) over Matt Brown (Utah) Dec 4-0,1-3,6-4
Match #6 Tony Valek (Minnesota) over Gus Lee (North Dakota) Dec 3-2,7-0
Match #7 Luke Silver (Texas) over Tony Valek (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,2-1

Junior-140 – Adam Siebenaler – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Carew (Iowa) over Adam Siebenaler (Minnesota) Fall 1:52
Match #2 Chad Taniguchi (Hawaii) over Adam Siebenaler (Minnesota) TF 6-0,1-7,9-6

Junior-145 – Matthew Baarson – DNP
Match #1 Matthew Baarson (Minnesota) over Carl Serck (South Dakota) Dec 3-1,0-1,4-3
Match #2 Eric Jones (Washington) over Matthew Baarson (Minnesota) Dec 6-5,7-0
Match #3 Travis Rasmussen (California) over Matthew Baarson (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,3-1

Junior-145 – Torey Stewart’s place is 4th
Match #1 Albert White (Illinois) over Torey Stewart (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,3-1
Match #2 Torey Stewart (Minnesota) over Don Miller (New Jersey) Dec 6-0,7-2
Match #3 Torey Stewart (Minnesota) over Aaron Thompson (Virginia) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #4 Torey Stewart (Minnesota) over Nick Flynn (Kansas) Dec 1-0,6-2
Match #5 Torey Stewart (Minnesota) over David Foxen (New York) Dec 7-0,2-1
Match #6 Torey Stewart (Minnesota) over Justin Accordino (Pennsylvania) Dec 5-0,2-0
Match #7 Torey Stewart (Minnesota) over Shane Nay (Missouri) Dec 3-0,2-1
Match #8 Torey Stewart (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Torey Stewart (Minnesota) over Justin Accordino (Pennsylvania) Dec 5-0,2-0
Match #10 Mario Mason (New Jersey) over Torey Stewart (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,0-1,1-0
Match #11 Torey Stewart (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #12 Jacob Salazar (Utah) over Torey Stewart (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0

Junior-145 – Justin Berns – DNP
Match #1 Justin Berns (Minnesota) over William Berrigan (Oregon) Fall 0:39
Match #2 Justin Berns (Minnesota) over John Christiansen (Florida) Dec 5-0,3-2
Match #3 Jesse Dong (Ohio) over Justin Berns (Minnesota) Dec 6-4,6-0
Match #4 Justin Accordino (Pennsylvania) over Justin Berns (Minnesota) Fall 0:09

Junior-145 – Lucas Murray – DNP
Match #1 Lucas Murray (Minnesota) over John Gochenour (New York) Dec 6-1,3-0
Match #2 Jeremy Regula (Ohio) over Lucas Murray (Minnesota) Fall 0:43
Match #3 Lucas Murray (Minnesota) over Corey Lear (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-0,3-0
Match #4 Lucas Murray (Minnesota) over Colin Malcolm (California) Dec 3-1,5-1
Match #5 Lucas Murray (Minnesota) over Ryan Larsen (South Dakota) Dec 3-1,1-0
Match #6 Vince Ramos (Illinois) over Lucas Murray (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,3-0

Junior-145 – Justin Aube – DNP
Match #1 Justin Aube (Minnesota) over Seth Short (California) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Colby Crank (Kansas) over Justin Aube (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,5-2
Match #3 Justin Aube (Minnesota) over Jon Goncalves (Connecticut) Dec 5-0,4-0
Match #4 Cody Miller (Washington) over Justin Aube (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,1-0

Junior-145 – Jake Deitchler’s place is 2nd
Match #1 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Jake Villaret (New York) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Davaughn Perkins (Nebraska) Dec 7-0,3-1
Match #3 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Joel Hutchens (Virginia) Dec 8-1,6-1
Match #4 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Mallie Shuster (Pennsylvania) Dec 5-2,6-0
Match #5 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Zach Cibula (Wisconsin) Dec 5-1,2-3,3-1
Match #6 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over John Renard (New Jersey) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #7 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Jacob Salazar (Utah) Dec 0-1,2-1,3-2
Match #8 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Eric Jones (Washington) TF 7-1,7-0
Match #10 Mario Mason (New Jersey) over Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-4,2-1

Junior-152 – Daniel Copp – DNP
Match #1 Daniel Copp (Minnesota) over John Leonard (Indiana) Dec 7-0,5-3
Match #2 Daniel Copp (Minnesota) over Jon Healy (Washington) Dec 6-0,4-1
Match #3 Daniel Copp (Minnesota) over Dallas Bailey (Oklahoma) Dec 0-6,6-0,5-1
Match #4 Kyle Dooley (Illinois) over Daniel Copp (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-2
Match #5 Robert Kellogg (Iowa) over Daniel Copp (Minnesota) Dec 8-5,5-4

Junior-152 – Kevin Steinhaus – DNP
Match #1 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Dwayne Hale (Wisconsin) Fall 5-0,0:51
Match #2 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Aaron Piomentesi (New Jersey) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Andrew Howe (Indiana) over Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,6-0
Match #4 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Collin Engelhardt (North Dakota) Dec 3-1,3-0
Match #5 Eric Cubberly (Ohio) over Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-152 – Matthew Pfarr – DNP
Match #1 Jedd Moore (Ohio) over Matthew Pfarr (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Matthew Pfarr (Minnesota) over Christian Fagan (Massachusetts) Fall 1:13
Match #3 Matthew Pfarr (Minnesota) over Austin Stubaus (Colorado) Dec 3-1,2-3,4-1
Match #4 Josh Calteux (Arizona) over Matthew Pfarr (Minnesota) Fall 0:38

Junior-152 – Kurt Knutson – DNP
Match #1 Kurt Knutson (Minnesota) over Billy Strmiska (California) Dec 8-0,2-1
Match #2 Kurt Knutson (Minnesota) over Josh Rittenhouse (Arizona) Dec 3-3,4-1
Match #3 Kurt Knutson (Minnesota) over Clint Orsini (Wisconsin) Dec 5-0,3-0
Match #4 Keith Hynson (Delaware) over Kurt Knutson (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-3,4-2
Match #5 Trey Edmunds (Nevada) over Kurt Knutson (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,6-0

Junior-160 – Tad Merritt – DNP
Match #1 Tad Merritt (Minnesota) over Wayne Williamson (Louisiana) Fall 6-0,0:53
Match #2 Tad Merritt (Minnesota) over James Hammontree (Nevada) Dec 6-0,5-0
Match #3 Chris Bullins (North Carolina) over Tad Merritt (Minnesota) Dec 5-1,3-0
Match #4 Kevin Hardy (Ohio) over Tad Merritt (Minnesota) Fall 4-6,6-1,0:56

Junior-160 – Mike Cullen – DNP
Match #1 Rowan Stander (Nebraska) over Mike Cullen (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,6-5,7-4
Match #2 Eric Starks (Washington) over Mike Cullen (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-160 – Matthew Morris – DNP
Match #1 Michael Chaires (New York) over Matthew Morris (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,3-0
Match #2 Matthew Morris (Minnesota) over Spence Patrick (Idaho) Dec 6-0,1-3,4-4
Match #3 Matthew Morris (Minnesota) over Scott Kelly (New Jersey) Dec 1-0,4-0
Match #4 Alex Munoz (Texas) over Matthew Morris (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,5-1

Junior-160 – Travis Rutt – DNP
Match #1 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Brian Reynolds (Illinois) Dec 6-0,3-2
Match #2 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Sam Rakes (Virginia) Fall 6-0,0-6,0:36
Match #3 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Jacob Burge (Michigan) Dec 0-1,1-0,4-0
Match #4 Brandon Hatchett (Florida) over Travis Rutt (Minnesota) Dec 1-2,1-1,2-1
Match #5 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Ethan Smith (Utah) Dec 3-1,2-1
Match #6 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Steve Wilson (Ohio) Dec 0-6,7-0,2-0
Match #7 Eric Starks (Washington) over Travis Rutt (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-1

Junior-160 – Brandon Bahr – DNP
Match #1 David Bonin (Louisiana) over Brandon Bahr (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,2-2
Match #2 Zach White (Oklahoma) over Brandon Bahr (Minnesota) Dec 6-6,4-4

Junior-171 – Tanner Sittig – DNP
Match #1 Owen Smith (Maryland) over Tanner Sittig (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,3-1
Match #2 Austin Trotman (North Carolina) over Tanner Sittig (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior-171 – Calvin Ferguson – DNP
Match #1 Brett Rosedale (Iowa) over Calvin Ferguson (Minnesota) Fall 8-2,1:10
Match #2 Cam Simaz (Michigan) over Calvin Ferguson (Minnesota) Dec 7-2,9-2

Junior-171 – Dan Runck – DNP
Match #1 Dan Runck (Minnesota) over Matt Sharpe (Tennessee) Fall 6-0,0:44
Match #2 Dan Runck (Minnesota) over Cameron Duckworth (Oregon) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Jonathan Fausey (Pennsylvania) over Dan Runck (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,4-3
Match #4 Dan Runck (Minnesota) over Josh Mccowen (Virginia) Dec 8-2,4-1
Match #5 Cody Yohn (Colorado) over Dan Runck (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-171 – Josh Kohler – DNP
Match #1 Josh Kohler (Minnesota) over Thomas Torres (Ohio) Dec 4-3,4-3
Match #2 Edward Ruth (Pennsylvania) over Josh Kohler (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,5-0
Match #3 Garrett Andel (North Dakota) over Josh Kohler (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,6-6

Junior-189 – Nic Leither – DNP
Match #1 Nic Leither (Minnesota) over Cody Blackstock (Georgia) Dec 2-1,4-3
Match #2 Nic Leither (Minnesota) over Brandon Santiago (Hawaii) Fall 0:39
Match #3 Kyle Bergstedt (California) over Nic Leither (Minnesota) Dec 7-1,1-0
Match #4 Nic Leither (Minnesota) over Devon Brun (Missouri) TF 2-3,6-0,6-0
Match #5 Brodie Ambrose (Iowa) over Nic Leither (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,6-0

Junior-189 – Zac Nielsen’s place is 3rd
Match #1 Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) over Derek Rottenberg (California) Dec 6-0,3-0
Match #2 Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) over Brice Jacobs (Louisiana) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) over Matt Fetterly (Michigan) Fall 0:14
Match #4 Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) over Robert Atwood (Nevada) Dec 6-0,3-1
Match #5 Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) over Adam Fager (Utah) Dec 6-0,8-3
Match #6 Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) over Cody Magrum (Ohio) Dec 0-1,5-2,1-1
Match #7 Matthew Wilps (Pennsylvania) over Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-1
Match #8 Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) over Jerome Ward (Illinois) ID
Match #9 Brodie Ambrose (Iowa) over Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-1
Match #10 Zac Nielsen (Minnesota) over Brent Haynes (Missouri) Dec 7-0,1-4,6-4

Junior-189 – Caleb Lines – DNP
Match #1 Jeremy Foster (Ohio) over Caleb Lines (Minnesota) Dec 7-2,2-1
Match #2 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Tom Fritz (Illinois) Fall 2-2,6-0,1:58
Match #3 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Dustin Meloche (Florida) Dec 1-0,4-0
Match #4 Sonny Yohn (Colorado) over Caleb Lines (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,3-1

Junior-215 – Nick Olson – DNP
Match #1 Nick Olson (Minnesota) over Steven Sandrock (Louisiana) Fall 6-0,0:18
Match #2 Nick Olson (Minnesota) over Joey Lewis (Idaho) Dec 3-0,5-0
Match #3 Brad Rabenstein (Washington) over Nick Olson (Minnesota) Fall 0-4,1:44
Match #4 Kevin Mcfarland (Illinois) over Nick Olson (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,6-3

Junior-215 – Pat Mahan’s place is 2nd
Match #1 Pat Mahan (Minnesota) over David Schlarb (Ohio) Fall 7-0,0:21
Match #2 Pat Mahan (Minnesota) over Jake Mabry (Washington) Fall 1:24
Match #3 Pat Mahan (Minnesota) over Ben Apland (Illinois) Fall 0:52
Match #4 Brandon Williamson (Connecticut) over Pat Mahan (Minnesota) Fall 1-1,2-3,1:05
Match #5 Pat Mahan (Minnesota) over Orlando Scales (Ohio) Dec 2-0,1-0
Match #6 Pat Mahan (Minnesota) over Kevin Mcfarland (Illinois) Dec 3-1,1-0
Match #7 Pat Mahan (Minnesota) over Tyrell Fortune (Oregon) Dec 5-2,1-1
Match #8 Pat Mahan (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Jared Platt (New Jersey) over Pat Mahan (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,6-0

Junior-215 – Cullen Berg – DNP
Match #1 James Martin (Washington) over Cullen Berg (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-0
Match #2 Bryan Floyd (Georgia) over Cullen Berg (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-1

Junior-215 – Tony Nelson – DNP
Match #1 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Jordan Enck (Pennsylvania) Dec 7-7,1-1
Match #2 Scott Penny (Illinois) over Tony Nelson (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,4-0
Match #3 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Julian Zuniga (California) Dec 2-1,2-1
Match #4 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Joseph Camlin (Maryland) Dec 5-0,8-0
Match #5 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Oney Snyder (Ohio) Dec 3-0,1-4,2-1
Match #6 Tyson Yoder (Oklahoma) over Tony Nelson (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,4-0

Junior-285 – Jake Kettler – DNP
Match #1 Dom Bradley (Missouri) over Jake Kettler (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,0:29
Match #2 Jake Kettler (Minnesota) over Jordan Walsh (Illinois) Fall 6-0,1:57
Match #3 Ben Kuhar (Ohio) over Jake Kettler (Minnesota) Fall 3-1,0:27

Junior-285 – Brett LeBrun – DNP
Match #1 Elijah Madison (Missouri) over Brett LeBrun (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,4-0,2-1
Match #2 Brett LeBrun (Minnesota) over Glenn-allen Kendl (Wisconsin) Fall 1:43
Match #3 Brett LeBrun (Minnesota) over Jack Burbank (Virginia) Dec 1-1,1-0
Match #4 Christian Brantley (Illinois) over Brett LeBrun (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-1

Junior-285 – Jerrod Kuisle – DNP
Match #1 Louis Thorton (California) over Jerrod Kuisle (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-0
Match #2 Steve Andrus (Kansas) over Jerrod Kuisle (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-0

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Saturday, July 21
9:30 am-2:00 pm – Cadet GR (Session I)
4:00-9:00 pm – Cadet GR (Session II)

Sunday, July 22
9:30-11:00 am – Cadet GR (Session III)
9:30 am-2:00 pm – Junior GR (Session I)
2:00-6:00 pm – Cadet GR (Session IV)
Finals, Medal Matches, and Awards
6:00-9:00 pm – Junior GR (Session II)

Monday, July 23
9:00 am-1:00 pm – Junior GR (Session III)
9:00 am-1:00 pm – Junior WM (Session I)
3:00-5:00 pm – Junior WM (Session II)
Finals, Medal Matches, and Awards
5:00-9:30 pm – Junior GR (Session IV)

Finals, Medal Matches, and Awards

Tuesday, July 24
9:00 am-1:00 pm – Junior WM National Duals
Rounds 1-4 (BSA-Gym)
9:00 am-2:00 pm – Cadet FS (Session I)
2:00-3:30 pm – Junior WM National Duals

Medal Rounds and Awards
5:00-9:00 pm – Cadet FS (Session II)

Wednesday, July 25
9:00 am-2:00 pm – Cadet FS (Session III)
9:00 am-2:00 pm – Junior FS (Session I)
2:30-6:00 pm – Cadet FS (Session IV)
Finals, Medal Matches, and Awards
6:00-9:00 pm – Junior FS (Session II)

Thursday, July 26
9:00 am-2:00 pm – Junior FS (Session III)
4:00-8:00 pm – Junior FS (Session IV)
Finals, Medal Matches, and Awards

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2006 USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships

USA Wrestling ASICS/Vaughan
Junior and Cadet National Championships

Saturday, July 22-Saturday, July 29 at Fargo, ND

Brackets/Results/News – themat.com

 The Guillotine Photos:

Team Minnesota Results:

  • Cadet Greco-Roman – 12th Place, 6 All-Americans, 1 Champion
  • Junior Greco-Roman – 3rd Place, 9 All-Americans, 1 Champion
  • Cadet Freestyle – 8th Place, 8 All-Americans, 1 Champion
  • Junior Freestyle8th Place, 4 All-Americans, 1 Champion
  • Women’s Freestyle – 20th Place, 1 All-American

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USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships Results:

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Minnesota Cadet and Junior All-Americans

Minnesota High School Wrestler Files

Cadet Greco-Roman

  1. Iowa 60
  2. New York 54
  3. Pennsylvania 50
  4. Missouri 45
  5. Oregon 36
  6. Illinois 35
  7. California 33
  8. Kansas 32
  9. Wisconsin 30
  10. Ohio 29
  11. Washington 24
  12. Minnesota 22

13. Florida 21, 14. Utah 18, 15. Wyoming 13, 16. Oklahoma 13, 17. Georgia 11, 18. Michigan 10, 19t. Idaho 9, 19t. Nevada 9, 21t. Montana 7, 21t. New Jersey 7, 21t. South Dakota 7, 24. Indiana 6, 25t. Colorado 5, 25t. Texas 5, 25t. West Virginia 5, 25t. Maryland 5, 29. North Dakota 4, 30t. Virginia 3, 30t. Hawaii 3, 32. Connecticut 1

Cadet Greco-Roman 84 – Jacoby Bergeron – 6th Place
Match #1 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Jess Crilley (Ohio) Dec 8-0,5-0
Match #2 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Kyle Clagg (California) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Domenic Tenan (Connecticut) Dec 6-0,3-1
Match #4 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Ryan Mango (Missouri) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #6 Richie Reinoehl (Pennsylvania) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #7 Weston Moran (Pennsylvania) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,4-1

Cadet Greco-Roman 84 – Kyle Ballard – 7th Place
Match #1 Brenan Lyon (Michigan) over Kyle Ballard (Minnesota) Dec 0-4,6-2,4-1
Match #2 Kyle Ballard (Minnesota) over Forrestt Micheels (California) Fall 1-3,0:31
Match #3 Kyle Ballard (Minnesota) over John Belanger (New York) Dec 1-7,6-0,1-1
Match #4 Weston Moran (Pennsylvania) over Kyle Ballard (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:02
Match #5 Kyle Ballard (Minnesota) over Domenic Tenan (Connecticut) Dec 5-1,6-1

Cadet Greco-Roman 98 – Cody Hansen – DNP
Match #1 Kenny Sanders (Washington) over Cody Hansen (Minnesota) Dec 5-4,6-0
Match #2 Braden Mowry (Idaho) over Cody Hansen (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,6-0

Cadet Greco-Roman 98 – Wade Adams – DNP
Match #1 Wade Adams (Minnesota) over Zak Moore (Georgia) Fall 0:31
Match #2 Wade Adams (Minnesota) over Eric Crowe (Louisiana) Fall 0:33
Match #3 Wade Adams (Minnesota) over Josh Whitt (Ohio) Fall 0:50
Match #4 Wade Adams (Minnesota) over Al Quenga (California) Fall 7-0,0:49
Match #5 BJ Futrell (Illinois) over Wade Adams (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #6 Mark Rappo (Pennsylvania) over Wade Adams (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,3-0

Cadet Greco-Roman 105 – Branden Schultz – DNP
Match #1 Gabe Ramos (New Jersey) over Branden Schultz (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Nate Falbe (Michigan) over Branden Schultz (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Cadet Greco-Roman 112 – Patrick Levasseur – 5th Place
Match #1 Patrick Levasseur (Minnesota) over Adrian Laskero (Illinois) Dec 2-0,4-0
Match #2 Patrick Levasseur (Minnesota) over Daarin Perz (Arizona) TF 8-1,6-0
Match #3 Patrick Levasseur (Minnesota) over Garth Ginder (Wyoming) Dec 7-0,6-1
Match #4 Patrick Levasseur (Minnesota) over Joe Shively (North Carolina) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #5 Patrick Levasseur (Minnesota) over Garrett Morabito (New York) Dec 0-2,6-0,1-1
Match #6 Patrick Levasseur (Minnesota) over Raymond Mathewson (Hawaii) TF 8-0,6-0
Match #7 Josh Kindig (Pennsylvania) over Patrick Levasseur (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,1-1,3-0
Match #8 Patrick Levasseur (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Dylan Carew (Iowa) over Patrick Levasseur (Minnesota) Dec 2-2,4-2
Match #10 Ellis Coleman (Illinois) over Patrick Levasseur (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,4-2
Match #11 Patrick Levasseur (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #12 Patrick Levasseur (Minnesota) over Joseph Waltko (Pennsylvania) Dec 0-3,3-1,2-1

Cadet Greco-Roman 112 – Justin Lavalle – DNP
Match #1 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Willie Gunter (Oklahoma) Dec 1-1,4-3,3-0
Match #2 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Slade Jacobs (Idaho) Dec 5-0,6-0
Match #3 Eric Luna (Oregon) over Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,5-4
Match #4 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Dillon Pousson (Illinois) Dec 2-1,3-0
Match #5 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Devon Brown (New York) Dec 3-1,4-1
Match #6 Steven Quesada (Oregon) over Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,6-3

Cadet Greco-Roman 119 – Robert Fisher – DNP
Match #1 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Nicholas Rockhold (Kansas) Fall 5-4,1:55
Match #2 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Bryant Fisher (Florida) TF 0-4,6-0,8-1
Match #3 Jaes Jones (Utah) over Robert Fisher (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,4-0
Match #4 Robert Fisher (Minnesota) over Dillon Smith (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #5 Derek Olson (Wisconsin) over Robert Fisher (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,6-0

Cadet Greco-Roman 125 – Jake Begin – DNP
Match #1 Matt Bryan (Oklahoma) over Jake Begin (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,6-4
Match #2 Tim Navarette (California) over Jake Begin (Minnesota) Fall 7-1,0:24

Cadet Greco-Roman 125 – Patrick Smith – DNP
Match #1 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Albert Woody (Maryland) Fall 3-1,1:03
Match #2 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Ben Hunter (Missouri) Dec 4-6,4-1,3-2
Match #3 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Justin Gonzales (Colorado) Dec 4-4,4-3
Match #4 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Kody Klaus (California) Dec 4-3,5-10,7-0
Match #5 Izzy Montemayor (Illinois) over Patrick Smith (Minnesota) Fall 1:21
Match #6 Joey Morales (Florida) over Patrick Smith (Minnesota) Dec 9-1,1-5,6-1

Cadet Greco-Roman 125 – Dylan Yarger – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Lander (Oregon) over Dylan Yarger (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,2-0
Match #2 Eric Filipowicz (Maryland) over Dylan Yarger (Minnesota) Dec 3-4,3-1,2-0

Cadet Greco-Roman 130 – Jarret Hoeppner – DNP
Match #1 Trent Debraga (Nevada) over Jarret Hoeppner (Minnesota) TF 5-0,6-0
Match #2 Justin Flores (Ohio) over Jarret Hoeppner (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,2-3,5-4

Cadet Greco-Roman 130 – Joshua Wiseman – DNP
Match #1 Joshua Wiseman (Minnesota) over Jason Baker (Delaware) TF 8-1,5-0
Match #2 Joshua Wiseman (Minnesota) over Garrett Lay (Ohio) Dec 6-0,5-4
Match #3 Tyler Holloway (Missouri) over Joshua Wiseman (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,1-2,3-3
Match #4 Joshua Wiseman (Minnesota) over Josh Burman (New Jersey) TF 8-3,5-3
Match #5 Joshua Wiseman (Minnesota) over Shawn Perry (Wisconsin) Fall 1:00
Match #6 Jeff Bybee (Illinois) over Joshua Wiseman (Minnesota) TF 6-0,0-5,6-0

Cadet Greco-Roman 135 – Damian Heairt – DNP
Match #1 Damian Heairt (Minnesota) over Brad Martin (Michigan) Fall 0:31
Match #2 Brandon Leischner (Montana) over Damian Heairt (Minnesota) TF 6-1,8-0
Match #3 Nick Perkins (Alaska) over Damian Heairt (Minnesota) Fall 1:42

Cadet Greco-Roman 135 – Jesse Becerra – DNP
Match #1 Ian Hannon (New York) over Jesse Becerra (Minnesota) Fall 4-0,0:44
Match #2 Joey Wagner (Oregon) over Jesse Becerra (Minnesota) Fall 4-1,0:44

Cadet Greco-Roman 135 – Colter Uscola – DNP
Match #1 Colter Uscola (Minnesota) over Mitchell Means (Kansas) Dec 3-5,4-3,2-1
Match #2 Kyle Meyer (Missouri) over Colter Uscola (Minnesota) Dec 5-4,7-0
Match #3 Derek St John (Iowa) over Colter Uscola (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,6-0

Cadet Greco-Roman 140 – Denver Colin – DNP
Match #1 Chris Howk (Missouri) over Denver Colin (Minnesota) Dec 6-4,5-3
Match #2 Vassil Boasherliev (Texas) over Denver Colin (Minnesota) TF 9-3,1-5,7-0

Cadet Greco-Roman 140 – Matthew Pfarr – DNP
Match #1 Matthew Pfarr (Minnesota) over Taylor Bryant (Indiana) Dec 4-4,6-0
Match #2 Matthew Pfarr (Minnesota) over Jake Murphy (Illinois) Fall 2-3,1:48
Match #3 Matthew Pfarr (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Andrew Gasber (Ohio) over Matthew Pfarr (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-6,3-1
Match #5 Seth Easter (West Virginia) over Matthew Pfarr (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,4-3

Cadet Greco-Roman 140 – John Gusewelle – DNP
Match #1 John Gusewelle (Minnesota) over Anthony Hughes (Washington) Fall 3-2,1:26
Match #2 James Fleming (Pennsylvania) over John Gusewelle (Minnesota) Fall 1:56
Match #3 John Gusewelle (Minnesota) over Tyler Miller (Illinois) Fall 3-6,6-5,0:28
Match #4 David Rios (California) over John Gusewelle (Minnesota) Dec 3-6,4-2,5-1

Cadet Greco-Roman 140 – Daniel Davis – DNP
Match #1 Kyle Logsdon (Illinois) over Daniel Davis (Minnesota) Dec 8-0,0-6,3-2
Match #2 Daniel Davis (Minnesota) over Cameron Varnado (Delaware) Fall 0:55
Match #3 Craig Ruzzo (Florida) over Daniel Davis (Minnesota) Dec 9-4,6-0

Cadet Greco-Roman 140 – Travis Rath – DNP
Match #1 Travis Rath (Minnesota) over James Somma (New Jersey) Fall 6-1,1:15
Match #2 Zach Clemente (New York) over Travis Rath (Minnesota) TF 6-0,0-2,7-0
Match #3 Brennan Brumley (Michigan) over Travis Rath (Minnesota) Dec 1-7,7-4,4-0

Cadet Greco-Roman 145 – Craig Kelliher – DNP
Match #1 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Andy Dement (Wisconsin) Dec 0-7,3-2,3-2
Match #2 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Keelan Moore (Iowa) Dec 4-3,6-4
Match #3 Greg Miller (New York) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,4-1
Match #4 Cody Ray (Indiana) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Fall 5-1,0-6,1:42

Cadet Greco-Roman 152 – Travis Rutt – 1st Place
Match #1 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Dalton James (Idaho) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Marty Friedman (Indiana) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Davin Morris (Florida) Fall 7-0,0:27
Match #4 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Sam Thoman (Kansas) TF 7-0,9-1
Match #5 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Dj Linares (California) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #6 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Mark Meyer (Oklahoma) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #7 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Mike D`alessandro (Ohio) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #8 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Cameron Riojas (Kansas) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #10 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Matthew Cartusciello (New York) Fall 0:27
Match #11 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Cody Brown (Wyoming) TF 8-0,6-0

Cadet Greco-Roman 152 – Mitchell Hagen – DNP
Match #1 Mitchell Hagen (Minnesota) over Aaron Drake (California) Dec 2-2,5-1
Match #2 Dustin Drake (Pennsylvania) over Mitchell Hagen (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,4-2
Match #3 Mitchell Hagen (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 David Kohlbach (New York) over Mitchell Hagen (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Cadet Greco-Roman 160 – David Cox – DNP
Match #1 Stephen Mcpeek (Texas) over David Cox (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Tim Vollaro (Connecticut) over David Cox (Minnesota) TF 5-0,6-0

Cadet Greco-Roman 160 – Tanner Sittig – DNP
Match #1 Marcus Armato (Missouri) over Tanner Sittig (Minnesota) Fall 2-1,0:46
Match #2 Eric Gobin (Ohio) over Tanner Sittig (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,5-0

Cadet Greco-Roman 171 – Cody Pasquale – DNP
Match #1 Jonathan Becker (New Jersey) over Cody Pasquale (Minnesota) Fall 4-0,1:19
Match #2 Cody Pasquale (Minnesota) over Aaron Spidal (Oregon) Fall 5-3,0:22
Match #3 Tom Voorhis (New York) over Cody Pasquale (Minnesota) Dec 5-3,6-0

Cadet Greco-Roman 171 – Joel Bauman – DNP
Match #1 Stephan Hampton (California) over Joel Bauman (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,7-5
Match #2 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Cameron Duckworth (Oregon) Dec 0-6,4-1,8-8
Match #3 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Tim Hester (Washington) Dec 5-4,5-0
Match #4 Joel Bauman (Minnesota) over Morgan Denson (Nebraska) Fall 0-6,6-0,1:23
Match #5 Tom Voorhis (New York) over Joel Bauman (Minnesota) Dec 7-2,6-0

Cadet Greco-Roman 171 – Jeff Nielsen – DNP
Match #1 Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) over Robert Hitshew (Wyoming) Fall 7-0,0:52
Match #2 Derek Thompson (Oklahoma) over Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,3-0,1-1
Match #3 Nate Schiedel (New York) over Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota) TF 7-0,8-0

Cadet Greco-Roman 171 – Matt Spoden – DNP
Match #1 Matt Spoden (Minnesota) over Cameron Smith (Washington) Fall 3-5,1:36
Match #2 Matt Spoden (Minnesota) over Michael Hernandez (New York) Fall 2-4,1:56
Match #3 Sam Engelland (Wisconsin) over Matt Spoden (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #4 Matt Spoden (Minnesota) over Josh Deluca (Illinois) Fall 6-0,1:43
Match #5 J.D. Smyers (Ohio) over Matt Spoden (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,7-3

Cadet Greco-Roman 189 – Erik Berdahl – DNP
Match #1 Nick Anthony (Ohio) over Erik Berdahl (Minnesota) Dec 5-5,2-5,4-1
Match #2 Erik Berdahl (Minnesota) over Chris Buedding (Wisconsin) Dec 2-3,4-3,6-0
Match #3 AJ Smith (Illinois) over Erik Berdahl (Minnesota) Dec 7-2,2-1

Cadet Greco-Roman 189 – Tyler Mcmonagle – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Mcmonagle (Minnesota) over Sam Almazan (Nebraska) Dec 1-1,3-0
Match #2 Bill Damiana (New Jersey) over Tyler Mcmonagle (Minnesota) Fall 0:08
Match #3 David Gay (Washington) over Tyler Mcmonagle (Minnesota) Fall 3-4,1:03

Cadet Greco-Roman 189 – Caleb Lines – 5th Place
Match #1 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Kevin Friend (Virginia) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Alex Denman (Ohio) Dec 4-0,4-0
Match #3 Dylan Wrage (Iowa) over Caleb Lines (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,6-4
Match #4 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Max Huntley (Team Okinawa) Dec 6-0,5-2
Match #5 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Jared Minoletti (California) Dec 6-0,2-0
Match #6 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Dustin Meloche (Florida) Dec 4-0,4-0
Match #7 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Ryland Geiger (Oregon) over Caleb Lines (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,0-6,1-1
Match #9 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Zac Benzio (Pennsylvania) ID

Cadet Greco-Roman 215 – Nick Creamier – 8th Place
Match #1 Nick Creamier (Minnesota) over Mason Riedesel (South Dakota) Dec 6-0,3-1
Match #2 Travis Pettengill (Michigan) over Nick Creamier (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,8-1
Match #3 Nick Creamier (Minnesota) over Max Borisenko (New Jersey) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #4 Nick Creamier (Minnesota) over Reginald Reed (Illinois) Dec 7-5,2-0
Match #5 Josh Boger (California) over Nick Creamier (Minnesota) Fall 1:41
Match #6 Andrew Tumlin (Ohio) over Nick Creamier (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,0-3,3-1

Cadet Greco-Roman 275 – Jacob Mcpherson – DNP
Match #1 Jacob Mcpherson (Minnesota) over Joe Lyons (Oklahoma) Fall 0:41
Match #2 Jacob Mcpherson (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #3 Dane Tilley (Washington) over Jacob Mcpherson (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,1-1
Match #4 Corey James (New York) over Jacob Mcpherson (Minnesota) Dec 7-4,4-1

Junior Greco-Roman

  1. Iowa 53
  2. Florida 43
  3. Minnesota 39
  4. New York 36
  5. Idaho 36
  6. Missouri 34
  7. California 32
  8. Ohio 30
  9. Oregon 29
  10. Washington 29

11. Kansas 18, 12t. Pennsylvania 17, 12t. Illinois 17, 14. Colorado 16, 15. New Jersey 15, 16. Nebraska 13, 17. North Dakota 12, 18. Michigan 11, 19. Utah 10, 20t. Wisconsin 8, 20t. Arizona 8, 20t. Oklahoma 8, 20t. Alaska 8, 24t. Delaware 3, 24t. Indiana 3, 24t. Louisiana 3, 24t. North Carolina 3, 24t. Maryland 3, 29. Nevada 2, 30. Connecticut 1

Junior Greco-Roman 98 – Tanner Weltzin – 4th Place
Match #1 Tanner Weltzin (Minnesota) over Dante Reynolds (Texas) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Tanner Weltzin (Minnesota) over Jacob Farber (Ohio) Dec 1-4,2-1,2-1
Match #3 Brian Reisenauer (North Dakota) over Tanner Weltzin (Minnesota) Fall 1:39
Match #4 Tanner Weltzin (Minnesota) over Brandon Goodwin (Kansas) Fall 6-2,0:23
Match #5 Brian Reisenauer (North Dakota) over Tanner Weltzin (Minnesota) Fall 1:39
Match #6 Ridge Kiley (Iowa) over Tanner Weltzin (Minnesota) Fall 1-1,6-1,0:32

Junior Greco-Roman 105 – Cody Lensing – 5th Place
Match #1 Cody Lensing (Minnesota) over Jake Quinton (Pennsylvania) Dec 2-7,4-3,4-1
Match #2 Cody Lensing (Minnesota) over Tyler Holst (Iowa) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Carl Deluca (Wisconsin) over Cody Lensing (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,5-0,6-3
Match #4 Cody Lensing (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Cody Lensing (Minnesota) over Johnny Cronin (Nevada) Dec 7-0,3-0
Match #6 Justin Forrest (Missouri) over Cody Lensing (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,7-1
Match #7 Mitchell Lofstedt (Oregon) over Cody Lensing (Minnesota) Dec 6-3,3-4,2-1
Match #8 Cody Lensing (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 Cody Lensing (Minnesota) over Abraham Evans (Pennsylvania) Dec 0-4,3-0,3-0

Junior Greco-Roman 105 – Daniel Tenney – DNP
Match #1 Daniel Tenney (Minnesota) over Stephen Bonner (Ohio) Fall 7-0,1:16
Match #2 Andrew Long (Iowa) over Daniel Tenney (Minnesota) Fall 4-2,0:52
Match #3 Daniel Tenney (Minnesota) over Derek Myers (Oregon) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 Grant Sutter (Wisconsin) over Daniel Tenney (Minnesota) TF 8-0,6-0

Junior Greco-Roman 112 – Paul Tellgren – DNP
Match #1 Paul Tellgren (Minnesota) over Robert Gribschaw (Pennsylvania) Dec 3-2,4-0
Match #2 Donte Butler (Missouri) over Paul Tellgren (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,7-1
Match #3 Boris Novachkov (California) over Paul Tellgren (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,2-4,2-1

Junior Greco-Roman 112 – Jared Fields – DNP
Match #1 Kellan Aura (California) over Jared Fields (Minnesota) Dec 8-4,4-4,6-0
Match #2 Jared Fields (Minnesota) over Jared Crasto (Ohio) Dec 7-0,3-0
Match #3 Jared Fields (Minnesota) over Mikey Vigil (Colorado) Dec 7-0,1-2,3-0
Match #4 Andy Pokorny (Nebraska) over Jared Fields (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior Greco-Roman 119 – Brian Litch – DNP
Match #1 Brian Litch (Minnesota) over Matthew Cabanas (Virginia) TF 6-0,0-6,6-0
Match #2 Brian Litch (Minnesota) over Zach Pope (Ohio) Fall 6-0,1:11
Match #3 Tyler Malmberg (New York) over Brian Litch (Minnesota) Dec 6-2,2-4,6-5
Match #4 Preston Gentry (Idaho) over Brian Litch (Minnesota) Dec 5-5,4-2

Junior Greco-Roman 119 – Kelly Kristianson – DNP
Match #1 Kevin Chapman (Virginia) over Kelly Kristianson (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Kelly Kristianson (Minnesota) over Brandon Mansur (Oklahoma) Dec 2-1,6-5
Match #3 Jake Horn (Washington) over Kelly Kristianson (Minnesota) TF 11-3,6-0

Junior Greco-Roman 119 – Aaron Driessen – DNP
Match #1 Jared Grigg (North Carolina) over Aaron Driessen (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 DJ Skelton (Idaho) over Aaron Driessen (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior Greco-Roman 119 – Zachary Sanders – 6th Place
Match #1 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Daniel Allnut (Missouri) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Wyatt Anderson (Virginia) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Derrick Pousson (Illinois) Dec 7-0,3-0
Match #4 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Eddie Galvin (New York) Fall 1:45
Match #5 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Ryan Fields (Ohio) Dec 1-1,2-1,6-0
Match #6 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Shay Warren (Utah) Dec 2-2,3-0
Match #7 Nikko Triggas (California) over Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,1-2,5-1
Match #8 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #9 John Trumbetti (New Jersey) over Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,4-1
Match #10 Preston Gentry (Idaho) over Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,4-3

Junior Greco-Roman 125 – Cody Adams – 7th Place
Match #1 Cody Adams (Minnesota) over Tyler Diamond (Hawaii) Fall 0:44
Match #2 Cody Adams (Minnesota) over Stephen Scheele (Washington) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Cody Adams (Minnesota) over Nick Wiesjahn (Indiana) Fall 3-0,1:16
Match #4 Cody Adams (Minnesota) over Bobby Joyce (Illinois) Dec 2-1,3-5,1-1
Match #5 Cody Adams (Minnesota) over Aaron Ely (Kansas) Dec 1-1,1-1
Match #6 Cameron Dry (North Carolina) over Cody Adams (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,1-1
Match #7 Cody Adams (Minnesota) over Marty Borowsky (Pennsylvania) Dec 0-2,2-1,1-1
Match #8 Shawn Jones (Idaho) over Cody Adams (Minnesota) TF 7-0,5-0
Match #9 Cody Adams (Minnesota) over Tyler Caldwell (Kansas) Dec 5-4,1-1

Junior Greco-Roman 130 – Logan Sheppard – DNP
Match #1 Spencer Dussouy (Louisiana) over Logan Sheppard (Minnesota) Dec 7-2,3-2
Match #2 Nick Hobson (Idaho) over Logan Sheppard (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,4-4,3-1

Junior Greco-Roman 130 – Joe Murphy – DNP
Match #1 Joe Murphy (Minnesota) over Peter Yates (Georgia) Dec 3-2,3-1
Match #2 Joe Murphy (Minnesota) over Christopher Davenport (Washington) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Joe Murphy (Minnesota) over Gabe Hale (Florida) Dec 3-0,2-2
Match #4 Joe Murphy (Minnesota) over Sean Roman-marin (California) Dec 2-1,3-1
Match #5 Marshall Koethe (Iowa) over Joe Murphy (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,3-2
Match #6 Josh Strait (Idaho) over Joe Murphy (Minnesota) TF 8-0,6-0

Junior Greco-Roman 135 – James Rogers – DNP
Match #1 Trae Reed (Iowa) over James Rogers (Minnesota) Dec 7-3,5-0
Match #2 James Rogers (Minnesota) over Gabe Weber (Washington) TF 7-0,6-7
Match #3 Nate Spangler (California) over James Rogers (Minnesota) Fall 1:50

Junior Greco-Roman 140 – Michael Davis – DNP
Match #1 Jeff Slaughter (Louisiana) over Michael Davis (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,5-4
Match #2 Michael Davis (Minnesota) over Justin Fruits (Indiana) Dec 3-0,4-1
Match #3 Jeff Steele (Michigan) over Michael Davis (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-1

Junior Greco-Roman 140 – Codey Schultz – DNP
Match #1 Codey Schultz (Minnesota) over Kamron Johnston (Louisiana) Fall 0:40
Match #2 Jeremy Mccoy (Nebraska) over Codey Schultz (Minnesota) TF 7-0,5-0
Match #3 Tyler Davis (Florida) over Codey Schultz (Minnesota) Dec 6-3,7-0

Junior Greco-Roman 140 – Justin Aube – DNP
Match #1 Nathen Schweitzer (North Dakota) over Justin Aube (Minnesota) TF 6-0,8-0
Match #2 Marcel Clopton (Ohio) over Justin Aube (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,7-0,5-2

Junior Greco-Roman 140 – Jake Deitchler – 3rd Place
Match #1 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Donnie Tasser (Pennsylvania) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Demond Carter (Illinois) Fall 0:37
Match #3 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over John Hooper (Colorado) Dec 5-1,5-1
Match #4 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Ryan Cubberly (Ohio) Dec 5-0,3-0
Match #5 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Richard Winger (Utah) Dec 2-2,7-0
Match #6 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Greg Accetta (New York) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #7 Jon Drendel (Illinois) over Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) Dec 3-9,7-3,6-5
Match #8 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Luke Satern (Iowa) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #9 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Jeremy Mccoy (Nebraska) Dec 1-1,3-1

Junior Greco-Roman 140 – Joey Meinert – DNP
Match #1 Luke Satern (Iowa) over Joey Meinert (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Zach Horsley (Idaho) over Joey Meinert (Minnesota) Dec 3-6,7-0,3-0

Junior Greco-Roman 145 – Jason Adams – DNP
Match #1 Jason Adams (Minnesota) over Whitton White (Texas) Dec 6-0,2-2
Match #2 Jason Adams (Minnesota) over Dakari Grove (North Carolina) Fall 7-0,0:49
Match #3 Jason Adams (Minnesota) over David Johnson (Michigan) Dec 1-2,6-0,4-1
Match #4 Jason Adams (Minnesota) over Chris Hacker (Oklahoma) Dec 0-6,5-2,6-3
Match #5 Jason Adams (Minnesota) over John Christiansen (Florida) Dec 3-1,1-2,7-0
Match #6 Volodymyr Rozdolsky (Illinois) over Jason Adams (Minnesota) Dec 2-2,3-3
Match #7 Kevin LeValley (Colorado) over Jason Adams (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-3,3-1

Junior Greco-Roman 145 – Spencer Flodeen – DNP
Match #1 Bryce Saddoris (Nevada) over Spencer Flodeen (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,3-1
Match #2 Spencer Flodeen (Minnesota) over Brian Potter (Delaware) Dec 8-4,8-1
Match #3 Spencer Flodeen (Minnesota) over Nicholas Lauer (Missouri) Dec 4-1,6-0
Match #4 Trevor Hall (Washington) over Spencer Flodeen (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Junior Greco-Roman 145 – Daniel Card – DNP
Match #1 Daniel Card (Minnesota) over Ryan Agan (Delaware) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Shane Nay (Missouri) over Daniel Card (Minnesota) TF 8-0,9-0
Match #3 Daniel Card (Minnesota) over Bryan Jarvis (Oklahoma) Dec 7-0,3-0
Match #4 Vince Salminen (Montana) over Daniel Card (Minnesota) Fall 0:36

Junior Greco-Roman 152 – Jon Brandtjen – DNP
Match #1 Jon Brandtjen (Minnesota) over Chris Moulder (Louisiana) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Jon Brandtjen (Minnesota) over Steve Courtney (Team Okinawa) TF 9-0,6-0
Match #3 Jon Brandtjen (Minnesota) over Tyler Gordon (Missouri) TF 8-0,9-0
Match #4 Jon Brandtjen (Minnesota) over Jordan Abed (California) Fall 1:59
Match #5 Adam Hall (Idaho) over Jon Brandtjen (Minnesota) TF 6-0,8-1
Match #6 Jon Brandtjen (Minnesota) over Noah Hatton (Washington) Dec 6-2,8-3
Match #7 Kyle Deberry (Arizona) over Jon Brandtjen (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-1

Junior Greco-Roman 152 – Matt Mauseth – DNP
Match #1 Tim Patrick (Oregon) over Matt Mauseth (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,0-3,6-0
Match #2 Matt Mauseth (Minnesota) over David Bonin (Louisiana) TF 6-0,6-2
Match #3 Brandon Hatchett (Florida) over Matt Mauseth (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,6-0

Junior Greco-Roman 152 – Krey Cory – DNP
Match #1 Krey Cory (Minnesota) over Trevor Dicky (Indiana) Dec 4-0,7-0
Match #2 Krey Cory (Minnesota) over Carter Lorant (Alabama) Fall 1:45
Match #3 Anton Gottfredson (California) over Krey Cory (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,8-0
Match #4 Zack Brissey (Washington) over Krey Cory (Minnesota) TF 6-0,8-0

Junior Greco-Roman 160 – Trent Sovde – DNP
Match #1 Mike Powers (Connecticut) over Trent Sovde (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,6-0
Match #2 Trent Sovde (Minnesota) over Blake Reed (Illinois) Dec 7-0,6-1
Match #3 Spence Patrick (Idaho) over Trent Sovde (Minnesota) Dec 0-2,2-1,1-1

Junior Greco-Roman 171 – Mitch Brekke – DNP
Match #1 Mitch Brekke (Minnesota) over River Davis (Florida) Fall 4-3,0:27
Match #2 Riley Orozco (Nevada) over Mitch Brekke (Minnesota) Dec 0-6,3-2,6-4
Match #3 Mitch Brekke (Minnesota) over Ben Treat (Illinois) Dec 5-4,1-6,3-0
Match #4 Brent Haynes (Missouri) over Mitch Brekke (Minnesota) Fall 4-3,1:12

Junior Greco-Roman 171 – Lucas Munkelwitz – 8th Place
Match #1 Lucas Munkelwitz (Minnesota) over Carlos Soto (California) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Lucas Munkelwitz (Minnesota) over Joshua Nelson (Washington) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 Lucas Munkelwitz (Minnesota) over Robert Atwood (Nevada) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 Zack Giesen (Oregon) over Lucas Munkelwitz (Minnesota) Dec 6-3,7-0
Match #5 Lucas Munkelwitz (Minnesota) over Dominic Oliver (Florida) Dec 8-6,4-1
Match #6 Kirk Smith (Idaho) over Lucas Munkelwitz (Minnesota) Fall 1:09
Match #7 Derek Adkins (Oklahoma) over Lucas Munkelwitz (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,3-3,7-0

Junior Greco-Roman 189 – Jake Kahnke – 6th Place
Match #1 Jake Kahnke (Minnesota) over Billy Johns (Georgia) Fall 7-0,1-3,1:47
Match #2 Jake Kahnke (Minnesota) over Stephen Skroch (Nevada) TF 0-6,6-0,6-0
Match #3 Jake Kahnke (Minnesota) over Austin Carter (Pennsylvania) Dec 4-3,8-2
Match #4 Jake Kahnke (Minnesota) over Brandon Booth (Oklahoma) Fall 6-0,1:13
Match #5 Jake Kahnke (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Jake Kahnke (Minnesota) over David Green (Florida) Dec 3-0,0-7,1-1
Match #7 Deron Winn (Missouri) over Jake Kahnke (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,2-1
Match #8 Ian Heinisch (Florida) over Jake Kahnke (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,1-1
Match #9 Jake Kahnke (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Brandon Lapp (New York) over Jake Kahnke (Minnesota) Dec 3-3,3-3,4-1

Junior Greco-Roman 189 – Wesley Reardon – DNP
Match #1 Josh Miller (Washington) over Wesley Reardon (Minnesota) Dec 2-3,6-0,7-4
Match #2 Wesley Reardon (Minnesota) over Dominic Demarco (California) Fall 1:21
Match #3 Wesley Reardon (Minnesota) over Jared Rohrback (Montana) Fall 0-7,5-5,1:00
Match #4 John Weakley (Ohio) over Wesley Reardon (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior Greco-Roman 189 – Tony Willaert – DNP
Match #1 Tony Willaert (Minnesota) over Nicholas Barker (Georgia) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Michael Burke (Indiana) over Tony Willaert (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,2-1
Match #3 Roy Feltson Jr. (Illinois) over Tony Willaert (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,3-1

Junior Greco-Roman 215 – Jeremy Miller – DNP
Match #1 Robert Rivera (New York) over Jeremy Miller (Minnesota) Fall 1:14
Match #2 Marcel Debose (Michigan) over Jeremy Miller (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,0:15

Junior Greco-Roman 215 – Brent Eidenschink – 2nd Place
Match #1 Brent Eidenschink (Minnesota) over Kevin McFarland (Illinois) Fall 1-1,0:48
Match #2 Brent Eidenschink (Minnesota) over Steven Frank (Idaho) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Brent Eidenschink (Minnesota) over Lewis Rumsey (Pennsylvania) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #4 Brent Eidenschink (Minnesota) over Erin Smith (Indiana) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #5 Brent Eidenschink (Minnesota) over Johnny Merryfield (California) Dec 3-0,5-0
Match #6 Brent Eidenschink (Minnesota) over Tucker Lane (Colorado) Dec 1-1,6-0
Match #7 Brent Eidenschink (Minnesota) over Marcel Debose (Michigan) Dec 5-4,3-1
Match #8 Patrick Mahan (Minnesota) over Brent Eidenschink (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,1-1

Junior Greco-Roman 215 – Patrick Mahan – 1st Place
Match #1 Patrick Mahan (Minnesota) over Joseph Foster (North Carolina) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Patrick Mahan (Minnesota) over Brad Steele (Oregon) Fall 7-0,0:13
Match #3 Patrick Mahan (Minnesota) over Craig Tucker (Missouri) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 Patrick Mahan (Minnesota) over Randy Heller (Oklahoma) Dec 5-0,7-0
Match #5 Patrick Mahan (Minnesota) over Andrew Aronstam (New York) Dec 4-0,4-0
Match #6 Patrick Mahan (Minnesota) over Ryan Dunn (California) Dec 2-1,2-1
Match #7 Patrick Mahan (Minnesota) over Mitch Sander (Iowa) Dec 2-0,2-0
Match #8 Patrick Mahan (Minnesota) over Dustin Bauman (Wisconsin) Dec 1-1,1-1
Match #9 Patrick Mahan (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Patrick Mahan (Minnesota) over Brent Eidenschink (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,1-1

Junior Greco-Roman 215 – Hakan Binek – DNP
Match #1 Hakan Binek (Minnesota) over Ricky Barnett (Illinois) Fall 0:25
Match #2 Hakan Binek (Minnesota) over Eric Ousley (Indiana) Fall 0:49
Match #3 Hakan Binek (Minnesota) over Andrew Aronstam (New York) TF 6-0,0-5,6-0
Match #4 Nick Bauman (Colorado) over Hakan Binek (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,2-1
Match #5 Mitch Sander (Iowa) over Hakan Binek (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,2-1

Junior Greco-Roman 275 – Alex Beucler – DNP
Match #1 Brendan Barlow (Ohio) over Alex Beucler (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,4-0
Match #2 Brian Stults (Washington) over Alex Beucler (Minnesota) Fall 0:15

Junior Greco-Roman 275 – Evan Osterhoudt – DNP
Match #1 Evan Osterhoudt (Minnesota) over Harley Fandrich (Arizona) Dec 2-1,1-1,5-0
Match #2 John Hiles (Ohio) over Evan Osterhoudt (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,3-0
Match #3 Evan Osterhoudt (Minnesota) over Ben Hohensee (Missouri) Dec 1-1,2-1
Match #4 Kevin Lester (Idaho) over Evan Osterhoudt (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,7-6

Cadet Freestyle

  1. Pennsylvania 79
  2. Ohio 71
  3. Iowa 50
  4. Kansas 45
  5. New Yorl 45
  6. Illinois 39
  7. Oregon 35
  8. Minnesota 29
  9. Oklahoma 28
  10. California 25

11. Utah 19, 12. Florida 18, 13. Washington 16, 14. Missouri 15, 15. Michigan 11, 16. Virginia 9, 17. Colorado 8, 17t. Wyoming 8, 17t. West Virginia 8, 17t. Idaho 8, 21t. New Jersey 7, 21t. Rhode Island 7, 23t. Connecticut 6, 23t. Texas 6, 25. Delaware 5, 26. Indiana 3, 27t. Arizona 2, 27t. Okinowa 2, 27t. Alaska 2, 27t. North Dakota 2, 31t. Tennessee 1, 31t. South Dakota 1, 31t. Wisconsin 1

Cadet Freestyle 84 – Devin Scott – 4th Place
Match #1 Devin Scott (Minnesota) over Jeff Vesta (Kansas) Fall 6-0,1:08
Match #2 Devin Scott (Minnesota) over Brenan Lyon (Michigan) Dec 1-0,4-0
Match #3 Richy Reinoehl (Pennsylvania) over Devin Scott (Minnesota) Dec 1-3,4-2,1-0
Match #4 Devin Scott (Minnesota) over John Belanger (New York) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #5 Devin Scott (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Richy Reinoehl (Pennsylvania) over Devin Scott (Minnesota) Dec 1-3,4-2,1-0
3rd Place Match: West Johnson (Connecticut) over Devin Scott (Minnesota) Dec 1-2,2-2,2-2

Cadet Freestyle 84 – Jacoby Bergeron – 8th Place
Match #1 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Marcus Banducci (Idaho) Dec 3-2,5-3
Match #2 Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) over Joey Brown (Illinois) Dec 5-0,5-0
Match #3 Zach Zimmer (California) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,6-1
Match #4 West Johnson (Connecticut) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Fall 5-0,1:06
7th Place Match: Jeff Vesta (Kansas) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Fall 1:09

Cadet Freestyle 91 – Drew Flemming – DNP
Match #1 Daniel Baucke (Tennessee) over Drew Flemming (Minnesota) Dec 10-10,2-8,7-4
Match #2 Connor Meadows (Utah) over Drew Flemming (Minnesota) Fall 0:27

Cadet Freestyle 98 – Cody Hansen – DNP
Match #1 Cody Hansen (Minnesota) over Jordon Cox (Idaho) Dec 2-2,4-0,2-1
Match #2 Josh Kriemier (Colorado) over Cody Hansen (Minnesota) Dec 2-5,5-0,5-0
Match #3 Cody Hansen (Minnesota) over Kenny Sanders (Washington) Dec 7-0,5-2
Match #4 Kurt Becker (New Jersey) over Cody Hansen (Minnesota) Dec 2-9,2-1,2-0

Cadet Freestyle 98 – Wade Adams – DNP
Match #1 Nick Odom (Indiana) over Wade Adams (Minnesota) TF 7-1,6-0
Match #2 Wade Adams (Minnesota) over Gavin Speelman (Ohio) Fall 5-6,1:25
Match #3 Ryak Finch (Arizona) over Wade Adams (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-1

Cadet Freestyle 105 – Dalton Sowers – DNP
Match #1 Zach Huxford (New Jersey) over Dalton Sowers (Minnesota) Fall 2-5,8-1,1:28
Match #2 David Klingsheim (California) over Dalton Sowers (Minnesota) Fall 0:38

Cadet Freestyle 105 – Tanner Weltzen – DNP
Match #1 Alex Johns (Indiana) over Tanner Weltzen (Minnesota) Fall 0-6,1:24
Match #2 Tanner Weltzen (Minnesota) over Derek Rowe (Oklahoma) TF 6-0,8-1
Match #3 Jordan Dix (Virginia) over Tanner Weltzen (Minnesota) Fall 0:43

Cadet Freestyle 105 – Alex Peck – DNP
Match #1 Alex Peck (Minnesota) over Alex Paladino (Delaware) Dec 6-0,3-0
Match #2 Osmar Jaimez (Washington) over Alex Peck (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,3-3
Match #3 Frank Goodwin (Maryland) over Alex Peck (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,5-2

Cadet Freestyle 105 – David Thorn – 7th Place
Match #1 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Mark Acosta (California) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #2 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Alex Filer (Indiana) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #3 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Luke McClure (Arizona) Fall 6-0,1:24
Match #4 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Cody West (Montana) TF 7-0,8-0
Match #5 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Matt Snyder (Pennsylvania) TF 6-0,8-2
Match #6 Mac Bailey (Missouri) over David Thorn (Minnesota) Fall 3-0,1:47
Match #7 David Thorn (Minnesota) over David Klingsheim (California) Dec 4-3,4-3
Match #8 Chris Villalonga (New Jersey) over David Thorn (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,1-1
7th Place Match: David Thorn (Minnesota) over Joe Roth (Illinois) Dec 6-0,1-2,5-0

Cadet Freestyle 105 – David Baker – DNP
Match #1 Mac Bailey (Missouri) over David Baker (Minnesota) Fall 1:14
Match #2 David Bolger (Ohio) over David Baker (Minnesota) Dec 6-2,6-0

Cadet Freestyle 112 – Cole Von Ohlen – DNP
Match #1 Cole Von Ohlen (Minnesota) over Maika Nagata (Hawaii) Dec 3-1,6-1
Match #2 Cole Von Ohlen (Minnesota) over Luke Fedechko (New Jersey) TF 8-0,6-0
Match #3 Cole Von Ohlen (Minnesota) over Tony Ramos (Illinois) Dec 5-4,4-3
Match #4 Nick Sulzer (Ohio) over Cole Von Ohlen (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,0-7,3-1
Match #5 Ian Paddock (New York) over Cole Von Ohlen (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Cadet Freestyle 112 – Ethan Hildebrandt – DNP
Match #1 Ethan Hildebrandt (Minnesota) over Eugenio Jeantete (New Mexico) Dec 5-0,6-0
Match #2 Zach Neibert (Ohio) over Ethan Hildebrandt (Minnesota) Fall 1:52
Match #3 Ethan Hildebrandt (Minnesota) over Ethan Flood (Massachusetts) Fall 1-1,0:58
Match #4 Dylan Carew (Iowa) over Ethan Hildebrandt (Minnesota) Fall 0:58

