Division I Wrestling Award standings set headed to next week’s NCAA Championships

INDIANAPOLIS — The NCAA has released updated standings for the 2019 NCAA Wrestling Awards that will be awarded March 23 at the Division I Wrestling Championships. The inaugural NCAA Wrestling Awards were presented at the 2012 wrestling championships. The three awards honor the Most Dominant Wrestler as well as the… Continue reading

Full Television Coverage and ‘Every Mat, Every Match’ Digital Coverage Returns; All Prime-time Sessions Air on ESPN

Championship Saturday Night: ESPN Airs All Championship Matches; ESPN3 Offers Complementary Coverage in Addition to Pregame and Postgame Shows Icons Tim Johnson, Anthony Robles, Jim Gibbons, and Lee Kemp Return; Mike Couzens, Shawn Kenney and Quint Kessenich Anchor the Telecast; Billy Baldwin Back as Guest Analyst ESPN’s unprecedented coverage of… Continue reading