Guillotine Grapevine Podcast: All-American Ryan Timmerman embodies alumni disappointment in St. Olaf wrestling situation

Part 2 in a series about the discontinuation of St. Olaf wrestling.

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The fitting representation of the Axe of St. Olaf

What’s the most notable sports story that’s involved St. Olaf in the past 18 months outside of its announcement to drop wrestling?

The answer, known to the entire sporting world, is the school’s place in the fight to kick out Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference juggernaut St. Thomas out of the conference.

The story wasn’t just prominent in the Star Tribune here in Minnesota, but it made the AP and even ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt noted the boot. If you scratch the surface of the St. Thomas story, you find St. Olaf. So when wrestling gets cut, what are the optics?

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