Cadet Freestyle 112 – Justin Lavalle – DNP
Match #1 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Jacob Mitchell (Louisiana) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Ellis Coleman (Illinois) Dec 3-2,5-1
Match #3 Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) over Matt Moorhouse (Arizona) Dec 7-6,7-0
Match #4 John Cobos (Ohio) over Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,4-4,5-2
Match #5 Erik Spjut (Texas) over Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-2

Cadet Freestyle 112 – Cody Lensing – DNP
Match #1 Josiah Stotts (Arizona) over Cody Lensing (Minnesota) Dec 3-3,7-6
Match #2 D.j. Rackley (Indiana) over Cody Lensing (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,5-1

Cadet Freestyle 119 – Luke Vaith – DNP
Match #1 Josh Dormer (Michigan) over Luke Vaith (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,1-1,6-0
Match #2 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Ryan Rosales (Oklahoma) Dec 6-0,1-1,6-3
Match #3 Luke Vaith (Minnesota) over Nathan Fitzenreider (Illinois) Dec 2-0,5-2
Match #4 Matt Brown (Utah) over Luke Vaith (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Cadet Freestyle 125 – Trey Bertram – 4th Place
Match #1 Trey Bertram (Minnesota) over Herb Krischke (Missouri) TF 8-0,8-2
Match #2 Trey Bertram (Minnesota) over Geno Capezio (Illinois) TF 6-0,8-1
Match #3 Trey Bertram (Minnesota) over Josh Merioles (Alaska) TF 8-0,6-0
Match #4 Trey Bertram (Minnesota) over Carson Fields (Georgia) FF
Match #5 Trey Bertram (Minnesota) over John Hedge (Oregon) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #6 Trey Bertram (Minnesota) over Mike Crowley (New Jersey) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #7 Trey Bertram (Minnesota) over Izzy Montemayor (Illinois) TF 6-0,9-3
Match #8 Andrew Alton (Pennsylvania) over Trey Bertram (Minnesota) Fall 0:39
Match #9 Trey Bertram (Minnesota) over Blake Mangum (Utah) Dec 7-1,4-0
Match #10 Trey Bertram (Minnesota) received a bye.
3rd Place Match: Jason Chamberlain (Utah) over Trey Bertram (Minnesota) Dec 5-3,3-2

Cadet Freestyle 125 – Patrick Smith – DNP
Match #1 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Lucas Williamson (Ohio) TF 6-0,9-2
Match #2 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Ben Sataloff (Maryland) Dec 8-0,4-1
Match #3 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Ryan Medved (Georgia) Fall 0:43
Match #4 Patrick Smith (Minnesota) over Chase Gordon (Florida) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #5 Matt Mougin (Iowa) over Patrick Smith (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,1-0
Match #6 Justin Garcia (Wisconsin) over Patrick Smith (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,3-1

Cadet Freestyle 125 – Aaron Short – DNP
Match #1 Patrick Brown (Colorado) over Aaron Short (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #2 Blake Mangum (Utah) over Aaron Short (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-0

Cadet Freestyle 125 – Ryan Madson – DNP
Match #1 Ryan Madson (Minnesota) over John Merickel (Idaho) Dec 5-0,3-0
Match #2 Jake O`Hara (Pennsylvania) over Ryan Madson (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,4-1
Match #3 Ryan Madson (Minnesota) over Jacob Vaughan (Ohio) Fall 0-6,4-0,0:33
Match #4 Shane Strumwasser (New York) over Ryan Madson (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,6-0

Cadet Freestyle 125 – Bobby Petersen – DNP
Match #1 Jason Chamberlain (Utah) over Bobby Petersen (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Matt Bryan (Oklahoma) over Bobby Petersen (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Cadet Freestyle 130 – Tyler Kivel – DNP
Match #1 Tyler Kivel (Minnesota) over Chris Osterberg (Illinois) Dec 1-0,4-0
Match #2 Tyler Kivel (Minnesota) over Alex Medved (Georgia) Dec 4-2,3-0
Match #3 Eric Galka (Indiana) over Tyler Kivel (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,6-0
Match #4 Tyler Kivel (Minnesota) over Brad Recker (Iowa) Fall 0:46
Match #5 Colten Huskey (Colorado) over Tyler Kivel (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,1-0

Cadet Freestyle 130 – Joshua Wiseman – 1st Place
Match #1 Joshua Wiseman (Minnesota) over Mario Decaro (California) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Joshua Wiseman (Minnesota) over Matt Walters (Illinois) Fall 5-0,0:39
Match #3 Joshua Wiseman (Minnesota) over Matt Gille (Wisconsin) Fall 3-0,1:27
Match #4 Joshua Wiseman (Minnesota) over Hugh Hardman (Colorado) Dec 5-5,6-0
Match #5 Joshua Wiseman (Minnesota) over Joey Morales (Florida) Fall 4-0,1:21
Match #6 Joshua Wiseman (Minnesota) over Josh Burman (New Jersey) TF 9-2,6-0
Match #7 Joshua Wiseman (Minnesota) over Chris Canty (Ohio) Fall 8-2,0:18
Match #8 Joshua Wiseman (Minnesota) over Matt Stephens (Ohio) Fall 4-0,1:56
Match #9 Joshua Wiseman (Minnesota) over Mike Kelly (Iowa) Dec 3-2,5-5
Championship Match: Joshua Wiseman (Minnesota) over Kendrick Sanders (Florida) TF 8-3,7-2

Cadet Freestyle 130 – Kevin O`Brien – DNP
Match #1 Kevin O`Brien (Minnesota) over Zakary Andrew (Pennsylvania) Dec 4-0,0-6,3-2
Match #2 Kevin O`Brien (Minnesota) over Cody Rodenbaugh (California) Dec 0-6,2-0,2-1
Match #3 Chris Piccolella (New Jersey) over Kevin O`Brien (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,5-1
Match #4 Kevin O`Brien (Minnesota) over Mark Stenberg (Illinois) Dec 3-1,2-1
Match #5 Zach Eunice (Louisiana) over Kevin O`Brien (Minnesota) Dec 3-3,4-4,4-3

Cadet Freestyle 135 – Adam Siebenaler – DNP
Match #1 James Schultz (Oregon) over Adam Siebenaler (Minnesota) Dec 6-4,4-1
Match #2 Jae Van Horn (Indiana) over Adam Siebenaler (Minnesota) Fall 0:36

Cadet Freestyle 135 – Colter Uscola – DNP
Match #1 Greg Amos (Missouri) over Colter Uscola (Minnesota) TF 7-1,6-0
Match #2 Colter Uscola (Minnesota) over Adam Sprague (Oregon) Dec 5-2,6-0
Match #3 Kalvin York (Wisconsin) over Colter Uscola (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-1

Cadet Freestyle 135 – Torey Stewart – 7th Place
Match #1 Torey Stewart (Minnesota) over Caleb Rought (Michigan) TF 7-0,9-0
Match #2 Torey Stewart (Minnesota) over Zach Crain (New York) Dec 5-0,4-1
Match #3 Torey Stewart (Minnesota) over Gabe Gleason (New Jersey) Fall 1:09
Match #4 Torey Stewart (Minnesota) over Brian Epp (Illinois) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #5 Torey Stewart (Minnesota) over Andrew Lanham (Georgia) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #6 Torey Stewart (Minnesota) over Grant Daffin (Oklahoma) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #7 Eric Jones (Washington) over Torey Stewart (Minnesota) Dec 1-7,1-0,7-0
Match #8 Austin Meys (New York) over Torey Stewart (Minnesota) Fall 3-3,1:01
7th Place Match: Torey Stewart (Minnesota) over Jared Hatley (Wyoming) ID

Cadet Freestyle 140 – Jordan Gnerer – DNP
Match #1 Cole Schmitt (Wisconsin) over Jordan Gnerer (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Jesse Dong (Ohio) over Jordan Gnerer (Minnesota) Fall 0:43

Cadet Freestyle 140 – Matthew Pfarr – DNP
Match #1 Matthew Pfarr (Minnesota) over Tyce Shirley (Wisconsin) Dec 5-2,7-1
Match #2 Matthew Pfarr (Minnesota) over Cameron Varnado (Delaware) Fall 1:19
Match #3 Matthew Pfarr (Minnesota) over Kevin Bialka (Illinois) Dec 7-0,4-2
Match #4 Andrew Gasber (Ohio) over Matthew Pfarr (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,5-0
Match #5 Tyler Koehn (Kansas) over Matthew Pfarr (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-1

Cadet Freestyle 140 – Randy Hummel – DNP
Match #1 Randy Hummel (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Brennan Brumley (Michigan) over Randy Hummel (Minnesota) Dec 6-3,4-1
Match #3 Connor Suba (Ohio) over Randy Hummel (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,4-4,8-1

Cadet Freestyle 140 – Jason Cirksena – DNP
Match #1 Jess Stevens (Ohio) over Jason Cirksena (Minnesota) TF 7-0,9-1
Match #2 Zack Sines (Wisconsin) over Jason Cirksena (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,4-1

Cadet Freestyle 145 – Kevin Steinhaus – DNP
Match #1 Isaiah Gonzalez (Illinois) over Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-0
Match #2 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Kyle Ulrey (Indiana) Dec 4-1,7-0
Match #3 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Zach Jimenez (California) Fall 7-0,0:27
Match #4 Shawn Mazzarone (New York) over Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,6-0

Cadet Freestyle 145 – Craig Kelliher – DNP
Match #1 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Steven Extract (Arizona) Fall 4-3,1:20
Match #2 Trent Weatherman (Iowa) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,3-9,8-5
Match #3 Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) over Justin Martinez (Nevada) Dec 6-1,7-0
Match #4 Chris Kline (Ohio) over Craig Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,3-2

Cadet Freestyle 152 – Brandon Bahr – DNP
Match #1 Brandon Bahr (Minnesota) over Josh Asper (Maryland) Dec 5-2,0-3,6-1
Match #2 Brandon Bahr (Minnesota) over Stephen McPeek (Texas) Dec 4-2,8-2
Match #3 J.T. Rice (Ohio) over Brandon Bahr (Minnesota) Dec 5-4,4-5,1-0
Match #4 Brandon Bahr (Minnesota) over Dalton James (Idaho) Fall 6-0,1:22
Match #5 Mark Meyer (Oklahoma) over Brandon Bahr (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,11-5

Cadet Freestyle 152 – Michael Goeldi – DNP
Match #1 Lucas Roth (Illinois) over Michael Goeldi (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:40
Match #2 Jake Cardenas (Nebraska) over Michael Goeldi (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Cadet Freestyle 152 – Travis Rutt – 6th Place (Injury Default)
Match #1 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Hayden Countrymen (Alabama) Dec 6-0,5-2
Match #2 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Jesse Nelson (North Carolina) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Matt Dwyer (Illinois) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #4 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Mike D`alessandro (Ohio) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #6 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Anthony Meza (California) Fall 6-0,0:21
Match #7 Travis Rutt (Minnesota) over Zack Mastro (Florida) Dec 6-0,4-1
6th Place Match: Cody Brown (Wyoming) over Travis Rutt (Minnesota) ID

Cadet Freestyle 152 – Alex Kontz – DNP
Match #1 Collin Wittmeyer (Missouri) over Alex Kontz (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,7-0
Match #2 Andy Dement (Wisconsin) over Alex Kontz (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,0-3,1-0

Cadet Freestyle 160 – Ben McPhail – DNP
Match #1 Ben McPhail (Minnesota) over Brett Kingsley (Michigan) Fall 9-1,0:10
Match #2 Corey Peltier (Rhode Island) over Ben McPhail (Minnesota) TF 7-1,7-0
Match #3 Christian Oberle (Pennsylvania) over Ben McPhail (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,5-1

Cadet Freestyle 160 – Mike Cullen – DNP
Match #1 Mike Cullen (Minnesota) over Grant Hinckley (Kansas) Fall 2-1,0:42
Match #2 Taylor Sare (Arizona) over Mike Cullen (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,5-0
Match #3 Mike Cullen (Minnesota) over Justin Schellenger (Pennsylvania) Dec 0-6,5-3,7-1
Match #4 Cody Yohn (Colorado) over Mike Cullen (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,1-3,4-0

Cadet Freestyle 160 – Mic Berg – DNP
Match #1 Mic Berg (Minnesota) over Pj Tasser (Pennsylvania) Dec 3-1,4-3
Match #2 Mic Berg (Minnesota) over Vince Siracuse (Delaware) Fall 6-0,0:25
Match #3 Bryan Bourne (New York) over Mic Berg (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,6-0
Match #4 Mic Berg (Minnesota) over Aaron Pavlenko (Arizona) Dec 5-4,1-0
Match #5 Ryan Kocer (South Dakota) over Mic Berg (Minnesota) Fall 3-3,6-0,0:21

Cadet Freestyle 160 – William Hunt – DNP
Match #1 Edward Ruth (Pennsylvania) over William Hunt (Minnesota) Dec 4-5,9-5,6-3
Match #2 William Hunt (Minnesota) over Mike Nino (Ohio) Dec 6-0,2-1
Match #3 Fred Moses (Illinois) over William Hunt (Minnesota) Fall 1:14

Cadet Freestyle 171 – Alex Laughlin – DNP
Match #1 Tito Pica (California) over Alex Laughlin (Minnesota) TF 9-2,7-0
Match #2 Alex Laughlin (Minnesota) over Robert Hitshew (Wyoming) Fall 1:28
Match #3 Nick Hylton (West Virginia) over Alex Laughlin (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Cadet Freestyle 189 – Ethan Hoppe – DNP
Match #1 Ethan Hoppe (Minnesota) over Parker Carpenter (Oklahoma) Fall 0:43
Match #2 Ethan Hoppe (Minnesota) over Shomari Watts (Pennsylvania) Fall 1:36
Match #3 Alex Denman (Ohio) over Ethan Hoppe (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,5-0
Match #4 Ryan Houchens (Kentucky) over Ethan Hoppe (Minnesota) Fall 0:43

Cadet Freestyle 189 – Caleb Lines – 6th Place
Match #1 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Jayce Jenkins (Texas) Fall 6-0,0:45
Match #2 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Kevin Friend (Virginia) Fall 2:00
Match #3 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Doug Dewitt (South Carolina) Fall 6-0,0:33
Match #4 Ryland Geiger (Oregon) over Caleb Lines (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,5-1
Match #5 Caleb Lines (Minnesota) over Dan Reyonlds (New York) Dec 6-0,0-1,1-0
Match #6 Zac Benzio (Pennsylvania) over Caleb Lines (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,5-1
5th Place Match: Ben Grisz (Texas) over Caleb Lines (Minnesota) Dec 4-5,3-1,1-0

Cadet Freestyle 215 – Nick Creamier – DNP
Match #1 Nick Creamier (Minnesota) over Brett Johnston (Kansas) Fall 0:34
Match #2 David Burrett (Iowa) over Nick Creamier (Minnesota) Dec 7-1,4-1
Match #3 Ben Apland (Illinois) over Nick Creamier (Minnesota) Fall 1:40

Cadet Freestyle 215 – Jason Engstrom – DNP
Match #1 Spencer Desena (New York) over Jason Engstrom (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #2 Bryan Soloman (Oklahoma) over Jason Engstrom (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,2-1

Cadet Freestyle 275 – Jacob Mcpherson – DNP
Match #1 Jacob Mcpherson (Minnesota) over Brock Middleton (Arizona) Fall 2-4,5-1,1:09
Match #2 Jacob Mcpherson (Minnesota) over Toby Erickson (Montana) Fall 4-3,1:00
Match #3 Jake Bruns (North Dakota) over Jacob Mcpherson (Minnesota) Fall 0:08
Match #4 Orlando Scales (Ohio) over Jacob Mcpherson (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,4-0

Junior Freestyle

  1. New Jersey 66
  2. Ohio 65
  3. Missouri 33
  4. Illinois 31
  5. Iowa 31
  6. Idaho 28
  7. New York 25
  8. Minnesota 23
  9. California 21

10t. Delaware 20, 10t. Colorado 20, 12. Oklahoma 18, 13t. Virginia 16, 13t. Oregon 16, 15. Washington 15, 16. Pennsylvania 13, 17. Texas 13, 18t. North Dakota 10, 18t. Indiana 10, 20t. Michigan 9, 20t. Florida 9, 22t. Wisconsin 7, 22t. North Carolina 7, 22t. Utah 7, 25t. New Mexico 6, 25t. Nebraska 6, 25t. Kansas 6, 28t. Massachusetts 3, 28t. Arizona 3, 30t. Maryland 1, 30t. Hawaii 1, 30t. Louisiana 1

Junior Freestyle 112 – Justin Koob – DNP
Match #1 Justin Koob (Minnesota) over Alex Ward (Idaho) Dec 4-2,1-1,2-1
Match #2 Devin Orseth (Washington) over Justin Koob (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,4-3
Match #3 Will Sharbaugh (Maryland) over Justin Koob (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior Freestyle 112 – Paul Tellgren – DNP
Match #1 Paul Tellgren (Minnesota) over Darren Kriz (South Dakota) Dec 2-2,6-0
Match #2 Boris Novachkov (California) over Paul Tellgren (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Shane Leister (Pennsylvania) over Paul Tellgren (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-0

Junior Freestyle 112 – Tom Kelliher – DNP
Match #1 Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Aaron Kalil (Connecticut) over Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,1-4,2-0
Match #3 Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) over Cruse Aarhus (Iowa) Fall 4-3,0-7,0:21
Match #4 Eric Grajales (Florida) over Tom Kelliher (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-1

Junior Freestyle 112 – Jared Fields – DNP
Match #1 Jared Fields (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Jared Fields (Minnesota) over Greg Egbert (Michigan) Dec 6-1,4-0
Match #3 Jared Fields (Minnesota) over Andrew Zwirlein (Wisconsin) Dec 4-0,3-0
Match #4 Connor Mcdonald (Delaware) over Jared Fields (Minnesota) TF 6-0,8-2
Match #5 Jared Fields (Minnesota) over Steve Vidmar (California) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #6 Bryan Pearsall (Pennsylvania) over Jared Fields (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,7-3

Junior Freestyle 119 – Derek Schreiner – DNP
Match #1 Derek Schreiner (Minnesota) over Silas Murray (New York) Dec 2-1,3-2
Match #2 Derek Schreiner (Minnesota) over James Berdan (Wisconsin) Dec 6-0,4-1
Match #3 Andre Taylor (Louisiana) over Derek Schreiner (Minnesota) Fall 1-2,1:16
Match #4 Cody Myers (Pennsylvania) over Derek Schreiner (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,2-0

Junior Freestyle 119 – Zachary Sanders – First Place
Match #1 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Tyler Cowin (Washington) Dec 3-1,7-0
Match #2 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over John Hagan (Kansas) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #3 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Ian Aguirre (Texas) Dec 7-2,6-1
Match #4 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Zach Taylor (Illinois) Dec 6-1,2-1
Match #5 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Shay Warren (Utah) Dec 3-0,4-1
Match #6 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Trevor Dearden (Connecticut) Dec 3-0,5-4
Match #7 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over John Trumbetti (New Jersey) Dec 3-0,2-0
Match #8 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Mark Ballweg (Iowa) Dec 4-3,4-1
Match #9 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over Ian Moser (Delaware) Dec 1-1, 1-0
Championship Match: Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) over James Nicholson (Iowa) Dec 1-0, 0-2, 3-0

Junior Freestyle 119 – Jason Jeremiason – DNP
Match #1 Mike Miille (Iowa) over Jason Jeremiason (Minnesota) Dec 2-2,2-1,6-1
Match #2 Jason Jeremiason (Minnesota) over Brice Dicus (Oklahoma) Fall 3-9,1:45
Match #3 Jason Jeremiason (Minnesota) over Jared Ragan (Illinois) Fall 1:53
Match #4 JJ Jackson (Wyoming) over Jason Jeremiason (Minnesota) Dec 8-7,2-1

Junior Freestyle 125 – Mark Erickson – DNP
Match #1 Mark Erickson (Minnesota) over Rick Bass (Nevada) TF 6-0,9-2
Match #2 Mike Kessler (Michigan) over Mark Erickson (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,6-0
Match #3 Michael Mangrum (Washington) over Mark Erickson (Minnesota) Fall 1:22

Junior Freestyle 125 – James Locke – DNP
Match #1 Andy Lowy (Maryland) over James Locke (Minnesota) Dec 3-2,6-3
Match #2 Jason Deluca (Pennsylvania) over James Locke (Minnesota) Dec 1-2,3-0,3-0

Junior Freestyle 130 – Matt Mincey – DNP
Match #1 Matt Mincey (Minnesota) over Jacob Nay (Missouri) Fall 0:09
Match #2 Dexter Lederer (Pennsylvania) over Matt Mincey (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:35
Match #3 Matt Mariacher (New York) over Matt Mincey (Minnesota) Fall 3-2,1:10

Junior Freestyle 130 – Mike Thorn – 3rd Place
Match #1 Mike Thorn (Minnesota) over Josh Claasen (Virginia) Fall 0:50
Match #2 Mike Thorn (Minnesota) over Chris Diaz (Delaware) Dec 2-1,4-0
Match #3 Mike Thorn (Minnesota) over Chase Skonieczny (Ohio) Dec 6-0,4-3
Match #4 Mike Thorn (Minnesota) over Leigh Tobias (New York) Dec 8-1,4-1
Match #5 Mike Thorn (Minnesota) over James Fox (Kansas) TF 8-2,6-6,6-0
Match #6 Mike Thorn (Minnesota) over Avery Garner (Idaho) Fall 0:41
Match #7 Mike Thorn (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #8 Mike Thorn (Minnesota) over Montell Marion (Iowa) Dec 1-0,1-3,4-2
Match #9 Kellen Russell (New Jersey) won by decision over Mike Thorn (Minnesota) 7-2,8-2
3rd Place Match: Mike Thorn (Minnesota) over Collin Dozier (Virginia) 5-2,0-1,1-0

Junior Freestyle 130 – Mike Vruno – DNP
Match #1 Mike Vruno (Minnesota) over David Alexandria (New York) Dec 3-3,5-2
Match #2 Scott O`Donnell (Missouri) over Mike Vruno (Minnesota) TF 9-1,7-0
Match #3 Adam Koballa (Ohio) over Mike Vruno (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior Freestyle 130 – Issiah Hruby – DNP
Match #1 Issiah Hruby (Minnesota) over Spencer Dussuoy (Louisiana) Dec 4-0,3-0
Match #2 Issiah Hruby (Minnesota) over Nick Hobson (Idaho) Dec 4-0,5-0
Match #3 Luke Cherep (Illinois) over Issiah Hruby (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #4 Cody Thompson (Iowa) over Issiah Hruby (Minnesota) Fall 1:59

Junior Freestyle 130 – Shawn Saxe – DNP
Match #1 Avery Garner (Idaho) over Shawn Saxe (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Andrew Saunders (Illinois) over Shawn Saxe (Minnesota) TF 6-0,8-2

Junior Freestyle 135 – Jakob Patnode – DNP
Match #1 Eric McGill (Indiana) over Jakob Patnode (Minnesota) Fall 8-0,0:36
Match #2 Michael Holt (Utah) over Jakob Patnode (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior Freestyle 135 – Jake Saatzer – DNP
Match #1 Jake Saatzer (Minnesota) over Benjamin Canning (Virginia) Dec 4-2,3-0
Match #2 Jake Saatzer (Minnesota) over Alex Purcell (Indiana) Dec 7-0,5-1
Match #3 Jake Swensen (Utah) over Jake Saatzer (Minnesota) Dec 4-1,8-5
Match #4 Jake Saatzer (Minnesota) over Matt Thomas (California) Dec 3-3,5-4,4-2
Match #5 Max Shanaman (New Jersey) over Jake Saatzer (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

Junior Freestyle 135 – Calvin Wolff – DNP
Match #1 Trevor Melde (New Jersey) over Calvin Wolff (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,5-4
Match #2 Taylor Crane (Missouri) over Calvin Wolff (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,2-5,5-0

Junior Freestyle 140 – Dan Crone – DNP
Match #1 Dan Crone (Minnesota) over Greg Accetta (New York) Dec 4-1,3-0
Match #2 Zach Horsley (Idaho) over Dan Crone (Minnesota) Dec 2-3,3-0,7-0
Match #3 Corey Phillips (Michigan) over Dan Crone (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,4-3

Junior Freestyle 140 – Kurt Knutsen – DNP
Match #1 Kurt Knutsen (Minnesota) over Richard Winger (Utah) Dec 1-0,0-2,2-1
Match #2 Ryan Cubberly (Ohio) over Kurt Knutsen (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,2-0
Match #3 Jeff Steele (Michigan) over Kurt Knutsen (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,1-0,1-1

Junior Freestyle 140 – Jake Deitchler – 2nd Place
Match #1 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Steven Clayberg (Iowa) Dec 7-1,4-4,5-2
Match #2 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Antoine Carter (Indiana) TF 8-0,7-0
Match #3 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Michael Haas (New York) TF 8-1,7-0
Match #4 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Seth Vernon (Oklahoma) Dec 3-3,2-3,1-0
Match #5 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over DJ Meagher (Massachusetts) Fall 0:43
Match #6 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over David Hayes (Idaho) TF 7-1,7-0
Match #7 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Josiah Simburger (North Dakota) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #8 Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) over Ryan Cubberly (Ohio) 3-1,6-0
Match #9 Mario Mason (New Jersey) won by decision over Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) 4-3,1-0
Championship Match: Luke Ashmore (Texas) over Jake Deitchler (Minnesota) TF 6-0, 4-0

Junior Freestyle 140 – Matthew Baarson – DNP
Match #1 Jay Sherer (Nebraska) over Matthew Baarson (Minnesota) Fall 0:43
Match #2 Ryan Prater (Illinois) over Matthew Baarson (Minnesota) Dec 5-3,5-0

Junior Freestyle 140 – Jeff Stang – DNP
Match #1 Jeff Stang (Minnesota) over Ashten Johnson (Tennessee) Dec 5-3,6-0
Match #2 David Hayes (Idaho) over Jeff Stang (Minnesota) Fall 0:35
Match #3 Kurtis Ogasawara (California) over Jeff Stang (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior Freestyle 145 – Jacob Johnson – DNP
Match #1 Jacob Johnson (Minnesota) over Nick Meneely (Nebraska) Dec 4-4,3-0,7-0
Match #2 Jacob Johnson (Minnesota) over Brent Lowe (Virginia) Dec 4-1,1-0,0-0
Match #3 Jacob Johnson (Minnesota) over Prince Thompson (Florida) 4-0,ID
Match #4 Michael Sadler (Ohio) over Jacob Johnson (Minnesota) Dec 10-1,1-0
Match #5 Chris Hacker (Oklahoma) over Jacob Johnson (Minnesota) Fall 0:18

Junior Freestyle 145 – Lucas Murray – DNP
Match #1 Lucas Murray (Minnesota) over Josh Baba (Washington) Dec 6-0,3-0
Match #2 Jamal Lawrence (Indiana) over Lucas Murray (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,3-0
Match #3 Tyler Davis (Florida) over Lucas Murray (Minnesota) Dec 0-4,6-0,1-0

Junior Freestyle 145 – Chris Harmon – DNP
Match #1 Chris Harmon (Minnesota) over Nick Walton (North Dakota) Dec 5-1,6-4
Match #2 John Christiansen (Florida) over Chris Harmon (Minnesota) Fall 0:19
Match #3 Kevin Hardy (Ohio) over Chris Harmon (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior Freestyle 145 – John Vaith – DNP
Match #1 John Vaith (Minnesota) over Jared Landis (Virginia) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Rudy Moures (Maryland) over John Vaith (Minnesota) Dec 6-1,6-2
Match #3 John Vaith (Minnesota) over Jean-Paul Appolon (Florida) Fall 0:34
Match #4 John Vaith (Minnesota) over Jake Fedechko (New Jersey) Dec 5-0,2-0
Match #5 John Vaith (Minnesota) over Jacob Kauffman (Arizona) TF 6-0,3-8,7-1
Match #6 JP O’connor (New York) over John Vaith (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-0

Junior Freestyle 145 – Justin Berns – DNP
Match #1 Nathaniel Holt (Utah) over Justin Berns (Minnesota) Fall 4-2,0:44
Match #2 Justin Berns (Minnesota) over Lance Hougdahl (Wisconsin) Dec 5-6,8-0,4-3
Match #3 Kevin LeValley (Colorado) over Justin Berns (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,5-1

Junior Freestyle 152 – Nate Willaert – DNP
Match #1 Curtis Branchen (Pennsylvania) over Nate Willaert (Minnesota) TF 6-0,8-2
Match #2 Colt Sponseller (Ohio) over Nate Willaert (Minnesota) Fall 1:37

Junior Freestyle 152 – Steve Merth – DNP
Match #1 Steve Merth (Minnesota) over Sean Ballard (North Dakota) Fall 1-2,6-0,1:38
Match #2 Steve Merth (Minnesota) over Joe Decono (Wisconsin) Dec 4-0,7-4
Match #3 Matt Demichiel (New York) over Steve Merth (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,4-0
Match #4 Cole Shafer (Utah) over Steve Merth (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior Freestyle 152 – Patrick Taylor – DNP
Match #1 Patrick Taylor (Minnesota) over Tim Long (Colorado) Dec 6-0,5-0
Match #2 Anthony Biondo (Michigan) over Patrick Taylor (Minnesota) Fall 6-1,0:40
Match #3 Patrick Taylor (Minnesota) over Kendall Vogel (Wisconsin) Dec 7-4,6-0
Match #4 Darrion Caldwell (New Jersey) over Patrick Taylor (Minnesota) Fall 8-1,0:34

Junior Freestyle 152 – Daniel Copp – DNP
Match #1 A.J. Forsythe (Texas) over Daniel Copp (Minnesota) Fall 4-2,1:23
Match #2 Justin James (New York) over Daniel Copp (Minnesota) Dec 0-6,3-0,7-0

Junior Freestyle 152 – Brett Landrum – DNP
Match #1 Brett Landrum (Minnesota) over Kyle Paladini (Florida) Dec 3-1,3-1
Match #2 Brett Landrum (Minnesota) over Hudson Collins (Texas) Fall 1-3,0:15
Match #3 Eric Pretto (Illinois) over Brett Landrum (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,5-1
Match #4 Tel Todd (Montana) over Brett Landrum (Minnesota) Fall 4-0,0:47

Junior Freestyle 160 – Torrey Line – DNP
Match #1 Torrey Line (Minnesota) over Brad Lower (Iowa) Dec 4-0,7-0
Match #2 Torrey Line (Minnesota) over Keith Mantia (Massachusetts) Fall 0:51
Match #3 Torrey Line (Minnesota) over Brandon Gould (New York) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #4 Jason Welch (California) over Torrey Line (Minnesota) Dec 1-7,8-6,6-2
Match #5 Torrey Line (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Mike Benefiel (Illinois) over Torrey Line (Minnesota) TF 7-0,8-0

Junior Freestyle 160 – Mitch Altermatt – DNP
Match #1 Joshua Terrell (Illinois) over Mitch Altermatt (Minnesota) Dec 10-3,6-4
Match #2 Corbin Jadozi (Wyoming) over Mitch Altermatt (Minnesota) Fall 1-3,1:42

Junior Freestyle 160 – Dave Bjorkstrand – DNP
Match #1 Dave Bjorkstrand (Minnesota) over Matt Gillespie (Florida) TF 7-0,8-1
Match #2 Tyler Williams (California) over Dave Bjorkstrand (Minnesota) Fall 1-3,1:06
Match #3 Spence Patrick (Idaho) over Dave Bjorkstrand (Minnesota) Dec 0-7,8-3,4-2

Junior Freestyle 160 – Jordan Kolbow – DNP
Match #1 Luke Manuel (California) over Jordan Kolbow (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #2 Ben Bennett (Michigan) over Jordan Kolbow (Minnesota) Fall 0-3,1:09

Junior Freestyle 160 – Tad Merritt – DNP
Match #1 Tad Merritt (Minnesota) over Marcus Lopez (Alaska) Dec 4-1,8-1
Match #2 Jon Reader (Michigan) over Tad Merritt (Minnesota) TF 7-1,7-1
Match #3 Tad Merritt (Minnesota) over Slade Giesen (Kansas) Fall 5-0,1:50
Match #4 Clarence Neely (Missouri) over Tad Merritt (Minnesota) Fall 0:12

Junior Freestyle 171 – Nathaniel Plonski – DNP
Match #1 Nathaniel Plonski (Minnesota) over Michael Mayer (Ohio) Fall 0:44
Match #2 Anthony Salerno (Florida) over Nathaniel Plonski (Minnesota) Dec 5-3,7-0
Match #3 Andrew Wood (Missouri) over Nathaniel Plonski (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,6-0

Junior Freestyle 171 – Julian Mancha – DNP
Match #1 Julian Mancha (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #2 Derek Adkins (Oklahoma) over Julian Mancha (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,0-1,1-1
Match #3 Julian Mancha (Minnesota) over Joseph Son (Georgia) Dec 1-0,3-0
Match #4 Ian Hinton (Indiana) over Julian Mancha (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,5-2

Junior Freestyle 171 – Lucas Munkelwitz – DNP
Match #1 Lucas Munkelwitz (Minnesota) over Matt Boyles (Delaware) Fall 6-0,5-6,0:52
Match #2 Richard Eichenlaub (New Jersey) over Lucas Munkelwitz (Minnesota) Fall 1-5,1:36
Match #3 Lucas Munkelwitz (Minnesota) over Derek Rottenberg (California) Fall 0:49
Match #4 Lucas Munkelwitz (Minnesota) over Tony Bradberry (Ohio) Dec 7-3,6-0
Match #5 Brice Arand (Oregon) over Lucas Munkelwitz (Minnesota) Fall 1:31

Junior Freestyle 171 – Alex Mclaughlin – DNP
Match #1 Alex Ward (Maryland) over Alex Mclaughlin (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-2
Match #2 Beau Ballezar (Montana) over Alex Mclaughlin (Minnesota) Dec 6-5,2-8,2-0

Junior Freestyle 171 – Dan Runck – DNP
Match #1 Devon Benedict (Washington) over Dan Runck (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,3-1
Match #2 Riley Orozco (Nevada) over Dan Runck (Minnesota) Fall 5-3,1:02

Junior Freestyle 189 – Jakob Dahlke – DNP
Match #1 Jakob Dahlke (Minnesota) over Mitch Brown (Nebraska) Dec 1-0,0-2,4-1
Match #2 Jakob Dahlke (Minnesota) over Zach Dopslaf (Team Okinawa) Fall 7-0,0:16
Match #3 Cayle Byers (Alaska) over Jakob Dahlke (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,6-0
Match #4 Chase Ennis (Virginia) over Jakob Dahlke (Minnesota) 6-4,ID

Junior Freestyle 189 – Cullen Berg – DNP
Match #1 Wesley Rosamilia (New Jersey) over Cullen Berg (Minnesota) Dec 4-2,2-0
Match #2 Cullen Berg (Minnesota) over Brice Jacobs (Louisiana) Dec 3-0,1-1,1-0
Match #3 Zack Poole (North Carolina) over Cullen Berg (Minnesota) Dec 1-1,1-1

Junior Freestyle 189 – Matthew Matthees – DNP
Match #1 Matthew Matthees (Minnesota) over Jeff Kirwin (Texas) Dec 2-2,7-0
Match #2 Sonny Yohn (Colorado) over Matthew Matthees (Minnesota) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Austin Carter (Pennsylvania) over Matthew Matthees (Minnesota) Fall 8-0,5-6,1:18

Junior Freestyle 189 – Tyson Wood – DNP
Match #1 Tyson Wood (Minnesota) over Matthew Edmondson (Georgia) Dec 1-1,8-1
Match #2 Tyson Wood (Minnesota) over Daniel Harris (Colorado) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Tyson Wood (Minnesota) over Josh Fansler (Oklahoma) Dec 4-0,3-1
Match #4 Scott Penny (Illinois) over Tyson Wood (Minnesota) Dec 3-7,8-1,5-1
Match #5 Erich Schmidtke (Washington) over Tyson Wood (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,3-5,3-1

Junior Freestyle 215 – Brent Eidenschink – DNP
Match #1 Brent Eidenschink (Minnesota) over Josh Lee (Virginia) Fall 6-0,0:48
Match #2 Christian Brantley (Illinois) over Brent Eidenschink (Minnesota) Fall 6-1,1:23
Match #3 Brent Eidenschink (Minnesota) over Dan Craig (Michigan) Dec 6-3,0-6,2-1
Match #4 Brent Eidenschink (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Brent Eidenschink (Minnesota) over Joe Fagiano (Illinois) ID
Match #6 Cody Gardner (Virginia) over Brent Eidenschink (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-1

Junior Freestyle 215 – Patrick Mahan – DNP
Match #1 Nick Bauman (Colorado) over Patrick Mahan (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #2 Patrick Mahan (Minnesota) over Nicolas Chase (Florida) Dec 7-0,4-3
Match #3 Corey Johnson (Oklahoma) over Patrick Mahan (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,8-0,3-1

Junior Freestyle 215 – Jeremy Miller – DNP
Match #1 Cody Gardner (Virginia) over Jeremy Miller (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,0:21
Match #2 Ronnie Hood (Oklahoma) over Jeremy Miller (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,1-2,2-0

Junior Freestyle 275 – Alex Diaz – DNP
Match #1 Alex Diaz (Minnesota) over Ike Crews (Texas) Fall 0:22
Match #2 Richard Hernandez (Arizona) over Alex Diaz (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-1
Match #3 Ben Hohensee (Missouri) over Alex Diaz (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,1-0

Junior Freestyle 275 – Ben Berhow – DNP
Match #1 Ben Berhow (Minnesota) over Ivan Muller (Louisiana) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #2 Ben Berhow (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #3 Ben Berhow (Minnesota) over Ricky Alcala (California) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #4 Elijah Madison (Missouri) over Ben Berhow (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,6-1
Match #5 Ben Berhow (Minnesota) over Mark Skogrand (Idaho) Dec 3-0,4-0
Match #6 Ben Berhow (Minnesota) over Matt Schnittgen (Montana) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #7 Nathan Fernandez (Oklahoma) over Ben Berhow (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,7-0

Junior Freestyle 275 – Brett Lebrun – DNP
Match #1 Brett Lebrun (Minnesota) over Cody Frantum (Iowa) Fall 2-0,0:24
Match #2 Brett Lebrun (Minnesota) over Nic Weyrauch (Washington) Dec 4-0,3-0
Match #3 Jose Esparza (Illinois) over Brett Lebrun (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,3-0
Match #4 Brett Lebrun (Minnesota) over Clayton Jack (California) Dec 3-4,4-1,1-0
Match #5 Zach Rey (New Jersey) over Brett Lebrun (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Junior Freestyle 275 – Evan Osterhoudt – DNP
Match #1 Evan Osterhoudt (Minnesota) over Brian Stults (Washington) Fall 7-0,1:14
Match #2 Charles Alexander (Oregon) over Evan Osterhoudt (Minnesota) Fall 1-0,0:43
Match #3 Evan Osterhoudt (Minnesota) over Yousef Doulani (Michigan) Dec 3-3,3-1
Match #4 Evan Osterhoudt (Minnesota) over Alex Thomas (Kansas) Dec 9-2,5-2
Match #5 Brian Brooks (Illinois) over Evan Osterhoudt (Minnesota) Fall 1:35

Junior Freestyle 275 – Evan Hacker – 7th Place
Match #1 Evan Hacker (Minnesota) over Tyler Wooldridge (Washington) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #2 Evan Hacker (Minnesota) over Tim Brown (North Carolina) Fall 0:34
Match #3 Brendan Barlow (Ohio) over Evan Hacker (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,2-0,4-0
Match #4 Evan Hacker (Minnesota) over Harley Fandrich (Arizona) Dec 1-0,30-0
Match #5 Evan Hacker (Minnesota) over Jack Danilkowicz (Illinois) Dec 2-1,4-0
Match #6 Evan Hacker (Minnesota) over Jose Esparza (Illinois) 0-5,1-0,1-1
Match #7 Kenny Lester (Florida) won by pin over Evan Hacker (Minnesota) 1:39
7th Place Match: Evan Hacker (Minnesota) over Charles Alexander (Oregon) Dec 0-2,1-0,1-1

Women’s Freestyle

  1. California 77
  2. Texas 63
  3. Hawaii 26
  4. Illinois 22
  5. Michigan 20
  6. Florida 14
  7. New York 13
  8. Maryland 12
  9. Oklahoma 12
  10. Oregon 11
  11. Kansas 11
  12. South Carolina 11
  13. Wisconsin 10
  14. Colorado 9
  15. Connecticut 8
  16. Pennsylvania 8
  17. Alaska 8
  18. Washington 6
  19. Ohio 6
  20. Minnesota 6
  21. West Virginia 5
  22. Indiana 5
  23. Virginia 3
  24. Iowa 3
  25. New Jersey 3

Women’s Freestyle 102 – Erica Heidemann – DNP
Match #1 Amy Whitbeck (New York) over Erica Heidemann (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,1:52
Match #2 Erica Heidemann (Minnesota) over Amanda Fayak (Ohio) Fall 0-5,1:01
Match #3 Anna Cummings (New York) over Erica Heidemann (Minnesota) TF 7-1,7-0

Women’s Freestyle 119 – Kelli Rasmussen – 3rd Place
Match #1 Kelli Rasmussen (Minnesota) over Emily Juhre (Washington) Fall 0:31
Match #2 Kelli Rasmussen (Minnesota) over Ariel Green (California) Fall 6-0,0:34
Match #3 Kelli Rasmussen (Minnesota) over Caitlin Moisant (Indiana) Fall 7-0,0:37
Match #4 Kelli Rasmussen (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #5 Kelli Rasmussen (Minnesota) over Cherae Pascua (Hawaii) Dec 3-4,6-1,5-0
Match #6 Kelli Rasmussen (Minnesota) over Amber Miracle (Wisconsin) Dec 2-0,5-0
Match #7 Micheala Hutchison (Alaska) over Kelli Rasmussen (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,5-0
Match #8 Kelli Rasmussen (Minnesota) over Trinity Plessinger (California) Dec 3-0,4-2

Women’s Freestyle 128 – Kendra Kruse – DNP
Match #1 Jesse Mast (New Jersey) over Kendra Kruse (Minnesota) Fall 4-3,0:22
Match #2 Jes Hayden (Connecticut) over Kendra Kruse (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,6-0

Women’s Freestyle 128 – Ashley Johnson – DNP
Match #1 Ashley Johnson (Minnesota) over Kuuipo Badayos (Hawaii) Fall 3-4,1:15
Match #2 Rosemary Scott (South Carolina) over Ashley Johnson (Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:10
Match #3 Ashley Johnson (Minnesota) over Samantha Stych (California) Fall 3-3,3-0,1:14
Match #4 Tatiana Padilla (California) over Ashley Johnson (Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0

Women’s Freestyle 128 – Morgan Holland – DNP
Match #1 Morgan Holland (Minnesota) over Megan Corden (Connecticut) Dec 2-0,3-1
Match #2 Pi’ikea Kalalau (Hawaii) over Morgan Holland (Minnesota) Fall 0:26
Match #3 Beth Johnson (Kansas) over Morgan Holland (Minnesota) Fall 5-0,0:20


Saturday, July 22
11 a.m. – 2 p.m. – Cadet GR (I)
4 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. – Cadet GR (II)

Sunday, July 23
11 a.m. – 2 p.m. – Junior GR (I)
4 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. – Cadet GR (III)
4 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. – Junior GR (II)

Monday, July 24
9 a.m. – 1 p.m. – Junior GR (III)
9 a.m. – 1 p.m. – Cadet GR (IV)
9 a.m. – 1 p.m. – Women FS (I)
3 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. – Cadet GR Finals
6:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. – Women FS (II)

Tuesday, July 25
9 a.m. – 12 p.m. – Junior GR (IV)
9 a.m. – 12 p.m. – Women FS Finals
1:30 p.m. – 4 p.m. – Junior GR Finals
4 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. – Women FS Duals

Wednesday, July 26
9 a.m. – 2 p.m. – Women FS Duals (Place Matches)
10:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. – Cadet FS (I)
4 p.m. – 9 p.m. – Cadet FS (II)

Thursday, July 27
10:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. – Junior FS (I)
4 p.m. – 9 p.m. – Cadet FS (III)
4 p.m. – 9 p.m. – Junior FS (II)

Friday, July 28
9 a.m. – 1 p.m. – Junior FS (III)
9 a.m. – 1 p.m. – Cadet FS (IV)
3 p.m. – 6 p.m. – Junior FS (IV)
6:30 p.m. – 10 p.m. – Cadet FS (Finals)

Saturday, July 29
*10 a.m. – 2 p.m. – Junior FS (Finals)
* Note: schedule change for Saturday

2005 USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships

2005 USA Wrestling Cadet and Junior Nationals

July 23-30 • Fargo, ND

Team Minnesota results:

  • Cadet Greco-Roman (10 All-Americans) Photos
  • Junior Greco-Roman (10 All-Americans) Photos
  • Cadet Freestyle (5 All-Americans) Photos
  • Junior Freestyle (9 All-Americans) Photos 1  • Photos 2
  • Women’s Freestyle (4 All-Americans) Photos 

USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships Results:

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Minnesota Cadet and Junior All-Americans

Minnesota High School Wrestler Files

Team Minnesota Cadet Greco-Roman

Cadet 84 lbs.

115 – Wade Adams (MN) – 2nd Place

  • Wade Adams (MN) over Cody Libengood (Ohio) 11-0
  • Wade Adams (MN) Bye
  • Wade Adams (MN) fall Mike Briskin (Connecticut) :28
  • Wade Adams (MN) over Alex Kostenborder (Oregon) 4-4
  • Wade Adams (MN) over Erik Thomas (Texas) 10-0
  • 1st: Andrew Long (Iowa) fall Wade Adams (MN) 1:51

116 – Danny Zilverberg (MN) – 3rd Place

  • Danny Zilverberg (MN) fall Shane Bambarger  (Pennsylvania) 2:00
  • Danny Zilverberg (MN) Bye
  • Danny Zilverberg (MN) fall Liam Geraghty (California) :47
  • Andrew Long (Iowa) fall Danny Zilverberg (MN) :42
  • Danny Zilverberg (MN) over Kenny Sanders (Washington) 6-1
  • 3rd: Danny Zilverberg (MN) over Alex Kostenborder (Oregon) 9-3

Cadet 91 lbs.

203 – Daniel Tenney (MN) – DNP

  • Daniel Tenney (MN) over Jamie Warczynski (Illinois) 9-2
  • Daniel Tenney (MN) fall Mike Vallentine (Utah) :31
  • Sheldon Wilder (North Carolina) over Daniel Tenney (MN) 5-3
  • Daniel Osterman (Michigan) over Daniel Tenney (MN) 4-1

208 – Cody Hansen (MN) – DNP

  • Cody Hansen (MN) over Cody Dill (New York) 11-3
  • Zack Zummo (Pennsylvania) over Cody Hansen (MN) 11-0
  • Cody Hansen (MN) fall David Taylor (Ohio) 1:27
  • Grant Sutter (Wisconsin) over Cody Hansen (MN) 4-0

Cadet 98 lbs.

339 – Cole Von Ohlen (MN) – 7th Place

  • Cole Von Ohlen (MN) over Jeremy Dombrady (Ohio) 10-0
  • Cole Von Ohlen (MN) fall Casey Davis (Oregon) 1:00
  • Cole Von Ohlen (MN) over Bryson Fukushima (Hawaii) 12-1
  • Cole Von Ohlen (MN) fall Brian Wood (Virginia) 1:28
  • Cole Von Ohlen (MN) Bye
  • Cole Von Ohlen (MN) over Jake Love (Montana) 10-0
  • Ian Paddock (New York) over Cole Von Ohlen (MN) 4-0
  • Eric Grajales (Florida) over Cole Von Ohlen (MN) 12-0
  • 7th: Cole Von Ohlen (MN) over Seth Moe (Wisconsin) 6-1

324 – Cody Lensing (MN) – DNP

  • Eric Luna (Oregon) over Cody Lensing (MN) 2-0
  • Cody Lensing (MN) over Rob Broda (New York) 10-0
  • Cody Lensing (MN) over Chris Keech (Delaware) 7-0
  • Nathan Furches (Kansas) over Cody Lensing (MN) 3-1

Cadet 105 lbs.

403 – Patrick Smith (MN) – DNP

  • Patrick Smith (MN) over Demetrius Madry (Florida) 8-0
  • Greg Gogonas (Texas) fall Patrick Smith (MN) :48
  • Patrick Smith (MN) fall Mark Taylor (North Carolina) 2:57
  • Gerald Jenkins (Oklahoma) over Patrick Smith (MN) 8-1

440 – Derek Schreiner (MN) – DNP

  • Derek Schreiner (MN) over Tyler Grask (Iowa) 4-0
  • Derek Schreiner (MN) over Zach Mendenhall (Montana) 12-1
  • Tyler Clark (Illinois) over Derek Schreiner (MN) 3-0
  • Christopher Albright (Pennsylvania) over Derek Schreiner (MN) 4-0

Cadet 112 lbs.

543 – Brian Litch (MN) – DNP

  • Tuler Ehret (Louisiana) fall Brian Litch (MN) 1:38
  • Brian Litch (MN) over Jake O`Hara (Pennsylvania) 17-10
  • Brian Litch (MN) over Rich Alarcon (California) 13-5
  • Max Ortega (New Mexico) fall Brian Litch (MN) 3:40

546 – Patrick Levasseur (MN) – DNP

  • Kyle Williams (North Dakota) over Patrick Levasseur (MN) 8-6
  • Patrick Levasseur (MN) over Tony Cleary (Wisconsin) 10-0
  • Jimmy Chase (Illinois) over Patrick Levasseur (MN) 8-0

Cadet 119 lbs.

660 – Bret Joarnt (MN) – DNP

  • Estephan Greene (Delaware) over Bret Joarnt (MN) 5-3
  • Frankie Newport (Oregon) fall Bret Joarnt (MN) 1:45

Cadet 125 lbs.

701 – Coty Massmann (MN) – DNP

  • Drake Smith (Colorado) fall Coty Massmann (MN) :43
  • Cameron Rosenfield (Oregon) fall Coty Massmann (MN) :14

743 – Torey Stewart (MN) – DNP

  • Torey Stewart (MN) over Adam Wilson (Michigan) 13-0
  • Torey Stewart (MN) over David K. Mcclain (Maryland) 11-0
  • Aaron Senzee (Missouri) over Torey Stewart (MN) 8-4
  • Torey Stewart (MN) fall Jacob Jaeger (New Jersey) 1:08
  • Hollan Gravley (Alaska) fall Torey Stewart (MN) 1:24

776 – Joe Meinert (MN) – DNP

  • Joe Meinert (MN) over Chase Moody (Wyoming) 9-3
  • Joe Meinert (MN) over Chris Townsend (North Carolina) 10-5
  • Frank Sade (Michigan) over Joe Meinert (MN) 9-2)
  • Joe Meinert (MN) Bye
  • Derek Ellis (California) over Joe Meinert (MN) 6-1

Cadet 130 lbs.

821 – Jacob Deitchler (MN) – 1st Place

  • Jacob Deitchler (MN) over Mac Tovey (Illinois) 8-1
  • Jacob Deitchler (MN) over Kaleb Bolton (Virginia) 13-1
  • Jacob Deitchler (MN) over Dave Cawley (Pennsylvania) 5-0
  • Jacob Deitchler (MN) over  Jacob Meredith (California) 5-0
  • Jacob Deitchler (MN) over Trevor Melde (New Jersey) 6-2
  • Jacob Deitchler (MN) over Dallas Hintz (Washington) 10-0
  • Jacob Deitchler (MN) over Marshall Koethe (Iowa) 3-1
  • Jacob Deitchler (MN) over Dylan Joiner (Missouri) 3-0
  • Jacob Deitchler (MN) over Donnie Vinson (New York) 6-0
  • 1st: Jacob Deitchler (MN) over Travis Rutt (MN) 5-3

843 – Jacob Lumley (MN) – DNP

  • Dylan Joiner (Missouri) over Jacob Lumley (MN) 10-0
  • Marshall Koethe (Iowa) over Jacob Lumley (MN) 10-0

816 – Travis Rutt (MN) – 2nd Place

  • Travis Rutt (MN) over Chris Harris (Michigan) 10-0
  • Travis Rutt (MN) over Stephen Bosak (Pennsylvania) 8-0
  • Travis Rutt (MN) fall Sharif Gray (Virginia) 1:18
  • Travis Rutt (MN) over Bobby Barney (Texas) 11-0
  • Travis Rutt (MN) over T.J Hepburn (Connecticut) 9-4
  • Travis Rutt (MN) over Josh Speelman (Ohio) 11-0
  • Travis Rutt (MN) fall Robert Hunter (California) 2:14
  • Travis Rutt (MN) fall Aldon Isenberg (Kansas) 1:57
  • 1st: Jacob Deitchler (MN) over Travis Rutt (MN) 5-3

Cadet 135 lbs.

919 – Mathias Baker (MN) – DNP

  • Trey Edmonds (Nevada) fall Mathias Baker (MN) 1:53
  • Jeffrey Lesser (New York) over Mathias Baker (MN) 3-2

943 – Joe Grygelko (MN) – 4th Place

  • Joe Grygelko (MN) over David Hayes (Idaho) 11-1
  • Joe Grygelko (MN) over Jeff Sommers (Michigan) 8-0
  • Joe Grygelko (MN) over Dusty Yates (North Dakota) 11-0
  • Joe Grygelko (MN) over Trent Weatherman (Iowa) 4-2
  • Seth Easter (West Virginia) over Joe Grygelko (MN) 5-2
  • Joe Grygelko (MN) over Trey Edmonds (Nevada) 10-0
  • Joe Grygelko (MN) over Josh Roosa (Pennsylvania) 4-3
  • Jake Salazar (Utah) over Joe Grygelko (MN) 4-1
  • 3rd: Quentin Wright (Pennslyvania) over Joe Grygelko (MN) 7-0

965 – Travis Rath (MN) – DNP

  • Travis Rath (MN) Bye
  • Ethan Parks (Oregon) over Travis Rath (MN) 7-2
  • Travis Rath (MN) over Todd Porter (Missouri) 6-0
  • Travis Rath (MN) over Andrew Dionne (Virginia) 10-0
  • Trey Edmonds (Nevada) over Travis Rath (MN) 6-0

916 – Justin Aube (MN) – DNP

  • Justin Aube (MN) over Samuel Myers (Virginia) 3-0
  • Justin Aube (MN) over James Rafferty (New Jersey) 5-4
  • Robert Robinson (Pennsylvania) over Justin Aube (MN) 10-0
  • Tyler Davis (Florida) over Justin Aube (MN) 11-1

942 – Travis Utley (MN) – DNP

  • Zak Cibula (Wisconsin) over Travis Utley (MN) 10-0
  • Thomas Graszl (Ohio) over Travis Utley (MN) 8-0

Cadet 140 lbs.

1011 –  Grant Goettl (MN) – DNP

  • Zach Kearney (Oregon) over Grant Goettl (MN) 7-5
  • Anthony Conway (Indiana) over Grant Goettl (MN) 9-1

1010 – Michael Davis (MN) – DNP

  • Michael Davis (MN) fall Dan Schreimann (Missouri) :52
  • Michael Davis (MN) fall Tyler Bushee (Delaware) 1:01
  • Michael Davis (MN) fall Dillon Evans (Pennsylvania) 3:45
  • Jess Stevens (Ohio) over Michael Davis (MN) 10-5
  • Michael Davis (MN) over Andrew Gasber (Ohio) 9-0
  • Alec Ortiz (Oregon) over Michael Davis (MN) 12-0

Cadet 145 lbs.

1101 – Matt Mauseth (MN) – 7th Place

  • Brett Ewing (Ohio) over Matt Mauseth (MN) 12-9
  • Matt Mauseth (MN) over Peter Lovaas (Illinois) 10-0
  • Matt Mauseth (MN) over Justin Dorsch (Pennsylvania) 13-0
  • Matt Mauseth (MN) fall Brad Welter (Wisconsin) 1:53
  • Matt Mauseth (MN) over Kramer Whitelaw (Maryland) 11-0
  • Matt Mauseth (MN) over John Velieri (New York) 11-0
  • Josh Stalcup (Oregon) over Matt Mauseth (MN) 3-1
  • 7th: Matt Mauseth (MN) over Mikey Swigart (Colorado) 11-0

1131 – Zach Pesch (MN) – DNP

  • Patrick Ferm (Oklahoma) fall Zach Pesch (MN) 2:37
  • Mike D`Alessandro (Ohio) over Zach Pesch (MN) 8-1

1126 – Travis Anderson (MN) – DNP

  • Gabe Garcia (Ohio) over Travis Anderson (MN) 11-0
  • John Sternlicht (New Jersey) over Travis Anderson (MN) 10-0

1154 – Justin Skillings (MN) – DNP

  • Darius Williams (Tennessee) fall Justin Skillings (MN) 2:16
  • Justin Skillings (MN) over Patrick Mcintosh (North Carolina) 6-1
  • Justin Skillings (MN) over Wyatt Blake (Iowa) 11-0
  • Chucky Bennett (Indiana) over Justin Skillings (MN) 4-2

Cadet 152 lbs.

1225 – Wade Gobin (MN) – DNP

  • Wade Gobin (MN) fall Jeremy Dupont (Oregon) 2:55
  • Romero Cotton (Kansas) over Wade Gobin (MN) 7-1
  • Michael Chaires (New York) over Wade Gobin (MN) 11-0

1230 – Trent Sovde (MN) – DNP

  • Trent Sovde (MN) over Sean Fisher (Connecticut) 11-0
  • Micah Sohl (Washington) over Trent Sovde (MN) 5-2
  • Trent Sovde (MN) over Angel Carillo (Arizona) 10-0
  • Chris Hacker (Oklahoma) over Trent Sovde (MN) 11-0

1254 – David Cox (MN) – DNP

  • David Cox (MN) Bye
  • Michael Stumbras (Illinois) fall David Cox (MN) 1:58
  • Cayle Byers (Alaska) over David Cox (MN) 11-0

Cadet 160 lbs.

