NJCAA North Central District National Qualifiers

Sixty-six wrestlers from the North Central District qualified for the NJCAA National Championship Tournament on Saturday, February 11th in Mason City, Iowa.

The NJCAA National Championships will be on February 24-25 at the UCR Regional Sports Center, Rochester, Minn. For tickets and other information visit rochsports.org.

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Time to hit the mat at MW

WORTHINGTON — Death and taxes are presumably the only certainties in life, but with a Worthington January comes another certainty: a giant wrestling open at Minnesota West for college freshmen and sophomore wrestlers in the area.

For the last 21 years, MW has hosted the Worthington Open, which has brought the likes of Tolly Thompson, Damion Hahn, Luke Becker, Jayson Ness, Jake Dietchler, Justin Ruiz and Brock Lesnar to its mats in past years just to name a few. Before these names were names at all, they wrestled at the Worthington Open. Continue reading at dglobe.com

NJCAA National Championships

NJCAA National Championships – nic.edu

Feb 25-26, 2011 at Spokane, WA

Visit www.nic.edu/athletics/wrestlingnationals for complete tournament results.

Team Results
1 Clackamas Community College 109
2 North Idaho College 98.5
3 Rend Lake College 94
4 Iowa Central Community College 93
5 Labette Community College 85.5
6 Harper College 84
Lincoln College 84
8 Northwest College 72.5
9 Muskegon College 69
10 Highline Community College 67.5

(The top five are recognized by the NJCAA)

First: Mike Garofalo, Nassau Community College
Second: Josh Heinzer, Iowa Central Community College
Third: Steven Romero, Highline Community College
Fourth: Jeff Vesta, Neosho County Community College
Fifth: T. T. Prayther, Rend Lake College
Sixth: Kyle McCrite, North Idaho College
Seventh: Garret Jones, Labette Community College
Eighth: Eduardo Dominguez, Harper College

First: Tyler Holloway, Rend LakeCollege
Second: Jesse Hillhouse, Northwest College
Third: Brandon Wright, Iowa Central Community College
Fourth: Martin Gonzalez, Clackamas Community College
Fifth: John Miller, Nassau Community College
Sixth: D’Marcus Spencer, Lincoln College
Seventh: Tim Hubbard, Mercyhurst North East
Eighth: Wismit Moinius, North Iowa Area Community College

First: Wilson Metellus, Ellsworth Community College
Second: Vinnie DiGravio, Mercyhurst North East
Third: DaMonte Riley, Lincoln College
Fourth: Sean Turner, Muskegon College
Fifth: Cody Randall, Clackamas Community College
Sixth: Kodie Silvestri, Nassau Community College
Seventh: Casey Williams, Itasca Community College
Eighth: Jace Campbell, Colby Community College

First: Victor DeJesus, Iowa Lakes Community College
Second: Jason Gray, Highline Community College
Third: Frankie BueneFuente, Bergen Community College
Fourth: Mark Marianovich, Lincoln College
Fifth: Michael Perez, Labette Community College
Sixth: Tyler Peet, Alfred State College
Seventh: Adam Will, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
Eighth: Justin Schumacher, Western Wyoming Community College

First: PJ Starnes, Harper College
Second: Jeremy Bommarito, North Idaho College
Third: Justin Pencook, Glouscester County College
Fourth: Matt Melendrez, Clackamas Community College
Fifth: Eric Jones, Highline Community College
Sixth: Eric Telford, Muskegon College
Seventh: Quinten Haynes, North Iowa Area Community College
Eighth: Scott Verner, Western Wyoming Community College

First: Isaiah Williams, Rend Lake College
Second: Derek Mestrovich, Clackamas Community College
Third: Dan McGillivray, Iowa Lakes Community College
Fourth: Isaiah Tatum, North Iowa Area Community College
Fifth: Troy Ireland, Niagara County Community College
Sixth: Theo Jensen-Innis, Rochester Community and Technical College
Seventh: Jake Mason, North Idaho College
Eighth: Lance Wade, Nassau Community College

First: Jesse Nielsen, North Idaho College (pictured below)
Second: Keithen Cast, Northwest College
Third: Travis Peralta, Ridgewater College
Fourth: Khari Washington, Harper College
Fifth: James Haywood, Lincoln College
Sixth: Jules Doliscar, Nassau Community College
Seventh: Carl Foreside, Iowa Central Community College
Eighth: John McArdle, Middlesex County College


