Saint Agnes Wins first Team-Individual Conference Title, Schmidt breaks school record

By Gene Richtsmeier

The Saint Agnes Aggies 2021-2022 season has been one of the most memorable seasons, with signs of a thriving program for years to come. To add to the excitement, the team celebrates its 10th year as a team, showing that the in-house youth program the school has developed continues to produce high school wrestlers ready to be a team.

In terms of demographics, Saint Agnes is a Pre-K through 12th-grade school. The high school has around four hundred students and is filled with close groups of families. When we call our team a brotherhood many times it’s very literal with the amount of family members on the team.

Our coaching staff is excited to see so many young athletes enjoying wrestling and carrying that energy into the high school program and see them have success.
Saint Agnes won the Tri Metro Conference this season with a 7-0 conference record. 

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