1321 – Joseph Navratil (MN) – DNP

  • Justin Grosse (Colorado) over Joseph Navratil (MN) 14-1
  • Gavin Carlson (Alaska) over Joseph Navratil (MN) 10-0

1343 –  Torrey Line (MN) – 1st Place

  • Torrey Line (MN) fall Zach Sesar (California) :30
  • Torrey Line (MN) over Josh Schuh (North Dakota) 11-0
  • Torrey Line (MN) over Erik Schuth (New York) 12-2
  • Torrey Line (MN) over Robert Kellogg (Iowa) 9-0
  • Torrey Line (MN) Bye
  • Torrey Line (MN) over Derrick Adkins (Oklahoma) 9-0
  • Torrey Line (MN) over Kirk Smith (Idaho) 4-0
  • Torrey Line (MN) over Dan Mahoney (Pennsylvania) 6-2
  • 1st: Torrey Line (MN) over Tito Pica (California) 11-0

1340 – Tony Willaert (MN) – DNP

  • Bryan Bourne (New York) over Tony Willaert (MN) 5-0
  • Clarence Neely (Missouri) over Tony Willaert (MN) 10-0

1348 – Ben Ginther (MN) – DNP

  • Ryan Krellwitz (Oregon) over Ben Ginther (MN) 5-0
  • Ben Ginther (MN) over Paul Kordich (Ohio) 7-6
  • Ben Ginther (MN) Bye
  • Tito Pica (California) over Ben Ginther (MN) 5-1

Cadet 171 lbs.

1421 – Justin Nelson (MN) – DNP

  • Scott Burger (Texas) over Justin Nelson (MN) 8-2
  • Craig Greene (Ohio) over Justin Nelson (MN) 5-1

1428 – David Maxwell (MN) – DNP

  • Richard Lopez (Oklahoma) over David Maxwell (MN) 10-0
  • Robert Prigmore (Texas) fall David Maxwell (MN) :42

Cadet 189 lbs.

1513 – Patrick Mahan (MN) – 3rd Place

  • Patrick Mahan (MN) over Sam Spauer (Oregon) 3-0
  • Patrick Mahan (MN) over Benji Martin (Washington) 3-0
  • Patrick Mahan (MN) over Vance Grube (Wisconsin) 4-0
  • Patrick Mahan (MN) over Jozef Musial (Idaho) 3-0
  • Marcell Dubose (Michigan) fall Patrick Mahan (MN) 2:48
  • Patrick Mahan (MN) over Daniel Canfield (Ohio) 6-5
  • 3rd: Patrick Mahan (MN) over Patrick Daddino (New York) 4-3

Cadet 215 lbs.

1610 – Jeremy Miller (MN) – DNP

  • Alex Titus (Oregon) fall Jeremy Miller (MN) :42
  • Jeremy Miller (MN) over Chad Short (Arizona) Forf
  • Atticus Disney (Kansas) fall Jeremy Miller (MN) :21

Cadet 275 lbs.

1733 – Mike Dralle (MN) – DNP

  • Ivan Muller (Louisiana) fall Mike Dralle (MN) 3:25
  • Jarett Owens (Oregon) fall Mike Dralle (MN) 3:45

1740 – Andrew Peralta (MN) – 8th Place

  • Andrew Peralta (MN) over Alex Thomas (Kansas) 8-4
  • Andrew Peralta (MN) fall Ryan Arends (Iowa) :11
  • Andrew Peralta (MN) fall Zack Tourageau (Arizona) :38
  • Myles Caragein (Pennsylvania) over Andrew Peralta (MN) 10-0
  • Andrew Peralta (MN) Bye
  • Matt Fairbrother (Utah) over Andrew Peralta (MN) inj. def.
  • 7th: Stephen Andrus (Kansas) med. forf. Andrew Peralta (MN)

Team Minnesota Junior Greco-Roman

Junior 98 lbs.

110 – Paul Tellgren (MN) – DNP

  • Jake Quinton (Pennsylvania) over Paul Tellgren (MN) 11-1
  • Mitchell Lofstedt (Oregon) over over Paul Tellgren (MN) disq.

Junior 105 lbs.

211 – Jared Fields (MN) – DNP

  • Johnny Lopez (Arizona) over Jared Fields (MN) 10-1
  • Jared Fields (MN) over Mayhden Nassar (Michigan) 11-0
  • Kellen Aura (California) over Jared Fields (MN) 10-0

208 – Jason Brill (MN) – 6th Place

  • Marty Eng (Oregon) over Jason Brill (MN) 10-0
  • Jason Brill (MN) over Jojo Ojeda (Wyoming) 10-0
  • Jason Brill (MN) fall 4:26
  • Jason Brill (MN) over Sergio Valdez (California) 10-1
  • Jason Brill (MN) bye
  • Vito Krischke (Missouri) fall Jason Brill (MN) 4:31
  • 5th: Jeremiah Barkac (Maine) over Jason Brill (MN) 13-3

Junior 112 lbs.

301 – Zachary Sanders (MN) – 5th Place

  • Zachary Sanders (MN) over Bruce Winton (Wyoming) 11-0
  • Zachary Sanders (MN) fall Dustin Brodmerkel (Pennsylvania) 4:10
  • Zachary Sanders (MN) fall Kendall Mowey (North Carolina) 4:59
  • Zachary Sanders (MN) over Joshua Bellinger (New York) 11-0
  • Bill Chamberlain (Pennsylvania) over Zachary Sanders (MN) 3-2
  • Zachary Sanders (MN) over Larry Perez (Kansas) 17-8
  • Tony Mustari (Colorado) over Zachary Sanders (MN) 8-5
  • 5th: Zachary Sanders (MN) over Matt McNaughton (Illinois) 10-0

Junior 119 lbs.

401 – Seth Flodeen (MN) – 3rd Place

  • Seth Flodeen (MN) fall Aric Tarr (Montana) 1:09
  • Seth Flodeen (MN) fall Tucker Grass (Connecticut) :22
  • Seth Flodeen (MN) over Terry Bartholomew (Maryland) 11-0
  • Seth Flodeen (MN) over Shane Doughman (Texas) 10-0
  • Seth Flodeen (MN) over Cory Fish (Washington) 4-3
  • Seth Flodeen (MN) fall Preston Gentry (Idaho) :27
  • Franklin Gomez (Puerto Rico) over Seth Flodeen (MN) 5-4
  • Seth Flodeen (MN) over Bradley Pataky (Pennsylvania) 15-4
  • 3rd: Seth Flodeen (MN) over Galloway Longnecker (Pennsylvania) 14-1

Junior 125 lbs.

544 –  Zach Hansen (MN) – DNP

  • Justin Newell (Georgia) over Zach Hansen (MN) 10-5
  • Mike Beckstead (Washington) fall Zach Hansen (MN) 3:47

Junior 130 lbs.

619 – Jayson Ness (MN) – DNP

  • Jayson Ness (MN) over Jeremy Bryant (Indiana) 13-0
  • Jayson Ness (MN) over Jeff Kline (Pennsylvania) 10-0
  • Jayson Ness (MN) over Jared Nelson (Colorado) 10-0
  • Jayson Ness (MN) fall Jake Thompson (Idaho) 2:28
  • Jayson Ness (MN) over Alex Piasecki (Florida) 10-0
  • Ryan Moyer (Missouri) over Jayson Ness (MN) 9-7
  • Adam Frey (Pennsylvania) fall Jayson Ness (MN) :22

659 – Mike Vruno (MN) – DNP

  • Adam Frey (Pennsylvania) over Mike Vruno (MN) 11-0
  • Mike Vruno (MN) fall Kody Hitchcock (Michigan) 1:53
  • Ryan Smith (Oregon) fall Mike Vruno (MN) :31

614 – Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) – DNP

  • Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) over Ryan Nye (Florida) 10-0
  • Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) over Jamal Parks (Oklahoma) 10-6
  • Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) over Josiah Wagoner (Indiana) 10-0
  • Jake Swenson (Utah) over Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) 13-1
  • Elijah Hutchinson (Alaska) over Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) 7-1

656 – Danny Card (MN) – DNP

  • Justin Edge (Florida) fall Danny Card (MN) 2:14
  • Jeff Laabs (California) fall Danny Card (MN) 2:31

Junior 135 lbs.

707 – Spencer Flodeen (MN) – DNP

  • Darrion Caldwell (New Jersey) fall Spencer Flodeen (MN) :38
  • Anwar Gores (New York) over Spencer Flodeen (MN) 11-0

749 – David Albrecht (MN) – DNP

  • David Albrecht (MN) over Matt Vacanti (Nebraska) disq
  • Barrett Abel (California) over David Albrecht (MN) 15-5
  • Withdrawn

724 – Beau Hansen (MN) – DNP

  • Joe Breen (Maryland) fall Beau Hansen (MN) :30
  • Chris Wanke (Indiana) fall Beau Hansen (MN) 1:57

Junior 140 lbs.

805 – Beau Penk (MN) – DNP

  • Beau Penk (MN) over Nathan Schweitzer (North Dakota) 10-0
  • Mike Tanko (Ohio) over Beau Penk (MN) 13-3
  • Beau Penk (MN) over Mike Tanko (Ohio) 11-0
  • JP O’Connor (New York) fall Beau Penk (MN) 1:57

831 – Nate Willaert (MN) – DNP

  • Nate Willaert (MN) over (Withdrawn) forf
  • Nate Willaert (MN) over Richie Moreno (Arizona) 4-1
  • Greg Lapinski (Wisconsin) over Nate Willaert (MN) 14-6
  • Adam Klingsheim (California) fall Nate Willaert (MN) :58

824 – Codey Schultz (MN) – DNP

  • Lance Houghdahl (Wisconsin) fall Codey Schultz (MN) 3:34
  • Codey Schultz (MN) over Jewel Jackson (California) 12-2
  • John Basting (North Dakota) over Codey Schultz (MN) 10-0

854 – Travis Elg (MN) – DNP

  • Travis Elg (MN) over Ashtin Primus (Pennsylvania) 13-1
  • Travis Elg (MN) over Mark Beaudry (Colorado) 9-3
  • Travis Elg (MN) over Justin Mauser (Arizona) 11-0
  • Travis Elg (MN) over Bobby Vinson (Montana) 12-2
  • Sean Joyce (Florida) over Travis Elg (MN) 12-9
  • John Dibala (Oregon) fall Travis Elg (MN) 1:26

Junior 145 lbs.

925 – Jon Brandtjen (MN) – DNP

  • Jason Brew (Michigan) over Jon Brandtjen (MN) 19-14
  • Matt Cathell (Delaware) fall Jon Brandtjen (MN) :58

926 – Levi Price (MN) – 3rd Place

  • Levi Price (MN) over Andrew Bradley (Delaware) 13-8
  • Levi Price (MN) over Michael Rushin (Virginia) 10-0
  • Levi Price (MN) over Kyle Rodgers (Connecticut) 11-2
  • Levi Price (MN) over Kamarudeen Usman (Texas) 5-0
  • Levi Price (MN) over David Wiese (Alaska) 13-2
  • Brent Metcalf (Michigan) over Levi Price (MN) 8-1
  • Levi Price (MN) over Kurt Swartz (Washington) 3-2
  • Levi Price (MN) over Volodmyr Rozdolsky (Illinois) 6-6 OT
  • 3rd: Levi Price (MN) over Luke Manual (California) 3-2 OT

958 – Brett Landrum (MN) – DNP

  • Robby Willey (Maryland) fall Brett Landrum (MN) 5:32
  • Brett Landrum (MN) over John Ponce Jr. (Arizona) 13-2
  • Brett Landrum (MN) fall Jordan Duffield (Montana) 2:30
  • John Luscombe (California) fall Brett Landrum (MN) :24

Junior 152 lbs.

1017 – Chris Leuer (MN) – DNP

  • James Dederich (Wisconsin) over Chris Leuer (MN) 11-5
  • Jon Reader (Michigan) fall Chris Leuer (MN) :58

1024 – Ben Anderson (MN) – DNP

  • Chris Orr (Illinois) over Ben Anderson (MN) 5-0
  • Kurt Kinser (Indiana) fall Ben Anderson (MN) 4:47

Junior 160 lbs.

1133 – Matt Schrupp (MN) – DNP

  • Matt Schrupp (MN) over Zachary Osborn (Indiana) 10-0
  • Jesse Robbins (Florida) over Matt Schrupp (MN) 3-0
  • Matt Schrupp (MN) over John Pycraft (Ohio) 12-10
  • Matt Schrupp (MN) over Roger Sawyer (New York) 13-3
  • Aaron Denson (Nebraska) fall Matt Schrupp (MN) 3:29

1159 – Tim Matheson (MN) – 8th Place

  • Tim Matheson (MN) fall Tommy Timothy (Florida) :52
  • Tim Matheson (MN) fall Bryan Hugo (Washington) 2:21
  • Tim Matheson (MN) Italo Marino (Connecticut) 10-0
  • Tim Matheson (MN) fall Buck Raymond (New York) 1:36
  • Tim Matheson (MN) bye
  • Landis Wright (Pennsylvania) fall Tim Matheson (MN) 1:55
  • Jesse Robbins (Florida) over Tim Matheson (MN) 6-3
  • 7th: Jake Grygelko (MN) over Tim Matheson (MN) 10-5

1140 – Jake Grygelko (MN) – 7th Place

  • Jake Grygelko (MN) over Cory Nelson (Ohio) 6-0
  • Jake Grygelko (MN) over Scotty Brummeler (Georgia) 12-1
  • Jake Grygelko (MN) over Mathew Bailes (Kansas) 19-17
  • Jake Grygelko (MN) over Max Bailey (Missouri) 12-0
  • Jake Grygelko (MN) over 26 11-8
  • Rocky Cozart (Florida) over Jake Grygelko (MN) 10-0
  • Colby Covington (Oregon) over Jake Grygelko (MN) 12-2
  • 7th: Jake Grygelko (MN) over Tim Matheson (MN) 10-5

Junior 171 lbs.

1245 –  Kaleb Young (MN) – 6th Place

  • Kaleb Young (MN) fall Johnathan Ruelle (Arizona) 2:10
  • Kaleb Young (MN) over Bart Schaefer (Indiana) 10-0
  • Kaleb Young (MN) over Tre’ Leckbee (Washington) 10-0
  • Kaleb Young (MN) over Ian Heinisch (Colorado) 6-5
  • Dave Woodall (Pennsylvania) over Kaleb Young (MN) 3-0
  • Kaleb Young (MN) bye
  • Kaleb Young (MN) over Travis Edwards (California) 6-2
  • Rick Loera (Illinois) over Kaleb Young (MN) 8-0
  • Jeff James (Oklahoma) over Kaleb Young (MN) 12-1
  • 5th: Duke Burk (Illinois) over Kaleb Young (MN) 5-0

Junior 189 lbs.

1317 – Kevin Landry (MN) – DNP

  • Bill Schindel (Ohio) over Kevin Landry (MN) 7-5
  • Kevin Landry (MN) over Adam Gleixner (Illinois) 10-3
  • Kevin Landry (MN) fall Matthew Edmondson (Georgia) 3:10
  • Trevor Perry (Michigan) over Kevin Landry (MN) 4-2

1312 – David Goeblisch (MN) – DNP

  • David Goeblisch (MN) over Anthony Morales (Nevada) 5-3
  • Louis Caputo (Missouri) over David Goeblisch (MN) 12-0
  • Jarrett Edison (Kansas) over David Goeblisch (MN) 10-0

Junior 215 lbs.

1429 – Brent Eidenschink (MN) – 3rd Place

  • Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Ashton Gilmore (Virginia) 10-0
  • Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Travis Stem (Pennsylvania) 6-0
  • Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Dustin Bauman (Wisconsin) 5-0
  • Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Deron Sharp (New Jersey) 3-1
  • Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Bret Thomas (Ohio) 6-1
  • Brent Jones (Virginia) over Brent Eidenschink (MN) 11-0
  • Brent Eidenschink (MN) bye
  • 3rd: Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Daniel Erekson (Idaho) 3-1 OT

1406 – Jayson Bowlsby (MN) – 7th Place

  • Robby Smith (California) fall Jayson Bowlsby (MN) 1:14
  • Jayson Bowlsby (MN) over Joey Meyer (Oklahoma) 10-0
  • Jayson Bowlsby (MN) over Paden Jenkins (Montana) 11-0
  • Jayson Bowlsby (MN) over Spencer Carr (Ohio) 10-0
  • Jayson Bowlsby (MN) over Paul Collins (Oregon) 11-0
  • Jayson Bowlsby (MN) over Zach Covington (Iowa) 3-2
  • Ryan Nachtrab (Ohio) fall Jayson Bowlsby (MN)
  • 7th: Jayson Bowlsby (MN) over Dustin Bauman (Wisconsin) 10-0

1432 – Tyler Hemmesch (MN) – DNP

  • Tyler Hemmesch (MN) fall Andrew Nielsen (Washington) :31
  • Tyler Hemmesch (MN) fall Justin Powell (Ohio) :42
  • Justin Cooper (Indiana) fall Tyler Hemmesch (MN) 1:06
  • Daniel Erekson (Idaho) over Tyler Hemmesch (MN) 6-0

Junior 275 lbs.

1513 – Mike Marzinske (MN) – DNP

  • Michael Magee (Washington) fall Mike Marzinske (MN) 1:23
  • Jerey Norwood (Iowa) fall Mike Marzinske (MN) 1:06

1537 – Evan Osterhoudt (MN) – DNP

  • Evan Osterhoudt (MN) fall Jamie Matticks (Colorado) 1:11
  • Evan Osterhoudt (MN) fall Mike Riddell (Washington) :24
  • Evan Osterhoudt (MN) fall Jesse Hernandez (Oklahoma) 1:59
  • Drake McCoy (Georgia) over Evan Osterhoudt (MN) 5-0
  • Charlie Alexander (Oregon) over Evan Osterhoudt (MN) 4-1

1544 – Brady Wilson (MN) – 7th Place

  • Brady Wilson (MN) over Payton Towery (New Mexico) 12-0
  • Brady Wilson (MN) over Jack Danilkowicz (Illinois) 3-0
  • Brady Wilson (MN) over Jake Stebnitz (Wisconsin) 10-0
  • Brady Wilson (MN) over Gannon Bunner (West Virginia) 11-0
  • Brady Wilson (MN) bye
  • Brady Wilson (MN) over Mike Nijoka (Texas) 10-0
  • Erik Nye (California) fall Brady Wilson (MN) 2:57
  • Nathan Fernandez (Oklahoma) over Brady Wilson (MN) 13-8
  • 7th: Brady Wilson (MN) over Charlie Alexander (Oregon) 3-0

Team Minnesota Cadet Freestyle

Cadet 84 lbs.

No Entries

Cadet 91 lbs.

213 – David Thorn (MN) – DNP

  • David Thorn (MN) over Alberto Ramos (Oklahoma) 11-0
  • David Thorn (MN) over Anthony Jaramillo (California) 11-0
  • David Thorn (MN) over Kyler Killian (Pennsylvania) 12-2
  • BJ Futrell (Illinois) over David Thorn (MN) 5-4
  • Zack Zummo (Pennsylvania) over David Thorn (MN) 4-2

229 – Daniel Tenney (MN) – DNP

  • Jacob Lauderdale (Washington) over Daniel Tenney (MN) 12-0
  • Steven Salinas (California) over Daniel Tenney (MN) 14-4

232 – Cody Hansen (MN) – DNP

  • David Taylor (Ohio) fall Cody Hansen (MN) 2:28
  • Cody Hansen (MN) over Austin Mogg (Oklahoma) 8-0
  • Cody Hansen (MN) bye
  • Mark Rappo (Pennsylvania) fall Cody Hansen (MN) 3:33

Cadet 98 lbs.

312 – Cole Von Ohlen (MN) – DNP

  • Cole Von Ohlen (MN) over Paul Montoya (Colorado) 11-1
  • Ben Sergent (Ohio) over Cole Von Ohlen (MN) forf
  • Withdrawn

Cadet 105 lbs.

427 – Patrick Smith (MN) – DNP

  • Demtrius Johnson (Tennessee) over Patrick Smith (MN) 10-0
  • Patrick Smith (MN) over Matthew Cabanas (Virginia) 10-3
  • Patrick Smith (MN) over Chris Crawford (Oklahoma) 8-5
  • Patrick Smith (MN) over Phillip Holloway (Georgia) 3-0
  • Robert Ward (Pennsylvania) over Patrick Smith (MN) 10-0

475 – Nick Anderson (MN) – DNP

  • Chad Mitchell (Georgia) over Nick Anderson (MN) 12-0
  • Dominick Oddo (New York) fall Nick Anderson (MN) :18

438 – Mike Murphy (MN) – DNP

  • Mike Murphy (MN) over Kalem Bennet (Kansas) 3-1
  • Nick Leinfelder (Illinois) over Mike Murphy (MN) 11-0
  • Steve Mitcheff (Ohio) over Mike Murphy (MN) 12-0

478 – Andy Anderson (MN) – DNP

  • Logan Matthews (Alabama) over Andy Anderson (MN) 6-4
  • Demetrius Madry (Florida) fall Andy Anderson (MN) 2:21

Cadet 112 lbs.

529 – Tom Kelliher (MN) – DNP

  • John Garza (Arizona) over Tom Kelliher (MN) 13-7
  • Tom Kelliher (MN) over Terrell McKinley (Nebraska) 14-13
  • Bobby Wunnicke (Wisconsin) over Tom Kelliher (MN) 14-5

577 – David Zilverberg (MN) – DNP

  • David Zilverberg (MN) over Nathan Armstrong (Idaho) 10-0
  • Tyler Caldwell (Kansas) over David Zilverberg (MN) 6-1
  • Joe Stanzione (Pennsylvania) fall David Zilverberg (MN) :51

506 – Trey Bertram (MN) – DNP

  • Trey Bertram (MN) over Aaron Ely (Kansas) 9-4
  • Trey Bertram (MN) over Herb Krischke (Missouri) 10-0
  • Trey Bertram (MN) over Justin Arredondo (California) 3-1
  • Trey Bertram (MN) over James Williams (Florida) 7-4
  • Trey Bertram (MN) over Shane Stephenson (Idaho) 13-3
  • Tyler Mashkow (New York) over Trey Bertram (MN) 8-5
  • Nikko Triggas (California) fall Trey Bertram (MN) 2:40

572 – James Locke (MN) – DNP

  • Shane Smith (Pennsylvania) fall James Locke (MN) :41
  • Zac Hancock (Ohio) over James Locke (MN) 6-2

Cadet 119 lbs.

6051 – Jared Erlanson (MN) – DNP

  • Jared Erlanson (MN) over Brett Delich (Kansas) 11-7
  • Pat Zamaria (Ohio) over Jared Erlanson (MN) 11-0
  • Andrew Sauders (Illinois) over Jared Erlanson (MN) 10-0

6091 – Aaron Laine (MN) – DNP

  • Aaron Laine (MN) over Jay Plemon (Wisconsin) 13-3
  • Alex Exstrom (New York) over Aaron Laine (MN) 6-0
  • Nick Flynn (Kansas) over Aaron Laine (MN) 6-3

6032 – Colter Uscola (MN) – DNP

  • Colter Uscola (MN) over Zach Reeb (Kansas) 5-4
  • Marty Uehlin (Missouri) over Colter Uscola (MN) 9-5
  • Ryan Wilson (New Jersey) fall Colter Uscola (MN) :14

Cadet 125 lbs.

7027 – Matt Pfarr (MN) – DNP

  • Brandon Bucher (Pennsylvania) over Matt Pfarr (MN) 12-5
  • Matt Pfarr (MN) over Travis Wade (Nevada) 8-1
  • Matt Pfarr (MN) over Jacob Mirocha (Iowa) 6-4
  • Michael Doria (New York) over Matt Pfarr (MN) 4-3

7055 – Joe Meinert (MN) – DNP

  • Joe Meinert (MN) fall Matt Whittenburg (Georgia) 1:54
  • Joe Meinert (MN) over Dane Griggs (Wyoming) 8-4
  • Alec Hoffman (Iowa) fall Joe Meinert (MN) 3:18
  • Brandon Ward (Indiana) over Joe Meinert (MN) 3-0

7097 – Torey Stewart (MN) – DNP

  • Hollan Gravely (Alaska) over Torey Stewart (MN) 14-8
  • Torey Stewart (MN) fall Brock Coutu (Connecticut) 3:04
  • Torey Stewart (MN) over Sid Bice (South Dakota) 11-5
  • Devaughan Perkins (Nebraska) over Torey Stewart (MN) 6-3

7026 – Kurt Knutson (MN) – DNP

  • Kurt Knutson (MN) over Frankie Acosta (New Jersey) 11-1
  • Kurt Knutson (MN) over Jarvis Beames (Idaho) 10-0
  • Kurt Knutson (MN) over Colin Zoski (Virginia) 8-2
  • Craig Wilson (Missouri) over Kurt Knutson (MN) 2-1
  • Michael Robinson (Pennsylvania) over Kurt Knutson (MN) 10-0

7062 – Robert Marshall (MN) – DNP

  • Robert Marshall (MN) over Kurt Rosenstiel (Oregon) 10-0
  • adam Wilson (Michigan) over Robert Marshall (MN) 5-1
  • Robert Marshall (MN) over Aaron Briggs (Arizona) 6-4
  • Dave Cawley (Pennsylvania) fall Robert Marshall (MN) 1:41

7100 – Kevin Steinhaus (MN) – DNP

  • Kevin Steinhaus (MN) over Tyler Carew (Iowa) 10-0
  • Dustin Deckard (New Jersey) over Kevin Steinhaus (MN) 5-1
  • Kevin Steinhaus (MN) over Zach Eunice (Louisiana) 14-5
  • Matt Bogusz (Pennsylvania) fall Kevin Steinhaus (MN) :34

Cadet 130 lbs.

823 – Matt Mincey (MN) – DNP

  • Matt Mincey (MN) over Zac Mastro (Florida) 9-4
  • Matt Mincey (MN) over Richard Moore (Wyoming) 11-0
  • Michael Fennell (New York) over Matt Mincey (MN) 11-0
  • Matt Mincey (MN) over Cameron Rosenfield (Oregon) 11-8
  • Eric Starks (Washington) over Matt Mincey (MN)11-0

853 – Jacob Deitchler (MN) – DNP

  • Jacob Deitchler (MN) over Josh Barnett (Michigan) 8-5
  • Jacob Deitchler (MN) over Matt Thomas (California) 11-0
  • Jacob Deitchler (MN) over Casey Cruz (Colorado) 10-0
  • Sean Bilodeau (Massachusetts) over Jacob Deitchler (MN) 12-2
  • Jacob Deitchler (MN) over Donnie Tasser (Pennsylvania) 7-0
  • Micah Bollinger (Pennsylvania) over Jacob Deitchler (MN) 12-0

877 – Adam Ourada (MN) – DNP

  • Chase Cuthbertson (Alabama) over Adam Ourada (MN) 10-0
  • Jacob Earp (North Carolina) over Adam Ourada (MN) 9-0

840 – Travis Rutt (MN) – 3rd Place

  • Travis Rutt (MN) over Aaron Faust (Georgia) 10-0
  • Travis Rutt (MN) over Jimmy Peterson (Texas) 11-0
  • Travis Rutt (MN) over Zach Gregoire (Montana) 10-0
  • Travis Rutt (MN) over Donnie Vinson (New York) 10-0
  • Travis Rutt (MN) over Taylor Crane (Missouri) 12-2
  • Travis Rutt (MN) over Jacob Meredith (California) 10-0
  • Travis Rutt (MN) over Dallas Hintz (Washington) 12-0
  • Travis Rutt (MN) over Marshall Koethe (Iowa) 13-3
  • Alex Meade (Delaware) over Travis Rutt (MN) 4-2
  • 3rd: Travis Rutt (MN) over Chase Cuthbertson (Alabama) 10-0

878 – Calvin Wolfe (MN) – DNP

  • Bobby Barney (Texas) over Calvin Wolfe (MN) 14-4
  • Chris Harris (Michigan) over Calvin Wolfe (MN) 7-6

Cadet 135 lbs.

901 – Mike Mason (MN) – DNP

  • Justin Hewitt (New York) over Mike Mason (MN) 13-2
  • David Hayes (Idaho) over Mike Mason (MN) 10-0

939 – Jake Johnson (MN) – DNP

  • Nick Tenan (Connecticut) over Jake Johnson (MN) 5-0
  • Mallie Shuster (Pennsylvania) over Jake Johnson (MN) 6-0

930 – Alex Zeien (MN) – DNP

  • Kevin Zeien (Minnesota) over Alex Zeien (MN) 4-3
  • Kyle Cuthbertson (Alabama) over Alex Zeien (MN) 13-2

970 – Ross Lefebvre (MN) – DNP

  • Kevin Hardy (Ohio) over Ross Lefebvre (MN) 12-1
  • Ross Lefebvre (MN) over Todd Porter (Missouri) 5-2
  • Johnny Keopp (Texas) over Ross Lefebvre (MN) 11-0

Cadet 140 lbs.

1019 – Zach DeLong (MN) – DNP

  • Jess Stevens (Ohio) fall Zach DeLong (MN) 2:37
  • Corey Peltier (Rhode Island) over Zach DeLong (MN) 10-0

1045 – John Vaith (MN) – DNP

  • Hunter Meys (New York) fall John Vaith (MN) 3:06
  • John Vaith (MN) over Frank Flores (California) 7-4
  • Vince Ramos (Illinois) over John Vaith (MN) 3-2

1018 – Chris Harmon (MN) – DNP

  • Andrew Howe (Indiana) over Chris Harmon (MN) 11-0
  • Anthony Wills (Ohio) over Chris Harmon (MN) 8-2

1064 – Adam Petersen (MN) – DNP

  • Adam Petersen (MN) over Anthony Conway (Indiana) 13-6
  • Adam Petersen (MN) over Andrew Dionne (Virginia) 1:51
  • Adam Petersen (MN) over Jordan Couch (Texas) 8-3
  • Jedd Moore (Ohio) over Adam Petersen (MN) 10-0
  • Andrew Clement (Virginia) over Adam Petersen (MN) 10-3

Cadet 145 lbs.

1123 – Mitch Shemon (MN) – DNP

  • Mitch Shemon (MN) over Terrance Eppenger (Indiana) 13-3
  • Noah Hatton (Washington) over Mitch Shemon (MN) 10-0
  • Mitch Shemon (MN) over Luck Ferguson (Illinois) 4-2
  • Eren Civan (Maryland) over Mitch Shemon (MN) 10-0

1161 – Matt Mauseth (MN) – 6th Place

  • Matt Mauseth (MN) over Brent Haynes (Missouri) 7-0
  • Matt Mauseth (MN) over Cole Shafer (Utah) 16-5
  • Matt Mauseth (MN) over Colton Tweed (Michigan) 10-0
  • Matt Mauseth (MN) fall Chucky Bennett (Indiana) 1:14
  • Matt Mauseth (MN) over Eddie Warren (Ohio) 14-4
  • Brian Letters (Pennsylvania) over Matt Mauseth (MN) 8-5
  • Matt Mauseth (MN) over Fran O’Brien (Florida) 12-0
  • Eren Civan (Maryland) over Matt Mauseth (MN) 13-2
  • 5th: George Bancroft (Florida) over Matt Mauseth (MN) 5-2

1146 – Dan Copp (MN) – DNP

  • Scott Elliot (Kansas) over Dan Copp (MN) 10-0
  • Dan Copp (MN) over Zach Arman (Indiana) 10-8
  • Brian Tanen (Pennsylvania) over Dan Copp (MN) 9-1

Cadet 152 lbs.

1223 – Trent Sovde (MN) – DNP

  • Alex Farrara (New York) fall Trent Sovde (MN) 3:22
  • Trent Sovde (MN) over Sean Fisher (Connecticut) 7-4
  • Robert Kellogg (Iowa) over Trent Sovde (MN) 11-8

1249 – Zach Pesch (MN) – DNP

  • Cody Brown (Wyoming) over Zach Pesch (MN) 9-0
  • Zach Pesch (MN) fall Tommy Kendzia (Virginia) :55
  • David Bonin (Louisiana) over Zach Pesch (MN) 4-0

1232 – Wade Gobin (MN) – DNP

  • Cody Yohn (Colorado) fall Wade Gobin (MN) 2:57
  • Grant Gambrall (Iowa) over Wade Gobin (MN) 11-0

Cadet 160 lbs.

1305 – Dan Runck (MN) – DNP

  • Dan Runck (MN) over Matt Gillespie (Florida) 8-7
  • Dan Runck (MN) over Felix Padilla (New Mexico) 10-0
  • Dan Runck (MN) over Dan Olan (Pennsylvania) 7-3
  • Ed Buffington (Alaska) over Dan Runck (MN) 10-0
  • Cameron Mills (New York) fall Dan Runck (MN) :35

1345 –  Torrey Line (MN) – 3rd Place

  • Torrey Line (MN) over Aaron Berscheidt (Kansas) 11-0
  • Torrey Line (MN) Chris Perry (Oklahoma) 4-3
  • Torrey Line (MN) Vinnie Pedretti (Wisconsin) 11-0
  • Torrey Line (MN) over Scott Harvey (New York) 10-0
  • Torrey Line (MN) bye
  • Torrey Line (MN) fall Ricky Nagy (California) :12
  • Kirk Smith (Idaho) over Torrey Line (MN) 5-4
  • Torrey Line (MN) over Dan Mahoney (Pennsylvania) 6-3
  • 3rd: Torrey Line (MN) over Lucas Munkelwitz (MN) 10-0

1304 – Lucas Munkelwitz (MN) – 4th Place

  • Lucas Munkelwitz (MN) over Nick Demarinis (Ohio) 10-0
  • Luke Rebertus (Maryland) over Lucas Munkelwitz (MN) 6-5
  • Lucas Munkelwitz (MN) over Bryan Bourne (New York) 8-1
  • Lucas Munkelwitz (MN) over Derrick Thompson (Oklahoma) 10-0
  • Lucas Munkelwitz (MN) over Karl Deciantis (Pennsylvania) 13-3
  • Lucas Munkelwitz (MN) over Derrick Adkins (Oklahoma) 9-5
  • Lucas Munkelwitz (MN) over Paul Kordich (Ohio) 9-8
  • Lucas Munkelwitz (MN) over Clete Hanson (Washington) 9-0
  • 3rd: Torrey Line (MN) over Lucas Munkelwitz (MN) 10-0

1334 – Bryce Mikel (MN) – DNP

  • Ryan Black (New York) over Bryce Mikel (MN) 6-0
  • Nick Hylton (West Virginia) over Bryce Mikel (MN) 6-3

Cadet 171 lbs.

1451 – Nate Plonski (MN) – DNP

  • RJ Barrett (Georgia) over Nate Plonski (MN) 5-4
  • Derek Rottenberg (California) fall Nate Plonski (MN) 1:41

1430 – Jake Kahnke (MN) – DNP

  • Jake Kahnke (MN) over Derrick Jones (Oklahoma) 10-0
  • Nick Bowman (Missouri) over Jake Kahnke (MN) 12-6
  • Jake Kahnke (MN) over Erik Schuth (New York) 12-5
  • Jake Kahnke (MN) over Peter Simon (New Jersey) 7-6
  • Jake Kahnke (MN) over Robert Prigmore (Texas) 6-3
  • Andy Thomas (West Virginia) over Jake Kahnke (MN) 7-1

Cadet 189 lbs.

1509 – Wesley Reardon (MN) – DNP

  • Wesley Reardan (MN) over John Hall (California) 5-2
  • Wesley Reardan (MN) over Justin Zellweger (Indiana) 10-2
  • Luke Watkins (Indiana) over Wesley Reardan (MN) 15-3
  • Jerome Ward (Illinois) over Wesley Reardan (MN) 10-0

1540 – Cullen Berg (MN) – DNP

  • Cullen Berg (MN) over Matt Lindamood (West Virginia) 7-2
  • Brodie Ambrose (Iowa) over Cullen Berg (MN) 4-0
  • Jozef Musial (Idaho) over Cullen Berg (MN) 4-2

Cadet 215 lbs.

1609 – Patrick Mahan (MN) – 6th Place

  • Patrick Mahan (MN) over Billy Deal (Oklahoma) 1:12
  • Patrick Mahan (MN) over Landon Winowiecki (Michigan) 9-5
  • DJ Bruce (Illinois) over Patrick Mahan (MN) 10-0
  • Patrick Mahan (MN) over Tyler Manning (Wisconsin) 8-3
  • Patrick Mahan (MN) over Chris Dunning (Illinois) 5-1
  • Patrick Mahan (MN) over Dillion Heesch (Iowa) 12-0
  • Dom Bradley (Missouri) over Patrick Mahan (MN) 15-3
  • 5th: Dan Craig (Michigan) over Patrick Mahan (MN) 4-0

1626 Andy Trembath (MN) – DNP

  • Brandon Moran (Oregon) fall Andy Trembath (MN) 1:25
  • Dan Craig (Michigan) fall Andy Trembath (MN) :50

Cadet 275 lbs.

1709 – Jerrod Kuisle (MN) – DNP

  • Alex Hansen (Illinois) fall Jerrod Kuisle (MN) :16
  • Ben Kuhar (Ohio) over Jerrod Kuisle (MN) 11-0

1736 – Andrew Peralta (MN) – DNP

  • Matt Fairbrother (Utah) over Andrew Peralta (MN) inj. def.
  • Withdrawn

Team Minnesota Junior Freestyle

Junior 98 lbs.

108 – Tanner Weltzin (MN) – DNP

  • Tanner Weltzin (MN) over Michael Townsend (North Carolina) 11-0
  • Tommy Bennett (Florida) fall Tanner Weltzin (MN) :28
  • David Staines (Louisiana) fall Tanner Weltzin (MN) 1:28

Junior 105 lbs.

No Entry

Junior 112 lbs.

307 – Aaron Short (MN) – DNP

  • Eric Azersky (New York) over Aaron Short (MN) 8-3
  • Jayk Cobbs (Virginia) fall Aaron Short (MN) :45

308 – Zachary Sanders (MN) – 3rd Place

  • Zachary Sanders (MN) over Michael McAuliffe (Illinois) 10-0
  • Zachary Sanders (MN) over Garrett Schnettler (New York) 11-0
  • Zachary Sanders (MN) fall Daniel Coyne (Indiana) 1:00
  • Zachary Sanders (MN) over James Nicholson (Iowa) 11-5
  • Zachary Sanders (MN) over Timmy Peskar (Ohio) 5-3
  • Zachary Sanders (MN) over Jordan Alfaro (North Carolina) 10-0
  • Zachary Sanders (MN) over Pat Feeley (Rhode Island) 5-1
  • Tony Mustari (Colorado) over Zachary Sanders (MN) 10-0
  • Zachary Sanders (MN) over Donny Altman (Kansas) 10-0
  • 3rd: Zachary Sanders (MN) over Matthew Kyler (Pennsylvania) 8-6

362 – Brian Litch (MN) – DNP

  • Brian Litch (MN) bye
  • Timmy Peskar (Ohio) over Brian Litch (MN) 10-0
  • Bill Chamberlain (Pennsylvania) over over Brian Litch (MN) 1:00

Junior 119 lbs.

447 – Travis Cleberg (MN) – DNP

  • Travis Cleberg (MN) over Zach Tolbert (Maryland) 7-6
  • Rollie Peterkin (Massachusetts) over Travis Cleberg (MN) 10-0
  • Jay Ivanco (Pennsylvania) over Travis Cleberg (MN) 11-0

473 – Andy Hackenmueller (MN) – DNP

  • Derrick Gibbs (Oklahoma) over Andy Hackenmueller (MN) 12-0
  • Galloway Longnecker (Pennsylvania) over Andy Hackenmueller (MN) 10-0

426 – Mike Thorn (MN) – 5th Place

  • Mike Thorn (MN) over Troy Dolan (Pennsylvania) 11-1
  • Mike Thorn (MN) over Bobby Joyce (Illinois) 11-1
  • Mike Thorn (MN) over Jeremy Ensley (Idaho) inj. def.
  • Mike Thorn (MN) over Kyle Ruschell (Wisconsin) 12-2
  • Mike Thorn (MN) over Zach Fraley (West Virginia) 11-0
  • Mike Thorn (MN) over Flip Novochkov (California) 4-2
  • Mike Thorn (MN) over Angel Olea (California) 12-1
  • Bradley Pataky (Pennsylvania) fall Mike Thorn (MN) :45
  • Mike Thorn (MN) bye
  • Ross Gitomer (NJ) over Mike Thorn (MN) 5-3
  • 5th: Mike Thorn (MN) over Rollie Peterkin (Massachusetts) 11-6

Junior 125 lbs.

557 – Seth Flodeen (MN) – DNP

  • Seth Flodeen (MN) over Aaron Navarrete (California) 14-5
  • Tyler Leljedal (Pennsylvania) over Seth Flodeen (MN) 11-1
  • Seth Flodeen (MN) fall David Crow (Utah) 1:00
  • Seth Flodeen (MN) over over Josh Wheeler (Tennessee) 10-0
  • Brian Shelton (Oklahoma) fall Seth Flodeen (MN) 1:27

508 – Zach Hansen (MN) – DNP

  • Jared Rueda (New York) over Zach Hansen (MN) 14-4
  • Zach Hansen (MN) over Cory Bloodgood (Kansas) 12-6
  • Mike Grey (New Jersey) over Zach Hansen (MN) 10-0

Junior 130 lbs.

6013 – Dietrich Moren (MN) – DNP

  • Dalton Bullard (Illinois) fall Dietrich Moren (MN) 1:00
  • Michael Holt (Utah) over Dietrich Moren (MN) 12-0

6055 – Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) – DNP

  • Cory Manson (Tennessee) over Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) 13-3
  • Matt kelly (Iowa) over Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) 12-11

6093 – Vick Zeien (MN) – DNP

  • Luke Cherep (Illinois) over Vick Zeien (MN) 15-5
  • JJ Anderson (Iowa) over Vick Zeien (MN) 10-0

6008 – Jayson Ness (MN) – 3rd Place

  • Jayson Ness (MN) over Vincente Varela (New Mexico) 13-2
  • Jayson Ness (MN) over Dustin Hicks (Georgia) 10-0
  • Jayson Ness (MN) over Gene Allgood (Virginia) 11-0
  • Jayson Ness (MN) over Brandon Precin (Illinois) 5-4
  • Jayson Ness (MN) over Tyler Shinn (Oklahoma) 3-1
  • Jayson Ness (MN) over Daniel Summers (California) 11-0
  • Jayson Ness (MN) over Jake Thompson (Idaho) 10-0
  • Adam Frey (Pennsylvania) over Jayson Ness (MN) 11-6
  • Jayson Ness (MN) over Joe Slaton (Iowa) 7-4
  • 3rd: Jayson Ness (MN) over Kyle Anson (Iowa) 14-4

6048 – Justin Kolander (MN) – DNP

  • Elijah Hutchinson (Alaska) fall Justin Kolander (MN) 2:24
  • Colby Pisani (Pennsylvania) over Justin Kolander (MN) 20-10

6080 – John Sundgren (MN) – DNP

  • Joe Slaton (Iowa) over John Sundgren (MN) 11-0
  • Adam Frey (Pennsylvania) over John Sundgren (MN) 10-0

Junior 135 lbs.

7013 – Jarred McCarthy (MN) – DNP

  • Jarred McCarthy (MN) over Blake Kenny (Indiana) 18-8
  • Jarred McCarthy (MN) over Duran Flagat (Montana) 14-4
  • Jarred McCarthy (MN) over Ryan Cubberly (Ohio) 10-0
  • Frank Battaglia (Illinois) over Jarred McCarthy (MN) inj. def.
  • Withdrawn

7041 – Matt Baarson (MN) – DNP

  • Lucas Chesher (Washington) over Matt Baarson (MN) 1:02
  • Shay Lawrence (Utah) over Matt Baarson (MN) 15-5

7024 – Bryce Mackey (MN) – DNP

  • Bryce Mackey (MN) over Lam Le (Virginia) 7-5
  • Bryce Mackey (MN) over Zavier Ramirez (Arizona) 12-0
  • Trinity Perkins (Nevada) fall Bryce Mackey (MN) 1:22
  • Bryce Mackey (MN) over Kyle Kidder (Michigan) 13-4
  • Brent Parks (Oregon) over Bryce Mackey (MN) 9-7

7058 – Jason Adams (MN) – DNP

  • Jason Adams (MN) over Zach Rousslang (Washington) 11-0
  • Jason Adams (MN) over Tyler Gilfeather (Montana) 12-2
  • Jason Adams (MN) over Barrett Abel (California) 14-4
  • Zach Baily (Missouri) over Jason Adams (MN) 6-2
  • Jason Adams (MN) over Chase Gallatin (Texas) 19-7
  • Balum Kellon (Pennsylvania) over Jason Adams (MN) 16-6

Junior 140 lbs.

8015 – Jacob Handegard (MN) – DNP

  • Mark Beaudry (Colorado) over Jacob Handegard (MN) 10-0
  • Adam Hall (Idaho) fall Jacob Handegard (MN) :36

8061 – Ryan Adams (MN) – 4th Place

  • Ryan Adams (MN) fall JP Prince (Alabama) 2:43
  • Ryan Adams (MN) over Patrick Simon (Florida) 10-0
  • Ryan Adams (MN) fall Joey Metzler (Virginia) 4:01
  • Ryan Adams (MN) fall AJ Agazaru (Florida) 2:37
  • Ryan Adams (MN) over Rocco Depaolo (Colorado) 10-0
  • Ryan Adams (MN) over Nick Bertucci (Illinois) 10-0
  • Ryan Adams (MN) bye
  • Ryan Adams (MN) over Patrick McLemore (Ohio) 4-3
  • Travis Blasco (New Jersey) over Ryan Adams (MN) 9-1
  • Ryan Adams (MN) over Adam Hall (Idaho) 6-3
  • 3rd: Lance Palmer (Ohio) over Ryan Adams (MN) 4-0

8020 – Zachery Evans (MN) – DNP

  • Brent Boardman (Indiana) fall Zachery Evans (MN) 1:44
  • Zachery Evans (MN) over Zach Brown (Oklahoma) 18-7
  • Dwayne Tolleson (Florida) fall Zachery Evans (MN) 3:25

8066 – Dan Crone (MN) – DNP

  • Robby Willey (Maryland) over Dan Crone (MN) 9-3
  • Brian Graham (Missouri) over Dan Crone (MN) 7-4

Junior 145 lbs.

943 – Gabe Krenik (MN) – DNP

  • Mikey Davis (Ohio) over Gabe Krenik (MN) 10-0
  • Brandon Sitch (Washington) over Gabe Krenik (MN) 13-0

912 – Mike Christians (MN) – DNP

  • Casey Hanson (North Dakota) fall Mike Christians (MN) 5:32
  • Tyler Grayson (Missouri) fall Mike Christians (MN) :38

944 – Eric Elleby (MN) – DNP

  • Jeff Becker (Pennsylvania) over Eric Elleby (MN) 11-0
  • Eric Elleby (MN) over Chad Peck (South Dakota) 12-1
  • Kevin Clem (Indiana) over Eric Elleby (MN) 10-0

962 – Patrick Taylor (MN) – DNP

  • Nathaniel Holt (Utah) over Patrick Taylor (MN) 11-0
  • Patrick Taylor (MN) over Aaron Mannenbach (Oregon) 7-4
  • Patrick Taylor (MN) over Rodney Padilla (Colorado) 13-3
  • Brent Metcalf (Michigan) over Patrick Taylor (MN) 10-0

Junior 152 lbs.

10015 – David Hauge (MN) – DNP

  • Colt Sponseller (Ohio) over David Hauge (MN) 6-4
  • Ryan Morningstar (Iowa) over David Hauge (MN) 11-0

10051 – Shane Swenson (MN) – DNP

  • Victor Mocco (New Hampshire) over Shane Swenson (MN) 10-0
  • Cahnelan Porter (Indiana) over Shane Swenson (MN) 10-0

10069 – Dave Bjorkstrand (MN) – 6th Place

  • Dave Bjorkstrand (MN) over Kevin Frazier (Oklahoma) 8-7
  • Dave Bjorkstrand (MN) over Tom Slater (Iowa) 11-1
  • Dave Bjorkstrand (MN) fall Nick Swenson (Utah) 1:39
  • Dave Bjorkstrand (MN) over Brian Sheehan (Massachusetts) 10-0
  • Dave Bjorkstrand (MN) over Paul Paddock (New York) 12-1
  • Dave Bjorkstrand (MN) over Mike Rico (California) 11-1
  • Jon Reader (Michigan) over Dave Bjorkstrand (MN) 11-1
  • Dave Bjorkstrand (MN) bye
  • Ryan Morningstar (Iowa) over Dave Bjorkstrand (MN) 10-0
  • 5th: Jake Kerr (Iowa) fall Dave Bjorkstrand (MN) 1:08

10012 – Chad Stenson (MN) – DNP

  • Joey Knox (Georgia) over Chad Stenson (MN) 11-0
  • AJ Forsythe (Texas) over Chad Stenson (MN) 10-0

10050 – Jordan Kolbow (MN) – DNP

  • Jordan Kolbow (MN) over Brooks Kopsa (Iowa) 14-4
  • Jordan Kolbow (MN) over Andy Erickson (South Dakota) 11-0
  • Jordan Kolbow (MN) over Derek Peperas (New Mexico) 3-2
  • Shane Vernon (Oklahoma) over Jordan Kolbow (MN) 5-1
  • Bryon Sigmon (North Carolina) over Jordan Kolbow (MN) 5-0

Junior 160 lbs.

1111 – Tim Matheson (MN) – DNP

  • Tim Matheson (MN) fall Tom Creutz (Wisconsin) 1:45
  • Tim Matheson (MN) over Zach Callas (California) inj. def.
  • Bryan Deutsch (Indiana) over Tim Matheson (MN) 15-12
  • Keegan Davis (Oregon) over Tim Matheson (MN) 16-14

1169 – Jeff Erkel (MN) – DNP

  • Dustin Olsen (Idaho) over Jeff Erkel (MN) 9-7
  • Nick Heendricks (Michigan) over Jeff Erkel (MN) 7-4

1118 – Dustin Horner (MN) – DNP

  • Dustin Horner (MN) over Joe Mount (California) 9-3
  • Dustin Horner (MN) over Kyle Henderson (South Dakota) 12-1
  • Dustin Horner (MN) over Quinn Boyce (Michigan) 11-1
  • Dustin Horner (MN) over Jantzen Minton (Virginia) 8-0
  • Alex Caruso (New Jersey) over Dustin Horner (MN) 11-0
  • Colby Covington (Oregon) fall Dustin Horner (MN) 2:17

1162 – Aaron Cook (MN) – DNP

  • Aaron Cook (MN) over Mike Milano (Ohio) 6-3
  • Gerhardt Yuksinick (Utah) over Aaron Cook (MN) 12-1
  • Kyle Bounds (Washington) fall Aaron Cook (MN) :35

Junior 171 lbs.

1213 – Kaleb Young (MN) – DNP

  • Jacob Ison (Ohio) over Kaleb Young (MN) 10-0
  • Zach Gieson (Oregon) over Kaleb Young (MN) 11-1

1269 – Tom Duncombe (MN) – DNP

  • Patrick Driscoll (Oregon) fall Tom Duncombe (MN) :58
  • Tom Duncombe (MN) over Ryan Fell (West Virginia) 11-4
  • Andy Johnson (South Dakota) fall Tom Duncombe (MN) :50

1226 – Judd Connell (MN) – DNP

  • JJ Davis (South Carolina) over Judd Connell (MN) 11-1
  • Judd Connell (MN) fall Ben Howarth (Colorado) 3:16
  • Jarion Beets (Iowa) fall Judd Connell (MN) :26

1274 – Justin Phillippi (MN) – DNP

  • Eric Brennan (Colorado) over Justin Phillippi (MN) 7-4
  • Justin Phillippi (MN) over Riley Orozco (Nevada) 13-10
  • Clint Eakins (Iowa) over over Justin Phillippi (MN)11-0

Junior 189 lbs.

1361 – Chris McPhail (MN) – DNP

  • Chris McPhail (MN) over Nate Willard (California) 10-0
  • Chris McPhail (MN) over Ryan Mattox (Oklahoma) 12-2
  • Max Askren (Wisconsin) fall Chris McPhail (MN) 1:11
  • Chris McPhail (MN) over Collin Brooks (Oregon) 18-8
  • Chris McPhail (MN) over Eddie Philips (Michigan) 10-3
  • Kyle Bergstedt (California) fall Chris McPhail (MN) 1:43

1312 – Brenden Faust (MN) – DNP

  • Michell Eichenauer (Oklahoma) over Brenden Faust (MN) 7-4
  • Sonny Yohn (Colorado) over Brenden Faust (MN) 11-0

1346 – Alex McLaughlin (MN) – DNP

  • Devan McDonald (Iowa) fall Alex McLaughlin (MN) :33
  • Alex McLaughlin (MN) fall Bennett Hortman (Texas) :18
  • Kevin Owen (Montana) over Alex McLaughlin (MN) 7-6

Junior 215 lbs.

1419 – Joe Nord (MN)

  • Joe Nord (MN) over John Ott (Missouri) 6-2
  • Brent Jones (Virginia) over Joe Nord (MN) 12-2
  • Joe Nord (MN) over Sheldon Cramer (Idaho) 12-2
  • Joe Nord (MN) over Nick Shandri (Iowa) 11-0
  • Joe Nord (MN) fall Ryan Nachtrab (Ohio) :35
  • Joe Nord (MN) over AJ Hunte (Massachusetts) 18-6
  • Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Joe Nord (MN) 14-3
  • 7th: Joe Nord (MN) vs Nate Sipes (Pennsylvania)

1453 – Tyler Hemmesch (MN) – 4th Place

  • Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Paden Jenkins (Montana) 10-0
  • Tyler Hemmesch (MN) fall Corey Johnson (Oklahoma) :15
  • Tyler Hemmesch (MN) fall David Bernstein (Connecticut) 1:03
  • Tyler Hemmesch (MN) bye
  • Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over AJ Hunte (Massachusetts) 12-0
  • Daniel Erekson (Idaho) over Tyler Hemmesch (MN) 10-0
  • Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Joe Nord (MN) 14-3
  • Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Brent Jones (Virginia) inj. def.
  • 3rd: Cody Gardner (California) over Tyler Hemmesch (MN) 8-2

1402 – Brent Eidenschink (MN) – 5th Place

  • Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Anthony Morales (Nevada) 6-0
  • Brent Eidenschink (MN) fall Trevor Brandvold (Wisconsin) :57
  • Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Joe Stumpfoll (Illinois) 12-1
  • Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Kevin Lester (Idaho) 10-0
  • Brent Eidenschink (MN) fall Mitch Sander (Iowa) 1:26
  • Brent Eidenschink (MN) over David Zabriskie (New Jersey) 5-4
  • Robby Smith (California) over Brent Eidenschink (MN) 5-2 OT
  • Cody Gardner (Virginia) over Brent Eidenschink (MN) 4-3
  • 5th: Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Brent Jones (Virginia) inj. def.

Junior 275 lbs.

1523 – Curtis Giesler (MN) – DNP

  • Erik Nye (California) over Curtis Giesler (MN) 11-0
  • Zachary Smith (Washington) over Curtis Giesler (MN) 6-0

1547 – Jared Knips (MN) – DNP

  • Jared Knips (MN) over Joshua Tangeman (Ohio) :44
  • Ben Hohensee (Missouri) fall Jared Knips (MN) 1:07
  • Mike Nijoka (Texas) over Jared Knips (MN) 4-0

1569 – Bill Lundblad (MN) – 5th Place

  • Bill Lundblad (MN) bye
  • Bill Lundblad (MN) fall AJ Brooks (Delaware) 3:16
  • Bill Lundblad (MN) fall Mac Gerber (Oregon) 1:35
  • Bill Lundblad (MN) over Justin Faithful (Maryland) 11-0
  • Bill Lundblad (MN) fall Ethan Leroy (Kansas) :49
  • Drake McCoy (Georgia) fall Bill Lundblad (MN) fall 1:02
  • Bill Lundblad (MN) fall Jimmy Powers (New Jersey) 2:07
  • Erik Nye (California) fall Bill Lundblad (MN) 1:11
  • 5th: Bill Lundblad (MN) fall Andrew Blume (California) 2:52

1506 – Evan Hacker (MN) – DNP

  • Evan Hacker (MN) over Cash Field (Montana) 3-0
  • Evan Hacker (MN) fall Jeff Yohn (Pennsylvania) 1:22
  • Evan Hacker (MN) fall Matt Bosley (West Virginia) 2:20
  • Jimmy Almy (New York) fall Evan Hacker (MN) 1:54
  • Andrew Blume (California) over Evan Hacker (MN) 4-2

1544 – Brett LeBrun (MN) – DNP

  • Brett LeBrun (MN) fall Evan Benjamin (Texas) 3:30
  • Mark Snogrand (Idaho) fall Brett LeBrun (MN) 4:40
  • Chris Dempsey (Pennsylvania) fall Brett LeBrun (MN) 2:16

Team Minnesota Women

Women 95 lbs.

No Entries

Women 102 lbs.

215 – Rachael Holthaus (MN) – 6th Place

  • Rachael Holthaus (MN) over Rayna Hirata (Hawaii) 10-0
  • Rachael Holthaus (MN) bye
  • Rachael Holthaus (MN) over Christina Varland (Wyoming) 7-0
  • Camie Yeik (Washington) over Rachael Holthaus (MN) 5-4
  • Alyssa Lampe (Wisconsin) over Rachael Holthaus (MN) 7-1
  • 5th: Whitney Conder (Washington) over Rachael Holthaus (MN) 5-3

Women 110 lbs.

313 – Kelli Rasmussen (MN) – 3rd Place

  • Kelli Rasmussen (MN) fall Jessica Stein (Michigan) 1:30
  • Kelli Rasmussen (MN) fall Kristen Campbell (California) :55
  • Kelli Rasmussen (MN) over Brooke Sauer (Colorado) 2:22
  • Kelli Rasmussen (MN) over Catey Beatty (Ohio) 5-4
  • Kelli Rasmussen (MN) over Dianna Acors (New York) 11-0
  • Michaela Hutchinson (Alaska) over Kelli Rasmussen (MN) 4-0
  • Kelli Rasmussen (MN) over Schuyler Brown (Virginia) 13-3
  • 3rd: Kelli Rasmussen (MN) over Kathrine Fulp-Allen (California) 6-5

328 – Alicia Short (MN) – DNP

  • Amanda Breezley (Ohio) over Alicia Short (MN) 10-0
  • Ashley Painter (Texas) fall Alicia Short (MN) 3:35

Women 119 lbs.

