Mack Reiter and Mark Ironside to go ‘On the Mat’ this Wednesday, February 26th

Mack Reiter will enter the Glen Brand Wrestling Hall of Fame of Iowa on June 7. He wrestled for Gilbertville-Don Bosco and was the 13th person to win four Iowa high school state wrestling championships (2000-03). Reiter was also a three-time All-American for the University of Minnesota.

Mark Ironside was an NCAA wrestling champion for the University of Iowa in 1997 and 1998. He currently provides match commentary for Iowa wrestling meets on KXIC radio and on television for the Iowa high school state wrestling tournament.

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Jeff Swenson and Bob Keenan will go “On the Mat” this Wednesday, Oct. 16

Swenson is currently the director of athletics at Augsburg College. He was formerly the head wrestling coach for the Auggies, leading his team to 10 NCAA Division III wrestling championships.

Keenan is a wrestling coach and vice principal at Milburn High School in N.J. He was recently featured on “Cousins Undercover” on HGTV. Keenan was surprised with a homemaker over, which included a new wrestling room and a call to Dan Gable.

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Brandon Paulson and Jamie Moffatt will go “On the Mat” this Wednesday, Oct. 2.

Paulson will be inducted into the Alan & Gloria Rice Greco-Roman Hall of Champions on Saturday, Oct. 19 in Minneapolis. He was a 1996 Olympic silver medalist and a 2001 World silver medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling.

Moffatt recently co-authored (with Craig Sesker) the book “Saving Wrestling: The Inside Story of the Sport’s Epic Fight to Stay in the Olympic Games”. He has also written books about the U.S. Olympic wrestling trials and about Hall of Famer Greg Strobel.

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