Minnesota three-time All-American Mack Reiter featured on Trackwrestling’s On The Mat podcast

Mark Fong and Mack Reiter go On The Mat

Mark Fong and Mack Reiter will go On The Mat. Fong is a high school coach in Connecticut and is starting the Overcomer Training Center in Middletown. The connection there is Fong was Richard Perry’s high school coach. Perry suffered a life-altering injury while training in the run up to the 2018 World Championships. Don Bosco graduate and Minnesota three-time All-American Mack Reiter also joins the show. He talks a lot, so he’ll be entertaining. Join Kyle Klingman and Andy Hamilton as they talk about the world of wrestling on the flagship podcast of Trackwrestling.com

Show Segments
0:45 – The Magnifying Glass and Quick Show Introductions
1:15 – Kyle tells a Cliff Keen story about Andy Hamilton
4:20 – Question for the day: What is more impressive – placing 8th at D3 or wrestling a handful of varsity matches at Iowa or Oklahoma State?
6:45 – Cliff Keen Athletic
7:40 – Mark Fong Interview
30:42 – Mark Fong Recap
34:47 – Cliff Keen Athletic
35:28 – Mack Reiter Interview
1:26:00 – Mack Reiter Recap

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