409 – Chelynne Pringle (MN) – 3rd Place

  • Chelynne Pringle (MN) fall Karlean Lawson (Oregon) :29
  • Chelynne Pringle (MN) fall Heather Morley (Iowa) 1:06
  • Chelynne Pringle (MN) over Trinity Plessinger (California) 8-7
  • Chelynne Pringle (MN) over Jennifer Germany (California) 3-1
  • Chelynne Pringle (MN) over Amber Miracle (Wisconsin) 10-0
  • Chelynne Pringle (MN) fall Hillary Liebman (Washington) 1:27
  • Nicole Darrow (New York) over Chelynne Pringle (MN) 6-2
  • 3rd: Chelynne Pringle (MN) over Leann Barney (Texas) 7-3

Women 128 lbs.

523 – Ashley Johnson (MN) – 8th Place

  • Ashley Johnson (MN) over Elimey Espana (California) 5-4
  • Jessica Jauck (California) over Ashley Johnson (MN) 13-1
  • Ashley Johnson (MN) over Ashley Lohan (New York) 4-3
  • Ashley Johnson (MN) bye
  • Trisha Kulas (Michigan) over Ashley Johnson (MN) 7-1
  • 7th: Christine Cunningham (California) over Ashley Johnson (MN) 5-0

524 – Adara Thomas (MN) – DNP

  • Adara Thomas (MN) fall Shasta Olson (Michigan) 2:59
  • Adara Thomas (MN) bye
  • Shorna Brown (New York) fall Adara Thomas (MN) 5:04
  • Cheyenne Stokes (Oklahoma) fall Adara Thomas (MN) 1:04

Women 138 lbs.

No Entries

Women 148 lbs.

No Entries

Women 160 lbs.

806 – Leah Doran (MN) – DNP

  • Lacey Novinska (Wisconsin) fall Leah Doran (MN) :26
  • Leah Doran (MN) over Mandie Fenton (California) 10-0
  • Georgerra Lamon (California) fall Leah Doran (MN) 3:58

Women 175 lbs.

No Entries

Women 195 lbs.

No Entries

Women 220 lbs.

No Entries

2004 USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships

2004 USA Wrestling Cadet & Junior National Championships

July 24-30 • Fargo, ND

Team Minnesota results:

  • Cadet Greco-Roman (7 All-Americans, 2 Champions)
  • Junior Greco-Roman (11 All-Americans, 3 Champions)
  • Cadet Freestyle (5 All-Americans, 2 Champions)
  • Junior Freestyle (4 All-Americans, 0 Champions )
  • Women’s Freestyle (4 All-Americans, 2 Champions)

Team Minnesota photos

USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships Results:

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Minnesota Cadet and Junior All-Americans

Minnesota High School Wrestler Files

Team Minnesota Cadet Greco-Roman

84 lbs.

Pool A

107 – Justin Koob (MN) -DNP

Andrew Long (Iowa) over Justin Koob (MN) 14-0

Robert Gribshaw (Pennsylvania) over Justin Koob (MN) fall :30

Pool B

120 – Daniel Tenney (MN) 7th Place

Daniel Tenney (MN) over Brian Gardner (New York) 13-0

Daniel Tenney (MN) bye

Daniel Tenney (MN) over Garrett Nelson (Wyoming) 14-3

Grant  Sutter  (Wisconsin) over Daniel Tenney (MN) 11-0

Natha Furches (Kansas) over Daniel Tenney (MN) 13-3

Daniel Tenney (MN) over Jordan Horras (Ohio) 13-0

7th Place Match: Daniel Tenney (MN) over Jimmy Schoettle (Indiana) 3-2

91 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

No Entry

98 lbs.

Pool A

311 – Brian Litch (MN) – DNP

Brian Litch (MN) over Dusty Toppings (Oklahoma) 10-0

David  Watts (California) over Brian Litch (MN) 11-0

Paul Gentry (Idaho) over Brian Litch (MN) 9-6

Pool B

314 – Cody Adams (MN) – DNP

Cody Adams (MN) over Max Ortega (New Mexico) fall 2:31

Cody Adams (MN) over Justin Arredondo (California) 3-1

Cody Adams (MN) over Luke Grassi (New Jersey) fall 1:41

Cody Adams (MN) over Joey Stephens (Kansas) 12-0

Tyler Clark (Illinois) over Cody Adams (MN) 6-3

Matthew Kyler (Pennsylvania) over Cody Adams (MN)

105 lbs.

Pool A

459 – Bret Joarnt (MN) – DNP

Tyler Ehret (Louisianna) over Bret Joarnt (MN) fall :41

Joel Torpy (Nebraska) over Bret Joarnt (MN) fall 1:55

Pool B

402 – Logan Sheppard (MN) – DNP

Matt  Bonson  (Pennsylvania) over Logan Sheppard (MN) 10-0

David Islas (Arizona) over Logan Sheppard (MN) 13-3

426 – Zachary Sanders (MN) – 1st Place

Zachary Sanders (MN) over Matt Anderson (Oregon) 10-0

Zachary Sanders (MN) over Phillip Mahne (Louisianna) 4-0

Zachary Sanders (MN) over Carmin Roth (New Jersey) 11-0

Zachary Sanders (MN) over Shane Doughman (Texas) 10-0

Zachary Sanders (MN) over Casey  Smith (Utah) 9-0

Zachary Sanders (MN) over David Islas (Arizona) 10-0

Zachary Sanders (MN) bye

Zachary Sanders (MN) over Alex Piasecki (Florida) 3-0

Zachary Sanders (MN) over Nikko Triggas (California) 9-1

Championship: Zachary Sanders (MN) over Larry Perez (Kansas) 7-0

112 lbs.

Pool A

517 – Danny Card (MN) – DNP

Danny Card (MN) over Chris Penny (Colorado) 12-3

Danny Card (MN) over Todd Freeman (Florida) 4-1

Aaron Navarrett (California) over Danny Card (MN) fall 3:13

T J Sheriff (Pennsylvania) over Danny Card (MN) 11-0

Pool B

No Entry

119 lbs.

Pool A

665 – Jake Deitchler (MN) – DNP

Jake Deitchler (MN) over Blaine Dopler (Iowa) 10-0

Jake Deitchler (MN) over Kevin Callahan (Kansas) 7-3

Anthony Biondo (Michigan) over Jake Deitchler (MN) 5-0

Jake Deitchler (MN) over Spencer Jasper (Arizona) fall :58

Eric Starks (Washington) over Jake Deitchler (MN) 3-2

Pool B

618 – Beau Hansen (MN) – DNP

Beau Hansen (MN) over Rito Rios (Arizona) fall :56

Jared Dalgleish (Washington) over Beau Hansen (MN) 14-6

Zac Dillon (Wyoming) over Beau Hansen (MN) 11-0

652 – Codey Schultz (MN) – DNP

Codey Schultz (MN) over Thomas Pompei (Indiana) fall 1:44

Codey Schultz (MN) over Jeff Jones (Montana) fall 3:45

Marshall Koethe (Iowa) over Codey Schultz (MN) 6-9

Ryan Buff (Maryland) over Codey Schultz (MN) 10-3

125 lbs.

Pool A

725 – Eric Enerson (MN) – DNP

Russ Freeman (Kansas) over Eric Enerson (MN) 11-1

Kai Bruno (Washington) over Eric Enerson (MN) 11-0

757 – Joe Grygelko (MN) 4th Place

Joe Grygelko (MN) over Josh Gore (Oregon) 9-7

Joe Grygelko (MN) over Kevin LeValley (Colorado) 5-3

Joe Grygelko (MN) over Phillip Khozien (Michigan) 12-0

Joe Grygelko (MN) over Steven Cressley (Pennsylvania) 11-0

Joe Grygelko (MN) over Tyler Davis (Florida) 10-0

Joe Grygelko (MN) over TJ Renz (Montana) 10-0

Joe Grygelko (MN) over Carrington Banks (Georgia) 5-1

Jarmal Parks (Oklahoma) over Joe Grygelko (MN) 9-2

3rd Place Match: Joseph Breen (Maryland) over Joe Grygelko (MN) fall 5:41

Pool B

732 – Grant Goettl (MN) – DNP

Thad Zempel (Montana) over Grant Goettl (MN) 4-2

Bobby Gulla (Pennsylvania) over Grant Goettl (MN) 1:18

780 – Philip Moenkedick (MN) – DNP

Philip Moenkedick (MN) over Nick Martin (New Jersey) 11-0

Philip Moenkedick (MN) bye

Chris Holzworth (Colorado) Philip Moenkedick (MN) fall 3:15

Shad Manigault (California) Philip Moenkedick (MN) fall 2:54

130 lbs.

Pool A

811 – Travis Elg (MN) 6th Place

Travis Elg (MN) over Ben Sanders (Oklahoma) 11-0

Travis Elg (MN) over Mitchell Alston (South Carolina) fall 2:48

Travis Elg (MN) over Jon Brascetta (Colorado) fall 2:38

Chris Frederick (Pennsylvania) over Travis Elg (MN) 5-0

Travis Elg (MN) over Kevin Lipp (Ohio) 8-0

Travis Elg (MN) over Ty Lorenz (Wisconsin) 15-5

Travis Elg (MN) over Luke Satern (Iowa) 5-2

Patrick O’Neil (Washington) over Travis Elg (MN) 8-5

5th Place Match: Ryan Cubberly (Ohio) over Travis Elg (MN) 4-2

851 – Justin Skillings (MN) – DNP

Justin Skillings (MN) over Greg Stiegfried (Oklahoma) 10-0

Jimmy Ballantyne (Louisianna) over Justin Skillings (MN) 7-4

Luke Satern (Iowa) over Justin Skillings (MN) fall 1:36

Pool B

832 – Jason Adams (MN) – DNP

Jason Adams (MN) over Chaz Huntington (Idaho) 11-0

Jason Adams (MN) over Gabby Arrivillaga (Indiana) 10-0

Shane Nay (Missouri) over Jason Adams (MN) 15-4

Jason Adams (MN) over Luke Mellmer (North Dakota) 5-3

Jason Adams (MN) over Esi Dominquez (Iowa) 6-1

Jason Adams (MN) over Brian Tanen (Pennsylvania) 10-3

Vincent Salminen (Montana) over Jason Adams (MN) fall 1:22

874 – Michael Davis (MN) – DNP

Michael Davis (MN) over Brandon Gould  (New York) fall 1:12

Michael Davis (MN) over AJ Stephens (Kansas) fall :35

Les Cornette (Wisconsin) over Michael Davis (MN) 4-3

Austin Enoch (Oregon) over Michael Davis (MN) 13-0

135 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

No Entry

140 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

No Entry

145 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

No Entry

152 lbs.

Pool A

1247 – Brady Routh (MN) – DNP

Brady Routh (MN) over Chris Moulder (Louisianna) 11-1

A J Papa (Pennsylvania) over Brady Routh (MN) 6-3

Josh  Patterson (New York) over Brady Routh (MN) 10-0

Pool B

1254 – David Hauge (MN) – DNP

David Hauge (MN) bye

David Hauge (MN) over Chris Gruenber (Michigan) 6-3

Trevor Pempek (Alaska) over David Hauge (MN) 10-0

Robert Nicholson (Oklahoma) over David Hauge (MN) 4-2

160 lbs.

Pool A

1347 – Kaleb Young (MN) 1st Place

Kaleb Young (MN) over Robert Wills (Virginia) 10-0

Kaleb Young (MN) over Drakkar Klose (Michigan) fall 1:01

Kaleb Young (MN) over Lawrence Beckman (Pennsylvania) 4-1

Kaleb Young (MN) over Brice Arand (Oregon) 10-0

Kaleb Young (MN) over Wesley Cooper (Idaho) 3-1

Kaleb Young (MN) bye

Kaleb Young (MN) over Dan Daddino fall :55

Kaleb Young (MN) over Steven Loomis (New York) 3-0

Championship: Kaleb Young (MN) over Clayton Foster (Idaho) 2-0 OT

Pool B

No Entry

171 lbs.

Pool A

1445 – Nick Henning (MN) – DNP

Nick Henning (MN) over Caleb Coleman (Wyoming) forf

Brandon Lapp (New York) over Nick Henning (MN) 12-0

Nick Henning (MN) over Justin Hughes  (Ohio) fall 1:32

Nick Henning (MN) over Matt Carter (Indiana) 4-0

Nick Henning (MN) bye

Eddue Phillips (Michigan) over Nick Henning (MN) 3-2

Pool B

No Entry

189 lbs.

Pool A

1549 – Patrick Mahan (MN) – DNP

Patrick Mahan (MN) bye

Patrick Mahan (MN) over Eric Powell  (Indiana) fall :37

Patrick Mahan (MN) over Shane Raleigh (California) fall 1:18

Patrick Mahan (MN) over Troy Kessell (Oregon) 4-1

Kevin Lester (Idaho) over Patrick Mahan (MN) fall :33

Kyle Bergstedt (California) over Patrick Mahan (MN) 11-0

Pool B

1546 – Tyler Hemmesch (MN) 2nd Place

Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Jason Troxel (Oregon) fall 1:13

Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Wade  Weppler (North Dakota) 12-1

Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Jesse Hardy (Kansas) 7-1

Tyler Hemmesch (MN) bye

Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Andrew Weiner (Ohio) 10-0

Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Matt Panasevich (Pennsylvania) 4-3

Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Tucker Lane (Colorado) 6-1

Championship: Patrick Flynn (Pennsylvania) over Tyler Hemmesch (MN) 9-3

215 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

1616 – Brent Eidenschink (MN) 3rd Place

Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Joshua Barazza (Oregon) 10-0

Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Quinn  Moore  (California) 10-0

Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Calvin Johnson (Indiana) 11-0

Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Dom Bradley (Missouri) 5-0

Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Brian Rodas (Iowa) 5-0

Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Anthony Morales (Nevada) 11-0

Ryan Nachtrab (Ohio) over Brent Eidenschink (MN) 6-5

3rd Place Match: Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Jordan Johnson (Illinois) 9-0

275 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

No Entry

Team Minnesota Junior Greco-Roman

98 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

No Entry

105 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

232 – Zach Hansen (MN) – 6th Place

Zach Hansen (MN) over Anton DeLeon 12-9

Zach Hansen (MN) over A.J. McElroy (Oklahoma) 15-8

Zach Hansen (MN) bye

Zach Hansen (MN) over Adam Burman (New York) fall 5:06

Ian Moser (Delaware) over Zach Hansen (MN) 11-1

Seth Metzler (Kansas) over Zach Hansen (MN) 10-1

5th Place Match: James Nicholson (Iowa) over Zach Hansen (MN) fall 1:56

112 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

No Entry

119 lbs.

Pool A

401 – Zach Bigboy (MN) – 5th Place

Zach Bigboy (MN) over Matt Taylor (Virginia) fall 4:49

Zach Bigboy (MN) over J.R. Roman (Colorado) fall 2:02

Zach Bigboy (MN) over Nathan McElrath (Oklahoma) 11-0

Zach Bigboy (MN) over Tim DeLouise (New Jersey) 11-0

Zach Bigboy (MN) over John Fleming (Pennsylvania) 11-1

Zach Bigboy (MN) over Mike Thorn (MN) fall 5:54

Troy Nickerson (New York) over Zach Bigboy (MN) 6-0

Jeff Schell (Pennsylvania) over Zach Bigboy (MN) 12-2

5th Place Match: Zach Bigboy (MN) over Vincent Cina (Maryland) 11-3

433 – Mike Thorn (MN) – DNP

Mike Thorn (MN) over Willy Rodrigues (Michigan) fall 1:48

Mike Thorn (MN) over Tim Elliott (Kansas) 13-11

Mike Thorn (MN) over Nathan Decker (Washington) 12-4

Shawn Jones (Idaho) over Mike Thorn (MN) 10-0

Mike Thorn (MN) over James Knox (Maryland) 3-2

Zach Bigboy (MN) over Mike Thorn (MN) fall 5:54

Pool B

422 – Seth Flodeen (MN) – 3rd Place

Seth Flodeen (MN) over Michael Holt (Utah) 10-0

Seth Flodeen (MN) Michael Martinez (Colorado) fall 1:23

Seth Flodeen (MN) over Joe Penafiel (Florida) 7-5

Seth Flodeen (MN) over Matt Kelly (Iowa) 5-1

Seth Flodeen (MN) over Jeff Kusich (Pennsylvania) 8-7

Nick Gallick (Arizonia) over Seth Flodeen (MN) fall :47

Seth Flodeen (MN) over Vincent Cina (Maryland) fall 1:11

3rd Place Match: Seth Flodeen (MN) over Jeff Schell (Pennsylvania) fall 4:00

125 lbs.

Pool A

535 – Jayson Ness (MN) 1st Place

Jayson Ness (MN) over Scott Thompson (Washington) 13-0

Jayson Ness (MN) over Eri Poppe (Virginia) fall :24

Jayson Ness (MN) over Nick Nothern (Kansas) 14-0

Jayson Ness (MN) over Brent Clausing (Ohio) 10-0

Jayson Ness (MN) over Rafael Chavez (Wyoming) fall 1:24

Jayson Ness (MN) over Darrion Caldwell (New Jersey) 11-1

Jayson Ness (MN) over Elijah Hutchinson (Alaska) 11-0

Jayson Ness (MN) over Derek Moyer (Iowa) fall :43

Jayson Ness (MN) over Reece Humphrey (Indiana) 11-1

Championship: Jayson Ness (MN) over Travis Lang (North Dakota) 8-0

Pool B

506 – Alex Michaud (MN) – DNP

Eric Wanner (Ohio) over Alex Michaud (MN) 12-0

Frankie Gayeski (New Jersey) over Alex Michaud (MN) 8-1

546 – Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) – DNP

Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) over Cory Bloodgod (Kansas) 10-0

Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) over Cesar Lopez (Puerto Rico) 10-2

Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) over Chris Wanke (Indiana) 14-4

Tony Valdez (Nebraska) over Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) 11-0

Travis Lang (North Dakota) over Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) fall 1:24

130 lbs.

Pool A

631 – Nate Willaert (MN) – DNP

Sean Conner (Idaho) over Nate Willaert (MN) 11-1

Nate Willaert (MN) over Matt Tallman (Utah) 13-3

Kyle Ferris (New Jersey) over Nate Willaert (MN) 8-0

663 – David Albrecht (MN) 5th Place

David Albrecht (MN) over Justin Gardner (Idaho) fall 3:30

David Albrecht (MN) bye

David Albrecht (MN) over Charles Knox (Kansas) 11-0

David Albrecht (MN) over 5 10-0

David Albrecht (MN) over Matt Kim (Oregon) 10-0

David Albrecht (MN) over Kamarudeem Usman (Texas) fall 1:20

Adam Frey (Pennsylvania) over David Albrecht (MN) fall 2:05

Scott Prutzman (New York) over David Albrecht (MN) 10-0

5th Place Match: David Albrecht (MN) over Eddie Garza (Arizona) 3-1

Pool B

626 – Tyler Safratowich (MN) 3rd Place

Tyler Safratowich (MN) over Anthonio Josiah (Maryland) fall 2:37

Tyler Safratowich (MN) over Jason Eddefloot (Idaho) 11-0

Tyler Safratowich (MN) over Jason Whitman (Michigan) 11-0

Tyler Safratowich (MN) over Jacob Helvey (Iowa) 11-0

Tyler Safratowich (MN) over Dallin Wills (California) 13-2

Tyler Safratowich (MN) over Anwar Goeres (New York) 12-1

Tyler Safratowich (MN) over Tyler Shinn (Oklahoma) 4-3

Joe Whitaker (New York) over Tyler Safratowich (MN) 14-6

Tyler Safratowich (MN) over Eddie Garza (Arizona) 4-2

3rd Place Match: Tyler Safratowich (MN) over Adam Frey (Pennsylvania) 8-6

656 – Ryan Adams (MN) – DNP

Ryan Adams (MN) over Josh Kreilich (Alaska) 10-0

Ryan Adams (MN) over Anthony Castro (New Jersey) 10-0

Ryan Adams (MN) over John Queiroz (Georgia) 6-5

Ryan Adams (MN) over Anthony Castro (New Jersey) 5:46

Joe Whitaker (New York) over Ryan Adams (MN) 14-2

Ryan Adams (MN) bye

Eddie Garza (Arizona) over Ryan Adams (MN) 5-4

135 lbs.

Pool A

775 – Beau Penk (MN) – DNP

Beau Penk (MN) over Dwayne Tolleson (Florida) 11-0

Beau Penk (MN) over Robert Miskelly (South Carolina) 10-0

Brett Robbins (Illinois) over Beau Penk (MN) fall 4:51

Beau Penk (MN) bye

Kele Jones (Iowa) over Beau Penk (MN) 9-5

Pool B

772 – John Fradette (MN) – DNP

Paul Reid (Iowa) over John Fradette (MN) 5-3

John Fradette (MN) over Michael Albert (Indiana) 10-0

John Fradette (MN) over Mark Franklin (Arizona) 11-0

Justin Hunt (New York) over John Fradette (MN) fall 4:17

140 lbs.

Pool A

869 – Chris Leuer (MN) – DNP

Ace Adamson (New Mexico) over Chris Leuer (MN) 11-1

John Dibala (Oregon) over Chris Leuer (MN) fall 1:07

Pool B

844 – Levi Price (MN) – DNP

Levi Price (MN) over Brett Turner (Iowa) fall 1:50

Levi Price (MN) over Nathaniel Troupe (Idaho) 12-5

Levi Price (MN) over Corey Swanson (Colorado) 8-5

56 over Levi Price (MN) 10-0

Levi Price (MN) over Joseph Cornelo (Kansas) 7-5

Jade McCammon (Indiana) over Levi Price (MN) 11-0

145 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

940 – Andy Bisek (MN) 7th Place

Andy Bisek (MN) over Casey Bradley (Indiana) disq

Andy Bisek (MN) over Bryan Roof (Pennsylvania) 10-0

Andy Bisek (MN) over Matthew Button (New Jersey) 14-4

Andy Bisek (MN) over Danny Grater (Kansas) 3-2

Andy Bisek (MN) over Dustin Perry (Wisconsin) disq

Marco Toledo (Florida) over Andy Bisek (MN) fall 5:01

Brent Metcalf (Michigan) over Andy Bisek (MN) 11-0

7th Place Match: Andy Bisek (MN) over Marty Engwall (Illinois) 10-4

152 lbs.

Pool A

1027 – Mike Quamme (MN) 5th Place

Mike Quamme (MN) over Dave Anderson (Kansas) 13-4

Mike Quamme (MN) over Brady Hampton (Oregon) 12-1

Mike Quamme (MN) over Roger Sawyer (New York) 14-3

Mike Quamme (MN) over Darrin Kaisand (Iowa) 10-0

Mike Quamme (MN) over Emanuel Brooks (Illinois) 11-1

Mike Quamme (MN) over Andy Geving (Wisconsin) 5-4

Mike Quamme (MN) over Eddie Hutchinson (Florida) 7-5

Kyle Bounds (Washington) over Mike Quamme (MN) 10-0

Chase Walker (Utah) over Mike Quamme (MN) 5-1

5th Place Match: Mike Quamme (MN) over Chris Remsen (Maine) 4-2 OT

Pool B

1032 – Jake Grygelko (MN) – DNP

Jake Grygelko (MN) over Josh Voelker (Pennsylvania) 10-0

Jake Grygelko (MN) over David Mitchell (California) 9-7

Jake Grygelko (MN) over Julian Perrine (Washington) 11-1

Jake Grygelko (MN) over Joey Knox (Georgia) 8-4

Chris Remsen (Maine) over Jake Grygelko (MN) 11-4

Mack Lewnes (Maryland) over Jake Grygelko (MN) 10-0

160 lbs.

Pool A

1131 – Josh Rosenthal (MN) – DNP

Cody Duvall (North Dakota) over Josh Rosenthal (MN) 10-0

Duder Edmunds (Virginia) over Josh Rosenthal (MN) fall 1:30

1141 – Kenny Moenkedick (MN) – DNP

Paul Vasquez (Arizona) over Kenny Moenkedick (MN) inj def

Pool B

1148 – Mike Felling (MN) 1st Place

Mike Felling (MN) over Dustin Monte (California) 11-0

Mike Felling (MN) over C J Meyers (Michigan) 10-0

Mike Felling (MN) over Andy Nicodin (Colorado) 3-0

Mike Felling (MN) over Bulla Tuzon (Hawaii) 10-0

Mike Felling (MN) over Landis Wright (Pennsylvania) 10-0

Mike Felling (MN) over Jeremiah Clapp (Georgia) 8-1

Mike Felling (MN) over Matt Coughllin (Indiana) 5-0

Mike Felling (MN) over David McCarty (New York) 4-3

Championship: Mike Felling (MN) over Alton Lucas (New York) 5-3

1164 – Tim Matheson (MN) – DNP

Tim Matheson (MN) over Stephen Towne (Arizona) 15-3

Bulla Tuzon (Hawaii) over Tim Matheson (MN) fall 4:37

Tim Matheson (MN) bye

Matt Coughlin (Indiana) over Tim Matheson (MN) 11-0

171 lbs.

Pool A

1271 – Chas Betts (MN) 1st Place

Chas Betts (MN) over Kevin Owen (Montana) 10-0

Chas Betts (MN) over Nick McClone (Illinois) 10-0

Chas Betts (MN) over Chris Woodall (Delaware) 5-4

Chas Betts (MN) over Tyler Allen (Pennsylvania) 11-0

Chas Betts (MN) over Matt Jabaut (New York) 3-2

Chas Betts (MN) bye

Chas Betts (MN) over Blake Maurer (Indiana) 4-1

Chas Betts (MN) over Billy Naegele (Indiana) 10-0

Chas Betts (MN) over Rocco Caponi (Ohio) 4-1

Championship: Chas Betts (MN) over David Craig (Florida) 3-2

Pool B

1228 – Isaac Ratz (MN) – DNP

Isaac Ratz (MN) over Ryan Quinn (Connecticut) fall :17

Isaac Ratz (MN) over Zach Akes (Iowa) 3-1

Isaac Ratz (MN) over Eugene Young (Oklahoma) fall 5:00

Isaac Ratz (MN) over Cody Leifheit (Washington) :43

Brandon Pinkston (Indiana) over Isaac Ratz (MN) fall 2:13

David Craig (Florida) over Isaac Ratz (MN) 12-0

1276 – Kevin Landry (MN) – DNP

Kevin Landry (MN) over Marco Caponi (Ohio) fall 1:44

Kevin Landry (MN) over Decota Cohen (Maine) 12-0

Kevin Landry (MN) over David Sullivan (Pennsylvania) 8-5

Jeff James (Oklahoma) over Kevin Landry (MN) 10-0

Kevin Landry (MN) bye

Kevin Landry (MN) over Kurt Brenner (Pennsylvania) fall 3:31

Kevin Landry (MN) over Collin Brooks (Oregon) fall :55

David Craig (Florida) over Kevin Landry (MN) 7-3

189 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

1306 – Cory Harnitz (MN) 3rd Place

Cory Harnitz (MN) over Johnny Lamboy (Pennsylvania) 11-0

Cory Harnitz (MN) over Justin Anderson (Oklahoma) 11-0

Cory Harnitz (MN) over Bryan Volkman (Montana) fall :16

Cory Harnitz (MN) over Brock Wenbourne (California) fall 1:10

Cory Harnitz (MN) over Ryan Sutton (Missouri) 9-3

Cory Harnitz (MN) over James Aston (Texas) 8-0

Jake Cranford (Oregon) over Cory Harnitz (MN) fall :53

3rd Place Match: Cory Harnitz (MN) over Sean Murphy (Oregon) fall 1:58

215 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

No Entry

275 lbs.

Pool A

1525 – Steve Larson (MN) – DNP

Steve Larson (MN) over Sal Muna (Arizona) 5-0

Steve Larson (MN) over Jake Mallonee (Missouri) 5-2

Steve Larson (MN) over Jorge Lujano (Oregon) 6-0

Steve Larson (MN) over Dan Manley (New Jersey) 4-2

Chase Wetenkamp (Wisconsin) over Steve Larson (MN) 4-1

Brandon Rupp (Idaho) over Steve Larson (MN) fall :59

1551 – Julian Gelhaye (MN) – DNP

Dustin Fox (Ohio) over Julian Gelhaye (MN) 11-0

Julian Gelhaye (MN) over Mike Kimm (Iowa) 11-0

Julian Gelhaye (MN) over Jack Meadow (New Hampshire) 10-0

Paul Wochinski (Wisconsin) over Julian Gelhaye (MN) 8-0

Pool B

1520 – Brady Wilson (MN) – DNP

Brady Wilson (MN) over James Wilson (Virginia) disq

James Cooper (Indiana) over Brady Wilson (MN) 4-0

Brady Wilson (MN) over Mike Nijoka (Texas) 8-0

Aaron Shiosaki (California) over Brady Wilson (MN) fall 5:25

1542 – Evan Osterhoudt (MN) – DNP

Jeremy Johnson (Oklahoma) over Evan Osterhoudt (MN) fall :14

Evan Osterhoudt (MN) over Jessie Jones (Idaho) 7-1

Drake McCoy (Georgia) over Evan Osterhoudt (MN) fall :33

Team Minnesota Cadet Freestyle

84 lbs.

Pool A

115 – Daniel Tenney (MN) – DNP

Boris Novachkov (California) over Daniel Tenney (MN) 11-0

Bryan Rickard (Michigan) over Daniel Tenney (MN) 10-0

Pool B

126 – Justin Koob (MN) – DNP

Brian Williams (Indiana) over Justin Koob (MN) fall 1:16

Robert Gribschaw (Pennsylvania) over Justin Koob (MN) fall 1:21

91 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

No Entry

98 lbs.

Pool A

323 – Brian Litch (MN) – DNP

Dexter Lederer (Pennsylvania) over Brian Litch (MN) 11-6

Ryan Fields (Ohio) over Brian Litch (MN) 12-6

357 – Derek Schreiner (MN) – DNP

Derek Schreiner (MN) over Doug Davison (Ohio) 13-3

Derek Schreiner (MN) over Anthony Jorge (Florida) 10-0

Joey Stephens (Kansas) over Derek Schreiner (MN) fall 1:09

Max Ortega (New Mexico) over Derek Schreiner (MN) 7-2

Pool B

314 – Jason Jeremiason (MN) – DNP

Ben Sergent (Ohio) over Jason Jeremiason (MN) fall 1:39

Cameron Hobin (Maryland) over Jason Jeremiason (MN) 11-1

105 lbs.

Pool A

459 – Zachary Sanders (MN) – 1st Place

Zachary Sanders (MN) over Colby Nikon (Utah) :13

Zachary Sanders (MN) over Elijah Rivera (Iowa) 11-0

Zachary Sanders (MN) over Zach Stewart (Virginia) fall 1:07

Zachary Sanders (MN) over Sean Kitchen (Texas) 9-0

Zachary Sanders (MN) over Joe McCullough (Pennsylvania) 10-0

Zachary Sanders (MN) over Michael Mangrum (Washington) 5-2

Zachary Sanders (MN) over Ethan Harris (Indiana) 10-0

Zachary Sanders (MN) bye

Zachary Sanders (MN) over John Trumbetti (New Jersey) 4-2

Championship: Zachary Sanders (MN) over Collin Marcicki (Michigan) 3-0

Pool B

414 – Adam Stalboeger (MN) – DNP

Chris Head (Indiana) over Adam Stalboeger (MN) fall 3:04

Matt Rein (Kansas) over Adam Stalboeger (MN) 10-0

112 lbs.

Pool A

525 – Lucas Edberg (MN) – DNP

Scott O’Donnell (Missouri) over Lucas Edberg (MN) 13-3

Lucas Edberg (MN) over Jaron Hathaway (Idaho) 4-2

Chris Krisatis (Connecticut) over Lucas Edberg (MN) fall :42

595 – John Sundgren (MN) – DNP

John Sundgren (MN) over Cody Gormley (Maryland) 11-0

Shawn Harris (Ohio) over John Sundgren (MN) 8-5

John Sundgren (MN) over Brett Bahe (Kansas) 12-0

John Sundgren (MN) over Troy Donlan (Pennsylvania) 12-2

John Sundgren (MN) over Shae Warren (Utah) 6-4

John Sundgren (MN) bye

John Sundgren (MN) over Chase Cuthbertson (Alabama) 10-7

Greg Cannon (Oklahoma) over John Sundgren (MN) 5-2

Pool B

520 – Matt Baarson (MN) – DNP

Kelly Kubec (Washington) over Matt Baarson (MN) 11-0

Matt Baarson (MN) over Evan Forde (North Dakota) 7-4

Greg Einerson (Idaho) over Matt Baarson (MN) 5-3

574 – Terrance Young (MN) – DNP

Terrance Young (MN) over Isaak Lawlor (Idaho) 11-3

Terrance Young (MN) over Bill Chamberlain (Pennsylvania) 16-5

Terrance Young (MN) over David Rael (New Mexico) 10-0

Jimmy Kennedy (Illinois) over Terrance Young (MN) 11-0

Danny Gonsor (Ohio) over Terrance Young (MN) 9-2

119 lbs.

Pool A

619 – Joe Meinert (MN) – DNP

Max Shanaman (New Jersey) over Joe Meinert (MN) 11-0

Joe Meinert (MN) over Rene O’Driscoll (Utah) 11-0

Darius Williams (Tennessee) over Joe Meinert (MN) 11-0

673 – Beau Hansen (MN) – DNP

Thomas Pompei (Indiana) over Beau Hansen (MN) 8-3

Dave Seidenberg (New Jersey) over Beau Hansen (MN) 11-0

Pool B

610 – Jake Deitchler (MN) – DNP

Jake Deitchler (MN) over Kevin Duran (Arizona) 12-2

Jake Deitchler (MN) over Jarrod Wiens (Nebraska) 11-0

John Mangini (New Jersey) over Jake Deitchler (MN) fall 1:57

Jake Deitchler (MN) over Hollan Gravley (Alaska) 11-1

Ryan Smith (Oregon) over Jake Deitchler (MN) 8-0

668 – Calvin Wolfe (MN) – DNP

Calvin Wolfe (MN) over Chris Hunt (Arizona) 9-3

Calvin Wolfe (MN) over Ryan Fullam (New Jersey) 9-8

Ryan Buff (Maryland) over Calvin Wolfe (MN) 13-2

Joshua Baucke (Tennessee) over Calvin Wolfe (MN) 10-3

125 lbs.

Pool A

777 – Dietrich Moren (MN) – DNP

Brenden Whitt (Hawaii) over Dietrich Moren (MN) fall :20

Josh Jimenez (California) over Dietrich Moren (MN) 12-1

Pool B

768 – Mike Vruno (MN) – DNP

Beau LaSalle (Montana) over Mike Vruno (MN) 10-0

Vincent Taweel (Maryland) over Mike Vruno (MN) 10-0

130 lbs.

Pool A

819 – Travis Elg (MN) – DNP

Travis Elg (MN) over Jesse Snider (Colorado) 9-5

Travis Elg (MN) over Jim Shmura (Ohio) 11-0

Travis Elg (MN) over Vincent Salminen (Montana) fall :15

Austin Enoch (Oregon) over Travis Elg (MN) 8-5

Brian Graham (Missouri) over Travis Elg (MN) 11-0

845 Danny West (MN) – DNP

Danny West (MN) over Omar Rodriguez (Georgia) fall 3:45

Scott Elliott (Kansas) over Danny West (MN) 11-1

Grant Lowther (Pennsylvania) over Danny West (MN) 14-3

877 – Adam Peterson (MN) – DNP

Adam Peterson (MN) over Joe Lahoff (New Mexico) fall 2:11

Adam Peterson (MN) over Robert Demaree (Illinois) fall 1:02

Tim Darling (Pennsylvania) over Adam Peterson (MN) 10-0

Adam Peterson (MN) over Martin Dick (Texas) 12-2

Ryan Cubberly (Ohio) over Adam Peterson (MN) 7-4

Pool B

828 – Donald Williams (MN) – DNP

Donald Williams (MN) over James Givens (Georgia) 6-0

Chris Frederick (Pennsylvania) over Donald Williams (MN) 12-2

JJ Krutsinger (Iowa) over Donald Williams (MN) fall 3:57

882 – Jesse Straw (MN) – DNP

Jesse Straw (MN) over Trinity Perkins (Nevada) 7-5

Jesse Straw (MN) over Bobby Vinson (Montana) 10-0

Jesse Straw (MN) over Rene Torres (Arizona) 14-9

Luke Satern (Iowa) over Jesse Straw (MN) 7-2

Shane Nay (Missouri) over Jesse Straw (MN) 12-0

135 lbs.

Pool A

919 – John Paul Vaith (MN) – DNP

Derek Ward (Oklahoma) over John Paul Vaith (MN) 4-3

Eric Graham (Missouri) over John Paul Vaith (MN) 10-0

963 – Brad Kruse (MN) – DNP

Matt Nelson (Pennsylvania) over Brad Kruse (MN) 13-3

Brad Kruse (MN) over Michael French (Montana) 9-7

Brad Kruse (MN) over Patrick Simpson (Washington) 15-6

Brent Haynes (Missouri) over Brad Kruse (MN) 10-0

Pool B

942 – Tyler Wadman (MN) – DNP

Tony Webber (California) over Tyler Wadman (MN) 12-1

Cody Leval (Hawaii) over Tyler Wadman (MN) 8-6

988 – Zach Juusola (MN) – DNP

Johnathan Drendel (Illinois) over Zach Juusola (MN) 11-9

Zach Juusola (MN) over Robbie Lowzanski (Texas) 10-0

Blake Kenny (Indiana) over Zach Juusola (MN) fall 2:31

140 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

1042 – Brett Landrum (MN) – DNP

Brett Landrum (MN) over Nick Land (Montana) fall 3:21

Derrick Monteith (Missouri) over Brett Landrum (MN) 9-0

Matt DeMichael (New York) over Brett Landrum (MN) 10-4

145 lbs.

Pool A

1135 – Jordan Kolbow (MN) – 2nd Place

Jordan Kolbow (MN) over Matt Waters (California) 10-0

Jordan Kolbow (MN) over Josh Bean (New York) 11-0

Jordan Kolbow (MN) over Tim Poyzer (Iowa) 7-2

Jordan Kolbow (MN) over Luke Rebertus (Maryland) 10-4

Jordan Kolbow (MN) over Blake Birmingham (Michigan) 6-3

Jordan Kolbow (MN) over Pat Armstrong (Colorado) 10-0

Jordan Kolbow (MN) over Bran Crudden (Conecticut) 6-4

Jordan Kolbow (MN) over Jason Welch (California) 10-6

Jordan Kolbow (MN) bye

Jordan Kolbow (MN) over Derrick Peperas (New Mexico) 7-2

Championship: Eric Medina (New Jersey) over Jordan Kolbow (MN) 6-0

Pool B

1142 – Jacob Kahnke (MN) – DNP

Matt Jones (Virginia) over Jacob Kahnke (MN) 12-8

Josh Condon (Georgia) over Jacob Kahnke (MN) 11-7

152 lbs.

Pool A

1205 – Torrey Line (MN) – 5th Place

Torrey Line (MN) over David Reger (Oklahoma) fall 1:18

Torrey Line (MN) over Tyson Campbell (Missouri) 10-3

Torrey Line (MN) over Cody Hazard (Kansas) 13-3

Torrey Line (MN) over Trevor Pempek (Alaska) 8-1

Torrey Line (MN) over Kirk Smith (Idaho) 2:57

Torrey Line (MN) over Jesse Robbins (Florida) 3-2 OT

Josh Patterson (New York) over Torrey Line (MN) 11-8

Torrey Line (MN) bye

Rob Waltko (Pennsylvania) over Torrey Line (MN) 8-3

5th Place Match: Torrey Line (MN) over Nate Holley (Illinois) 11-0

1245 – Alex Paul (MN) – DNP

Alex Paul (MN) over Brandon Lyons (Oklahoma) fall 1:55

Alex Caruso (New Jersey) over Alex Paul (MN) 10-0

Abe Hogle (Oregon) over Alex Paul (MN) 13-2

Pool B

1212 – David Hauge (MN) – DNP

David Hauge (MN) over Matt Bailes (Kansas) 7-0

David Hauge (MN) over Harry Pearson (Maine) 10-1

David Hauge (MN) over Travis Anderson (North Dakota) 8-1

David Hauge (MN) over John Dale (Pennsylvania) 6-1

Talon Knox (Utah) over David Hauge (MN) 5-2

Rob Hicklin (Missouri) over David Hauge (MN) 10-0

160 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

1346 – Kaleb Young (MN) – 2nd Place

Kaleb Young (MN) over AJ Papa (Pennsylvania) 4-0

Kaleb Young (MN) over Dan Daddino (New York) 8-3

Kaleb Young (MN) over Greg Heinz (Ohio) 11-0

Kaleb Young (MN) over Wesley Cooper (Idaho) 3-0

Kaleb Young (MN) over Kyle Kiss (New Jersey) 3-1

Kaleb Young (MN) over Joel Meeuwsen (Oregon) fall 4:37

Kaleb Young (MN) bye

Kaleb Young (MN) over Chris McNeil (Oklahoma) 5-0 OT

Kaleb Young (MN) over Jon Wentz (Pennsylvania) 4-0 OT

Championship: Scott Giffen (New Jersey) over Kaleb Young (MN) 6-3

171 lbs.

Pool A

1407 – Joel Lawson (MN) – DNP

Brian Shaw (Pennsylvania) over Joel Lawson (MN) 15-3

Ron Morris (Oklahoma) over Joel Lawson (MN) 10-0

1449 – Cullen Berg (MN) – DNP

Levi Holt (Montana) over Cullen Berg (MN) 5-4

Brandon Lapp (New York) over Cullen Berg (MN) 5-0

Pool B

1422 – Alex McLaughlin (MN) – DNP

Alex McLaughlin (MN) over Rocky Agozzino (Ohio) fall 1:31

Billy Lowe (Florida) over Alex McLaughlin (MN) 4-9

Alex McLaughlin (MN) over Joel Sandoval (Idaho) 11-1

Jerome Ward (Illinois) over Alex McLaughlin (MN) 10-9

1450 – Jordan Ecklund (MN) – DNP

Allen Shelton (Virginia) over Jordan Ecklund (MN) fall 2:23

Nathan Graham (New York) over Jordan Ecklund (MN) 5-4

189 lbs.

Pool A

1517 – Timothy McNamara (MN) – DNP

Gary Frazier (Oklahoma) over Timothy McNamara (MN) 11-0

Vince Sitkowski (Ohio) over Timothy McNamara (MN) 6-0

Pool B

1524 – Jordan Spaeth (MN) – DNPs

Jordan Spaeth (MN) over Aaron Miller (Oklahoma) 7-0

Jake Brinkman (Iowa) over Jordan Spaeth (MN) 9-0

Jordan Spaeth (MN) over Jake Haislip (Virginia) fall 1:43

Nathan Willard (California) over Jordan Spaeth (MN) fall 1:47

215 lbs.

Pool A

1633 – Tyler Hemmesch (MN) – 1st Place

Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Dom Bradley (Missouri) 5-3

Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Stephan Kemper (Oregon) 10-0

Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Matt Whyde (Indiana) 10-0

Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Matt Ferber (New York) fall 3:53

Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Cameron Wade (Ohio) 9-2

Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Devin Ross (Michigan) 15-4

Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Ryan Flores (California) fall :37

Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Justin Glenn (Oklahoma) 11-3

Championship: Tyler Hemmesch (MN) over Adam Henig (New Jersey) 5-2

Pool B

1640 – Brent Eidenschink (MN) – DNP

Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Kevian Tayeb (Ohio) fall :38

Ryan Nachtrab (Ohio) over Brent Eidenschink (MN) 4-3

Brent Eidenschink (MN) over Burke St. John (New York) 4-3

Ameka Abanafi (Georgia) over Brent Eidenschink (MN) 4-1

275 lbs.

Pool A

1715 – Dan Korman (MN) – DNP

Alanzo Henry (Georgia) over Dan Korman (MN) 3-2

Derek Altona (Washington) over Dan Korman (MN) 4-1

Pool B

1714 – Alex Diaz (MN) – DNP

Mark Starr (Kansas) over Alex Diaz (MN) 10-0

Myles Caragein (Pennsylvania) over Alex Diaz (MN) fall 2:45

1738 – Brett Lebrun (MN) – DNP

Christian Brantley (Illinois) over Brett Lebrun (MN) fall 3:08

Brett Lebrun (MN) over Wallace Warrior (Oklahoma) fall 3:51

Jim Powers (New Jersey) over Brett Lebrun (MN) fall 1:50

Team Minnesota Junior Freestyle

98 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

No Entry

105 lbs.

Pool A

217 – Zach Hansen (MN) – DNP

Zach Hansen (MN) over Kris Lay (Washington) 12-1

Zach Hansen (MN) over Gabr Gomez (Arizona) fall 4:26

Brian Barbiaux over Zach Hansen (MN) 10-0

Zach Hansen (MN) over Tony Olson (Iowa) fall 1:15

James Nicholson (Iowa) over Zach Hansen (MN) 12-8

Pool B

No Entry

112 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

334 – Andy Hackernmueller (MN) – DNP

Andy Hackernmueller (MN) over Cory Godfrey (Wyoming) 10-0

Spencer Mango (Missouri) over Andy Hackernmueller (MN) 11-0

Josh Pauling (Pennsylvania) over Andy Hackernmueller (MN) 11-0

119 lbs.

Pool A

477 – Seth Flodeen (MN) – DNP

Seth Flodeen (MN) over Aaron Fisher (Florida) 10-0

Nathaniel Barbee (Virginia) over Seth Flodeen (MN) 10-2

Seth Flodeen (MN) over Eleazer Islas (Arizona) fall 2:17

Seth Flodeen (MN) over Albie McKinney (Wisconsin) fall :38

Seth Flodeen (MN) bye

Seth Flodeen (MN) over Brian Jacob (Oregon) 14-4

Matthew Fisk (Pennsylvania) over Seth Flodeen (MN) 11-0

Pool B

412 – Zach Bigboy (MN) – 8th Place

Zach Bigboy (MN) over Adam Symonds (Colorado) 11-0

Zach Bigboy (MN) over Brandon Zoteway (California) 13-3

Zach Bigboy (MN) over Nic Ruff (Washington) fall 2:01

Zach Bigboy (MN) over Adam Clayton (North Carolina) 10-0

Zach Bigboy (MN) over Mark Rome (Louisiana) fall 1:31

TJ Sebolt (Iowa) over Zach Bigboy (MN) 10-4

Zach Bigboy (MN) over Jeff Kusich (Pennsylvania) 7-0

Bryan LaShomb (North Carolina) over Zach Bigboy (MN) 11-2

7th Place Match: Zach Bigboy (MN) over Conor Beebe (Illinois) 10-4

125 lbs.

Pool A

539 – Todd Thielen (MN) – DNP

Joel Webster (Connecticut) over Todd Thielen (MN) fall :51

Ryan Day (Oklahoma) over Todd Thielen (MN) 16-6

5105 – Alex Michaud (MN) – DNP

Alex Michaud (MN) over Stefano Galindo (Arizona) 8-7

Brent Clausing (Ohio) over Alex Michaud (MN) 10-0

Max Hiatt (Illinois) over over Alex Michaud (MN) 10-0

Pool B

598 – Jayson Ness (MN) – 2nd Place

Jayson Ness (MN) over Ryan Johnson (Texas) fall :26

Jayson Ness (MN) over Leif Nielson (Connecticut) 11-0

Jayson Ness (MN) over Eric Minnick (Pennsylvania) 10-0

Jayson Ness (MN) over Quentin Keyes (Ohio) 10-0

Jayson Ness (MN) over Bryan Osuna (California) 5-0

Jayson Ness (MN) over Darrion Caldwell (New Jersey) 11-1

Jayson Ness (MN) over Kyle Anson (Iowa) 10-8

Jayson Ness (MN) bye

Jayson Ness (MN) over Reece Humphrey (Indiana) 10-5

Jayson Ness (MN) over Elijah Hutchinson (Alaska) 10-0

Michael Rowe (Maryland) over Jayson Ness (MN) 12-10

Championship: Coleman Scott (Pennsylvania) over Jayson Ness (MN) 9-1

130 lbs.

Pool A

609 – Jared Genevich (MN) – DNP

Sean Carr (Pennsylvania) over Jared Genevich (MN) 11-0

Andrey Patskov (North Dakota) over Jared Genevich (MN) 11-0

665 – Nick Gagnon (MN) – DNP

Rafael Chavez (Wyoming) over Nick Gagnon (MN) 10-0

Matt Kim (Oregon) over Nick Gagnon (MN) 16-6

Pool B

616 – Chris Kragt (MN) – DNP

Jason Whitman (Michigan) over Chris Kragt (MN) 12-2

Ali Husein (California) over Chris Kragt (MN) 10-0

135 lbs.

Pool A

723 – Jeff Gleason (MN) – DNP

Jeff Gleason (MN) over Rowdy Palmer (Oklahoma) 8-0

Cam Watkins (Maryland) over Jeff Gleason (MN) 14-4

Mike Robbins (Utah) over Jeff Gleason (MN) 15-4

769 – Richard Fessler (MN) – DNP

Richard Fessler (MN) over Eric Hoffman (Iowa) 1:39

Richard Fessler (MN) over Nathaniel Holt (Utah) 15-4

Richard Fessler (MN) over William Smithe (Hawaii) 12-2

Richard Fessler (MN) over David Christian (California) 16-12

Richard Fessler (MN) over Mark Carey (Missouri) fall 2:38

Richard Fessler (MN) over Patrick McLemore (Ohio) 11-1

Pat Aleksanyan (California) over Richard Fessler (MN) 7-3

Dan Burkholder (Pennsylvania) over Richard Fessler (MN) 3-0

Pool B

724 – John Fradette (MN) – DNP

John Fradette (MN) over Trevor Gale (New York) 12-2

John Fradette (MN) over Chris Treftz (North Dakota) 10-0

John Fradette (MN) over Michael Cannon (Maryland) 12-5

John Fradette (MN) over Drew Maraglia (California) 19-14

Jeff Becker (Pennsylvania) over John Fradette (MN) 10-0

Cyler Sanderson (Utah) over John Fradette (MN) 10-0

754 – Gabe Krenik (MN) – DNP

Gabe Krenik (MN) over John Ness (Colorado) 15-8

Shane Waits (Oklahoma) over Gabe Krenik (MN) 11-1

Mark Franklin (Arizona) over over Gabe Krenik (MN) 14-4

790 – Justin Kolander (MN) – DNP

Jon Gerhold (Missouri) over Justin Kolander (MN) 8-2

Justin Kolander (MN) over Kyle Dennis (Idaho) 6-5

Chris Lane (Iowa) over Justin Kolander (MN) fall 3:30

140 lbs.

Pool A

855 – Jarred McCarthy (MN) – DNP

Tyler Thurgood (New Jersy) over Jarred McCarthy (MN) 13-2

Jarred McCarthy (MN) over Jonathan Prince (Alabama) 22-13

Chris Upchurch (Missouri) over Jarred McCarthy (MN) 10-0

Pool B

846 – Nick Walsh (MN) – DNP

Braden L’Amoreaux (Michigan) over Nick Walsh (MN) 10-0

Nick Walsh (MN) over Travis Harvey (Oregon) 10-0

Matt Epperly (Virginia) over Nick Walsh (MN) 11-0

892 – Levi Price (MN) – DNP

Levi Price (MN) over Ted Hoag (Pennsylvania) 7-6

Levi Price (MN) over Derek Coorough (Wisconsin) fall 5:18

Levi Price (MN) over Jeremy Bagby (Oklahoma) 12-2

Levi Price (MN) over Josh Wilson (Utah) 9-4

Levi Price (MN) over John Diabla (Oregon) 13-3

Phil Basting (North Dakota) over Levi Price (MN) 6-4

Matt Dragon (Pennsylvania) over Levi Price (MN) 10-0

145 lbs.

Pool A

915 – Chris Koob (MN) – DNP

Chris Koob (MN) over Cory Nelson (Ohio) 15-11

Gregor Gillespe (New York) over Chris Koob (MN) 10-0

Mike Zinnel (Iowa) over Chris Koob (MN) 10-0

961 – Justin Turek (MN) – DNP

Justin Turek (MN) over Sean Peters (Oregon) fall :55

Justin Turek (MN) over Kenny Danielson (South Dakota) forfeit

Nick Sanchez (New Mexico) over Justin Turek (MN) 14-4

Bryan Scambler (California) over Justin Turek (MN) 11-0

Pool B

938 – Brandon Murphy (MN) – DNP

Casey Bradley (Indiana) over Brandon Murphy (MN) 14-2

Eric Kruger (Illinois) over Brandon Murphy (MN) 10-0

152 lbs.

Pool A

1019 – Aaron Cook (MN) – DNP

Shane Vernon (Oklahoma) over Aaron Cook (MN) 10-0

Dillon Whitcacre (Indiana) over Aaron Cook (MN) 7-3

1085 – Mitch Millner (MN) – DNP

Patrick Lanham (Ohio) over Mitch Millner (MN) 12-1

Kainen Mattison (Vermont) over Mitch Millner (MN) 6-5

Pool B

1032 – Sean Glenz (MN) – DNP

Sean Glenz (MN) over Kelly Rickert (Michigan) 1:23

Glen Rhees (California) over Sean Glenz (MN) 13-2

Colton Salazar (Utah) over Sean Glenz (MN)10-0

1078 – Nathan Matousek (MN) – DNP

Nathan Matousek (MN) over Ben Haynes (Virginia) 11-0

Nathan Matousek (MN) over Trenton Zempel (Montana) 13-3

Nathan Matousek (MN) over Roger Sawyer (New York) fall 1:18

Nathan Matousek (MN) over Tommy Hutchinson (Florida) 10-0

Nathan Matousek (MN) over Dave Anderson (Kansas) 11-0

Ryan Morningstar (Iowa) over Nathan Matousek (MN) 3-1

Nathan Matousek (MN) over Jacob Frerichs (Ohio) 4-3

Nathan Matousek (MN) bye

Mike Galante (New Jersey) over Nathan Matousek (MN) 5-4

160 lbs.

Pool A

1123 – Nate DuVall (MN) – DNP

Nate DuVall (MN) over Greg Salvucci (Maryland) 14-2

Nate DuVall (MN) over William Alverez (Florida) 8-7

Mark Friend (Illinois) over Nate DuVall (MN) fall 1:27

Alton Lucas (New York) over Nate DuVall (MN)10-0

1171 – Anthony Biggs (MN) – DNP

Anthony Biggs (MN) over Ben Oeser (North Carolina) 12-0

Landis Wright (Pennsylvania) over Anthony Biggs (MN) inj. def.

Pool B

1136 – Tim Matheson (MN) – DNP

Tim Matheson (MN) over Charles Foster (Alaska) 10-0

Tim Matheson (MN) over Daniel Chiounuma (Missouri) 15-14

Tim Matheson (MN) over James Barker (Wisconsin) 20-19

Dustin Monte (California) over Tim Matheson (MN) 12-9

Blake Allen (Oklahoma) over Tim Matheson (MN) 10-0

1188 – Ryan Mergen (MN) – 8th Place

Ryan Mergen (MN) over T.J. Kuahine (Hawaii) 10-0

Ryan Mergen (MN) over Paul Vasquez (Arizona) 13-3

Ryan Mergen (MN) over Michael Cuthbertson (Alabama) 5-2

Ryan Mergen (MN) over Kent Smith (Ohio) 15-8

Ryan Mergen (MN) bye

Ryan Mergen (MN) over Bobby Musser (Nevada) 11-4

Matt Coughlin (Indiana) over Ryan Mergen (MN) fall :48

Ryan Mergen (MN) over Brett Ambrosino (Illinois) 5-3

Blake Allen (Oklahoma) over Ryan Mergen (MN) 10-0

7th Place Match: David Rella (Ohio) over Ryan Mergen (MN) fall 2:22

171 lbs.

Pool A

1235 – Zach Molitor (MN) – DNP

Zach Molitor (MN) over Alex Klinoff (Massachusetts) fall 2:14

Zach Molitor (MN) over Tyler Winkleman (Iowa) 11-4

T H Leet (Georgia) over Zach Molitor (MN) 15-3

Zach Molitor (MN) over Josh Weaver (Arizona) 8-5

Rocco Caponi (Ohio) over Zach Molitor (MN) 12-0

1279 – Robert Gotreau (MN) – DNP

Robert Gotreau (MN) over Jacob Hale (Ohio) 11-0

Robert Gotreau (MN) over Justin Wiscombe (Kansas) 11-1

Robert Gotreau (MN) over Dan Barrone (New Mexico) 11-0

Nick Davis (Florida) over Robert Gotreau (MN) 11-10

Hudson Taylor (New Jersey) over Robert Gotreau (MN) 11-0

Pool B

1234 – Thomas LaCombe (MN) – DNP

Thomas LaCombe (MN) over Jack Kitchen (Texas) 11-0

Evan Peissig (Wisconsin) over Thomas LaCombe (MN) 3-2

1272 – Phil Meinert (MN) – DNP

Matthew Cameron (Rhode Island) over Phil Meinert (MN) fall 2:56

Kevin Owen (Montana) over Phil Meinert (MN) 3-1

189 lbs.

Pool A

1319 – Jacob Vaith (MN) – DNP

Daniel Erekson (Idaho) over Jacob Vaith (MN) 12-0

David Green (Florida) over Jacob Vaith (MN) 11-0

1357 – William Blumhoeffer (MN) – DNP

William Blumhoeffer (MN) over Stanton White (North Carolina) 11-0

Vince Jones (New Jersey) over William Blumhoeffer (MN) fall 2:37

Sean Murphy (Oregon) over William Blumhoeffer (MN) 3-2

Pool B

1322 – Chris McPhail (MN) – DNP

Taylor Moore (Missouri) over Chris McPhail (MN) 12-0

Jack Sullivan (New York) over Chris McPhail (MN) 10-0

215 lbs.

Pool A

1473 – John Brunner (MN) – DNP

John Brunner (MN) bye

Chad Achatz (Oregon) over John Brunner (MN) 3-2

John Brunner (MN) over Robert Hoy (North Carolina) 12-2

Heath Vandeventer (Indiana) over John Brunner (MN) fall 1:08

Pool B

No Entry

275 lbs.