First: Nick Petersen, Northwest College
Second: Austin Moorehead, Rend Lake College
Third: Brett Sanchez, Clackamas Community College
Fourth: Ray Hall, Labette Community College
Fifth: Arber Bebo, Harper College
Sixth: Marlon Baker, Mercyhurst North East
Seventh: Michael Johnson, Lincoln College
Eighth: Teagan Franco, Yakima Valley Community College

First: Jamelle Jones, North Idaho College
Second: Walker Clarke, Labette Community College
Third: Nick Pica, Iowa Central Community College
Fourth: Darren Faber, Highline Community College
Fifth: Trent Flegel, Muskegon College
Sixth: Vinny Campanille, Ellsworth Community College
Seventh: Fred Moses, Lincoln College
Eighth: Cully Butterfield, Itasca Community College

First: Tyrell Fortune, Clackamas Community College
Second: Seth McGregor, Iowa Central Community College
Third: Adam Chalfant, Harper College
Fourth: Matt Wyss, Iowa Lakes Community College
Fifth: Reno Redleaf, Labette Community College
Sixth: Kyle Gibas, Niagara County Community College
Seventh: Karl Green, Rend Lake College
Eighth: Ryan Steverson, Muskegon College

NJCAA Wrestling Man of the Year:
 Bergen Community College Head Coach Mike Massenzio

Hall of Fame Inductees: Western New England College Wrestling Coach Anibal Nieves and SCIFIT Board Member and former longtime coach at Black Hawk Community College in Illinois Denton Smith

Falls Award: (Most falls in the least amount of time) Eric Telford, 157 of Muskegon College, with four falls

Sportsmanship Award: Walker Clarke, 197, Labette Community College

Non-Scholarship Coach of the Year: Coach Paul Schmidt of Nassau Community College

Scholarship Coach of the Year: Josh Rhoden of Clackamas Community College

Wrestler of the Year: Jamelle Jones, 197, North Idaho College




NJCAA North Central District Qualifier

NJCAA North Central District Qualifier – itascacc.edu

February 13, 2011 at Grand Rapids, MN (Itasca Hosts)

at Itasca Community College

NJCAA North Central District Qualifier
1. Iowa Central 130.0
2. Iowa Lakes 116.5
3. Ellsworth 109.0
4. North Iowa Area 84
5. Ridgewater 78.5
6. Itasca 67.5
7. Rochester 64.5

Coach of the Year: Tim Setala, Itasca Community College


NJCAA National Tournament Qualifiers
1. Josh Heinzer, Iowa Central
2. Andrew Brackins, Iowa Lakes
3. Sharkey Slyter, Ellsworth
4. Lonny Booshu, Ridgewater
1. Brandon Wright, Iowa Central
2. Andrew Wrede, Ellsworth
3. Cody Singletary, Iowa Lakes
4. Nate Friederich, Ridgewater
5. Wismit Moinius, North Iowa Area
1. Wilson Metellus, Ellworth
2. Casey Williams, Itasca
3. Seth Stender, Iowa Central
4. Aaron Niles, Rochester
5. Javior Portillo, Ridgewater
6. Kirk Sallis, North Iowa Area
1. Victor Dejesus, Iowa Lakes
2. Sam Schad, Rochester
3. Ryan Davis, Iowa Central
4. Mariano Portillo, Ridgewater
5. Kevin Lewis, Iowa Central
6. Kyle Dellamo, Ellsworth
1. Quinten Haynes, North Iowa Area
2. Conner Monk, Itasca
3. Brock Storm, Iowa Lakes
4. Ryan Krause, Ridgewater
1. Dan McGillivray, Iowa Lakes
2. Jason Trushcheff, Iowa Central
3. Theo Jensen-Innis, Rochester
4. Isaiah Tantum, North Iowa Area
5. Trevor Krueger, Ridgewater
6. Blake Menard, Itasca
1. Carl Foreside, Iowa Central
2. Marciano Ali, Ellsworth
3. Travis Peralta, Ridgewater
4. Emilio Gonzales, North Iowa Area
5. Peter McPhail, Rochester
1. Blaine Conner, Iowa Lakes
2. Kolton Kersten, Iowa Central
3. Billy Dean, Ridgewater
1. Nick Pica, Iowa Central
2. Vinny Campanile, Ellsworth
3. Cully Butterfield, Itasca
4. Jim Doyle, Iowa Lakes
5. Weston Hawkins, North Iowa Area
1. Seth McGregor, Iowa Central
2. Matt Wyss, Iowa Lakes
3. Quintin Moore, Ellsworth