Apple Valley’s Sebas Swiggum unbreakable off the mat, too

Apple Valley wrestling coach Josh Barlage has a seemingly endless list of superlatives he uses when he talks about Sebas Swiggum, but Barlage prefers to illustrate the uber-focus and self-discipline of his senior captain with a story.

“We’re coming back from a tournament in Fargo and it was about 6 o’clock. The guys on the team asked if we could stop and get something to eat. So we stopped and everybody got off the bus. There were a couple of restaurants and the kids went in,” Barlage recalled.

“Sebas didn’t get off the bus. He didn’t go into any of the fast food restaurants. I said ‘Sebas, did you get something to eat?’ He pulled out a bag of almonds and held them up. He said ‘I’m not putting that junk in my body.’ That’s Sebas. I’ve got a hundred stories like that. You can’t break him.” Continue reading at

Apple Valley Wrestler Knows A Thing Or Two About Pushing Through Hardship

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Apple Valley wrestling has dominated the sport in Minnesota for decades, but one of its wrestlers has quite the comeback story.

If you ever think you have it tough — try wrestling.

“I’m just going to push through it. And that’s what wrestling has kind of drilled into me, is that if something’s difficult, you just push through it,” Apple Valley wrestler Sebas Swiggum said.

And Sebas has had a lot to push through. View/continue reading at