Pool A

1519 – William Purdy (MN) – DNP

Mike Johnson (Michigan) over William Purdy (MN) fall 2:20

Chris Kelly (Oregon) over William Purdy (MN) 10-0

1557 – Stephen Larson (MN) – 7th Place

Stephen Larson (MN) over Jake Mender (New York) :48

Stephen Larson (MN) over Bryan Stansbury (Colorado) 11-0

Stephen Larson (MN) bye

Stephen Larson (MN) over Nick Dwyer (Texas) fall :29

Stephen Larson (MN) over Dustin Finn (Oklahoma) 6-2

Mike Gunselman (Missouri) over Stephen Larson (MN) 4-0

Matt Fields (Iowa) over Stephen Larson (MN) 11-0

7th Place Match: Stephen Larson (MN) over Andy Swedenhjelm (Iowa) 10-0

Pool B

1518 – Casey Hellenberg (MN) – DNP

Casey Hellenberg (MN) over Clayton Ashdown (Utah) fall 1:06

Casey Hellenberg (MN) over Cameron Grigsby (Texas) fall 1:42

Drake McCoy (Georgia) over Casey Hellenberg (MN) 5-4

A.J. Brooks (Delaware) over Casey Hellenberg (MN) 13-2

1538 – Curtis Geisler (MN) – DNP

Kenny Lester (Florida) over Curtis Geisler (MN) fall 1:31

Jeremy Johnson (Oklahoma) over Curtis Geisler (MN) :10

1560 – Julian Gelhaye (MN) – DNP

Julian Gelhaye (MN) over Chris Senal (Ohio) 8-2

Julian Gelhaye (MN) bye

Julian Gelhaye (MN)over Kyle White (South Dakota) 6-3

Dan Manley (New Jersey) over Julian Gelhaye (MN) 12-0

Andy Swedenhjelm (Iowa) over Julian Gelhaye (MN) fall 1:07

Team Minnesota Women’s Freestyle

95 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

No Entry

101 lbs.

Pool A

209 – Rachael Holthaus (MN) – 1st Place

Rachael Holthaus (MN) over Cindy Pacheco (California) 10-0

Rachael Holthaus (MN) over Maria Salas (Texas) fall :28

Rachael Holthaus (MN) over Valerie Prise (California) 9-0

Rachael Holthaus (MN) over Whitney Conder (Washington) 9-3

Championship: Rachael Holthaus (MN) over Alyssa Lampe (Wisconsin) 5-4 OT

Pool B

No Entry

110 lbs.

Pool A

307 – Kelli Rasmussen (MN) – 2nd Place

Kelli Rasmussen (MN) over Erin Hiner (Pennsylvania) fall 1:43

Kelli Rasmussen (MN) over Erin Hiner (Pennsylvania) 7-3

Kelli Rasmussen (MN) over over Crystal Molinar (Texas) fall 5:40

Kelli Rasmussen (MN) over Carla O’Connell (California) 12-2

Championship: Caitlyn Chase (Illinois) over Kelli Rasmussen (MN) 11-0

Pool B

308 – Alicia Short (MN) – DNP

Caitlyn Chase (Illinois) over Alicia Short (MN) fall :52

Julie Kirk (Oregon) over Alicia Short (MN) fall 4:23

119 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

No Entry

128 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

516 – Chelynne Pringle (MN) – 3rd Place

Chelynne Pringle (MN) over Desire French (Texas) 4:03

Chelynne Pringle (MN) over Bethany Harris (California) fall 1:56

Chelynne Pringle (MN) bye

Chelynne Pringle (MN) over Shyla Iokia (Hawaii) 8-1

Amberle Montgomery (Washington) over Chelynne Pringle (MN) 10-6

Chelynne Pringle (MN) over Nikki Caballero (Michigan) 8-2

3rd Place Match: Chelynne Pringle (MN) over Tara-Patricia Williams (California) fall 4:51

138 lbs.

Pool A

605 – Maraela Ferguson (MN) – DNP

Na’Tasha Umemoto (Oregon) over Maraela Ferguson (MN) fall :28

Amanda Muncer (Texas) over Maraela Ferguson (MN) fall 2:50

Pool B

No Entry

150 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

710 – Ali Bernard (MN) – 1st Place

Ali Bernard (MN) over Amanda Chittenden (Michigan) fall :38

Ali Bernard (MN) over Stella Brown (California) fall :35

Ali Bernard (MN) over Stella Brown (California) fall :28

Championship: Ali Bernard (MN) over Heather Martin (Ohio) 7-1

165 lbs.

Pool A

807 – Leah Doran (MN) – DNP

Megan Richardson (California) over Leah Doran (MN) fall 5:25

Melissa Simmons (Washington) over Leah Doran (MN) fall :13

Pool B

No Entry

175 lbs.

Pool A

No Entry

Pool B

No Entry

2003 USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships

2003 Asics/Vaughan Cadet & Junior National Championships

Fargo, ND – July 19-26, 2003

USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships Results:

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Minnesota Cadet and Junior All-Americans

Minnesota High School Wrestler Files

Photos by Jeff Beshey & Jim Beshey:

Cadet Greco-Roman Photos: Zach Sanders | Mike Thorn | Seth Flodeen | David Albrecht | Jayson Ness | Codey Schultz | Beau Penk | Tim Matheson | Caleb Young | Kevin Landry | Steve Larson | Brent Eidenschink | Individual Champions

Junior Greco-Roman Photos: Tyler Safratowich | Andrew Quittschreiber | Chas Betts | Michael Felling | Jeremy Pederson | Jon May

Cadet Freestyle Photos: Zach Sanders | John Sundgren | Jayson Ness | Paul Bjorkstrand | Justin Kolander | David Bjorkstrand | Tim Matheson | Brent Eidenschink | Steve Larson

Junior Freestyle Photos: Seth Flodeen | Charlie Falck | Brandon Girtz | Anthony Elg | Phillip McMullen | Nik Lentz | Nathan Matousek | Jared Massey | Mike Maresh | Kyle Massey

Women’s Photos: Rachael Holthaus | Kelli Rasmussen | Chelynne Pringle | Ali Bernard | Individual Champions | TheMat.com-Asics High School All-American Girls Team

World Team Trials – 211.5 lbs. – Cormier vs Morrison

Team MN Cadet Greco-Roman Individual Results:

84 lbs.

Logan Sheppard (DNP)

Logan Sheppard (MN) dec. Tym Quigg (IL) 8-2

Evan Russell (IN) tech Logan Sheppard (MN) 16-4

Johnny Urich (IN) tech Logan Sheppard (MN) 11-1

91 lbs.

Tyler Rath (DNP)

Trevor Franklin (NY) tech Tyler Rath (MN) 10-0

Alex Piasecki (FL) fall Tyler Rath (MN) 2:56

98 lbs.

Zach Sanders (7th Place)

Zach Sanders (MN) tech Steve Welcher (IA) 10-0

Casey Smith (UT) dec Zach Sanders (MN) 6-3

Zach Sanders (MN) dec Jared Denier (OK) 10-6

Zach Sanders (MN) tech Nash Clark (AZ) 11-0

Zach Sanders (MN) tech Jared Kern (WI) 11-0

Tyler Bowles (WA) dec Zach Sanders (MN) 5-4

Zach Sanders (MN) tech Shawn Harris (OH) 10-0

7th Place: Zach Sanders (MN) tech Marty Eng (OR) 11-0

Zach Hansen (DNP)

Levi Jones (WA) fall Zach Hansen (MN) 2:21

Shad Manigault (CA) fall Zach Hansen (MN) 2:52

Joshua Harlow (DNP)

Shawn Harris (OH) tech Joshua Harlow (MN) 10-0

Anthony Meister (IN) fall Joshua Harlow (MN) 1:58

Beau Hansen (DNP)

Beau Hansen (MN) tech Matt Schmeski (IL) 13-3

Sean Kitchens (TX) fall Beau Hansen (MN)2:45

Kelly Kubec (WA) tech Beau Hansen (MN) 11-0

Mike Thorn (1st Place)

Mike Thorn (MN) dec Adam Delong (OK) 6-0

Mike Thorn (MN) tech John Buntrock (WI) 11-0

Mike Thorn (MN) fall Adam Burman (NY) 3:10

Mike Thorn (MN) dec Gregg Elherson (ID) 9-3

Mike Thorn (MN) dec Cameron Drye (NC) 13-2

Mike Thorn (MN) dec Marty Eng (OR) 8-6

Mike Thorn (MN) tech Sean Kitchens (TX) 10-0

Mike Thorn (MN) tech Kelly Kubec (WA) 11-1

1st Place: Mike Thorn (MN) dec Levi Jones (WA) 8-0

Derek Pesta (DNP)

Derek Pesta (MN) dec Nathen Heath (IN) 8-1

Derek Pesta (MN) dec Kevin Killoy (ID) 7-3

Derek Pesta (MN) Chase Fish (WA) 5-3

Derek Pesta (MN) bye

Marty Eng (OR) dec Derek Pesta (MN) 12-3

Sean Kitchens (TX) dec Derek Pesta (MN) 7-2

105 lbs.

Fuechy Vang (DNP)

Mike Wilson (OH) dec Fuechy Vang (MN) 7-3

Henry Cejudo (AZ) tech Fuechy Vang (MN) 10-0

Seth Flodeen (3rd Place)

Seth Flodeen (MN) fall Zachary Daigle (LA) 1:10

Seth Flodeen (MN) tech Matt Quigg (IL) 11-0

Seth Flodeen (MN) tech Preston Gentry (ID) 15-5

Seth Flodeen (MN) fall Nick Miller (FL) :53

Seth Flodeen (MN) tech Zach Dillon (WY) 10-0

Seth Flodeen (MN) fall Anthony Rienzi (OH) 3:23

Adam Smetana (PA) dec Seth Flodeen (MN) 5-3

Seth Flodeen (MN) fall Trevor Hall (WA) :36

3rd Place: Seth Flodeen (MN) dec J.D. Goodrich (WA) 3-1 OT

112 lbs.

Andrew Pudwill (DNP)

Victor Weideman (NE) tech Andrew Pudwill (MN) 14-2

Andrew Pudwill (MN) dec Rome Mark (LA) 9-2

Andrew Pudwill (MN) dec James Kohlberg (IL) 8-7

Colon Frick (PA) dec Andrew Pudwill (MN) 9-4

Zach Bigboy (DNP)

Zach Bigboy (MN) tech Isaac Rykken (OR) 11-0

Zach Bigboy (MN) tech Rob Tate (NC) 11-0

Zach Bigboy (MN) tech AJ Ciccarelli (IL) 10-0

Zach Bigboy (MN) fall Kyle O’Neil (MI) 1:44

Nathaniel Barbee (VA) dec Zach Bigboy (MN) 5-2

Troy Nickerson (NY) dec Zach Bigboy (MN) 5-2

Seth Marbry (DNP)

Brandon Low (HA) tech Seth Marbry (MN) 12-0

Seth Marbry (MN) dec Loren Haughn (MI) 6-4

Phil Lukanich (IL) dec Seth Marbry (MN) 8-1

Jason Adams (DNP)

Jason Adams (MN) fall Scott Allen (IN) :45

Matt Vacanli (NE) dec Jason Adams (MN) 7-5

Jason Adams (MN) fall Justin Peterson (WI) 1:10

Joshua Sandoval (TX) tech Jason Adams (MN) 11-0

119 lbs.

Paul Bjorkstrand (DNP)

Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) tech Adam Cook (IN) 11-0

Devon Feager (MO) dec Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) 7-5

John Triggas (CA) dec Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) 8-6

David Albrecht (6th Place)

David Albrecht (MN) tech Shane Day (CT) 11-1

David Albrecht (MN) tech Chase Webb (DE) 11-0

David Albrecht (MN) dec Shawn Jones (ID) 3-2

David Albrecht (MN) dec Anwar Goeres (NY) 6-1

David Albrecht (MN) dec Jacob Tarvin (WA) 4-1

David Albrecht (MN) bye

David Albrecht (MN) dec Frankie Gayeski (NJ) 5-1

Jake Swensen (UT) fall David Albrecht (MN) 3:19

Elijah Hutchison (AK) tech David Albrecht (MN)10-0

5th Place: Michael Rowe (MD) tech David Albrecht (MN) 10-0

Jayson Ness (2nd Place)

Jayson Ness (MN) tech Josh Pappas (UT) 10-0

Jayson Ness (MN) tech Tyler Adcock (KS) 12-0

Jayson Ness (MN) dec Lewis Baker (PA) 6-3

Jayson Ness (MN) tech Anton Praler (GA) 10-0

Jayson Ness (MN) tech Giorgio Cannigia (FL) 12-0

Jayson Ness (MN) tech Brian Graham (MO) 14-3

Jayson Ness (MN) dec Michael Rowe (MD) 16-9

Jayson Ness (MN) dec Jon Reader (MI) 6-1

1st Place: Jake Swenson (UT) dec Jayson Ness (MN) 6-5

Krey Cory (DNP)

Frank Cammisa (CT) tech Krey Cory (MN) 10-0

Krey Cory (MN) fall Ty Regan (AZ) 3:20

Braxdon (OH) fall Krey Cory (MN) 1:23

125 lbs.

Chris Leuer (DNP)

Michael Durant (OK) fall Chris Leuer (MN) 1:33

Calvin Miller (CA) dec Chris Leuer (MN) 6-4

Codey Schultz (8th Place)

Codey Schultz (MN) fall Alan Canizalez (CA) 1:52

Codey Schultz (MN) fall Nicholas Bodnar (OH) 3:19

Codey Schultz (MN) fall Ryan Crow (OK) 2:43

Codey Schultz (MN) tech Zach Shelley (AK) 12-2

Codey Schultz (MN) fall Ben Watts (IA) 3:06

Garrett Scott (PA) tech Codey Schultz (MN) 10-0

Codey Schultz (MN) bye

Jeremy McCoy (NE) tech Codey Schultz (MN) 13-1

7th Place: Eric Graham (MO) dec Codey Schultz (MN) 6-3

Beau Penk (3rd Place)

Beau Penk (MN) dec Kevin Lipp (OH) 6-1

Beau Penk (MN) dec Ryan Fuller (TN) 8-1

Beau Penk (MN) fall Todd Smoot (VA) 1:33

Beau Penk (MN) dec 6 7-6

Dallas Seavey (AK) dec Beau Penk (MN) 6-3

Beau Penk (MN) tech Jermel Goree (OK) 10-0

Beau Penk (MN) tech Eric Graham (MO) 15-5

Beau Penk (MN) dec John Basling (ND) 7-5

3rd Place: Beau Penk (MN) dec Jeremy McCoy (NE) 7-1

Alex Johnson (DNP)

John Basting (ND) fall Alex Johnson (MN) :15

Tyler Baker (KS) fall Alex Johnson (MN) :47

130 lbs.

Dustin Horner (DNP)

Dustin Horner (MN) tech Seth Cummings (MT) 12-1

Dustin Horner (MN) inj def over Jake Spears (OR)

Andrew Bradley (DE) dec Dustin Horner (MN) 8-6

Robert Galvan (AZ) dec Dustin Horner (MN) 4-3

135 lbs.

140 lbs.

Mike Wubbena (DNP)

Mike Wubbena (MN) tech Jason Lorenz (OH) 15-4

Trevor Pempek (AK) dec Mike Wubbena (MN) 6-1

Brandon Johnson (MI) dec Mike Wubbena (MN) 6-0

145 lbs.

152 lbs.

Tim Matheson (4th Place)

Tim Matheson (MN) fall Tony May (MT) :29

Tim Matheson (MN) dec Nick Handrick (MI) 8-0

Tim Matheson (MN) tech Ben Zintak (IL) 14-3

Tim Matheson (MN) fall Austin Johlke (TX) 1:22

Tim Matheson (MN) dec Daniel Rosboltom (IN) 7-0

Tim Matheson (MN) tech Evan Peissig (WI) 10-0

Tim Matheson (MN) fall Luke Smith (ID) 1:26

Tim Matheson (MN) tech Mack Lewnes (MD) 15-4

Brandon Simpson (MO) tech Tim Matheson (MN) 17-5

3rd Place: Caleb Young (MN) dec Tim Matheson (MN) 7-6

Alex Paul (DNP)

Paul Vasquez (AZ) fall Alex Paul (MN) 2:29

Chris Sutton-Kearn (KS) fall Alex Paul (MN) 2:53

Caleb Young (3rd Place)

Caleb Young (MN) tech Phillip Smith (IN) 10-0

Caleb Young (MN) tech Patrick Finn (OK) 11-0

Caleb Young (MN) tech Nick Stout (IA) 11-0

Caleb Young (MN) dec Jon Millard (WA) 5-2

Caleb Young (MN) dec Matt Wittmann (MI) 9-0

Paul Vasquez (AZ) dec Caleb Young (MN) 7-6

Caleb Young (MN) dec Jake Kerr (IA) 8-4

Caleb Young (MN) dec Jack Hartley (NC) 7-3

3rd Place: Caleb Young (MN) dec Tim Matheson (MN) 7-6

160 lbs.

171 lbs.

Garrett Long (DNP)

Louis Caputo (MO) dec Garrett Long (MN) 7-6

Garrett Long (MN) tech Justin Cooper (IN) 11-0

Garrett Long (MN) tech Tommy Walton (OR) 11-0

Garrett Long (MN) dec Brock Wenbourne (CA) 14-8

Jovan Beicher (NY) tech Garrett Long (MN) 10-0

189 lbs.

Kevin Landry (6th Place)

Kevin Landry (MN) tech Tony Vercelli (IL) 12-0

Kevin Landry (MN) dec Eddie Bordes (NY) 5-3

Kevin Landry (MN) tech Zac Ridgeway (MI) 11-0

James Aston (TX) tech Kevin Landry (MN) 10-0

Kevin Landry (MN) dec Corey Johnson (OK) 5-0

Kevin Landry (MN) dec Nick Sipes (PA) 4-3

Mike Hurst (CA) dec Kevin Landry (MN) 5-2

5th Place: Jon Jones (NY) dec Kevin Landry (MN) 5-3

215 lbs.

Steve Larson (3rd Place)

Steve Larson (MN) bye

Steve Larson (MN) dec Ryan Rustrum (OR) 3-0

Steve Larson (MN) tech Michael Malay (KS) 11-0

Steve Larson (MN) tech Ricky Jackson (NC) 12-0

Erik Nye (CA) dec Steve Larson (MN) 3-0

Steve Larson (MN) fall Matt Dobson (VA) 2:12

Steve Larson (MN) tech Skip Crooks (WY) 10-0

3rd Place: Steve Larson (MN) fall James Patchen (WI) 3:01

Brent Eidenschink (6th Place)

Brent Eidenschink (MN) fall Max Houghtby (MI) 2:28

Brent Eidenschink (MN) dec Ryan Gibble (PA) 3-1

Brent Eidenschink (MN) fall Jeremy Johnson (OK) :28

Brent Eidenschink (MN) fall Ryan Nachlrab (OH) 1:13

Brent Eidenschink (MN) dec Kenji Porter (CA) 9-5

James Patchen (WI) dec Brent Eidenschink (MN) 4-0

Robby Smith (CA) dec Brent Eidenschink (MN) 2-1

5th Place: Skip Crooks (WY) fall Brent Eidenschink (MN) 1:22

275 lbs.

Andy Gapinski (DNP)

Ben Pastore (CA) fall Andy Gapinski (MN) :53

Zach Covington (IA) fall Andy Gapinski (MN) 3:12

Mike May (DNP)

Jacob Paul (IA) fall Mike May (MN) 2:33

Scott Sandoval (IL) fall Mike May (MN) :15

Team MN Cadet Freestyle Individual Results:

84 lbs.

91 lbs.

Travis Cleberg (DNP)

Justin Blummer (OK) tech Travis Cleberg (MN) 10-0

Tyler Bowles (WA) tech Travis Cleberg (MN) 11-0

Tyler Rath (DNP)

Tyler Rath (MN) tech Ibrahim Abdulla (MI) 14-3

Tyler Rath (MN) fall Aldo Flores (IL) 1:06

Shane Doughman (TX) fall Tyler Rath (MN) 1:33

Ian Moser (DE) tech Tyler Rath (MN) 16-5

98 lbs.

Zach Hansen (DNP)

Gabriel Burak (CO) tech Zach Hansen (MN) 12-1

Zach Hansen (MN) tech Jackson Turner (OK) 10-0

Walker Falson (VA) tech Zach Hansen (MN) 17-5

Mike Thorn (DNP)

Mike Thorn (MN) tech Jordan Rieber (CO) 10-0

Mike Thorn (MN) bye

Mike Thorn (MN) tech Tyson Donovan (SD) 10-0

Brian Spangler (IL) dec Mike Thorn (MN) 10-6

Mike Thorn (MN) tech Raymond Ward (PA) 17-7

Mike Thorn (MN) dec Tommy Abbott (DE) 9-4

Jimmy Conroy (NJ) dec Mike Thorn (MN) 4-1

Beau Hansen (DNP)

Jimmy Kennedy (IL) tech Beau Hansen (MN) 11-0

Keith Sulzer (OH) tech Beau Hansen (MN) 10-0

Zach Sanders (5th Place)

Zach Sanders (MN) dec Kyle Hutter (IL) 8-2

Zach Sanders (MN) tech Kase Graham (NY) 10-0

Zach Sanders (MN) tech Alan Stuber (WY) 11-0

Zach Sanders (MN) tech JJ Johnson (MI) 10-0

Aaron Hart (OH) dec Zach Sanders (MN) 4-3

Zach Sanders (MN) dec Micah Burak (CO) 3-1

Kelly Kubec (WA) dec Zach Sanders (MN) 5-2

5th Place: Zach Sanders (MN) dec Bryan Spangler (IL) 5-0

Andy Hackenmueller (DNP)

Andy Hackenmueller (MN) bye

Douglas Rohner (CT) dec Andy Hackenmueller (MN) 6-4

Andy Hackenmueller (MN) dec Andrew Wolfe (OR) 9-4

Jordan Matthews (CA) dec Andy Hackenmueller (MN) 10-1

105 lbs.

John Sundgren (DNP)

John Sundgren (MN) tech William Squarciafico (CT) 10-0

John Sundgren (MN) fall Nick Meneely (NE) :25

John Sundgren (MN) fall Taylor Wynn (TN) :43

Abel Barrett (CA) dec John Sundgren (MN) 9-3

Ryan McCormick (NY) dec John Sundgren (MN) 7-3

Lucas Lynch (DNP)

Lucas Lynch (MN) fall Lucas Lynch (MN) 1:21

Lucas Lynch (MN) tech Corbin Surat (SD) 12-0

Ben McCorriston (CA) dec Lucas Lynch (MN) 5-4

Brian Barbiaux (WI) tech Lucas Lynch (MN) 10-0

Spencer Flodeen (DNP)

Brian Stevens (OR) tech Spencer Flodeen (MN) 12-2

Jonathan Lloyd (IN) tech Spencer Flodeen (MN) 10-0

Matt Baarson (DNP)

David Cox (FL) fall Matt Baarson (MN) 1:39

Bryan Peterson (VA) fall Matt Baarson (MN) 3:45

112 lbs.

Terrance Young (DNP)

Terrance Young (MN) dec Chase Gallatin (MN) 12-5

Terrance Young (MN) dec Matthew Ory (LA) 7-6

Terrance Young (MN) tech Kyle Ammerman (IN) 10-0

Mike Benefiel (IL) tech Terrance Young (MN) 13-3

Sonny Silva (ID) tech Terrance Young (MN) 18-7

Dan Braun (DNP)

TJ Renz (MT) tech Dan Braun (MN) 11-0

Jeremy Ensley (ID) tech Dan Braun (MN) 12-0

Tom Eiden (DNP)

Bobby Vinson (MT) tech Tom Eiden (MN) 11-0

Kyle O’Neil (MI) tech Tom Eiden (MN) 10-0

Zach Bigboy (DNP)

Zach Bigboy (MN) dec Bryan LaShomb (NC) 6-5

Kevin Mitchell (WA) Zach Bigboy (MN) 8-7

Zach Bigboy (MN) dec Ty Lorenz (WI) 11-3

Zach Bigboy (MN) tech Lee Meirick (IA) 10-0

Troy Nickerson (NY) tech Zach Bigboy (MN) 10-0

119 lbs.

Derik Pearson (DNP)

Derik Pearson (MN) fall Gabe Suarez (NV) 3:23

Joe Trottier (ND) fall Derik Pearson (MN) :38

Kirk Landon (IA) tech Derik Pearson (MN) 10-0

Paul Bjorkstrand (DNP)

Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) dec Shawn Jones (ID) 12-8

Kenny Jordan (IL) dec Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) 9-4

Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) tech Matt DeMichiel (NY) 14-3

Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) dec Larry Medina (CA) 12-8

Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) dec Kalen Lenz (IA) 9-7

Matt Vacanti (NE) fall Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) 3:18

Jayson Ness (3rd Place)

Jon Reader (MI) dec Jayson Ness (MN) 7-3

Jayson Ness (MN) tech Steve Mytych (PA) 12-2

Jayson Ness (MN) fall David Greenwald (NJ) :36

Jayson Ness (MN) tech T.J. Sailer (ND) 11-1

Jayson Ness (MN) dec Lenny Jordan (IL) 11-5

Jayson Ness (MN) dec Daniel Mitcheff (OH) 6-4

Jayson Ness (MN) bye

Jayson Ness (MN) dec Kyle DeBerry (AZ) 8-0

3rd Place: Jayson Ness (MN) dec Jordan Frishkorn (VA) 3-2 OT

Dan Crone (DNP)

Jordan Frishkorn (VA) tech Dan Crone (MN) 11-0

Tim Michem (GA) tech Dan Crone (MN) 11-0

Jesse Straw (DNP)

Matt Kelly (IA) fall Jesse Straw (MN) 3:22

Jesse Straw (MN) dec Braedon Smith (OR) 12-5

John Triggas (CA) dec Jesse Straw (MN) 11-10

David Albrecht (DNP)

David Albrecht (MN) dec Justin Gardner (ID) 8-2

David Albrecht (MN) dec Matt Ballweg (IA) 7-0

David Albrecht (MN) fall Mark Anderson (CA) :54

Matt Cusick (IL) dec David Albrecht (MN) 5-1

David Albrecht (MN) dec Ruben Gasca (AZ) 6-5

David Albrecht (MN) dec Elijah Hutchison (AK) 3-1

David Albrecht (MN) bye

Jordan Frishkorn (VA) tech David Albrecht (MN) 13-2

125 lbs.

Beau Penk (DNP) injury withdrew

Beau Penk (MN) fall Kyle Sutphen (NJ) :30

Beau Penk (MN) dec Sean Nemec (OH) 10-7

Brent Parks (OR) fall Beau Penk (MN) :49

Justin Kolander (DNP)

Justin Kolander (MN) tech Austin Cooper (KY) 10-0

Justin Kolander (MN) fall Evan Worland (WV) 1:00

Sergio Mireles (WI) dec Justin Kolander (MN) 9-7

John Bernhardt (OR) dec Justin Kolander (MN) 8-5

130 lbs.

Matt Westin (DNP)

Matt Westin (MN) dec Mike McLaughlin (OH) 4-3

Joseph Cornejo (KS) fall Matt Westin (MN) 1:40

Albert White (IL) dec Matt Westin (MN) 8-1

Dustin Horner (DNP)

Brandon Rader (WV) tech Dustin Horner (MN) 10-0

Adam Hall (ID) tech Dustin Horner (MN) 11-0

Jeff Gleason (DNP)

Jeff Gleason (MN) tech Cody Griffin (CO) 11-0

Jeff Gleason (MN) tech Tyler Gould (ND) 12-2

Sam Reading (ID) dec Jeff Gleason (MN) 5-2

Jeff Gleason (MN) dec Andrew Melton (NC) 10-2

Jeff Gleason (MN) dec Paul Young (IN) 10-4

Tyler Thurgood (NJ) dec Jeff Gleason (MN) 7-4

Zach Juusola (DNP)

Scott Glasser (ND) fall Zach Juusola (MN) 1:58

Aaron Dunlap (WV) dec Zach Juusola (MN) 5-4

135 lbs.

Chris Koob (DNP)

Chris Koob (MN) dec Justin Huffman (OH) 8-0

Aaron Denson (NE) tech Chris Koob (MN) 10-0

Braden L Amoreaux (MI) tech Chris Koob (MN) 10-0

Andy Siebenaler (DNP)

Justin Chrzanowski (MI) tech Andy Siebenaler (MN) 11-0

Andy Siebenaler (MN) dec Brent Boardman (IN) 5-2

Dan Burkholder (PA) fall Andy Siebenaler (MN) 1:40

Donald Williams (DNP)

Donald Williams (MN) dec Andy Love (MT) 8-3

Robby Willey (MD) dec Donald Williams (MN) 4-2

Juan Alvarez (TX) fall Donald Williams (MN) :43

140 lbs.

John Brantgen (DNP)

Tyler Dowell (OH) dec John Brantgen (MN) 9-5

John Brantgen (MN) tech Jeremy Bartley (VA) 11-0

John Brantgen (MN) dec Casey Dschaak (SD) 10-6

Tim McGoldrick (PA) tech John Brantgen (MN) 10-0

Jared McCarthy (DNP)

Jared McCarthy (MN) dec Alex Broadwater (MD) 7-6

Jared McCarthy (MN) fall Cory Nelson (OH) :43

Eli Arizmendez (AZ) fall Jared McCarthy (MN) 3:01

Jared McCarthy (MN) bye

Talon Knox (UT) tech Jared McCarthy (MN) 10-0

David Bjorkstrand (6th Place)

David Bjorkstrand (MN) tech Andrew Deleon (MI) 17-6

David Bjorkstrand (MN) tech Chase Slama (MO) 10-0

David Bjorkstrand (MN) fall Ben Marsh (OR) :18

David Bjorkstrand (MN) tech Matt Jones (VA) 15-5

David Bjorkstrand (MN) tech John Quintrell Jr. (WA) 11-0

David Bjorkstrand (MN) dec Blake Germaine (FL) 11-8

David Bjorkstrand (MN) dec Lewis Gonzalea (CA) 11-9

Matt Dragon (PA) dec David Bjorkstrand (MN) 14-11

5th Place: Justin Fraga (FL) tech David Bjorkstrand (MN) 12-2

Nate Goodnature (DNP)

Alex Caruso (NJ) dec Nate Goodnature (MN) 9-2

Nate Goodnature (MN) dec Mike Miller (KS) 11-5

Brock Austin (WA) dec Nate Goodnature (MN) 11-7

Brandon Murphy (DNP)

Brandon Murphy (MN) bye

Trevor Pempek (AK) fall Brandon Murphy (MN) 3:58

Lewis Gonzalez (CA) fall Brandon Murphy (MN) 2:58

145 lbs.

Mike Schmitz (DNP)

Mike Schmitz (MN) tech Don Lozzi (PA) 12-2

Mike Schmitz (MN) tech Nathaniel Oroczo (TX) 11-0

Mike Schmitz (MN) dec Mitch Artist (IA) 9-8

Brett Ambrosino (IL tech Mike Schmitz (MN) 11-1

Ryan Patrovich tech Mike Schmitz (MN) 10-0

Matt Schrupp (DNP)

Travis Hammons (IL) dec Matt Schrupp (MN) 14-9

Matt Schrupp (MN) tech Ben Spandau (IN) 10-0

Matt Schrupp (MN) bye

Matt Schrupp (MN) tech Cole Johnson (CO) 10-0

Archie McConnell (PA) dec Matt Schrupp (MN) 6-2

Sean Glenz (DNP)

Zack Schuller (OH) dec Sean Glenz (MN) 10-7

Sean Glenz (MN) fall Tim Lehner (MT) 1:59

Garrott Coelho (VA) dec Sean Glenz (MN) 10-7

Tyler Reiss (DNP)

Tyler Reiss (MN) fall Jonas Schenzel (NV) 1:29

Tyler Reiss (MN) dec Robert Rouse (NY) 5-4

Rob Waltko (PA) dec Tyler Reiss (MN) 8-3

Kyle Bounds (WA) tech Tyler Reiss (MN) 11-0

152 lbs.

Tim Matheson (DNP)

Tim Matheson (MN) dec Matt Wilson (OK) 14-7

Tim Matheson (MN) tech Sean Barrett (MI) 10-0

Tim Matheson (MN) tech Tony Dieppa (IL) 12-1

Tim Matheson (MN) dec Andrew Hoffer (VA) 13-10

Jake Kerr (IA) dec Tim Matheson (MN) 15-10

Tim Matheson (MN) dec Derek Basbagill (IN) 8-6

Austin Cronan (CA) dec Tim Matheson (MN) 7-5

Jacob Vaith (DNP)

Jacob Vaith (MN) dec Brandon Justice (IN) 5-2

Jacob Vaith (MN) dec John Sheehan (NJ) 10-1

Jacob Vaith (MN) dec Rocky Agozzino (OH) 4-1

Darrick Smith (NY) fall Jacob Vaith (MN) 2:42

Brent Chriswell (WA) fall Jacob Vaith (MN) :38

Caleb Young (DNP)

Caleb Young (MN) tech Matthew Kiambao (HA) 12-1

Caleb Young (MN) dec Robert Nusekabel (OH) 3-2

Caleb Young (MN) dec Thomas King (OR) 6-0

Robbie Neil (NJ) dec Caleb Young (MN) 5-0

Caleb Young (MN) bye

Robert Hoffman (PA) dec Caleb Young (MN) 7-6

160 lbs.

Ryan Mergen (DNP)

Ryan Mergen (MN) tech Trey Myers (OH) 10-0

Ryan Mergen (MN) tech Billy Shannon (VA) 10-0

Ryan Mergen (MN) tech Billy Dragonetti (WI) 10-0

Ryan Mergen (MN) dec RJ Sweet (OK) 8-1

Ryan Mergen (MN) fall Shawn Boaz (CA) 3:24

Dave Woodall (PA) tech Ryan Mergen (MN) 12-0

Michael Moore (MO) tech Ryan Mergen (MN) 11-0

Kyle Koisti (DNP)

Michael Moore (MO) tech Kyle Koisti (MN) 11-0

George Keyzer (FL) fall Kyle Koisti (MN) 2:32

Jake Sweet (DNP)

Jake Sweet (MN) tech Alex Read (CT) 11-0

Jake Sweet (MN) tech BJ Pearch (OR) 10-0

Jake Sweet (MN) bye

Ian Hinton (IN) dec Jake Sweet (MN) 4-3

TJ Geick (NV) dec Jake Sweet (MN) 7-6

171 lbs.

Jake Sallblad (DNP)

Beau Green (CA) dec Jake Sallblad (MN) 5-4

Jake Sallblad (MN) dec Tommy Walton (OR) 11-9

Trevor Perry (MI) fall Jake Sallblad (MN) :27

Alex McLaughlin (DNP)

Kyle Bergstedt (CA) dec Alex McLaughlin (MN) 12-10

Ricky Ralph (DE) dec Alex McLaughlin (MN) 8-4

Brian Hara (DNP)

Brian Hara (MN) dec Lyle Gardner (NV) 3-2

Brian Hara (MN) fall Kory Aspden (CT) 1:30

Matt Panasevich (PA) dec Brian Hara (MN) 4-2

Brian Hara (MN) dec Cory Freeland (NC) 8-0

Kyle Chittick (MI) dec Brian Hara (MN) 5-0

189 lbs.

Tanner Jorud (DNP)

Tanner Jorud (MN) fall Brian Andrews(GA) 1:08

Michael Toomey (NJ) fall Tanner Jorud (MN) 1:17

Taylor Moore (MO) tech Tanner Jorud (MN) 11-0

Kevin Landry (DNP)

Kevin Landry (MN) tech James Savage (AK) 11-0

Derek Dunn (IN) fall Kevin Landry (MN) :46

Kevin Landry (MN) tech Jordan Johnson (IL) 11-1

Kevin Landry (MN) tech Tharon Wallin (SD) 10-0

Dennis Drury (PA) fall Kevin Landry (MN) 1:40

Jayson Bowlsby (DNP)

James Aston (TX) tech Jayson Bowlsby (MN) 11-0

Jayson Bowlsby (MN) fall Robert Holbrook (AZ) 1:53

Jayson Bowlsby (MN) tech Michael McIntire (IN) 12-2

Brian Almer (OH) dec Jayson Bowlsby (MN) 9-0

Tyler Hemmesch (DNP)

Tyler Hemmesch (MN) dec Kirk Bunkers (SD) 11-3

Mike Hurst (CA) fall Tyler Hemmesch (MN) 1:36

Jon Jones (NY) dec Tyler Hemmesch (MN) 6-0

215 lbs.

Steve Larson (3rd Place)

Steve Larson (MN) tech Dante Moore (VA) 10-0

Steve Larson (MN) fall Mike Carpenter (OH) :25

Steve Larson (MN) tech Deci Hernandez (AZ) 11-0

Steve Larson (MN) tech Adam Henig (NJ) 11-0

Steve Larson (MN) fall Cameron Browne (NE) :36

Steve Larson (MN) dec Kyle Davis (PA) 7-1

Erik Nye (CA) dec Steve Larson (MN) 3-2

3rd Place: Steve Larson (MN) default over Tim Bolden (NY)

Brett Lebrun (DNP)

Justin Brooks (VA) fall Brett Lebrun (MN) 3:56

Erik Nye (CA) tech Brett Lebrun (MN) 11-0

Brent Eidenschink (8th Place)

Brent Eidenschink (MN) dec Mike Diehl (CA) 4-1

Ryan Nachtrab (OH) dec Brent Eidenschink (MN) 9-6

Brent Eidenschink (MN) dec Ben Briscoe (AL) 5-3

Brent Eidenschink (MN) fall Skip Crooks (WY) :21

Brent Eidenschink (MN) fall Sean Miller (MO) 2:43

Tim Bolden (NY) dec Brent Eidenschink (MN) 9-7

7th Place: Kyle Davis (PA) dec Brent Eidenschink (MN) 11-3

Jon Brunner (DNP)

Robby Smith (CA) fall Jon Brunner (MN) 1:10

Jon Brunner (MN) fall Matt Olsewski (PA) 3:31

Ben Isbrecht (MI) fall Jon Brunner (MN) 3:01

275 lbs.

Team MN Junior Greco-Roman Individual Results:

98 lbs.

105 lbs.

112 lbs.

119 lbs.

Tyler Safratowich (4th Place)

Tyler Safratowich (MN) dec Toby Seber (PA) 7-1

Tyler Safratowich (MN) fall John Hanks (WA) 3:47

Tyler Safratowich (MN) dec Cody Grant (WY) 6-3

Tyler Safratowich (MN) dec Chris Bencivenga (FL) 8-4

Tyler Safratowich (MN) tech Zach Moser (OH) 11-0

Eric Hoffman (IA) dec Tyler Safratowich (MN) 14-9

Tyler Safratowich (MN) dec Eric Metzler (WI) 5-4

Tyler Safratowich (MN) dec Billy Exline (CA) 3-2

Mark McKnight (PA) dec Tyler Safratowich (MN) 5-4

3rd Place: Javier Maldonado (FL) tech Tyler Safratowich (MN) 15-4

Ryan Adams (DNP)

Ryan Adams (MN) tech Jeff Hedges (MT) 11-0

Tanner Gardner (KS) tech Ryan Adams (MN) 11-1

Ryan Adams (MN) dec Marcos Orozco (CA) 9-4

Javier Maldonado (FL) fall Ryan Adams (MN) 1:12

125 lbs.

Grant Johnson (DNP)

Grant Johnson (MN) fall Brad Neitenbach (CO) 4:44

Grant Johnson (MN) dec Chris Kriebel (OH) 4-2

Justin Hunt (NY) fall Grant Johnson (MN) :16

Grant Johnson (MN) dec Brandon Bradley (VA) 14-8

Grant Johnson (MN) bye

Jeff Schell (PA) tech Grant Johnson (MN) 10-0

130 lbs.

Kent Nathe (DNP)

Kent Nathe (MN) tech Chas Franz (OH) 12-1

Vlad Kochiev (CA) fall Kent Nathe (MN) 3:53

Cash Coolidge (NE) tech Kent Nathe (MN) 12-1

135 lbs.

140 lbs.

Levi Price (DNP)

Levi Price (MN) dec Brent Huffman (PA) 9-2

Nick Cautrell (OR) dec Levi Price (MN) 5-1

Brent Metcalf (MI) tech Levi Price (MN) 11-0

Chris Anderson (DNP)

Chris Anderson (MN) fall Diego Mireles (WI) 2:20

Chris Anderson (MN) tech Camille DuPont (CO) 10-0

Chris Anderson (MN) tech Artie Clark (NE) 13-3

Chris Anderson (MN) tech Clint Sponseller (OH) 12-2

Chris Anderson (MN) fall James Archambault (MI) :41

Dave Morgan (PA) fall Chris Anderson (MN) 1:40

Mitch Smith (WV) fall Chris Anderson (MN) 2:30

Micah Flodeen (DNP)

Micah Flodeen (MN) tech David Garrweek (CO) 11-0

Jason Johnstone (OH) dec Micah Flodeen (MN) 6-3

Micah Flodeen (MN) fall Kyle Coffman (FL) 1:41

Bryan Cantrell (OR) inj def over Micah Flodeen (MN)


Andy Bisek (DNP)

Joe Urednick (IN) tech Andy Bisek (MN) 17-7

Chris Remsen (ME) fall Andy Bisek (MN) 2:50

Cody Olson (DNP)

Jason White (MI) fall Cody Olson (MN) 4:03

Travis Williams (CA) tech Cody Olson (MN) 10-0

Andrew Quittschreiber (8th Place)

Andrew Quittschreiber (MN) fall Allen Nozel (AZ) 1:00

Andrew Quittschreiber (MN) dec Trent Zempel (MT) 4-2

Andrew Quittschreiber (MN) bye

Andrew Quittschreiber (MN) fall Bo Icatia (OR) 4:31

Andrew Quittschreiber (MN) tech Marcos Toledo (FL) 10-0

Andrew Quittschreiber (MN) dec Ricky Tippett (MD) 5-4

Archili Guliashvili (NJ) dec Andrew Quittschreiber (MN) 8-3

Chase Walker (UT) tech Andrew Quittschreiber (MN) 11-0

7th Place: Anthony Hayes (CT) dec Andrew Quittschreiber (MN) 3-2 OT

152 lbs.

Mitch Kuhlman (DNP)

Mitch Kuhlman (MN) tech Ben Blubaugh (OH) 10-0

Mitch Kuhlman (MN) fall Gela Jagatashrill (NJ) :52

Mitch Kuhlman (MN) tech Dustin Walker (LA) 10-0

Mitch Kuhlman (MN) fall Jason Schippers (KS) 1:35

Mitch Kuhlman (MN) dec Joey Hooker (AZ) 5-1

Ben Shapiro (CA) dec Mitch Kuhlman (MN) 11-7

Cheney Haight (UT) tech Mitch Kuhlman (MN) 13-0

Jake Grygelko (DNP)

Jake Grygelko (MN) dec Chris DeVilbiss (MD) 14-7

Andy Nicodin (CO) tech Jake Grygelko (MN) 11-0

Jake Grygelko (MN) dec Tommy Hutchinson (FL) 6-0

Jason Barber (WI) dec Jake Grygelko (MN) 7-5

Nathan Matousek (DNP)

Matt Kocher (PA) dec Nathan Matousek (MN) 3-2

Nathan Matousek (MN) dec Eric Luedke (KS) 6-5

Nathan Matousek (MN) dec John Gryczewski (VA) 3-3

Nathan Matousek (MN) dec Gabriel Jaurigue (AZ) 4-2

CP Schlatter (OH) tech Nathan Matousek (MN) 10-0

Adam Aho (DNP)

Adam Aho (MN) tech Andy Karuza (WA) 10-0

Adam Aho (MN) dec Charlie Combs (FL) 3-0

Adam Aho (MN) dec Kevin Hall (CA) 5-0

Adam Aho (MN) dec Brandon Lozdoski (IL) 5-0

Brandon Becker (KS) tech Adam Aho (MN) 11-0

Adam Aho (MN) bye

Matt Kocher (PA) dec Adam Aho (MN) 3-0


Chas Betts (2nd Place)

Chas Betts (MN) dec Matt Tricario (CT) 9-1

Chas Betts (MN) dec Matt Coughlin (IN) 7-5

Chas Betts (MN) tech Jay Gorman (MD) 10-0

Chas Betts (MN) dec Sam Temko (CA) 6-1

Chas Betts (MN) dec Bobby Jablonski (FL) 5-0

Chas Betts (MN) dec Decota Cotten (ME) 9-4

Chas Betts (MN) dec Andrew Monk (OH) 4-1

Chas Betts (MN) dec Jake Varner (CA) 8-1

Chas Betts (MN) dec Charles Jones (OK) 4-4

1st Place: Rocky Cozart (FL) dec Chas Betts (MN) 11-6

Thomas Kopietz (DNP)

Charles Jones (OK) tech Thomas Kopietz (MN) 12-0

Thomas Kopietz (MN) tech Davey Simmons (VA) 10-0

Jake Varner (CA) fall Thomas Kopietz (MN) :23

Michael Felling (7th Place)

Michael Felling (MN) dec Alex Pavlenko (AZ) 3-2

Michael Felling (MN) tech Christopher Tripp (OH) 11-0

Michael Felling (MN) tech Ben Pero (WI) 10-0

Michael Felling (MN) dec Ross Taplin (KS) 6-1

Michael Felling (MN) bye

Michael Felling (MN) dec Nick Hayes (IA) 3-2

Tyler Bernacchi (CA) dec Michael Felling (MN) 5-2

Rocky Cozart (FL) dec Michael Felling (MN) 7-4

7th Place: Michael Felling (MN) dec Matt Coughlin (IN) 7-2


Gerald Brekke (DNP)

Gerald Brekke (MN) fall Matt Zickafoose (MI) 1:27

Jake Pucket (NC) dec Gerald Brekke (MN) 5-3

John Wilcox (OK) dec Gerald Brekke (MN) 12-11

Phil Meinert (DNP)

Andy Lowther (OH) dec Phil Meinert (MN) 9-4

William Schneider (CA) dec Phil Meinert (MN) 8-2

Quintin Utley (DNP)

Quintin Utley (MN) tech Shawn Vincent (WY) 10-0

Walter Hoffman (MD) fall Quintin Utley (MN) 1:11

Nick Edmonds (NE) dec Quintin Utley (MN) 7-0

Isaac Ratz (DNP)

Kurt Brenner (PA) tech Isaac Ratz (MN) 10-0

Isaac Ratz (MN) tech Kerry Kopelke (WI) 10-0

Trebor Clavette (NC) tech Isaac Ratz (MN) 10-0

Cory Harnitz (DNP)

Cory Harnitz (MN) tech Jaymeson Davis (CA) 15-2

Casey Kelly (MT) inj def over Cory Harnitz (MN)

189 lbs.

Jeremy Pederson (5th Place)

Jeremy Pederson (MN) dec Adam Monks (KS) 8-0

Jeremy Pederson (MN) dec Ryan Sutton (MO) 6-3

Jeremy Pederson (MN) tech Josh Osborne (OR) 11-0

Jeremy Pederson (MN) dec Sal Woods (IL) 4-3

Jeremy Pederson (MN) bye

Ben Kelto (MI) dec Jeremy Pederson (MN) 3-1

Jeremy Pederson (MN) tech Andrew Legg (OH) 10-0

Jeremy Pederson (MN) dec Brett Slone (CA) 4-2 OT

5th Place: Jeremy Pederson (MN) dec Josh Arnone (PA) 7-4

Joseph Bechtold (DNP)

Eli Castillo (CA) dec Joseph Bechtold (MN) 10-2

Tyrel Todd (MT) fall Joseph Bechtold (MN) 1:53

215 lbs.

Brady Wilson (DNP)

Brady Wilson (MN) dec Jason Coughlin (IN) 4-1

Brady Wilson (MN) fall Chris Eller (AZ) 2:46

Brady Wilson (MN) dec JR Carter (NY) 3-2

John Laboranti (PA) fall Brady Wilson (MN) 2:53

Brady Wilson (MN) dec Thomas Mayes (OR) 8-5

Jake Marquardtt (IA) fall Brady Wilson (MN) 1:26

Justin Bronson (DNP)

Max Pazdan (CT) dec Justin Bronson (MN) 11-5

Chris Hahn (OH) dec Justin Bronson (MN) 12-4

275 lbs.

Jon May (2nd Place)

Jon May (MN) tech Steve Furbush (CA) 10-0

Jon May (MN) dec Jordan Wall (NC) 8-0

Jon May (MN) fall Jerald Johnson (OK) 1:01

Jon May (MN) tech Randy Feigner (OR) 10-0

Jon May (MN) dec Chase Wetenkamp (WI) 4-0

Jon May (MN) dec Kirk Nail (OH) 5-3

Jon May (MN) dec Drake McCoy (GA) 5-0

1st Place: Dustin Fox (OH) dec Jon May (MN) 3-2


Team MN Junior Freestyle Individual Results:

98 lbs.

105 lbs.

Seth Flodeen (5th Place)

Seth Flodeen (MN) fall Thomas Kimbrell (GA) 4:36

Seth Flodeen (MN) fall Tyler Cordis (KS) 1:12

Davey Mason (OK) dec Seth Flodeen (MN) 11-3

Seth Flodeen (MN) dec Josh Bonomo (PA) 11-3

Seth Flodeen (MN) fall Fernando Martinez (IN) 1:37

Tony Mustari (CO) tech Seth Flodeen (MN) 12-1

5th Place: Seth Flodeen (MN) fall Jeremy Johnson (IL) 2:34

112 lbs.

Nick Johns (DNP)

Kyle Reeve (WI) tech Nick Johns (MN) 11-0

Paul Donahoe (MI) tech Nick Johns (MN) 10-0

119 lbs.

Charlie Falck (2nd Place)

Charlie Falck (MN) tech Robert Douglas (VA) 10-0

Charlie Falck (MN) tech Bogdan Szurant (NY) 10-0

Charlie Falck (MN) tech Nick Ramirez (NM) 11-0

Charlie Falck (MN) tech Eric Albright (PA) 14-4

Charlie Falck (MN) tech Brandon McDonough (IA) 11-1

Charlie Falck (MN) dec Zach Berman (IL) 5-2

Charlie Falck (MN) tech Kip Watson (ID) 12-2

Javier Maldonado (FL) dec Charlie Falck (MN) 11-6

Charlie Falck (MN) dec Mark McNight (PA) 8-1

1st Place: Tim Kephart (MO) fall Charlie Falck (MN) :34

Eric Sanders (DNP)

Eric Sanders (MN) tech Danny Ruiz (TX) 10-0

Jeff Schell (PA) dec Eric Sanders (MN) 4-3

Eric Sanders (MN) dec David Penny (OH) 6-1

Eric Sanders (MN) dec Tony Valdez (NE) 5-4

Tim Kephart (MO) dec Eric Sanders (MN) 6-1

Josh Hansen (DNP)

Josh Hansen (MN) fall Adam Johnson (MI) 5:41

Josh Hansen (MN) fall Solomon Jeffries (IA) 3:31

Matt Fisk (PA) tech Josh Hansen (MN) 11-0

Tim Elliott (KS) fall Josh Hansen (MN) 3:30

125 lbs.

Tim Thompson (DNP)

Mike Peraino (MI) dec Tim Thompson (MN) 7-1

Josh Burnett (UT) dec Tim Thompson (MN) 11-6

130 lbs.

Dan Tabbert (DNP)

Kyle Pardun (NJ) tech Dan Tabbert (MN) 13-0

Michael Abell (MA) dec Dan Tabbert (MN) 8-7

Ryan Pottebaum (DNP)

Ryan Pottebaum (MN) tech Tony Kubec (WA) 10-0

Paul Lyon (MI) fall Ryan Pottebaum (MN) 2:09

Lyle Evans (UT) tech Ryan Pottebaum (MN) 11-0

John Humphrey (DNP)

Ryan Morris (CO) fall John Humphrey (MN) 2:54

John Humphrey (MN) tech Tim Manson (TN) 10-0

Albert Madsen (OH) tech John Humphrey (MN) 13-8

Nick Kulseth (DNP)

Nick Kulseth (MN) fall Juan Perez (WI) 4:01

Adam Frey (PA) tech Nick Kulseth (MN) 11-0

Mark Bogart (NJ) tech Nick Kulseth (MN) 10-0

135 lbs.

Shane Johnson (DNP)

Yvon Agenord (FL) tech Shane Johnson (MN) 10-0

Shane Johnson (MN) dec Chris McFarland (TX) 10-4

Kyle Katz (IL) dec Shane Johnson (MN) 6-1

Nick Walsh (DNP)

Jimmy Akiyama (WA) tech Nick Walsh (MN) 12-1

Will Combs (FL) fall Nick Walsh (MN) 1:38

Corey Swenson (DNP)

Alex Hall (MO) tech Cory Swenson (MN) 16-5

Jake Wagner (WI) dec Cory Swenson (MN) 6-4

140 lbs.

Brandon Girtz (DNP)

Brandon Girtz (MN) tech Nick Conley (NC) 11-0

Brandon Girtz (MN) dec Pat Phelan (OH) 11-9

Brandon Girtz (MN) dec Jake Gerring (VA) 4-1

John Carnes (OK) dec Brandon Girtz (MN) 10-7

Justin Swafford (IA)tech Brandon Girtz (MN) 12-1

John Fradette (DNP)

John Fradette (MN) dec Zach Gibson (VA) 9-5

CJ Ettleson (IA) tech John Fradette (MN) 10-0

Jade McCammon (IN) tech John Fradette (MN) 10-0

Levi Price (DNP)

Levi Price (MN) tech Donald Motley (VA) 14-3

Levi Price (MN) dec Cole Landuyt (IN) 11-3

Levi Price (MN) dec Gene Kobilansky (NY) 12-9

Levi Price (MN) fall David Barringer (CO) 1:09

Brent Metcalf (MI) tech Levi Price (MN) 12-2

Jason Johnstone (OH) tech Levi Price (MN) 10-0

145 lbs.

Joseph Buschette (DNP)

Zachery Fierro (ID) fall Joseph Buschette (MN) 4:49

Shane Vernon (OK) tech Joseph Buschette (MN) 11-0

Jeff Grosland (DNP)

Greg Smith (OK) dec Jeff Grossland (MN) 4-2

Ryan Metcalf (WI) dec Jeff Grossland (MN) 11-10

Phillip McMullen (DNP)

Phillip McMullen (MN) tech Buddy Harris (FL) 10-0

Phillip McMullen (MN) fall Gabriel Roy (LA) 3:54

Ricky Tippett (MD) tech Phillip McMullen (MN) 12-1

Phillip McMullen (MN) tech Chase Pami (NV) 13-3

Craig Henning (WI) tech Phillip McMullen (MN) 13-3

Anthony Elg (DNP)

Anthony Elg (MN) tech Allen Nozel (AZ) 10-0

Anthony Elg (MN) fall Kevin Brake (IL) 2:12

Anthony Elg (MN) tech Kelly Rickert (MI) 10-0

Anthony Elg (MN) dec Hunter Davenport (VA) 5-3

Aaron Weirnimont (IA) tech Anthony Elg (MN) 10-0

Isiah Britton (PA) tech Anthony Elg (MN) 11-0

152 lbs.

Nik Lentz (DNP)

Nik Lentz (MN) tech Zach LePoidevin (WI) 11-1

Nik Lentz (MN) tech Nick Sanchez (NM) 10-0

Nik Lentz (MN) tech Kevin Owen (MT) 10-0

Mike Poeta (IL) tech Nik Lentz (MN) 12-2

Nik Lentz (MN) dec Blake Allen (OK) 9-3

Nik Lentz (MN) dec Greg Hagel (NJ) 7-5

Nik Lentz (MN) dec Nathan Matousek (MN) 4-3

Max Dean (OH) dec Nik Lentz (MN) 5-1

Nathan Matousek (DNP)

Nathan Matousek (MN) tech Zach Shanaman (NJ) 11-0

Nathan Matousek (MN) tech Jameik Matthews (DE) 11-0

Nathan Matousek (MN) fall Stephano Bilich (LA) :44

Nathan Matousek (MN) tech Steven James (IN) 10-0

Nathan Matousek (MN) tech Blake Peterson (MO) 12-0

Joey Hooker (AZ) dec Nathan Matousek (MN) 8-4

Nik Lentz (MN) dec Nathan Matousek (MN) 4-3

Cory Schmitz (DNP)

Mike Miller (OH) tech Cory Schmitz (MN) 16-4

Dan Geib (PA) fall Cory Schmitz (MN) 1:06

George Lynaugh (DNP)

Jeff Canella (WI) dec George Lynaugh (MN) 9-4

George Lynaugh (MN) tech Andrew Hicklin (MO) 11-1

George Lynaugh (MN) fall Jayson Johnson (ID) 1:44

Matt Kocher (PA) dec George Lynaugh (MN) 7-0

160 lbs.

Thomas LaCombe (DNP)

Jeremy Bloom (MI) dec Thomas LaCombe (MN) 7-5

Eric Hume (IA) dec Thomas LaCombe (MN) 10-6

Tim O’Connor (DNP)

Justin Otis (GA) tech Tim O’Connor (MN) 10-0

Mike Galante (NJ) dec Tim O’Connor (MN) 9-4

Michael Felling (DNP)

Michael Felling (MN) tech David Richter (CO) 11-0

Michael Felling (MN) tech Jesse Sataloff (MD) 11-0

Michael Felling (MN) dec Sean Richmond (PA) 5-4

Michael Felling (MN) dec Decota Cotten (ME) 9-6

Andrew Monk (OH) dec Michael Felling (MN) 9-2

Brandon Mason (IA) dec Michael Felling (MN) 4-3

171 lbs.

Ryan Glenz (DNP)

Andrew Silber (NJ) dec Ryan Glenz (MN) 18-11

Steven Ratley (VA) tech Ryan Glenz (MN) 10-0

189 lbs.

Dustin Felix (DNP)

Devon Daly (ND) dec Dustin Felix (MN) 9-6

Josh Weitzel (PA) tech Dustin Felix (MN) 10-0

Jared Massey (DNP)

Jared Massey (MN) dec JD Bergman (OH) 6-4

Jared Massey (MN) tech Quinton Pruett (AZ) 11-1

Jared Massey (MN) tech Daniel Sanabria (CA) 10-0

Jared Massey (MN) tech Josh Arnone (PA) 10-0

Jared Massey (MN) dec Tyler Bruesewitz (IL) 4-3

Tyrel Todd (MT) dec Jared Massey (MN) 8-3

Leo Saniuk (OH) fall Jared Massey (MN) :44

215 lbs.

