Promoting Bemidji Wrestling

Rance Bahr and Bemidji Girls’ Wrestling

By Brian Jerzak

Rance Bahr is the most successful wrestling coach in Bemidji High School history. He has been in the Bemidji area, the Bemidji school system, and the Lumberjack wrestling program nearly his entire life. He could have coached the boys’ wrestling team for as long as he wanted. When it boils down to it, professionally, Bahr wants nothing more than to promote and grow the sport of wrestling in the community.

During the offseason, after fourteen years as the head coach, Bahr felt the best way to promote the sport in the area was to step away – well – not away – more like over a few steps. He decided to become the head coach of the girls’ wrestling team.

“I have a passion for Bemidji wrestling,” Bahr said. “When we started the program, it never occurred to me to become the girls’ head coach and discontinue being the boys’ head coach. It was an opportunity to promote Bemidji wrestling. When people were putting up roadblocks, that motivated me to push harder (to get a girls’ program). I am thankful to those people that put up those roadblocks because, without that, I might not have been so motivated.”

“My son recently graduated, and I was looking at getting out of coaching wrestling,” the first-ever Lumberjack girls’ head wrestling coach continued. “With my daughter on the girls’ side and things going well there – I feel I have done what I am able to do with the boys’ program. It is in a good place, and I want to see the girls’ program improve. We are ranked in the nation, and the girls are excited about that.”

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