You Chose a Tough Sport – Motivation by Mark Schwab

I’m confident most people consider wrestling a tough sport. As an athlete, I thought other sports training looked easy; there appeared to be no demand. As a coach, I feel I don’t know enough about other sports to make an accurate opinion. Nothing equals actually being in the trench. There are obvious strains and challenges regardless of the sport. With that being said, you can apply this to your own sport. I choose to speak for wrestling.

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10 Winning themes in 2011 NCAA Wrestling Championships – Motivation By Mark Schwab

10 Winning themes in 2011 NCAA Wrestling Championships

10. Stance mobility and discipline. The athletes, who consistently won, stayed down in their stance, circled, or moved forward, and were expert hand fighters. The winners stayed in an athletic position (knees bent and mobile) by exercising this skill, they were able to defend, react, or go to their offense by feeling the opening. (The winners have trained their nervous system to the point they never have to think or give skills thought. They obviously spent a lot of time employing “correct repetition”).

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Body Language – Motivation By Mark Schwab

Body language in training and competition / Keep your head up

It’s estimated that up to 90% of language comes from the body. It has been proven that the way you use and move your body has an effect on the way you feel and consequently what you will or will not do. The movement of your body creates emotional responses within you on a biochemical level. You can feel strong and confident simply by using your body in a specific way. Get your head up and keep it up.

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Basics Win – Motivation By Mark Schwab

If you want to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed, stick to the basics. Correct repetition is a staple for success. Intelligent mastery is what you’re looking for. Hold yourself to a high standard – practice room habits. Correct repetition is paramount and necessary to execute against the top competition.

Do not rely on luck to play a part in your success. One of The biggest challenges is turning instruction into behavior. Change is tough, and like an inner magnet, we go back to what we have always done. Even when we continue to get poor results and advancement is denied.

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Above Your Shoulders – Motivation By Mark Schwab

We’re constantly searching for this and that answer for an uncertain question. We read books, and I’m all for self-education. I think self-education is superior to formal education. However, I believe you need both. We search and rummage for answers; is this the book?, tarot cards, palm readers, psychologist, counselor, etc. The answer is the same place it has always been. We all need help and direction. However, almost all solutions are found above the shoulders. We start out in life with simple directions and solutions, but we complicate the majority of our life. If we’re fortunate, we realize simplicity provides the best answers and solutions. I think any elderly individual will support this claim.

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