Justin Bronson (DNP)

Bryce Boehm (IA) tech Justin Bronson (MN) 11-0

Tervel Dlagnev (TX) tech Justin Bronson (MN) 11-0

Jason Finley (DNP)

Jason Finley (MN) fall Brionne Elkin (AK) 4:49

Lou Thomas (WV) tech Jason Finley (MN) 11-0

Max Pazdan (CT) tech Jason Finley (MN) 14-3

Mike Maresh (3rd Place)

Matt Koz (OH) dec Mike Maresh (MN) 9-0

Mike Maresh (MN) tech Mark Durant (KS) 10-0

Mike Maresh (MN) tech John Grando (CO) 11-0

Mike Maresh (MN) tech Colton Nichols (CA) 10-0

Mike Maresh (MN) bye

Mike Maresh (MN) tech Matthew Leonard (WA) 13-1

Mike Maresh (MN) dec Jake O’Brien (IN) 6-3

Mike Maresh (MN) dec Jared Rosholt (OK) 8-2

Mike Maresh (MN) dec Gerard Habibian (UT) 5-2

3rd Place: Mike Maresh (MN) dec Andy Patrick (ID) 7-6

275 lbs.

Kyle Massey (3rd Place)

Kyle Massey (MN) tech Nick Carmona (CA) 12-0

Kyle Massey (MN) fall Joe Sapp (IL) 5:40

Kyle Massey (MN) tech Randy Feigner (OR) 11-0

Kirk Nail (OH) dec Kyle Massey (MN) 3-1

Kyle Massey (MN) bye

Kyle Massey (MN) dec Dustin Fox (OH) 10-6

Kyle Massey (MN) fall Jared Campbell (NC) 4:24

Matt Fields (IA) dec Kyle Massey (MN) 7-5

3rd Place: Kyle Massey (MN) dec Tony Johnson (OH) 11-5

Julian Gelhaye (DNP)

Tyrone Potter (OR) fall Julian Gelhaye (MN) :53

Kyle White (SD) dec Julian Gelhaye (MN) 7-2


Team MN Women Individual Results:

95 lbs.

101 lbs.

Rachael Holthaus (2nd Place)

Rachael Holthaus (MN) dec Melissa Girard (MI) 6-1

Rachael Holthaus (MN) fall Kathrine Fulp-Allen (CA) 5:18

1st Place: Kelli Rasmussen (MN) fall Rachael Holthaus (MN) 3:56

Kelli Rasmussen (1st Place)

Kelli Rasmussen (MN) tech Billie Jean Dill (NY) 16-5

Kelli Rasmussen (MN) dec Aquille Hills (PA) 12-9

1st Place: Kelli Rasmussen (MN) fall Rachael Holthaus (MN) 3:56

110 lbs.

119 lbs.

128 lbs.

Chelynne Pringle (6th Place)

Chelynne Pringle (MN) tech Monica Gochioco (CA) 12-2

Chelynne Pringle (MN) fall Rachel Billerbeck (TX) 1:30

Chelynne Pringle (MN) fall Jade Perry (CT) 1:02

Na’Tasha Umemoto (OR) tech Chelynne Pringle (MN) 12-0

Chelynne Pringle (MN) dec Iris Mucha (AK) 9-5

5th Place: Chelsea Roundtree (KY) dec Chelynne Pringle (MN) 7-6

138 lbs.

Resa DuBow (DNP)

Julie Duarte (CA) fall Resa DuBow (MN) :24

Penny Sullivan (OR) fall Resa DuBow (MN) :32

150 lbs.

Ali Bernard (1st Place)

Ali Bernard (MN) bye

Ali Bernard (MN) fall Amanda Chittenden (MI) 1:49

Ali Bernard (MN) dec Courtney Bush (FL) 8-4

Ali Bernard (MN) fall Heather Martin (OH) 2:20

1st Place: Ali Bernard (MN) dec Shawn Swartzlender (OR) 3-0

165 lbs.

175 lbs.

2002 USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships

2002 Asics/Vaughan Cadet & Junior National Championships

Fargo, ND – July 20-27, 2002

Composite picture inside the Fargodome

USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships Results:

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Minnesota Cadet and Junior All-Americans

Minnesota High School Wrestler Files

Photos: Adams, Ryan | Alvarado, Delilah | Bergman, Sara | Bernard, Ali | Bullerman, Tyler | Dahlblom, Dustin | Gleason, Jeff | Haake, Adam | Hackenmueller, Andy | Hansen, Josh | Harnitz, Cory | Harwood, Marc | Holthaus, Rachel | Jensen, Nickla | Kuhlman, Mitch | Kulseth, Nick | Larson, Steve | Massey, Kyle | Matousek, Nate | May, Jon | Mena, Alicia | Mooney, Gabe | Ness, Jayson | Osborn, Quincy | Price, Levi | Pringle, Chelynne | Savering, Nate | Schrupp, Matt | Strandford, Alysse | Thorn, Mike | Welsh, Lon | Junior Greco-Roman All-Americans and coaches | Minnesota women’s team and coaches | MN Volunteer Pairers

Junior Freestyle All-Americans


98 lbs.
1st: Patrick Feeley (Rhode Island) dec Davey Mason (Oklahoma) 4-2
3rd: Vincent Cina (Maryland) pin Kody Hiner (Pennsylvania), 5:18
5th: Mark Degliobizzi (Delaware) won by tech. fall over Rob Tate (North Carolina), 10-0
7th: Broderick Evans (Illinois) dec. Fernando Martinez (Indiana), 16-9
105 lbs.
1st: Paul Donahoe (Michigan) fall Brad Pataky (Pennsylvania) 1:57
3rd: Tanner Gardner (Kansas) won by tech. fall over Brad Canterbury (Pennsylvania), 13-3
5th: Levi Wyant (Ohio) won by tech. fall over Mike Pearson (Illinois), 11-1
7th: David Hagel (New Jersey) pin Tony Valdez (Nebraska), 0:17
112 lbs.
1st: Ben Kjar (Utah) fall Tim Kephart (Missouri) :15
3rd: Tony Pretto (Illinois) dec. Mark McKnight (Pennsylvania), 6-5
5th: Zac Berman (Illinois) dec. Gabe Rostermundt (Iowa), 3-1
7th: Jamie Thomas (Pennsylvania) won by inj. def. over Brandon Tucker (Oklahoma)
119 lbs.
1st: Robert Preston (New Jersey) dec Nathan Morgan (California) 7-5
3rd: Eric Stevenson (Oregon) won by tech. fall over Derrick Fleenor (Oklahoma), 11-0
5th: Mack Reiter (Iowa) pin Christian Staylor (Virginia), 1:50
7th: Drew Headlee (Pennsylvania) won by inj. def. over Chad Mendes (California)
125 lbs.
1st: Matt Valenti (New Jersey) fall Justin Porter (Oklahoma) 1:40
3rd: Angel Cejudo (Arizona) dec. Brandon Hardy (Virginia), 8-1
5th: Matt Keller (Tennessee) dec. Josh Churella (Michigan), 7-6
7th: Ryan Froese (Michigan) pin Tony Franco (California), 4:35
130 lbs.
1st: Ryan Lang (Ohio) dec Darrell Vasquez (California) 7-4
3rd: Chase Metcalf (Michigan) won by tech. fall over Daniel Frishkorn (Virginia), 11-1
5th: Willy Holst (Wisconsin) dec. Justin Pearch (Oregon), 5-1
7th: John Manarte (New York) dec. James Holt (California), 6-4
135 lbs.
1st: Todd Meneeley (Nebraska) dec Teyon Ware (Oklahoma) 5-4
3rd: Max Meltzer (Maryland) dec. Dustin Hinschberger (Iowa), 5-3
5th: Brad Stockton (Iowa) won by tech. fall over Cody Burdett (Utah), 13-3
7th: Alex Tsirtsis (Indiana) won by inj. def. over Chet Naylor (Maryland)
140 lbs.
1st: Eric Tannenbaum (Illinois) dec Cole Wunnicke (Wisconsin) 6-5
3rd: Andy Simmons (Michigan) pin Jeff Eckloff (Pennsylvania), 2:52
5th: Clay Chambers (Oklahoma) dec. Justin Metcalfe (Illinois), 3-2
7th: Ryan Needle (New York) won by tech. fall over Matt Crippes (California), 12-1
145 lbs.
1st: Craig Henning (Wisconsin) dec Tyler Turner (Wisconsin) 5-4
3rd: Ryan Davis (Maryland) won by tech. fall over Donnie Fisch (New Jersey), 15-3
5th: Max Dean (Ohio) dec. Matt Storniolo (Pennsylvania), 8-2
7th: Joey Hooker (Arizona) dec. Dustin Dahlblom (Minnesota), 5-4
152 lbs.
1st: Zack Esposito (New Jersey) dec Nate Galloway (Pennsylvania) 5-0
3rd: Trent Paulson (Iowa) won by inj. def. over Travis Paulson (Iowa)
5th: Marc Harwood (Minnesota) pin Esteban Vera (Puerto Rico), 2:05
7th: Brandon Becker (New Jersey) dec. Steve Luke (Ohio), 7-6
160 lbs.
1st: Johnny Hendricks (Oklahoma) dec Mark Perry (New Jersey) 3-0
3rd: Don Reynolds (Illinois) won by tech. fall over Zac Fryling (Pennsylvania), 11-1
5th: Brent Parkey (Oklahoma) dec. Pat Pitsch (Washington), 7-2
7th: Vinny Salek (New Jersey) won by inj. def. over Johnny Galloway (Iowa)
171 lbs.
1st: Ben Askren (Wisconsin) fall Josh Weitzel (Pennsylvania) 5:50
3rd: Jake Herbert (Pennsylvania) dec. Yuri Kalika (California), 5-0
5th: Luke Hogle (Oregon) pin Lon Welsh (Minnesota), 1:10
7th: Mark Mueller (Iowa) dec. Jack Jensen (Wisconsin), 6-1
189 lbs.
1st: Roger Kish (Michigan) dec J.D. Bergman (Ohio) 8-1
3rd: Kurt Backes (New Jersey) dec. Matt Maciag (New Jersey), 9-1
5th: Joel Flaggert (Oklahoma) won by tech. fall over Josh Haines (Pennsylvania), 13-1
7th: Aaron Jones (Montana) pin Phil Davis (Pennsylvania), 1:21
215 lbs.
1st: Nate Moore (Indiana) fall Joe Dennis (Ohio) 4:55
3rd: Cody Parker (Oregon) pin Aaron Keough (Ohio), 0:28
5th: Matt Koz (Ohio) dec. Andy Patrick (Idaho), 9-0
7th: Chase Verdoorn (Missouri) dec. Matt Fields (Iowa), 8-4
275 lbs.
1st: Cole Konrad (Wisconsin) fall Joel Powers (Illinois) :50
3rd: Jon May (Minnesota) dec. Kyle Devan (California), 7-1
5th: Jamie Rakevich (Washington) pin Aaron Anspach (Pennsylvania), 1:02
7th: Chris Finn (Oklahoma) pin Arturo Basulto (California), 1:57

Women’s Freestyle All-Americans

95 pounds
1st: Rachel Holtaus (Minnesota) tech Bernadette Javier (Hawaii) 11-0
3rd: Peggy Whitaker (New York)
4th: Julie Giles (Virginia)
101 pounds
1st: Gina Heinzelman (Michigan) fall Sara Fulp Allen (California) :56
3rd: Tanya Miyasaki (Hawaii) pin Jaimie Chappa (Wisconsin), 1:46
5th: Tabitha Coffey (California) pin Jenna Emmons (Michigan), 5:00
7th: Delilah Alvarado (Minnesota)
8th: Stacy Lassman (Kansas)
110 pounds
1st: Malinda Ripley (California) dec Mary Kelly (Illinois) 4-0
3rd: Na’Tasha Umemoto (Oregon) won by tech. fall over Claire Dupont (Colorado), 14-3, 5:01
5th: Debbie Sakai (Hawaii) won by tech. fall over Alysse Strandford (Minnesota), 14-2, 3:34
7th: Sara Bergman (Minnesota)
8th: Heidi Haughn (Michigan)
119 pounds
1st: Amberle Montgomery (Washington) tech Rachel Groft (Pennsylvania) 10-0
3rd: Danielle Hedin (Hawaii) won by tech. fall over Chelsea Roundtree (Kentucky), 10-0, 2:46
5th: Brittany Wisdom (Missouri) won by tech. fall over Nicole Benton (Pennsylvania), 10-0, 1:16
7th: Kim Chu (Pennsylvania)
8th: Stacy Strauss (Michigan)
128 pounds
1st: Lindsay Owens (California) dec Shawn Swartzlender (Oregon) 7-5
3rd: Alaina Berube (Michigan) pin Brooke Bogren (Kansas), 5:08
5th: Madeline Briones (California) won by tech. fall over Nicole Mezzaferro (California), 2:06
7th: Jen Chu (Pennsylvania)
8th: Suekoily Shelly (Texas)
138 pounds
1st: Brandy Rosenbrock (Michigan) fall Wendy Casey (New York) 3:54
3rd: Chelynne Pringle (Minnesota) dec. Emily Rinehart (California), 13-6
5th: Glory Dalton (Texas) won by inj. dft. over Brittany Shell (Alaska), 2:13
7th: Stephenie Shaw (Connecticut)
8th: Bethany Jezierski (Michigan)
150 pounds
1st: Heather Martin (Ohio) dec Ali Bernard (Minnesota) 9-6
3rd: Emilee Murphree (California) pin Sheri Hilliard (North Dakota), 0:53
5th: Anna Jenkins (Michigan) pin Michelle Graff (California), 4:46
7th: Yadira Aguilera (Texas)
8th: Ku’ui’ini Johnson (Hawaii)
165 pounds
1st: Samantha Lang (Oregon) tech Ashley Gaspar (Hawaii) 10-0
3rd: Nickia Jensen (Minnesota) dec. Megan Richardson (California), 7-1
5th: Juanna Juarez (California) pin Rebecca Hare (Pennsylvania), 4:44
7th: Clarissa Dalke (Texas)
175 pounds
1st: Alicia Mena (Minnesota) fall Misty Stalley (California) :54
3rd: Ashley Benzio (Pennsylvania)

Cadet Freestyle All-Americans


84 lbs.
1st: Patrick McCaffrey (Pennsylvania) dec Coy Fish (Washington) 6-4
3rd: Jonny Gilbertson (Washington) dec. Marty Eng (Oregon), 4-1
5th: Mike Thorn (Minnesota) dec. Joshua O’Keefe (Maryland), 11-3
7th: Justin Blumer (Oklahoma) dec. Randy Espinosa (California), 6-3
91 lbs.
1st: Gabe Bueak (Colorado) dec Franklin Gomez (Puerto Rico) 9-0
3rd: Tony Mustari (Colorado) pin Henry Cejudo (Arizona), 1:36
5th: Aaron Hart (Ohio) dec. Joey Kreimier (Colorado), 4-2
7th: Garrett Bowling (Oklahoma) pin Seth Metzler (Kansas), 3:02
98 lbs.
1st: Mike Grey (New Jersey) dec Nick Gallick (Arizona) 4-2
3rd: Paul Ruiz (California) dec. J.P. O’Connor (New York), 12-9
5th: Mike Ruiz (California) dec. Victor Weidaman (Nebraska), 6-3
7th: T.J. Sebolt (Iowa) dec. Mike Bizzle (Oklahoma), 5-4
105 lbs.
1st: Jayson Ness (Minnesota) dec Matt Fisk (Pennsylvania) 8-6
3rd: Troy Nickerson (New York) pin Jeff Gleason (Minnesota), 2:35
5th: Jordan Frishkorn (Virginia) dec. Shawn Jones (Idaho), 8-1
7th: Ryan Adams (Minnesota) dec. Jarrett Hostetter (Pennsylvania), 10-7
112 lbs.
1st: Garrett Scott (Pennsylvania) dec Michael Rowe (Maryland) 12-7
3rd: Coleman Scott (Pennsylvania) dec. Mike Rodriguez (Washington), 10-5
5th: Anthony Burke (Virginia) dec. Erik Albright (Pennsylvania), 8-2
7th: Jake Kriegbaum (Kansas) won by def. over Joey Slaton (Iowa)
119 lbs.
1st: Cameron Doggett (Ohio) dec Mitch Mueller (Iowa) 6-5
3rd: Angel Escobedo (Indiana) won by tech. fall over Tyler Howard (Oklahoma), 10-0
5th: Andrew Grillo (New York) dec. Vincent Ramirez (North Carolina), 4-3
7th: Cyler Sanderson (Utah) dec. Charles Knox Jr. (Kansas), 13-11
125 lbs.
1st: Dustin Schlatter (Ohio) tech Jeff Becker (Pennsylvania) 11-0
3rd: Zack Tanelli (New Jersey) dec. Jake Lewis (Wisconsin), 6-0
5th: Josh Horne (Ohio) dec. Nick Kulseth (Minnesota), 9-0
7th: Sean Reynolds (Illinois) dec. Blaine Culp (Indiana), 8-4
130 lbs.
1st: Alex Herrera (California) dec James Whittet (New York) 9-0
3rd: Tony Kubec (Washington) dec. Luke Zouzas (Kansas), 7-3
5th: Jason Johnstone (Ohio) won by inj. def. over Dominic DeNunzio (Florida)
7th: Jade McCammon (Indiana) won by tech. fall over Matt Rizzo (Pennsylvania), 10-0
135 lbs.
1st: Mike Poeta (Illinois) dec Brent Metcalf (Michigan) 6-3
3rd: Pedro Soto (Puerto Rico) dec. Ryan Patrovich (New York), 5-3
5th: Matt Dragon (Pennsylvania) dec. Wesley English (Indiana), 15-13
7th: Joe Eckloff (Pennsylvania) won by tech. fall over Tommy Hutchinson (Florida), 11-1
140 lbs.
1st: Mitch Smith (West) Virginia dec Levi Price (Minnesota) 4-0
3rd: Trevor Chinn (New York) dec. Danny Grater (Kansas), 3-0
5th: Nick Fallico (Illinois) dec. Marty Engwall (Illinois), 13-12
7th: Neil Erisman (Kansas) dec. Mike Roberts (New York), 9-1
145 lbs.
1st: Brandon Mason (Iowa) dec Rocky Cozart (Florida) 4-2
3rd: Colton Salazar (Utah) pin Eddie Skowneski (Michigan), 1:55
5th: Mike Pucillo (Ohio) pin Jason Coyne (Pennsylvania), 1:44
7th: Chase Pami (Nevada) pin Ryan Roths (Iowa), 2:31
152 lbs.
1st: Nate Matousek (Minnesota) dec Mike Galante (New Jersey) 8-4
3rd: David Craig (Florida) dec. Jake Varner (California), 9-2
5th: Trevor Stewart (Michigan) won by tech. fall over Kent Smith (Ohio), 11-0
7th: Alton Lucas (New York) dec. Mike Mackie (Pennsylvania), 6-1
160 lbs.
1st: Logan Downes (Pennsylvania) dec Mike Moore (Maryland) 5-1
3rd: Hudson Taylor (New Jersey) dec. Sean Richmond (Pennsylvania), 3-1
5th: Jackie Toney (Virginia) won by tech. fall over Jeremiah Clapp (Georgia), 13-2
7th: Kyle Griffin (California) dec. Dave Schreiner (Pennsylvania), 10-9
171 lbs.
1st: Kurt Brenner (Pennsylvania) dec Luis Caputo (Missouri) 5-2
3rd: De’Andre Nunn (Illinois) dec. Trebor Clavette (North Carolina), 17-8
5th: Brandon Halsey (California) won by tech. fall over John Murphy (Illinois), 15-5
7th: Alex Maciag (New Jersey) won by tech. fall over Adam Monks (Kansas), 11-0
189 lbs.
1st: Patrick Bond (Virginia) dec Phil Bomberger (Pennsylvania) 7-1
3rd: Doug Umbehauer (New Jersey) dec. Heath Vandeveter (Indiana), 4-3
5th: Casey White (Michigan) dec. Brad Ward (Oklahoma), 9-8
7th: Brent Jones (Virginia) dec. Jarred Stapleton (Oklahoma), 5-4
215 lbs.
1st: Kyle Massey (Minnesota) dec Jordan Bedore (Kansas) 10-2
3rd: Brian Willis (Delaware) won by inj. def. over Jason Marshall (Ohio)
5th: Kyle Davis (Pennsylvania) dec. Chris Kasten (Indiana), 5-3
7th: Robby Smith (California) pin Steve Larson (Minnesota), 0:27
275 lbs.
1st: Tony Johnson (Ohio) dec Michael Spaid (Pennsylvania) 6-1
3rd: Michael Demars (California) pin Justin Neal (Maryland), 0:59
5th: Mike D’Amico (New Jersey) dec. Dallin Norton (Utah), 4-1
7th: Aaron Shiusaki (California) pin Mitch Kellogg (Iowa), 1:30

Junior Greco-Roman All-Americans

1st: Vincent Cina (Maryland) won by tech. fall over Mark Degliobizzi (Delaware), 11-0 in 1:46
3rd: Kellan McKeon (North Carolina) dec. Rob Tate (North Carolina), 5-4
5th: A.J. McElroy (Oklahoma) pin Zachary Bowman (Pennsylvania), 5:40
7th: Josh Hartman (Pennsylvania) won by def. over Matt Herron (Michigan)
1st: Tanner Gardner (Kansas) won by tech. fall over Joe Trieu (Washington), 12-1 in 2:27
3rd: Tony Valdez (Nebraska) pin Daniel Ruiz (Texas), 1:25
5th: Brad Pataky (Pennsylvania) pin Jared Hilliard (Texas), 2:30
7th: Gabriel Mooney (Minnesota) won by tech. fall over Josh Hansen (Minnesota), 10-0
1st: Ben Kjar (Utah) dec. Brandon Tucker (Oklahoma), 8-6
3rd: Corey Kalina (Iowa) pin Mark McKnight (Pennsylvania), 3:35
5th: Josh Crass (Wisconsin) pin Brock Zollinger (Idaho), 2:06
7th: Mike Compton (Ohio) dec. Brandon Kinney (Michigan), 8-4
1st: Sam Hazewinkel (Florida) dec. Luke Smith (Wisconsin), 5-0
3rd: Eric Stevenson (Oregon) dec. Travis Lang (North Dakota), 8-0
5th: Jordan Crass (Wisconsin) won by inj. def. over Eugene Yasotomi (California)
7th: Drew Headlee (Pennsylvania) dec. Jeff Bailey (Alaska), 5-4
1st: Angel Cejudo (Arizona) won by tech. fall over James Holt (California), 14-0 in 0:49
3rd: Josh Wagner (Wisconsin) won by tech. fall over Leo Bugaj (Oklahoma), 16-5
5th: Christian Bowerman (California) won by inj. def. over Phil Basting (North Dakota)
7th: Taylor Graham (Oregon) dec. Bobby Pfennings (Montana), 3-0
1st: Chase Metcalf (Michigan) dec. Quincy Osborn (Minnesota), 9-7
3rd: Jeremiah Davis (California) won by tech. fall over Joe Whitaker (New York), 12-2
5th: Matt Stuart (New York) pin Glenn Rhees (California), 0:53
7th: Willy Holst (Wisconsin) won by tech. fall over Brandon Jones (Texas), 10-0
1st: Todd Meneely (Nebraska) won by tech. fall over Casey Lawson (Utah), 12-0 in 2:01
3rd: Chet Naylor (Maryland) won by tech. fall over Will O’Neill (Michigan), 13-2
5th: Sean Santana (Oregon) won by tech. fall over James Covington (North Dakota), 11-0
7th: Justin Cole (Missouri) dec. Cameron Dansie (Utah), 10-5
1st: Cheney Haight (Utah) dec. Andy Simmons (Michigan), 4-1
3rd: Scott Loescher (Oregon) dec. Archi Guliashvili (New Jersey), 6-3
5th: Ricky Turk (California) dec. Patrick Allibone (Iowa), 11-8
7th: Chris Nissen (Colorado) won by inj. def. over Jarrod King (Pennsylvania)
1st: Danny Cadwallader (California) dec. Keith Gavin (Pennsylvania), 5-0 ot
3rd: Nick Hayes (Iowa) won by tech. fall over Brian Piasecki (Wisconsin), 12-0
5th: Scott Thometz (Idaho) dec. Nick Hawrylchak (New York), 11-4
7th: John Langdon (Michigan) dec. Chris Vondruska (Ohio), 4-1
1st: Travis Paulson (Iowa) and Trent Paulson (Iowa): co-champions
3rd: Mitch Kuhlman (Minnesota) dec. Brandon Becker (New Jersey), 9-6
5th: Pat Pitsch (Washington) dec. Matt McIntire (Ohio), 13-7
7th: Charles Jones (Oklahoma) dec. Tom Mann (Wisconsin), 4-3
1st: Joe Henning (Wisconsin) won by inj. def. over Charles Brown (Illinois)
3rd: A.J. Morgan (Wisconsin) dec. J.D. Naig (Iowa), 7-1
5th: Alex Pavlenko (Arizona) dec. Steve Gee (California), 3-0
7th: Cory Harnitz (Minnesota) won by tech. fall over Brett Slone (California), 16-6
1st: Matt Herrington (New York) dec. Mark Mueller (Iowa), 8-2
3rd: Hanif Abdush-Shahid (New York) dec. Luke Hogle (Oregon), 9-4
5th: Daniel Price (California) won by tech. fall over Joey Gurczynski (Oklahoma), 11-0
7th: Matt Ulrey (Michigan) dec. Chris Hahn (Ohio), 11-2
1st: J.D. Bergman (Ohio) pin Phil Davis (Pennsylvania), 1:26
3rd: Roger Kish (Michigan) won by tech. fall over Jake Marquardt (Iowa), 11-1
5th: Adam Haake (Minnesota) won by tech. fall over Sal Woods (Illinois), 10-0
7th: Chris Weidman (New York) won by tech. fall over Eric Smith (Idaho), 11-0
1st: Nick Terbay (Ohio) won by tech. fall over Bridger Sacher (Oregon), 13-2 in 2:55
3rd: Ian Bork (Kansas) dec. Cody Parker (Oregon), 4-2
5th: Daniel Stewart (Oregon) pin Chad Edwards (Missouri), 1:58
7th: Rocky Ritchie (Oklahoma) won by tech. fall over Ryan Lack (North Dakota), 10-0
1st: Cole Konrad (Wisconsin) dec. Jon May (Minnesota), 4-2
3rd: Grant Miller (Illinois) pin Zac Wrage (Iowa), 0:28
5th: Chris Finn (Oklahoma) dec. Pat Barrentine (Ohio), 8-5
7th: Nate Savering (Minnesota) dec. John Slevin (New Jersey), 3-2

Cadet Greco-Roman All-Americans

84 lbs.
1st: Cory Fish (Washington) dec. Mike Thorn (Minnesota), 5-0
3rd: Pat McCaffrey (Pennsylvania) dec. Marty Eng (Oregon), 5-0
5th: Wade Lorenz (Wisconsin) won by tech. fall over Ian Moser (Delaware), 11-0
7th: Matt McNaughton (Illinois) pin Mathew Cellmer (Montana), 1:32
91 lbs.
1st: Henry Cejudo (Arizona) dec. Tony Mustari (Colorado), 13-8
3rd: J.R. Hager (Oklahoma) pin Johnny Gilbertson (Washington), 0:42
5th: Josh Strait (Idaho) pin Joey Newland (Missouri), 1:07
7th: Marlow Prince (Oklahoma) pin Tim Haneberg (Illinois), 3:57
98 lbs.
1st: Nick Gallick (Arizona) dec. Joe Weygano (Pennsylvania), 8-6
3rd: J.P. O’Connor (New York) won by inj. def. over Mike Bizzle (Oklahoma)
5th: Tristen DeShazer (Kansas) dec. Seth Flodeen (Minnesota), 12-5
7th: Eli Huthison (Alaska) won by tech. fall over Ben Ashmore (Texas), 14-3
105 lbs.
1st: Troy Nickerson (New York) won by tech. fall over Jose Mendez (Michigan), 10-0
3rd: Jayson Ness (Minnesota) won by inj. def. over Ryan Adams (Minnesota)
5th: Steven Mytych (Pennsylvania) dec. Shawn Jones (Idaho), 6-4
7th: Matt Lang (Oregon) pin Kyle Terry (Oklahoma), 1:10
112 lbs.
1st: Coleman Scott (Pennsylvania) dec. Jake Gonzales (Washington), 5-1
3rd: Mike Rodriguez (Washington) dec. Garrett Scott (Pennsylvania), 12-7
5th: Jake Kriegbaum (Kansas) won by tech. fall over Kaylen Baxter (Alaska), 10-0
7th: John Basting (North Dakota) dec. Chad Terry (Oklahoma), 8-3
119 lbs.
1st: Jeff Schell (Pennsylvania) dec. Angel Esobedo (Indiana), 6-5
3rd: Khalid Andwele (Florida) dec. Cyler Sanderson (Utah), 6-2
5th: Jeff Becker (Pennsylvania) won by tech. fall over Dallas Seavey (Alaska), 15-3
7th: Tyler Shinn (Oregon) dec. Billy Exline (California), 5-4
125 lbs.
1st: Dustin Schlatter (Ohio) dec. Tim McGoldrick (Pennsylvania), 8-0
3rd: Kyle Coffman (Florida) pin Daniel LeClere (Indiana), 3:44
5th: Lewis Gonzalez (California) dec. Bryan Scambler (California), 6-3
7th: Joshua Hines (Texas) dec. Jake Murphy (Illinois), 11-3
130 lbs.
1st: Jason Johnstone (Ohio) dec. Shane Perkey (Indiana), 10-3
3rd: Tony Lajoie (Michigan) dec. Tony Kubec (Washington), 8-2
5th: Alex Varela (Arizona) dec. Andrew DeWater (Oregon), 7-5
7th: Chad Romero (Colorado) won by tech. fall over Brandon Browne (Nebraska), 10-0
135 lbs.
1st: Brent Metcalf (Michigan) won by tech. fall over Jimmy Matlock (Oklahoma), 10-0
3rd: Jacob Frerichs (Ohio) dec. Daniel Caywood (Maryland), 3-1
5th: Matt Dragon (Pennsylvania) won by tech. fall over Josh Rohler (Ohio), 13-3
7th: Wesley English (Indiana) won by tech. fall over Dan Brandt (Pennsylvania), 13-2
140 lbs.
1st: Danny Grater (Kansas) dec. Kyle Bounds (Washington), 4-1
3rd: Mitch Smith (West Virginia) pin Randy Callicoat (Utah), 1:50
5th: Lionel Sierra (California) dec. Adam Hargrave (Iowa), 7-0
7th: Levi Price (Minnesota) dec. Wes Pierce (Alaska), 9-3
145 lbs.
1st: Rocky Cozart (Florida) dec. Brandon Mason (Iowa), 6-5
3rd: Colton Salazar (Utah) pin Drake Houis (Missouri), 2:51
5th: Brett Arand (Oregon) won by tech. fall over Mack Lewnes (Maryland), 11-0
7th: Orlando Landois (California) dec. Mike Pucillo (Ohio), 13-10
152 lbs.
1st: Nate Matousek (Minnesota) pin Shawn Brunson (Utah), 2:48
3rd: Chas Betts (Minnesota) dec. Craig Mock (Utah), 8-3
5th: David Craig (Florida) dec. Alton Lucas (New York), 9-3
7th: Billy Malone III (Illinois) dec. Alex Dyas (Canada), 9-3
160 lbs.
1st: Andy Lowther (Ohio) dec. Kyle Griffin (California), 5-0
3rd: Michael Moore (Missouri) dec. John Wilcox (Oklahoma), 7-6
5th: Ronnie Lee (Oregon) dec. Mike Bianco (Pennsylvania), 8-1
7th: Trevor Stewart (Michigan) pin Jack Kitchens (Texas), 3:07
171 lbs.
1st: Kurt Brenner (Pennsylvania) dec. Chris Hogue (Pennsylvania), 4-2
3rd: Brandon Halsey (California) won by tech. fall over Ryan Sutton (Missouri)
5th: Trevor Clavette (North Carolina) won by forf. over John Murphy (Illinois)
7th: Taylor Moore (Missouri) dec. Nate Sare (Arizona), 8-3
189 lbs.
1st: Phil Bomberger (Pennsylvania) pin Brent Jones (Virginia), 0:17
3rd: Jake Cranford (Oregon) pin Philip Wakeland (Texas), 1:04
5th: Leo Saniuk (Ohio) dec. Isaiah Cain (California), 4-2
7th: Kyle Hood (North Carolina) pin Sean Malone (Minnesota), 3:57
215 lbs.
1st: Jason Marshall (Ohio) won by tech. fall over Chris Kasten (Indiana), 10-0
3rd: Jordan Bedore (Kansas) pin Brian Willis (Delaware), 0:37
5th: Arkadiy Levitin (New York) dec. Tim McCarthy (Wisconsin), 4-2
7th: Tom Daddino (New York) pin Steve Larson (Minnesota), 1:27
275 lbs.
1st: Dallon Norton (Utah) dec. Bryan Whetstone (California), 6-3
3rd: Chris Hable (Minnesota) pin Michael Demars (California), 1:39
5th: Brandon Rupp (Idaho) dec. Jorge Lujano (Oregon), 8-5
7th: Cory Gelhausen (Wisconsin) dec. Connor Kelly (Florida), 3-1

Team MN Cadet Greco-Roman Individual Results:

84 lbs. (19 entries)

Mike Thorn (MN) 2nd Place

Mike Thorn (MN) dec Levi Jones (WA) 7-6
Mike Thorn (MN) fall Brad Barker (MI) 1:21
Mike Thorn (MN) fall Mathew Cellmer (MT) 1:12
Mike Thorn (MN) dec Wade Lorenz (WI) 5-3
Mike Thorn (MN) dec Marty Eng (OR) 9-3
1st Place: Cory Fish (WA) dec. Mike Thorn (MN), 5-0

91 lbs. (34 entries)

Zach Hansen (MN) DNP

Zach Hansen (MN) dec Steve Welcher (IA) 10-2
Josh Strait (ID) fall Zach Hansen (MN) 3:44
Josh Bonomo (PA) dec Zach Hansen (MN) 5-1

Derek Pesta (MN) DNP

Seth Metzler (KS) tech Derek Pesta (MN) 12-0
JR Hager (OK) tech Derek Pesta (MN) 10-0

Brian Jones (MN) DNP

Joe Newland (MO) dec Brian Jones (MN) 11-3
Brian Jones (MN) dec Joshua O’Keefe (MD) 5-4
Marlow Prince (OK) dec Brian Jones (MN) 9-5

98 lbs. (65 entries)

Seth Flodeen (MN) 6th Place

Seth Flodeen (MN) fall Ryan McCormick (NY) 1:12
Seth Flodeen (MN) fall Dustin Packard (ID) 1:15
Seth Flodeen (MN) fall Thomas Riegert (WY) :34
Seth Flodeen (MN) fall Nathan Decker (WA) 1:49
Seth Flodeen (MN) fall Devon Feager (MO) 2:26
Ben Ashmore (TX) dec Seth Flodeen (MN) 10-3
Seth Flodeen (MN) fall John Gurich (CA) 2:37
Mike Bizzle (OK) dec Seth Flodeen (MN) 3-2
5th Place: Tristen Deshazer (KS) dec Seth Flodeen (MN) 12-5

Felichy Vang (MN) DNP

Eli Hutchison (AK) fall Felichy Vang (MN) 1:53
Dustin Bzodmerkel (PA) dec Felichy Vang (MN) 5-0

105 lbs. (77 entries)

Ryan Adams (MN) 4th Place

Ryan Adams (MN) tech Danny Cooper (IN) 10-0
Ryan Adams (MN) tech Ryan DeMartini (CA) 11-0
Ryan Adams (MN) dec Kevin Mitchell (WA) 11-5
Ryan Adams (MN) fall Aaron Bingham (KS) 1:53
Ryan Adams (MN) dec Kip Waston (ID) 5-0
Ryan Adams (MN) dec Ernesto Gastelum (AZ) 8-0
Ryan Adams (MN) tech Zach Bigboy (MN) 12-0
Ryan Adams (MN) dec Shawn Jones (ID) 5-0
Joe Mendez (MI) dec Ryan Adams (MN) 10-7
3rd Place: Jayson Ness (MN) over Ryan Adams (MN) inj. def.

Zach Bigboy (MN) DNP

Zach Bigboy (MN) dec Lane Lunde (ND) 11-1
Zach Bigboy (MN) dec Josh Campbell (NC) 9-2
Zach Bigboy (MN) fall Frankie Gayeski (NJ) 2:53
Zach Bigboy (MN) fall Patrick McLemore (OH) 3:45
Kyle Terry (OK) dec Zach Bigboy (MN) 4-0
Ryan Adams (MN) tech Zach Bigboy (MN) 12-0

Jayson Ness (MN) 3rd Place

Jayson Ness (MN) tech Nick Price (NY) 14-3
Jayson Ness (MN) tech Josh Wilson (NE) 11-0
Jayson Ness (MN) tech Matt Connelly (OH) 12-0
Jayson Ness (MN) tech Dwayne Tolleson (FL) 12-0
Jayson Ness (MN) fall Bradley Muri (WA) :49
Jayson Ness (MN) tech John Fleming (PA) 11-0
Troy Nickerson (NY) tech Jayson Ness (MN) 18-3
3rd Place: Jayson Ness (MN) over Ryan Adams (MN) inj. def.

112 lbs. (80 entries)

Andrew Pudwill (MN) DNP

Jake Gonzales (WA) dec Andrew Pudwill (MN) 6-3
Chad Terry (OK) dec Andrew Pudwill (MN) 6-5

David Albrecht (MN) DNP

David Albrecht (MN) dec Nick Mamalis (WY) 5-1
Steve Saric (CA) dec David Albrecht (MN) 7-2
David Albrecht (MN) tech Ruben Gasca (AZ) 11-0
Casey Krull (OR) dec David Albrecht (MN) 8-4

Grant Johnson (MN) DNP

Colin Frick (PA) dec Grant Johnson (MN) 12-3
Grant Johnson (MN) dec James Fritzsimons (LA) 5-3
Grant Johnson (MN) fall Michael Cannon (MD) 2:37
Andrew Bradley (DE) fall Grant Johnson (MN) 3:05

119 lbs. (80 entries)

Michel Barrie (MN) DNP

Sean Carr (PA) dec Michel Barrie (MN) 6-4
Michel Barrie (MN) over Jeff Hough (NY) inj def
Randy Dunkin (NJ) dec Michel Barrie (MN) 11-4

Tyler Reiss (MN) DNP

Tyler Reiss (MN) dec Cody Chipperfield (WY) 8-0
Tyler Howard (OK) fall Tyler Reiss (MN) 1:06
Kyler Sanderson (UT) fall Tyler Reiss (MN) :45

Beau Penk (MN) DNP

Beau Penk (MN) fall Jeff Slaughter (LA) 3:07
Michael Martinez (CO) dec Beau Penk (MN) 6-2
Tyler Shinn (OK) dec Beau Penk (MN) 12-6

130 lbs. (73 entries)

Andy Bisek (MN) DNP

Andy Bisek (MN) dec Matthew Rohe (IN) 9-6
Andy Bisek (MN) dec Benny Garcia (CA) 3-1
Corey Swanson (CO) fall Andy Bisek (MN) 3:07
Kyle Harger (MA) dec Andy Bisek (MN) 10-7

135 lbs. (71 entries)

Jake Grygelko (MN) DNP

Jake Grygelko (MN) fall Brandon Johnson (MI) 3:38
Jake Grygelko (MN) tech Danny Hall (OR) 10-0
Jake Grygelko (MN) tech Mario Pullcini (IL) 14-3
Jake Grygelko (MN) dec Nick Ross (CO) 3-2
Daniel Caywood (MD) dec Jake Grygelko (MN) 10-6
Jimmy Matlock (OK) tech Jake Grygelko (MN) 12-0

140 lbs. (60 entries)

Levi Price (MN) 7th Place

Levi Price (MN) dec Eric Scott (WY) 12-0
Levi Price (MN) dec Collin Porter (CA) 7-0
Levi Price (MN) fall Ryan Anderson (WA) :29
Levi Price (MN) fall Danny Grater (KS)
Levi Price (MN) dec Justin Hellwig (NY) 6-4
Mitch Smith (WV) dec Levi Price (MN) 4-2
Levi Price (MN) dec Mike Guttilla (PA) 5-2
Lionel Sierra (CA) dec Levi Price (MN) 8-2
7th Place: Levi Price (MN) dec Wes Pierce (AZ) 9-3

Tim Matheson (MN) DNP

John Corondo (CA) tech Tim Matheson (MN) 16-5
Tim Matheson (MN) dec Chad Schmale (KS) 13-9
Shane Kuberry (PA) tech Tim Matheson (MN) 12-0

145 lbs. (63 entries)

Phil Meinert (MN) DNP

Brett Arand (OR) tech Phil Meinert (MN) 11-0
Mike Pucillo (OH) tech Phil Meinert (MN) 10-0

152 lbs. (74 entries)

Nate Matousek (MN) 1st Place

Nate Matousek (MN) dec Billy Leischner (CO) 12-4
Nate Matousek (MN) tech Trey Myers (OH) 11-0
Nate Matousek (MN) dec Richard Deavis (FL) 3-2
Nate Matousek (MN) fall Thomas Diaz (NV) 1:29
Nate Matousek (MN) tech Jason Dehart (OR) 10-0
Nate Matousek (MN) dec Billy Malone III (IL) 3-1
Nate Matousek (MN) dec Craig Mock (UT) 6-4
Nate Matousek (MN) dec Alton Lucas (NY) 4-2
1st Place: Nate Matousek (MN) pin Shawn Brunson (UT), 2:48

Chas Betts (MN) 3rd Place

Chas Betts (MN) fall Zac Breashears (OK) :23
Chas Betts (MN) tech Dan Sullivan (PA) 10-0
Chas Betts (MN) fall Calvin Beaman (IN) 2:40
Chas Betts (MN) tech David Rella (OH) 11-0
Chas Betts (MN) dec Carlyle Scott (WA) 8-2
Chas Betts (MN) dec David Craig (FL) 6-3
Chas Betts (MN) dec Alex Dyas (Can) 5-0
Shawn Brunson (UT) dec Chas Betts (MN) 5-2
3rd Place: Chas Betts (MN) dec Craig Mock (UT) 8-3

160 lbs. (52 entries)

Tom Kopietz (MN) DNP

John Wilcox (OK) dec Tom Kopietz (MN) 4-3
Tom Kopietz (MN) dec Justin Johnson (KA) 4-1
Mike Bianco (PA) dec Tom Kopietz (MN) 7-3

171 lbs. (45 entries)

Isaac Raatz (MN) DNP

Jeff O’Mara (MI) dec Isaac Raatz (MN) 4-3
Isaac Raatz (MN) fall Brandon Wise (MO) 1:35
Isaac Raatz (MN) Anthony Leary (WI) 7-5
Trebor Clavette (NC) fall Isaac Raatz (MN) :18

189 lbs. (55 entries)

Ryan Ihrke (MN) DNP

Ryan Ihrke (MN) fall Kameron Thigpen (UT) 3:24
Patrick Dunn (OH) tech Ryan Ihrke (MN) 10-0
Jarred Stapleton (OK) Ryan Ihrke (MN)10-0

Sean Malone (MN) 8th Place

Sean Malone (MN) tech Brendan Herlihy (CT) 10-0
Sean Malone (MN) dec Nick Marcellino (OH) 6-0
Sean Malone (MN) dec Tony Vercelli (IL) 4-3
Sean Malone (MN) dec Nate Sipes (PA) 6-3
Sean Malone (MN) dec Josh Larsen 8-0
Dane Thompson (WI) fall Sean Malone (MN) :47
Brent Jones (VA) fall Sean Malone (MN)
7th Place: Tom Daddino (NY) fall Steve Larson (MN) 1:27

215 lbs. (49 entries)

Kyle Massey (MN) DNP

Kyle Massey (MN) fall Ben Hawk (WA) 2:26
Arkadiy Levitin (NY) dec Kyle Massey (MN) 4-2
Kyle Massey (MN) tech Jordan Knudson (IN) 11-0
Kyle Massey (MN) tech Brendan Paez (NC) 10-0
Jason Marshall (OH) fall Kyle Massey (MN) :55

Steve Larson (MN) 8th Place

Steve Larson (MN) fall Derrick Allsop (UT) 1:08
Steve Larson (MN) fall Jeff Dugon (NY) 1:15
Brandon Hester (CA) dec Steve Larson (MN) 4-3
Steve Larson (MN) fall Levon Mock (MI) :35
Steve Larson (MN) fall Tony Stegeman (OH) 3:44
Jason Marshall (OH) fall Steve Larson (MN) :44
7th Place: Tom Daddino (NY) pin Steve Larson (MN), 1:27

Brady Wilson (MN) DNP

Brady Wilson (MN) dec J.R. Greer (OK) 9-4
Brady Wilson (MN) tech Nathanael Smith (OH) 10-0
Chris Kasten (IN) dec Brady Wilson (MN) 5-0
Brady Wilson (MN) fall Ryan Rustrum (OR)
Tim McCarthy (WI) dec Brady Wilson (MN) 4-0

275 lbs. (50 entries)

Mike Yilek (MN) DNP

Mike Yilek (MN) fall Brandon Fox (OK) :18
Mike Yilek (MN) fall Justin Wren (TX) :55
Mike Yilek (MN) dec Ryan Hason (IL) 9-1
Mike Yilek (MN) tech Steve Furbush (CA) 10-0
Bryce Klein (MO) dec Mike Yilek (MN) 3-2
Connor Kelly (FL) fall Mike Yilek (MN) 1:33

Chris Hable (MN) 3rd Place

Chris Hable (MN) fall Pat Caldwell (MT) :29
Brandon Rupp (ID) fall Chris Hable (MN) 1:22
Chris Hable (MN) fall Zachary Adams (IN) 2:43
Chris Hable (MN) dec Charlie Wilson (OK) 5-3
Chris Hable (MN) fall Kenny Lester (FL) 3:01
Chris Hable (MN) fall Cory Gelhausen (WI) 1:45
Bryan Whetstone (CA) dec Chris Hable (MN) 3-0
3rd Place: Chris Hable (MN) pin Michael Demars (CA) 1:39

Team MN Cadet Freestyle Individual Results:

84 lbs. (24 entries)

Mike Thorn (MN) 5th Place

Mike Thorn (MN) dec Matt McNaughton (IL) 7-5
Mike Thorn (MN) tech Brad Barker (MI) 10-0
Mike Thorn (MN) fall Zach Studley (WA) 1:40
Patric McCaffrey (PA) tech Mike Thorn (MN) 11-0
Jonny Gilbertson (WA) dec Mike Thorn (MN) 6-2
5th Place: Mike Thorn (MN) dec Joshua O’Keefe (MD) 10-7

91 lbs. (40 entries)

Derek Stolarzyk (MN) DNP

Derek Stolarzyk (MN) dec Lorenzo Day (UT) 11-5
Derek Stolarzyk (MN) dec Marc Saylor (DE) 11-7
Derek Stolarzyk (MN) fall Spencer Mango (MO)
Tony Mustari (CO) dec Derek Stolarzyk (MN) 9-2
Aaron Hart fall Derek Stolarzyk (MN) 3:26
David Navarrete (CA) dec Derek Stolarzyk (MN) 8-6
Garrett Bowling (OK) dec Derek Stolarzyk (MN) 8-2

Brian Jones (MN) DNP

Garrett Bowling (OK) tech Brian Jones (MN) 10-0
Joshua Bonomo (PA) dec Brian Jones (MN) 13-3

Andy Hackenmueller (MN) DNP

Andy Hackenmueller (MN) dec Andrew Zeuske (WI) 6-4
Joey Kreimier (CO) tech Andy Hackenmueller (MN) 12-0
Marloe Prince (OK) dec Andy Hackenmueller (MN) 6-1

Zach Hanson (MN) DNP

Brandon Zoteway (CA) dec Zach Hanson (MN) 5-0
Zach Hanson (MN) tech Brandon Dyer (IN) 13-3
Henry Cejudo (AZ) tech Zach Hanson (MN) 13-2

98 lbs. (73 entries)

Mike Tingle (MN) DNP

Nathan Decker (WA) tech Mike Tingle (MN) 10-0
Victor Weidaman (NE) Mike Tingle (MN) 1:10

Dan Crone (MN) DNP

Dan Crone (MN) tech Bryce Eckley (IA) 12-1
Devon Feager (MO) dec Dan Crone (MN) 6-5
Dustin Packard (ID) tech Dan Crone (MN) 13-2

Seth Flodeen (MN) DNP

Seth Flodeen (MN) tech Robert Pisitelli (UT) 10-0
Seth Flodeen (MN) fall Randel Aleman (NV) 3:59
Seth Flodeen (MN) fall Will Cusker (MT) 1:22
Mike Grey (NJ) fall Seth Flodeen (MN)
JP OConnor (NY) dec Seth Flodeen (MN) 7-3

Dan Braun (MN) DNP

Tim Ryan (AZ) tech Dan Braun (MN) 12-2
Matt Dunn (PA) fall Dan Braun (MN) :30

105 lbs. (95 entries)

Zach Bigboy (MN) DNP

Zach Bigboy (MN) tech Jared Noel (ND) 10-0
Zach Bigboy (MN) tech Ryan Ridge (VA) 10-0
Zach Bigboy (MN) tech Timmy Peskar (OH) 10-0
Zach Bigboy (MN) tech Derek Fritz (MT) 10-0
Shawn Jones (ID) dec Zach Bigboy (MN) 3-1
Zach Bigboy (MN) tech Danny Coyne (IN) 11-1
Matt Fisk (PA) dec Zach Bigboy (MN) 9-0

Ryan Adams (MN) 7th Place

Ryan Adams (MN) tech Kevin Mitchell (WA) 13-1
Ryan Adams (MN) tech JR Roman (CO) 12-0
Ryan Adams (MN) tech Scooter Davis (IA) 14-2
Ryan Adams (MN) tech Justin Gardner (ID) 10-0
Ryan Adams (MN) tech Jack Duffard (LA) 12-1
Ryan Adams (MN) tech Frank Gayeski (NJ) 12-0
Troy Nickerson (NY) dec Ryan Adams (MN) 5-2
Shawn Jones (ID) dec Ryan Adams (MN) 9-7
7th Place: Ryan Adams (MN) dec Jarrett Hostetter (PA ) 10-7

Jeff Gleason (MN) 4th Place

Jeff Gleason (MN) tech Brian Sloat (CO) 10-0
Jeff Gleason (MN) tech Ross Gitomer (NJ) 10-0
Jeff Gleason (MN) tech Stuart Brinkman (WY) 12-2
Jeff Gleason (MN) dec Hashim Zrien (MI) 4-3
Jeff Gleason (MN) tech Casey Ledford (OK) 11-0
Jayson Ness (MN) tech Jeff Gleason (MN) 11-0
Jeff Gleason (MN) dec Bryan Osuna (CA) 6-0
3rd Place: Troy Nickerson (NY) fall Jeff Gleason (MN) 4:35

Luke Sundgren (MN) DNP

Kaine Zetterberg (MT) fall Luke Sundgren (MN) 3:28
Jason Borshoff (NY) dec Luke Sundgren (MN) 4-3

Jayson Ness (MN) 1st Place

Jayson Ness (MN) fall Kip Watson (ID) :58
Jayson Ness (MN) bye
Jayson Ness (MN) tech Alex Prezenchuk (MD) 10-0
Jayson Ness (MN) fall Jordan Frishkorn (VA) 2:44
Jayson Ness (MN) tech Matt Lang (OR) 11-0
Jayson Ness (MN) tech Jeff Gleason (MN) 11-0
Jayson Ness (MN) fall Jarrett Hostetter (PA) 3:14
1st Place: Jayson Ness (MN) dec Matt Fisk (PA) 8-6

112 lbs. (87 entries)

Grant Johnson (MN) DNP

Grant Johnson (MN) dec Daniel Dennis (IL) 11-5
Grant Johnson (MN) dec Justin Hunt (NY) 7-2
Justin Martin (NJ) dec Grant Johnson (MN) 9-4
Grant Johnson (MN) dec Nick Northern (KS) 4-1
Jimmy Hiller (TN) dec Grant Johnson (MN) 6-5

Dan Tabbert (MN) DNP

Dan Tabbert (MN) dec Ryan Crow (OK) 9-3
Nate Navroth (PA) tech Dan Tabbert (MN) 12-2
Jake Gonzales (WA) dec Dan Tabbert (MN) 12-3

David Albrecht (MN) DNP

David Albrecht (MN) dec Eric Wanner (OH) 5-4
David Albrecht (MN) dec Micah Ferguson (CA) 5-3
David Albrecht (MN) dec Philip Szumlaski (NY) 11-6
Mike Rodriguez (WA) dec David Albrecht (MN) 6-5
Bryson Gutches (OR) tech David Albrecht (MN) 11-0

119 lbs. (100 entries)

Beau Penk (MN) DNP

Beau Penk (MN) tech Josh Wilson (NV) 10-0
Beau Penk (MN) dec Kody Pierson (OH) 11-6
Beau Penk (MN) dec Randy Dunkin (NJ) 11-5
Beau Penk (MN) tech Chris Rohe (IN) 10-0
Kyler Sanderson (UT) tech Beau Penk (MN) 15-2
Joshua Manes (ID) dec Beau Penk (MN) 10-7

Justin Kolander (MN) DNP

Michael Martinez (CO) dec Justin Kolander (MN) 3-1
Cameron Doggett (OH) fall Justin Kolander (MN) 2:26

Nate Chihak (MN) DNP

Joseph Bubenheimer (NJ) fall Nate Chihak (MN):48
Teddy Astorga (CA) tech Nate Chihak (MN) 11-0

Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) DNP

Billy Exline (CA) tech Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) 11-0
Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) fall Rodney Stivers (NV) :33
Stephen Mineo (NJ) dec Paul Bjorkstrand (MN) 10-4

125 lbs. (98 entries)

Jordan Burmeister (MN) DNP

Nick Blackshaw (IL) dec Jordan Burmeister (MN) 6-4
Zack Tanelli (NJ) tech Jordan Burmeister (MN) 12-2

Chris Koob (MN) DNP

Aaron Beers (MI) tech Chris Koob (MN) 12-2
Abraham Gross (CA) fall Chris Koob (MN) :24

Andy Siebanaler (MN) DNP

Blane Culp (IN) tech Andy Siebanaler (MN) 12-2
Dustin Ray (WY) dec Andy Siebanaler (MN) 10-5

Nick Kulseth (MN) 6th Place

Nick Kulseth (MN) dec Dominic Ventura (MD) 11-6
Nick Kulseth (MN) tech Brian Sinclair (MI) 10-0
Nick Kulseth (MN) dec Pat Phelan (OH) 4-1
Nick Kulseth (MN) tech Chad Haygood (CA) 11-2
Jake Lewis (WI) dec Nick Kulseth (MN) 14-5
Nick Kulseth (MN) dec Sam Reading (ID) 6-0
Nick Kulseth (MN) dec Sean Reynolds (IL) 2-1
Nick Kulseth (MN) dec John Pavkovitz (PA) 6-4
5th Place: Josh Horne (OH) dec Nick Kulseth (MN) 9-0

Nick Walsh (MN) DNP

Bryan Schambler (CA) tech Nick Walsh (MN) 10-0
Jeff Besker (PA) fall Nick Walsh (MN) :16

130 lbs. (88 entries)

Brandon Murphy (MN) DNP

Brandon Murphy (MN) dec Brady LaMar (KS) 7-6
Brandon Murphy (MN) dec Ryan Murphy (CT) 12-8
James Whittet (NY) tech Brandon Murphy (MN) 11-0
Brandon Murphy (MN) dec Dan Murr (MT) 5-4
Archie McConnell (PA) tech Brandon Murphy (MN)12-2

Jacob Roberts (MN) DNP

Kyle Harger (MA) tech Jacob Roberts (MN) 11-0
Keith Sebelius (ND) fall Jacob Roberts (MN) 2:30

Dan Nyquist (MN) DNP

Andrew DeWater (OR) dec Dan Nyquist (MN) 12-3
Lewis Gonzales (CA) dec Dan Nyquist (MN) 9-8

Andy Bisek (MN) DNP

Andy Bisek (MN) dec Andrew Gusler (VA) 5-4
Brandon Stavola (CT) fall Andy Bisek (MN) 2:17
Alex Herrera (CA) tech Andy Bisek (MN) 13-2

Dustin Horner (MN) DNP

Dustin Horner (MN) dec Orlando Montalvo (AZ) 6-2
Zac Alters (OK) dec Dustin Horner (MN) 11-7
Matt Nelson (NE) tech Dustin Horner (MN) 10-0

135 lbs. (89 entries)

John Denney (MN) DNP

John Denney (MN) tech Nick Ross (CO) 11-0
John Denney (MN) dec Mike Sewell (WA) 8-5
John Denney (MN) fall Kevin Brake (IL) :34
Jimmy Matlock (OK) dec John Denney (MN) 13-6
Matt Button (NJ) dec John Denney (MN) 9-6

Nate Goodnature (MN) DNP

Josh Rohler (OH) tech Nate Goodnature (MN) 10-0
Mike Poeta (IL) tech Nate Goodnature (MN) 11-0

John Dvorak (MN) DNP

Tommy Hutchinson (FL) tech John Dvorak (MN) 12-0
John Dvorak (MN) tech Thomas Johnson (IN) 15-5
Stephen Eberle (CO) fall John Dvorak (MN) 1:24

140 lbs. (74 entries)

Dustin Boumeester (MN) DNP

Mitch Artis (IA) dec Dustin Boumeester (MN) 6-4
Dustin Boumeester (MN) tech Jacob Hale (OH) 16-5
Ryan Anderson (WA) dec Dustin Boumeester (MN) 12-9

Mitch Millner (MN) DNP

Mitch Millner (MN) fall Bryan Koz (OH) 3:56
Mitch Smith (WV) dec Mitch Millner (MN) 4-1
Matt Coughlin (IN) fall Mitch Millner (MN) 3:08

