The 2022 Minnesota high school girls wrestling champ goes to college

Last spring, Nari Miller won the first Minnesota high school girls wrestling championship title in the 152-pound division. Then, she was a senior at Thomas Edison High School in Minneapolis, but now she’s in her freshman year at Texas Women’s College.

She is studying and wrestling in that school’s first season of women’s wrestling. Her coach is Randy Miller, the first Black woman to win an Olympic wrestling title. She won the bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics.

Nari Miller talks with Cathy Wurzer about he first semester at college and her plans for the future. Listen/continue reading at →

Call Her Captain

Star Edison athlete Nari Miller grabbed the opportunity opened 50 years ago with Title IX, leading with astonishing grit. “Wrestling reminds me that I’m alive every day.”

The referee slaps the mat to stop the wrestling match, signaling a pin, and the winner does something totally out of character.

She celebrates.

She screams and raises both arms to flex her massive muscles at the crowd. She never does this after matches. She rarely shows emotion, win or lose. She just leaves the mat.

This time Nari Miller flexes, and she screams, and goodness, look at that expression. She looks joyful and fiercely determined, so many emotions pouring out in one snapshot. Continue reading at →