Two Old Matmen Share A Special Bond

By Jeff Bro Olsen

It was a given that Spencer Yohe and Tommy Grafstrom would team-up. They’re both characters with unique personalities and a knack for turning up far off the beaten path.

Spencer Yohe, Minnesota’s godfather of wrestling, is built like the late Bear Bryant, can spin tales like the late WCCO broadcaster Halsey Hall, and has a distinctive gravely voice like the late Redd Foxx.

He was reached in May shortly before flying to Alaska and was asked if he would be in Anchorage looking up Tommy Grafstrom, one of his former Dragon wrestlers from the days when Spence was an assistant coach at Moorhead State University.

Make that an affirmative.

When old Spence gets animated, there is no simple yes or no answer. He provides background information like an old beat cop remembering when he first booked some hooligan.

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