Clint Haake (MN) DNP

Clint Haake (MN) dec Jonathon Miles (NV) 3-1
Clint Haake (MN) dec Ricardo Rivera (LA) 7-1
Ricky Tippett (MD) dec Clint Haake (MN) 9-0
Clint Haake (MN) dec Andy Nicodin (CO) 6-4
Cody Rouse (MO) dec Clint Haake (MN) 7-3

Levi Price (MN) 2nd Place

Levi Price (MN) tech Jeremy Thorne (ID) 11-0
Levi Price (MN) fall Andrew Knerr (PA) 3:15
Levi Price (MN) tech Devin Young (MI) 10-0
Levi Price (MN) tech Josh Weaver (AZ) 10-0
Levi Price (MN) tech Devan Lewis (TX) 12-0
Levi Price (MN) dec Mike Roberts (NY) 7-5
Levi Price (MN) dec Nick Fallico (IL) 9-4
Levi Price (MN) dec Danny Grater (KS) 7-4
1st Place: Mitch Smith (WV) dec Levi Price (MN) 4-0

145 lbs. (71 entries)

Matt Schrupp (MN) DNP

Matt Schrupp (MN) dec Bobby Slaymon (IN) 9-3
Matt Schrupp (MN) fall Chris Gosselin (FL) 1:31
Matt Schrupp (MN) dec Matt Nissen (CO) 8-6
Colton Salazar (UT) tech Matt Schrupp (MN) 12-0
Matt Schrupp (MN) over Billy Leischner (CT) inj. def.
Randy Moore (NJ) dec Matt Schrupp (MN) 9-2

Chris McPhail (MN) DNP

Chris McPhail (MN) fall Cory Boyles (IN) :31
Ryan Scott (TN) dec Chris McPhail (MN) 9-3
Justin Seim (WY) dec Chris McPhail (MN) 9-0

Josh Determan (MN) DNP

Josh Determan (MN) dec Matt Pendle (NJ) 9-8
Josh Determan (MN) dec Buck Lorenzen (OK) 6-4
Josh Determan (MN) dec Chase Maloney (OR) 9-2
Josh Determan (MN) dec Kyle Wender (CA) 4-2
Mike Pucillo (OH) dec Josh Determan (MN) 4-2
Josh Determan (MN) bye
Rocky Cozart (FL) tech Josh Determan (MN) 10-0

152 lbs. (83 entries)

Tony Biggs (MN) DNP

Tony Biggs (MN) tech Craig Mock (UT) 10-0
Alton Lucas (NY) dec Tony Biggs (MN) 6-2
Nick Billups (IA) dec Tony Biggs (MN) 8-2

Kyle Koiste (MN) DNP

Jake Varner (CA) fall Kyle Koiste (MN) :10
Matt Miller (FL) fall Kyle Koiste (MN) :58

Nate Matousek (MN) 1st Place

Nate Matousek (MN) tech Craig Marva (NC) 11-0
Nate Matousek (MN) dec Jamie Cross (FL) 4-2
Nate Matousek (MN) fall Eric Bellottie (OH) :50
Nate Matousek (MN) tech Thomas Geick (NV) 10-0
Nate Matousek (MN) tech Matt Redmond (IL) 11-0
Nate Matousek (MN) tech Quinn Pedigo (IL) 10-0
Nate Matousek (MN) dec Tyler Fuchs (CA) 10-1
Nate Matousek (MN) dec Mike Mackie (PA) 4-0
Nate Matousek (MN) dec David Craig (FL) 4-0
1st Place: Nate Matousek (MN) dec Mike Galante (NJ) 8-4

160 lbs. (66 entries)

David Fisher (MN) DNP

David Fisher (MN) fall Ben Lambert (MO) :27
David Fisher (MN) tech Drew Price (GA) 15-5
David Fisher (MN) dec Collin Brooks (OR) 10-6
Simon Fowler (IL) dec David Fisher (MN) 3-1
Logan Downes (PA) tech David Fisher (MN) 11-0

Kevin Landry (MN) DNP

Kevin Landry (MN) fall Greg Busby (OH) :59
Kevin Landry (MN) fall Rick Bargreen (WA) 1:16
Kevin Landry (MN) dec Mike Erickson (MI) 7-3
Dave Schreiner (PA) tech Kevin Landry (MN) 12-2
Casey Kelly (MT) tech Kevin Landry (MN 12-0

Mitchell Plonski (MN) DNP

Mike Moore (MO) tech Mitchell Plonski (MN) 14-3
Nick Griffith (IA) tech Mitchell Plonski (MN) 12-4

171 lbs. (57 entries)

Brett Lutner (MN) DNP

Brett Lutner (MN) fall Jimmy Sheridan (FL) :33
Andrew Silber (NJ) fall Brett Lutner (MN) 2:25
Brian Fischer (WI) fall Brett Lutner (MN) 1:59

Willie Dufour (MN) DNP

De’Andre Nunn (IL) tech Willie Dufour (MN) 11-0
Willie Dufour (MN) tech Derek Hagen (ND) 11-0
Chad Davis (IN) tech Willie Dufour (MN) 10-0

189 lbs. (60 entries)

Michael Graham (MN) DNP

Elias Castillo (CA) tech Michael Graham (MN) 13-2
Brent Jones (VA) tech Michael Graham (MN) 10-0

Sean Malone (MN) DNP

Sean Malone (MN) fall Shea Thorstad (WA) :28
Kyle Hood (NC) tech Sean Malone (MN) 12-0
Jared Rosholt (ID) fall Sean Malone (MN) :44

Dustin Felix (MN) DNP

Dustin Felix (MN) dec Kameron Thigpen (UT) 3-1
Michael Hurst (CA) fall Dustin Felix (MN) 3:34
Dustin Felix (MN) dec Michael Cozy (FL) 5-4
Leo Saniuk (OH) dec Dustin Felix (MN) 3-1

215 lbs. (58 entries)

Steve Larson (MN) 8th Place

Steve Larson (MN) fall Zachary Adams (IN) 2:47
Steve Larson (MN) fall Todd Harthan (MT) :30
Steve Larson (MN) fall Ryan Rustrum (OR) :17
Kyle Davis (PA) tech Steve Larson (MN) 11-0
Steve Larson (MN) dec Erik Nye (CA) 3-1
Steve Larson (MN) fall Casey Sorensen (OR) 3:21
Brian Willis (DE) fall Steve Larson (MN) 3:13
7th Place: Robby Smith (CA) fall Steve Larson (MN) 1:27

Nick Rydberg (MN) DNP

Nick Rydberg (MN) fall Ricky Lee (IA) :37
Nick Rydberg (MN) bye
Nick Rydberg (MN) fall Derrick Allsop (UT):35
Nick Rydberg (MN) fall Arkadiy Levitin (NY) :30
Jordan Bedore (KS) tech Nick Rydberg (MN) 13-3
Kyle Davis dec Nick Rydberg (MN) 4-1

Kyle Massey (MN) 1st Place

Kyle Massey (MN) tech Josh Lock (IN) 10-0
Kyle Massey (MN) tech Shawnden Crawford (IA) 11-0
Kyle Massey (MN) dec Tony Stegeman (OH) 8-1
Kyle Massey (MN) fall R.P. Harbin (WA) 1:09
Kyle Massey (MN) dec Gabriel Moore (CA) 11-6
Kyle Massey (MN) fall Jason Marshall (OH) 3:21
Kyle Massey (MN) tech Chris Kasten (IN) 10-0
Kyle Massey (MN) fall Robby Smith (CA) 1:26
1st Place: Kyle Massey (MN) dec Jordan Bedore (KS) 10-2

275 lbs. (45 entries)

Jesse Kahn (MN) DNP

Jesse Kahn (MN) fall Jorge Lujano (OR) 3:08
Jesse Kahn (MN) fall Ryan Hanson (IL) 1:07
Tony Johnson (OH) tech Jesse Kahn (MN) 10-0
Conner Kelly (FL) dec Jesse Kahn (MN) 12-11

Casey Hellenberg (MN) DNP

Casey Hellenberg (MN) dec David Muckel (CO) 9-1
Casey Hellenberg (MN) tech Nelson Lehman (PA) 10-0
Casey Hellenberg (MN) dec Andy Welch (MI) 2-1
Dallas Woods (IN) dec Casey Hellenberg (MN) 5-1
Tony Johnson (OH) tech Casey Hellenberg (MN) 11-0

Chris Hable (MN) DNP

Gary Howell (OH) fall Chris Hable (MN) 3:22
Michael Arthur (OK) fall Chris Hable (MN) 1:34

Team MN Junior Greco-Roman Individual Results:

105 lbs. (32 entries)

Josh Hansen (MN) 8th Place

Daniel Ruiz (TX) fall Josh Hansen (MN) 4:14
Josh Hansen (MN) fall Matt Beaudreault (CA) :37
Josh Hansen (MN) tech Darren Legge (CO) 16-6
Josh Hansen (MN) fall Louis Bean (ID) 4:13
Joe Trieu (WA) tech Josh Hansen (MN) 10-0
7th Place: Gabriel Mooney (MN) tech Josh Hansen (MN) 10-0

Shane Walton (MN) DNP

Matt Banta (KS) fall Shane Walton (MN) 5:23
Shane Walton (MN) dec Ryan Naczi (NJ) 14-13
Jared Hillard (TX) fall Shane Walton (MN) 1:43

Gabriel Mooney (MN) 7th Place

Gabriel Mooney (MN) tech Hashim Zeiev (MI) 10-0
Bradley Pataky (PA) dec Gabriel Mooney (MN) 9-3
Gabriel Mooney (MN) tech Rene Robles (AZ) 10-0
Gabriel Mooney (MN) dec Trevor Lofstedt (OR) 3-1
Tanner Gardner (KS) dec Gabriel Mooney (MN) 4-1
7th Place: Josh Hansen (MN) vs Gabriel Mooney (MN)

112 lbs. (48 entries)

Josh Lindquist (MN) DNP

Josh Lindquist (MN) fall Nick Carey (MI) :59
Corey Kalina (IA) dec Josh Lindquist (MN) 6-5
Tony Uchytil (CA) tech Josh Lindquist (MN) 11-0

Tyler Safratowich (MN) DNP

Tyler Safratowich (MN) tech John Hanks (WA) 10-0
Tyler Safratowich (MN) dec Paul Donahoe (MI) 7-2
Tyler Safratowich (MN) fall Richard Byrd (AZ) 2:23
Ben Kjar (UT) tech Tyler Safratowich (MN) 12-1
Javier Maldonado (FL) tech Tyler Safratowich (MN) 10-0

119 lbs. (53 entries)

Lucas Walton (MN) DNP

Lucas Walton (MN) tech Tony Hartline (IL) 11-0
Lucas Walton (MN) dec Jim Laughlin (CA) 10-6
Jeff Bailey (AK) tech Lucas Walton (MN) 10-0
Kerry Regner (PA) dec Lucas Walton (MN) 7-1

130 lbs. (74 entries)

Kent Nathe (MN) DNP

Kent Nathe (MN) tech Eddie Quinn (DE) 10-0
Kent Nathe (MN) dec Travis Williams (CA) 14-10
Kent Nathe (MN) tech Sean Schmaltz (IN) 11-0
Willy Holst (WI) tech Kent Nathe (MN) 11-1
Jonathan Taylor (FL) tech Kent Nathe (MN) 13-2

Quincy Osborn (MN) 2nd Place

Quincy Osborn (MN) tech Brook Bohlen (HA) 11-0
Quincy Osborn (MN) fall Mike Maldonado (OK) 2:54
Quincy Osborn (MN) fall Aaron Scott (IA) 1:27
Quincy Osborn (MN) tech Anthony Hanes (CT) 10-0
Quincy Osborn (MN) tech Glenn Rhees (CA) 10-0
Quincy Osborn (MN) fall Brannon Palmer (NC) 5:17
Quincy Osborn (MN) fall Brandon Jones (TX) 1:12
Quincy Osborn (MN) tech Joe Whitaker (NY) 17-1
1st Place: Chase Metcalf (MI) dec Quincy Osborn (MN) 9-7

135 lbs. (66 entries)

Micah Flodeen (MN) DNP

Micah Flodeen (MN) tech Jon Smith (IN) 11-0
Micah Flodeen (MN) tech Dustin Hitz (WI) 13-1
Micah Flodeen (MN) tech Casey Mungo (CA) 11-0
Micah Flodeen (MN) dec Sean Santana (OR) 3-1
Will Combs (FL) tech Micah Flodeen (MN) 14-4
Todd MeNeely (NE) tech Micah Flodeen (MN) 10-0

140 lbs. (75 entries)

Andrew Quittschrieber (MN) DNP

Andrew Quittschrieber (MN) fall Kevin Hamby (UT) :31
Joseph Rico (CA) tech Andrew Quittschrieber (MN) 12-1
Patrick Allibone (IA) tech Andrew Quittschrieber (MN) 12-2

Cody Olson (MN) DNP

Parris Dottery (NC) fall Cody Olson (MN) 2:30
Josh Stenglein (NY) fall Cody Olson (MN) 11-7

145 lbs. (71 entries)

Adam Aho (MN) DNP

Adam Aho (MN) dec Ryan Cloutier (CA) 8-0
Nick Hayes (IA) tech Adam Aho (MN) 14-3
Trevor Nauta (NY) tech Adam Aho (MN) 11-1

152 lbs. (82 entries)

Kyle Koehn (MN) DNP

Kyle Koehn (MN) dec Robert Jablonski (FL) 8-0
Scott Upton (CA) dec Kyle Koehn (MN) 10-2
Ben Imdieke (ND) dec Kyle Koehn (MN) 10-4

Michael Felling (MN) DNP

Michael Felling (MN) tech Drew Pulsifer (PA) 10-0
Michael Felling (MN) tech Darryl Keeton (CO) 11-0
Michael Felling (MN) fall Tom Koch (IA) :44
Michael Felling (MN) dec Ty Clark (WI) 7-3
Gevork Atimizyan (CA) dec Michael Felling (MN) 12-10
Michael Felling (MN) dec Jake Fisher (MO) 3-1
Pat Pitsch (WA) tech Michael Felling (MN) 14-4

Mitch Kuhlman (MN) 3rd Place

Mitch Kuhlman (MN) fall Jake Puckett (NC) 2:26
Mitch Kuhlman (MN) tech Greg Metzler (WI) 13-3
Mitch Kuhlman (MN) tech Lee Mannion (CT) 10-0
Mitch Kuhlman (MN) dec Zack Elliott (UT) 7-5
Mitch Kuhlman (MN) fall Tyler Bernacchi (CA) 2:06
Mitch Kuhlman (MN) dec Tyler Williams (IL) 6-2
Mitch Kuhlman (MN) tech George Couts (CA) 11-0
Trent Paulson (IA) tech Mitch Kuhlman (MN) 10-0
Mitch Kuhlman (MN) tech Matt McIntire (OH) 14-3
3rd Place: Mitch Kuhlman (MN) dec Brandon Becker (NJ) 9-6

JT Getzke (MN) DNP

JT Getzke (MN) fall John Moore (NY) :56
JT Getzke (MN) dec Austin Martin (FL) 11-6
Kyle Lenio (PA) dec JT Getzke (MN) 9-8
JT Getzke (MN) fall Kody Hamrah (NJ) 1:02
JT Getzke (MN) dec Michael Horton (IN) 4-2
Tom Mann (WI) tech JT Getzke (MN) 10-0

160 lbs. (82 entries)

Cory Harnitz (MN) 7th Place

Cory Harnitz (MN) tech Bryce Houtchens (CO) 11-0
Cory Harnitz (MN) tech Sebastian Feary (HA) 12-0
Cory Harnitz (MN) tech Dustin Lockhart (WY) 10-0
Cory Harnitz (MN) fall Brad Hurrell (PA) 2:29
Cory Harnitz (MN) dec Justin Dibbern (IN) 12-9
Cory Harnitz (MN) dec Grey Goldosik (MI) 7-0
Cory Harnitz (MN) tech Jose Cortez (AZ) 12-0
A.J. Morgan (WI) dec Cory Harnitz (MN) 4-2
Charles Brown (IL) dec Cory Harnitz (MN) 7-4
7th Place: Cory Harnitz (MN) tech Brett Slone (CA) 16-6

Gabe Dretsch (MN) DNP

Gabe Dretsch (MN) tech Trevor Fair (FL) 18-8
Gabe Dretsch (MN) fall Eric Richardson (NJ) 2:14
Gabe Dretsch (MN) dec Alex Pavlenko (AZ) 4-3
Dustin Robinson (WI) over Gabe Dretsch (MN) inj def
Brett Slone (CA) over Gabe Dretsch (MN) inj def

Trent Johnson (MN) DNP

Trent Johnson (MN) dec Nick Olsen (ND) 16-13
Troy Medill (KS) fall Trent Johnson (MN) 1:42
Anthony Mata (CA) fall Trent Johnson (MN) 3:29

171 lbs. (80 entries)

Dan Willaert (MN) DNP

Dan Willaert (MN) dec Rich Rodriguez (MA) 7-4
David Waters (WA) dec Dan Willaert (MN) 3-1
Luke Hogue (OR) dec Dan Willaert (MN) 9-1

Jeremy Chavis (MN) DNP

Paul Bergman (OH) dec Jeremy Chavis (MN) 7-0
Jeremy Chavis (MN) dec Hanf Abdush-Shamid (NY) 4-2
Jeremy Chavis (MN) Nick Boles (NJ) fall 2:07
Jeremy Chavis (MN) fall Edward Hernandez (TX) 2:09
Jeremy Chavis (MN) dec Mike Malone (WY) 8-7
Mark Mueller (IA) tech Jeremy Chavis (MN) 11-0

Nate Kocer (MN) DNP

Joey Gorczynski (OK) tech Nate Kocer (MN) 11-0
Shawn Riggs (CA) fall Nate Kocer (MN) 2:59

189 lbs. (65 entries)

Dragomir Mijic (MN) DNP

Dragomir Mijic (MN) tech Matt Rawlings (UT) 10-0
John Krieger (CA) dec Dragomir Mijic (MN) 13-9
Dragomir Mijic (MN) fall JC Airington (OK):30
JD Bergman (OH) tech Dragomir Mijic (MN) 11-1

Adam Haake (MN) 5th Place

Phillip Davis (PA) fall Adam Haake (MN) 3:51
Adam Haake (MN) fall Mike Aldridge (ND) :33
Adam Haake (MN) tech Brendon Frazier (MI) 12-2
Adam Haake (MN) dec Matt Aulabaugh (CA) 9-1
Adam Haake (MN) dec Daren Burns (NC) 11-8
Adam Haake (MN) fall Ben Kelto (MI) 5:46
Adam Haake (MN) dec Eric Smith (ID) 5-3
Jake Marquart (IA) fall Adam Haake (MN) :30
5th Place: Adam Haake (MN) tech Sal Woods (IL) 10-0

Joseph Bechtold (MN) DNP

Riley Schmidtke (HA) tech Joseph Bechtold (MN) 10-0
Aaron Sullivan (OK) fall Joseph Bechtold (MN) 3:33

215 lbs. (49 entries)

Ben Janike (MN) DNP

Ben Janike (MN) over JameQuinton McGill (TX) disq
Ben Janike (MN) dec Kyle Simmons (WA) 6-0
Ben Janike (MN) fall Daniel Berry (IN) 2:04
Nick Terbay (OH) tech Ben Janike (MN) 11-0
Cody Parker (OR) dec Ben Janike (MN) 5-2

Cole Schrupp (MN) DNP

Cole Schrupp (MN) fall Ryan Stutzman (MO) 5:40
Cole Schrupp (MN) dec Tony Drew (OH) 4-0
BJ Roth (DE) fall Cole Schrupp (MN) 2:17
Chris Hendershot (IN) fall Cole Schrupp (MN) 1:61

Justin Bronson (MN) DNP

John Grando (CO) dec Justin Bronson (MN) 5-1
Justin Bronson (MN) dec Zane Wolford (OH) 6-0
Justin Bronson (MN) dec Brandon Doran (CA) 9-4
Ian Bork (KS) tech Justin Bronson (MN) 14-4

275 lbs. (59 entries)

Jon May (MN) 2nd Place

Jon May (MN) tech Joe Wood (MI) 10-0
Jon May (MN) dec Dustin Fox (OH) 3-2
Jon May (MN) dec Adam Venegas (KS) 5-0
Jon May (MN) over Larry Langowski (IL) disq
Jon May (MN) dec Bode Ogunwole (MD) 3-0
Jon May (MN) dec Zac Wrage (IA) 4-3
Jon May (MN) dec Matt Barrentine (OH) 4-1
Jon May (MN) dec John Slevin (NJ) 4-0
1st Place: Cole Konrad (WI) dec Jon May (MN) 4-2

Nate Savering (MN) 7th Place

Nate Savering (MN) dec Zach Schroeder (IL) 4-1
Nate Savering (MN) dec Jeff Parker (MA) 3-1
Nate Savering (MN) fall Kirk Nail (OH)
Nate Savering (MN) fall Kyle Devan (CA) 1:53
David Montgomery (CA) dec Nate Savering (MN) 5-2
Nate Savering (MN) dec Logan Kling (ND) 4-2
Cole Konrad (WI) dec Nate Savering (MN) 7-3
7th Place: Nate Savering (MN) dec John Slevin (NJ) 3-2

Team MN Junior Freestyle Individual Results:

98 lbs. (26 entries)

105 lbs. (41 entries)

Josh Hansen (MN) DNP

Doug Ramsey (MD) tech Josh Hansen (MN) 11-0
Josh Hansen (MN) tech David Hagel (NJ) 11-1
Shad Lee (NC) fall Josh Hansen (MN) :54

112 lbs. (62 entries)

119 lbs. (83 entries)

Tyrone Meyer (MN) DNP

Drew Headlee (PA) tech Tyrone Meyer (MN) 10-0
Joe Baker (CA) tech Tyrone Meyer (MN) 11-0

Kevin Walker (MN) DNP

Sam Nelson (FL) fall Kevin Walker (MN) 1:51
Josh Magyar (IN) dec Kevin Walker (MN) 16-5

Eric Sanders (MN) DNP

Eric Sanders (MN) dec Matthew Sganga (NY) 8-6
Eric Sanders (MN) tech Jason Scarborough (PA) 10-0
Eric Sanders (MN) tech Jeff Oldham (CT) 10-0
Eric Sanders (MN) tech Ross Johnson (MT) 11-1
Mack Reiter (IA) tech Eric Sanders (MN) 10-0
Robert Preston (NJ) dec Eric Sanders (MN) 5-2

125 lbs. (109 entries)

Nate Schraan (MN) DNP

Nate Schraan (MN) tech Thomas Brown (MT) 10-0
Angel Cejudo (AZ) tech Nate Schraan (MN) 10-0
Nate Schraan (MN) dec John Hayek (MN) 3-1
Nate Schraan (MN) dec Dan Keller (IL) 7-2
Jeff Jaggers (OH) tech Nate Schraan (MN) 10-0

Jeff Pfaffinger (MN) DNP

Jeff Pfaffinger (MN) dec Tyler McCormick (KS) 10-8
Matt Keller (TN) tech Jeff Pfaffinger (MN) 11-0
Jeff Pfaffinger (MN) dec Scott Ervin (OK) 13-11
Adam Buzek (OH) fall Jeff Pfaffinger (MN) 2:39

Kevin McBride (MN) DNP

Kevin McBride (MN) fall Clayton Stark (OH) 3:50
Kevin McBride (MN) tech Seth Withrow (CO) 13-3
Matt Browning (FL) tech Kevin McBride (MN) 13-3
Nate Uehara (WA) fall Kevin McBride (MN) 4:22

Mike Fessler (MN) DNP

Mike Fessler (MN) over Justin Morrill (UT) inj. def.
Mike Fessler (MN) dec Justin Swafford (IA) 12-5
Mark Bogart (NJ) over Mike Fessler (MN) inj. def.
Gralan Early (IN) over Mike Fessler (MN) inj. def.

130 lbs. (105 entries)

Kent Nathe (MN) DNP

Darrell Vasquez (CA) tech Kent Nathe (MN) 13-2
Kent Nathe (MN) tech Donnie Sanders (GA) 10-0
Kent Nathe (MN) tech Ben Kreuzer (WI) 14-2
Kent Nathe (MN) dec Philip Wightman (NE) 7-5
Brad Galeta (NJ) dec Kent Nathe (MN) 8-2

Jared Evans (MN) DNP

Jared Evans (MN) fall Colby Heppler (OK) 5:14
John Manarte (NY) dec Jared Evans (MN) 5-0
Dave Morgan (PA) tech Jared Evans (MN) 11-0

Jestin Hulegaard (MN) DNP

Bob Pfennigs (MT) dec Jestin Hulegaard (MN) 12-6
Charles Boyko (WA) dec Jestin Hulegaard (MN) 14-11
Rick White (NY) tech Jestin Hulegaard (MN) 10-0

T.J. Parlin (MN) DNP

Matt Schumm (CA) tech T.J. Parlin (MN) 12-2
T.J. Parlin (MN) fall Owen Yonehara (HA) 1:38
Willy Holst (WI) tech T.J. Parlin (MN) 10-0

135 lbs. (89 entries)

Anthony Elg (MN) DNP

Anthony Elg (MN) dec Zach Rosson (OK) 7-1
Andy Pulling (MI) dec Anthony Elg (MN) 5-2
Anthony Elg (MN) tech Preston Garren (NC) 10-0
Luke Triveline (IN) dec Anthony Elg (MN) 7-4

Brandon Girtz (MN) DNP

Brandon Girtz (MN) dec Kyle Mueller (WI) 16-8
Andrew Patacsil (FL) dec Brandon Girtz (MN) 18-15
Will O’Neill (MI) dec Brandon Girtz (MN) 14-13

Chris Anderson (MN) DNP

Chris Anderson (MN) tech Ryan West (MI) 10-0
Todd Meneely (NE) fall Chris Anderson (MN) 1:56
Cameron Densie (UT) fall Chris Anderson (MN) 5:41

140 lbs. (106 entries)

145 lbs. (111 entries)

Mike Quamme (MN) DNP

Zak Johns (MD) fall Mike Quamme (MN) 3:26
Mike Quamme (MN) tech Michael Christiansen (ID) 10-0
Donnie Fisch (NJ) dec Mike Quamme (MN) 18-9

Dustin Dahlblom (MN) 8th Place

Aaron Gomoll (OH) dec Dustin Dahlblom (MN) 10-2
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) tech Zach Lazzari (NV) 12-1
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) tech JT Pruitt (VA) 11-0
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) dec Anthony Watson (IA) 9-6
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) fall Vince Gioiella (OH) 1:58
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) tech Nick Hawrylchak (NY) 11-0
Tyler Turner (WI) dec Dustin Dahlblom (MN) 10-8
7th Place: Joey Hooker (AZ) dec Dustin Dahlblom (MN) 5-4

Corey Schmitz (MN) DNP

Corey Schmitz (MN) dec David Baker (OK) 9-2
Corey Schmitz (MN) tech Michael Alexander (LA) 12-0
Corey Schmitz (MN) fall Daniel Murphree (CA) 1:00
Corey Schmitz (MN) dec Daniel Morriss (TX) 11-8
Matt Storniolo (PA) dec Corey Schmitz (MN) 12-4
Craig Henning (WI) dec Corey Schmitz (MN) 9-7

152 lbs. (99 entries)

Ryan Lumley (MN) DNP

Matt Oeser (NC) dec Ryan Lumley (MN) 13-7
Ryan Lumley (MN) fall Zac Weyant (NY) 4:59
Kole Tolliver (MT) fall Ryan Lumley (MN) 1:21

Nik Lentz (MN) DNP

Trent Paulson (IA) tech Nik Lentz (MN) 10-0
Nik Lentz (MN) tech Shawn Shaikh (TX) 12-1
Lody Hamrah (NJ) dec Nik Lentz (MN) 11-8

Mike Felling (MN) DNP

Mike Felling (MN) tech Jeremy Panter (UT) 11-0
Mike Felling (MN) tech Adam Crozier (WI) 10-0
Mike Felling (MN) tech Jesse Fernandez (CA) 11-0
Steve Luke (OH) tech Mike Felling (MN) 10-0
Travis Paulson(IA) dec Mike Felling (MN) 8-0

Marc Harwood (MN) 5th Place

Marc Harwood (MN) tech Jason Hollar (PA) 11-1
Marc Harwood (MN) tech Andy Keller (MI) 11-0
Marc Harwood (MN) fall Ryan Budd (CO) :15
Marc Harwood (MN) tech Eric Catz (SD) 10-0
Marc Harwood (MN) tech Joe Willman (IN) 11-0
Marc Harwood (MN) fall Nick Baima (IL) 2:37
Marc Harwood (MN) dec Steve Luke (OH) 7-5
Travis Paulson (IA) dec Marc Harwood (MN) 3-2
Zach Espozito (NJ) tech Marc Harwood (MN) 10-0
5th Place: Marc Harwood (MN) fall Esteban Vera (PR) 2:05

Ryan Zajac (MN) DNP

Ryan Zajac (MN) tech Nick Sposa (VA) 10-0
Ryan Zajac (MN) tech Jason Dibbern (IN) 11-1
Ryan Zajac (MN) bye
Benjamin Lackey (VT) tech Ryan Zajac (MN) 10-0
Ryan Zajac (MN) tech Trevor Moore (NV) 10-0
Steve Luke (OH) tech Ryan Zajac (MN) 10-0

160 lbs. (107 entries)

Andrew Merkins (MN) DNP

Brett Slone (CA) tech Andrew Merkins (MN) 13-3
Andy Wempen (WY) tech Andrew Merkins (MN) 16-5

Jeff Matthees (MN) DNP

TR Chinn (NY) tech Jeff Matthees (MN) 10-0
Anthony Mata (CA) dec Jeff Matthees (MN) 15-12

Bill Denney (MN) DNP

Bill Denney (MN) dec Mike Sunkins (SC) 14-12
Bill Denney (MN) fall Alex Pavlenko (AZ) :54
Cody Hendrickson (SD) tech Bill Denney (MN) 15-5
Bill Denney (MN) bye
Trevor Fair (FL) fall Bill Denney (MN) 5:36

George Lynaugh (MN) DNP

George Lynaugh (MN) tech Ben Best (MI) 10-0
George Lynaugh (MN) tech Sebastian Feary (HA) 10-0
George Lynaugh (MN) tech Gerardo Vega (ID) 12-0
George Lynaugh (MN) tech Grant Turner (IA) 10-0
George Lynaugh (MN) dec Matt Veres (NJ) 18-13
George Lynaugh (MN) dec Teve Gee (CA) 3-1
Pat Pitsch (WA) tech George Lynaugh (MN) 10-0
Johnny Henricks (OK) tech George Lynaugh (MN) 10-0

Tim O’Connor (MN) DNP

Tim O’Connor (MN) fall Pat Sheehan (MA) :43
Tim O’Connor (MN) tech Ryan Price (ID) 12-2
Sonny Henricks (OK) tech Tim O’Connor (MN) 11-0
Tim O’Connor (MN) dec Greg Goidosik (MI) 4-1
Zac Fryling (PA) tech Tim O’Connor (MN) 10-0

Jeremy Pederson (MN) DNP

Jeremy Pederson (MN) dec Bryce Houtchens (CO) 13-6
Joe Henning (WI) fall Jeremy Pederson (MN) 5:04
Joe Lowe (FL) fall Jeremy Pederson (MN) 5:41

171 lbs. (101 entries)

Josh Passe (MN) DNP

Josh Passe (MN) dec Nick Grady (WI) 11-4
Josh Passe (MN) dec Mike Malone (WY) 11-6
Josh Passe (MN) dec Nick Smith (NC) 20-16
Charlie Pienaar (PA) dec Josh Passe (MN) 3-1
Mark Mueller (IA) tech Josh Passe (MN) 10-0

Alan Huigens (MN) DNP

Alan Huigens (MN) dec Tory Savage (MT) 10-1
Ricky Renzi (AZ) dec Alan Huigens (MN) 5-4
Jake Herbert (PA) fall Alan Huigens (MN) 2:06

Lon Welsh (MN) 6th Place

Lon Welsh (MN) tech Aaron Cattley (TX) 14-3
Lon Welsh (MN) tech Don Dryer (MI) 18-7
Lon Welsh (MN) dec Josh Stapleton (OK) 13-10
Lon Welsh (MN) dec Chase Holmgaard (IA) 9-7
Lon Welsh (MN) tech Jason Cates (ID) 12-1
Lon Welsh (MN) fall Kyle Frawley (WA) 5:09
Josh Weitzel (PA) tech Lon Welsh (MN) 10-0
dec Yuri Kalika (CA) Lon Welsh (MN) 10-5
Lon Welsh (MN) dec Jack Jensen (WI) 15-14
5th Place: Luke Hogle (OR) fall Lon Welsh (MN) 1:10

Jared Massey (MN) DNP

Jared Massey (MN) dec .J. Blahut (IL) 5-4
Justin Dyer (KS) dec Jared Massey (MN) dec 11-8
Jared Massey (MN) fall Ray Napolitan (TX) 1:31
Jared Massey (MN) dec Chris Gifford (NV) 8-2
Dustin Wiles (MO) dec Jared Massey (MN) 7-6

189 lbs. (89 entries)

Mike Maresh (MN) DNP

Mike Maresh (MN) tech Josh Stewart (NY) 13-2
Mike Maresh (MN) tech Max Pazdan (CT) 10-0
Mike Maresh (MN) tech Caleb Young (OK) 10-0
Eric Smith (ID) dec Mike Maresh (MN) 5-3
Mike Maresh (MN) dec Kevin Fox (NJ) 8-3
Matt Kallai (OH) dec Mike Maresh (MN) 12-3

Tom Nesseth (MN) DNP

Alex Saunders (OK) dec Tom Nesseth (MN) 7-6
Joe Hoke (OH) dec Tom Nesseth (MN) 8-5

Gerald Brekke (MN) DNP

Aaron Jones (MT) tech Gerald Brekke (MN) 11-0
Matt Kallai (OH) Gerald Brekke (MN) 10-0

Sean Waterbury (MN) DNP

Gerald habiban (UT) tech Sean Waterbury (MN) 10-0
James Yonishonis (PA) tech Sean Waterbury (MN) 16-5

Joe Conley (MN) DNP

Thomas Sanders (GA) dec Joe Conley (MN) 10-6
Joe Conley (MN) dec Brian Cesear (OH) 6-2

215 lbs. (67 entries)

Tyler Bullerman (MN) DNP

Tyler Bullerman (MN) tech Ryan Firth (FL) 10-0
Tyler Bullerman (MN) dec Cole Merriman (NY) 10-8
Tyler Bullerman (MN) dec Chad Espinoza (NV) 11-5
Tyler Bullerman (MN) tech Travis Burke (OK) 11-1
Joe Dennis (OH) dec Tyler Bullerman (MN) 10-6
Tyler Bullerman (MN) bye
Aaron Keough (OH) dec Tyler Bullerman (MN) 9-5

275 lbs. (58 entries)

Jon May (MN) 3rd Place

Jon May (MN) dec Jason Montgomery (CA) 5-2
Jon May (MN) tech Ryan Fuller (IA) 11-0
Jon May (MN) tech Adam Venegas (KS) 10-0
Jon May (MN) dec Bode Ogunwole (MD) 3-1
Jon May (MN) over Joe Morrison (VA) inj. def.
Kole Conrad (WI) dec Jon May (MN) 6-1
Jon May (MN) dec Chris Finn (OK) 5-0
Jon May (MN) tech Aaron Anspach (PA)
3rd Place: Jon May (MN) dec Kyle Devan (CA) 7-1

Alan Erickson (MN) DNP

Alan Erickson (MN) dec Mike Slattery (WI) 8-3
Joe Attieh (PA) dec Alan Erickson (MN) 3-0
Wesley Taylor (OH) fall Alan Erickson (MN) :40

Team MN Women Individual Results:

95 lbs. (4 entries)

Rachel Holthaus (MN) 1st Place

Rachel Holthaus (MN) fall Julie Giles (VA) 1:17
Rachel Holthaus (MN) tech Peggy Whitaker (NY) 11-1
1st Place : Rachel Holtaus (MN) tech Bernadette Javier (HA) 11-0

101 lbs. (11 entries)

Delilah Alvarado (MN) 7th Place

Tanya Miyasaki (HA) fall Delilah Alvarado (MN) 5:15
Delilah Alvarado (MN) fall Erica Stewart (TX) 2:21
Jenna Emmons (MI) dec Delilah Alvarado (MN) 13-7

110 lbs. (17 entries)

Sara Bergman (MN) 7th Place

Sara Bergman (MN) fall Emily Duckworth (MD) 4:50
Malinda Ripley (CA) tech Sara Bergman (MN) 10-0
Sara Bergman (MN) bye
Sara Bergman (MN) fall Debbie Sakai (HA) :49
Na’Tasha Umemoto (OR) tech Sara Bergman (MN) 12-0
Debbie Sakai (HA) fall Sara Bergman (MN) 1:42

Alysse Strandford (MN) 6th Place

Alysse Strandford (MN) dec Christie Rafanan (CA) 12-10
Alysse Strandford (MN) fall Dominique Molina (FL) 1:27
Claire Dupont (CO) dec Alysse Strandford (MN) 10-1
Mary Kelly (IL) fall Alysse Strandford (MN) :58
5th Place: Debbie Sakai (HA) won by tech. fall over Alysse Strandford (MN), 14-2, 3:34

119 lbs. (16 entries)

128 lbs. (17 entries)

Alisha Zahn (MN) DNP

Madeline Briones (CA) fall Alisha Zahn (MN) 4:13
Alisha Zahn (MN) bye
Suekoila Shelly (TX) dec Alisha Zahn (MN) 7-0

138 lbs. (17 entries)

Chelynne Pringle (MN) 3rd Place

Chelynne Pringle (MN) bye
Chelynne Pringle (MN) dec Stefenie Shaw (CT) 5-4
Chelynne Pringle (MN) fall Stephanie Smoot (IN) 1:56
Chelynne Pringle (MN) fall Dana Mato (TX) 4:18
Brittany Shell (AK) dec Chelynne Pringle (MN) 7-4
Brandy Rosenbrock (MI) tech Chelynne Pringle (MN) 10-0
3rd Place: Chelynne Pringle (MN) dec. Emily Rinehart (CA) 13-6

Alisha Kriesel (MN) DNP

Alisha Kriesel (MN) fall Sam Stolarz (MD) 2:35
Courtney Bush (FL) fall Alisha Kriesel (MN) 5:24
Emiley Rinehart (CA) fall Alisha Kriesel (MN) :35

150 lbs. (11 entries)

Ali Bernard (MN) 2nd Place

Ali Bernard (MN) fall Megan Nevill (MI) 2:24
Ali Bernard (MN) fall Ku’ui’ini Johnson (HA):41
Ali Bernard (MN) fall Emilee Murphree (CA) 1:50
Ali Bernard (MN) fall Anna Jenkins (MI) 1:42
1st Place: Heather Martin (OH) dec Ali Bernard (MN) 9-6

165 lbs. (7 entries)

Nickla Jensen (MN) 3rd Place

Nickla Jensen (MN) fall Juanna Juarez (CA)
Samantha Lang (OR) fall Nickla Jensen (MN) :24
3rd Place: Nickia Jensen (MN) dec. Megan Richardson (CA), 7-1

175 lbs. (3 entries)

Alicia Mena (MN) 1st Place

Alicia Mena (MN) fall Ashley Benzio (PA) :58
1st Place: Alicia Mena (MN) fall Misty Stalley (CA) :54

2001 USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National Championships

Cadet/Junior Nationals
July 21-28, Fargo, ND

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Awards

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Minnesota Cadet and Junior All-Americans

Minnesota High School Wrestler Files


Cadet Greco-Roman Top 10 Team Scores

(All-Americans and points)





















Cadet Greco-Roman All-Americans

83.5 (24 entries)
1st  Bret Land (California) dec Mike Bizzle (Oklahoma) 5-1 ot
3rd: Adam Kimbrell (Georgia) pin A.J. McElroy (Oklahoma) 1:29.
5th: Joseph Segari (Louisiana) tech fall Josh Hartman (Pennsylvania) 13-2.
7th: James Elam (Oklahoma) dec. Thomas Kimbrell (Georgia) 5-2, OT.
88 (21 entries)
1st: Nick Gallick (Arizona) tech fall Ryan Adams (Minnesota) 11-0
3rd: Jeremy Compton (Oklahoma) pin Joe Weygand (Pennsylvania) 1:21.
5th: Andrew Gonzalez (California) pin Gorey Gottshalk (Michigan) 1:53.
7th: Mark Degliogizzi (Delaware) tech fall Bradley Muri (Washington) 11-0.
94.5 (35 entries)
1st: Cody Tolliver (Montana) dec Tyler Safratowich (Minnesota) 10-9
3rd: Steven Juarez (California) dec. Josh Hansen (Minnesota) 13-7.
5th: Sam Julian (Pennsylvania) dec. Gilbert Lopez (Oregon) 8-4.
7th: Brad Pataky (Pennsylvania) dec. Louis Bean (Idaho) 9-3.
103.5 (59 entries)
1st: Cesar Grajales (Florida) dec Jeff Schell (Pennsylvania) 3-0
3rd: Jason Robbins (Florida) tech fall Mike Compton (Ohio) 11-1.
5th: Brandon Shelton (Oklahoma) dec. Mike Rodriguez (Washington) 13-6
7th:Josh Crass (Wisconsin) tech fall Matt Lang (Oregon) 13-3.
112 (73 entries)
1st: Dustin Schlatter (Ohio) dec Drew Headlee (Pennsylvania) 5-2 ot
3rd: Mark McKnight (Pennsylvania) inj. def. Chad Mendez (California) 0:00.
5th: Talon Vickers (Idaho) dec. Tim Pierce (California) 8-3.
7th: Jordan Crass (Wisconsin) tech fall Rudy Ramirez (California) 12-2
121 (89 entries)
1st: Angel Cejudo (Arizona) tech fall Phillip Basting (North Dakota) 10-0
3rd: Alex Tsirtsis (Indiana) dec. Matt Stuart (New York) 4-2.
5th: Micah Flodeen (Minnesota) tech fall Mark Throckmorton (Pennsylvania) 15-4.
7th: Chase Walker (Utah) dec. Mathew Nissen (Colorado) 9-0.
132 (101 entries)
1st: Eric Tannenbaum (Illinois) dec Kyle Laron (Oregon) 7-0
3rd: Sean Santana (Oregon) dec. Joe Rico (California) 3-2.
5th: Carter Downing (Wyoming) dec. Joe Gomez (Illinois) 11-7.
7th: Rocky Cozart (Florida) dec. Chris Abbott (Utah) 4-3.
143 (79 entries)
1st: Scott Loescher (Oregon) dec. Ryan Davis (Maryland) 4-1
3rd: Tyler Williams (Illinois) tech fall Matt Crippes (California) 16-3.
5th: Keith Gavin (Pennsylvania) tech fall Brandon Lozada (Illinois) 14-5.
7th: Corey Harnitz (Minnesota) dec. Jerid Lovejoy (New York) 6-2.
154 (86 entries)
1st: Mike Felling (Minnesota) tech fall  Alex Pavlenko (Arizona) 11-0
3rd: Blake Allen (Oklahoma) dec. Rick Brownlee (Georgia) 13-9.
5th: Blake Maurer (Indiana) tech fall Brett Sloan (California) 11-1.
7th: Nick Hayes (Iowa) dec. Tyler Bernacchi (California) 5-3
167 (67 entries)
1st: Chris Hogue (Pennsylvania) dec Nicholas Orlando (California) 10-8
3rd: Yuri Kalika (California) dec. Joshua Johnson (Ohio) 11-5.
5th: Aaron Anyan (Missouri) dec. Jake Herbert (Pennsylvania) 9-2.
7th: Justin McAlly (Wisconsin) dec. Sal Woods (Illinois) 4-0.
182.5 (43 entries)
1st: Joe Williams (California) dec Jerome Zachariah (California)
3rd: Kyle Sand (Colorado) pin Nick Boles (New Jersey) 1:31.
5th: Phil Bomberger (Pennsylvania) pin Tyler McCall (Pennsylvania) 2:45.
7th: Kurt Brenner (Pennsylvania) dec. Brent Jones (Virginia) 13-4.
209 (60 entries)
1st: Grant Miller (Illinois) dec Matt Bauman (Wisconsin) 7-0
3rd: Kyle Massey (Minnesota) tech fall Nate Savering (Minnesota) 11-0.
5th: Patrick Brownson (Illinois) dec. Tom Rice (Nebraska) 7-5.
7th: Jacob Kallestad (Montana) pin Steve Anderson (Michigan) :49.
242 (39 entries)
1st: Patrick Barrentine (Ohio) dec Chase Wetenkamp (Wisconsin) 7-1
3rd: Trevor Laws (Minnesota) dec. Jason Montgomery (California) 9-0.
5th: Nikola Dragovic (California) tech fall Joe Wood (Michigan) 10-0.
7th: Chris Hendershot (Indiana) pin Kyle Daily (Indiana) 1:25.
Outstanding Wrestler:  Eric Tannenbaum, Illinois

Junior Greco-Roman Top 10 Team Scores

(All-Americans and points)




















New York(4)17

Junior Greco-Roman All-Americans

98 (17 entries)
1st: Gabriel Mooney (Minnesota) tech fall Luke Seger (Indiana) 10-0, 4:00.
3rd: Paul Donahoe (Michigan) tech fall Cash Coolidge (Nebraska) 15-4.
5th: Shane Walton (Minnesota) dec. Hamed Heider (Virginia) 11-9.
7th: Matt Gardner (Oregon) tech fall Sandeep Kumar (New York) 10-0.
105.5 (31 entries)
1st: Brock Zollinger (Idaho) tech fall Alex Contreras (Arizona) 14-4.
3rd: Kevin Hunter (Utah) tech fall Christian Smith (Virginia) 14-4.
5th: Joseph Betterman (Illinois) pin Ryan Hannigan (New York) 1:04.
7th: Alex Usztics (Pennsylvania) tech fall Jason Chase (Michigan) 10-0.
114.5 (60 entries)
1st: Sam Hazewinkel (Florida) tech fall Corey Kalina (Iowa) 10-0, 1:06.
3rd: Luke Smith (Wisconsin) tech fall Willy Holst (Wisconsin) 12-2.
5th: Daryl Spackman (Utah) inj. def. Eric Stevenson (Oregon) 0:00.
7th: Eric Sanders (Minnesota) dec. Nathan Browning (Ohio) 9-6.
123 (82 entries)
1st:  Travis Lee (Hawaii) tech fall A.J. Lavender (Illinois) 10-0, 5:37
3rd: Quincy Osbourn (Minnesota) dec. John Wagner (Wisconsin) 10-5.
5th: Christian Bowerman (California) pin Ian McGoldrick (Pennsylvania) 1:23.
7th: Justin Pearch (Oregon) tech fall Luke Metzler (Kansas) 10-0.
132 (101 entries)
1st: Cam Jones (Utah) dec. Harry Lester (Ohio) 10-9
3rd: Todd Meneely (Nebraska) tech fall Matt Stenglien (New York) 11-0.
5th: Tom Vargas (California) dec. Skyler Woods (Nevada) 4-2.
7th: Shawn Bunch (Kansas) tech fall Marco Lara (California) 11-0.
143 (101 entries)
1st: Trent Paulson (Iowa) pin Zach Lamano (Utah) 1:08
3rd: C.P. Schlatter (Ohio) dec. Joe Henning (Wisconsin) 7-3.
5th: Travis Paulson (Iowa) dec. Matt Murray (Kansas) 4-3.
7th: Matt Pell (Wisconsin) tech fall Matt McIntire (Ohio) 11-1.
154 (95 entries)
1st: Matt Nagel (Minnesota) dec. Rob Maxwell (Utah) 4-0
3rd: Dustin Tillman (California) tech fall Tony Hook (Idaho) 21-10.
5th: Daniel Price (California) dec. Nathan Galloway (Pennsylvania) 7-6.
7th: Artem Krylov (California) pin Joe Johnston (Kansas) 2:03.
165 (86 entries)
1st: Matt Herrington (New York) dec. Darin Harris (Utah) 9-5
3rd: Sven Hafemeister (California) dec. Nathan McMillin (Illinois) 3-2.
5th: Brand Shafizabeh (Utah) pin Marshall Marquardt (Iowa) :34.
7th: Paul Bergman (Ohio) dec. A.J. Morgan (Wisconsin) 4-3.
178 (65 entries)
1st: Ryan Halsey (California) dec. Kenny Cook (California) 3-2
3rd: Travis Frick (Pennsylvania) dec. Lee Kraemer (Wisconsin) 3-2, OT.
5th: J.D. Bergman (Ohio) pin Anthony Rubalacava (California) 2:01.
7th: Jeff Courtney (West Virginia) dec. Nick Terry (Ohio) 7-5.
191.5 (58 entries)
1st: K.C. Walsh (Washington) ref. dec. Jeff Clemons (Ohio) 2-1, OT
3rd: Kevin Miles (Ohio) dec. Eric Smith (Idaho) 8-1.
5th: John Davis (Florida) dec. Dustin Docter (Illinois) 9-3.
7th: Justin Dyer (Kansas) dec.. Jared Terrell (New Jersey) 10-7.
220 (44 entries)
1st: Matt Feast (Pennsylvania) dec. Chris Skretkowicz (New Jersey) 3-1.
3rd: Max Lossen (Minnesota) dec. James Hollis (California) 6-0.
5th: Sean Barnes (Illiniois) dec. David Clarke (Virginia) 8-7.
7th: Ian Bork (Kansas) dec. Angelo Caponi (Ohio) 8-1.
275 (53 entries)
1st: Devin Kraege (Wisconsin) dec. Cole Konrad (Wisconsin) 6-2.
3rd: Cain Velasquez (Arizona) dec. Akil Patterson (Maryland) 7-6.
5th: Tyler Rees (Pennsylvania) dec. Christian Knight (Ohio) 8-5, OT.
7th: Josh Downing (California) dec. Adam Patino (California) 6-1
Outstanding Wrestler- Sam Hazewinkel, Florida

Cadet Freestyle Top 10 Team Scores

(All-Americans and points)














New Jersey(4)26







Cadet Freestyle All-Americans

83.5 (25 entries)
1st: Mike Bizzle (Oklahoma) dec. Brett Land (California) 4-3, OT.
3rd: Jason Jacovsky (Maryland) dec. James Elan (Oklahoma) 7-2.
5th: Cory Fish (Washington) dec. Joseph Segari (Louisiana) 5-2.
7th: Fernando Martinez (Indiana) tech fall Josh Hartman (Pennsylvania) 10-0.
88 (29 entries)
1st: Ryan Adams (Minnesota) dec. Nick Gallick (Arizona) 4-2.
3rd: Jeremy Compton (Oklahoma) dec. John Gurich (California) 9-7.
5th: Chris Hollinger (Pennsylvania) dec. Joe Weygand (Pennsylvania) 10-4.
7th: Franklin Gomez (Puerto Rico) dec. Aaron Bingham (Kansas) 9-5.
94.5 (44 entries)
1st: Anthony Easter (West Virginia) dec. Josh Hanson (Minnesota) 9-6.
3rd: Bryan Osuna (California) dec. Steven Juarez (California) 4-0.
5th: Brice Wasserman (Oklahoma) dec. Kody Tolliver (Montana) 13-5.
7th: Brad Pataky (Pennsylvania) tech fall Reese Whitley (Washington) 13-3.
103.5 (77 entries)
1st: Bryan Nunziato (New Jersey) dec. Charlie Falck (Minnesota) 8-5.
3rd: Adam Frey (Pennsylvania) dec. Jason Robbins (Florida) 8-3.
5th: Cesar Grajales (Florida) dec. Kyler Sanderson (Utah) 4-2.
7th: Matt Lang (Oregon) dec. Brandon Shelton (Oklahoma) 8-7.
112: (102 entries)
1st: Dustin Schlatter (Ohio) dec. Mark McKnight (Pennsylvania) 8-0.
3rd: Brandon Hardy (Virginia) dec. Clarence Mays (New Jersey) 7-3.
5th: Tony Pretto (Illinois) dec. Cody Garcia (Kansas) 15-7.
7th: Zac Berman (Illinois) dec. Talon Vickers (Idaho) 8-0.
121 (112 entries)
1st: Michael Poeta (Illinios) dec. Angel Cejudo (Arizona) 9-4.
3rd: Andrae Hernandez (Indiana) tech fall Alex Herrera (California) 10-0.
5th: Mark Bradley (Oregon) dec. Gabe Flores (California) 9-8.
7th: Tony Kubic (Washington) dec. Josh Churella (Michigan) 9-1.
132 (123 entries)
1st: Eric Tannenbaum (Illinios) dec. Matt Collum (Illinios) 3-0.
3rd: Ryan Needle (New York) dec. Matt Coughlin (Indiana) 5-3.
5th: Ryan Froese (Michigan) pin Steve Anceravage (Pennsylvania) 2:48.
7th: Chris Renninger (Pennsylvania) dec. Brent Metcalf (Michigan) 9-0.
143 (110 entries)
1st: Ryan Davis (Maryland) tech fall Keith Gavin (Pennsylvania) 10-0, 1:59.
3rd: Steve Luke (Ohio) dec. Casey Newport (Oklahoma) 6-2.
5th: Dustin Dahlblom (Minnesota) dec. Matt Kocher (Pennsylvania) 7-2.
7th: Danny Laneri (Utah) dec. Chris Jones (Oklahoma) 15-6.
154 (111 entries)
1st: Alex Pavlenko (Arizona) dec. George Lynaugh (Minnesota) 6-2.
3rd: Brad Herman (Pennsylvania) dec. Blake Peterson (Missouri) 7-3.
5th: Chuck Koz (Ohio) tech fall Joe Cortez (California) 16-6.
7th: Sean Richmond (Pennsylvania) dec. Drew McMahon (Illinois) 10-4.
167 (78 entries)
1st: Luke Hogle (Oregon) dec. Joshua Weitzel (Pennsylvania) 10-4.
3rd: Aaron Jones (Montana) dec. Doug Umbehauer (New Jersey) 3-1.
5th: Michael Short (Indiana) vs. John Laboranti (Pennsylvania) 4-0.
7th: Jake Herbert (Pennsylvania) dec. Jared Shelton (Oklahoma) 11-10.
182.5 (67 entries)
1st: Matt Maciag (New Jersey) dec. Mike Maresh (Minnesota) 6-4, OT.
3rd: Joe Williams (California) pin Caleb Young (Oklahoma) 1:26.
5th: Patrick Bond (Virginia) dec. Kurt Brenner (Pennsylvania) 5-2.
7th: Ed Wade (Alaska) inj. def. Jerome Zachariah (California).
209 (69 entries)
1st: Grant Miller (Illinois) dec. Joe Dennis (Ohio) 9-3.
3rd: Gerard Habibian (Utah) tech fall Jeremy Clinger (Ohio) 10-0.
5th: Aaron Silbernagel (North Dakota) dec. Dane Pape (Iowa) 6-5, OT.
7th: Ed Shields (Michigan) pin Bill Breedlove (Iowa) 1:45.
242 (41 entries)
1st: Jon May (Minnesota) dec. Tony Johnson (Ohio) 7-1.
3rd: Patrick Barrentine (Ohio) dec. Chase Wettencamp (Wisconsin) 8-2.
5th: Matthew Linker (North Carolina) pin Nikola Dragovic (California) :18.
7th: Kyle Devan (California) dec. Nicholas Smith (Idaho) 6-0.
Outstanding Wrestler- Dustin Schlatter (Ohio), 112

Junior Freestyle Top 10 Team Scores

(All-Americans and points)








New Jersey(6)27













Junior Freestyle All-Americans

98 (26 entries)
1st: Gabriel Mooney (Minnesota) dec. Paul Donahoe (Michgain) 8-6.
3rd: Tim Harner (Pennsylvania) dec. Brad Canterbury (Pennsylvania) 5-4.
5th: Vincent Cina (Maryland) pin Dave Mason (Oklahoma) 2:07.
7th: Brett Rolofson (Missouri) dec. Hamed Heider (Virginia) 4:02.
105.5 (38 entries)
1st: Mack Reiter (Iowa) tech fall Michael Goslicky (Pennsylvania) 12-2.
3rd: Alex Contreras (Arizona) dec. Christian Smith (Virginia) 7-4.
5th: Javier Maldanado (Florida) dec. James Granger (Oregon) 5-3.
7th: Brock Zollinger (Idaho) dec. Kevin Hunter (Utah) 3-1.
114.5 (92 entries)
1st: Mark Moos (Ohio) dec. Sam Hazewinkel (Florida) 13-12.
3rd: Luke Smith (Wisconsin) dec. Eric Stevenson (Oregon) 9-3.
5th: Christian Staylor (Virginia) tech fall Nathan Kendjorsky (Ohio) 10-0.
7th: Austin DeVoe (Kansas) tech fall Mike Silengo (Colorado) 12-1.
123 (122 entries)
1st: Travis Lee (Hawaii) dec. Nick Simmons (Michigan) 3-1.
3rd: Jafari Vanier (Minnesota) tech fall Darrell Vasquez (California) 13-4.
5th: Justin Pearch (Oregon) inj. def. Tony Franco (California).
7th: Tom Clum (Colorado) dec. Martin Mitchell (Washington) 9-2.
132 (122 entries)
1st: Teyon Ware (Oklahoma) dec. Dave Hoffman (Pennsylvania) 9-4.
3rd: Todd Meneely (Nebraska) dec. Nate Gallick (Arizona) 6-4.
5th: Chase Metcalf (Michigan) dec. Andy Simmons (Michigan) 6-3.
7th: Daniel Friskhorn (Virginia) dec. Ed Gutnik (New Jersey) 8-2.
143 (140 entries)
1st: Ron Tarquinio (Pennsylvania) dec. Ben Cherrington (Colorado) 9-6.
3rd: Matt McIntire (Ohio) dec. Brian Stith (Virginia) 4-1.
5th: Trent Paulson (Iowa) tech fall Clay Chambers (Oklahoma) 11-1.
7th: Ty Eustice (Minnesota) inj. def. C.P. Schlatter (Ohio) 0:00.
154 (121 entries)
1st: Derek Zinck (Pennsylvania) dec. Zach Esposito (New Jersey) 7-4.
3rd: Israel Martinez (Illinois) dec. Marcus LeVesseur (Minnesota) 5-5, ref. dec.
5th: Rayes Gonzales (Nevada) dec. Cole Pape (Iowa) 14-9.
7th: Joe Johnston (Kansas) dec. Arnold Lottering (Georgia) 8-2.
165 (112 entries)
1st: Johnny Hendricks (Oklahoma) tech fall Matt Herrington (New York) 10-0, 2:40.
3rd: Mark Mueller (Iowa) dec. Ben Askren (Wisconsin) 10-9.
5th: Troy Letters (Pennsylvania) tech fall Jeremy Hart (Pennsylvania) 10-0.
7th: Jerry Barragan (California) tech fall Justin Udell (Arizona) 11-0.
178 (89 entries)
1st: Hetag Pliev (Ohio) dec. Willie Parks (Colorado) 4-2.
3rd: Ryan Halsey (California) tech fall Pete Friedl (Illinois) 16-6.
5th: Travis Frick (Pennsylvania) dec. Matt Steel (Oklahoma) 4-2.
7th: Roger Kish (Michigan) tech fall Nathaniel Auguston (New Mexico) 12-2.
191.5 (72 entries)
1st: Jeff Clemens (Ohio) dec. Andy Rios (Ohio) 6-5.
3rd: Jake Rosholt (Idaho) tech fall K.C. Walsh (Washington) 11-1.
5th: Nathan Moore (Indiana) tech fall Chase Vendorn (Missouri) 12-2.
7th: Kevin Miles (Oregon) pin Adam Haake (Minnesota) 1:25.
220 (65 entries)
1st: Matt Feast (Pennsylvania) tech fall Criston Bietz (South Dakota) 16-5, 5:59.
3rd: Jake Butler (New Jersey) dec. Karl Person (Oklahoma) 8-5.
5th: Michael Shedek (Iowa) dec. Chad Espinoza (Nevada) 6-0.
7th: Chris Skretkowicz (New Jersey) tech fall B.J. Padden (South Dakota) 10-0.
275 (57 entries)
1st: Steven Mocco (New Jersey) pin Cain Velasquez (Arizona) 3:25.
3rd: Joel Powers (Illinois) pin Cole Konrad (Wisconsin) 1:09.
5th: Greg Wagner (Indiana) pin Tom Curl (New Jersey) :55.
7th: Devin Kraege (Wisconsin) pin Arturo Basulto (California) 1:49.

Outstanding Wrestler- Steve Mocco (New Jersey), 275

Team Minnesota – Cadet Greco-Roman

Ryan Adams (MN) 2nd Place

88 (24 entries)

Ryan Adams (MN) fall 1:23 Tony Mustari (CO)
Ryan Adams (MN) tech 11-0 Chris Hollinger (PA)
Ryan Adams (MN) tech 13-3 Jeremy Compton (OK)
Ryan Adams (MN) dec 9-0 Andrew Gonzalez (CA)
Ryan Adams (MN) fall 2:20 Bradley Muri (WA)
Nick Gallick (AZ) tech 11-0 Ryan Adams (MN)

Josh Hanson (MN) 4th Place

94.5 (35 entries)

Josh Hanson (MN) def Blake Parreira (CA)
Josh Hanson (MN) fall 3:31 Kyle James (TN)
Josh Hanson (MN) fall 1:06 Conor Beebe (IL)
Gilbert Lopez (OR) dec 6-4 Josh Hanson (MN)
Josh Hanson (MN) dec 9-5 Cody Tolliver (MT)
Josh Hanson (MN) dec 9-5 Scott Prutzman (NY)
Steven Juarez (CA) dec 13-8 Josh Hanson (MN)

T. Safratowich (MN) 2nd Place

94.5 (35 entries)

T. Safratowich (MN) tech 10-0 Travis Anderson (CO)
T. Safratowich (MN) BYE
T. Safratowich (MN) fall 2:52 Jason Naylor (TX)
T. Safratowich (MN) tech 10-0 Stuart Brinkman (WY)
T. Safratowich (MN) dec 8-3 Louis Bean (ID)
T. Safratowich (MN) dec 4-1 Sam Julian (PA)
T. Safratowich (MN) BYE
T. Safratowich (MN) tech 11-1 Steven Juarez (CA)
Cody Tolliver (MT) dec 10-9 T. Safratowich (MN)

Grant Johnson (MN) DNP

103.5 (63 entries)

Tanner Gardner (KS) fall 3:14 Grant Johnson (MN)
Tyson Larson (NE) fall 2:43 Grant Johnson (MN)

Danny Simmons (MN) DNP

103.5 (63 entries)

Weston Harris (UT) fall 1:44 Danny Simmons (MN)
Jason Vermes (CT) fall 0:21 Danny Simmons (MN)

Kent Nathe (MN) DNP

112 (73 entries)

Kent Nathe (MN) tech 13-1 Alex Maldonado (NE)
Kent Nathe (MN) tech 12-0 Matt Kilmartin (MI)
Kent Nathe (MN) dec 7-6 Steve Sutton (NY)
Mark McKnight (PA) dec 6-5 Kent Nathe (MN)
Kent Nathe (MN) dec 7-4 Levi Haugen (ND)
Kent Nathe (MN) dec 3-1 Jordan Crass (WI)
Tim Pierce (CA) fall 3:39 Kent Nathe (MN)

Ken Saufl (MN) DNP

112 (73 entries)

Ken Saufl (MN) tech 10-0 Suliaman Khan (WY)
Talon Vickers (ID) fall 1:17 Ken Saufl (MN)
John Rue (NY) dec 7-6 Ken Saufl (MN)

David Weinand (MN) DNP

121 (90 entries)

David Weinand (MN) tech 10-0 Nathan Deel (KS)
David Weinand (MN) dec 9-1 Craig Henning (WI)
David Weinand (MN) dec 5-0 Charlie Ettelson (IA)
David Weinand (MN) tech 12-2 Jay Chichester (VA)
Matt Stuart (NY) dec 5-2 David Weinand (MN)
David Weinand (MN) tech 12-2 Tim Ebenhoeh (MI)
M. Throckmorton (PA) dec 9-0 David Weinand (MN)

Chris Anderson (MN) DNP

121 (90 entries)

Chris Anderson (MN) fall 0:57 Greg Lapinski (WI)
Chris Anderson (MN) dec 8-1 Jeff Taylor (OR)
Danny Zeman (IL) tech 11-0 Chris Anderson (MN)
Brian McGahee (GA) fall 2:47 Chris Anderson (MN)

Micah Flodeen (MN) 5th Place

121 (90 entries)

Micah Flodeen (MN) tech 11-1 Jason Makara (PA)
Micah Flodeen (MN) dec 9-8 Andrew Perez (OH)
Stephen Schantin (OR) fall 3:02 Micah Flodeen (MN)
Micah Flodeen (MN) dec 4-2 McKay Sanderson (UT)
Micah Flodeen (MN) tech 12-1 Nick Harris (NY)
Micah Flodeen (MN) tech 10-0 Zack Beck (MI)
Micah Flodeen (MN) dec 3-3 Travis Lang (ND)
Alex Tsirtsis (IN) dec 3-0 Micah Flodeen (MN)
Micah Flodeen (MN) fall 3:32 Tim Ebenhoeh (MI)

Jake Grygelko (MN) DNP

121 (90 entries)

Phillip Dunn (PA) fall 0:39 Jake Grygelko (MN)
Chase Walker (UT) fall 0:38 Jake Grygelko (MN)

Joe Roberts (MN) DNP

132 (101 entries)

Clint Leonard (ID) fall 1:50 Joe Roberts (MN)
Tony Lajoie (MI) tech 12-1 Joe Roberts (MN)

Levi Price (MN) DNP

132 (101 entries)

Levi Price (MN) fall 2:20 Brandon Brille (NE)
Levi Price (MN) fall 3:02 Donny Ooton (VA)
Levi Price (MN) dec 10-2 Seth Robinson (MO)
Gregg Romano (NJ) dec 6-3 Levi Price (MN)
Carter Downing (WY) tech 13-3 Levi Price (MN)

Cody Olson (MN) DNP

132 (101 entries)

Jeff Ramsey (AZ) tech 10-0 Cody Olson (MN)
Cody Olson (MN) tech 12-0 Mark Fry (MD)
Cody Olson (MN) dec 18-11 Gurpratap Gill (IN)
Joe Rico (CA) tech 12-0 Cody Olson (MN)

A. Quittschreiber (MN) DNP

132 (101 entries)

Kevin Rieman (OH) fall 3:44 A. Quittschreiber (MN)
A. Quittschreiber (MN) fall 1:42 Doug Robelman (NC)
Chris Abbott (UT) dec 7-2 A. Quittschreiber (MN)

Nate Matousek (MN) DNP

143 (82 entries)

Nate Matousek (MN) tech 10-0 Matt Lower (PA)
Nate Matousek (MN) tech 10-0 Eric Lakia (OH)
Colton Salazar (UT) dec 5-3 Nate Matousek (MN)
Nate Matousek (MN) dec 9-2 Jacob Wyatt (MI)
Nate Matousek (MN) dec 7-0 Ben Imdieke (ND)
Scott Loescher (OR) dec 4-1 Nate Matousek (MN)

Mike Quamme (MN) DNP

143 (82 entries)

Mike Quamme (MN) fall 1:01 Brad Aldrete (LA)
Mike Quamme (MN) fall 0:45 Joshua Kallai (OH)
Mike Quamme (MN) tech 12-1 Kellyn Parker (MI)
Mike Quamme (MN) tech 12-1 Ryan Fitzgerald (NY)
Cody Burdett (UT) fall 3:26 Mike Quamme (MN)
Matt Crippes (CA) dec 4-3 Mike Quamme (MN)

Cory Harnitz (MN) 7th Place

143 (82 entries)

Cory Harnitz (MN) dec 6-3 Kirk Main (PA)
Cory Harnitz (MN) tech 10-0 Curtis Roddy (MN)
Cory Harnitz (MN) dec 8-5 Ryan Davis (MD)
Cory Harnitz (MN) BYE
Cory Harnitz (MN) tech 11-0 Ricky Tippett (MD)
Cory Harnitz (MN) fall 3:03 Daniel Murphree (CA)
Matt Crippes (CA) fall 1:55 Cory Harnitz (MN)
Cory Harnitz (MN) dec 6-2 Jerid Lovejoy (NY)

Curtis Roddy (MN) DNP

143 (82 entries)

Curtis Roddy (MN) fall 3:09 Matt ReMillard (WA)
Cory Harnitz (MN) tech 10-0 Curtis Roddy (MN)
Zach Shanaman (NJ) dec 5-4 Cory Harnitz (MN)
Kirk Main (PA) dec 9-6 Curtis Roddy (MN)

Mike Felling (MN) 1st Place

154 (86 entries)

Mike Felling (MN) dec 5-1 Mike Bianco (PA)
Mike Felling (MN) tech 11-0 Nick Shaffer (OR)
Mike Felling (MN) tech 12-1 Chris Sermone (CA)
Mike Felling (MN) dec 10-3 P.J. Bolanis (OH)
Mike Felling (MN) tech 11-0 Brian Carter (LA)
Mike Felling (MN) dec 6-3 Nick Hayes (IA)
Mike Felling (MN) dec 11-3 Rick Brownlee (GA)
Mike Felling (MN) dec 6-0 Brett Sloan (CA)
Mike Felling (MN) tech 11-0 Alex Pavlenko (AZ)

Phil Meinert (MN) DNP

154 (86 entries)

Neal Beaudry (OR) dec 5-0 Phil Meinert (MN)
Andy Fry (IA) fall 0:33 Phil Meinert (MN)

Nathan Kocer (MN) DNP

167 (67 entries)

Nick Padezan (PA) dec 11-5 Nathan Kocer (MN)
Chris Goings (VA) tech 13-1 Nathan Kocer (MN)

Jeremy Pederson (MN) DNP

167 (67 entries)

Jeremy Pederson (MN) tech 11-0 Riley Yates (ID)
Jeremy Pederson (MN) tech 14-2 Andrew Oakley (NC)
Jeremy Pederson (MN) tech 10-0 Rob Orleski (NY)
Jeremy Pederson (MN) tech 11-1 Mark Murphy (PA)
Aaron Anyan (MO) dec 3-1 Jeremy Pederson (MN)
Jeremy Pederson (MN) dec 9-2 Daniel Shefchik (WI)
Jeremy Pederson (MN) BYE
Orlando (CA) tech 12-0 Jeremy Pederson (MN)

Justin Bronson (MN) DNP

167 (67 entries)

Joe Dustin (OR) fall 3:50 Justin Bronson (MN)
Aaron Jones (MT) fall 1:27 Justin Bronson (MN)

Justin Nygaard (MN) DNP

167 (67 entries)

Justin McAuly (WI) fall 1:10 Justin Nygaard (MN)
Justin Nygaard (MN) fall 2:26 Kyle Flory (KS)
Edward Kennedy (IN) fall 2:48 Justin Nygaard (MN)

Dragomir Mijic (MN) DNP

182.5 (43 entries)

Nick Boles (NJ) tech 10-0 Dragomir Mijic (MN)
Dragomir Mijic (MN) tech 12-0 Jared Rosholt (ID)
Dragomir Mijic (MN) dec 5-4 Tom Maxworthy (OH)
Dragomir Mijic (MN) BYE
Dragomir Mijic (MN) fall 1:51 Jody Johnson (NY)
Joe Williams (CA) dec 4-2 Dragomir Mijic (MN)

Sean Malone (MN) DNP

182.5 (43 entries)

Kurt Brenner (PA) dec 4-3 Sean Malone (MN)
Jake Cranford (OR) dec 14-12 Sean Malone (MN)

Kyle Massey (MN) 3rd Place

209 (60 entries)

Kyle Massey (MN) fall 1:14 Phillip Swanson (IA)
Kyle Massey (MN) dec 3-0 Will Clarke (IN)
Kyle Massey (MN) tech 11-0 Kyle Hill (KS)
Kyle Massey (MN) dec 8-0 Kyle Simmons (WA)
Kyle Massey (MN) tech 10-0 Kody Nielson (CA)
Kyle Massey (MN) dec 4-3 Jacob Kallestad (MT)
Grant Miller (IL) dec 4-0 Kyle Massey (MN)
Kyle Massey (MN) tech 11-0 Tom Rice (NE)
Kyle Massey (MN) tech 11-0 Nate Savering (MN)

Nate Savering (MN) 4th Place

209 (60 entries)

Nate Savering (MN) dec 8-2 Brandon Hester (CA)
Nate Savering (MN) tech 10-0 Bryan Slattery (PA)
Nate Savering (MN) tech 10-0 Sam Ritter (FL)
Nate Savering (MN) tech 10-0 Jerry Rutledge (OR)
Patrick Brownson (IL) dec 3-0 Nate Savering (MN)
Nate Savering (MN) dec 4-2 John Bates (OR)
Nate Savering (MN) fall 1:14 Steve Anderson (MI)
Kyle Massey (MN) tech 11-0 Nate Savering (MN)

Mike Yilek (MN) DNP

242 (39 entries)

Dallin Norton (UT) fall 0:30 Mike Yilek (MN)
Mike Yilek (MN) fall 1:08 R.C. Brown (WY)
Lerry Langowski (IL) DISQ   Mike Yilek (MN)

Trevor Laws (MN) 3rd Place

242 (39 entries)

Trevor Laws (MN) tech 10-0 Chad Lofink (IL)
Trevor Laws (MN) fall 1:46 Nicholas Smith (ID)
Trevor Laws (MN) tech 10-0 Joe Wright (MI)
Trevor Laws (MN) dec 4-1 Randy Feigner (OR)
Trevor Laws (MN) tech 10-0 Sam Karash (NE)
Trevor Laws (MN) dec 3-0 Nikola Dragovic (CA)
Chase Wetenkamp (WI) dec 4-2 Trevor Laws (MN)
Trevor Laws (MN) dec 9-0 Jason Montgomery (CA)

Jon May (MN) DNP

242 (39 entries)

Jon May (MN) dec 8-1 Brett Barrie (NY)
Kyle Daily (IN) fall 2:21 Jon May (MN)
Patrick Barrentine (OH) dec 5-0 Jon May (MN)

Team Minnesota – Cadet Freestyle

Justin Lebahn (MN) DNP

83.5 (25 entries)

Fernando Martinez (IN) tech 12-2 Justin Lebahn (MN)
C.J. Dominguez (CA) fall 2:39 Justin Lebahn (MN)

Ryan Adams (MN) 1st Place

88 (29 entries)

Ryan Adams (MN) tech 12-0 Jake Whisonant (WY)
Ryan Adams (MN) dec 7-4 Joel Ahern (NY)
Ryan Adams (MN) tech 10-0 Andrew Gonzalez (CA)
Ryan Adams (MN) fall 3:46 Bradley Muri (WA)
Ryan Adams (MN) dec 12-8 Chris Hollinger (PA)
Ryan Adams (MN) dec 4-2 Nick Gallick (AZ)

Josh Hanson (MN) 2nd Place

94.5 (44 entries)

Josh Hanson (MN) tech 11-0 Kurt Lennick (ND)
Josh Hanson (MN) fall 0:24 Matt Price (IN)
Josh Hanson (MN) fall 0:15 Kris Fox (OR)
Bryan Osuna (CA) dec 5-3 Josh Hanson (MN)
Josh Hanson (MN) dec 11-8 Matt Fisk (PA)
Josh Hanson (MN) fall 1:49 Terry Jackson (OH)
Josh Hanson (MN) fall 1:49 Brice Wasserman (OK)
Anthony Easter (WV) dec 9-6 Josh Hanson (MN)

Pat Bertelsen (MN) DNP

94.5 (44 entries)

M. Degliobizzi (DE) fall 0:44 Pat Bertelsen (MN)
Grant Gerk (WY) fall 0:54 Pat Bertelsen (MN)

Tyler Safratowich (MN) DNP

94.5 (44 entries)

Tyler Safratowich (MN) dec 6-1 Kyle James (TN)
Kody Tolliver (MT) dec 13-10 Tyler Safratowich (MN)
Tyler Safratowich (MN) dec 6-5 Kyle Terry (OK)
Tyler Safratowich (MN) dec 12-3 Scott Prutzman (NY)
Tyler Safratowich (MN) dec 6-5 Anthony Easter (WV)
Steven Juarez (CA) dec 9-8 Tyler Safratowich (MN)

Matt Hohenstein (MN) DNP

94.5 (44 entries)

Andrew Carrillo (KS) fall 1:11 Matt Hohenstein (MN)
Steven Juarez (CA) fall 0:32 Matt Hohenstein (MN)

Nick Walsh (MN) DNP

103.5 (77 entries)

Jason Robbins (FL) fall 1:27 Nick Walsh (MN)
Tyler Sherfey (WA) fall 1:29 Nick Walsh (MN)

Daniel Tabbert (MN) DNP

103.5 (77 entries)

Matt Lang (OR) tech 11-0 Daniel Tabbert (MN)
David Manoogian (OH) tech 10-0 Daniel Tabbert (MN)

Charlie Falck (MN) 2nd Place

103.5 (77 entries)

Charlie Falck (MN) tech 10-0 Erddie Swindell (NE)
Charlie Falck (MN) dec 3-2 Micah Ferguson (CA)
Charlie Falck (MN) tech 10-0 Eric Albright (PA)
Charlie Falck (MN) dec 11-4 Jordan Leen (TN)
Charlie Falck (MN) dec 6-2 Mike Rodriguez (WA)
Charlie Falck (MN) fall 2:08 Adam Frey (PA)
Charlie Falck (MN) tech 11-0 Brandon Shelton (OK)
Charlie Falck (MN) dec 7-4 Cesar Grajales (FL)
Bryan Nunziato (NJ) dec 8-5 Charlie Falck (MN)

Jordan Burmeister (MN) DNP

112 (102 entries)

Johnny Rojas (CA) dec 10-6 Jordan Burmeister (MN)
Jordan Burmeister (MN) tech 10-0 J. Robinson (TN)
Jason Johnstone (OH) tech 16-6 Jordan Burmeister (MN)

Richard Fessler (MN) DNP

112 (102 entries)

Richard Fessler (MN) tech 11-1 Brandon Tewalt (WI)
Richard Fessler (MN) tech 11-0 Tea Toeun (IA)
Richard Fessler (MN) tech 10-0 Skyler Pettengell (ID)
Clarence Mays (NJ) fall 1:14 Richard Fessler (MN)
Richard Fessler (MN) dec 10-2 Paul Lyon (MI)
Mike Bryan (PA) dec 11-5 Richard Fessler (MN)

John Denney (MN) DNP

121 (112 entries)

John Denney (MN) fall 0:46 Kyle Coffman (FL)
John Denney (MN) tech 10-0 Adam Farr (WI)
John Denney (MN) dec 6-2 Corey Swanson (CO)
John Denney (MN) dec 7-5 Usman Khan (WY)
Anthony Castro (NJ) dec 10-8 John Denney (MN)
Gabe Flores (CA) tech 11-0 John Denney (MN)

Jake Grygelko (MN) DNP

121 (112 entries)

Cody Sweat (UT) dec 6-0 Jake Grygelko (MN)
Jake Grygelko (MN) INDF Matt Hautala (WY)
Tony Kubec (WA) tech 11-0 Jake Grygelko (MN)

Andrew Scherer (MN) DNP

121 (112 entries)

Nick Reidman (ND) fall 3:38 Andrew Scherer (MN)
Joey Morrisson (NE) fall 1:33 Andrew Scherer (MN)

Jacob Lanoue (MN) DNP

132 (123 entries)

Troy Pitch (MI) dec 5-0 Jacob Lanoue (MN)
Mark Marquez (CA) tech 10-0 Jacob Lanoue (MN)

A. Quittschreiber (MN) DNP

132 (123 entries)

A. Quittschreiber (MN) dec 5-1 Leon Schenck (LA)
A. Quittschreiber (MN) fall 1:53 Kyle Temple (OR)
A. Quittschreiber (MN) dec 4-3 Marcelllo Medini (NJ)
Carter Downing (WY) INDF   A. Quittschreiber (MN)
Lucas Anderson (CA) dec 9-3 A. Quittschreiber (MN)

Joe Roberts (MN) DNP

132 (123 entries)

Jeremie Degen (SD) fall 3:07 Joe Roberts (MN)
Joe Roberts (MN) fall 1:58 Colin Wagner (OK)
Rocky Cozart (FL) tech 10-0 Joe Roberts (MN)

Adam Rall (MN) DNP

143 (110 entries)

Adam Rall (MN) dec 4-1 Zachary Myers (ID)
Adam Rall (MN) dec 5-2 Max Askren (WI)
Zachary Shanaman (NJ) dec 4-2 Adam Rall (MN)
Daniel Murphree (CA) tech 15-3 Adam Rall (MN)

Cory Schmitz (MN) DNP

143 (110 entries)

Cory Schmitz (MN) fall 1:35 Jake Akkerman (WI)
Casey Newport (OK) dec 16-8 Cory Schmitz (MN)
Cory Schmitz (MN) tech 16-5 Brett Arand (OR)
Cory Schmitz (MN) fall 1:21 John Cummings (NY)
Ricky Tippett (MD) dec 8-5 Cory Schmitz (MN)

Nate Matousek (MN) DNP

143 (110 entries)

Nate Matousek (MN) tech 10-0 M. Christiansen (ID)
Nate Matousek (MN) dec 6-0 Tyler Tisdell (NJ)
Nate Matousek (MN) dec 7-6 Thomas Rhodes (KS)
Nate Matousek (MN) tech 11-0 Eric Gatz (SD)
Mike Gabrielson (CA) dec 4-1 Nate Matousek (MN)
Nate Matousek (MN) dec 4-2 Lindel Sierra (CA)
Danny Laneri (UT) tech 13-3 Nate Matousek (MN)

Dustin Dahlblom (MN) 5th Place

143 (110 entries)

Dustin Dahlblom (MN) tech 10-0 Jeff Baker (FL)
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) tech 11-1 Jay Akers (IN)
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) tech 10-0 Colin Nelson (WI)
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) tech 11-0 Jacob Wyett (MI)
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) tech 10-0 Jason Hollar (PA)
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) tech 13-3 Shane Vernon (OK)
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) dec 5-4 Mike Gabrielson (CA)
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) fall 1:29 Danny Laneri (UT)
Steve Luke (OH) dec 8-0 Dustin Dahlblom (MN)
Ryan Davis (MD) dec 5-1 Dustin Dahlblom (MN)
Dustin Dahlblom (MN) dec 7-2 Matt Kocher (PA)

Jeff Grosland (MN) DNP

143 (110 entries)

Ryan Freeman (MO) dec 5-3 Jeff Grosland (MN)
Ryan Davis (MD) tech 11-0 Jeff Grosland (MN)

Nathan Dahlheimer (MN) DNP

154 (111 entries)

Nathan Dahlheimer (MN) tech 10-0 Nate Risser (ND)
Nathan Dahlheimer (MN) tech 11-0 Rick Brownlee (GA)
Nathan Dahlheimer (MN) dec 10-5 Anthony McMichael (MI)
Nathan Dahlheimer (MN) tech 10-0 Keenan McCurdy (NE)
Chuck Koz (OH) dec 8-6 Nathan Dahlheimer (MN)
Nathan Dahlheimer (MN) tech 14-3 Brandon Yeargain (OK)
Dustin Davis (OK) dec 10-6 Nathan Dahlheimer (MN)

Jason White (MN) DNP

154 (111 entries)

Jason White (MN) fall 0:41 Tyler Neether (ND)
Jason White (MN) tech 10-0 Cameron Hayes (IN)
Jason White (MN) tech 12-0 Michael Grishman (LA)
Sean Richmond (PA) dec 7-2 Jason White (MN)
Nick Davis (FL) dec 7-6 Jason White (MN)

Kyle Anderson (MN) DNP

154 (111 entries)

Kyle Anderson (MN) tech 12-2 Brendan Couture (NC)
Chris Wilson (OH) dec 10-6 Kyle Anderson (MN)
Alex Pavlenko (AZ) dec 4-3 Kyle Anderson (MN)

George Lynaugh (MN) 2nd Place

154 (111 entries)

George Lynaugh (MN) dec 5-4 Blake Maurer (IN)
George Lynaugh (MN) tech 14-4 Rob Conley (OH)
George Lynaugh (MN) dec 11-5 Trevor Suter (NJ)
George Lynaugh (MN) tech 10-0 Andy Wempen (WY)
George Lynaugh (MN) dec 4-3 Jesse Reader (MI)
George Lynaugh (MN) dec 10-5 Brandon Thomson (CA)
George Lynaugh (MN) fall 3:16 Drew McMahon (IL)
George Lynaugh (MN) fall 1:59 Nick Hayes (IA)
George Lynaugh (MN) tech 11-0 Jose Cortez (AZ)
Brad Herman (PA) dec 7-2 George Lynaugh (MN)
Alex Pavlenko (AZ) dec 9-2 George Lynaugh (MN)

Nick Lentz (MN) DNP

154 (111 entries)

Nick Lentz (MN) dec 10-3 Ryan Kuzel (NY)
Nick Lentz (MN) tech 13-3 Tropher Ewing (IA)
Nick Lentz (MN) fall 3:00 Beau Suder (WY)
Nick Lentz (MN) tech 10-0 Ward Brady (IL)
Nick Lentz (MN) dec 4-0 Steve Avila (CA)
Brad Herman (PA) tech 11-1 Nick Lentz (MN)
Nick Hayes (IA) tech 11-0 Nick Lentz (MN)

Tyler Bezdicek (MN) DNP

167 (78 entries)

Mark Zabala (CA) tech 14-2 Tyler Bezdicek (MN)
Clyde Switzer (WA) fall 1:03 Tyler Bezdicek (MN)

Tom Nesseth (MN) DNP

167 (78 entries)

Doug Umbehauer (NJ) dec 9-0 Tom Nesseth (MN)
Tom Nesseth (MN) tech 11-1 Marcus Garcia (CA)
Tom Nesseth (MN) tech 13-2 Dash Dudley (MI)
Arik Wolfe (IN) dec 10-4 Tom Nesseth (MN)

William Fink (MN) DNP

167 (78 entries)

Matt Henderson (WY) tech 10-0 William Fink (MN)
Mike Galante (NJ) tech 10-0 William Fink (MN)

Grant Smith (MN) DNP

182.5 (67 entries)

Grant Smith (MN) dec 3-0 Todd Sigler (ID)
Grant Smith (MN) dec 4-2 Leo Saniuk (OH)
Rusty Morgan (OK) fall 0:27 Grant Smith (MN)
Grant Smith (MN) dec 12-7 Trey McLean (OR)
Jerome Zachariah (CA) fall 3:37 Grant Smith (MN)

Nick Rydberg (MN) DNP

182.5 (67 entries)

Nick Rydberg (MN) def Mitchell Tilley (GA)
Brian Tyers (MI) fall 1:08 Nick Rydberg (MN)
Kurt Brenner (PA) tech 10-0 Nick Rydberg (MN)

Mike Maresh (MN) 2nd Place

182.5 (67 entries)

Mike Maresh (MN) tech 11-1 Riley Schmiotke (HI)
Mike Maresh (MN) tech 10-0 Scott Piatt (NJ)
Mike Maresh (MN) dec 14-7 Aaron Stewart (MI)
Mike Maresh (MN) dec 7-2 Grant Peissig (WI)
Mike Maresh (MN) dec 8-0 Jerome Zachariah (CA)
Mike Maresh (MN) dec 9-3 Chase Thompson (IN)
Mike Maresh (MN) dec 4-3 Kurt Brenner (PA)
Matt Maciag (NJ) dec 6-4 Mike Maresh (MN)

Levi Kruse (MN) DNP

182.5 (67 entries)

Levi Kruse (MN) fall 3:07 Zach Parrish (NC)
Levi Kruse (MN) dec 7-0 Jeremy Mosely (FL)
Levi Kruse (MN) tech 11-0 Jordan Bedore (KS)
Levi Kruse (MN) dec 9-4 Jake Cranford (OR)
Patrick Bond (VA) dec 7-0 Levi Kruse (MN)
Matt Maciag (NJ) tech 12-2 Levi Kruse (MN)

Ross Kockelman (MN) DNP

182.5 (67 entries)

Kockelman (MN) fall 2:59 Phillip Alvord (CA)
Ross Kockelman (MN) dec 8-0 Jarrad Stapleton (OK)
Jed Wade (AK) dec 5-2 Ross Kockelman (MN)
Ross Kockelman (MN) dec 15-9 Tyler Moyer (WA)
Ross Kockelman (MN) dec 6-5 Kevin Zehr (IN)
Joe Williams (CA) tech 11-0 Ross Kockelman (MN)

Kyle Massey (MN) DNP

209 (69 entries)

Kyle Massey (MN) fall 2:48 Tim Kelley (GA)
Kyle Massey (MN) tech 11-0 Charlie Wilson (OK)
Kyle Massey (MN) tech 11-0 Josh Cupp (MO)
Dane Pape (IA) dec 5-0 Kyle Massey (MN)
Kyle Massey (MN) tech 13-2 Ryan Frost (MI)
Patrick Brownson (IL) dec 6-4 Kyle Massey (MN)

Nate Savering (MN) DNP

209 (69 entries)

Evan Mattingly (WA) dec 11-9 Nate Savering (MN)
Noah Amba (HI) dec 3-2 Nate Savering (MN)

Alan Erickson (MN) DNP

242 (41 entries)

Bratt Barrie (NY) fall 0:11 Alan Erickson (MN)
Alan Erickson (MN) dec 5-3 Joe Wood (MI)
Tony Johnson (OH) dec 9-2 Alan Erickson (MN)

Ben Roberson (MN) DNP

242 (41 entries)

Ben Roberson (MN) dec 3-0 Tyler Edwards (OK)
Ben Roberson (MN) dec 5-1 Justin Green (MT)
Ben Roberson (MN) fall 1:56 Michael Patton (IN)
Kyle Devan (CA) dec 7-0 Ben Roberson (MN)
Patrick Barrentine (OH) tech 11-0 Ben Roberson (MN)

Jon May (MN) 1st Place

242 (41 entries)

Jon May (MN) tech 10-0 Dallin Norton (UT)
Jon May (MN) tech 11-0 Steven Lyon (FL)
Jon May (MN) fall 0:50 Larry Langowski (IL)
Jon May (MN) dec 6-1 Nikola Dragovic (CA)
Jon May (MN) tech 10-0 Bode Ogunwole (MD)
Jon May (MN) dec 11-10 Patrick Barrentine (OH)
Jon May (MN) dec 7-1 Tony Johnson (OH)

Team Minnesota – Junior Greco-Roman

Gabe Mooney (MN) 1st Place

98 (17 entries)

Gabe Mooney (MN) tech 11-0 Vincent Cina (MD)
Gabe Mooney (MN) tech 12-2 Bradley O’Dell (IL)
Gabe Mooney (MN) tech 10-0 Chad Woods (IN)
Gabe Mooney (MN) tech 12-0 Matt Gardner (OR)
Gabe Mooney (MN) dec 5-2 Paul Donahue (MI)
Gabe Mooney (MN) fall 2:31 Hamed Heider (VA)
Gabe Mooney (MN) tech 10-0 Luke Seger (IN)

Shane Walton (MN) 5th Place

98 (17 entries)

Shane Walton (MN) def Rene Robles (AZ)
Shane Walton (MN) dec 12-6 Sandeep Kumar (NY)
Cash Coolidge (NE) tech 13-2 Shane Walton (MN)
Luke Seger (IN) tech 10-0 Shane Walton (MN)
Shane Walton (MN) dec 11-9 Hamed Heider (VA)

Luke Walton (MN) DNP

105.5 (31 entries)

Luke Walton (MN) fall 0:37 Brandon Bradley (VA)
John Espinoza (AZ) tech 12-2 Luke Walton (MN)
Luke Walton (MN) fall 0:41 Randy Dunkin (NJ)
Alex Vsztics (PA) tech 14-4 Luke Walton (MN)

Josh Lindquist (MN) DNP

114.5 (60 entries)

Josh Lindquist (MN) tech 16-5 F. Manriguez (CA)
Josh Lindquist (MN) tech 18-6 Daniel Carrizo (NY)
Josh Lindquist (MN) tech 10-0 Lief Gilsdorf (OH)
Nathan Browning (OH) fall 1:10 Josh Lindquist (MN)
Willie Holst (WI) fall 1:49 Josh Lindquist (MN)

Eric Sanders (MN) 7th Place

114.5 (60 entries)

Eric Sanders (MN) tech 12-0 Dave Israel (NY)
Eric Sanders (MN) dec 5-3 Aaron Scott (IA)
Eric Sanders (MN) tech 11-0 Michael McKinnon (WA)
Eric Sanders (MN) dec 7-0 Jeff Davis (OK)
Eric Stevenson (OR) fall 1:21 Eric Sanders (MN)
Eric Sanders (MN) dec 8-3 Jordan Keckler (CA)
Corey Kalina (IA) tech 10-0 Eric Sanders (MN)
Eric Sanders (MN) dec 9-6 Nathan Browning (OH)

Quincy Osborn (MN) 3rd Place

123 (82 entries)

Quincy Osborn (MN) dec 11-6 Leo Bugaj (OK)
Quincy Osborn (MN) tech 11-0 Shawn Lally (PA)
Quincy Osborn (MN) tech 11-0 Henry Blue (MD)
Quincy Osborn (MN) fall 5:39 Adam Buzek (OH)
Quincy Osborn (MN) tech 11-0 Tyler McCormick (KS)
Quincy Osborn (MN) dec 5-2 Martin Mitchell (WA)
Quincy Osborn (MN) dec 3-1 Christian Bowerman (CA)
Quincy Osborn (MN) dec 3-0 Justin Pearch (OR)
A.J. Lavender (IL) dec 6-3 Quincy Osborn (MN)
Quincy Osborn (MN) dec 10-5 Josh Wagner (WI)

G. Brendemeuhl (MN) DNP

123 (82 entries)

G. Brendemeuhl (MN) fall 1:48 Joe Lucas (OR)
G. Brendemeuhl (MN) DISQ   Gabe Rostermundt (IA)
G. Brendemeuhl (MN) tech 11-1 Joshua Thompson (OH)
Luke Metzler (KS) fall 5:54 G. Brendemeuhl (MN)
Ian McGoidrick (PA) fall 0:30 G. Brendemeuhl (MN)

Dustin Coffin (MN) DNP

132 (101 entries)

Dustin Coffin (MN) tech 3-13 Jason Sampson (TX)
Michael Wood (MD) dec 14-11 Dustin Coffin (MN)
Chad Davis (IA) tech 11-0 Dustin Coffin (MN)

Tony Rezac (MN) DNP

132 (101 entries)

Shawn Bunch (KS) tech 10-0 Tony Rezac (MN)
Jon Ott (MO) tech 10-0 Tony Rezac (MN)

Jason Jensen (MN) DNP

132 (101 entries)

Nick McElhiney (PA) tech 12-0 Jason Jensen (MN)
Bryan Odle (OK) dec 8-7 Jason Jensen (MN)

Donnie DePatto (MN) DNP

132 (101 entries)

Donnie DePatto (MN) fall 1:56 Carlos Palacios (VA)
Donnie DePatto (MN) tech 11-0 Ben Gratton (CO)
Donnie DePatto (MN) dec 10-3 Ricky Turk (CA)
Donnie DePatto (MN) tech 10-0 Russell Tebeleff (D.C.)
Donnie DePatto (MN) tech 10-0 Justin Kamperman (FL)
Donnie DePatto (MN) tech 10-0 John Bedford (OH)
Marco Lara (CA) fall 2:08 Donnie DePatto (MN)
Cam Jones (UT) tech 11-1 Donnie DePatto (MN)

Ben Keen (MN) DNP

132 (101 entries)

Skyler Woods (NV) fall 5:09 Ben Keen (MN)
Ben Keen (MN) tech 10-0 Derek Miller (WI)
A. Haukenberry (WA) tech 13-2 Ben Keen (MN)

Ryan Fliginger (MN) DNP

143 (101 entries)

Ryan Fliginger (MN) fall 0:34 Justin Bernshausen (CO)
Ryan Fliginger (MN) tech 10-0 Jamie Keehu (HI)
Justin Lancaster (WI) fall 3:30 Ryan Fliginger (MN)
Ryan Fliginger (MN) fall 1:39 Jared Norman (OR)
Ryan Fliginger (MN) tech 10-0 Matt Barger (CA)
Alanzo Martinez (NE) tech 11-1 Ryan Fliginger (MN)

Eric Fiedler (MN) DNP

143 (101 entries)

Chad Isacson (IL) dec 12-3 Eric Fiedler (MN)
Zach Lamano (UT) tech 11-0 Eric Fiedler (MN)

Jeff Kranz (MN) DNP

143 (101 entries)

Patrick Mitchell (LA) dec 10-1 Jeff Kranz (MN)
Jeff Kranz (MN) fall 1:46 Matt Booker (FL)
C.P. Schlatter (OH) fall 1:02 Jeff Kranz (MN)

Gabe Dretsch (MN) DNP

154 (95 entries)

Jacob Curby (IL) dec 7-2 Gabe Dretsch (MN)
Gabe Dretsch (MN) tech 11-0 Quincy Young (LA)
Daniel Price (CA) tech 13-3 Gabe Dretsch (MN)

Scott Perrine (MN) DNP

154 (95 entries)

Joe Johnston (KS) fall 0:40 Scott Perrine (MN)
Arnold Lottering (GA) fall 1:32 Scott Perrine (MN)

Matt Nagel (MN) 1st Place

154 (95 entries)

Matt Nagel (MN) tech 12-0 Chad Constance (AZ)
Matt Nagel (MN) tech 11-0 Kevin Lozano (LA)
Matt Nagel (MN) tech 12-0 Zack Pierhoples (DE)
Matt Nagel (MN) tech 11-0 Antonio Ramirez (OK)
Matt Nagel (MN) tech 11-0 N. VanWyngaabdt (GA)
Matt Nagel (MN) tech 12-0 John Cox (MI)
Matt Nagel (MN) fall 1:32 Tony Hook (ID)
Matt Nagel (MN) fall 1:23 Artem Krylov (CA)
Matt Nagel (MN) tech 18-5 Nathan Galloway (PA)
Matt Nagel (MN) dec 4-0 Robb Maxwell (UT)

Eric Duchene (MN) DNP

154 (95 entries)

Eric Duchene (MN) tech 11-0 Mike Fredrichs (WA)
Josh Pulsifer (OK) fall 5:58 Eric Duchene (MN)
Artem Krylov (CA) fall 2:16 Eric Duchene (MN)

Dan Stenger (MN) DNP

165 (86 entries)

Dan Stenger (MN) tech 12-2 Ninos Oshana (IL)
Steve Conlin (NE) tech 12-1 Dan Stenger (MN)
Carmen Leone (NJ) fall 3:17 Dan Stenger (MN)

Jeremy Chavis (MN) DNP

165 (86 entries)

Jeremy Chavis (MN) tech 11-0 Nick Blunt (CO)
Jeremy Chavis (MN) fall 4:10 Brandon Clark (NY)
Jeremy Chavis (MN) dec 6-2 Anthony Harmer (MI)
Chris Hahn (OH) dec 6-5 Jeremy Chavis (MN)
Matt Martin (OK) tech 12-0 Jeremy Chavis (MN)

Ryan Zajac (MN) DNP

165 (86 entries)

Oscar Rodriguez (FL) tech 12-0 Ryan Zajac (MN)
Darin Harris (UT) dec 12-10 Ryan Zajac (MN)

Lon Welsh (MN) DNP

165 (86 entries)

Joe Gadson (OH) tech 10-0 Lon Welsh (MN)
Chris Cooper (IN) tech 16-6 Lon Welsh (MN)

Matt Imdieke (MN) DNP

178 (65 entries)

A. Rubalacava (CA) tech 14-2 Matt Imdieke (MN)
Matt Imdieke (MN) dec 10-3  Mark Staron (OH)
Daniel Stewart (OR) fall 1:08 Matt Imdieke (MN)

Adam Barton (MN) DNP

178 (65 entries)

Adam Barton (MN) tech 10-0 Josh Boebert (CT)
Elijah Simburger (ND) dec 8-3 Adam Barton (MN)
Dillon Waggoner (CO) tech 10-0 Adam Barton (MN)

Jared Massey (MN) DNP

178 (65 entries)

Jared Massey (MN) tech 11-0 Anthony Alfin (CO)
Joey Gorczynski (OK) dec 10-3 Jared Massey (MN)
Cody Eardley (WY) fall 0:26 Jared Massey (MN)

Ben Janike (MN) DNP

191.5 (58 entries)

Ben Janike (MN) fall 0:23 Jacob Lahniers (IL)
Ben Janike (MN) tech 10-0 Eric Lixey (MI)
Cole Allison (CO) tech 10-0 Ben Janike (MN)
Tomas Ovalle (VA) fall 0:36 Ben Janike (MN)

Pete Kuisle (MN) DNP

220 (44 entries)

Jed Lowe (OR) fall 5:09 Pete Kuisle (MN)
Pete Kuisle (MN) tech 10-0 Sam Tangren (OK)
Pete Kuisle (MN) dec 4-2 Joshua Sears (OH)
Pete Kuisle (MN) dec 7-6 Ian Bork (KS)
Chris Skretkowicz (NJ) dec 4-0 Pete Kuisle (MN)

Max Lossen (MN) 3rd Place

220 (44 entries)

Max Lossen (MN) tech 11-0 Bruce Earlston (PA)
Max Lossen (MN) tech 10-0 Phillip Doerner (OK)
Max Lossen (MN) fall 0:36 Steve Bronson (NY)
Max Lossen (MN) dec 9-2 Mike Karbowiak (NY)
Max Lossen (MN) dec 6-0 Cody Parker (OR)
Matt Feast (PA) dec 3-1 Max Lossen (MN)
Max Lossen (MN) dec 6-0 James Hollis (CA)

Joe Langner (MN) DNP

275 (53 entries)

Joe Langner (MN) dec 4-1 Ryan Fuller (IA)
Cole Konrad (WI) fall 3:25 Joe Langner (MN)
Joe Langner (MN) dec 4-1 Seth Livingston (IL)
Akil Patterson (MD) fall 0:57 Joe Langner (MN)

Zac Jensen (MN) DNP

275 (53 entries)

Joe Hennis (FL) dec 6-3 Zac Jensen (MN)
Zac Jensen (MN) fall 2:59 Joshua Fonkalafi (WA)
Zac Jensen (MN) fall 4:31 Charles Saguil (CA)
Cain Velasquez (AZ) tech 10-0 Zac Jensen (MN)

Team Minnesota – Junior Freestyle

Gabe Mooney (MN) 1st Place

98 (26 entries)

Gabe Mooney (MN) tech 10-0 Alex Santiago (FL)
Gabe Mooney (MN) tech 10-0 Matt Adderly (IL)
Gabe Mooney (MN) tech 10-0 Davey Mason (OK)
Gabe Mooney (MN) tech 10-0 Luke Seger (IN)
Gabe Mooney (MN) fall 2:29 Troy Brugger (OR)
Gabe Mooney (MN) fall 0:40 Tim Harner (PA)
Gabe Mooney (MN) dec 8-6 Paul Donahoe (MI)

Shandon Ferguson (MN) DNP

105.5 (38 entries)

Jarrell Adams (VA) fall 2:04 Shandon Ferguson (MN)
Haakensen (CO) tech 10-0 Shandon Ferguson (MN)

Clint Campbell (MN) DNP

114.5 (92 entries)

Clint Campbell (MN) fall 0:57 Shawn Holmes (NV)
Clint Campbell (MN) dec 9-6 David Lee (MT)
Jordan Keckler (CA) dec 8-3 Clint Campbell (MN)
Clint Campbell (MN) dec 20-13 Ike Trottier (ND)
Christian Staylor (VA) tech 10-0 Clint Campbell (MN)

Riley Oftedahl (MN) DNP

114.5 (92 entries)

B.J. McMahon (IA) tech 11-0 Riley Oftedahl (MN)
Josh Rave (SD) fall 0:12 Riley Oftedahl (MN)

David Crothers (MN) DNP

114.5 (92 entries)

Jon Neal (NC) fall 2:16 David Crothers (MN)
Luke Smith (WI) fall 0:39 David Crothers (MN)

Mike Andrewski (MN) DNP

123 (122 entries)

Brian Dyer (IL) tech 10-0 Mike Andrewski (MN)
Mike Andrewski (MN) fall 5:05 Steve Colasuonno (NY)
Mike Andrewski (MN) fall 1:13 Ryan Riggs (OH)
Aaron Graumann (SD) tech 11-0 Mike Andrewski (MN)

Jeff Pfaffinger (MN) DNP

123 (122 entries)

Jeff Pfaffinger (MN) tech 11-0 D. VanEvenhoven (WI)
Jeff Pfaffinger (MN) dec 9-4 Scott Naylor II (MD)
Jeff Pfaffinger (MN) fall 2:00 Mike Shannon (NY)
Jeff Pfaffinger (MN) dec 12-3 Jake Cook (SD)
Jeff Pfaffinger (MN) dec 3-2 Doug Hoover (KS)
Tom Clum (CO) dec 7-1 Jeff Pfaffinger (MN)
Travis Lee (HI) dec 9-6 Jeff Pfaffinger (MN)

Garrett Sowman (MN) DNP

123 (122 entries)

Ethan Kyle (MO) tech 11-1 Garrett Sowman (MN)
Garrett Sowman (MN) fall 1:34 Carlos Jeantete (NM)
Garrett Sowman (MN) def John Folker (ID)
Jeffrey Breese (PA) fall 3:35 Garrett Sowman (MN)

Quincy Osborn (MN) DNP

123 (122 entries)

Dan Polkowski (CO) tech 13-2 Quincy Osborn (MN)
Pat Flynn (NY) fall 0:55 Quincy Osborn (MN)

Jafari Vanier (MN) 3rd Place

123 (122 entries)

Jafari Vanier (MN) tech 10-0 Cole Bertsch (ND)
Jafari Vanier (MN) tech 12-0 Aaron Duffy (IN)
Jafari Vanier (MN) tech 13-1 Luke Metzler (KS)
Jafari Vanier (MN) tech 11-0 Simon Zychowicz (OH)
Jafari Vanier (MN) tech 10-0 Eugene Garza (AZ)
Jafari Vanier (MN) dec 6-1 Cory Garis (PA)
Jafari Vanier (MN) dec 9-5 Phillip Wightman (NE)
Nick Simmons (MI) dec 4-2 Jafari Vanier (MN)
Jafari Vanier (MN) tech 10-0 Tony Franco (CA)
Jafari Vanier (MN) dec 13-4 Darrel Vasquez (CA)

James Mead (MN) DNP

132 (122 entries)

Teyon Ware (OK) tech 16-6 James Mead (MN)
Marc Mellmer (NC) fall 1:46 James Mead (MN)

Jordan Isakson (MN) DNP

132 (122 entries)

Jordan Isakson (MN) fall 1:17 Kyle Dye (WY)
Jordan Isakson (MN) fall 0:28 Rick Seibold (NC)
Nate Gallick (AZ) tech 11-0 Jordan Isakson (MN)
Jordan Isakson (MN) tech 11-1 Barret Duell (CO)
Burke Barnes (WA) tech 11-0 Jordan Isakson (MN)

Alex Dennehy (MN) DNP

132 (122 entries)

Shawn Bunch (KS) tech 11-0 Alex Dennehy (MN)
Alex Dennehy (MN) fall 0:50 Brad Argabright (VA)
D. Mason-Strauss (OH) fall 3:44 Alex Dennehy (MN)

Thomas McAlpine (MN) DNP

132 (122 entries)

Thomas McAlpine (MN) tech 12-1 Kevin Gaughan (CT)
Ricky Turk (CA) tech 14-4 Thomas McAlpine (MN)
Thomas McAlpine (MN) tech 12-1 Nick Ashpole (KS)
Thomas McAlpine (MN) tech 15-3 Ariel Garza (WA)
Thomas McAlpine (MN) tech 14-4 Josh Tolin (WY)
Dan Appello (NJ) tech 11-0 Thomas McAlpine (MN)

Pete McAfee (MN) DNP

143 (140 entries)

Pete McAfee (MN) dec 4-3 Phil Bliss (WV)
Alonzo Martinez (NE) tech 11-1 Pete McAfee (MN)
Pete McAfee (MN) fall 3:56 Jim Friend (IL)
Pete McAfee (MN) dec 4-3 Math Bitz (ND)
Beau De’Armon (OK) tech 11-0 Pete McAfee (MN)

Ty Eustice (MN) 7th Place

143 (140 entries)

Ty Eustice (MN) dec 8-3 Charles Jones (OK)
Ty Eustice (MN) tech 10-0 Pat True (NE)
Ty Eustice (MN) fall 4:17 Chris Horning (NY)
Ty Eustice (MN) tech 11-0 Michael Wells (IA)
Ty Eustice (MN) fall 4:37 Nathan Berryman (GA)
Ty Eustice (MN) dec 5-1 Jonathan Brownlee (IN)
Ty Eustice (MN) dec 8-5 Mark Perry (NJ)
Ron Tarquinio (PA) tech 10-0 Ty Eustice (MN)
Matt McIntire (OH) dec 4-1 Ty Eustice (MN)
Trent Paulson (IA) dec 5-4 Ty Eustice (MN)
Ty Eustice (MN) INDF   C.P. Schlatter (OH)

Kyle Arndt (MN) DNP

143 (140 entries)

Kyle Arndt (MN) dec 3-0 Chris Hudson (DE)
Nick Hobbs (IN) fall 0:43 Kyle Arndt (MN)
Chris Nedens (MT) tech 11-0 Kyle Arndt (MN)

Marc Harwood (MN) DNP

143 (140 entries)

Marc Harwood (MN) tech 10-0 Abel Vera (PR)
Marc Harwood (MN) tech 11-1 Jared Norman (OR)
Ryan Churella (MI) dec 4-0 Marc Harwood (MN)
Marc Harwood (MN) tech 12-1 Jake Fisher (MO)
Brian Stith (VA) dec 8-4 Marc Harwood (MN)

Marcus LeVesseur (MN) 4th Place

154 (121 entries)

Marcus LeVesseur (MN) tech 10-0 Nick Olsen (ND)
Marcus LeVesseur (MN) fall 2:09 Quentin Moreno (IA)
Marcus LeVesseur (MN) tech 10-0 Chad Roush (MI)
Marcus LeVesseur (MN) fall 2:20 Devin Mesanko (NJ)
Marcus LeVesseur (MN) tech 10-0 Shane Griffin (MO)
Marcus LeVesseur (MN) dec 9-2 Nathan Galloway (PA)
Marcus LeVesseur (MN) tech 11-0 Jon Wimberly (FL)
Zack Esposito (NJ) dec 4-1 Marcus LeVesseur (MN)
Marcus LeVesseur (MN) dec 10-1 Joe Johnston (KS)
Marcus LeVesseur (MN) tech 10-0 Cole Pape (IA)
Israel Martinez (IL) dec 5-5 Marcus LeVesseur (MN)

Kirk Rall (MN) DNP

154 (121 entries)

Andrew Carver (TN) dec 7-5 Kirk Rall (MN)
Kirk Rall (MN) tech 13-3 Danny Carroll (DE)
Jon Wimberly (FL) tech 14-3 Kirk Rall (MN)

Nate Truelen (MN) DNP

154 (121 entries)

Nate Truelen (MN) tech 12-1 Brandon Moxley (NC)
Jeremy Larson (OR) dec 8-4 Nate Truelen (MN)
John Cox (MI) dec 7-2 Nate Truelen (MN)

Jeff Mathees (MN) DNP

154 (121 entries)

Matt Oeser (NC) tech 16-6 Jeff Mathees (MN)
Jeff Mathees (MN) fall 4:01 Willis King (WV)
Jarred Fields (OK) fall 0:31 Jeff Mathees (MN)

Tim O’Connor (MN) DNP

165 (112 entries)

Jerry Barragan (CA) tech 11-0 Tim O’Connor (MN)
Tim O’Connor (MN) dec 12-11 Chris Cooper (IN)
Tim O’Connor (MN) dec 6-2 Lawrence Sinagra (DE)
P.J. Justus (VA) dec 14-8 Tim O’Connor (MN)

David Donnelly (MN) DNP

165 (112 entries)

David Lorring (AK) dec 5-0 David Donnelly (MN)
Daniel Bedoy (IN) tech 11-0 David Donnelly (MN)

Travis Birhanzel (MN) DNP

165 (112 entries)

Will Durkee (PA) dec 6-0 Travis Birhanzel (MN)
Jack Jensen (WI) tech 10-0 Travis Birhanzel (MN)

Jeff Schrimpf (MN) DNP

178 (89 entries)

Jeff Schrimpf (MN) fall 1:09 Ferral Francis (LA)
Jeff Schrimpf (MN) tech 10-0 Josh Boebert (CT)
Dan Robinson (WI) dec 9-7 Jeff Schrimpf (MN)
N. Augustson (NM) tech 11-0 Jeff Schrimpf (MN)

Matt Hermann (MN) DNP

178 (89 entries)

Matt Hermann (MN) tech 10-0 Kyle Umbenhower (OR)
Matt Hermann (MN) fall 0:40 Andrew Pourak (GA)
Matt Hermann (MN) tech 11-0 Christopher Kratz (WI)
Matt Hermann (MN) dec 9-1 Joseph Pisczor (PA)
Ryan Halsey (CA) dec 9-1 Matt Hermann (MN)
Matt Hermann (MN) dec 8-7 Brent Parkey (OK)
Hetag Pliev (OH) tech 10-0 Matt Hermann (MN)

Jason Zastrow (MN) DNP

178 (89 entries)

Jason Zastrow (MN) tech 11-0 Jason Merkle (OH)
Jeffrey Courtney (WV) dec 10-2 Jason Zastrow (MN)
Jason Zastrow (MN) tech 18-8 Kirk Davis (CA)
Jason Zastrow (MN) tech 11-0 Brian Hocum (WA)
Travis Frick (PA) dec 8-6 Jason Zastrow (MN)

Sean Waterbury (MN) DNP

191.5 (72 entries)

Joe Hoke (OH) tech 10-0 Sean Waterbury (MN)
Kasey Kromer (TX) dec 9-4 Sean Waterbury (MN)

Tyler Bullerman (MN) DNP

191.5 (72 entries)

Tyler Bullerman (MN) dec 7-0 Brenner Flaten (MT)
Tyler Bullerman (MN) dec 9-3 Elliott Piper (ND)
Tony Harris (DE) fall 2:14 Tyler Bullerman (MN)
Aaron Keogh (OH) dec 12-4 Tyler Bullerman (MN)

Adam Haake (MN) 8th Place

191.5 (72 entries)

Adam Haake (MN) tech 11-0 Tony Michalski (WA)
Adam Haake (MN) dec 7-3 Matt Cassidy (PA)
Adam Haake (MN) dec 6-3 Rudy Medini (NJ)
Adam Haake (MN) tech 11-0 Joe Yurisich (MI)
Adam Haake (MN) tech 12-2 Jared Villers (OH)
Adam Haake (MN) dec 14-11 Justin Dyer (KS)
Jake Rosholt (ID) tech 11-0 Adam Haake (MN)
Andy Rios (OH) fall 0:24 Adam Haake (MN)
Kevin Miles (OR) fall 1:25 Adam Haake (MN)

Joey Cullen (MN) DNP

220 (65 entries)

Joey Cullen (MN) dec 9-0 Andy Grimm (WI)
Joey Cullen (MN) dec 3-1 Chris Riley (OR)
Chris Skretkowicz (NJ) tech 12-2 Joey Cullen (MN)
Karl Person (OK) fall 1:34 Joey Cullen (MN)

Chad Mentel (MN) DNP

220 (65 entries)

Chris Juiga (WI) tech 10-0 Chad Mentel (MN)
Michael Shedek (IA) dec 8-0 Chad Mentel (MN)

Pete Kuisle (MN) DNP

220 (65 entries)

Pete Kuisle (MN) fall 1:44 Dan Prater (MO)
Chad Espinoza (NV) dec 14-7 Pete Kuisle (MN)
Pete Kuisle (MN) dec 5-2 Golden Smith (OK)
Brandon Jonseck (MI) dec 4-3 Pete Kuisle (MN)

Ryan Rydberg (MN) DNP

275 (57 entries)

Steven Mocco (NJ) tech 10-0 Ryan Rydberg (MN)
Drew Feldman (PA) fall 4:53 Ryan Rydberg (MN)

Jeremiah Kern (MN) DNP

275 (57 entries)

Joel Powers (IL) fall 1:36 Jeremiah Kern (MN)
Brandon Mihaljcic (OR) tech 13-3 Jeremiah Kern (MN)